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FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

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YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

Over 150 Christian Churches Plundered, Destroyed In Kosovo By Muslims


Dateline Kosovo, 05.01.2017: Was the infamous ISIS the first Islamic movement of its egregious kind? Maybe not. Kosovo begs to differ. Ever since NATO and the Clinton Administration engineered the Albanian Muslim takeover of Serbia’s ancient cradle of Christian Kosovo back in 1999, there have been over 150 Christian places of worship in Kosovo plundered, destroyed, burned down and trashed, as it is documented and reported by many sources, including those used for this article’s French documentary program aired in France, which is here reported from a French Catholic website. Numerous Serbian cultural sites in Kosovo were destroyed during and after the Kosovo War. According to the International Center for Transitional Justice, 155 Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries were destroyed by Kosovo Albanian extremists between June 1999 and March 2004. Kosovo Serb communities and religious and cultural symbols were attacked by crowds of Albanians. Some of these locations were ostensibly under the protection of KFOR [Kosovo Protection Force sent in by NATO] at the time. During the March riots and violence, many dozens of Kosovo Serbians were killed. Among the targets of attack there was the property of cultural and architectural heritage of the Serb people, including 18 monuments of culture, all demolished, burnt or severely damaged. Some of that property was on the list of protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Since the NATO takeover of Kosovo after NATO’s victory over Serbia during a 3-month war in 1999, two-thirds of prewar Kosovo Serbs have fled Kosovo (in their hundreds of thousands). Only on the extreme northern edge of Kosovo, near the Serbian border, there is a Kosovo Serb city of Mitrovica where the last important political stronghold of non-Muslims in Kosovo is barely hanging on, with an extremely uncertain future.

Moreover, on one occasion in 2004 (on March 17) there was a pogrom of Serbs conducted by the Kosovo Albanian rioters under the rallying cry of “the need for no Serbs to be left in Kosovo!” and so more than 4,000 remaining Serbs scattered in outlaying areas far and wide were immediately forced out of their homes, with 900 of their homes and 35 religious structures destroyed on that day and the days that followed. The March violence in Kosovo involved more than 50,000 Muslim rioters, and international officials quickly described the violence as organized by “ethnic extremists” – because they are not allowed to call a spade a spade and blame the Islamic ideology for the crimes of Albanian Muslims. UNMIK (“United Nations Mission in Kosovo”) spokesperson Derek Chappell described the acts of violence as having “a degree of organization behind them.” On March 23, during a visit to the violence-affected city of Obilic, UNMIK head Harri Holkeri stated that Albanian extremists “had a ready-made plan for the violence”. In his report to the U.N. Security Council, Secretary-General Kofi Annan stated that “the onslaught led by Kosovo Albanian extremists against the Serb, Roma and Ashkali communities of Kosovo was an organized, widespread, and targeted campaign.” Even the NATO Secretary General condemned it (probably because his NATO troops in Kosovo did almost nothing to prevent barbarism against Christians).

The Serbs found themselves under siege across Kosovo in all of their dozens of isolated strongholds, including the largest one in the northern Serb town of Mitrovica that also came under attack but was protected by a river that separates the Serbs from the Albanian side of Kosovo, and bridges are the only way in. A group of several hundred Albanians had gone onto a bridge and begun throwing stones at Serb homes. They were unable to cross the bridge completely because of the presence of permanently stationed French KFOR troops on the bridge. Almost immediately, two armed Albanian men ran towards the bridge with AK-47 assault rifles and started shooting at the Serb side. Intense exchanges of gunfire followed, leaving four Albanians dead and many more wounded, and further inflaming Albanian sentiment across Kosovo. UNMIK police sources later claimed that the French soldiers had refused to use their stun grenades to stop the crowd, and had no ammunition to return fire when the two Albanian gunmen approached the bridge and began firing.

Interestingly, the Serbs in other parts of Kosovo (such as the city of Prizren), where the German KFOR troops were tasked with policing law and order, reported the failure of the German troops to do their job, allowing Albanians to run wild and rampage across the Serb neighborhoods and property. In those hot March days many isolated Serbs, and other non-Albanian individuals were caught in the back alleys, abused and beheaded (or kidnapped so their internal organs can be used for illicit organ trafficking in Albania). Almost all Christian cemeteries in Kosovo were desecrated, assaulted and trashed. The Kosovo province descended into an orgy of widespread barbarian rampage by primitive Muslim rioters and youths who were hell-bent on assaulting and eradicating every trace of non-Muslim presence in the once Christian province of Kosovo. Albanians acted in March 2004 like an early European version of ISIS. On a positive note, some in Europe are taking note of this, such as some Roman Catholic organizations. It is far from enough. Overall, Europe does not care….

“Kosovo, Christianity In Jeopardy”, a documentary that challenges the viewer

by Jacques Berset

In Kosovo, since 2000, nearly 150 Christian places of worship have been plundered, destroyed, burned down, recalls the documentary “Kosovo, Christianity In Jeopardy”.

Available on YouTube, directed by Eddy Vicken and Yvon Bertorello, in co-production with Catholic television KTO and Vicken production, this documentary, produced with the support of “Solidarity Kosovo” organization, was broadcast for the first time on KTO.

The young republic of Kosovo, self-proclaimed in 2008 in the wake of the wars that tore up the nations of the former Yugoslavia, and then following the NATO bombing of Serbia with her leader Milosevic, is populated mostly by Kosovars, of the Muslims Albanian strain. Formerly known for their religious tolerance, a part of the Kosovars became radicalized under the influence of Saudi-funded extremist imams [flooding in].

A radicalization under Saudi influence

Kosovo is home to a Serb and Orthodox minority, which sees itself as the symbolic foundation of the Serbian nation going back more than seven centuries. This “cradle” of Orthodox Christianity in Serbia has several monuments on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, but also on the list of World Heritage Sites in Danger. For the Serbian Orthodox, this is a matter of prime importance since Albanian Kosovo has proclaimed itself to be independent (recognized by a lot of countries but not by all): to maintain the perennial flame of the Serb memory and to preserve everything that can be preserved.

The documentary “Kosovo, Christianity In Jeopardy” is a kind of status of the situation in which both the tradition and the Serbian Orthodox presence endure. It shows how it keeps itself alive in its monasteries and shines in its villages, among the faithful. However, this community is being challenged by a demographically dominant Islamic majority in Kosovo that’s strongly tempted by Islamic radicalization efforts.
Map of Turkish Moslem Advance Onto Europe in 1389
the trashed and gutted Serb monastery in Kosovo
Kosovo Albanian Muslim rioters assaulting an ancient Christian Monastery
Kosovo Albanian Muslim rioters assaulting an ancient Christian Monastery

Protégé : “Kosovo, une chrétienté en péril”, un documentaire qui interpelle

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  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Our great leader waged war on Serbia over the telephone, while getting blowjobs from young interns under the desk.

    • SRN99


  • bamalamadingdong

    I worked in Kosovo….It was an eye opener to see and understand what you described first hand…….to see the Muslim Albanians have so much power after Clinton helped them…..In small villages the few poor Christian Orthodox serbs left in Kosovo did not’ have their houses damaged by Milosevic forces….so when the UN and NATO set up material sites for rebuilding all across the country the Muslims were able to have priority for materials and rebuild their house two and three times bigger than before, so their Serbian neighbors across the street were so pissed to watch the Muslims build new and bigger homes it was unbelievable the madness….Myself and some others working in a small village ate one night at a small eatery after work and helping the eatery owner with paving in front of his establishment with left over asphalt. …after we ate we were told by or interpreter the owner mentioned to her that now that we were finished how did we know he didn’t just poison all of us…We had our British military security escort us out since we were working in the British sector… It made sense that we as westerners the Serbians were pissed at us for helping the Muslims Albanians…. Just one of many life threatening and eye opening stories…

  • b

    Taking over other lands today, is not as straightforward as going into another country and violently taking their territory. Today, taking over has 3 stages –

    1) Go into another country as outsiders
    2) Keep growing and become insiders
    3) Take over the land as owners, or take over a portion of territory through secession.

    What is going on in europe, is the 2nd stage – Muslims are transitioning from outsiders to insiders. The 3rd stage will come after around 100 years, whenceforth, muslims would be substantial in number and will–depending on the european nation–either take over the entire nation, or separate from the nation, taking a part of its territory, as the muslim nation.

    • SRN99

      Then what?
      Every country under Muslim law will deteriorate, become corrupted, and slows down to a crawl economically. Look at Mosul and Raqqa. Muslims can’t even make paper for toilet use and their Koran.

      If Islam is so great, where are all the glorious islamic nations in history? They either became slums, or were conquered or colonised by superior nations.

      Islam is a worthless and cursed cult. Cursed by God.

      • felix1999

        Their religion totally oppresses innovation and civility. SO they conquer and use up the infidels of they don’t outright murder them or use them for sex slaves..

      • crv547fv

        “If Islam is so great,” – Were you dropped on the head as a child? How can someone possibly be this dumb?

        • SRN99

          Mohammad the pedophile is cleverer than you?

          • crv547fv

            Are you asking or telling, moron? At least learn to use the question mark properly dimwit.

            And muhammd the pedophile, must surely have been brighter than you at least.

    • felix1999

      No, t won;t take the 100 years to dominate. They multiple quickly and emmerse themselves in government , journalism and academia etc..
      I’d say at MOST 40 years.

      Already you can see they are taking over the cities which tend to swing elections because of the large vote. From there they spread out.

    • Michael Copeland

      “The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others.”
      placard, Oxford St.
      “between us and you enmity and hatred forever…”
      Koran 60:4

    • Daizys Loyd

      “100 years”?!?! hahaha. try 10 or 15 as they crap babies by the dozens or more like litters.

  • Kalambong Kalambong

    Satan is on the move

    It has sent its followers to plunder and destroy G*d’s palaces on Earth

    In Kosovo, Egypt, as well as the Philippines, Pakistan and many other places all over the world, the Christians and the Jews are under attack!!

    • Suresh

      Agree . Left/Liberal Loons have bought and sold the “Islam is religion of peace” B.S. while ignoring the history of jihad and the present active ongoing jihadi attacks .

      While Muslim youths practice the art of torturing and beheading infidels …… prepare for future jihadi attacks !

      Left/Liberal cowards Run away when attacked !

      • Stellawsmith

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        • Бели Орао


          • Dorrie

            If you go to the spammer’s site (by clicking on it’s name), there are 3 little dots at the top right, click on those and you can and should report it for SPAM.

          • Бели Орао

            It is only LOL.

    • tatka150

      And nobody gives a damn. They all worry about the gossips and bullshit. No rest for the wikid

    • felix1999

      I believe Islam is part of God’s “delusion”. How awful!

      • harbidoll

        delusion starts in OUR heads & causes us to make wrong choices. Those were mostly Empty churches & monasteries . Same thing is happening in Turkey.

    • Rob Porter

      The fact is, Christians need to organize, create militia and fight back.


    • Laird MacTavish

      Islam is a monstrosity of evil. I have contempt for those us who can’t or won’t see the bleedingly obvious right in front of our faces.
      If one can look at the photos you posted and still find a way to believe islam is anything other than a barbaric psychopathy of excuses for evil murderous hateful bastards to do evil murderous hateful things then I am at a complete loss.

    • Daizys Loyd

      I am so Angry I wish I could join some para-military militia. They are destroying Europe and I read that the state dept has gone under Trump radar and uped the # of phony refugees being let into the US from 750 a month to 1500!! and this is only the beginning!!! It will get much worse and rather quickly than slowly. Yet people in this country are so Oblivious and stupid to the danger up ahead.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam, as it is practiced today. Is this the future you want for yourselves and your children?

  • Tim Scott

    When the tipping point is finally reached there will be a religious war such as has not been seen since the 1600s. Admiral Halsey, upon viewing the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, said “When this war is over the Japanese language will be spoken only in hell.” He was wrong about that but I suspect that Islam may be wiped out by the end of this century.

    • Daizys Loyd

      It’s not gonna happen because our scumbags up there are the very prostitutes they use to advance their agenda across the Western Word by paying them.
      To all Christians out there!!!
      Do something to halt the building of mosques across the western world, unless Christianity is LEGALIZED in their scum hub commonly known as Saudi Scumbagia, along with the others dung holes across the middle east. Right now their world is VIRTUALLY Sterilized out of our religion, while ours is being SATURATED, and perpetually loaded with their filth. And anybody who opens their mouth, they are labeled “Islamophobe”, Nazi or what else. Europe is CURRENTLY under Assault and not one seems to worry about that. I saw a vid yesterday where the scum in charge in Germany were telling the locals that they need to leave the country if they don’t like what is happening. And they said it in defiance and not in solidarity with those who are being assaulted, robbed, and beaten by the savages.
      I don’t know about anyone but I, personally Call Europe “Under Occupation” because an occupation does not necessarily have to be military to be so. They did it this way because they know if it were to be military, the locals are going to immediately organize a resistance. But you hear the phony refugees and think “Ooh, poor Refugees!!”. One does that while being raped so to speak by these filthy viruses.
      I don’t know why they are not deploying their militaries. Because at this point in time, it is most definitely called for.

  • Alleged Comment

    Clinton was just as EVIL as LBJ. Why do Demoncraps give US their MOST EVIL??

    Why do they become President and live a privileged life and DO EVIL on US???

  • Pero Ercegovac

    There is not even 150 Christian churches in Kosovo. Classic Serb propaganda. You would be hard found to find 150 churches in the whole of southern Serbia, the province of the Sandžak. This monastry was burned down by Albanian nationalists as in 1998 the Serbs burned down several (not 150, but several, I think it was three) Albanian Catholic churches and mosques. The war in Kosovo was nationalistic not religious in nature. The head of KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) was Catholic, he also fought with Catholic Croats agains the communist Serbian backed Yugoslav National Army in the Croatian War of Independence from 1991 to 1995 and trust me folks we are a nation of 91% Christians of whom 86% are Catholics. In fact in Sandžak in Southern Serbia the Muslim Bosniaks and Albanians are going at each others throats as the Bosniaks are religious whilst the Albanians are not, they are nationalists. Bosniaks are isolating all who are not Muslim whilst the Albanians are protecting their Catholic brethren. Now I await the harangue to come from readers who will say I am Muslim blah blah blah. I am not. I am Catholic and a conservative one at that. I dislike Islam, hence the reason why I come to this site. But I know the history the region as I live here. And I am sick to death of Serbs using lies to spread their politics of expansion attempting to brainwash naive people who do not know the history of the region. There is a problem of Islam amongst the Albanians, as there is amongst the Muslims of southern Serbia in the Sandžak, as there is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A big problem. And we are all aware here that we are heading for war. But we are all aware that this war will not just be between Christian and Muslim but also between Orthodox Christian and Catholic. Why? Because the issue here is of competing national groupings who do not like each other, who have a history of hate amongst each other and a history repression from one side against all. This report is unfortunately false.

    • Laird MacTavish

      Thank you Pero, you have explained that very well and without being offensive or aggressive. I will look into it further for myself as you have piqued my curiosity.

      • VVVVVVVVapsadf .

        Watch out for the Truck of Peace.

        • Бели Орао

          Look up. Per0`s grand father changed religion. His grandfather was on the side of German in both World war,

      • Бели Орао

        Like every man whose grandfather change the religion Pera changing the truth. Pero`s grandfather was Serb and he celebrated St. Nikolas. Pero`s, Croats, grendfathers attack yuor grandfather in a both World wars.

      • урбана герила

        Very easy to check out, if you are interested in truth. Because Pero is lying very transparently and impassioned.

      • SlavenMilanov

        While you are there, try looking for terms like “ustaše”, ” Jasenovac” and ” Jadovno”?
        Maybe you’ll find some of the Pero’s ancester on the photographs, with Serbian head in his hands?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Why do you hide your posting history? And why have I never seen you post at previously? Could it be because you’re a lying muslum scumbag playing the all-too-common muslum games of FUD and disinformation — even as you deny it?

    • Бели Орао

      Као и сваки ујка лажеш.

    • SlavenMilanov

      Перо, ти ниси католик него гомно усташко покатоличено!
      Чуј Херцеговац па католик??? Ахахахахаха

    • Срба

      Every village has its own Ortodox church, you can count how many villages are there. Keep in mind that Serbian province of Kosovo is Serbian soil for several thousands of years and in medieval period became Serbian holy land, so quit spreading the false informations. In Albania there is only 10% of Catholics. Every word you wrote is false, its obvious that you are planted here to provoke.

      • Бели Орао

        Yes. He disappeared.

        • Срба

          Like fart in thin air.

          • Бели Орао


    • урбана герила

      Let’s be honest Pero! You know very well what Kosovo and Metohia represent to Serbian people since you are one of us. Also it’s easy to read anywhere how much sanctuaries are there all over Kosovo, and northern half of Albania as well. Being roman Catholic in Herzegovina, makes obvious what your problem is. Converted, you are trying to defame those who did not change their conscience toward their legacy. For those who don’t know: if Serbian change his religion, especially to Roman Catholic, he automatically consider himself as something else (in RC case a Croat, in Islam for long they couldn’t decide, and finally invented bosnian/bošnjak- geographic name)

    • Stevan-Vd

      Ustašo , nabijem ti ga mami i tati i celoj daljoj i bližnjoj rodbini

    • Miloš

      “The war in Kosovo was nationalistic not religious in nature.”.

      “But we are all aware that this war will not just be between Christian
      and Muslim but also between Orthodox Christian and Catholic”

      This is about war in Kosovo, not about Croatia or Bosnia. You are in confusion. Our enemies (Clinton’s America, neoliberals and so on) wanted to present that war in Kosovo like nationalistic war, but for the common people it was religious war and about our survival on our holy land. Your writing looks like fake CNN/BBC news. You are not christian because you hate other christians (Serbs) and that is your problem. Your hate is demonic and old, but that is another story. Anyone can look at the map and see that you are lying. There are only 2% catholic christians and 96% muslims in Kosovo. We didn’t have any probem with catholic christians in Kosovo because they was minority and still they are.

  • bannedquran20

    True to form via their disturbing and fallible quran and hadith.

  • zahbudda

    Thank you Bill Clinton….You bombed the Christians and fought for the Muslims ….this is all your doing!…a curse on you and your family!….

  • Rob Porter

    Another case of wondrous Muslim ‘tolerance’! Wherever they go, whether into Spain in 711AD or into France through Aquitaine in 732AD, the Muslims destroyed churches, monasteries and synagogues, and in some cases caused utter desolation, so why does Israel not simply destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the whole Islamic complex?

    We know the Muslims will rant and rave. It reflects their illogical, irrational, hateful brains. (Kind of reminds me of CNN personnel!) Angry Muslim shouting mouths with inane ranting and raving is their style, so par for the course. The Spaniards had the right idea in 1236 when during the reconquista and still possessing brains and intestinal fortitude, they converted the Cordoba Mosque into a Cathedral. Now liberal thought has turned their brains into mush (Gee, again reminds me of Wolf Blitzer and CNN!) and they capitulate to Muslim pressures.

    • Cai

      Have you noticed in photos how ENORMOUS their mouths are when they are shouting (and that is often), they look like braying donkeys…..come to think of it how fitting.

  • Jogi Ber

    Anal-banians belong to the stone age….

    Imagine that some band of savages GO TO YOUR COUNTRY and start DESTROYING MEDIEVAL MONUMENTS OF YOUR PEOPLE !!!

    Anal-banians did that to Serbian churches dating back as far as to 13th century….

    13TH CENTURY !!!!

    Also, not to mention ISLAMIC beheadings of civilians, tortures of whole families, and killings of children commited by no else than “kosovo” prime minister ramush haradinay….

    And nato-eu supports that low life savages?????

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Thanks to Bill Clinton for this outcome…

  • Bless his heart

    Islam is Islam.

    Islam attacks to conquer all that it can. Eventually Islam is ordered to conquer all of the world.
    That is what Sharia Law is.

    Islam kills,. That is the way of Islam.

    The Peace of Islam is the death of all that is not Islam.

    • Daizys Loyd

      Yeah, they say it mean submission to satan, but in fact they mean submission to them on the part of all those who are not muZs.

      Based on what is happening in Europe their thugs are stealing, raping, burning, robbing beating, attacking SR. citizens, raping again, beating police officers, brutally ganging up on loners, violating little girls and boys, pillaging stores, vandalizing properties etc, etc. etc. This is not submission to the one they claim IS the same god as the one we worship. This is Submission to IBLISS, Lucifer. The Father of lies (John 8:44).

      “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” ~John 10:10~

      He who has ears, let him hear…

  • Lee Sargeant

    what very few tell us is the violence of moslems against the Serbs before Clinton had us helping moslems kill Christians back in the 1990s to a point where the Serbs fought back. THEN when the Serbs fought back the moslems do what they do – wail and whine and act like they are the victims. islam and its followers are sick in their heads and souls. And anyone who becomes their useful idiots are well on their way to becoming as sick as the followers of islam.

  • Joe Blow

    I don’t want to get involved in Yugoslavian politics, there are no good guys there period

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Kosovo shouldn’t be a muslum state/province. Clinton bombed the wrong side.

      • Joe Blow

        The Serbs were POSs too.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I’ve read here about the Ustase who were Catholics(?), but were they Croats? Or Serbs?

          • Joe Blow

            Ustase were Croats, many of them were actually RC clergymen. And they had their own mini holocaust against Orthodox, Muslims and Jews

          • Joe Blow

            Orthodox Xtian usually meant Serbs

      • Joe Blow

        and the Croats

    • урбана герила

      No need to search for western interference also? No good guys there- comma.

    • SlavenMilanov

      Hey Joe – Blow me ?

      • Joe Blow

        Sure, with a shotgun?

  • Bruce Atchison

    This is typical of the actions of embolden Muslim barbarians. The Qu’ran teaches that the infidels’ treasures are to be plundered. And someday, this sort of vicious warfare will come to America and Canada. Thanks to Barfbag Ebola and Daddy’s–boy Turdeau, our lands are being polluted with this barbaric religion and the deluded followers who cary it.

  • Daizys Loyd

    Thank you so very much, Ms. Geller for such Great Documentary. Every Church should make an effort to watch it and help this community any way they can.

  • HikerJohn316

    This is the place we sent soldiers and airmen to in order to protect the Muslim population????????

  • Емилия Димитрова

    NATO attacked Serbia in 90s of XX century, to create muslim countries on the Balkan Peninsula. It was NATO’s anti-Christian murderous act!

  • Humble Bee

    Christianity is dying everywhere. Hundreds of churches have been left empty and closed and sold to Muslims which were later converted to mosques. That is something positive to give revenue to these Christian-led government.

  • MemphisBill

    I can’t find this documentary on YouTube or anywhere else. Anyone know where I could see it?

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