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[ December 13, 2017 ]

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[ December 13, 2017 ]

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[ December 13, 2017 ]

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Remembering Neda: The Death of Freedom Movement in Iran


The only real freedom movement that took place in the Middle East was in Iran in the summer of 2009. Led by women, the Iranian people heeded President Bush’s call to freedom after seeing the then-free elections in Iraq coupled with the Cedar revolution and Rose revolution in Lebanon and Georgia respectively. These movements were pro-Western, seeking a peaceful change of power. But the Iranian and Persian protesters were a few months too late. Bush was gone. Obama had been installed, and he aided the mullahs in crushing the nascent freedom movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The protestors had a direct message for America’s president too: “You’re either with us or with them.” Obama showed them, didn’t he?

A handful of us reporting on the unimaginable savagery of the mullahs in Iran whole the elite media, Obama’s media, ignored the wholesale slaughter. The left is evil.

Neda Soltan joined the peaceful protests. She was shot dead in cold blood by the Islamic Republic in broad daylight in front of the world. And the world did nothing. On the contrary. Obama enriched, emboldened and nuclear-aided the mullahcracy.

Neda Soltan became a symbol of the Iranian uprising.

A CNN video to today’s carnage, you can see here:

A young woman tells of horror with tears, which she herself has witnessed. The security forces fired indiscriminately on demonstrators as if they were animals. It describes how young men were slaughtered with axes are: “This is a massacre, a genocide is Hitler … help us!”

Some political prisoners say they watched fellow detainees being beaten to death by guards in overcrowded, stinking holding pens. Others say they had their fingernails ripped off or were forced to lick filthy toilet bowls.

Many were raped to death.

Snapshots: Women of the revolution


Katherine provides these details of Neda’s murder by the Iranian mullocracy:

“A young woman who was standing aside with her father watching the protests was shot by a basij member hiding on the rooftop of a civilian house. He had clear shot
at the girl and could not miss her. However, he aimed straight her heart. I am a doctor, so I rushed to try to save her. But the impact of the gunshot was so fierce that the bullet had blasted inside the victim’s chest, and she died in less than 2 minutes.”

Remembering Neda, the Angel of Freedom—23 January 1983 – 20 June 2009) Murdered by the agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the Green Revolution (thanks to Amil Imani)
Those vicious Islamists, posing as Iranians, have been killing Iran piece by piece. In June 20, 2009, they killed an innocent magnificent young peaceful unarmed Iranian just to show how evil these savages are.
Dear Neda, on the dreadful day that the bullet of a henchman of tyranny pierced your young heart, you collapsed on the pavement, gasped for air as your crimson blood painted the black asphalt. Your music teacher tried desperately to revive you. He kept frantically telling you not to be afraid, not to be afraid. He was witnessing the death of his student and all he could do was to breathe encouragement in a vain hope of keeping you alive.
Dear Neda, your heart-breaking death will forever remain in our national archives as evidence against these criminals and in the hope that in a very near future justice will be served.
Dear Neda, your departure broke our hearts. Yet, by your untimely tragic death, you steeled our resolve to carry on with your mission.
Dear Neda, this is our covenant with you. We will never give up. We will pay any price and make any sacrifice to achieve the mission you have entrusted into our hands.

RIP, Daughter of Persia


Protester shouts from the crowd amidst a festive atmosphere at an election rally at the Heidarnia stadium in Tehran, Iran, Tuesday, June 9, 2009. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.


    Islam -it’s all about timing.
    First Bush, then Obama, then Trump.
    We need presidents that are part of a global agenda that condemns the Muhammad-cult.
    Note: The reported ripping off of fingernails is together with other to-do’s of Muhammad like burning, crucifying, decapitating, mass-murdering, stoning, ripping apart, amputating body-parts, raping on the treatment-list on what to do with non-Muslims.
    #BoycottIslam #Shariafreeworld
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam, is this what the women of the feminist movement want for civilization?

    • Ruthsfranklin

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    • Simba

      There is deafening silence in those quarters,

    • Dan Knight


      • Mahou Shoujo

        Would be nice to disagree, but you are right.

  • Fred

    Iran should have been leveled in 1979

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    SO WHAT !!!!
    We have had seen thousands,… tens of thousands of Neda’s being murdered in the name of ISLAM or ISLAMIC State sanctioned terrorism !
    Innocent Americans, Germans, British, and French citizens are murdered and the Saudi-DNC controlled media downplay it as just another criminal act !!!
    WAKE UP !!!

  • Pray Hard

    Death to Islam.

  • Lysy

    She was a beautiful, even HOT girl!

  • The people of Iran should just leave Islam altogether, they did follow some other religion a long time ago, right?

  • Joy Daniels Brower

    I was SO riveted reading, once again, the martyrdom of Neda! That image of her dead eyes looking up from the pavement where she fell after being shot will haunt me forever. At the time I thought that overthrowing the rotten, stinking mullahs who run that prison-country was a real possibility, so I was struck through the heart by Obama’s cold indifference to this heartfelt plea TO THE WORLD to save Iran! And from that moment, I knew – in my heart and my consciousness – that Obama was just one of the mullahs and was a sworn enemy of freedom. i knew then that he was The Enemy and was operating NOT under cover, but openly and with complete and total disdain for all that we hold dear in liberty and freedom. An enemy alien among us! Of course, the rest of the Ogime proved me right – and now he is living freely and openly, but now plotting to destroy the USA. May God strike him down and the Devil take his sorry ass to burn in Hell for all eternity!!

    • Bill Kay

      Amen brother AMEN !

      • Tm.

        I never could have imagined how bad this was, how people are struggling and dying for the sake of freedom. This poor young woman, and all of them.

    • Dan Knight

      Good for you Joy! … and joy be to you too.

      • Joy Daniels Brower

        A belated thanks for the shout-out, Dan – much appreciated! I would be blessed, indeed, if I am able to live to see Iran FREED from the clutches of the mullahs!!

  • The Profit MoeHamHead

    Thanks to President Jimmy Carter for Blessing the world with the ayatollahs. Stupid phuque Carter.

  • felix1999

    Obama warned Iran of an Israel attack.
    THAT would have been a good time to get Iran.

  • Alleged Comment

    SO sad…. YES, show her face EVERYWHERE, let her face be the sign of freedom!

  • Simba

    A great civilization,ruined by Islam.Their forefathers had resented the Arabs for bringing in Islam,now they have totally absorbed the “essence”.

  • Tm.

    My God, I can’t believe the extent of savagery one group inflicts on another. Why can’t people, adults, be allowed to be free? The people just want to be free. I’m going to pray for the Persians and the N. Koreans as well.
    I am astounding, very saddened by the extent of this violence, and what is worse is that we aren’t informed.

  • Dan Knight

    Love Muslims … abolish Islam and free them from their beliefs.

  • solange9

    Maybe we should start counting tweets.

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