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Adult-Onset Islam: The Case of Prison Conversions


Demographic jihad is not just occurring in our countries because of the Muslim immigrants allowed so heedlessly into the West, nor because, once in our countries, Muslims tend to have far more children than do non-Muslims. There is also the phenomenon of conversion. And one of the most fertile places for such conversion-to-Islam efforts are our prisons. For Islam, with all of its violence and praise of making war on Infidels, naturally appeals to people who already have exhibited behavior of a violent or even sociopathic nature, and who find in Islam a religious justification for the kind of behavior they would indulge in anyway. And conversion to Islam also provides a prisoner with a pre-fabricated community of bruvvers, united in a fanatical faith, and providing the welcome security that a Muslim gang can offer.

While conversion to Islam is a problem in prisons all over the Western world, some of the worst examples are to be found in the most dangerous prisons in Australia.

Here’s part of a recent report from New South Wales:

VIOLENT and dangerous inmates are trying to force other prisoners in some of Australia’s worst prisons to convert to Islam against their will.

The forcible conversions created such tension in one NSW jail that inmates began fighting each other in the prison yard, ABC News has reported.

The NSW Corrective Services documents obtained by the ABC also reveal that inmates seen as extreme high risk security threats are also being released into the community.

The documents do not state which prison the attempted Islamic conversion ended in a melee which was broken up by prison officers last year.

But it was revealed earlier this year that Islam has become an obsession for the violent inmates who practice the religion inside Supermax.

Australia’s most secure prison, Supermax is so heavily populated with extremists it is often referred to as “Super Mosque”.

Last year prisoners at Kariong Prison in New South Wales (Australia)  complained that they had been threatened by Muslim inmates with violence unless they converted to Islam. The same threats have been reported from at least two other prisons in Australia, and from Great Britain, France, and other European countries with Muslim populations greater than 2-3%. Muslims now constitute a significant percentage of the prison population in Europe, much higher than their percentage in the general population (and both percentages are growing rapidly). For example, Muslims are at present 5% of the British population, but more than 15% of the prison population, and close to 50% of those in maximum security prisons. In France, they are 8% of the population, and 70% of the prison population. In Germany, they are 6.5% of the population but  over 30% of the prison population.

Muslims may be outnumbered by the non-Muslim prisoners, but they constitute a determined, cohesive, and violent bloc; some would call them a “gang.” The non-Muslims they target are literally a captive audience. Muslim prisoners are able to threaten with impunity the non-Muslim prisoners who, far from being protected by the prison authorities, are left to shift for themselves. And it looks like the threats are working. As one report put it, “The demands for halal food and Korans and prayer mats by non-Arab inmates are increasing.” This kind of conversion, to ensure better treatment and above all, protection from violence, including that from Muslims, has even been given a name: “convenience conversion.”

Discussing the conversion problem in Australian prisons, “Steve McMahon, chairman of Public Service Association Corrections branch [in Sydney], said the forced conversions are likely ‘extremist-related’ [but] ‘these people are clearly doing it for some reasons other than their devotion to the faith and it is concerning in light of how dangerous some of these individuals have become,’ he told The Daily Telegraph, adding that Muslims in prison are ‘not upstanding citizens’ who don’t believe in violence.”

So, on the one hand, according to this official, these “forced conversions” are said to be “[Muslim] extremist-related.” But at the same time, he insists that “they are clearly doing it for some reasons other than their devotion to the faith.” To whom is he referring? If he is referring to those converting others, then of course they are doing it out of devotion to the faith. Creating more soldiers to fight in the way of Allah, enlarging the army of Jihad — is he quite sure that “they are clearly doing it for some reasons other than devotion to their faith”? Or is he referring to those who convert in prison? Some may do so because they genuinely find Islam attractive as a belief-system, its justification of violence and hatred attractive rather than repellent. But others may convert for other reasons, especially for the security benefits of joining the “gang” of Islam, with its band of brothers, that offers protection, not least from Muslims themselves. There may be incidental benefits, too, as halal meals are apparently more attractive than regular prison fare.

Hasn’t the history of Islam been that of non-Muslims converting initially for reasons “other than devotion to the faith” (to avoid being killed, or having to pay the Jizyah) but, over time, reconciling themselves to what had been imposed upon them and becoming in the end true believers? What has Islam been, over the past 1400 years, for the non-Muslims whose lands were conquered and who were then subjugated, and either killed or converted or had the Jizyah exacted from them by their conquerors, if not both an extortion racket and a “faith”?

Of course, some of the Australian prison authorities might be laboring under the impression that the prisoners who are converting are doing so of their own free will, and that they have no business interfering in an inmate’s choice of religion. Their reluctance to act decisively could also be a defeatist admission of fear: we don’t dare antagonize Muslim prisoners — who most assuredly “are not upstanding citizens who don’t believe in violence” — by attempting to prevent their campaigns of conversion. Besides, the most immediate worry for the West in prisons is apparently, in the eyes of these authorities, not that of forced conversion to Islam, but the “radicalization of those who are already Muslims,” especially effective in prisons, where young inmates are ‘in awe of convicted terrorists’” (from the 2012 report on Islamisation in prisons by the Cambridge criminologist Alison Liebling).

I am not sure that this “radicalization” (which is really nothing more than taking the texts and teachings of Islam to heart, and being ready to act upon them) of Muslims in prison is  a more important problem than that of conversions by non-Muslim prisoners to Islam. Experience shows that many prison converts end up as ‘radicalized’ Muslims. But Western authorities seem reluctant to interfere with “freedom of religion” even if they recognize that these are in many cases “forced conversions” and that they who run the prisons, ought to provide much better security in their institutions so that non-Muslim prisoners do not feel they must convert to gain protection both from the kind of general violence in prisons (both from non-Muslims and Muslims) that can make them want to join the Muslim “gang” for physical safety and psychological support.

The same problem of “convenience conversions” has long plagued prisons in Britain.

Here is the story of one holdout:

One young woman whose brother is serving a lengthy sentence in a top security prison in England told how he was being bullied by members of a Muslim gang who were trying to force him to convert to Islam.

“He just looks like a broken man,” she said, again asking not to be identified. “He’s tearful on visits, and I’m just really scared for him. He’s been physically assaulted. He’s had black eyes. In the showers, he got threatened with a knife.

“He’s not going to back down. He’s not going to convert for anyone. He just spends his time hiding in his cell. He’s got at least another five years to serve. I don’t know how much longer he can hold out.”

And another describes the protection offered, against both Muslims and non-Muslims:

Another serving prisoner told the Mail: “Some people really struggle when they come in to prison. They will try to find some support — and the Muslim groups offer that. A lot of black men in their early 20s who are in on violence or drug charges are targeted.

“They would maybe have been part of gangs for a long time. But in prison, they’re on their own. I’ve seen guys who’ve been beaten up or bullied, had their fags nicked and their cells turned over, that sort of thing, and then they’ll be befriended by some of the Muslims.

“Then the guy will put in a formal request saying that he wants to change his religion. He might have a meeting with the governor and he goes through the process of becoming a Muslim. Everyone knows why they are doing it — it’s not as if they have suddenly found God.”

When a prisoner converts to Islam, it’s exactly like joining a gang — you have ready-made Muslim “brothers” who will stick by you and protect you, including offering protection from themselves. This kind of protection from physical or other harm resembles Mafia tactics, where they extort protection money against damage that they themselves could inflict on the victim; the Mafia originates in Sicily, which for several centuries was under Muslim domination and influence. And what, after all, is the Jizyah if not religiously-sanctioned protection money?

But one British prison official said: “These gangs use their faith as a cover for violence and intimidation, threatening non-Muslims and pressuring them to convert to Islam.”

Again, here we have officials refusing to take Islam seriously as the explanation for Muslim behavior: “These gangs use their faith as a cover for violence and intimidation.” Rather, it’s the opposite: their faith is not a mere “cover,” i.e., excuse, but the reason for the violence and intimidation [of non-Muslims]. The refusal to recognize the nature of Islam keeps getting in the way of satisfactory analysis.

The most optimistic view of these prison conversions is that they are not sincere. The very word “convenience” suggests that this conversion is ephemeral, a temporary accommodation with a difficult reality from which there is at present no escape, and implicitly, as soon as the prisoner-converts are freed, they will slough off their “conversions” at the prison gates. They are, our security services must hopefully assume, feigning belief, asking for those Korans and prayer mats and halal food only as props for their act, and not because they are true enthusiasts. And, especially in the case of the great increase in halal food requests, those authorities may have a point. Such diet requests do not necessarily bespeak an equal rise in real conversions. Whenever there are alternatives to a standard menu, those choices are often rumored to be better fare. Think of how the special menus on airplanes — kosher, halal, vegetarian – are widely assumed to be prepared with more culinary flair than whatever is on the standard menu. Inmates make the same assumption about their prison food; halal meals are reputed to be better than the regular fare; professing Islam may only be the justification for demanding them. This is the least dangerous kind of “convenience conversion,” and as long as it is insincere, need not be cause for alarm.

If most of these “convenience conversions” are in fact temporary, of going along to get along while in prison, that would be some relief. I have been unable to find any statistics on how long these prison conversions last once the “believer” is out of prison. This is understandable. If Western governments are able to collect such information, they obviously would not want it known; just imagine the howls of outrage from CAIR and its camp-followers if they did. But I find plausible the suggestion that some of those prisoners who converted in prison originally out of fear of Muslim threats, subsequently try to justify their own behavior — to themselves — by finding things about Islam that will make them think better of the faith, and therefore, of themselves; they manage to convince themselves that their original “conversion” was genuine. First feigning to be converts, they then become converts in truth, and even, in some cases, enthusiastic promoters of the faith which has provided them with an Instant Brotherhood, a Complete Regulation of Daily Life, and a Total Explanation of the Universe, all of great psychic comfort for people in (and out of) prison. These prison converts in the West who do not slough off Islam once they are out of prison, but become true believers, swelling the ranks of the most fanatically faithful, are a big worry.

But aren’t Muslims embarrassed by this use of threats to gain prison converts? Not at all. No prominent Muslims have spoken out against this. From their point of view, since it is only through Islam that men learn and practice righteousness, bringing them to Islam is the greatest benefit that can be lavished upon them. Why should they care what instrument is employed to attain that worthy end? These prison conversions are now a permanent problem for the West’s security services, with no solution or amelioration in sight. And since most of these prisoners are already schooled in violence, they are likely to be more susceptible to recruitment as future Jihadis. And the matter gets nothing like the attention it deserves from the security services.

Just imagine, by contrast, what the reaction of practically all right-thinking people would be to reports that Christian prisoners were making systematic attempts to convert Muslim prisoners through the threat of violence. From sea to shining sea there would be a storm of nonstop outrage on the airwaves and the Internet that nothing could assuage, with Christian clergymen in the lead. But that hypothetical, of course, is absurd. There have been no reports, in or out of prison, of Christians threatening Muslims with violence unless they convert to Christianity.

What if the authorities in the United States were to establish all-Muslim prisons, or Muslim-only areas within prisons, in order to protect the non-Muslim prisoners from the threat of conversion by force? If they did so, a constitutional challenge brought under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, claiming a violation of the Equal Protection Clause (which applies to the Federal government through the Due Process clause of the Fifth Amendment), would likely succeed, given that the highest level of review, Strict Scrutiny, would be triggered by the putative “religious” discrimination, and the government would have to meet the requirement of a “compelling state interest” that would justify such segregation. It’s doubtful that such segregation, in order to prevent “forcible” conversions to Islam in prisons for security reasons, would constitute for this Court a “compelling state interest.” For the government would have to explain those “security reasons,” meaning it would have to admit what sensible people recognize to be true but are not allowed in this political climate to publicly state: that Muslim gangs are bullying non-Muslim prisoners into converting, and that experience suggests that a very high proportion of these converts appear to be the kind we call ‘radicalized’ so that they become, once released, a real threat to society. Keeping non-Muslim and Muslim prisoners in different facilities is the best way to end the prison conversions, and the long-term threat to our physical security that those converts pose. That is only common sense, but common sense is not much in evidence when it comes to recognizing and acting with good reason to minimize, the Islamic threat within the West. Instead, we cling to principles that too often leave us helpless, rather than protect us against an unprecedented domestic danger.

This leaves prison authorities in the U.S., as elsewhere in the West, with an ever-growing security threat of converts to Islam from among the most dangerous segments of society, and with the only measure likely to be effective in preventing convenience conversions — that is, segregation according to faith — impossible to undertake. That’s the inconvenient truth. And Muslims, who watch as their numbers increase from yet one more variety of “adult-onset Islam,” will have had the last laugh, the one provided them by Qur’an 2:256: “There shall be no compulsion in religion” which is useful for apologists to invoke, but otherwise means nothing. Meanwhile, in prisons all over the West, the Muslims compel away.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Inmate of Diversityland

    Another great piece by the intrepid Hugh Fitzgerald.

  • gospace

    I worked (briefly) in a max facility. There are a lot of converted Jews and Muslims sharing 2 man cells. That way they get and share the special meals of both religions (Yes, inmates get special meals.) According to frank discussions with inmates in a minimum facility, 99% of prison conversions are null and void the moment the former inmate is past the last gate.

    • Milwaukee

      They might think the conversions are null and void. My understanding of the conversion is that it is permanent, and leaving the faith afterwards makes one an apostate. The penalty for that is death. Besides, if one stays a Muslim one can always kill those who leave, and feel justified so doing. This isn’t “fine print” stuff.

    • Suresh

      There is no “null and void” conversion in Islam. It just shows your ignorance.

      Only solution deport all jihadis who do not pledge allegiance to country they live in AND denounce all forms of jihadi terror attacks on non-muslims as given in koran and hadiths. If they don’t, deport them. If not suffer more such attacks. Ignorance is no bliss.

      While Muslim youths practice the art of torturing and beheading infidels …….to prepare for future jihadi attacks !

      It does not matter what you do , They will continue their jihad.

      • gospace

        You want to call me ignorant, fine stupidface. I am fully aware that islam through the koran requires the death penalty for apostates. Do you think that a max inmate returning back to his pre-confinement environment really gives two craps what the koran says about anything? I can just about guarantee no on in their gang does. Leaving the gang and moving back to the old neighborhood is far more dangerous to them then chucking all the religious BS (to them) they played with in prison. It’s a game inmates play to maximize their material comfort in prison.

        I would place the actual percentage of REAL religious conversions among inmates at under 1%, to any religion. Mostly because the recidivism rate is so high. Real religious converts wouldn’t be so quick to return to prison.

        • Suresh

          How many jihadis do you need to pull off a orlando gay bar massacre with 52 dead and 56 injured and the place completely destroyed ?

          just one.

          • Pray Hard

            Suresh gets it.

        • Milwaukee

          Easy there gospace. “ignorant” means lacking in knowledge. While the returning inmate may not care what the Koran says, the Muslims in the neighborhood will. Their gang might protect them, might not. As for “I would place the actual percentage of REAL religious conversions among inmates at under 1%, to any religion. “, do you have any real life experience with this, or some special knowledge as to where the number came from, or are you making this up?

          Further, do you have any information on recidivism rates for Muslim converts compared to non converts, or is this from your imagination? Perhaps the Muslim convert recidivism rate isn’t as high as non converts.

          “stupidface” is an insult. “ignorant” is a fact.

        • Public_Citizen

          Had an extra helping of “Cranky” today, didn’t we?

          • gospace

            Decided a while back to stop being polite to impolite people in comment sections.

          • Pray Hard

            Keep working on it. You’ll catch on. You’ll be a good asset when you cross the threshold. Nothing personal.

          • Public_Citizen

            There are a range of socially acceptable responses between polite and impolite. Discernment is the ability to recognize where on the scale a remark falls and to respond appropriately.
            All you have demonstrated is abysmally low social skills and a proclivity to unwarranted rudeness.
            In a long and wide ranging life I have observed that the cranky/unpleasant people have a harder time than everybody else, mainly because they make it unreasonably difficult for other people to deal with them. When you externalize your own personal problem other people don’t want to deal with it, and by extension with you.
            These are life lessons you should have been taught before you hit puberty.

        • Pray Hard

          Well, there ya go, liberals claim that terrorists make up less than one percent of moslems.
          It’s apparent that you don’t quite yet understand the mind virus of Islam. Nothing personal, keep working on it.

      • Pray Hard

        That is not a solution. Moslems are liars. They can pledge and denounce until their (and your) butt cheeks grow together and it’s completely meaningless. Incarceration, deportation, lectures from judges, arrest, ankle bracelets, etc., ad nauseum, are all a waste of resources. Moslems can’t be dealt with by due process, it is inadequate and they don’t deserve it. Only one thing works … execution.

        • Suresh

          not practical.

    • felix1999

      In prison NO SPECIIAL meals should be served. That’s ridiculous, They re being punished.

    • Pray Hard

      Not with Islam.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The first thing to do to break the cycle, is to stop special treatment for any inmate. Once incarcerated, rights and privileges are null and void. Jail is supposed to be punishment, not a reward for criminal insanity. If inmates have spiritual interests, the prison library will suffice.

    • Staceybnewsome

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  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • gfmucci

    The only rational and effective solution is to define and declare Islam a seditious political ideology. Outlaw the practice of Islam. Deny Muslims any texts related to Islam. Extradite them to whichever Muslim nation will have them.

    This won’t happen. There is a good reason why the Crusades took 400 years after the initial Islamic conquests of Christian lands to begin. Muslims are masters of deception. They have most of our “elites” and “leaders” fooled.

    • Pray Hard

      Our elites are not fooled. Our elites have US fooled. F*ck extradition, just kill them and feed their bodies to feral hogs.

    • Lumpy Rutherford

      I suspect that “bought” would be a more accurate assessment of the reason behind the political elites appearing to be “deceived”…

    • graydog222 .

      Islam a seditious, this is critical, why do we have any question other then possibly requires that the Congress declare war on Islam. My only problem with your post is I believe the war is inevitable and that Sharia will be Outlawed.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Been a big problem in American prisons since the 1960s.

  • Budvarakbar

    The picture tells it all — waving their a$$es to God and kissing Satan!

    • gia

      Wave your butt in the air wave it like you just don’t care … Ok not the original lyrics, lol….but whatever ..

  • gia

    I wonder if they lick the floor clean while they are posed in prayer? You know kill 2 birds with one stone .
    Pray and clean.. ..

  • felix1999

    Does anyone remember Chuck Colson?
    He had a wonderful prison ministry and WARNED about this. He was seeing this happen in prisons and begged for other clergy to step up and get involved.

    He truly turned his life around after he went to prison for Watergate. He became a true Christian in prison (1973) and when released he launched his PRISON ministry and remained true to his Christian mission till he died in 2012.

    Charles Wendell “Chuck” Colson
    (October 16, 1931 – April 21, 2012) was an Evangelical Christian leader who founded Prison Fellowship, Prison Fellowship International, and BreakPoint. Prior to his conversion to Christianity, he served as Special Counsel to President Richard Nixon from 1969 to 1973.

  • Public_Citizen

    I have long advocated for the practice of Islam within our prisons to be declared a Prohibited Activity and the posession of any Islamic Material as being in posession of Contraband.
    The reasons are numerous, and many of them are detailed in the above article.
    The first step is to recognize that Islam is a Blood/Death Cult and not a Legitimate Religion.

  • Michelle

    Re-open a Devil’s island/Alcatraz style island hell hole for the muslims only and NEVER let them out. Yes, I can see the muslim browntongue leftist lawyers who run the law in the west allowing this. The LEFT ARE the PROBLEM. Muslims in the west are just the symptoms of the leftist disease.

    • Pray Hard

      Prison islands. That way, they can easily be bombed. Set up automated miniguns and minimal staff, just enough staff to shoot and chum and water the moslems. Provide no medical care or anything else. Let them kill each other and commit suicide, then repopulate.

  • Poppey

    Unfortunately, the prison services in all Western countries are behind the game here just like the politicians, courts, police and polite society. Then, any would be reformer is up against what’s known as the “liberal consensus”, i,e, the willful refusal to see people who offend in the name of allah as the political and cultural threat they represent.

    What needs to be fought through public and political debate is the concept that muslim offenders see themselves as superior to those they oppress and attack, this should lead to the situation where prayer mats, korans and halal food are all refused either after conviction or while on remand. Imams are of course right out of the question.

    Another reform needs to be when the offence the suspect is charged with is connected with the observance of the koranic mandate to violence and terrorism, religiously and racially aggravated charges of rape , terrorism etc need to be brought against the suspect as a matter of course with a more heavily weighted sentence imposed in recognition of that. I often wonder how many of those caught grooming and prostituting under aged white girls in Britain have been charged with religiously and racially aggravated offences as so often white people are who take action against their muslim assailants are.

    Thirdly, the reform of sentencing needs to involve the imposition of solitary hard labour upon muslim convicts in recognition of the political / religious / cultural dimension driving their motivation towards crimes against unbelievers .they’ve been brought before the courts for.

    As I see it, only when the authorities wake up to the realities of what they’re responsible for for will we have a chance of arresting this Islamic cultural and actual jihad upon our societies.

    • Michelle

      Spot On! Add the leftards responsible to the agenda as well and let them experience muslim “charity”, “benevolence” and “altruism” on the front line.

    • Pray Hard

      Our “justice system” is painfully archaic and simply cannot deal with the threat we face.

  • Drew the Infidel

    At the TX prison where I worked almost all the “converts” were black. The other black prisoners ridiculed them as “Taliban folk”.

    They used to demand that bland halal menu during Ramadan. The prison retaliated by offering such fare to the others as biscuits with sausage gravy and other such delicious items.

  • Simba

    The Quranic verse cited here is just a facade.No one wants to convert to some other religion voluntarily.There are covert compulsions–emotional as in marriages between Muslim men and a non-Muslim women or financial as in poor countries where huge amount of funds are showered for conversions and situational/selfish as here.There is no compulsion simply means that if one is pliable to be converted or manipulated to convert or gently coerced, it can’t be proved as a compulsion. I strongly believe that as long as one is NOT stopped actively from converting,it should be considered a compulsion.Even a woman in love should consider a simple principle–if she converts to Islam,she is being submissive in that she loves the man more than the other way round and it’s pathetic.If Muslims can declare themselves ex-Muslims without getting killed,the groom also can convert to the bride’s religion( if religion means everything),with police protection,if he fears being beheaded.
    ,In this instance it’s a purely selfish purpose for which conversions are taking place and it’s unbecoming of any religion to accept such uncouth criminals into its fold.

  • Pray Hard

    I read more than once that 90% of convicts have learning disabilities (whatever that is). Thus, that’s why they’re there to begin with and why there’s little chance of them ever getting better (whatever that is). Moslems should be put on prison ships, concentration camps or just be executed. I prefer the latter. Simply using them for target practice for police and military would be a win win. Mixing moslems with the typical populations of criminal degenerates is doing nothing but creating a nuclear IslamoCriminal time bomb.

  • RayG1

    People who have low intelligence may still be highly motivated to succeed in life. Most people want to make their lives better. When you’re stuck with a lower IQ (intelligence is hereditary), a higher education attempt leads to frustration and failure. That leaves you with either hard work to get ahead, or crime. Unfortunately, too many people take that easy choice; crime. “Pray Hard” says that 90% of convicts have “learning disabilities”. Yes, people who have a low IQ are limited in what they can learn. Why do Muslims find it easy to recruit convicts? The average Muslim has an IQ of 80.5. The average IQ of the Muslim country of Somalia is 68; two points below what the western world has classified as clinically retarded (70). The Muslims are offering these convicts religious justification to do what put many of them in prison in the first place. They are offering them the Muslim license to rape and kill, all in the name of “Allah”. That is extremely attractive to the most brutal and depraved of the convicts. Sex becomes very important when you are deprived of it in prison. The smarter convicts are resisting but are being persecuted for their stand against madness. This can only get worse as long as prisons are “for profit” institutions!

  • Lumpy Rutherford

    To minimize the risk of accidentally serving a muslim inmate a non-halal–possibly pork based–meal, all Muslims should be moved into a separate wing of the prison.

  • Doctor Who?

    All Prisons should ban Muslim proselytizing as dangerous to prison security.
    The Koran should be forbidden to prisoners and prisoners claiming to be Muslim should be given a steady diet of ham, bacon and pork.
    Those Muslim prisoners who riot should be placed in permanent solitary confinement.

  • the_dhimminator

    Clearly, they didn’t get the “Religion of Peace” memo, and the bit about conversions not being coerced. Yeah right.

    • the_dhimminator

      … as the article says

      the one provided them by Qur’an 2:256: “There shall be no compulsion in
      religion” which is useful for apologists to invoke, but otherwise means

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Qur’an 2:256: “There shall be no compulsion in religion”, this has been abrogated several times to things like “Sahih Bukhari (84:57) – [In the words of] “Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him”. islam is full of contradictions and confusion, the bottom line is, “kill everyone who commits and offence, real or imaginary”.

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