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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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Faked slashed hijab beats slashed face

Another Balkan Jihad Terrorist Organization Grows in Strength


Dateline – Preshevo and Bujanovac, Serbia, 06.01.2017: As if there were not enough Albanian terrorist organizations in the world. Now there is a relatively new one on the horizon, and operates outside Kosovo. Muslim planners of terrorist operations are quite media savvy! Even in Serbia. There they got caught planning a media cover story for their eventual revolt. And the logic is simple, if extremely cynical: The best way to make Muslims look justified in taking up arms is to kill fellow Muslims and blame it on Christians!

Here is some background to this story: There is a sliver of Serbian territory outside Kosovo inside rump Serbia (Serbia without Kosovo or “Serbia proper”) that is populated by Albanian peasants and traders in a rural land of hills and villages where there is an incipient underground Albanian partisan half-army with terrorist aims.

This ”second KLA” is known as “the Liberation Army of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedza.” It is financed by the Albanian gangs running narcotics and human trafficking around the Albanian regions of Macedonia, Kosovo and southern Serbia. These circles issued threats against the Serbian state authorities, police and army (lest they interfere with their operations). Following the liberal French Court’s verdict and acquittal of the known Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander and terrorist Ramush Haradinaj earlier this year, and following the violence in the Macedonian parliament caused by extremist Albanian MP’s – the Serbian government in Belgrade expressed alarm at the developments in the south and convened an extraordinary security council meeting (with the Ministry of Interior) to discuss and foresee the situation in the south. They believe that Ramush Haradinaj will return from France to the Balkans to lead revolts against the non-Muslims as well as against those Muslims that remain loyal to the state authorities.

This relatively volatile Serbian region is bordering on Kosovo and Macedonia. It is yet another fragile zone inside a region strewn with volatile flashpoint zones. Then there is the tall shadow of ”Greater Albania” project at work too. This project does not have yet the diplomatic strength necessary for it to be discussed in the international diplomatic circles, but Saudi Arabia (and her allies like Turkey) will find a way to do that when the time is right.

The most worrisome fact for the Serbian authorities is the generational change in the terror-prone gangster leadership of the Albanian armed gangs of the south. The more brazen and violent younger generation is replacing the old gray wolves. Moreover, the Kosovo Albanian political allies of these people (Edi Rame, Hashim Thachi, Jonuz Musliju) have issued direct threats to Serbia about the situation by saying that they will force the change in international borders of Serbia and Macedonia ”to protect the rights of our people.”

The Albanian method of intimidation of sellers and threats to those that don’t sell their property to Muslim buyers who offer above market prices for hard assets, including homes, is also practiced in southern Egypt against the isolated Coptic Christian communities there. This pressure tactic, which was so successfully being applied in Kosovo before the 1999 war, is by no means unique to the Balkans. It is yet another arrow in the quiver of the Muslim arsenal of conquest!

The Albanian narco-military’s threat to the Serb south and the police

by D. Milinkovic

There are registered contacts between Albanians from Bujanovac and extremists in Macedonia. Possible attacks on state institutions and Ministry of Police (MUP) patrols. Stefanovic: Measures were taken, citizens not to worry.

Our security services have registered contacts between Albanian extremists in southern Serbia and their fellow soldiers in Macedonia, and this just on the night when the specter of civil war is hovering over this country [Macedonia] – reports for “Novosti.”

Serbian operatives are examining the nature of captured communication in the light of the resurrection of the idea of ​​creating a “Greater Albania” and operate on an enhanced level of alertness to prevent the tensions from reaching Presevo and Bujanovac in Serbia proper.

– “According to operational data, Albanians extremists in the municipalities in the south of central Serbia do not have the power to seriously threaten the stability of the country, but do not exclude terrorist acts of a limited nature. This means that in the coming days we should pay attention to the safety of police patrols and government agencies in the area” – our interlocutor explains.

About the volatility of Macedonia and the possible consequences for our country we held discussions yesterday with the Bureau for Coordination of Security Services. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic (Vuchich) held a scheduled emergency session of this body after a French court cleared a terrorist of the KLA, Ramush Haradinaj. The violence that took place in the Macedonian parliament is threatening to escalate into a large-scale conflict.

According to our information, the safety data shows that the developments in Macedonia could be “demonstration exercise” for what the Albanians are preparing for the north of Kosovo and Southern Serbia. A provocations and threats that Edi Rama, Hashim Thaci and Jonuz Musliu issued about redrawing borders are just a prelude to the radical phase of the plan to create a “Greater Albania.”

Now there is the alarming claim by our sources, about the intelligence information to the effect that a month ago, dozens of armed KLA veterans crossed the territory of Kosovo and Metohija in Macedonia (on a mission of some kind). Around the same time, as this newspaper has already reported, our security services detected the activities of terrorists and criminals such as Shefqet Musliu, who was in Gnjilane on 18 April meeting with local leaders of the so-called “Liberation Army of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedza” conferring about planned bomb attacks on houses of Albanians for which they would blame the Serbs so they can have a media cover story for their revolt.

Serbian intelligence services also found that Shefqet and his comrade Lirim Jakupi, better known as “The Nazi,” of the old guard are slowly losing the role of leadership in the Albanian Corps in southern Serbia. The surveillance is registering a new generation of extreme Albanians, who amount to nothing more than “an army of criminals” (engaged in the smuggling of narcotics, weapons and migrants) and that, if necessary, they can easily be transformed into an active terrorist organization.

Before the session of the Ministry of Interior, government minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said that, not just in recent weeks and months, but for years there has been work going on on the analysis and assessment of all possible scenarios in the neighboring countries that have shown signs of instability.

We have been exercising caution for years because of the situation on the southern borders. We do not expect anyone to jeopardize the security of Serbia, but we are ready, if anyone can think of such a thing, to strongly respond. After using all available measures, we say that the citizens of Serbia do not have to worry – said Stefanovic.

President of the Serbian government Coordinating Body for Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedza, Zoran Stankovic, says to our newspaper that there is still a stable condition in our south:

– “There is no indication of possible incidents. Security services monitor and analyze the situation on the ground and therefore coordinate their work.”

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic (Dachich) has said that what is happening in our southern neighborhood does not represent just local trouble but is already a problem for the whole region:

– “Serbia is now openly threatened even from parts of central Serbia. All this does not happen by accident, Albanians are not so brave that they themselves speak of “Greater Albania”. Therefore, it is important for Serbia to do that and to maintain political stability. Albanians play a risky game for all or nothing, but I advise them not to play. Though we will react with restraint, we will do everything for Serbia to be a source of peace and stability in the region.”

Dirty capital’s CONQUEST OF Medvedza

In addition to violence and to provoking a crisis, Albanians are trying to carry out the “soft landing” on Serbian territory using dirty capital, namely by offering an amount of illicitly earned money in payment for a house that is much larger than the actual market value for the purchase of unused or barely used Serbian farms and houses in southern Serbia. If the Serbs refuse to sell their property, these people then carry out unprecedented pressure on them and their families. This “recipe” widely applied in Bujanovac, and is now spreading to Medvedza, where the majority Serb population still lives. The key objective is to change the ethnic structure and get another argument for rounding up “the Albanian living space” in the south of central Serbia.

And Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic warned that there is information that three Albanian businessman, using other people’s names and companies, are trying to buy the spa in southern Serbia, with land and factories, stressing that Serbia, respecting the laws, will ensure our national and state interests are defended in every case.

the official imagery of the newest Albanian terrorist organization itn he Balkans
the official imagery of the newest Albanian terrorist organization in the Balkans

greater Albania demonstration in southern Serbia
a clever Greater Albania demonstration in southern Serbia, uses Albanian and American flags to emphasize Clinton’s role in Kosovo

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Until the armies of islam move against western europe, nothing will happen. socialists are still sleepwalking as thought is the 1930’s.

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    ☑ Breaking News… ?Justin Trudeau – ✍ signed a ⚡⚡Nazi flag today… Liveleak(dot)com/view?i=7c6_1500248947

  • Harry

    UCK, UCPMB or NLA funded by the albanian diaspora Homeland calling accounts in Switzerland, UK, France, Germany, Austria, USA to name a few. Along with black market dealings in human and technical assets is not growing in strength, because it never lost its strength from the 1990’s. 2,3 trillion dollars of assets at their disposal, they are formidable and have most western politicians on their payroll and aid western foreign policy in Middle east and Africa.

    Interesting analysis, but old news. The UN based at UNMIK, Pristina performed detailed analysis on this such threat but were silenced by members from the Quint.

  • Simba

    As expected,the cancer is metastasizing. Now it needs drastic measures.

  • iprazhm

    The federal government claims terrorism is being defeated. That’s a lie. Washington merely aids one islamic terrorist group in overthrowing another. There are perhaps hundreds of islamic terrorist groups around the world.
    But much worse than this, islam is purposely being planted into our society, and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. We’re told to pretend it isn’t. We’re told that we have no choice but for islamists to occasionally kill us.
    Because Godless liberals and leftists in Washington, and in local governments, want the rest of the world to see America as being multicultural. And we all know that to Washington, any amount of dead Americans is worth that!

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