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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 18, 2017 ]

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In the name of secularism, Paris cancels the Christmas market, but in the name of diversity, it celebrates Ramadan


The Left is complicit with Islam. Its hypocrisy towards secularism can be judged by its submission to Islam.

“The city council of Paris informs you that the prayer of Al Assar will soon begin … Go to the nearest mosque …”

I received this picture from a friend who legitimately wonders if it is authentic. The sign reads: “The city council of Paris informs you that the prayer of Al Assar will soon begin … Go to the nearest mosque …”

I think the sign has been photoshopped. It’s fake. It is not [yet] the reality of Paris. But I believe that one day, maybe sooner that what we think, it will be France’s way of life.

Paris City Hall officials have celebrated Ramadan, a Muslim religious holiday, for the last 15 years, and to avoid breaking the secularist law of separation of Church and State, the City Mayor lied and said Ramadan is a cultural event, a exotic custom. But Paris does not celebrate Easter, and no longer places Christmas trees and Christmas cribs in city halls.

To celebration the night of Ramadan, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris… invite you …

Now Anne Hidalgo, the Socialist Mayor Paris, decided to pull the plug on the Christmas Market that takes place on Champs-Elysées since 2008.

The bill that is going to be voted during the next Council of Paris on July 3, cancels the Christmas Market, which was located on the lower part of the Champs Elysée between the Marcel Dassault roundabout and Place de la Concorde during Christmas. Again, the City Council plays with words to justify its desire to give greater importance to diversity, and pretext a “cultural dimension in harmony with this exceptional site” to explain the cancelation. The Mayor said that she wants to offer “visitors and Parisians an attractive and innovative events to enhance the Champs-Elysées in a cultural and aesthetic dimension in harmony with this exceptional site.”

The Christmas Market, in December, just before Christmas holidays, is no longer “in harmony with this exceptional site”?

The Christmas tree has disappeared, the crib has disappeared, the Christmas market disappears, the celebration of Ramadan appears. To me, it looks a hell like a civilisation replacing another one. Ethnics French, don’t you see that they want you to make room for islam? For the lefties, you hamper, you are an embarrassment to the Muslim faith.

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  • John Rogers

    It sounds like “Dhimmi” phobia to me. Only Islamic holiday? Crazy.

  • jj333

    I don’t care about France any more; they will get exactly what they voted for.

    • Von Hauer

      This is the thing, you will have good patriotic natives who are against the Islamic invasion, but they are quickly out numbered and out voted at the polls by liberals and immigrants. So the larger cities of Europe are the first to become Islamo havens. Sharia-compliant zones. The natives that flee the cities are quickly replaced with Africans and Muslims.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I have no doubt you’re right. As the muslums move in, decent people move out and move on and rent rates and property values plummet. A migration of parasites.

        • Nagesh Sehgal

          I see it here in London too…Sadiq khan’s constituency is teeming with hijabi women and hijabi small girls and men with beards….filth is there on d and order is worsening…and many whites have put up their houses for sale or rent

  • Von Hauer

    The sign actually says, “The mayor of Paris informs you that the prayer of Al Assar will soon begin. Go to the nearest mosque.”

    Yes, it is fake. Though I am sure the rat Mayor of Paris has those sentiments. She has been under pressure from Parisians to clear the streets of migrants because it is having a negative impact on tourism. She was supposed to build shelters for them outside of Paris. She is a psycholib.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      What tourist would pay to visit paris, karachi of the north. There are garbage dumps and slums in less expensive places.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The whole idea of visiting Fwance for a vacation is laughable. If I want to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation why the hell would I want to go to a muslum pig’s anus state like Fwancistan when I can go to Dearbornistan, Michigan so much cheaper?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Plus, you can be insulted in english instead of french and every other islamic language.

  • gia

    Yes, that’s right turn away from Christianity and embrace Allah the moon god /Satan.
    What a pity that every European country has fallen under the wicked spell that is Islam.
    We all know the devil is the great deceiver of this world. He is winning I could just cry at all the culture that’s being lost . I had in mind one day to see each country my ancestors came from, it’s pointless now. I see absolutely no reason to visit anyplace in Europe. Except maybe the beara peninsula in Ireland it’s muzzie free for now..

    • JWM

      America and Canada are up to their a ss es in islam. There will be no relief.

      • gia

        It’s only going to get worse trump or no trump we have already gone to far.
        Look at all these stupid a SS es encouraging endless immigration ! They are inviting their own executioners .

        • JWM

          You are correct. America is screwed if we keep importing people who hate us and how we live. I will quote Homer Simpson, DUH.

        • JWM

          Correct, Trump or no Trump , we have screwed ourselves because we are so stupid that we think all cultures and religions are equal, we are stupid. It will kill us.

  • JWM

    The world has allowed islam to overwhelm it. there will be no one marching to eurpoe to save the French. they will die on their own like the Brits and the swedes and all others who are embracing the evil cult of islam. good bye. America will not be far behind you because they are as stupid as you are.

  • Hook

    The frogs deserve everything they get not voting in Marie Le Pen when that was they’re they had last opportunity to save themselves.

    • Marycpalmer

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  • Dean

    This is not even secularism, it is fear and even worship of the unrepentant savage. It is a woman who fears and is secretly excited by the thought of rape.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Forget about france, it is carrion for islam no matter what they call anything. The french place no value on their culture, country or lives, leave them to islam, it will take care of the lot.

    • marlene

      Goodbye Paris. Hello Paristan.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        paris, the new karachi.

        • marlene

          pakistan gave us obama and took paris.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Can we trade o’bimbo for a hamster?

          • marlene

            LOL – one big rodent from the swamp for one cute little furry one in a cage – sure!

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    “the Paris City Mayor lied and said Ramadan is a cultural event, a exotic custom”…well the Paris city mayor knows what happens to people who upset Muslims in Paris. And if there is one thing that can get you killed in Paris it’s telling the truth about Islam or worse, cancelling the Muslim imposition of Islam on Parisian society.
    By not voting for Le Pen the mayor thinks he and his ilk have saved France from angering rabid Muslims.

  • wpjokari

    Jewish guy gunned down in front of wife at upscale NJ shopping mall by black carjack/murder crew foursome with muslimized names Hanif, Basim, Karif, and even “Kevin” has the bearded look… Cops Make 4 Arrests in Carjacking Murder of Dustin Friedland

  • Alleged Comment

    Why are you STUPIDLY listening to your leftist leaders? Lieberals have proven to have mental illness. You people are so patient with them. Or either that you have the same illness.

  • bannedquran20

    Paris lost the battle and yet the french Never put up a fight nohow neighbor. It serves them right.

  • Annie

    The French are disgusting. I don’t really care anymore that they’ve sold their
    souls to the Devil via Islam – but Dhimmi-douche Anne Hidalgo’s monstrous
    lie necessitates a comment.

    Ramadam is a Muslim RELIGIOUS holiday, not cultural – just like the celebration
    of Christmas. Mohammed himself gave instructions on fasting in the Koran
    in Chapter 2 called the Surah Al-Baqarah, Section 23, Verses 183-185. And
    he specifically uses the word Ramadam, which is the ninth month of the Islamic
    calendar and the month of fasting.

    So in Paris, Christmas has been replaced by Ramadam. Maybe for any French –
    who will have to celebrate Christmas more privately and quietly this year –
    giving the new App now available in Hidalgo’s Paris – the one informing people
    how to avoid dangerous (Muslim) No-Go Zones – will make a useful gift.

    Hidalgo is a Globalist b!tch – but why the French can’t connect the dots between
    surrendering their major holiday to Islam and living in fear of certain areas of the
    city due to Islam is beyond me.

  • American

    When I took French in public high school we learned a few French Christmas carols. Also sang them in French class in (Catholic) college.
    The Maid of Orleans is turning in her grave (that’s St. Joan of Arc).

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Isn’t it interesting how the morally retarded, atheists fold like a house of cards at any muslum demand? I hope they’re being well remunerated.

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