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[ October 23, 2017 ]

London police: Charging shoplifters, vandals “not practical,” arrests for “offensive comments” up 53%

[ October 23, 2017 ]

Sweden’s postal service launches stamp featuring a mosque

[ October 23, 2017 ]

British Minister Says Only Way to Deal With Jihadists is to ‘Kill Them’

[ October 23, 2017 ]

Mexico Butts into Fight Against Texas’ Sanctuary City Ban

[ October 23, 2017 ]

Belgium Fathers Banned From School Activities to Attract Muslim Women

[ October 23, 2017 ]

Miami Muslim Arrested in ISIS Plot to Blow Up Dolphin Mall

[ October 22, 2017 ]

‘Underwear bomber’ files lawsuit over prison treatment, says Muslims harassed

[ October 22, 2017 ]

WATCH: Gavin McInnes Interviews Pamela Geller

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Wherever There Are More Muslims There Is More Terror: The Connection Between Demographics and Terrorism

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Europe’s Next World War Begins in France

Tracking Extremism, Post-Manchester: ‘They Blow Us Up and We Sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine”


This is how the left fights evil: with song.

As Bare Naked Islam asks: “Ever wonder why Eastern Europe doesn’t have an Islamic terrorism problem? Hardly any Muslims.”

Of course, it could be the lack of liberal-minded idiocy as the majority political elite, as well. Witness: France, and its far-left leadership — and accompanying, open-door welcome to Muslim refugees and ensuring terror probelms.

Because as Douglas Murray on the BBC opines: “They blow up up and we sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine.'”

These are the faces of the victims of the Msnchester terror attack.

Wow. What a fighting tool to take out ISIS.

“Evena fter all is dead … still we learn no lessons,” he said. “We remain stuck in the John Lennon response to terror. They blow us up, we sing ‘Imagine.’

But watch the video for yourself — it’s well-worth the two minutes.

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  • Chiefgeorge

    It won’t end well for the British, the indigenous peoples of that Island nation if they don’t start demanding these two words. Fight Back!

    • Michael Buley

      Yes! Name the enemy, and declare war against them — as they have done against all civilization for 1,400 years!

    • BigGaySteve

      Shariza May doesn’t even want the death penalty for suicide bombers. Not much chance she will realize that candle light vigils and soft words are dimini submission porn for moslems

      • pipo

        How you get the death penalty against suicide bombers?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    At risk of being repetitious, here is the version of “imagine” they should be singing.


    Imagine you’re a muslim
    If not, you will die
    A hell on earth where they are
    virgins in the sky
    Image suicide bombers
    Dying every day
    Image there’s no borders
    muslims will invade you
    And make you die for
    Islam tells them to
    Murder all the infidels
    The religion of piece…
    You may say I’m a jihadist
    But I’m not the only one
    Some day you must join us
    Or your head and body will not be one
    Imagine your wives and daughters
    Are possessed by a muslims right hand
    under age girls are for raping
    Goats and sheep are too
    Imagine all the pleasure
    That comes from following islam
    You may not be submissive
    But you better become soon
    If you don’t submit to islam
    Your head and body will
    not remain as one.

    • Michael Buley

      excellent, Mahou …

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you.

    • Abdul Muhammad Hakim

      “They Blow Us Up and We Sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine”

      Exactly! And I say this is the best recourse.

      Why do they do this? Simple –

      To not do this, would require them abandoning their mentality of equal rights, religious freedom, and no-discrimination.

      It would require them to admit that this mentality of theirs – Is flawed.

      It would require them to admit that they are wrong.

      But this can not be! How can they be wrong?

      How could believing in equal rights, religious freedom, and no-discrimination be wrong? It can not be.

      And so, they resort to singing john lennon.

      It is only because of this western mentality of equal rights, religious freedom, and no-discrimination that the west refuses to oppose muslims full-on.

      And and I said – This is the best thing to do.

      Please, I implore you – Never, ever doubt this mentality of yours. Always keep believing that you are right, and you can never be wrong. To err is human. But you, who are also humans, can NEVER be wrong! See the point?

      Always keep believing that everyone must have equal rights, no one should be discriminated against, and everyone must have right to practice their faith.

      And the rest………………….it will be taken care of alhamdulillah.

      And allah knows best.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        muslims are known to be liars, need I remind you of the six lies that are integral to the foundation of islam? Perhaps it is time to have a look at your qur’an.
        • Taqiyya (Shia) or Muda’rat (Sunni): tactical deceit for the purposes of spreading Islam. [4] [5]
        • Kitman: deceit by omission.[6]
        • Tawriya: deceit by ambiguity.[7]
        • Taysir: deceit through facilitation (not having to observe all the tenets of Sharia).[8]
        • Darura: deceit through necessity (to engage in something “Haram” or forbidden).[9]
        • Muruna: the temporary suspension of Sharia in order that Muslim immigrants appear “moderate.

        You say “allah” knows best, according to the qur’an, what is the “allah”?
        “According to the Qur’an, Allah is the “best of deceivers” (3:54; 8:30). The phrase is often translated into English as “best of planners,” “best of schemers,” or “best of plotters,” but the root word (makr) means “deception.” Hence, the following Qur’an verses should be rendered as follows:

        Qur’an 3:54—And they (the unbelievers) planned to deceive, and Allah planned to deceive (the unbelievers), and Allah is the best of deceivers.

        Qur’an 7:99—Are they then safe from Allah’s deception? No one feels safe from Allah’s deception except those that shall perish.

        Qur’an 8:30—And (remember) when the unbelievers plotted deception against you (O Muhammad), to imprison you, or kill you, or expel you. They plotted deception, but Allah also plotted deception; and Allah is the best of deceivers”.

        So, you are saying the best of all deceivers or more specifically liars knows best, and we should believe it? Tell that you your inbred fellow muslims,

        • rh2

          Obviously Muslims never can be trusted if they believe and practice all the deceitful, inhumane crap in the Koran to advance their “religion”. Without a doubt the freakish, heartless creatures are Satan’s disciples!

      • pipo

        pallah was a piss artist!

    • Dutch girl

      I wonder if anybody ever truly listened to imagine;
      No religion
      No possession
      No countries
      It sums up the UN 2030 agenda …

      • DVult

        No money. No food. No dope. Hey. wait a minute!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        But you’re wrong. The U.N. is run by f’ing muslums, they don’t want “no religion” they want just ONE religion.

        • Dutch girl

          the powerful people behind the NWO are no muslims they are mainly white people. their plan is to wipe out Christianity and all other religions. after that happened, they will say look what the muslims have done to us. And will then forbid islam, to replace it with a world religion that praises a one world government (in the name of peace). That is how its going to happen.
          Sure they already did infiltrate the UN with Islamists (the commission for human rights among others)

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It also sums up no life.

      • Steve

        Imagine could be the mantra for the dumb downed socialist masses.

    • Ari

      An updated version of this famous song. Well done!
      Al Jazeera TV news presenter Folly Bah Thibault in the picture.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Even al jazeera has their token ethnic minority. Wonder what she cost at the slave market?

    • Dano50


      • Mahou Shoujo


    • Dan Knight

      brilliant …

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you

    • steelraptor from Saturn

      Imagine there’s no Islam
      It’s easy if you try
      no infidels to murder
      and no towering minarets
      Imagine all the mosques and imams
      gone in a puff of smoke

      Imagine there’s no Jihadis
      It isn’t hard to do
      nothing to kill or die for
      and no jizya too
      imagine all the dhimmis
      free to live in peace

      You may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope someday you’ll join us
      And the world will be as one

      Imagine there’s no Sharia
      I wonder if you can
      no need for misogyny and FGM
      a sisterhood free of bhurkas
      Imagine all the Korans
      flushed into the sewers

      You may say I’m a dreamer
      But I’m not the only one
      I hope someday you’ll join us
      And the world will live as one

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Great, it would be nice if others contributed their version. The original is not appropriate these days.

        • tatka150

          It would be even better if the insane and corrupted leaders of Western Europe, Canada and Australia contributed their version as well.

    • tatka150

      Brilliant, Mahou!

  • Michael Buley

    I’m shocked that someone from BBC is speaking some amount of truth! Keep on speaking it! Stand up, fight, save yourself and your country!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic better be ready to go to war w/the EU scum who desire their countries be made part of the EU caliphate.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    There’s a rumor that Lennon’s business manager once said to Lennon: “Imagine a world without money John.” To which Lennon replied: “It’s only a bloody song.”

  • david1952000 .

    Cultural Marxism is the reigning insanity and “Imagine” is its anthem. Political correctness and multiculturalism are its weapons. These deluded cowardly utopia chasers really believe the world can be like the song if they just imagine hard enough, and they ignore every dose of bloody reality that jihadis give them to hold hands, burn candles, and tell themselves they are “strong!” Wonder what John Lennon’s last thoughts were when the 9mm slugs started hitting?

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Don’t forget the amazingly colorful memorials Europeans create for their DEAD CHILDREN !!!
    Such an appropriate response from parents that don’t really care !!!

  • Dan Knight

    Who is Douglas speaking to? … High brow tones and toney words are for Libtard cocktail parties where one dismisses the hoi polloi with refined sentiments.

    But it’s just conceited BS. Any high-brow who speaks this way isn’t going to admit that Mohammed Suicide-vest who lives on der Verker’s taxes is as bad as a taxpayer Joe Sixpack making a living by the honest sweat of his brow. …

    With friends like Douglas … we need new friends.

    We need to be free to demand our ‘safe space’ – free of Lietard violence and malevolent social engineering.

    • Duchess of Pork

      You think the hoi polloi at Libtard cocktail parties would listen to a Tommy Robinson? We are all suited to speak with and educate our own social groups and as a highly educated analyst and senior member of the Henry Jackson society Murray is well placed to appeal to the literati and chardonnay socialist set (and if you have been to Britain you will know how deeply entrenched social stratification is in that society.) His recent book The strange death of Europe is also on the British top seller list. Read it and learn who our friends are.

  • PaulWasBetter

    John Lennon was a child abusing, wife beating,self-serving @$$hole who got WAY too much credit for the very little bit that he ever contributed to the world
    So of course they sing imagine he acted just like the muSLIMES do

  • When will we wake up and realize that something has to be done for a change?

  • deepkimchi

    The enemy is gonna drop a load of weapons into the wrong hands in Britain and it’s gonna be well-armed insurgents against an unarmed citizenry.

  • michaelofsydney

    Imagine is the swan song of the New World Order’s anti God anti nation socialist dumbed down moronic society they plan. I detest that song

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Good point, the song “Imagine” may have started the open borders nonsense (“Imagine there’s no countries …”)

  • jjeffs63

    Wow! A Brit on the bbc who “gets it”. Don’t expect to see him there again.

  • caliroxanne

    Muslims blow us up and then we march WITH them in support of them on al quds day.

  • Steve

    Finally someone mentions this fairy tale song that happens only in the imagination. Sorry lennon but this is one you got wrong.

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