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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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Chechnya’s Muslim Leader Asserts No Gays in Country: ‘We Don’t Have Those Kinds of People’


Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, responding to news accounts of abuses against gays in the mostly Muslim country, said “we don’t have those kinds of people here.”

It’s absolutely amazing how the left can claim a love for homosexual rights and Islam at the same time. The two just don’t mix.

Islam has absolutely no tolerance for gays — a hatred that manifests, for example, in government-sponsored killing of gays.

Chechnya’s leaders won’t even admit gays live in the country — never mind that they’re subjected to massive, state-sponsored human rights abuses.

In Chechnya, in April, more than 100 gay men were locked up and beaten — for the crime of being gay. And Kadyrov won’t even admit his country is home to gays, never mind his country is guilty of human rights abusees of gays.

From Sky News (h/t The Religion of Peace):

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has denied claims that gay men are killed in his country, denying that any even exist there.

Rejecting allegations of human rights abuses, Mr Kadyrov said: “We don’t have those kinds of people here”.

Novaya Gazeta newspaper reported in April that more than 100 gay men had been locked up and tortured in the Russian republic.

Meanwhile, one man told Sky News how he was forced to flee Chechnya after police turned up at his home looking for him.

However, in a TV interview Mr Kadyrov dismissed the claims as “nonsense”.

He said: “We don’t have any gays. If there are any, take them to Canada”.

The Chechen leader described those making the allegations as “devils”, adding: “God damn them for what they are accusing us of”.

It is not the first time Mr Kadyrov has made such claims.

When reports of violent persecution of gay men first surfaced a few months ago, the Chechen leader said his republic “does not have the phenomenon called non-traditional sexual orientation,”

He added: “Its people have lived for thousands of years according to different rules laid down by Allah.”

In April, UN human rights experts said gay and bisexual people in Chechnya were “living in a climate of fear fuelled by homophobic speeches by local authorities”.

A month later, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would support an investigation into “the well-known information, or rumours” about people “with a non-traditional sexual orientation.”

Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel are among leaders who have expressed concern over the allegations.

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  • peakpower

    Islam is so hypocritical. I don’t agree with homosexuality, but neither do I agree with raping little boys.

    • Inmate of Diversityland


  • Inmate of Diversityland

    Although I could not disagree more with homosexuals on social issues like usurping the meaning of marriage, or indoctrinating children through the public school system, because sexual behavior should be a private matter not a social movement. Having said that, neither I nor any normal person wants to see them physically harmed in any way. Not true in Islam.

    So why do so many LGBT’s and feminists seem to support Islam and the migrant invasion? Answer: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    • Mark Steiner

      But – YES to miso-Christianity. And – miso-Judaism and miso-Jewish State of Israel.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      As dumb as a box of rocks.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I’m referring to the rainbow retards w/that comment.


    People have been indoctrinated by sociological experts into the belief that whoever dislikes gays, is a gay himself.
    Slowly people begin to realize that not everyone who dislikes gays is a homosexual.
    Human rights activists that only care about their town or their street have no integrity & should be exposed for their hypocrisy. Human rights are global not regional & human rights & ecology must be protected by a global government.
    Sadist & racist Muhammad in Islam set the law that gays (& atheists)must be killed, yet himself was a pederast, ‘kissing’ boys’ penises & sucked their tongues & lips.
    I myself am not a homosexuant, but regard everyone as human-rights activist for himself.
    The US-army armed Islamistisis & now pays transgender operations for soldiers.
    In the future a veteran who all his life thought his wife didn’t become pregnant because of her excessive tobacco-smoking & alcohol-consumption might be shocked to realize that he was all the time tricked into a marriage with a male Muslim terrorist with transgender-operation, the terrorist did for Islamic birth-control reasons: to prevent non-Muslim procreation.
    I researched the internet for enslavement of Africans in Chechnya & came across a description of an article claiming “These are the people you have to imagine when the East African “Arab” slave trade was happening”. While Islamic enslavement of Africans is reality today in the middle East & Africa, with Mauritania topping the slavery-rate with 20 percent of the population. North-Sudan is another example.
    Who writes articles suggesting that Islamic enslavement of Africans is a thing of the past should be prosecuted.
    These fake news-journalists systematically create a comfortable truth that has nothing to do whatsoever with reality & are those responsible for uncomfortable shock-reactions of people confronted with truth presented by endangered journalists.
    Time for a new world order.
    Thank you Pamela Geller for exposing the truth & humanity’s lack of credibility, evident in the lack of support for her journalistic work.
    #BoycottIslam #Shariafreeworld
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.


      Exposing transgender “wives” that are really men to unknowing, deceived husbands might in the future become a “homophobic” crime, just like exposing Muhammad’s hate-speech became an “Islamophobic” crime throughout the world.

      • Patriotic American

        Much of Greenwich Village/San Francisco/Fire Island “values’ ” tenets are rewritten variations of key aspects of Sharia law already, to say nothing of both being extremely fascistic and wholly dependent on government coercion to carry them out. The indoctrination of children, the locking people into it for life, fines or jail time for anyone who does not knuckle under to such clearly fascistic tenets . . . the part of fining, say, Christian bakers or flower arrangers is obviously a riff on the Islamic concept of “jizya.”

    • Patriotic American

      This belief among the Left that “anyone who opposes the homosexualization and transgenderization of society, must be gay” has not as yet been transmogrified by Islamopanderers to, “anyone who opposes jihad and sharia must be secretly Muslim.”

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If you can’t trust a muslim politician who can you trust?

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Sgtsnuffy


  • David E Brown

    But its ok if a muslim has sex with i little boy , right?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The face of the white koranderthal, a 7th century man in a 21st century world.

  • Doug Brown

    Kadyrov is being maligned by the media. Must be doing something right. Just because the media say Kadyrov is a black hearted monster doesn’t make it true. Kadyrov is a great man, loyalist of Putin and a true hero to his own people,
    Oh, I forgot, the media says he is a nasty bad man so gee it must be true. False. Kadyrov is a hero. SCREW THE MEDIA. They are lying dogs with an agenda from hell.
    They say Trump is a pig and a fool, but Trump is a great man. They say Hillary is a great lady, but Hillary is a murderer and a witch whore. Newsflash. Kadyrov is cool.

  • bannedquran20

    When you do, you throw them off of buildings and cliffs. With that said, I don’t go for this homo lifestyle, but to kill a person for being one??? No. Incidentally, muslims zombies will be porking not just a number of virgins but an untold numbers of virginal youths in paradise (LOL) according to verses in your disturbing and fallible quran…76:19, 56:17 and 52:24. islam…the enemy of mankind.

  • Москалi, геть з Криму!

    Chechnya is a captive nation. Putler is the great emperor, and Kadyrov is just his satrap.
    The occupation i.e. the Kremlin junta is ultimately responsibile for whatever happens in the occupied Chechnya.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      There is no god called allah and muhammud is no one’s prophet.

      • Москалi, геть з Криму!

        What’s your point? Putler is still responsible for the homosexual genocide in Chechnya.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          MuhamMUD was a child molesting thief, mass murderer and liar.
          As if Putin runs Chechnya.

          • Москалi, геть з Криму!

            Of course he runs it. Putler is the tsar of the Evil empire. Kadyrov is his satrap, and Chechnya is a captive nation.

  • JoeNormal

    He’s right. They don’t have many in Chechnya…..they throw them off buildings as soon as they find them. WHEN will LGTBQ2ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPs……finally wake up and understand that the people whom they support….Muslims….want to KILL THEM ALL?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Does this white muslum monkey have two left ears? Or is that his boyfriend behind him?

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