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Sweden CIVIL WAR: National Police Chief, “HELP US, HELP US!”


The desperate cry of a conquered nation.

Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR, National Police Chief: “HELP US, HELP US!”

Sweden is being torn to pieces by Muslim immigrants and refugees. Law enforcement is crying out for help, and it is only a question of time before the country will need military intervention from abroad in order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.

A leaked report concludes that the number of lawless areas (commonly referred to as “no-go zones”) in Sweden now totals 61. That is up from 55 in just one year’s time. This increase includes not only the total number, but also the geographical size of these areas.

Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, spoke on national television and pleaded for assistance: “Help us, help us!,” he said, while warning that Swedish police forces no longer can uphold the law and therefore must ask all good powers in the country to support them.

A research expert regarding destabilized countries and 2011 recipient of Sweden’s Order of the Seraphim medal, Johan Patrik Engellau, has been working with organizations such as the UN and others that operate in crisis areas. He warns:

“I’m afraid it is the end for the well-organized, decent and egalitarian Sweden we have known up to now. Personally, I would not be surprised if a form of civil war occurs. In some places, the civil war has probably already begun.”

10News recently reported how the Swedish state has lost large areas to armed, religious groups best described as Islamist militias. Police chief Lars Alversjø says that, “There is lawlessness in parts of Stockholm (Sweden’s capital) now.” He also observed how, “The legal system, which is a pillar in every democratic society, is collapsing in Sweden.” Per Magnus Ranstorp, a researcher into terrorism and radicalization at the Swedish National Defense College, notes: “In the worst areas, extremists have taken over. The whole sense of justice and peace are threatened by the fact that the police is breaking down and it’s only getting worse. Sweden is in a disastrous situation.”

The Swedish Security Service (Säkerhetspolisen – abbreviated as Säpo), recently warned that the country is crawling with “thousands of Islamistssharing Islamic State’s ideology. In many places, public servants (i.e., non-Islamic authorities) require police escort or protection.

In related news: Sweden Changing: 150,000 Women Undergo FGM, Authorities Admit Large Areas UNDER ISLAMIST RULE

The word that Swedish authorities and media use for the country’s “no-go zones” is utenforskap. The word means something like “excluded area.” In these areas, Swedish law has been replaced with a mixture of the law of the jungle and the Islamic legal code, sharia. Armed Muslim gangs and Islamic radicals are simply carving out big pieces of Sweden for themselves. The only reason why it has not evolved into large-scale armed conflicts — in this formerly peaceful and safe country — probably relates to how Sweden’s feminist-liberal government is not putting up any real resistance against the Islamists.

Even if the Swedish feminist government chose to fight back tomorrow, Sweden has nothing close to the paramilitary capacity needed to reverse this situation. That 80 percent of the country’s law enforcement officers are considering quitting their jobs is a clear sign of a police force that is completely demoralized. The military in this traditionally pacifist country is cut down to almost nothing, and there is no money to fix it.

As Johan Patrik Engellau puts it: “The government does not seem to understand that it has lost control. There is a point where you can no longer stop a situation’s development. I do not know if Sweden has reached this point when it comes to [the consequences of] immigration, but I fear we are drawing close. If we right here and now take and clear and powerful action – including stopping immigration and the political promotion of multiculturalism – we might with some difficulty be able to save Sweden.”

The fact remains that Sweden’s political elite is nowhere near taking such decisive action, as it has not even started to openly speak out about these problems.

Therefore Sweden will very soon need help from abroad. Police chief Dan Eliasson’s prayer for help only included potential partners inside Sweden, but very soon the international community will have to intervene if a humanitarian catastrophe is to be avoided.

  • Earl Tower

    Hmm, I am not 100% sure of the accuracy of the facts reported in this article, but it would not surprise me. And if the situation is not to these levels yet, most sane people figure they will get there eventually in Sweden.

  • Paul Bryant

    You people wanted these Goat Fluckers! So I guess you are thye ones getting Flucked

    • Inmate of Diversityland
      • James Kirk

        Actually, I saw a German Video of this Girl, she says the sign was changed by The Photogs inPhotshop, and she would rather HAVE “racists” than “rapists”. She is Anti-Globalist.

        • amandakoserium

          The Muslims will be more than happy to rape this stupid girl – and blame her for it.

          • teacookies

            And stone her for it.

      • dad1927
        • BigMG

          Three College aged girls decided to make a homemade sign, in English, to welcome a crowd of Arabic speaking invaders?
          Neither understands the sign! But the gullible schlubs in the West don’t even see a discrepancy and the thought is reinforced that everyone is excited and happy about them.

          Well, except for the Batikhäxor, nobody should be. But they don’t look anything like these three.

    • CreoleGumbo

      Eloquently stated.

      • John D. Horton

        When the Russian Army invades Sweden, at least the Russian soldier will be making White babies when they rape the Swedish women.

    • John D. Horton

      Once the Islamc State has conquered Sweden, Russia will annex Sweden. Russia will execute all the Moslems and make Sweden a subject state.

      • Tony Carr

        this is not as silly as it sounds, I can actually see it happening …Crimea/Ukraine

        • John D. Horton

          Russia will not permit a hostile Moslem nation to be on its doorstep promoting jihad. Russia will seek the permission of the US and get it in exchange for allowing US military bases in Sweden. Dealing with the Swedish “problem” will be a joint Russian – US operation with the US being the silent partner. Economic redevelopment will be provided by the US.

          • Bull… they “tolerate” Iran and other muz countries all along their brorders well enough.

          • Greg

            Iran isn’t hostile to Russia.
            Ask real hostile Muslim countries like Chechnya and Georgia what happens when they get stupid.

          • Dave the Infidel

            Not to mention supplying the Zombie Muslim countries with weapons and supplies to make Iran nuclear capable. Those aren’t M-16’s you see those zombies carrying around.

        • joc22

          Your maybe right, if Russia can get the Ukraine back without bloodshed they will be happy to have their land back. The Ukraine has been Russian territory since the dawn of the Russian empire, Kiev used to be the capital and the Czars home. It wasn’t until the Bolshevik revolution that the Ukraine became a state

          • John D. Horton

            The Ukraine has always been a state subject to Moscow.

        • John D. Horton

          The US has already signed off on the deal with Russia. US will provide redevelopment money and rule Sweden with Russia in a joint US – Russian Protectorate for Sweden. Since the Swedes have been found to be so dumb and suicidal, they will not be allowed to vote until they have been found to have recovered from their “Stockholm” syndrone in 500 years.

      • selwap

        A happy thought.

      • Gunter

        A part of me laughs maniacally inside when I think about the brain-deadness of these mouth-breathers.

        Like I always say, stupid shouldn’t necessarily be punished – but it should never be REWARDED!

      • Might as well.

      • spudmans1

        Plus they get a warm water port something they have wanted since before when the attacked Afghanistan.

    • CreoleGumbo

      Well stated Paul.

  • Teresa Scott Bolen

    Sweden is no longer free. It is under Islamic dominance. The leaders have capitulated to Soros, have accepted his money and will be able to live somewhere else as rich people. The voters have to live within a new rule now, one that hates non-muslims. They will either have to conform or be killed.

    • swede johnson

      And so begins the fall of Europe to the islamic caliphate, stupid asses. I am embarrassed to say I’m half Swedish. They used to be warriors, now they’re just suckers.

      • Allen Johnsen

        The Swedish were never warriors. They gave up to Hitler without a shot being fired.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Wherever muslums gain political power freedom and liberty die — without exception.

  • idoxlr8✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    Sweden, if your government will not take care of it’s people… It’s time for the people to take care of the government.

    • djkaoz

      When the goverment fail to serv us… we got to fire them and do their job…

      • Elizabethjgamez

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      • Amytstephens

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    • berserker

      In Sweden, the government is god. If there is one thing I have learnt to appreciate about Americans is that they have healthy distrust of government. That is of course changing with the permissive immigration policy.

      • santashandler

        You are right. In Sweden, they frown upon people who are critical of their government. Almost in a contemptful way.

        • Kalambong Kalambong
          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is even worse, sweden cannot control 2% of its colonists. What a useless nation of dorks.

          • John D. Horton

            When Sweden hires the Russian Spetsnaz to eliminate the Moslem Horde Army, the war will be over in 3 days.

          • Arcturus

            Who, then, will send the Spetsnaz away when the job it done?

          • John D. Horton

            Russia and the US will form a permanent “Russia / US Joint Protectorate for Sweden.” The Swedish Lesbian Femi-Nazi political parties will be outlawed. War crimes show trials will be held against the Swedish Lesbian Femi-Nazi political parties with summary executions to follow after the five minute trials are concluded. Those Swedish Lesbian Femi-Nazis not executed will be stripped of their citizenship and deported to China for organ harvesting. The Russia / US Joint Protectorate for Sweden will last as long as the Islamic invasion of Europe last and will authorize Russia and the US to have permanent military bases in Sweden past the ending of the protectorate. Swedish women will lose the ability to vote or hold elected or appointed office. Swedish women who have bred with Moslems and born children will be declared outlaws of the Swedish state for having polluted the heritage, dignity and genetics of the Swedish people. These Swedish race traitor women with their bastard children will be stripped of their citizenship and deported to Africa, the Middle East or Asia depending on the origin of the father such as Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh etc. The Swedish female deportations will be done to maintain the racial purity of the Swedish people.

          • Arcturus


          • f. woody

            “War crimes show trials will be held “War crimes show trials will be held”…. sounds like the end of WII and East-West Germany all over again.

          • John D. Horton

            Yes, war crimes trials and the traitorous lesbians might even be stripped of their Swedish citizenship and shipped off to Africa where they can have all the African boyfriends they want but pay for their boyfriends themselves.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            I don’t want us to get involvled other than to take their refuges meaning the real Swedes running away. They did this to themselves. Let the politicians get killed by the Muslims. Maybe then the idiots on the left will get it.

          • David

            This. Sweden has made this bed, let them lie in it, including the women who were typically the most aggressive SJW’s. Don’t deny it now, we remember.

          • LibertyBelle

            This sounds extreme but is necessary to save Save Sweden from the caliphate.

          • Cy

            Since the Swedes refuse to save themselves, then we should not go to war to save the idiots from their own foolishness. They are perfectly capable of controlling 2% of their population if they want to. Muslimist anarchists must be dealt with by deportation and jail.

          • fucktard fagtroll

            In a perfect world, yes. In reality, it’ll never happen. (or at least not for a long long time) There are too many leftists, feminist cunts & cucks in America….who want more than anything to turn America into Sweden.
            Self-loathing, self-flagellating, “white guilt” laden, “white privilege” checking, ethno-masochism, etc, are mental diseases/disorders that affect a huge % of white leftist liberals. (the lowest & most pathetic of ALL subhuman organisms)
            The ONLY thing we know for certain is that “Leftism” is the greatest & most dangerous threat the West has ever known, and the “Leftism” problem can NOT be settled peacefully or legally. The only question is whether or not people have what it takes to step up & save the West from Leftism, and to initiate a desperately needed, ideological cleansing. In order for a scenario like you described to become a reality, things would have to get much MUCH worse in the West. We’re not there yet.
            PS: The experiment known as “Women’s Suffrage” is a proven FAILURE. Women’s Suffrage destroys democracy & is literally destroying Western civilization.

          • Daizys Loyd

            They are no Muz-scumbags-lims. They will go home on their own when the job is Finished.

          • Meoldfart Fartme

            Nepalese Gurkha’s

          • Tony

            Gurkha’s ,spetsnaz your kidding all you have to do is cut the welfare payments an entitlements job done they all pack up an go to Germany.

          • Alex backman

            Russia would not leave!

          • Steve Martin

            U got that right

          • Arcturus


          • david ramseur

            The Muslim population there has to be more than 2% now. Sweden’s population is less than the population of North Carolina!

          • Leonard Harris Hamilton

            they have another 98 % of the muslim population to watch that only 2 % are not in control of looking at women not having their bodies covered from head to toe are reported as committing is a credit to the Swedish police dork

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Strangely enough, this problem appears to be unique to sweden, wonder why?

          • LibertyBelle

            Not unique to Sweden, simply the first country to fall. All EU countries will follow if they do not change policies fast. No country can refuse to report crimes committed by a certain group of people, allow them their own justice system (sharia) and remain a country.

          • k.b . mcdan

            In honesty, they have been a peaceful country. They avoid wars and have never had to deal with this kind of treachery! They are like the cut n.a. yah of America-

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The swedes know exactly what they are doing, police reports of muslims committing crime are either not taken, or destroyed with no action being taken. The feminist based super socialist government is accepting all this in its delusional belief that it is merely technicalities in the implementation of multiculturalism. Even with significant social issue that are getting worse, it is more socialist to ignore the torpedoes, so to speak and maintain course, even when it is obvious destruction.

          • Alex backman

            And almost half of the rape victims are girls….

          • fucktard fagtroll

            I think it’s higher than 77%. It’s said that rape increased by 1,000%, and 99.9% of the increase is committed by Muslims, migrants & “refugees”. It’s gotten so bad that Swedish women have been forced to dye their hair black & brown, in hopes of evading the roaming Muslim rape gangs (that police won’t touch) that specifically target blonde haired women. Meanwhile, Swedish feminists claim “they’d rather be raped by migrants than saved by men”, & feminist politicians say “rape isn’t as bad when a migrant does it”. The feminist party controls the government in Sweden, and they’re turning the country into a cesspool. U.N. reports show that Sweden, which consistently ranked in the top 3 on the HDI/Human Development Index, will be a 3rd world country by 2030, and will have dropped down into the 60s on the HDI.
            Sweden is a working model of the “Runaway Feminism Effect”. Eventually the country will collapse, and feminists will have a LOT to answer for. Putting feminists in control of anything = a stupid & terrible idea.

        • RicoOS

          The irony is that every single civilisation in history that has fallen, has fallen because of it’s own government and because of the people allowing the government to do things that it never should. The US founding fathers were very right to enshrine the right to hold the tossers in charge into the constitution. I only wish we had those rights here in the UK.

          • Gunter

            “An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.”
            ~ Arnold Toynbee

          • SFTOBEY

            Sure – and it’s people like Arnold Toynbee who were the traitors inside those nations!

            “If we are frank with ourselves, we shall admit that we are engaged on a deliberate and sustained and concentrated effort to impose limitations upon the sovereignty and independence of the fifty or sixty local sovereign independent States which at present partition the habitable surface of the earth and divide the political allegiance of mankind. It is just because we are really attacking the principle of local sovereignty that we keep on protesting our loyalty to it so loudly.
            … I will merely repeat that we are at present working, discreetly but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of our world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands…”
            —Arnold Toynbee, Address to the 1931 Copenhagen conference as published in International Affairs: Journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (November 1931)

          • 4True

            Very interesting

          • SFTOBEY

            Indeed. Something that most people don’t know about the late Mr. Toynbee and his fellow globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” cabalists.

          • Tatiana Covington

            Unfortunately, that was true then and it is true now. Think the colonial empires of the time.

          • Lord-Pi-314

            This was planned long ago. Google the “Cloudenhove Kalergi plan” and you will understand. And if you can google “Mrs. Specter from Sweden”, you will see her recorded explanation as to what their end game is. She is the present day promoter of that Kalergi Plan, her and Mr. Soros.

          • Dogchat58

            Thank God America has Trump to fix the mess Obama and th democrats created

          • Arcturus

            Who does Canada have?

          • Ellie M F

            Canada President is all for refugees even though they are raping women in the streets and taking women as slaves.
            He is crazy and why the Canadians don’t get rid of him for their own protection and deport them out of Canada.

          • Platopus

            Change the laws in the UK then!

          • katzkiner
          • Michael

            Bring those guys to Sweden and clean up the mess….

        • k.b . mcdan

          Kinda like Obama administration.

      • k.b . mcdan

        And our young people have been convinced by the liberal trash, we need to welcome these savages into our neighborhoods and country as a whole. Parents grab your kids if they are in college and shake some sense initio them!

        • Lord-Pi-314

          Yeah McDan, they have had a large dose of “Political Correctness” up their collective arses. I hope I live to see the day when revenge is taken on these “New World Order” types.

      • David

        Maybe that’s why the government is importing these odd immigrants. They’re people who will worship the government.

    • Jokuvaan

      Well all they had to do is vote..

    • starmannate

      That 2nd Amendment we have here is looking pretty darn good these days! I trust our founders a lot more than Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Hussein Obama, George Soros, Chuckie Schumer, etc……….

      • C.Martel

        Hell yes, the killed our first amendment by bribing our politicians but they won’t get my guns.. they are lock and load ready for my Islamic friends…

        • Meoldfart Fartme

          you can not do much with a ‘locked’ gun – if you are referring to that “safe/fire thingy a me jigky” – train your finger

          • thatguyEZ

            Lock and load refers to locking the magazine into place and loading a round into the chamber ;)

          • Meoldfart Fartme

            what do you do with a ‘clip’??

          • thatguyEZ

            A clip is what holds individual rounds that can then be loaded into a magazine. They’re pretty uncommon these days as most firearms don”t use them at all. I think the most well known of firearms that used clips would probably be the Mauser Kar 98k, M1 Garand, and Mauser C96. Magazines were relatively hassle free as you can just lock it in whereas you could only feed the rounds directly into the gun if all the rounds were spent from the gun, though there were some exceptions. For example, you could just put a clip directly into a M1 Garand.

          • Meoldfart Fartme

            thanks, you have been very helpful – we will have to reinspect the 2+ dozen in the safe – we do know that the broomhandle we have requires an CO2 cylinder and a tube of BB’s to function properly, a cheap shooter it be –

            the bud what was a spearhead trooper told me not to show off again with the blank firing Thompson with the drum mag – We like the Five-seveN with the 20 round mag, the FN PSO with the 50 round mag and the 100 round helical mag of the Calico – we do not get to send a few sound shots down range much any more, but life goes on —

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            If you own guns you should learn how to use them and clean them and stuff. I think ranges have courses.

          • Meoldfart Fartme

            join the army, better yet – the Marines for your >courses< – we 'learned' to dissembler "and" reassemble the Grand M1 by feely feely

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            Yeah, I wasn’t talking about me.

          • k.b . mcdan

            He is just being stupid. Maybe he can use Fienstein method. Put the gun down and they will give up!

          • william couch

            And the 1917 Lee Enfield SMLE 7.65 by 51MM,,, and the B A R..

          • John Elwood Lanterman

            Use them on a SKS

          • Meoldfart Fartme

            clips feed magazines. Magazines feed firearms –
            9MM 100Rd. Helical . (M-912)$141.00

          • Sgtsnuffy


          • Meoldfart Fartme

            pleaseeeeeeeeeee, do not raise your typing to me. where do you “live” flying dragon? we did live for 14 years in the land of the LuLu at Hono, now be in the land of the coon-ass. convictions of public officials for violation of federal corruption laws, the coon-ass ranks second of the most corrupt state, pucker up & KYA

        • mackykam

          you may need to use them first on your democrat enemies.

      • k.b . mcdan

        True! We have been soldoout by them and their party!

      • Tonya Parnell


    • Kalambong Kalambong

      >… It’s time for the people to take care of the government …

      Wait-a-minute !!

      I recalled that when those moslem savages made into Sweden, it was the SWEDISH PEOPLE who lined up with food, water, candy and flowers to welcome ’em!

      Yes, it was the SWEDES who welcome the savages, it wasn’t just a ‘gummint elite’ decision that resulted in a devastating moslem invasion of Sweden

      Since the SWEDES are brain dead – let them die in the hand of the savages !!!

      • John D. Horton

        Russia needs to invade Sweden to stabilize Europe.

        • joc22

          As much as I hate Putin, your probably right. The Russians are the only army with enough fortitude to annihilate the muslim threat. It seems every other country is trying to placate them, even the US, Like Putin said earlier this year. Eventually Russia alone will be the only nation that will stand for Christianity.
          He will have help in North America as we’ll make a bunch of terrifying guerrilla fighters

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            It’s predicted 50% of Russia’s military will be muslum by mid-century.

          • John D. Horton

            The Russians need to tell the Christian Russian women to start having 10 children each and pay them for having the 10 children and sterilize the Moslems.

            Problem solved.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            10 children each! I guess somewhere around the 5th or 6th kid it might become routine.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            Orthodox Jews have 5 to 15 kids. The oldest help raise the younger and it would be easier if people stayed living near parents so they can help. This is what people did for centuries.

          • David

            and in the USA our society was redesigned deliberately in the second half of the 20th century to make it very hard to do this in succeeding generations. And those who did anyway, like the hillbillies in Appalachia, were ridiculed.

          • wilypagan

            People need to have farms and thriving small businesses to make such large families economically viable for most people. City living doesn’t lend itself to large families.

          • wilypagan

            My grandmother had ten children. I am going to my cousin reunion in a few weeks. It will be a blast! My grandmother had her last grandchild at 48 and lived to her mid-90s. A great lady.

          • katzkiner
          • Rob Porter

            My bet is also on Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia that say no to Muslim migrants, so Russia will not be alone. Those countries had about 150 years of Muslim Ottoman rule or, like Poland, fought off the Ottomans until in 1683 smashing the Ottomans outside Vienna. They don’t intend having a repeat of savage Islamic rule.

          • 4True

            They tolerate radical Islam well enough and have done next to nothing to end it in thier Islamic provinces to the south. Russia is all about expanding Russia. It is not our answer.

        • marlene

          But Russia will align itself with muslim nations to invade the Middle East, in the near future.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            that makes no sense. The Middle East are Muslim nations except Israel

          • marlene

            your comment makes no sense. is there a question? The russian-muslim alliance will come against Israel, but Syria and Lebanon will not escape. Damascus will be completely destroyed. For more information, do some research on the topic.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            You still don’t make sense. Russia is not in alliance with Muslims. Syria has a secular government and Muslim people, not a Muslim government. You’re saying vague crap and then telling people to do research. You basically said Russia and the middle east will invade the middle east. Why don’t you BE SPECIFIC enough for anyone to be able to follow what you’re trying to say instead of mouthing off nonsense? I think you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • marlene

            The CRAP you refer to is spilling out of your mouth through the swamp between your ears. There ARE muslim countries. The fact that you whine about not understanding and blame me for your stupidity means it would be a waste of time for me to say anything more because I can’t fix STUPID.

          • David

            and who is preventing Israel from stabilizing its borders and removing the “Palestinian” pests? Primarily, Russia thru its support of Syria and Iran, as well as the Clinton administration having put the export of the Palestinians into Jordan off the table.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            Yeah, in this PC bullshit Pro terrorist Israel-hating world climate, they’re just supposed to kill everyone in the Palestinian territories and not expect a major backlash? You’re funny.

          • wilypagan

            I doubt it. Russia is rational, unlike the Muslims.

      • Tony Carr

        The problem is that once Sweden falls, who is next? Denmark? then germany? Belgium is already fallen. If we don’t help Sweden now ,eventually all europe will fall to Islam because of weak governments. I observe from the relative safety of Australia, but I am worried (frightened) that if Europe goes down in the next generation or two we in South east Asia will be next. Philippines, where my wife comes from is already under serious threat.

        • Lynn4JC

          MN isn’t too far behind. :(

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            MN is in serious serious trouble

        • joc22

          As is Thailand, my Canadian expat friend lives there, muslims have taken over the southern 1/4 of the country and are making their way north. The Thai government puts up token resistance as the islamist supporters have made their into the government

          • CharlestheHammer2

            Same in Trinidad and Tobago/Caribbean islands, look at the Philippines. And yet nary a word about this in the MSM/Globalists.

          • David

            Didn’t know about that, damn. The Caribbean is a gem off the coast of America. We should not allow the Muslims in.

          • Duchess of Pork

            Always reported as “local insurgency” and most people miss the message that it is jihad on the move.

          • David

            But I don’t think the Thais are aggressively SJW like the Swedes have been for a decade or two. My sympathies are much more with the Thais. But I ask what did the great king Bhumibol do about it during the latter years of his life?

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            Not at all. I spent about a half a year modding a forum where another mod was from Thailand. I knew him pretty well for an online acquaintance. He was known to be the most ruthless of the mods and I used to seem him ban people not for a good reason but just to laugh at them. He said that’s how Thai people are.

        • John D. Horton

          The US and Russia have already cut a deal to invade Sweden once ISIS takes over. Russia will not allow a militant Islamic state on their door step and the US is looking to redevelop the country after the war. Sweden will be declared to be a joint US – Russian Protectorate with no voting rights for the ethnic Swedes. All Moslems will be deported or executed to maintain racial purity and harmony.

          • Rob Porter

            I truly hope you are right. I truly favour the “All Moslems will be deported or executed to maintain racial purity and harmony.” In fact I favour more than anything else the “executed” suggestion, but it seems that the dimwitted General Kelly who heads up DHS and Trump’s National Security Advisor, General McMaster would advise against this action.

          • John D. Horton

            That is why Russia will be there to do the dirty work. The Russian Spetsnaz specializes in killing.

            The Russian will disable the telephones, cell phones and internet so the dirty business of war will not be broadcast all over the place. If the Russians are smart, they will hire Speilberg to make propaganda videos of the Russians liberating the elderly, women and children where the Swedes are thanking the Russians for coming and saving them. This will give the media something to report on rather than hell raising about war crimes against the invaders.

          • Dave the Infidel

            Spielberg? He would rather make a documentary about the poor displaced zombie hordes that were “driven out of Sweden by the right wing zealots”. You don’t want him anywhere around the truth. He makes a great movie, but if he moves any further left he’ll be living on an island off the coast of kommiefornia. I would think that he would be helping the media talk about the “war crimes”.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            Admitted you are just guessing

          • John D. Horton

            Dear dummy: Put forth your own ideas if you don’t like mine. Oh!!! You don’t have any ideas. Then you have nothing to say.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            You didn’t put this forth as if it were an idea. You acted like you had inside information. It was unethical. I don’t know what’s going to happen anymore than you do. You’re in high school, right? I can’t imagine a grown person doing this.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            McMaster needs to be fired. He’s a globalist

          • jaybird

            and how do you know all this?????

          • CharlestheHammer2

            don’t ask.

          • CharlestheHammer2

            please God please let this be true.

          • jim

            Hope this is true!

          • Connor Larkin

            Asking how you know all this is probably not a good idea. I do hope you’re right.

          • John D. Horton

            Through the use of logic:
            1. Soros / Rothschild cartel is “allowed” to run wild in Europe with their funding of the Islamic invasion so that Russia – US can expand their influence in Europe through their counter-invasion and occupation of the collapsed Swedish state.
            2. Russia and the US have the authority to shut all of the Soros / Rothschild banking transactions down through government regulation of the banking industry but they don’t so these two governments are colluding with the Soros / Rothschild cartel. Soros and the Rothschilds could be charged through INTERPOL with genocide against the European ethnicity but that has not been done yet.
            3. Major powers like Russia and the US use puppet states like Sweden to keep the major power’s military expansionist policies moving forward.
            4. The cooperation of Russia and the US will help Russia reintegrate into NATO and Europe and the Moslems will provide sufficient chaos for the Russia and the US to reform Europe into a configuration to their liking.
            5. The Soros / Rothschild’s non-governmental organization boats bringing tens of thousands of Africans to Italy could be torpedoed by the Italian Navy but they have been ordered to stand-down by
            the Soros / Rothschild / Russia / US cartel to further the destabilization of Europe and allowed for the European occupation by Russia and the US.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            “Through the use of logic:”
            In other words you DONT know, it’s just an educated guess….

          • David

            Well it’s certainly better, including for the Europeans, than letting the Muslims have it.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            He doesn’t know.

          • Daizys Loyd

            IN Jesus’ Name. Amen!

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            It sounds good, but given all the Muslims in the US I don’t believe it.

          • David

            That sounds like a good plan, and it would serve the Swedes right for their failure of spirit and morality.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            You don’t know anything. You admitted it.

          • John D. Horton

            Dear dummies who make comments:

            The purpose of the comments section is to put forth your own ideas, theories, hypothesis, etc. regarding the topic. Your failure to put forth your own ideas, theories or hypothesis shows that you don’t have any.

            If you have nothing to contribute about the article then stay off the comments section.

            Thank you.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            You didn’t say “this is my hypothesis.” You said “this is what will happen.” People thought you had inside information. I suppose it makes you feel good to run your mouth like that, but it’s unethical. You don’t know anymore than anyone else. So instead of giving people false hope, how about you stay off the comments section.

          • John D. Horton

            Watch out everybody for the nut-case censor on this comments area: Vanilla Dazzle. Please get its/her approval before you share your thoughts.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            You’re acting like a leftist. I called you out on acting like an ass.

          • Vanilla Dazzle

            Also, I did put forth my ideas. I said that the Swedes who have a brain
            should get out and the rest of them can suffer their consequences. I’m
            sick of US tax dollars going to the rest of the world. These
            countries go “help me US, please help me.” We help and then they
            demonize us for “interfering” so they can go you know what themselves. They
            invited the enemy in. It’s not our problem.

        • Gunter

          “The interests of Muslims and the interests of the Socialists coincide in the war against the Crusaders.” [Western civilization]
          ~ Osama bin Laden, February 12th, 2003, Al Jazeera Television

          • 4True

            May the aggressive ones who know what they are doing, all join him soon in his fiery place.

          • David

            He was on TV a year and a half after 9/11 ? Really?

        • Elan Dewatono

          Yes. Aceh Darussalam an islamic autonom province n Indonesia created by the help of Swedish government. Let the Swedish people drink their own medicine.!!

        • Duchess of Pork

          With the imminent defeat of Islamic State in Mosul that threat becomes more real by the day as the remaining jihadis move east to headquarter themselves in Indonesia which, conveniently, now has a Muslim governor in Jakarta. I believe your government has already acknowledged this threat.

        • David

          Let it fall and become a failed state. Denmark can just close or blow up the bridge. The muzzies won’t go far enough north for the crossings into Finland and Norway to be too critical, in fact maybe northern Sweden could break away and join Finland.

          But when we tried to help, we were ridiculed in the worst way by these Swedes. I am not going to help the muzzies win, but I am not going to bother stopping them either.

        • Alex backman

          Germany just approved Genital Mutilation of girls. They opened clinics to that effect!!!

      • ytf423

        Well said. Blame shifting seems to be a defense mechanism in these buffoons. Never can there be a fault in us. There can only be a fault in others. It’s either government, or some conspiracy, or the jooooooooooooooooooos

        • 4True

          A wretched, weak and treacherous government is no “conspiracy” in Sweden. Government exists to maintain order and protect the citizenry. Sweden fails massively on both counts. Would you like to live like that?

          • ytf423

            And who voted that government into power? Aliens?

          • David

            The people voted in those SJW’s and essentially beat up the Sweden Democrats who resisted. Let them enjoy what they’ve created.

    • Suresh

      Left/Liberal voters elected their Left/liberal Pro-jihadi “Leaders” so they deserve what they get.

      And now Muslim invaders posing as unaccompanied “refugee children” (23 – 42 year olds) threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

      And the dumb Left/liberal Loons are clueless about how to stop them !

      • CreoleGumbo

        I am not sure that they are clueless. I think they just want conservatives to do their dirty work.

        • Suresh

          They call patriots who fight back nazis !

          • 1936benz

            This is also true of Germany. I have many friends in Germany who detest what Merkel has done to their country, but when they speak out or take any action whatsoever, the liberal press and officials start the finger-pointing and crying “the Nazis! the Nazis! The Nazis are on the march again!” In Germany today, to be accused of Nazism is tantamount to career- and livelihood suicide (to say nothing of being arrested for “anti-social” or “disruptive activity”). And this routinely happens to many Germans who want nothing more than to save their country from this Islamic invasion.

          • Suresh

            Don’t march or do street demo. Just build personal contacts and meet at homes in small groups and debate and end with convincing them to vote for Patriot german politicians and not Islamonazis. Yes use that term as its best counter to them. They are far worse than nazis as they are fascist and want to kill all non-muslim unless they join their gang.

          • 4True

            My German friend (now in US) says the same. Horrified at the best homes begin commandeered for Muslims, and people intimidated everywhere.

          • David

            Which is screwed up, considering the Nazis had the Muslim alliance in WW2. Calling anti-Merkel people Nazis is backward and if anyone is a Nazi, Merkel is, just like our leftists in USA specialize in projection.

          • Gunter

            The Nazis worked intimately with the Grand Mufti and Islamists in the waning months of WWII.

          • 1936benz

            Yes, they did. But the Nazis looked upon Muslims with disdain, and used them in their war against Jews in the very same manner that the United States used Native Americans in their war against other “Indians.” It was also similar to the way the Nazis worked with Zionist Jews under the Ha’avara or “Transfer” agreement.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The only religious figure ever invited to Berlin to meet Hitler and put up at state expense in a 5-star hotel was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. The only religious figure to ever tour a concentration camp? The Grand Mufti. The only religious figure to raise an entire Waffen-SS division of muslums? The Grand Mufti. The largest Waffen-SS division in terms of manpower was the all muslum Handshar division. This division also slaughtered 90% of Albania’s Jews and Roma. Some people say it was the Grand Mufti who encouraged the Final Solution for Jews.

          • Dave the Infidel

            That is how Persia became Iran. (Or Aryan). As Bill Whittle likes to say, “Looook it up”.

        • Gunter

          “The interests of Muslims and the interests of the Socialists coincide in the war against the Crusaders.” [Western civilization]
          ~ Osama bin Laden, February 12th, 2003, Al Jazeera Television

          “European Leaders Agree to Create Eurabia”
          From the Brussels Journal:

      • Bruno

        My Muslim friend once told me that in Quran it is written that in the end Islam would dominate the entire world. I think the time is coming!

    • shirley versace

      “The military in this traditionally pacifist country is cut down to almost nothing, and there is no money to fix it.”

      there is no money for policing.. but plenty of money for free houses and hand-outs to islamists??


      my advise to any Swede would be, make sure you have a gun, some decent hunting knives and plenty of pepper spray. When your home gets invaded (and it will get invaded) then you have half a chance of fighting back. Your police won’t help you.

      Dan(iel) Eli(j)ason saw all this come years ago and did nothing. So did Barbara Lerner Spector.

      You might want to think about that.

      • rickyoo

        I would suggest that if there are any real men left in Sweden, that they start buying the full burquas wear them and start taking this Muslim slime out. CCTV cameras will show what appears to be Muslim women and this would cause chaos in the Muslim population as they will not know if it is one of their own women advancing towards them or an exterminator.

        • shirley versace

          that would produce some hilarious results… beat them at their own game

        • Vanilla Dazzle

          plus they can’t be IDed… I like it!

    • C.Martel

      Been saying said… our gov leave us no choice….

    • jaybird

      They need to had out guns and ammo to the citizens!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The swedish mindset is that guns are bad, they would refuse to accept them or give them to muslims.

        • jaybird

          They deserve everything that happens to them then.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            True, the swedes are the ones who invited muslims in to improve swedish culture.

          • jaybird

            One of guys on another site said he was from Sweden and that the women are claiming that groping, touching is rape and that there was no problem there, rape was no big deal to him. I sent him video’s showing things happening in real time. I think a lot of these people are gov. plants to make us believe something else.

            In Germany they are taking vacant buildings and housing refugee’s in them. One video was of an 80yr, well dressed man, small in statue trying to block the door to his B& B, the police were apologizing for bringing the refugee’s to his place, they said they were only doing what they were told to do. He was almost crying, telling them not to touch anything. Nicely decorated but it will be destroyed by the refugee’s. I felt so sorry for him the government was paying him but you know it was not enough to cover items stolen or destroyed and providing food.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The cult of denial is doing as much damage to western europe as muslim colonists. It is all self inflicted, the socialists have bribed voters with their own money, to give the country to islam. No real loss, western europe is finished, it peaked about 100 years ago, time to be absorbed by a dominant culture, even though it is an inferior one.

    • TD

      The people themselves are covering for the crimes of the migrants.
      They don’t want to be called racists, so they cover up or will deny that there is any problem.

      The attacks are not big enough yet to make people come to their senses. and that’s sad.

    • k.b . mcdan

      America needs to do the same! We are right behind Sweden!

    • Vanilla Dazzle

      I think they should all leave. The slavic states are willing to take those that are fleeing this stuff-not the Muslims

    • fucktard fagtroll

      Nah. The Swedish people are getting exactly what they deserve, and voted for. Sweden voted a feminist political party into power. A bunch of man-hating feminist cunts are running the government, & their whims are being backed by beta male feminist cucks. Rape is up by 1,000% in Sweden, (& 99.9% of the rapes are committed by Muslims, migrants & “refugees”) MIddle aged fugly Swedish feminists who work with NGOs, social services, immigration, etc, are having a ball….sexing it up with young & even underage migrant & refugee boys.
      But regular Swedish women are forced to dye their hair black or brown, in hopes of evading the roaming Muslim rape gangs that target blonde haired women. Meanwhile, the feminists claim they’d “rather be raped by migrants than save by men”, & feminist politicians claim “rape isn’t as ban when a migrant does it”.
      The country is literally falling apart & U.N. reports say it will be a 3rd world country by 2030. In response to the crisis, the feminists are trying to criminalize the acting of urinating while standing. (for men only, of course) They’re also trying to ban men from driving, appearing on TV & radio, and displaying art in galleries.
      Feminuts can’t even plow the streets because of “gender equality”. Stockholm recently had the worst traffic jam in it’s history, because feminists demanded that snow removal efforts focus on bike paths & sidewalks, instead of streets. (because more men drive, than women) 100,000s of motorists were stranded, couldn’t get to/from work, school, hospitals, etc. It’s important that Sweden stays the course, because it provides us with a valuable working model of the dangerous & destructive effects of rampant & unchecked, runaway feminism.

  • Alton Clark

    No country should send it’s people in to die for those fools that could have stopped this years ago !

  • swede johnson

    The swedes better not come over here. running away from your socialistic paradise, soon to be a islamic caliphate.

    • Dean

      When you blame all swedes you commit the same collective guilt and group identity irrationality as the leftists. There are still real patriots and innocents that deserve respect.

      • 12banjo

        Then they’d better arm themselves, fast!

        • Dean

          Yep, see my comment about 6 inches below.

      • Russell Ford

        Then the real patriot swedes need to step up.

        Until they do, they’re showing nuthun’

  • Dean

    Sweden still has the capacity to use their military to end this and remove the invaders from their country, IF THEY HAVE THE WILL. Without that will, outsiders can’t help while Sweden continues to support the invaders economically while they treat each violent incident as a policing issue. There are millions of innocents there and many that have been opponents of the causative policies so I can’t condemn all swedes to a brutal fate. .

    • Fern

      We’ll see what the ladies in charge will allow them to do.

      • Dean

        We know that it will take someone with cajones to gain control of the government by any means, declare martial law to put down the civil war with the Mohammedans and radically change the course of the self-destructive process.

        • Kalambong Kalambong

          There is a big problem – No one can find any Swede with cajones

          • Dean

            Possibly in prison, forced into silence or out of the country for Islamophobia.

    • J.D.

      They have no real military might. These pacifists have allowed Muslim refugees to come freely into their country unchecked and unabated they have taken over Sweden the same way ISIS has taken over Iraq and parts of Syria.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      swedes voted to import muslims to enhance their self perceived “boring” culture. This issue with muslims is 100% made in sweden, they are now 100% responsible to deal with it.

  • Joe Blow

    The Swedish feminists and cucked-out feminized males are incapable of making rational decisions. they are weak pandering fools too afraid of being called a racist for defending their country and way of life

  • Jim Gllbanks

    This is a warning to all countries who think these people are only here to better themselves , they are all doing their Jihad.

    • John D. Horton

      “Refugee” is just a euphemism for: “Invading and Conquering Moslem Army Horde.”

  • Budvarakbar

    Why is this a surprise? — Send more US troops to Afghanistan — that’ll show them!

    • J.D.

      What the Hell sense does sending more troops to Afghanistan have to do with Swedens problems?

  • Luna

    The article says that very soon Sweden will need help from abroad. With all European countries being under the dictatorship of Merkel, and knowing that she is the cause of all this unrest in Europe due to massive immigration, who is willing to disobey Merkel to help Sweden?

  • Tumbleweed

    Remember you wanted these muslim savages! This is what you get when listening to Brussels and your NWO despots! If you are unable to clean up your mess, hire some outside contractors to fix your problem. Then have your police muster at the local donut shops until the work is finished! Option two, put all of your savages on trains and send them to Brussels!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • gia

      Head in sand ass in air yep that’s the swedish decision makers! Lol…

      • Raymond Wagoner

        Is that how they do their goats?

    • Zola


  • When is Sweden going to take up arms and fight back?

    First, Swedes should all vote immediately to stop all welfare. Nothing to the freeloaders. Nothing to the immigrants. Nothing to foreigners or recent citizens alike. Nothing to the refugees.

    That will weaken them, starve them out, then take them by force to kick them out against their will if they won’t leave willingly.

    Follow that up with laws that make it illegal for Muslims to stay, or work in the country, illegal to preach, illegal to have mosques, illegal to have Korans, etc.

    After that, you’ll get your county back.

    • Gunter

      “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die: but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.
      Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith. It has already spread
      throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science—the science against which it had vainly struggled—the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.”
      ~ Winston Churchill

      • Dave the Infidel

        It’s sad that old Winston knew this 70 or 80 years ago, but the Brits refuse to acknowledge it today. It will be their undoing.

    • Alex backman

      A cleansing of the land would be easier

  • berserker

    Eliasson is an idiot. He is a big fan of diversity and multiculturalism. Not sure why he is moaning. He should hire some locals and let them enforce sharia law.

    – I am a little bit more concerned about the countries that border Sweden. They should be making plans to secure their borders immediately.
    – Sweden also issues passports like candy. The Swedish passport is also the most permissive in the world in allowing visa free travel. Guess which one is the next most permissive? Germany.

  • justmewhoelse12

    Muslim’s have been barbarians now for 1400+ years – and the world lives with the idea that ‘ any day now Muslims will change.” All the while the Muslims kill, murder and butcher those very people.

    • Dave the Infidel

      This is very true. People talk about all the advancements that the zombies have contributed. They have contributed nothing but bloodshed and violence to this world for over 1400 years! They have invaded more advanced societies, stolen their knowledge and wealth, and destroyed those civilizations, all the while claiming to have invented the technologies or advancements that they stole from their conquered victims. And every society that they have invaded has disappeared into the sand. They do nothing but tear down and destroy all in the name of allah saying that the koran doesn’t allow this 5000 year old statue or this 4000 year old building. And then they build mosques everywhere, claiming that if a mosques stands in a place that that land is forever theirs. They are savages and barbarians. They crawl across the landscape, mindlessly destroying everything, just like zombies. So that is what I call them. Zombies.


    Which is worse falling to the NAZIS or to ISLAM ??

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’d say maybe it depends on if you’re Jewish, but I’m not so sure.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      islam, the nazis knew when a target was reached they stopped, islam is open ended criminally insane violence. islam knows not restrain or boundary, it will kill until even the last muslim is dead.

      • OverIt

        Yes, I still do not understand why there was a planned Muslim attack on Mecca, the holiest of Muslim places.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          They knew muslims are not trustworthy.

          • OverIt

            But given that the attempted blow up was done BY a Muslim, that doesn’t explain why he would want to blow up his own holy city.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            This I will have to look into, I thought it was something else.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Ok, I am back on track, sorry abut that, train of thought got derailed. As there are many sects of islam, all of which hate each other as apostates, as much as they hate non muslims, it would make sense that they would try to please their demon by following the qur’an with reference to murdering unbelievers, especially apostates.

  • gia

    Well you reap what you sow. It’s too late now , maybe Sweden should clear all native swedes away from no go zones then drop a bomb that would solve the problem. Think of the savings in social benefits alone .the cleanup would be cheaper .

  • wildjew

    ‘…A leaked report concludes that the number of lawless areas (commonly referred to as “no-go zones”) in Sweden now totals 61….’

    A year or so back Fox News host Julie Banderas apologized to the world for Fox News host’s and commentator’s use of this Islamophobic term, “no-go zones.” If Julie Banderas / Fox News says there are no no-go zones in Europe, there are no no-go zones; period.

    • Dave the Infidel

      Well, even FOX can be wrong every now and then. I believe they have taken a different stance since then. They just don’t advertise it.😀

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    “Islamist” a neologism that has all the dishonesty of islamophobia, because it’s not just some muslums that are the problem it’s allah of them.

    • LeslieFish

      According to no less than the UN, fully 65-80% of all the Muslims *in the world* are fundamentalists — believe absolutely in the literal and unquestionable truth of the Koran, and feel obliged to obey *all* its commands, including the orders to conquer the world and convert, enslave, or kill all the “unbelievers”. Now, only 20% of all the Muslims in the world actually put their faith into passionate Jihadi practice, but that other 45-60% provides them with a ready pool of resources and recruits. That means the whole 65-80% who are True Believers must go.

      What about the 20-35% who aren’t True Believers? You can pick them out easily enough; they’re willing to do at least one of the following:

      1) Admit openly that they question parts of the Koran,
      2) Admit loudly and proudly that they’re members of the Muslim Reform Movement — and name some of its founders,
      3) Not wear the head-rag,
      4) Pet a dog,
      5) Drink alcohol.
      6) Claim they’re Baha’is — and list some of the Baha’i precepts.

      Study up on these, and use them to separate the innocent from the True Believers. Throw the True Believers out, and shoot them if they won’t go.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Due to the fact the muslum faith not only advocates lying but sacralises it you can’t trust any of them. I presume you’ve heard the term Sudden Jihad Syndrome?

      • samy

        ’65-80% of all the Muslims *in the world* are fundamentalists’

        This is very helpful. Can you please provide the link? This needs to be known

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Sudden Jihad Syndrome makes these statistics meaningless. Furthermore what differentiates a “fundamentalist” muslum from a “reformed” muslum? What’s the definition of a “fundamentalist” muslum?

          • Dave the Infidel

            Just like every reigious fundamentalist, they believe every word in their founding texts, without question. In the case of the Zombies it’s the Qur’an.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Please point out to me which non-fundamentalist muslums have publicly renounced or repudiated the vile antisemitism or calls for jihad found in all the holey books of islum.
            Please point out to me any imams, mullahs, ayatrollahs who describe themselves as reformed or non-fundamentalist. Ditto for mosques.
            I’m of the opinion you’re falsely comparing Judaism and/or Christianity to pi$$lam. There has been no reformation in islum and there are no reformed or protestant mosques or clerics. They all teach the same vile, violent, antisemitic bullshit because that’s what their holey books are allah about.

    • Dave the Infidel

      “Allah them” . I love it! I also appreciate the alternate spelling for the zombies. Mu”slums”. That is what they create everywhere they go. Destruction and filth. It is said that the Middle East used to be a forested wonderland. After all, the Garden of Eden was located there. But in the years since the zombies have lived there, the portion of Earth infested by the zombies has been turned into an arid wasteland. After all, who would CHOOSE to live in such a inhospitable region? It HAD to have been created from a more desirable area. I may be incorrect in this, as I may have been told a falsehood, but it seems like it would be true based on the known history of the zombies of destroying every place they live in. Look at pictures of the areas in Europe where the “refugees” have spent any time. Whether a nice house or even just parkland, it will have been destroyed. Torn apart and strewn with trash and human waste, they have no respect for the property of others. They believe that they should be catered to, bowed down to and served because anyone who is not a zombie is subservient to them. It is time that they are awakened to the truth.

  • Zola

    The Swedes are in control. Start deporting the trouble makers. Deport them to from ever they started from. Start gathering them in small groups, load them up and drop them off at their home countries. You need nothing more than a law that says the police or army can do this. It is humane to the migrants in the sense no one is getting harmed, it is humane to the natural born Swedes. Get these migrants out before your country is taken over. If push comes to shove, drop them off in Germany. Merkel started this mess.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It would be indecisive and islamophobic to take any action to restrict the cultural identity of muslims who were specifically imported to enhance the lack lustre swedish culture of free sex and socialism.

      • Zola

        They better figure out it is better to be Islamophobic than dead. Islam doesn’t care about you, your culture, your beliefs. It is a no tolerant religion!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That is true, in essence it is necessary to kill or be killed when dealing with muslims.

          Sahih Muslim (19:4294) – “When you meet your enemies who are polytheists (which includes Christians), invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them … If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them” Osama bin Laden echoes this order from his prophet: “Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of the sword to submit to its authority corporeally if not spiritually? Yes. There are only three choices in Islam … . Either submit, or live under the suzerainty of Islam, or die.” (source: The al-Qaeda Reader p. 19-20)

          Sahih Bukhari (8:387) – “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’ And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally and their reckoning will be with Allah.'”

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        I noticed decades ago that they picked up and copied the free sex ideas of California from the 1970s, and tried to warn them. No luck. Serious Californians (not the wackos) gave up on free sex after the AIDS epidemic got out of control and started running wild, but the Western Europeans still haven’t “woke”.

    • Alex backman

      Drop them off in the Artic Circle… why take them home…

      • Zola

        Drop them off anywhere that isn’t a western country. So sick of the idiocy of these people who keep the world in an uproar.

  • Vincent Santoro

    You lie with fleas……

  • Mahou Shoujo

    What is the problem? Multiculturalism stick in your throat? Why is the prime minister of sweden not addressing the issue? Is it because it is not an issue, but simply more islamophobia from those failing to embrace the super socialism of progressive political correctness?

    • Dano50


      Maybe THIS should be our side’s battle cry.

      Cry havoc! And let slip the HOGS of war!

      Anybody with the slightest bit of of “The Bard” (Or a Star Trek movie) in them will understand the reference.

      Hope I didn’t “ham” it up too much.

      Or “boar” anybody.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Stampeding a heard of pigs through each and every no go zone, repeatedly until the hogs eat absolutely everything would be a good start. Then like there were “immigrants ships ” a hundred years ago, “deportation” ships are required today, herd all muslims on them, then drop them off in libya, they can figure out what they want to do from there. There is no way anything short of a cleansing of the nation will restore any semblance of order.

        • AlgorithmicAnalyst

          That’s actually a good and practical idea. March a herd of pigs through the area on garbage collection days.

          In California, we sometimes use herds of goats to clear fire danger areas of brush. Works well.

          • LeslieFish

            Actually, pigs are as intelligent as dogs (another animal Muslims consider “unclean” — especially black ones), and can be *combat* trained. Think of a large herd of combat-trained 600-lb hogs rampaging through the no-go zones!

          • Dave the Infidel

            What a lovely vision that is. I think I’ll hang on to it for those nights I have trouble falling asleep. I’ll just count the hogs as they head through the gate chasing the Zombies out of town. Maybe some of the hogs could even have self-guided .50 cal’s mounted on their backs. Thanks so much. You’ve put a smile on this old man’s face.

      • Bronish

        Dano….HaHa! Great play on words!
        Islam must be destroyed one way or another….lots of ways and methods to dismantle Islam.
        We can not kill Satan, but we can stop Islam, if there is a will to do so.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Sow very true.

  • putupjob

    sweden didn’t even fight the nazi invasion of europe.
    why would they fight the muslim invasion of europe?

    they’re waiting for everyone else to do their dirty work for them.

  • santashandler

    “Therefore Sweden will very soon need help from abroad. Police chief Dan
    Eliasson’s prayer for help only included potential partners inside
    Sweden, but very soon the international community will have to intervene
    if a humanitarian catastrophe is to be avoided….”

    If Sweden accepts help from any other country, or global organization, when they emerge from it, Sweden will be totally unrecognizable. The Swedes really don’t fully understand, or grasp the precipice they are standing on. They are very apathetic. They have zero cultural memory for ever fighting for their sovereignty, so it’s a foreign concept to them. One that may very well come to bite them in the back side if they don’t act soon. And don’t worry about the royal family. They have a decades old escape plan that will get them out of the country should things get a little too ‘messy.’ They can watch the fall of their country from their private plane on their way to some private island.

    • Alex backman

      Not my GranPa, he killed NAZIS in Stockholm during the late unpleasantness.

  • santashandler

    When a country’s police forces can ‘no longer uphold the law’ and where 80 percent of its officers are considering quitting their jobs, THAT is a national emergency. There is no more ‘wait and see.’ Where is the U.N.? Why are they not stepping in to help Sweden in this crisis. Silence. Almost as though this certain collapse of Sweden is happening perfectly to some master plan.

    • OverIt

      The UN is a toothless tiger, completely out of its depth unless it’s ticking countries off for their asylum seeker facilities (which, incidentally, are much better than anything the UN itself offers) and failing to address the problems in the actual countries which produce so many fleeing citizens.

      Mainly they’re altruistic kids who have no fucking clue.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The UN is nothing but a rubber stamp for the all muslum OIC. The largest voting block in the UN are the same countries that comprise the all muslum OIC.

        • Dave the Infidel

          The member states would NEVER do anything to irritate their oil suppliers! They are just a bunch of tools.

    • Angela Marsden

      gimme all the money i want and a sniper rifle with unlimited ammo. i will come in and help Sweden with their pest control problem. nobody would assume a disabled woman to be a sniper and bomber.

      • Deplorable Jon in MD

        And you’d be braver than every Swedish man.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That won’t be hard, there are no men in sweden. The halal meat ball industry harvested them all years ago.

          • Deplorable Jon in MD

            Too true. 😂

          • Dave the Infidel

            Love it! Never seen halal Swedish meatballs though. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • santashandler

        Excellent point and idea!

      • Dave the Infidel

        This disabled man would volunteer to be right next to you. I’ll carry my AR and provide overwatch.

    • Deplorable Jon in MD

      There’s no outside help for you Sweden, you’ve dug your grave now lie in it or get serious about dealing with Islamic invasion.

      Deploy the army and armed Swedish men to several no go zones at once, raze them to the ground, repeat. Continue til there’s no threat anymore.

      Oh yeah and get over yourselves.

    • Seadog48

      There will be no help from the U.N., a useless debating society run by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, comprised of 57 Muslim countries. Their goal is to see all of Europe become more like Sweden and then eventually become Islamic. There are parts of Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, England, etc. that look like they have just lost a war. The sad fact is that they are losing a war, they did this to themselves and they are so willfully blind to what is happening that they continue to import more of their murderous conquerors, all in the name of diversity. As Sweden goes, so goes Europe. Sweden is finished by their own hand.

      • santashandler

        Yes. Unfortunately, Sweden is acting from it’s memory from the past. They figured as long as they gave the muslims what they wanted, their protected Swedish lifestyle would be protected and preserved. Not this time around. This time, it’s much different. The gate is still open and more are coming in. Yes, this is Sweden’s own undoing. They won’t fully realize it until the Swedish flag has been replaced.

        • J.D.

          Which will be tbe Caliphate flag of ISIS.

        • Dave the Infidel

          I would almost bet that there are more small arms in the no-go zones than in the entire Swedish army. The Swedes have no clue what is happening.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The u.n is an islamic organization, if anything, they will send peacekeepers to make sure any swedes left, do not show hostility towards their new muslim masters.

      • santashandler

        Of course. And they will make sure that the Swedes know how to properly slaughter a lamb, halal style, for Rumdum.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The lambs slaughtered so far are all swedish two legged ones.

    • J.D.

      Because the U.N. is as spineless as the swedish government.

    • cypressswamp

      Problem with the UN? Here is a hint of the problem the committee and the countries that control those committees (this is an abbreviated list):

      UN General Assembly, Vice-Presidents: China, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Mauritania, Turkmenistan, Russia

      UN General Assembly First Committee (Disarmament and International Security), Chair: Iraq, Vice-Chair: Venezuela

      UN General Assembly Third Committee, (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) Vice-Chair: Eritrea, Qatar

      UN General Assembly Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization), Vice-Chair: Iran, Rapporteur: Somalia

      UN General Assembly Sixth Committee (Legal), Vice-Chair: Pakistan, Rapporteur: Venezuela

      UN Human Rights Council, Members: China, Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela

      UN Commission on the Status of Women, CSW Members: Algeria, Bahrain, China, Congo, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan

      UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Executive Board: Burkina Faso, China, Ethiopia, Russia, Sierra Leone, Sudan

      UN Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT), Advisory Board, Chair: Saudi Arabia

      UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice: Afghanistan, Belarus, China, Egypt, Iran, Mauritania, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia

      UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs: Afghanistan

      UN Economic and Social Council, President: Zimbabwe, ECOSOC Members: Afghanistan, Algeria, Belarus, Burkina Faso, China, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey

      UN Women, President: United Arab Emirates, Executive Board: Bahrain, China, Gabon, Iran, Yemen

      • Dave the Infidel

        This is by far the funniest thing I have read all week. To imagine that the countries listed here are even ON any of these committees is mind-blowing. It’s no wonder the UN is so worthless. They’ve put the inmates in charge of the prison!

    • Dave the Infidel

      The UN has ALWAYS been a useless organization. It is made up of apologists that do nothing but sit on their hands in fear of offending someone, member nation or not.

  • missnellie

    AND NOW YOU PAY THE PIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Johan Patrik Engellau sees the problem in immigration & multiculturalism. No, the problem is the Muhammad-cult & not immigration or multiculturalism or globalism or whatever he wants to present as scape-goat.
    The problem is the Muhammad-cult & he doesn’t even name it out of multiple possible reasons: complicity or retardedness.
    Come up with multiculturalism as the problem & you will only produce resistance & a facade behind which the true problem, the Muhammad-cult can hide, plot & strive.
    That’s the reason why there is no popular, conscious, political movement for human rights against the worldwide Muhammad-cult.
    The police chief Lars Alversjø says the legal system is collapsing.
    The legal system is collapsing because of a mental conservatism, a retardedness. The legal system must be cultivated, developed so it what? -protects ethics: human rights & ecology, steadily. The legal system must be maintained like a garden.
    It is like a product that must be refined so it serves the high standard of satisfaction.
    Socialism is a product. It is an achievement that must be cultivated like a toilet, like technology, so it serves the common good.
    If you don’t have the passion to radically refine the legal system in the service of human rights & ecology you know you’re in the wrong domain.
    In the Muhammad-cult the development of the legal-system is haram, forbidden, Islamic conservatism or death is the only sad option in the Muhammad-cult tyranny.
    #BoycottIslam #Shariafreeworld
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.

    • Inmate of Diversityland

      Deny the differences in people at your own peril. A serious study of anthropology wouldn’t hurt you. Just sayin. Islam flowed from the people, not the other way around. People produced it. What kind of people? How did it suit their wants?

  • antoniathatcher

    Swedes need to organize secret citizens groups and secretly retaliliate against the muslims.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The only thing swedes will organize is more “welcome refugee” parades as they are so remarkably stupid they think the cure is to just love their murderers a bit more.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Help from abroad? lol, don’t count on it, unless you mean Russia :)

    1. Stop immigration.
    2. Seal off the no-go zones, with checkpoints, don’t let anyone in or out without checking them, deport troublemakers immediately.


      “… deport execute troublemakers immediately”.

      There. Fixed it for you.

      • Dave the Infidel

        I’ve always wanted to know how that strike through was done!

    • Dave the Infidel

      Once they seal off the no-go zones, they need to drop a few low-yield nukes in there to eradicate the cockroaches. There won’t be anyone to deport that way. They’re all troublemakers, so that would take care of that. The place most likely stinks to heaven, is full of trash, and won’t be unusable for anything else once you get rid of the zombies anyway. And of course this is all just talk. I would NEVER advocate the wanton destruction of ANY community, no matter how much they deserved it.

  • James Kirk

    S = Satanic
    O = Offspring
    R = Ruining
    O = Our
    S = Societies

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I don’t think the muslum petrocracies or muslum terrorist outfits take their marching orders from Soros — if anything it’s vice-versa.

  • amandakoserium

    Sweden is a very socialist country. Like benefits for all from the cradle to the grave. I lived there for four years. Now they are being bombarded with ill will from all the refugees, particularly Muslims, they allowed into their country. The Muslims want to take over and establish Sharia law. And they mean business. They are set to conquer the world , kill Christians in particular and anyone else who opposes their Sharia law.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Who on earth didn’t see this coming?, Oh, wait. Never mind.

  • Biminitwist

    Stop their benefits. They will leave on their own.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    We don’t need no stinkin’ Volvos.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      What do you have against Chinese cars?

      Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, has unveiled a new manufacturing strategy for China in which production capacity will be increased and China will be developed into a global manufacturing and export hub servicing growing demand for its new range of cars in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

      Volvo Cars will make its top-of-the-range S90-series cars based on its Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) at its plant in Daqing, Heilongjiang province, in northern China. It also announced today that production of the new S90 premium sedan will in future be moved from Europe to China.

      The Swedish company also announced that existing and future 60-series medium-sized SPA-based cars will be built at its plant in Chengdu, Szechuan province, in Western China, while its planned 40 series smaller cars, based on its Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), will be made at a plant that is currently being built in Luqiao, 350km south of Shanghai.

      “With three plants – and the designation of one car line for each plant – Volvo creates an efficient production structure ensuring future capacity for growth,” said Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        Interesting, thanks.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Over the years I have had two volvos, it was almost fascinating how many ways they could break down. They were swedish models from the 1970’s.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It’s funny how the Communist PRC exploits the new proletariat in their manufacturing plants for profit. Most of the people working in factories are from rural areas of the PRC. From what I understand the rural people working in the factories aren’t allowed to say, go to public schools in the urban areas in which they work.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The Chinese are very pragmatic, if they want to make a profit, that is what they do, they do not find ways to prevent it. Same as with public order, stepping out of line in China is most unadvisable.

  • Deplorable Jon in MD

    Hey Swedish ” welcome refugees” feminists! You lose when the Islamist take over. No more BS when Achmed makes you his slave.

    Karma a brass balled Bi!T(h, ain’t it.

  • Terry B

    Too late! Your elected government just gave the entire country away to radical Islamic terrorists.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL, “radical islamic terrorists” as opposed to what? Moderate islamic terrorists?

  • Scooby Doo

    Simple solution. Let the men run everything again run out every Muslim close every mosque and start getting married and having babies again u dumb fools!

  • Danny’sgirl

    Sweden’s problem is that they put women in charge. They are now reaping the benefits of feminism. May God help them.

  • Deplorable/dx

    Sweden needs help to give out hugs and kisses to the immigrants.
    Also we need to organize a teddy bear drive for the leftover swedes since they have run out of them .

  • Deplorable/dx

    If you really want to help the swedish send them Vaseline …..a lots of it ,they will needed .

  • Gary Mathis

    No help for Sweden. To Hell with them. Let them fight their own civil war.

  • johan eary

    Remember when president Trump talked about problems and attacks in Sweden and how he was ridiculed by the dishonest mainstream media?

  • Tonya Parnell


  • Robert Batchelor

    If they want their country back then they need to start with the leadership that created the situation; the same way Egypt threw the Muslim Brotherhood out.

  • Chris Lawrence

    You have to wonder at what point cognitive dissonance equals suicide and you can pull your own head out of your…? Honestly, I hope the vigilanty groups who are probably breaking a host of Swedish laws are ready to fight, the Police are exhausted and demoralized and the Military is insufficient. Once the fit hits the shan, bet on ordinary Swedes who are fed up to do the heavy lifting to save their country. I just wonder how many weapons the Moslems have smuggled in. You can count on it, they have.

  • Eugene Kaptur

    Please note, that unlike it’s neighbors, during WWII Sweden faked neutrality, while the other Scandinavian countries fought against the Germans instead of aiding them!

    • jjeffs63

      Along with Switzerland, Sweden laundered gold and currency stolen from the Reich’s victims and provided other services. The only reasons they were respected as “neutral”.

  • Peter Joffe

    “Help us — help us” Why when you will not help yourselves? You welcomed the devils into your once peaceful homeland and now you want our help to get rid of them?? Burn you “Immigrants Welcome ” signs and start getting rid of every Muslim that has a Koran in his or her house. You invited Islam in and now you have a real problem. Islam is a death sentence for Sweden and you begged for it!!! How much time do have left?? Not much if any I am afraid.

  • No point in crying over spilled milk…

  • harbidoll

    61 state solution horrible

  • dad1927

    let go…. It does not deserve to exist anymore.

    sounds like silence

  • Alleged Comment

    You have the military power to remove all Moslems from your soil. What you lack is the WILL power. No one can help you with this.

    Yahuah has broken the pride of your power due to your sin. So He placed your enemy right under your noses for a future catastrophe and punishment.

  • Annie

    The Swedish National Police Commissioner went on national television and
    actually said “help us, help us” – and explained that Swedish police forces can
    no longer uphold the law – meaning breakdown of society is on its way.

    But how can that be? After a Muslim mowed down people in Stockholm
    with a truck two months ago, slaughtering four and injuring fifteen – Swedish
    King Carl Gustav, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and Stockholm Mayor Karin
    Wanngard insisted at the memorial service that “Sweden will always be
    peaceful and tolerant” and that “Stockholm will remain an open and tolerant
    city”. Surely only two months ago in April, these leaders must’ve known
    of the perils endangering law and order in Sweden?

    Of course they did – and they couldn’t care less! BTW – the deadly Muslim
    trucker, Rakhmat Akilov, demanded to be represented by a Sunni Muslim
    lawyer – that is, if the court system in Sweden hasn’t broken down by the
    time the case goes to trial.

    FU, Swedish leaders. Locked and loaded here in America.

  • Janet

    Help them now? It’s a little late for that. They let way too many of these unruly savages into their country and now they’re screwed plain and simple! They’re not the only ones either. We all know that Italy, France, Germany and Britian are in trouble too! Can only hope that here in the US they will take note of what’s going on in the EU! They are all being destroyed by these ungrateful POS they thought would assimilate. Never going to happen not now or ever!

  • CreoleGumbo

    Swedes have always given me the sense that feel themselves to be morally superior to Americans. After all they are not racists and they do not kill people and everyone in Sweden is equal to everyone else. Maybe it is time for them to rethink their opinions and deal with the mess that they have created. I am sure that their national police chief and others like him have the resources to stage a military style coup of the current government if they had the will to do so. But I suspect that they do not have the will to kill people, which they will have to do.

    It their own national police chief, who I presume has the best access to arms, can’t organize a resistance who can?

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Stop welfare payments to military age muslim males.

  • LeslieFish

    Is Finland willing to help? Are Swedish citizens allowed to own and carry firearms? What about other range weapons, such as air-rifles or crossbows? The Swedish police should go on strike until their government allows them — and the army, and the armed citizens — to round up and throw out the invaders.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      swedish non females don’t even pack balls, how would they pack anything else?

  • jkarna

    Goodbye Sweden, Hello Swedenstan. They laughed at Trump.

  • mariaveintiuno

    Help a bunch of idiot lefties?
    Never! Let them rot in their own filth.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      There would be no point in helping them, while others were dying to liberate sweden, they would be welcoming more muslims in.

  • John D. Horton

    1. First Month: Declare a state of war against the Moslem Horde Army.
    Immediately cut off all welfare. 30 day amnesty for all of the Moslem Horde Army to self-deport via free train ride to the border.
    2. Second Month: Authorize Swedish bounty hunters to liquidate the Moslem Horde Army paying $100 / head deceased.
    3. Third Month: Hire the Russian Spetsnaz to do a mop-up operation on any of the remaining Moslem Horde Army. Each Russian solder will receive $100 bonus for every head that he brings to the Swedish Military Pay Depot.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The Swedish military would first have to deal w/the traitorous muslum collaborators in their own government, perhaps by giving them a final choice of cigarettes and/or blindfold.

      • John D. Horton

        The Swedish military does not exist in reality and is extremely small. Most of the men in the military are elderly and it has a significant percentage of females who can’t do any actual combat. If the Swedish military had any power, authority or ability, it would have dealt with the Islamic Army Horde when it first made an appearance decades ago and not let the Islamic Army Horde take over and control 60+ districts in Sweden (i.e. Swedish no-go zones = Islamic Army Horde only control zones). Swedish tanks and Air Force bombers could have eliminated the no-go zones 20 years ago when the problem was small. Sweden has not fought in an actual “war” in over 200 years and none of its military members have any actual combat experience.

        The Swedish vigilantes will set up “Peoples Courts for the Extermination of Lesbian / Feminist / Witch Traitors” which will conduct 5 minute show trials and the convicted traitors will either be shot and dumped in a sewer pit or sold to China for organ harvesting or sold to Africa as sex slaves. This will include the extermination of all Swedish females who bred with the Islamic Army Horde which produced children of miscegenation and pollution of the Swedish ethnicity.

        This way Russian is the only foreign power which will have boots-on-the-ground initially because there is no other country which is not afraid to fight and kill the enemy. The US will provide logistical and financial support to Russia in exchange for the right to jointly administer Sweden as a Russia – US Protectorate. Once the war starts and the Islamic Army Horde did not take advantage of the 30 day amnesty to self-deport, all Moslems will be executed or sold to China for organ harvesting.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          After WW2 Fwance had a mass executions of nazi collaborators — some of which were done extra-judicially.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Maybe they can pray to atheist science to help them or maybe the atheist Dear Leader of N. Korea.

  • drummie

    The “humanitarian catastrophe” has already occurred. Islam has reached the point in Sweden that it will take military intervention (war) to stop the onslaught. Islam does not peacefully “coexist” with anyone. It is either in charge or is laying the groundwork to take over. When will people everywhere realize that Islam never ended their war against humanity. They will spread the barbarism until THEY are stopped. It will not be pretty but war never is. The Third World War is already happening, and it is not so far against any nation state, but against the barbarism that IS Islam. Either defeat Islam, or be subjugated by it.

  • BigMG

    It’s important for a Police State to have someone to police. Since the Swedes were too good natured, the EU had to import chaos.
    Now the police are begging for reinforcements and the local Swedes are saying, ‘okeydokey’.

  • Philip Pratley

    All other invaded Countries….take warning !!!!

  • Dee Lee

    Europeans don’t get it; when your own leaders despise what you represent, it’s time to realise you got what you want when you elected them.

  • jjeffs63

    Once again, the Jews were the canary in the coal mine. “Immigrants” have been making life h3ll for Jews in Malmo for many years and nobody cared. Swedes, you’ve done this to yourself!

  • GR Arnold

    I’m a retired LEO and I’ll go help them in a moment’s notice. Exception is that I won’t provide assistance THEIR way. Couple US police tactical teams deployed over there for about 90 days should do the trick. Europeans cannot concept that at all though (which is why they have this problem and need help in the first place).

  • Tilt

    Don’t help them, they brought it on them selves and lectured every body else for supposedly being “intolerant” and ‘Islamophobic”

    Sweden should to be made an example to what happens to an arrogant, self righteous, “progressive” country, that submits to Islam

    At this point, for the sake of the normal/innocent Swedes, I can only hope they rise and take back (civil war) their country back from the progressive cult of muslim ass lickers that are destroying their country

  • peakpower

    There are a couple of ways to deal with this. Forciblely take the feminist officials and drop them off in the middle of the no go zones scantilly dressed for quite and do harassment and worse by the Koranderthals. Also, to get rid of the no go zones…….Simply cut off the power and the water. They would be forced out in a matter of days. By by muzzles and don’t EVER COME BACK.

  • bannedquran20

    sweden took the position of fours a long time ago rather then to have fought for their culture and their freedom against an enemy who wants them dead. The eu (the majority of them) is following the example of sweden. The situation in the eu, reminds me of the time that mulsim zombie armies conquered most of the eu, parts of Spain and northern part of Africa until the crusades began in which they finally fought off the muslim zombies off of their land and chased them back to their own miserable countries. What the eu needs now is another Charles the Hammer Martel mentally, (a man or a woman) to get you fighting and talking control of your respective countries.

  • Apothis

    It’s real simple; You round them up and send them back to their native countries, where they belong.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Or feed ’em to that Tiger. Tigers have to eat too!

  • Doug Shupe

    Have had a working hypothesis for over 5 years that many of Western Civilization’s citizenry have lost their survival instinct. Unfortunately, stories such as this one give my theory credence.

  • MikeMarkCA

    Oh those Swedes, they are so Islamaphobic.

  • David

    They better start shooting their enemies !

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    There are only 10 million Swedes. This should give you some idea of the fragility of the situation. When the fathers of Sweden would rather allow their daughters to be sexually harassed and raped than to ‘seem politcally incorrect’ it is pretty much ‘game over’.

  • C.Martel

    Where are the signs” refugees welcome”????

  • joc22

    We all knew this was going to happen. Sorry to say Swedish people but either the men and women return to their noble
    and proud Viking heritage and start to fight back they are done for, If their feminist/Libtard govenrment doesn’t wake up , then they might as well cut their daughters clitoris’s off themselves and dress them in bed sheets and sell them to the highest bidder like the Muslims do.
    Can’t help myself but HA HA HA we told you so. Anyone want to bet which EU nation will be the next to fall????

  • marblenecltr

    The last paragraph reveals the implementation of a plan presented by Kissinger in a 1992 presentation to Bilderberg members. In that talk, he used the United States as the victim so attacked by an overwhelming foreign force that a call to the United Nations would seem to be required for rescue. Sacrifice of freedoms and submission to world would be welcomed by the population made defenseless. That is the objective of the United Nations/New World Order.

  • ronan

    Hey Robin-Right you are. They get what they deserve. They voted and it has consequences.

  • Ayna

    The police is one of the biggest accomplices in Swedistans pro-islam voting cattle replacement tactics policy.
    One man who obviously doesn’t agree, isn’t going to make a difference.

    Swedistan is Muslim infested to it’s highest levels, as are more West-European countries.
    They are finished, and beware of the foreign government that’s going to spend tax money to help them clean out their own islamic mess.

    Those islam-collaborating politicians -already under scrutiny these days- will be voted off the stage

  • Reverend Joe Ruyle

    This was Obama’s plan for America. Places where they have bred to become a majority are already converting to Islamic law over the Constitution. Bleeding heart leftists exempt Muslims from punishment because they don’t want to upset them or appear to not support their “religion.” They fail to understand that there will be NO like treatment when the tables are turned. Islam will wipe us off the face of the earth with a smile. Islam itself tells us what we must do…… fight or die. I might die fighting but I will not die without a fight. Sweden? Nut up boys. Time to get bloody.

  • James

    The first group of people the Swedes must get rid of even before attempting to deal with the immigrants are are these natives:

    • Mahou Shoujo

      swedish female politicians, they look positively bovine. Fine examples of muslim’s brood sows.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        That’s the thing about Swedish girls, there seems to be a myth that they are good looking, never seen one first hand though, they make me want to run the other direction. I was actually rude to a relative once, without meaning to be, because the girl scared me so much. Also they may have a bad temper.

        Did see a good looking Norwegian girl once, but she didn’t age well, poor thing. Still, a very nice person.

        Some of them get frighteningly and grotesquely ugly with age.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The swedes have been telling fairy tales for years, Hans Christian Anderson must have been inspired by swedish girls for the assorted trolls, witches and other monstrosities that permeate his work.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Give them some credit, they’ve come a long way from being the illiterate, Stone-Age savages they were only 1500 years ago.

  • Number9Number9


  • Frank Brady

    Problem – Reaction – Solution…This has been a long thought out Problem! the REACTION is predictable, what will the ultimate SOLUTION be?

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Sweden’s transformation into the failed state of Swedenistan keeps getting closer.

  • Stephen Honig

    Sweden has to take 180 degree turn from it’s liberalism and its insanity to stop Muslim rule. Pick up your arms and kill all Muslims and they repatriate.

  • hal8196

    They have turned their back to God, and are receiving a judgment….a loss of their country and culture…They are the first European domino to fall…..there will be others…They have sacrificed their citizens at the altar of multiculturalism and diversity. It is foreshadow what will have to Canada and ultimately the United States unless we push back.

  • Henry Hawk

    the globalists have their puppets and they have sold out humanity for the satanic cult called islam to enslave the world

  • RicoOS

    A couple of weeks ago (immediately after Manchester) I was in a taxi with an Indian taxi driver, the subject came up and he asked me why the hell we tolerate these people? He then proceeded to tell me how proud he was of the way the Indian Army deals with Islamists… i.e ZERO tolerance.

    But I guess that’s what happens, when your country has a history of fighting these people for centuries.

  • Carol

    Seems Sweden like the rest of the EU are going to get trouble. The pols have their head up their derriere. What a shame for the Swedish population. Hope our pols wake up so it doesn’t happen here.

  • John

    love how everyone is just now realizing the angry racist Americans were right all along! We never wanted these Muslim invaders! We told the world not to trust them. That this is all a big trap. No one listened. Now they’re all crying for help! Grow some balls and rise up! We Americans have our own problems. We’re tired of bailing out the world every time they do something stupid!

    • Dave the Infidel

      But aren’t we “the world’s policemen”? When I was younger I used to believe that. That we would be the guys in white hats, roaring up on our white horses, ready to save the day anytime something bad happened in the world. But altruism is nearly dead and people can go screw themselves. They get themselves in these stupid messes and the wait for the guys in white hats with the big “US” on the front to come riding in to save them. So they can get into trouble again. And again. World War One & World War Two didn’t teach Europe anything. And it’s time we let the rest of the world stand on their own two feet for a change. Except that we can’t. If Europe falls, it will not only create great economic problems for the rest of the world, but it will embolden the Zombies and provide them with a springboard and ready made armies to attack the United States. And we would be in danger from several sides. The Far East has become one of the greatest strongholds of the Zombies, but they also have a small toehold in Central America, (that part which isn’t staunchly Catholic) and Canada probably won’t outlast Sweden by much as it is becoming a liberal swillpot more every day. Unfortunately our world has become a great domino train. One little push anywhere along the line will send the whole train falling.

  • Gunter

    It turned out that it was the “intelligentsia”, educators and professorial class that instituted most of the horrific policies during the NAZI regime. Goebbels (propaganda minister) nearly perfected the brainwashing of an entire nation.

    It is no different here: the socialist Swedish populace, all “progressive” with their Third Wave feminism – which is little more than Marxism’s “Critical Theory” infecting a once noble movement – opened their arms to their subjugators.

    In short, the stupid in Sweden goes straight to the bone. If I were President Trump, I would ban most of WESTERN European immigration to the USA at the earliest possible opportunity; that is how dangerous the epic stupid of Europe has become.

    “The interests of Muslims and the interests of the Socialists coincide in the war against the Crusaders.” [Western civilization]
    ~ Osama bin Laden, February 12th, 2003, Al Jazeera Television

    “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.”
    ~ Bobby Jindal, former Gov. of Louisiana

    “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”
    ~ Ayn Rand

    “European Leaders Agree to Create Eurabia”
    From the Brussels Journal:

    “An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.”
    ~ Arnold Toynbee

    • Dave the Infidel

      The intelligentsia are still alive and well, even here in the U.S.. They are the greatest internal threat this nation has. The liberals in government and those in academia will be the downfall of our own country if we don’t do something very, very soon. Every day we are beginning to hear more and more about professors who are voicing beliefs that, 50 years ago, would have been scandalous and they are instilling this garbage in our youth. This has gone on, to some extent, since the free love decade of the 60’s. It is making our country more open to a no-go let invasion by turning our own citizens into mindless idiots that think globalism is the best way for us to exist. “A world without borders!” I hear it more and more from the drones in the media and it scares the crap out of me.

  • dilligaf421

    give them two weeks to leave to whatever country of their choice,then it’s open season with no bag limit and no rules of engagement. otherwise, they will succeed in their caliphate.

  • CreoleGumbo

    Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, spoke on national television and pleaded for assistance: “Help us, help us!,”….. 80 percent of the country’s law enforcement officers are considering quitting their jobs is a clear sign of a police force that is completely demoralized.”

    How pathetic!
    As I understand there are no gun allowed in Sweden. If any group of people are in a position to do something about this it would be the National Police Commissioner along with the 80% of law enforcement (the only ones in Sweden with guns and ammo) who are fed up. If this man with 80% of his force cannot try to stage a coup then who does he expect will do it? What a bunch of cowards.

    • Dave the Infidel

      I replied above that there are most likely more guns in the Islamic no-go zones than in the entire Swedish army. THAT’S probably what these guys are afraid of. That, and being fired for actually doing their jobs. The cops bosses, the government pansies, don’t want to upset their new overlords after all.

      • CreoleGumbo

        Yes you are correct. But the ability to gain control depends on the will to fight and it seems as it they have no will. How many battles have been won by strategy and simply showing the enemy that you are not afraid. The best and most recent example that I can think of is the war for Israeli independence in 1948. The Jews were outnumbered in manpower and in fire power; but the minute that they fired back the Arabs all ran away – because they did not expect their gunfire to be met with anything.

        I really have no sympathy for the Swedes. They have brought this on themselves and now they are asking other people to save them while they sit back in fear of losing their jobs or being injured. And interestingly they have not clearly specified exactly what it is they want others to do to help them.

  • Dan Knight

    If a cop arrests a violent Muslim, what do the Swedes do? Suspend him? Investigate him? Fire him? Certainly we know he’s an Islamophobe. We know what happens.

    This is already here in Texas – better to drive away without an incident report than admit the criminal was an illegal – that’s the way to avoid getting a ton of bricks on your head. So it’s a wonder Sweden still has any cops at all.

    And I’d bet the Swedes are still in full denial.

    And whose going to stop it? Us?

    If we do an Iraq / Afghanistan war in Sweden – we will wind up ethnically cleansing the Lutherans – and establishing a Sharia constitution. We aren’t ready for the responsibility.

    Just sayin’

  • catfish252

    First cut off all of the government money and freebies to the leeches, now I’ll bet if you arm the Swedish men and women and organize them along with your military and local police forces you could handle it. Place siege troops around the no-go zones keep them contained, once they are all contained give them an ultimatum go home or die let them make the choice if they choose the latter send in the troops to their strongholds and eradicate them one by one. It’s that or give them your country because before too long they will have it all anyway. PS Have you given NATO a call?

  • Your government is totally responsible for this invasion of Sweden by Islamic radical terrorists. They opened the doors and welcomed in these barbarians who are there to take and rule over your country. There is only one way to fix this! Round every Muslim up and deport them, no matter what the cost and it will cost dearly. Once you begin you can’t stop until all are gone from your country. There is no alternative.

  • KitCarson CarsonCity

    MY family in Sweden – Stand up and FIGHT for your country. Stop the invaders – Get off your asses, take action to reclaim what was once yours.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      sweden cannot be helped as it will not help itself. What do they expect? To sit back, organize welcome refugee parties while the rest of the world cleans up the mess they made of their country?

      • Craig

        It it not odd that the muslims can get guns, but the Swedes cannot?
        Cowardice and ‘metrosexualist fancy boys’ have done Sweden in.
        Not to mention, their females and their ‘jungle love’ fascination.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          True, the feminist version of super socialism has very conveniently proven to be super stupid. First the swedes castrate their men, then import stud monkeys to replace them. When thought about, it is proof of how stupid western europeans have become. Like the old Canadian indian who’s blanket was too short, he cut one end off and sewed onto the other to lengthen it.

          • Pathfinder0100

            On the floor again—

          • Mahou Shoujo

            This is not good, it is starting to happen too regularly.

  • marlene

    The country needs military intervention NOW. What the hell do they think “Help us” “Help us” means?

  • Tresia Eachus Mitchell

    Never would I think in 2017 that we would EVER see what is/has been going on in Europe. The one to go after and hold accountable are their leaders in Brussels & Merkel. What did they honestly think when they opened their arms to an ideology that hates civilized nations ? I am just a housewife, but saw this abt 2 ys now…now what ?

  • Vicky060

    I doubt that Muslim immigration is severely straining the country. But the say that sweetens on the verge of Civil War seems dubious. First the Swedish government has lots of money. It is a well-run country economically . Secondly the Swedish military is well-trained and equipped. Now whether the government has the political will to use it is another story. As Herbert Stein aptly put it, if something can’t continue, it won’t.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      No economy can function when it has a large number of welfare bums taking, that means the rest have to provide, that is ok so long as they can produce products at a profit, western europe has priced itself out of the market, oriental products are of better quality and better price, no one is buying brand names any more, or paying attention to point of origin. It is all price.

  • robscottw

    All of Western Europe is going to need help pretty soon.

    But, since in the US we seem determined to go down the same road don’t expect the US to send it.

    It seems Europe has chosen civilizational suicide and only they can reverse that decision.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    springtime for muslims and liberals
    winter for sweden and france
    we’re all marching to a PC pace
    look out here comes the master faith

    fascism is fashion again

  • The Virginian

    They let those barbarians into a peaceful country and are just “NOW” thinking that they made a mistake.Let them learn from their tragic mistake which has ruined a beautiful though liberal society.Time to fight back cupcakes………..but really,it’s way to late.

    • Tom Tully

      Let us learn from their tragic mistakes! I see pockets of islamic takeover already here in the United States with no resistance from the authorities. Dearborn, Michigan is a prime example and there are many more obvious indications of a growing cancer spreading unchecked throughout the country. Without any acknowledgment of this creeping disease we will surely find our self in the same situation . THERE WILL BE NO PLACE TO GO!

      • Dave the Infidel

        There are already armed, isolated training camps in almost every state in the U.S., some states have more. I live near one and can attest to the fact that they exist. The zombies are both overtly and covertly planning the takeover of the United States in their quest to fulfill the requirements of the Qur’an for the “worldwide caliphate”. We need to actively begin a resistance campaign soon, or we will begin to look like Europe. I know this sounds like conspiracy theorist garbage, but that’s what Germany and the rest of Europe thought only a few years ago. The Muslims for the most part are mindless animals that either know exactly what the Qur’an says and look to make it happen, or they have no idea what it says and just go along with whatever their leaders tell them, until it’s too late and they are caught up in the violence. Jihad has nothing to do with peace. Muhammad, that blood thirsty pedophile that we all know and hate, started something 1400 years ago that now needs to be stopped, one way or another. But this is all just the opinion of a raving lunatic. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  • Jonathan Brooks

    This is, by the feminazi government, white genocide, to cater to the Islamic madmen. Sweden is toast, because the public is being fed to an Islamic chipper shredder, and the feminists will not be enslaved but murdered like the rest. This is not a blending of cultures, because converting will not save the Swedes, since they will slowly be killed off by the Muslims, whose rules are endless, and the only punishment is torture, maiming or death. If you doubt me, ask the Yasidi who survived endless weeks of gang rapes and torture for the crime of being white.

    • Michael Buley

      Everything you say is correct. And what they are doing there, they intend to do here. Here, I suspect, they are going to meet actual resistance. Armed resistance.

      Blending of cultures means destruction of the white race, per the Kalergi plan. It’s long been underway.

  • DancerTiffy

    Military intervention from where—–exactly? France? Germany? The UK? HA HA NO NO. Maybe Turkey?
    Perhaps Saudi Arabia could militarily intervene?
    America? yeah—in your dreams.
    Most of us here on Breitbart have known for quite some time that Sweden is gone. There is really nothing left worth saving, and even if there was, there is no one to save it.
    Sweden RIP
    Europe RIP

    • Michael Buley

      funny. I had a few notes with a fellow who claimed he lived in Sweden. He assured me that no, this is overblown, Sweden is fine. The 61 no go zones? Oh, not so, he claimed! IF he lives in Sweden, and is blind himself to what he going on, then there is, as you say, no hope whatsoever.

      • DancerTiffy

        Yes, many of the males in Sweden have chosen not to see what is happening, and what has happened is that marxist feminists have taken over the government and are destroying the Swedish patriarchal culture. So, many males are in denial about what is happening; they have detached themselves from the reality of it all. I suspect that they are embarrassed about all of it, so they choose not to see it.
        Normally, the males would be rushing to the rescue, but such is not the case in Sweden.
        The male attitude over there is: out of sight–out of mind.

        • Michael Buley

          Perhaps we can call them males. But they’re not at all my definition of men.

        • Craig

          Have you seen the nightclubs? Full of blonde, blue-eyed females and dark or black muslim ‘men’, not a white Swedish male in the bunch.
          The Swedish women have a severe fascination for dark ‘men’. We have had many pictures of these clubs on here.
          Frankly, the Swedes, get what they wanted and asked for.

          • DancerTiffy

            Yeah, the Western (white) girls have pretty much abandoned their Western-white-male counterparts and are embracing the muslim males. Absolutely Amazing. It looks to me as if the West has already completely lost the war. It is certainly is not a war in the traditional sense.
            Has there ever been a case in recorded history where the females rush out to embrace the invading army?
            I remember the day after the New Years Eve mass rape of the white girls in Germany and every other western european country, The next day, after the mass rapes, White girls poured out of their homes, holding flowers in the arms, and looking for Muslim males to give the flowers to.
            Yeah—-game over—resistance is futile at that point,
            It may have something to do with the fact that testosterone levels in Western males has dropped by 50% in the last 50 years, and is currently dropping by 1% a year. No one seems to know why this is happening, but it is, and it perhaps can help explain the collapse of western civilization.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Pray to atheist science for your deliverance oh people of Swedenistan! Atheist science will provide!

  • voidist

    the swedes got what they wanted….and they like the govt. they have,,,,,, otherwise they would have long replaced it…either way….the people get the govt. they deserve

  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Wayne Petersen

    This is a prime example of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to destroy any sense of nationalism and force a soverign country to succumb to a New World Order. By the mixing of the ‘races’ and diluting any form of patriotism, the population will revise history, eventually erasing the memory of independence. The elites will rule the masses by force.

    • Michael Buley

      The more people who are aware of the Kalergi plan, the better. NONE of this by ignorance or accident. And yes, multiculturalism and diversity are basically code words for ‘destroy the white race’ — which built much of Western civilization.

  • Ron rockit

    To the foreign ministry of Sweden: Something that you can not blame on Israeli settlements or Jews outright…..What will you do with an endless supply of moslems?

  • Omega Man

    I like the Russian way of dealing with illegal immigrants:

  • Gill Payne
    • Dave the Infidel

      Every liberal government throughout history has destroyed itself from within. Rome, Sweden and California are three that immediately come to mind.

      • bikerken

        Detroit, Baltimore.

  • Xwingfighter1138

    How can anyone else save a people who are lost inside? They will just do it again.
    They have to fight for their way of life or become slaves.

  • Michelle

    As ye sow; so shall ye reap. Too many years of gutless pacifism and too few wars have removed the Swedish backbone and it serves them right. Now the only chance that they have is to FIGHT to save Sweden. can you see it?

  • Pavel Dudák

    Brave Pamela !

  • old003

    These poor miserable people ( Swedes)are so messed, they will never do what is necessary to save their country. That is kill the muslimes and rid their land of this disease.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    If the Islamist in the 61 no go zones of Sweden rise up against the authorities Sweden will fall. Swedes will be no match for 10’s of thousands of armed Mideast trained ISIS thugs. They are simply awaiting Allah’s call to turn Sweden into an Islamic Sharia state.
    Ironic isn’t’ it? Sweden a bastion of anti Semitic Israel hating Socialist government functionaries opened its door to like minded Muslim Jihadist Migrants and now pays the ultimate price.
    Seems Ikeas days really are numbered.

  • Poor refugees

    Poor children and women caused civil war in Sweden. Bring more refugees, we need to save them all

  • Steve Taylor

    Why should my son’s go and fight for what your sons won’t?? You created this mess by not voting in individuals that will serve and protect it’s citizens. Grow a pair and fight your own war!!

    • Craig

      I am afraid all those years of ‘metrosexualism’ has rendered Sweden a eunuch.

  • Craig

    Hey, Sweden..GROW A PAIR and deport the muslims. Pretty easy fix…assuming you have the guts.
    If not, then you will die, whimpering like a sheep, from your muslim terrorist masters.

  • Benny Rothman

    Now i have to be approved for comments…unreal

  • David

    Don’t help them. They laughed when we wanted to help, while the problem was smaller and easier to control. Now that it’s almost lost and the situation is dangerous for anyone to try, they want us in.

    Swedish police were arresting anyone who tried to do anything about it, rather than arresting the problem. We remember.

    “Well it’s too late, baby, aww it’s too late.” We have better things to do. It’s too hard now, for the possible benefit of rescuing a nation of cucks.

  • pfwag

    LIBs are simply so STUPID. Start shooting the scum.

    • Erica Ling

      There are an awful lot of liberals. How would we dispose of the bodies ?

  • Ian Edwards

    The armed forces have a duty to protect the state from attack and it is currently being subverted from within. So the answer is for the armed forces to mount a coup d’état on the government and declare martial law. Then all islamists are enclosed in their zones with no movement in or out followed by provision of the means to leave the country to a destination or destinations to be determined, zone by zone. Once departures have completed any refusing to leave their zone are forcibly removed or shot dead in the process if they resist. Then the armed forces take the key Barbera Spectre led lefties and put them on trial for subversion of the state Nuremberg style and their mere accomplices barred from holding public positions ever again and are put in prison to be de-lefticised. Once complete martial law can be ended and a date set for a new national election upon which power will be handed back by the armed forces to the new legitimate civilian government. This is a six month process. It is not a police matter. It is a national survival matter for the nations armed forces.

    • Erica Ling

      Like your thinking ! But this is SWEDEN. Have they got the collective guts ? And having no viable troops, it would have to be NATO bodies coming home in bags, bearing the cost, cleaning up their mess for them . And have Germany, France, UK, Belgium the will to do this ? They have their own problems and either left wing or crippled centrist governments who are as much to blame for this situation.

  • wilypagan

    It is a country ripe for the taking. If the government will not protect its people NATO should go in and clean out the no go zones.

  • Tatiana Covington

    So then, where is this possibly going? A final solution of the Muslim problem? I don’t want it to go there, but who knows, maybe they will just have to turn brutal.

    • Erica Ling

      There are only two options. The host country stops all further immigration, deports all offenders, no ifs or buts, imposes host country laws, bans all other “courts”, refuses to allow the existence of untenforscap. Makes its own national values clear and non negotiable. OR continue with the mealy mouthed prissy little submissive and Islam – protectionist policies now being pursued, which will inevitably lead to Sweden becoming the 50th. or 52nd Muslim state in the world. (fluctuating 50% population )

  • Ken Smith

    The only way for Sweden to gain control is have the military move in and remove them alll back to the Middle East by Cargo plane! No time to pack! Load’em up and move’em out!!

  • Alex backman

    As a half-Swede myself, my stomach turns and my blood broils in anger for there not being any more real Swedish men with the balls that would be willing to remove this scum from such a treasured land. The rape, pillage and murder of Sweden started in the 70s. My MORFAR (GrandPa) sternly warned me about these vile and inhuman Mohammedans. My family is probably rolling int heir graves right now! There are only pusillanimous little sissies in Sweden now. I think women are more courageous than these pussies we call ‘girly-men’.

    • Erica Ling

      Oh absolutely brave women ! But the only reason Sweden does not have an open civil war is because “Sweden’s feminist-liberal government is not putting up any real resistance against the Islamists. ” What courage and self restraint that must take. Perhaps also why so many emancipated western women appear to pursue the uber macho Arab /Muslim for sex, and sometimes marriage not just in Sweden. This article is just one small sample. Something to do with novelty and reputation?

  • David E Brown

    Soros is happy , his plan worked

  • muslimmustgo

    Sweden’s “leaders” should be hung in public for letting the koranimals in to begin with!!!!!

  • Max Rockatansky

    Just shoot them and be done with it.

  • David

    It’s certainly not Sweden’s main problem if Muslims do FGM on each other. Let them cut each other up. Maybe it’s not so bad to have no-go zones, as long as white people aren’t there. All you need to do there is have some spies to make sure they aren’t building weapons supplies or planning things inside their mosques. If it’s no go you’ve got to surveil them.

    But don’t spend money and risk cops’ safety going in there to impose a Swedish level of safety. You don’t want these people after all.

  • Richard Olofsson

    No-go zones do not exist in Sweden. The origin of the term being used in this country is an article by Per Gudmundsson who rather dramatically used this word for the Police’s list of prioritized areas: Often suburbs of the biggest cities where the police are doing both preventive and ”reactive” work. The absolute majority of the people in these areas appreciate the police’s presence even though there have been cases of attacks on Police and firefighters.

    The word no-go indicates immediate danger for anyone entering such an area at any time. But if you visit even the most infamous (mostly due to biased media coverage) suburbs in Sweden it wouldn’t be anything like the picture Pamela Geller is painting. You would see people going on with their daily lives, people from all corners of the world, each and everyone with their unique story. So if you’re not a xenophobe these are go-go zones.

    In Sweden we practise Swedish law. Any use of Sharia, like honour killings in the extreme case, is condemned even by the vast majority of the muslims.

    Johan Patrik Engellau is Chairman of the think tank ”Den nya välfärden” (The New Welfare Foundation) which openly supports the Sweden Democrats party. His statement about ”civil war” nothing but a lame attempt to smear the sitting government.

    The Sweden Democrats party is a populist party with roots in Swedish nazi movement.

    The burning of cars has increased and is sometimes interpreted as an act of frustration against growing social differences. But probably there is a large number of insurance frauds included.

    The polical term ”utanförskap” exists in all societies and it roughly means alienation. It refers to groups and individuals in a certain society, and not to an area, as claimed by Pamela.

    Alienation from work life is a serious problem for many people and so are the growing social differences.

    Alarmist, islamophobic, poorly researched texts like Pamela’s does not help to bridge these gaps, quite the opposite.

    • bikerken

      “No-go zones do not exist in Sweden.” Some people are just plain liars.

  • Don’t let the UN forces in, because they are filled with Muslims.

  • Dan

    “Even if the Swedish feminist government chose to fight back
    tomorrow, Sweden has nothing close to the paramilitary capacity needed
    to reverse this situation. That 80 percent
    of the country’s law enforcement officers are considering quitting
    their jobs is a clear sign of a police force that is completely
    demoralized. The military in this traditionally pacifist country is cut down to almost nothing, and there is no money to fix it.” P Geller


  • Barry Graham

    Solution: 1) Deportation order for ALL Muslims. 2) At gunpoint, Muslims are put on Large ships. 3) The ships are bound for Islamic ports. 4) A terrible accidental explosion of badly constructed ‘suicide vests’ causes each of the ships to sink far off shore. 5) A memorial vigil is held somewhere. What a shame, not a single one survived the journey on any of the ships. Happily, each of those transport vessels was old and about to be decommissioned. 6) Islam is declared a terrorist cult, members are to be shot on sight. NO Muslims are permitted into the country. Verification is accomplished with a questioner and a ham sandwich. Those failing the ‘verification’ are executed on the spot. There, problem solved.

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