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Austria: Muslim migrant slaughters elderly couple out of hatred for the Freedom Party


Despite the violence, lawlessness, mass sex attacks and continuing deterioration of stability and security, the Muslim migration continues. Europe will be indistinguishable from the Middle East in the near future.

Austria – Linz: Tunisian kills couple out of hatred for FPÖ

From this German Language website:

By Vlad Tepes, July 1, 2017:

July 1, 2017

After the brutal murder of an elderly couple early Friday morning in Linz, the motive for the crime is now resolved: The suspect – a 54 year old Muslim from Tunisia – committed the carnage out of hatred for the FPÖ, according to police.

He had projected many bad experiences that he had made over the past couple of years in Austria onto the party, and had wanted to set a warning example.

So the bloody double homicide in Linz had a political motive, as the Upper Austrian National Police Director Andreas Pilsl explained in an off-the-record-converstaion on Saturday afternoon.

The double-homicide suspect, who had been living in Austria since 1989, was sentenced for animal abuse in 2012, following a complaint of a local FPÖ mandatary. From that moment on, he had blamed the FPÖ for all negative personal experiences, for example, when, in his opinion, he was treated badly at the job centre, or when once his benefits were cut.

Alleged that the victims had proximity to the party

The suspected double murderer had alleged that his two victims had proximity to the FPÖ – which in fact wasn’t even true, according to Pilsl. The 54-year-old suspect had accurately planned his deed, even though he knew that the two pensioners were not responsible for his situation, according to the National Police Director.

Woman strangled, man killed with knife and bludgeon

The deliveryman had regularly delivered organic groceries to his two victims, and at the scheduled delivery date on Friday, he had hidden a belt, a wooden bludgeon,a knife and a canister of gasoline under his apron. According to the current state of investigations, first, he strangled the 85-year-old, upon which he attacked the husband with the knife and bludgeo and killed him. Then he set fire in the kitchen of the family home. The relief forceds discovered the corpses of the elderly couple during the firefighting operation.

Suspect turned himself in

Only shortly thereafter, the 54-year-old suspect turned himself in to the authorities. During the interrogation, he said first, he considered drowning himself in the river Danube, but then made up his mind to go to the police. There, he had to wait until it was his turn. Finally, he confessed to the officers that he had murdered the 85-year-old woman and her 2 years older husband. According to information by “Krone”, the two had even assisted him financially until now, because his organic store was not doing well.
(PS: The FPÖ is the Party of Norbert Hofer (our guy), who was defeated by a whisker in a “cordon sanitaire” by the Green Alexander van der Bellen in the recent Austrian electoral run)

  • TexanForever

    Is there any need to comment on Europe’s suicide by Islam importation?

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      Yes, because what is happening in Europe will happen to us if we left the leftist islamofascists get hold of power

      • mztore

        Seems like they are in that process as we speak. Several political minded folks have been elected to offices, several judges have been appointed throughout the U.S.A. and we the people have allowed it… fact encouraged it because we want to be PC.

    • MattBracken

      And it won’t only be Europe’s problem when the continent is fully Islamified. It will also be our problem. Read about “hybrid vigor.” The next generation of Europeans will be 100% Muslim with 50% European DNA for higher intelligence. “Super Muslims” like the Ottoman Janissaries, or the Islamified Berbers who conquered Spain.

      Matt Bracken: The Hybrid Vigor of the Coming European Islamic State

      • knightsstrength

        Hope the fight comes from the East to take back Europe as Orthodox Christianity continues to make take large leaps as Churches are built

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Just think of all that military hardware falling into the hands of the muslums or all the military expertise of the West.
        The most competent field general the f’ing muslums had when they attacked Israel in ’48’ w/genocidal intent was a British slug and traitor called Glubb Pasha (not his given name). He was formerly an officer in the British army and had some responsibility in training/equipping/leading the Arab Legion.

        • MattBracken

          Traitors galore.

        • Rob Porter

          Just think of it, for all their number the bloody Muslims still lost to Israel, so in that I take delight.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Ditto. In all the Arab-Israeli wars the muslums had the advantage in aircraft, tanks, APC’s, artillery and numbers. Maybe it was more than the hand of man that defeated the muslums in Israel.

      • Duchess of Pork

        The video has been taken down. Do you know if it is available elsewhere? Whilst you have written a thought-provoking article I’d like to see the video to illustrate the detail. I see also your article is 12 months old now. Other than the intensification of the immigration jihad would you note any other changes in the last year. Signs of pushback, beginnings of vigilantism, revenge attacks and/or organised resistance?

  • BooBooBaby

    Why are we committing Suicide on ourselves!?

    Spread this awful story around, because I have only seen this reported here.
    Spread this on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and etc.

    • Red47 Jesus in a Che Shirt

      Because you can’t commit suicide on some else? Lol.
      Yes. People do need to hear about every one of these things.

  • Rick

    Why did president Bush dramatically increase Muslim immigration immediately after the 9-11 World Trade Center attacks!? Immediately followed by mass Islamic immigration into Europe & worldwide! WTF is really going on!? And don’t tell me it’s bcz we bombed them! Bcz they invade countries that’ve never bombed them & slaughter the natives just as well!
    It’s almost as if the world is giving in to the will of islamic invasion, due to the fact they successfully broke the USA twin towers! I’m telling y’all! Something huge is going on! Time to WAR back at our evil politicians!

    • Red47 Jesus in a Che Shirt

      Globalization is eased along when cultures and boundaries are erased.

    • Poppey

      The Kalergi Plan.

    • harbidoll

      go to ur local school, College or Univ. & ask them about “white man’s privileged & guilt.” I heard Turkey feminists teaching this same thing against the West.!

  • Red47 Jesus in a Che Shirt

    Politics is always a great reason to slaughter people. Wait… only if you need to force compliance…wait…what?

  • Kalambong Kalambong

    2 innocent elderly Christians got slaughtered

    The moslem who slaughter them, will continue living a good life, in Austria, and the Austrian Christian taxpayers have to pay for his room and board

    • Michael Garfinkel

      A horrifying story, one of thousands like it.

      But what can one do – when the Europeans refuse to take steps to deal with this catastrophe?

    • mztore

      Seems that this isn’t the first time the Austrian people have allowed bad things to happen to them and their people. Didn’t this come about with hitler’s gestapo and such?

  • Alleged Comment

    He was the delivery guy PLUS you financially aided the guy to help him???

    In another words you made him RESENT YOU! This, you be nice to them they be nice to you, only works with your own kind on the same level.

    Don’t EVER do that to someone not your level. They will RESENT and HATE you for it!!

    We have that same problem with Negroes in America thanks to the phony generosity of your money to Negroes by the Demoncrap party.

  • gia

    He was aided by them! That’s the thanks you get when you assist Muslim scum nothing is ever good enough for them you could hand them the world on a silver platter and still they want more!!!
    The first mistake of this couple was doing business with them in the first place.
    As a non Muslim you should never have a personal or financial relationship with them EVER!
    I am surprised the elderly woman wasn’t raped first, they usually like to add that in when they are in the middle of a homicide.

  • knightsstrength

    Hang him, do not want him out pardoned in two years.

    This is what we get when we let evil static idol worshipers into our countries.

    A black stone they pray to. Black the colour of death

  • Tm.

    An appalling story. Should never have happened. There are lessons to be learned by those who can read history and understand human nature, understand cultures, etc.
    If this man was so upset with everything in the West, why did he not return to Tunisia? Good weather, beautiful beaches, same culture so he would feel at home. People should think of what they give up when they travel.
    As for the Austrians, they made their decision. They elected Van der Bellen. Had not he recommended women wear headscarves in Austria to show solidarity?
    Truthfully, is anyone surprised by this vicious crime. By the way, he looks like a hefty man, those poor very elderly innocent people. They never stood a chance.
    He is a murderer, his actions are not of God.

    • Tm.

      Should say, “when they emigrate,” instead of “when they travel.”

  • knightsstrength

    Maybe hope for all of Europe in reading this that Christian Orthodox Churches expanding across Europe.

    If it repeats like in Russia where it was almost crushed with Communism is now majority Orthodox and Communism is very little and is on its way out.
    While Roman Catholicism is on the slide.

    One needs to study history in-depth to know truths

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    It seems there have been an awful lot of friendly and helpful kuffirs murdered, raped etc. by Muslims. Haven’t I heard this all a dozen times before?

  • Curtis Wood

    Ok to lie to infidels…

    “According to information by “Krone”, the two had even assisted him financially until now, because his organic store was not doing well.”

  • Tatiana Covington

    In a better Alternate… they drew their guns and shot him dead.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    His defense? He was just practicing his ‘religion’ — following the example of that “perfect” man Muhammad.

  • billwhit

    The FPÖ is the party that I would support if I could vote in Austria. One of my daughter is a member and may run for office with the FPÖ. It is the only Party with Testicles to stand against the Pigs of Islam in Europe! All the other Parties, ÖVP, SPÖ, Communist, Green Parties all bow down and lick the feet of the Pigs of Islam, while HC Strache and the FPÖ fight for the rights of the citizens of Austria! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul who bow at the hoofs of Satan/Allah!

  • Merchantseamen

    All Biblical. Satan knows his end time is near so……….What does a cornered animal do? He will continue to disrupt through false prophet turning the world into turmoil. I beleive it is stated in the bible. wild beasts of the earth, will be allowed to take human life like never before
    seen. I will have to study it so more to make sure what I am talking about. Or someone on here with more knowledge can straighten me out.

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