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PA Official: We Will Still Pay Terrorist Salaries Even If Israel Cuts “Palestinian” Funds


On Wednesday, the Geller Report brought you the news that Israeli lawmakers had approved a bill to cut funds to the Palestinian Authority equal to the amount that it paid to terrorists. In response, these savages have vowed to continue paying the killers.

No government anywhere in the world should be giving these annihilationists even a penny.

“PA Official: We Will Still Pay Terrorist Salaries Even If Israel Cuts Palestinian Funds”, by Deborah Danan, Breitbart, June 14, 2017:

TEL AVIV – Following the proposal of a new bill that would see a cut in funds to the Palestinian Authority equal to the salaries paid out to convicted terrorists, the chairman of the Palestinian Prisoners Club on Sunday vowed that the Palestinians will continue the payments regardless.

The bill, approved by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation, translates into the “theft of Palestinian money,” Qadura Fares said.

The legislation, proposed by MK Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid), will see Israel slash around NIS 1 billion ($285 million) from the annual tax and customs revenues it collects for the Palestinians on goods. The amount is equivalent to what the PA pays out to terrorists and their families. According to Stern, the fact that the PA “rewards and encourages murder” must stop because it is a “barrier to peace.”

Fares said the bill “strongly contradicts international law” and is an attempt “to stigmatize the Palestinian struggle with terrorism and to conflate the issues of the so-called war on terror with the Palestinian martyrs and prisoners who fought for freedom.”

Faras added that despite the setback, the payments to terrorists “will not stop.”

Israel transfers about NIS 5.4 billion ($1.5 billion) a year to the PA. According to the proposed bill, in 2016 the PA paid out NIS 1.1 billion ($303 million) in salaries and other benefits to terrorists and their families.

The amount of money that terrorists receive correlates to the length of their prison sentence, so that the deadliest terrorists receive the highest payout, reaching a few thousand dollars a month.

Breitbart Jerusalem reported another Fatah official as saying that the recent appointment of a jailed terrorist to a senior position within the party was proof that the terrorist salaries would not end anytime soon.

Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen said the appointment of Karim Younes sends a clear message of defiance to the U.S. and other countries calling for the payments to stop.

Last month, PLO Director of Prisoners Affairs Issa Karake said that the position given to Younes, who was convicted of murdering an Israeli soldier in 1980, served as proof that “our prisoners are not terrorists.”

“I think that this is a very great and significant political response, [which says] that our prisoners are not terrorists and are not criminals……

A report presented to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee last month revealed that more than $1 billion has been paid by the PA over the past four years to terrorists and their families.

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  • Suresh

    And why is Israel even paying one red cent to PA ? Its Like America paying tax money to ISIS , Iran Like Left/liberal Loons and America’s first Muslim president Obama used to do.

    And Trump in not afraid to call the fraud PA chief , Abbas, a Liar for trying to Pull a Taqiya on him

    He becomes first President to call out the PA jihadi frauds Liars !

    • Mark Steiner

      Taxpayer funding terrorism has been going on for some time. Bush 43 also did this. This is how we pay for “peace”. And – this is how internationalists operate.

      • Marycfernald

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  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    People don’t realize that terrorism is funded mainly by taxpayers in the western democracies.

    • KitteeK

      Exactly. They will never suffer shortage of ‘funds ‘!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Defund them completely.

    • Oracle9

      Self-imposed liberal rules of engagement, typical of all civilized nations these days, will continue to work against us.

  • Nefarious420

    Why wouldn’t they, Trump just refilled their cash coffers for another 6 months to fund paying said terrorists and their families. Here is hope we get unanimous support in the Senate for the Taylor Force Act, and Trump gets to sign it before he meets/gets bought out by more Saudis.

  • santashandler

    So, the payments to the terrorists will continue. Israel’s response should be ‘no problem. For every payment made, the terrorist and his family will receive a complimentary halal tomahawk missile, over night delivery to your front door. And don’t worry. We’ll make more. Cheers.’ How long would those payments last then

  • Michael Garfinkel

    George Orwell: Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.

    So – destroy the Palestinian Authority, destroy Hamas, and hang the murderers who sit in Israeli prisons,.

  • Alleged Comment

    WHAT are they doing FUNDING their ENEMY? Why have they not ANNIHILATED THEM? I’m confused who is the real terrorist now.

  • Janet

    Israel should’t be the only country to stop payments to these despicable terrorist supporting Palestinians! The US should follow suit along with countries in Europe, Australia and Canada. Enough of kissing their butts. They are never going to change so there will never be a two state solution between them and Israel.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Here’s just one of many PLO, PA, Hamas and ISIS ATM’s for funding terror !!!

  • Steve

    Of course they will do this – the muslamic mafia takes care of its own – so they can kill again and again.

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