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Parisians get “NO-GO ZONE” warning app


Jihad? Sharia? There’s an app for that!

Is this any way to lose a war? You bet it is.

No war has ever been won on the defense.

“No-go zones” — the term is prohibited in the sharia-compliant West, but reality is biting those frogs in the derriere.

Paris gets an app warning people if they are in a ‘no-go’ zone and giving live alerts of sexual assaults

Dozens of people have already downloaded No-Go Zone which has 4.3/5 rating
Designers say the app is meant to let people know if they are in imminent danger
The app also aims to give people information on the areas of the capital to avoid
Other users can report live crimes and they will be beamed live to smartphones

By Gareth Davies For Mailonline, 28 June 2017

An app has been launched in Paris warning people if they are in a so-called no-go zone and giving live alerts of sexual assaults.

Dozens of people have already downloaded No-Go Zone, which is available on Google Play, and it currently has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Its designers say the app is meant to let people know if they are in a dangerous area and allow them to avoid places in the French capital where they might be at risk of violence or crime.

French police officers and security personnel stand guard at a security cordon around the Eiffel Tower

Other users can upload current incidents, ranging from attacks to sexual assaults, and they will beamed straight to a smartphone or device.

The app’s description online reads: ‘Whether you are staying in an unknown location, looking for a safe place to live, on your way to a specific location then No-Go Zone allows you to reduce any risk of aggression, theft, harassment or incivility.’

Users can also benefit from knowing how close they are to danger areas and what to be mindful of such as the infamous pick-pocket thieves around the Eiffel Tower.

One Parisian reviewer said: ‘Given the current degradation, it is better to have this app…unfortunately,’ according to WestMonster.

‘It is an indispensable application for anyone who thinks that the cultural ‘enrichment’ of non-natives is not compatible with our way of life,’ another said.
Read the rest.

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    ISIS has conquered parts of France. Will the French people keep allowing this? They don’t have a reputation for being fighters.

    • TD

      Open borders. working it’s magic.
      Say no to any Puerto Rico Statehood. We don’t need another liberal “open borders” country joining the Union.
      Same with Canada (just like Mexico). No more “open-borders” countries joining or defacto joining the US.
      Don’t need anymore liberals.

      • TD

        The Democratic Party: Make SOUTH-America Great Again!

        • Kalambong Kalambong

          >… The Democratic Party: Make SOUTH-America Great Again!

          The Democratic Party: ALLAH-U-AKBAR !!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I hope the Puerto Ricans are smart enough to not want open borders w/the Islamic Puppet States of N. America.

      • CreoleGumbo

        Puerto Rico is not “another…country.” It is a US territory.

      • Marycpalmer

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    • Kalambong Kalambong

      >… Will the French people keep allowing this?

      Answer: A definite Oui !

      The French have become a GODLESS people – so much as that the repeat apparitions of Mother Mary had all fallen to deaf French ears

    • Lynn D

      Oh hell, will this mean we all have to come to France’s rescue ?- yet again.!!.. From our family, 3 men killed in WW1 and 2 in WW2… I blame Germany for this debacle of mass migration…This will be the 3rd time in a century that Europe will go up in flames,, because Germany wants to flex it’s muscles…

    • C.Martel

      I mostly agree on the situation in France .. but make statement that are historically correct don’t start doing what the liberals left do lie and spread delusional BS.
      Yes France lost in Ww2 ( and so did U.K. In Dunckerk in 193 (it was a fiasco actually ) but when they fought in Ww1 they were finally winning but not after losing 1.5 million men in combat vs Germany 1.8 million , the Us came at the end to tip the balance as france and UK were running out of resources) and only lost 100k men, the U.K. Lost 800 k men
      If the US had fought so many wars has France did ( the last 2000 years ) you would get a litle fed up too…and in case you forgot we lost badly in Vietnam against a ill equipped opponents and people were getting sick of this stupid war ( rightfully so) and btw check out the battle of Tour in 732 when the great Charles Martel destroyed the Islamic army outnumbered 2 to 1 ….and kill with his own hands their leader.
      and I can go on with military history naming the amount of battle that France won outnumbered but that’s not the point.
      Point is people are brainwashed and oppressed by decades of pro Islamic leftists gov just like the UK, Germany, Sweden and most of Europe. When will they all wake up ? , I don’t know but when it will happen, most likely at extreme point ( human nature) it will not be pretty for the “Allah snack bars”
      And in case you have not noticed the US is suffering from the same plague, we had 8 years of aggressive Islamization under Obama “the Islamic ” and our first amendment has already been replaced by sharia law , thanks the Rubio “the looser”. Recently a judge in Iowa let free a bunch of Islamic refugees after they gang raped a non Muslim 8 year old … (that’s sharia law where raping no Muslim is legal btw) no one said a word ..
      bottom line it is a world wide Islamic infestation , supported by ALL of our Gov. it is a blessing that we have Trump as he attempting to stop the Islamic invasion, but look our fiercely they are fighting him, even Obama “the Islamic ” just bought a house across an Islamic center, to lead the fight…

  • Fred

    Lafayette is turning in his grave.

    It would take an invasion greater than D Day 1944 to wipe these savages off the face of the earth.

  • Ari

    This is a must for every tourist who visits France.
    Finnish regional TV news presenter Nina Svahn in the picture.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      If she took out her teeth she would drive muslims insane.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      If they don’t like her looks they can always flip her and use her as a prayer rug.

  • Liatris Spicata

    I presume I am not the only “shrugger” (referring to the previous name of this site) who recalls how Clinton News Network and their ilk ridiculed then reidiculous candidate Donald Trump for referring to “o go zones” in Europe. Yeah, CNN, let’s see you goto those places in anything but a highly choreographed visit.

    • bargogx1

      You definitely are not. We must never forget things like that, and they must be thrown back in their faces at every opportunity.

    • Hugo Cabret

      You are not alone; not alone at all.

    • Tm.

      I also sort of recall France being upset at FOX or Bill O’Reilly for saying there were no go zones over there. France recently had elections. They elected Macron instead of Le Pen. LE Pen had more sensible ideas concerning immigration, and she seemed decisive on issues of crime, terrorism and so forth. The people in France decided. We lie in the bed we make.
      Now they will change who they are to placate others. C’est dommage.

  • bargogx1

    Funny how an app is needed for something that supposedly doesn’t exist. It’s getting harder and harder for the media and the authorities to pull the wool over the eyes of the general populace.

    • Kalambong Kalambong

      My own humble prediction:

      That very app will have to go for quite a number of upgrades, as the number and size of the NO-GO-ZONES keep on increasing

      Give it a year or two, and see if my prediction comes true

  • Ebayer

    They’re taking over Paris too. One white guy in this photo. He’s the one on the ground….

    • Fern

      He is being enriched. Should have had the app.

    • VoodooDollHillary

      The French are nothing but cowards. Bending over and spreading their cheeks and loving every minute of it.

  • DPMP

    It’s time for France to go into these areas with fully armed soldiers and take back their country from these animals, house by house if necessary and deport, deport, deport.

    • Dan Knight

      Good plan. …

  • BobbyBlunt

    Another year and you’ll see apps similar to this for each damaged EU country. Must-have for those willing to take the chance to visit. Though I suspect most muslim killings do not take place within the zones they have ruined with their presence, so simply avoiding their ghettos is not enough.

    An app with real-time alerts issued whenever there are more than 2 muslims nearby would be far better.

  • Dan Knight

    No thanks – I don’t need it. All of Fwaance is on my No-Go list.

  • Dan Knight

    Can I get a sword that glows when Muslims are near? …

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL. In Fwance I imagine it would be glowing constantly.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The entire country of france is a sharia enclave, best advice is to avoid it altogether.

  • Hugo Cabret

    The Allies liberated Paris from the German Nazis on August 25, 1944. Today, Paris is being conquered by Islamo-Nazi cockroaches, all of whom were invited by the French themselves.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    “Live alerts of sexual assaults” is that like ringing a dinner bell for muslums in Fwance or what?

  • Michael Buley

    Gee, so glad the police / military won’t simply go in and decimate the ‘no go zones’ that are infested with Muslims. No. ‘Tolerate’ them to prove your ‘tolerance.’

    Bulldoze them. Deport them. Raze mosques. Stop immigration of Muslims. Period.

    Or … say goodbye to your country as you are doing. Spineless idiots ……..

  • Steve

    They are treating the symptoms of the disease. Unless you eradicate the cancer it will kill you slowly – and painfully.

  • SP Gibson

    These barbaric assholes and the women that let them subjugate them in the name of “religion” are not worthy of breathing my air. Muslims are child molesters, woman beating, religious nuts. Why are “normal” people defending them?

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    We need them worldwide. In USA, mainly to avoid certain urban inner city areas. Takes a lot of local knowledge to get the maps right though.

  • Tm.

    Prisoners in one’s own land. Wonder how E. H. and all those elite, intelligentsia types traipsing the globe, headed once to W. Europe for a taste of Bohemia, of the eclectic, of the ‘je ne sais pas’ would feel if they were witnesses to this?
    Sitting at the Cafes, people watching, greeting the morning, getting caught up in the bustle, savoring that granita, the brioche, the espresso.
    Wring your hands, and gnash your teeth, what have you done?

  • Madmotorman™ ® The Mad Hatter

    Funny I remember the French President demanding an apology because he said France doesn’t have no-go zones. Hmmm another false narrative I suppose.

  • C.Martel

    Meanwhile the Macron “the piss ant ” is where ??? Oh yes under Merkel skirt …

  • Dorrie

    Europe has destroyed it’s TOURIST INDUSTRY! Care to vacation? Go to Hawaii! They don’t allow immigrants on the islands. But the down side is that NOW they have an infestation of microscopic worms in their produce. And the worms get into the human body, mainly around the brain, causing horrific problems! The media is quashing the information on it, but my niece lives there and said to be cautious about eating ANYTHING fresh in restaurants!

  • Patriotliz

    It’s official….the IslamoNazi occupation of France is an ongoing success in cooperation w/ the Vichy Gov’t headed by Macron.

  • Ron rockit

    Not a bad app for the US as well, although I can see the lawsuits flying. The left will cry foul but their lawyers will have the app front and center.

  • gia

    Wow now we need apps for no go zones to prevent innocent women from rape.

    You have to know you royally screwed up as a society when you need apps to help you decide where it’s safe or not from muzzie men who will grope rape and tear your clothes off! Crazy!!! First the no touch no grope bracelets, and we can’t forget a German who invented a modern Chasity belt with anti rape underwear!

  • Janet

    Backing away from these “No Go Zones” by police is letting the Muslims win. Such BS!

  • Ste

    There are no sharia controlled areas in Europe you ugly stinking deluded moron

  • Ste

    It’s time this backwards stone age religion was kicked out of Europe,

  • disqus_1VhMJcA5Yv

    center .. left …and right.. you have to be an idiot not to see the future military type plan they are working on..surround … and divide.. the south is already infested..

  • normie

    France elected the wrong person. They needed one with more backbone.

  • Transparent

    There is an older app existing since years, called “NO GO PARIS” for Android, same purpose.

    Also available for Stockholm, London, Berlin, etc…

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