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[ October 23, 2017 ]

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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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Tariq Ramadan calls MEMRI “vicious Islamophobic agency” for identifying Muslim leader justifying FGM in U.S.


Pseudo-moderate Tariq Ramadan is a silver-tongued stealth jihadist. His grandfather, Hassan al Banna, founded the Muslim Brotherhood, and Ramadan is the 21st century al Banna. He is renowned as a moderate, but has never preached the reform or rejection of anything in Islam.

As of 2009, Tariq Ramadan was persona non grata in Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Syria.

Under President Bush, Tariq Ramadan was banned from entering the US.

Under President Obama, Tariq Ramadan was welcomed in the US with open arms and the jihad-aligned academia followed suit.

On September 19, 2006, the government formally denied Ramadan’s visa application. A State Department statement said: “A U.S. consular officer has denied Dr. Tariq Ramadan’s visa application. The consular officer concluded that Dr. Ramadan was inadmissible based solely on his actions, which constituted providing material support to a terrorist organization.”

Ramadan himself remarked:

“The U.S. government’s actions in my case seem, at least to me, to have been arbitrary and myopic. But I am encouraged by the unwavering support I have received from ordinary Americans, civic groups and particularly from scholars, academic organizations, and the ACLU.”

The left loves him. They sure do love their killers. Tariq Ramadan is revered in academic circles. Great American thinkers, true scholars of Islam like Ibn Warraq and Wafa Sultan, are banned from university campuses, but this annihilationist is welcome.

“Tariq Ramadan calls MEMRI a ‘vicious Islamophobic agency’ for having identified a Muslim leader justifying female genital mutilations in the U.S.,” Point de Bascule, June 16, 2017:

On May 19, 2017, Imam Shaker Elsayed justified female genital mutilations (FGM) in a sermon at Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church (Virginia). The organization MEMRI published the video and a transcript of the sermon on its website.

The Imam defends FGM by claiming that it prevents girls from becoming hypersexually active.

After the leadership of the mosque has refused to fire its Imam over his stance, one of the mosque’s directors publicly resigned from his position.

This is the context in which Tariq Ramadan chose to weigh in on the issue on his Facebook page.

Tariq Ramadan condemned as “vicious” and “Islamophobic” the organization MEMRI, the messenger that published the sermon justifying FGM, and Ramadan stated that the debate on the issue should take place among Muslims. “Instead of exposing people, let us have an open internal debate,” Tariq Ramadan wrote.

While declaring himself opposed to FGM, Tariq Ramadan acknowledges that some Muslim scholars endorse the practice: “Even though I am against these practises as I think it is not the right Islamic interpretation, it cannot be denied that it was condoned by some Muslim scholars (even contemporary ones).”

This last excerpt completely contradicts fellow travelers of Islamists such as Charles Taylor who claim that FGM are not part of Islam because “it is not mentioned in the Koran.”

Islamic justifications of female genital mutilations are not based on the Koran but on hadiths, which are texts allegedly describing words, actions, and habits of the founder of Islam. Scholar Youssef Qaradawi mentions one of those hadiths in his justification of FGM

According to article e4.3 in the Sharia manual Umdat Al-Salik, whose English translation contains an endorsement by the Muslim Brotherhood-linked  International Institute of Islamic Thought, the excision of the clitoris is obligatory for the Shafii school of thought in Islam while being only optional for Hanbalis and “a mere courtesy to the husband” for Hanafis.

Reliance of the Traveller (English translation of the Umdat Al-Salik) / WebArchiveArchive.Today

Tariq Ramadan endorsed the Umdat Al-Salik in his book Radical Reform….

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Read the qur’an, read the parts where it clearly states that islam is mandated by a criminally insane pervert, to replace all governments, religious authorities except muslims and all cultures. To make it simple for the hard of thinking, democrats, it means that every muslim is a militant with the purpose of overthrowing the American government and all things, related to western culture, law, government, life style and religion. Can you say “sedition”?

  • Pray Hard

    Hey, Tariq, f*ck you. Come and get me.

  • AutismusTheGreat

    MEMRI is a wonderful agency. They simply report , verbatim, on what is said. They do not comment. Please support them with a small donation if you can.

    • Marycfernald

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    • Janet

      Who are they?

      • cypressswamp

        c/p from above. Middle East Media Research Institute – take a look. They have really expanded over the last 12 years since I first started reading the site and they have been an incredible source of information. Less than 2% of what they cover will ever make it into the Western media.

    • mztore

      Who and what are they?

      • cypressswamp

        Middle East Media Research Institute – take a look. They have really expanded over the last 12 years since I first started reading the site and they have been an incredible source of information. Less than 2% of what they cover will ever make it into the Western media.

  • conan_drum

    I am always struck by the religious of various faiths who believe ‘god’s’ creation is perfect but insist on having to cut bits of it too please ‘god’
    In Islam if anyone has hypersexual activity all the evidence points to it being the males, but of course as usual it is the female who has to suffer.
    BTW the practice of FGM is found everywhere that Islam holds sway, even in tiny Brunei on the island of Borneo.
    It could only have got there through the influence of Islamic missionary work. So to claim it has nothing to do with Islam is complete balderdash. Which of course we are quite used to hearing from Muslims and their apoplogists

    • mztore

      Maybe if the ‘faith’ didn’t insist on having those bits cut from young females, there wouldn’t be so much rape from their males? Like you say, their perfect ‘god’ made a mistake in this matter. If their ‘god’ is so perfect, why must ‘man’ make changes?

  • Neil Hatch

    If Muslim Women must undergo FGM, then Muslim men should have their testicles removed. That would certainly solve many future problems with the Muslims.

  • disqus_1VhMJcA5Yv

    Mo was hyper sexual … dick heads must be decaped (penis) too ..ya think?

  • Steve

    Once you get past this guys accent and listen to what he is saying its really the kind of thing we need to hear about FGM.

  • GuestG

    So it is “islamophobic” to point out facts, ok, got it.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Why is MEMRI islamofauxbic? Because they broadcast the ugly truth about islum instead of the dishonest treacle poured out by muslum liars?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Hypersexual women: islamic problem. Hypersexual muslum men: not an islamic problem.

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