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Palestinian reaction after their big win on the removal of metal detector from Temple Mount


When the terrorists attacked five Israeli policemen at the Temple Mount with weapons hidden inside the al-Aqsa mosque, and killed two Druze – the Israeli government had metal detectors installed at the compound’s entrance as they are at many mosques.

In response, the Arab street became enraged. The Palestinians screamed that they were victims of the “Israeli persecution”. The Arabs have a victim’s soul, their misfortune is always caused by others, they do take responsibility for anything. The left loves this victim’s soul. Metal detectors had turned out to be mainly lie detectors: the Arabs wanted to be able to freely bring weapons into the mosque with the complicity of the Waqf. The Left loves the lies.

While the decision not to surrender and not to remove the metal detectors was supported by 70% of the Israeli population, the Netanyahu government folded under the rioters pressure and removed them, replacing them by cameras.

But the Arabs do not react like Westerners.

They interpreted the removal of the detectors not as a gesture of appeasement and an attempt to bring back calm – for it was a gesture of appeasement to bring back to calm – but as a sign of weakness.

Faced with what they perceived as weakness, the Arabs emboldened and hardened their position: the Arab street did not calm down, quite the contrary, and the riots continued.

In response, Netanyahu retreated again and removed the cameras.

But the Arabs do not react like Westerners. They have interpreted this further retreat as a greater weakness. Hamas celebrated “The victory of the al-Aqsa mosque”.

And the Arab street has not calmed down. In this video (© Patrick, RSB News) taken on Thursday afternoon, the Arabs devote themselves to one of their favorite activity: to destroy, to destroy everything in their path like locusts in a cultivated field leaving misery and devastation behind them.

This Thursday morning, the Arabs, stimulated by the withdrawal of the cameras, asked for even more.

They asked that the Temple Mount be completely forbidden to the Jews. But Netanyahu is likely to find himself back on the wall: his majority holds on an alliance with the Orthodox, and they will let him down and put him in a minority if he gives up. Netanyahu would then lose his job, elections would have to take place, the Arab street would become increasingly difficult to handle and would force the Army to resort to more violence. Be assured though that the Israeli army is very well equipped to deal with any outbreak of violence.

On Thursday afternoon, Hamas and Fatah have called for a “day of rage” for tomorrow Friday – it will take place after the Arabs leave the mosque – it is always on Friday after the mosque that the danger rise to it’s highest level because it is in the mosques that the Arabs hear sermons of incitement of hatred and violence against the Jews uttered by their Imams.

Benjamin Netanyahu is an Ashkenazi Jew. With the best will, with the best training, he cannot understand the Arabs the way Jews who have lived among them in Algeria, Morocco and Iraq can.

Benjamin Netanyahu made a gesture of appeasement. The Palestinian Arabs do not know the concept of “gestures of appeasement”. They know strength and weakness. An Ashkenazi Jew may have difficulty internalizing this Arab Manichaeism. All his rational tells him otherwise. Compelled by strength, the Palestinian Arabs, the Egyptians and the Jordanians – cave in. When they sense weakness, they become violent. The weakness has on Palestinian Arabs the same effect the sight of the blood has on vampires.

Tonight Jordan bans the reopening of the Israeli Embassy in Amman as long as Israel refuses to allow the Israeli guard who killed two Jordanians to defend himself from an attack with a screwdriver to face a Jordanian court. If Netanyahu give up, his political career is over. The Israelis would not forgive the abandonment of the Israeli guard to Jordanian justice: Muslim does not recognize the self-defense of a Jew against a Muslim. In Islam, the Jew is inferior to the Muslim.

Netanyahu will seek help from the United States to solve the issue. He will probably receive help from President Donald Trump, not from Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs who recently issued a report condemning Israel, that ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) has demanded they withdraw – to no avail for now.

Friday, people are going to be wounded at the Temple Mount. On both sides. Unnecessarily.

Friday, the vampires will be out, at the Temple Mount.

  • RCCA

    The same excellent analysis can be applied to American Jews and well meaning “liberals” who have never lived among low income/uneducated people. Nice people settle problems through the courts. The “nice people” simply can not conceptually accept that there are people for whom reason and fairness hold no value, where only the law of the jungle prevails.

    How do you deal with people like that? Do you lower yourself to their level and employ the same tactics of bullying and intimidation? The solution would be if Israeli “terrorists” started attacking Muslims at the mosque, wouldn’t it? Then the Arabs would be screaming for Israeli security. No, you have to separate yourself and rely on the rule of law.

    Ultimately I don’t know why Israel continues to allow the Islamic Waqf to have authority over the Temple Mount. They are obviously not performing their job or providing security. This issue ultimately comes down to that.

    • enubus

      You can’t deal with mental illness.

  • Suresh

    Israel should not back down but as temporary measure its just a retreat.

    Recently Trump got conned by Al-taqiya from Abbas but once he learnt the truth, boy was he furious as hell

    He does not mince words unlike previous spineless Presidents.

  • Covadonga

    The author is quite astute, and I don’t disagree with any particular statement of his.

    Yet the article is written from the standpoint that Mr. Netanyahu caved primarily or solely due to the pressure of the “Arab street”.

    I believe that Mr. Netanyahu understands the Arab street better than Mr. Grumberg gives him credit for.

    My suspicion is that the Israeli government is primarily being pressured by:

    i.) the requirement to maintain a military coalition with the Arab nations and with the United States long enough to deal appropriately with the Iranian nuclear issue,

    ii.) the loathing of the European leaders and those of assorted other bien pensant socialist do-gooder nations (e.g. Canada) for muscular Zionism, and their threat to impose BDS,

    iii.) and possibly on specific factors, such as the wounded Israeli security guard with diplomatic immunity being held hostage by the Jordanians.

    • Jean Patrick Grumberg

      I have great respect for Prime minister Netanyahu. He dealt perfectly to circumvent Obama’s hostility toward Israel, but I do believe that as a whole, Israeli population is wiser than any government. In my piece, I wrote that 70% of the Israelis wanted the metal detectors to stay in place. I was wrong: it was 77%.

      With the level of media hatred against Netanyahu – yes, as with Trump – and the craziness of the left (remember when they demonstrated in Tel Aviv during last was for equality because Gaza did not have the Iron domes to protect them and we did?), the Israeli people keep voting in the right direction, and the progressive cultural war don’t eat the country, that says a lot.

      Bottom line, you are not totally wrong in your remark and I may not be totally right. Reality is complex, not black or white.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Appeasement often just encourages them to ask for more, push harder, and attack more violently.

    • Sonyajjohnson

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  • Proud Anti-Islam

    This is what the evil so-called prophet Muhammad and allah, the evil moon good, taught his followers. To be very evil and very violent towards non-Muslims. Thank God of Heaven that I am NOT a muslim. Islam does not teach peace. Islam teaches to be in war with non-Muslims. Islam teaches continuous war, instead of peace.

    • Proud Anti-Islam

      Sorry. I meant to say the evil moon god, not good. My mistake.

  • bluewren

    Detestable mind set they have the Palestinians

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