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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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Sweden: Muslim Migrant Stabs Passengers When Woman in Hijab Asked to Show Train Ticket, Blames ‘Racism’


Kill and cry. That is Islamic strategy boiled down to its essential oils. First, they murder, and then they whine about islamophobia. Slaughter, then school us on racist-islamophobic-anti-muslim-bigoty. In this case, the whining started before and during the killing: Karim Alaa Hussain stabbed a man to death while whining about “racism.” Even while attacking, he played the victim.

“Sweden: Migrant Stabs Passengers When Woman in Hijab Asked to Show Train Ticket, Blames ‘Racism,’” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, June 15, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

An Iraqi man travelling from Stockholm to Hallsberg by train launched a brutal attack on passengers after a Muslim woman was asked to show her ticket, accusing them all of racism.

Karim Alaa Hussain, 25, became infuriated when the unnamed woman, who was wearing a veil, was asked to show her rail ticket by a female conductor.

The Muslim woman complained she had already been asked to show her ticket once before, although eyewitnesses say the conductor was “polite and correct”.

Hussain took a different view, according to a report by Fria Tider, corroborated by court documents seen by Breitbart London.

Hussain sprang to his feet and demanded to know why the conductor had asked to see the woman’s ticket, refusing to accept her explanation that she was “only doing her job” and he became “extremely intimidating”.

Other passengers intervened to try and calm him down, but this only increased his anger. He accused them of racism, threatening one of the men in particular and striking him in the face.

Alarmed, Hussain’s victim wrestled him to the floor – but the Iraqi managed to break free and produced a long kitchen knife, stabbing the man four times in the side and back and inflicting critical internal wounds.

Witnesses describe how Hussain then strode around the train cabin “as if he had won the national championship”, brandishing his bloody knife at the terrified passengers and demanding a father and his daughter tell him if they were “also racists”….

He will not be deported from Sweden after his current sentence is completed, having been awarded EU citizenship in 2008 despite having already wracked up several convictions.

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  • Trump can’t ban islam

    there are cultural differences. learning a different culture, language, customes..takes time. it’s up to the government to order mandatory learning of arabic and sharia, so the swedish people can coexist with muslims. remember the irish gangs, the italian mafia, but now people celebrate halloween and eat pizza. Soon everybody will have to celebrate ramadam

    • Maggie Gisonde Faltskog

      What drugs are you on??

      • Scorpio

        Don’t reply to this putrid troll. He feeds on our outrage. He also changes his name every week or so, so we think there are more of them. Don’t feed him.

    • michaelofsydney

      Would I be a bad Muslim if I don’t get horny seeing a 6 year old or desiring to rape a grandmother…or wishing to cut off someone’s head because they don’t believe in sex with sheep and goats? I don’t give a damn about your ram

  • freebird

    When a Musel starts to fight then he want to kill you or to bring you on your knees to suck his di *k.
    Make your choice. Try to be a man or a leftie.

  • The amount of primitive violence in this religion is simply appalling…if this belief system does not or cannot reform soon, I fear it will inevitably collapse from within.

    • J Ian

      It’s not a religion. It’s a political ideology. And the muslim woman didn’t have a ticket. Muslims are the rulers of non muslim countries. They can do whatever they want.

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    • Trump can’t ban islam

      1400 years of islam alive and kicking and growing. the hand of mohammad is strong and grabbing

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Still pulling his pecker, not unlike yourself.

        • pipo

          If my name had to be muhammed I rather would commit suicide. muhammed means basically the ultimate plonker.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That he most certainly was.

  • Jackie Puppet

    How sad that there wasn’t one Swedish male who wasn’t a cuck, and decided to take matters into his own hands, and wait for an opportunity to grab Hussain’s arm, and make Hussain stab himself.

    • Laura

      I think that had that happened the Swede would have received a longer sentence than the muslim,Sweden is so dystopian thee days.

  • Trump can’t ban islam

    it’s because of cultural differences. learning a different culture, language, customes..takes time. it’s up to the government to implement mandatory learning of arabic and sharia, so the swedish people can coexist with muslims. remember the irish gangs, the italian mafia, but now almost everybody celebrate halloween and eat pizza. Soon everybody will have to celebrate ramadam

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Who cares? sweden is “super socialism” a few criminally insane muslims on welfare assaulting people with deadly weapons is now the islamic contribution to swedish cultural life. Such fools the swedes are.

    • Andrew Dawson

      The problem isn’t socialism, the problem is letting in a lot of dangerous people that are against liberal values. :$

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The problem is that socialism eventually runs out of other people’s money, as socialism is not self sustaining, the problem comes when the ideals cannot be met, scapegoats must be found. Liberal values have proven to be worthless.

        • Andrew Dawson

          Well don’t see teahadi’s demanding to pay $2+ for every mile that they drive. “Highways are there regardless of economic conditions” :$

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Highways are paid for by everyones tax money. How many Republicans have jobs? How many democrats are on welfare?

          • Andrew Dawson

            So why do you think that socialist policy is ok with roads? :$

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Because they kick horse turds down them all the time.

          • Andrew Dawson

            Teahadi’s don’t complain about socialist policy when they benefit from it. SJW’s are full of BS too :$

          • Phil Miller

            You are a retard.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            : TRUMP’S CABINET

            Good info. Hard to believe that there are 10 States that have more people on welfare than working. What an unfair burden for working families

            TRUMP’S CABINET

            After reading

            this, I still wonder, with SPECIFICITY and in DETAIL, how Barrack

            Hussein Obama was twice elected President! The only explanation I find credible is that more takers than working taxpayers actually voted. Read the last item and then look at Trump’s Cabinet. No wonder D.C. is in a turmoil.

            Trump’s picks are bosses and expect their employees to WORK. This is what bothers a lot of people about Trump. he won’t accept a can’t do attitude, or inexperienced, incompetent performance. He will get results, it just might not be smooth or pretty. Here are some amazing stats:

            Make sure you read to the bottom. An eye opener! (Or should be!)

            1. California











            South Carolina

            These 10 States now have More People on Welfare than they do Employed

            2. Last month, the Senate Budget Committee reports that in fiscal year

            2012, between food stamps, housing support,child care,

            Medicaid and other benefits, the average U.S. Household below the

            poverty line received $168.00 a day in government

            support. What’s the problem with that much support? Well, the median household income in AmericaI Is just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 a day.

            To put it another way, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of $30.00 an hour for 40 hour week without having to actually work, while the average job pays $24.00 an hour

            3. Check the last set of statistics!! The percentage of each past president’s cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You know what the private

            business sector is: A real-life business not a government job

            Here are the percentages:

            38% T. Roosevelt

            40% Taft

            52% Wilson

            49% Harding

            48% Coolidge

            42% Hoover

            50% F. D. Roosevelt

            50% Truman

            57% Eisenhower

            30% Kennedy

            47% Johnson

            53% Nixon

            42% Ford

            32% Carter

            56% Reagan

            51% GH Bush

            39% Clinton

            55% GW Bush

            8% Obama

            This helps explain the bias, if not the incompetence, of the last administration: ONLY 8% of them have that’s right! Only eight percent – the least, by far, of the last 19 presidents! And these people tried to tell our corporations how to run their businesses? How could Obama,

            president of a major nation and society, the one with the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk about business when he’s never worked for one? Or about jobs when he has never really had one? And, when it’s the same for 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers? They’ve spent most of their time in academia, government, and/or non-profit jobs or as “community organizers.”

      • 1936benz

        The problem is both.

    • michaelofsydney

      Speak for yourself lady (re the ‘Who cares’ comment). I had planed to fly to Italy, buy a beautiful red 1963 Alfa Giulia TZ2 and travel through Europe, destination Sweden. I am prepared to sell all my cars and 1 house to get this gem. The goal was to woo a beautiful buxom blonde Swede to bring home to Sydney and marry her. Now if I go, how will I know if she loves me or simply wants to use me to get out of the hell hole that Sweden has become? Should I risk it? Perhaps I will win kudos from the left in having rescued a refugee from a war zone. Or am I taking advantage? In such an awful dilemna

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Have a leak down test on the engine and a std check on the lady. Decide from the results what to do next.

  • Martin del Potroijan

    The man is mentally ill. Why do you associate his actions with every single refugee?
    Let me remind you of a portland train ride two weeks ago. Where was the outrage?

    • Andrew Dawson

      Mohammed wasn’t a prophet, he was a 7th century Jim Jones.

      “We shall cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” Qur’an 3:151 :$

    • michaelofsydney

      Muslims who want to stay being Muslims after reading that cursed book ARE not the same as normal people. There are so many who are desperately wanting to leave, though fear being burned alive or beheaded. These one’s are NOT mentally ill. They are prisoners of war. Islam does indeed induce a severe form of mental illness. It’s quite sad as 1400 years of inbreeding has caused serious deficiencies in their ability to reason. More concerning though, than mental illness, is the horror of the spiritual illness. ALLAH IS FALSE…. ISLAM IS A LIE. The mental illness does not allow many to see this. Please pray for those who wish to leave

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I wonder how many are sitting on the fence to see which side wins?

        • michaelofsydney

          I reckon this: Jesus is on one side of the fence….and everything else is on the other. Sitting on the fence will do a soul no good. Gotta have a leap of faith. Repent or perish Issy

    • golem2

      All believing Muslims are mentally ill by definition

  • Fred Mohawk

    More dirty Muslim news from Sweden! Rejoice swedes!

  • knightsstrength

    The passengers should have if they could disarm him using their belt buckles to strike back repeatedly hitting him and the Muslim woman

    The belts may even wrapped around his arm with the knife

    • Jackie Puppet

      I have one belt buckle which closely resembles brass knuckles – which reminds me, I have yet to get the belt part so I could attach it and make a belt out of it :-) This buckle remains within reach when I’m driving.

      I also have another belt buckle which conceals a knife, and the buckle acts as a handle.

      • knightsstrength

        Just have to learn how to use all

  • knightsstrength

    Should call all those who support the Muslim refugees, Traditores

  • Alleged Comment

    Well, if it’s racism let him go. Then when you do the same thing to him, they’ll let you go.

  • Sunshine Kid

    I’m going against the grain, I know, but as far as I am concerned, any conversation started with a muslim is to make their claims of being a victim come true – BEFORE they start killing.

  • Logic PrObe

    Why is he even being released….ever?

  • harbidoll

    While in full burka, I wouldnt call them females,until proven so. There might be a male, or a robot with a microphone under there. I call burkas an “IT” until proven otherwise. The US military identify as BMO’s (black moving objects).

  • jim

    That’s what you get when you import the most primitive folks on the planet without any orientation.
    Let no good deed go unpunished

  • brian crawford

    passengers with hand guns would solve that problem

  • Batters Box

    Social Idealists have forced everyone to live with the consequences of diversity except themselves.

  • foundingfathersfollower

    He should be deported. It should not matter that he is a citizen or when he became a such.
    These individuals are less than civilized and do not belong in a civilized country like
    Swedes must step up to the plate and solve this problem. Perhaps the Swedish, political
    leadership need to talk to R. Dueterte of the Philippines for some advise.
    “Noden har ingen Lag” “Suffering obeys no Laws”.

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