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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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Norming Genocide: Calif Bakery Paints GIANT Terror Mural Honoring Jihad Murderer


Why not a swastika mural? Or a mural of Himmler or Osama Bin Laden? It’s the same thing. This is the norming of dehumanization and genocide.

It’s incitement to murder. How is that legal?

The 69-year-old Muslim terrorist, Rasmea Odeh,  was convicted in the 1969 supermarket bombing in Israel that killed two Hebrew University students. Odeh was also convicted of bombing and damaging the British Consulate four days later.

Oakland Bakery Paints Giant Mural to Honor Palestinian Terrorist

It’ll make you throw up your flatbread.

By Trey sanchez, Truth revolt(thanks to Todd):

bakery in Oakland, California, owned by a Palestinian-Syrian, has a large painted mural dedicated to convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh near its front counter. Odeh killed two Israeli students in a 1969 food market bombing for which she only served 10 years of a life sentence in prison. She was released as part of a plea deal in exchange for a captured Israeli soldier. In 1995, Odeh moved to Chicago via Jordan but lied on her immigration papers, checking “no” for past convictions of crimes. She is scheduled to be deported to Jordan in August for the fraud, but not before being lionized by the bakery and just about everyone on the Left as a progressive icon.

Reem Assil, the owner of the Arab-infused Reem’s California, considers Odeh, an organizer of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine which carried out several other foiled bombings, as a mere political activist wrongly arrested and convicted by Israel. She also believes Odeh was sexually tortured into a confession by Israeli authorities. And because of that, Assil says Odeh deserves the giant portrait because she is an “emblem of resilience” and told a Berkeley-based food critic that Odeh is a modern day Malcolm X:

“[Odeh] embodies the resilience of Arab women fighting for justice in this country. She is an elder to a lot of us younger women who are activists and want to do right among our community.”

Assil, a former labor activist and community organizer, views her bakery as a place where activism and culture meet. The mural, she said, “pays our respect to people like [Odeh] who have had to endure.” As an added social justice bonus, Odeh has a painted pin on her Islamic head covering of 22-year-old Oakland resident Oscar Grant who was killed by police in 2009.

Others who heap praise on Odeh include Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour, who heralds Odeh regularly and was recently “honored” to share the stage with her at an anti-Israel event. Both women helped organize the Women’s March after President Trump’s inauguration and Odeh co-authored the manifesto for the militant feminist “Day Without a Woman” strike two months later.

Here is the bakery owner defending her pro-terrorism decoration:


Not everyone in Oakland is happy about the mural. Organized protests outside the bakery have been going on since it opened. Because most may be unaware of Odeh’s past, the protesters stand in front of the entrance holding pictures of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, the two Hebrew University students killed by the bomb Odeh planted in 1969. Some have even held vigils for the murdered Jews in front of the eatery.

But in kind, those protests and vigils have been targeted by anti-Israel activists who have physically attacked protesters, including the elderly, and destroyed the pictures of the murdered men. Below is footage from a recent protest, which are in danger of being shut down by Assil who is trying to complain of trespassing:

As Legal Insurrection’s Miriam Elman concluded, “The effort to stifle and silence Oakland’s vigils in honor of Rasmea Odeh’s victims is even more offensive and grievous than the fact that Reem’s California is decorated with a giant image of her face.”

For more on Edah’s terror-related crimes, visit her profile at Discover the Networks.

  • caliroxanne

    This is so sad, disgusting and backwards, I just don’t know what to say.

  • livingengine

    “It’ll make you throw up your flatbread.” Boy, is that ever the truth. The Palestinians are so ugly.

    • CentralCaliGal

      I’ve been trying to tell people here near Monterey Bay Area since the early 70’s what they are; oh, NOW they’re listening!

  • Bronish

    I’d really prefer to call these people what they are: Arabs. There’s no such place as Palestine, and no such thing as a Palestinian.
    They are Arabs, plain and simple….and, being of Islam, they are liars, murderers, cheaters, rapists and everything else that militates against the Lord.
    Islam is powered by Satan.

    • harbidoll

      only a person who was born in (pre 67) Palestine can call themselves a Palestinian

      • phillyroll

        More like paeolestinian bc of their neanderthal, murderous, backwards way of life. But I’ll settle for plain old arab/muslim terrorist.

    • CentralCaliGal

      I agree with every word! Thank you for posting!!

    • ninetyninepct

      Shaytan = devil

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Have a protest where everyone makes a purchase from the bakery, then take a a dose of ipecac, while standing on the street by the entrance to the bakery. Let nature take its course.

    • Warren

      That stuff is really murder on the stomach.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Yes, but the effect as a medium of protest would be well worth putting on u tube. Especially the reaction of the proprietor.

    • CentralCaliGal

      Wish I could, I live 1.5 hours SSE; health won’t permit, but I’ve got friends near there I’m asking to go for me!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It would be good to have lots of people show up at these protests.

  • mark newby

    If I lived down there I’d walk in and place a huge cake order for my nephew’s barmitzva, complete with the Star of David jutting out of the top. I’d wear a Jewish skull cap and end every sentence with ‘Shalom !’. Then I’d look around confused and ask, ‘where are all the canaanites?’

    • mollysdad

      They’re Amalekites. Not Canaanites.

    • CentralCaliGal

      Great idea! I’ve got friends & family up there!

  • Jackie Puppet

    A gay couple (would be even better if they were Jewish) should go there and place an order for a wedding cake to see if the bakery will bake one. If not, I wonder if the couple would sue, or look for a Christian bakery, since they’re so much easier to sue.

    • CentralCaliGal

      My thoughts EXACTLY; matter of fact, I wrote this when I Shared 5 minutes ago!!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It’ll never happen, the gay community seem to be allah on-board w/the muslum invasion that will mean the end of their freedom forever.

      • solange9

        There is a halal restaurant opening in West Hollywood, a center of gay community here in L.A., and there has not been one peep about it. I only see “resist” signs on almost all the establishments. These people are so very clueless, having no idea what this halal represents. You would think they would be up in arms. I guess it just might take one of them being thrown from a roof to wake up our gay friends. God forbid. I even wrote to their local paper, no response. Whenever I drive by, it just makes my blood boil.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The muslim “Aunt Jemima” is introduced.

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      lol, good one, that’s pretty funny :)

  • sid-chrome

    The new face of terrorism!

  • karl59

    The health department can find the place unsanitary and have it closed down.

  • Warren

    I am tempted to visit that bakery with a can of black spray paint.

  • Alleged Comment

    These are MORON women. We are being RULED once again by MORONS. The little boys on the right and the stupid moron feminist on the left have taken over.

    Adam and Eve all over again. Adam let Eve dictate his desires. The result was DOOM for all mankind. Abraham let Sarah lead him. The result was your other DOOM – Ishmael and Moslems.

    Getting kicked in the head and the heels again by lack of manly authority.

  • DellerboyNZ

    But try putting up a sign outside another bakery stating ‘we regret that we do not produce wedding cakes for same-sex weddings’ and you would be run out of town.

  • Janet

    Wow I have to admit that I was shocked to see that one women is a Sander’s democrat. They usually praise people like this hag Odeh as heroes. Glad to see people protesting this. If I lived there I’d be right with them.

  • Sage Nighthawk

    Why haven’t We The People BURNED this place to the ground yet?? Maybe that time is now. BURN THIS EVIL PLACE DOWN! i KNOW THAT THERE ARE AMERICAN PATRIOTS IN OAKLAND WHO WILL DO THIS, SO GO FOR IT!

  • notme123

    Why don’t the gay couples use this bakery for their wedding cakes?
    From what I recall of history of this region, the Romans as an insult to the Jews, called Israel Palestine, if I am wrong, please correct me.

  • Jack Holan

    Assil from Reems Bakery Oakland CA, remember that those who Honor and try to White-Wash terror and terrorists targeting 2-Kids at a grocery store are themselves terrorists. You’re the Propagandist! How did you buy your bakery, babysitting or help from some friends perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Steven

    This is a public and blatant sympathizing with a terrorist.

    • Jack Holan

      Exactly! A murderer of two innocent boys, one non-Israeli. Thank G-d more People weren’t murdered, though that wasn’t Odeh’s intent. This neophyte Assil who calls herself a Palestinian 2-Generations removed and a non-State may actually be saying the same for the Jihadists like Palestinian Major Nidal.

  • Lloyd

    Let us not forget to thank and support Ms. Geller who daily wades through this gut and soul wrenching garbage to constantly remind us that the Holocaust was not just an event of time and place but an ongoing horror that has stalked all of G**’s people, first Jew and then Christian, since time immortal.

  • Ichabod Crain

    If there was ever a Muslim woman who needed a niqab, it is this one. She has a face that would offend a dog.

  • Stefanie Daniella

    muhammadans … honoured … for being evil like muhammad

    … and less human … to the point of being anti-human (not just inhuman)

  • Rebecca T

    There have been many protests and vigils in front of the bakery since this story broke. Sadly, the local activists (including a 78 year old survivor of the Warsaw ghetto) were cruelly assaulted. The local Jewish paper wrote about it

  • solange9

    I recently revisited the Yelp page for this restaurant on which Yelp notifies its users that it is “under active clean up,” due to the current controversy surrounding it. I thought that this meant that Yelp was conscientiously monitoring it for what it represents, Jew hatred, murder and the glorification or terror. There is even a jar under the mural for donations, not to charity, but for terrorist organizations. I thought Yelp was looking out for its users, who may want to avoid such things, and the fact that any halal products purchased carry with them a fee, a fee that goes to fund terrorism disguised as “charity.” My last visit to this Yelp page proved me wrong. Yelp is weeding out any and all reviews exposing the truth about this place. It is protecting terrorism. I also found many people and articles extolling its views and calling the restaurant wrongly “persecuted.” Not long ago, when a group of citizens staged a protest and a very small rally in front of the aptly named Reem’s, in a mall, during which they told the truth, they were heckled, and attempts were made to shout them down. There were requests for them to leave the so called “private property.” It was not, as they claimed, the private property of the restaurant but of the mall. It is unbelievable to me that so many out there believe the anti~Israel rhetoric and, worst of all, support terror and the murdering of innocent people in its name. I guess it’s okay to murder them if they are Jews. This is the left, who accepts everyone, including murderers, anyone except Jews. And, so, I found that my review/exposé had been removed by Yelp. This is Yelp’s contribution to normalizing evil.

    • solange9

      Perhaps everyone can write to Yelp, to the reviewers and to those writing positively about this and let them know how very ashamed they should be. I know I have.

  • solange9

    She tells people that she was “tortured” into giving a confession, and, because they all hate Jews and Israel, they believe her, a lying, murdering terrorist.

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