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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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Sweden: Police Attacked By 100 Masked Muslim Migrant Youths


File this under “multiculturalism,” “diversity,” and “tolerance.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. And it’s not just Sweden. It’s Germany, too. Whether it’s fear or policy or a combination of both, the police do not police these areas, and when they do, they are ambushed and attacked.

Swedish Police Attacked By 100 Masked Migrant Youths

by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, 17 Jun 2017:

Swedish police in the city of Trollhattan were attacked by up to a hundred masked migrant youths armed with sticks and bats during a riot in the Kronogården suburb on Thursday.

The masked migrant youths attacked the officers during the second night of rioting in the area. They also attacked the officer’s vehicles, slashing the tyres of two police cars. Only one man was arrested in connection with the riots, Swedish paper Aftonbladet reports.

The riot is said to have dramatically escalated after several youths attempted to set a tyre on fire in the street and a security guard intervened to put out the fire. The guard was then attacked by the youths who threw stones at him.

Peter Asp, the communications officer for the City of Trollhattan, said the riots were “power struggle for territory in the district” among rival gangs. He claimed that the young men rioting were Somali migrants, while the police have only said the men come originally from an Arabic speaking country.

Police believe that the riots were sparked by an incident earlier in the week, when children were taken away from their parents by protective services. An administrative court ruled that the parents of the children had physically and psychologically assaulted them.

One resident described the riots saying, “they drove a police car and threw stones at it. I’m a little scared, and it’s really hard. I can not sleep at night, that night I slept only three hours.”

Attacks on police in migrant-heavy suburbs have become more and more common in Sweden in recent years. A leaked report earlier this week showed that the number of no-go zones had increased by fifty percent in only two years.

While the report lists 23 official “vulnerable areas” some estimate that there could be as many as 55 no-go zones in Sweden.

Earlier this year Swedish police officer Peter Springare said that migrants were committing a disproportionate amount of crime in problem suburbs. He said that almost all of the serious criminal cases that came across his desk involved migrants; comments that saw him investigated for “racial hatred”, although the charges were later dropped.

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  • Jackie Puppet

    And the police will forget this ever happened the next time someone just SAYS something that’s construed as anti-Muslime.

    • Pathfinder0100

      Sad but true Jackie!

  • Philosophy

    Religion bring more pure religion, Science bring more powerful science. This is Rules of Law.

    Islam cannot come in to any Nation on its own, It was Hiter who decide to use Islamic JIhadi as weapon of war against British, It was religious person Gandhi, decide to use Jihadi of Islam as a war weapon against British, It was labor party of British, who decide to use Muslim as a vote bank to defeat Nationalist Party….

    Islam can be defeated only by citizen, by secular politics means by religion free politics, war is easy, more easy but problem is about Citizen? How far citizen of Nation are aware about true power of Civilization? French people has decide against Civilization……This way Islam is getting place.

    • Tayurd O Liberal Sumbeeyachs

      Secularism is liberalism and has made this problem. Well actually the Poles who were and remain ardent Catholics, stopped the Islamic pestilence from ravaging all of Europe the first time. Your faith in science alone is the weakness inherent in liberalism. You believe mankind can solve a spiritual disease like Islam.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Powerful science” LOL. Your new religion.

      I’ll bet the Labour Party of Britainistan is run by atheists like you: cowardly, craven and amoral. Atheists who try to blame religion for the actions of muslums

      You’re pathetic.

  • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻🐸

    And those very same police will arrest Swedes for speaking out against these rabid jackals as “hate speakers”. Can’t muster up much sympathy for them getting attacked by the very ones they protect, and allow to victimize the actual swedish people!

    • Call Me Jeremiah

      Agree. But with one caveat: This European insanity will bring Europe down soon. In it’s place will be a muslim caliphate – with the armies and nuclear weapons currently controlled by Europe. If America hasn’t caved to the muslims within her by then… we will be faced-down by an armed, and stark-raving mad Europistan. That is the one reason that I currently wish Europe would get it’s head out of it’s rear regarding “immigration”

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • weirdpeter

      Bravo! How can the leaders of Western Society be so blind as to not see that the threat is from devout Muslims and not from those leaders who are pointing this out?

      • Craig

        You asked a question that I don’t think there is an answer to.

      • Speak the Truth

        Many western leaders are not blind, but are corrupt and complicit.

        • Veradbrown

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        • Pathfinder0100

          Seems to me that many, many Western Pols have been bought with Arab oil money/. What cha think??

          • Speak the Truth

            Very true. ……and it’s been going on for a long time.

        • Philosophy

          They….western leaders….belong to left wing politics, which is creation of stupid mind. Check Britain’s political history, who bring Muslim in to British? The labor party leader, who are they ? They are leftist, anti-nationalist…..they are stupid enough to consider nationalist as Nazi–Hitler, and they are intellectually unable to see that Hitler was socialist and create National Socialism…..bring Islam to conqueror Britain.

      • Kalambong Kalambong

        >… How can the leaders of Western Society be so blind …

        No, they are not blind

        They are converts

        Like Angela Burqa, the Western European leaders are ISLAMIC CONVERTS

        • JoeNormal
        • Philosophy

          You are right, that they are convert, but they possess very low intelligence, that is true cause. It is citizen’s fault, that they choose such stupid person to lead politics.

          I am Indian, and we have group of Hindu who are organized as group, ready for Islamic conversion, has destroyed Hindu Civilization, and open door for Islamic ruler, Gandhi is one example, you can read his saying, and will see his low level intelligence…… see..

          He is made famous for his principle of non-violence and world peace, but see his own vision about non-violence, he go on to advise Jews to suicide, he even advised hindu woman to co-operate with Muslim Rapist…..his life is absolute example of stupidity….its jokes, he is father of India, and he is honored by Britain and even USA too. He is wrong from top to bottom yet he is honored as a worshiper of truth….biggest jokes. He is enemy of science, and how worship truth….he is admirer of Islamic Caliph…the founder of Islam……how he is famous as icon of non-violence ?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I apologize to you, I had thought you were an amoral, European atheist. Long live the Hindu Nationalist Party!

      • Jim Engle

        Trump sees it and half our country fights his every breath!! I am SOOO sick of liberalism…they are willing to destroy the world as we know it to wrestle the control from Judeo-Christian conservatives!

    • Craig

      I LOVE this lady!

    • Khaaaaan!!!
    • marlene

      How about Poland taking in Swedish citizens?

      • Call Me Jeremiah

        LOL!!! Good one!

    • shirley versace

      the Swedes are drunk on their own sense of moral brilliance. It is a narcissistic delusion. There is also Stockholm syndrome at play – they are by now genuinely afraid, and rightly so. When they start getting corpses of police officers showing up after these events, they may begin to ask questions… but bear in mind Dan(iel) Eli(j)ason has got the matter in hand…

  • Joe Blow

    Time to start criticizing Trump because the Muslim “immigrants” are the best thing that ever happened to Sweden

  • Mahou Shoujo

    sweden does not deserve to exist, nor will it. The entire nation is far too stupid to maintain itself as an identifiable entity, other than chronic imbeciles. swedes lack any sense of self preservation, the abject stupidity demonstrated in pandering to islam and muslims is above and beyond the zenith of pure, hopeless, willfully idiotic.

    • shirley versace

      it’s the media – Swedish media is globalist it is not owned by any native ethnic Swedes …

      and Swedes (for evolutionary biological reasons) are trusting and conformist by nature… so they do as their “betters” advise them. They have no idea that a parasite has taken over their media and that they are actually self-harming.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        They will disappear form the earth as evolution does not allow inferior species to perpetuate.

        • shirley versace

          they will eventually begin to push back – in about 10 years time…

          however by then their ranks will be so enfeebled, through old age and small families…

          and the ranks of the infidel (muslims) will be so amassed, through youth, aggression and large families that the advantage will be with the muslims…

          The government (aided and abetted by the Globalist media) at that point will move in with a programme for peace involving enforced interbreeding (Coudenhove Kalergi Plan) to sort out the “ethnic difficulties”….

          enough of the brainwashed people will go along with it as the ‘only workable solution’…

          and thus Europe will be come not Diverse, but Uniformly grey.

    • Call Me Jeremiah

      I love your posts. I started reading this one, and started thinking “Wow, who is this great writer?” Then I looked and saw that it was you… and I said “Of course. I should have known”. Keep on posting!!! You have the right stuff!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you.

        • Pathfinder0100

          Just gotta agree with Jeremiah. I still put ya up there with Pamela and Spencer!! No–No ain’t gonna take ya down!!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Sigh, I am too old to go down.

          • Pathfinder0100

            AAhhh There ya go again an I’m onna floor again!!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Sure, you young folk can roll around on the carpet then get up without sounding like a popcorn maker.

          • Pathfinder0100

            Ya jus ain’t gonna let me up but thanks as at 85 it’s been a long time since I was called “young folks”!! Don’ even know how to act now!!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Neer as observable, how every you feel, with lots of noise, and a cell phone or something grafted to your head? Not too sure.

          • Pathfinder0100

            All right–all right I know when I’ve met my match!! I’m jus gonna lay here—

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Cootchy cootchy coo.

          • Pathfinder0100

            Now that’s the 1st time I’ve seen you at a loss for words LOL!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There is a first time for everything.

    • Pathfinder0100

      Ouch!! Ya don’t cut em any slack do ya Mahou?? You are right tho.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Anything in western europe is the architect of its own misery, there is no value in trying to let them rationalize their stupidity, as it can be infectious to the weak minded.

  • RealEngineer2

    Swedish welfare benefits are in proportion to that of other EU nations, as the “lower paying” EU countries have lower living costs; NO refugee comes to Sweden for the “climate”- it is Arctic-Level cold and brutal.

    “Refugees” are totally useless. 90% are illiterate, unemployable, military age males devoid of female companionship. They arrive with the exclusive goals of exploiting welfare and morally degenerate females. The feminized Swedish males are dismissed as spineless cowards (which they are), totally unencumbered by any sense of self preservation, incapable of siring children to sustain their own culture, and vastly way too brainwashed to disengage themselves from the quagmire of Liberal ideology.

    At one time Sweden was the closest thing to “Utopia” on earth, having achieved near-100% employment, incredibly well maintained infrastructure, among the longest life spans, environmental purity, fitness, technologies to create their own fighter-jets, diplomatic fortitude to avoid war, among the highest income earners worldwide, among the highest IQ populations, not to mention the legendary beauty of their women.

    The flip side to this- THEY ARE NOW TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH WHAT IT TOOK TO GET THAT FAR. As foreign population ratios attain thresholds, Sweden will convulse into another throwback Neolithic caliphate.

    • Craig

      The degeneration of the spawn from the hard-working forebears has destroyed the social welfare states.

      • Cai

        You got it in a nut shell, the reason for the decline of the West.

    • Dan Knight

      High IQ is a delusion … most high IQ people use their brain to shield their beliefs from reality, and protect their Holy Cows. No one uses such techniques more effectively than Leftists.

      That’s why they have an excuse for everything. I’ve met many Swedes – they think their success is a result of being Atheist Socialists – and if everyone was an Atheist Socialist pigs could fly. The idea that their success was founded by hard-working, Bible thumping, straight-laced squares has been drained from their memory – and their Libtard indoctrination will use any excuse to deny the obvious.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    The street criminals can quickly bring together a large mob of fellow violent street criminals, by using cell phones, which mob can then overpower small groups of police. Personally I would have the police use machine guns on such mobs, but if that is not an option, the police will have to develop tactics to deal with large flash mobs of violent street criminals in the no-go zones.

    • marlene

      or armed citizen militias

  • Covadonga

    “Swedish police in the city of Trollhattan were attacked by up to a hundred masked migrant youths…”

    “Trollhattan”? Is that something like Manhattan, only populated by trolls, rather than by men?

    • Craig

      Most all ‘men’ in Sweden are ‘fancy boys’ as evident in the picture above. Note the terrified metrosexual biting his nails. It must also be noted that Swedish women have a high attraction to dark ‘men’. There have been pix showing Swedish nightclubs full of African muslims and blonde Swedish girls. Sweden gets what it deserves.

      • 1936benz

        Although it is difficult to imagine, don’t put too much faith in “American men.” We permit the government to dictate to us how to run our business and whom we are permitted to hire or fire (wanna test this by refusing to deliver a “gay wedding cake”?). We let politicians destroy our heritage and the legacy of our forefathers, and other than squawking and whining, we watch it
        happen, then waddle away to later line up dutifully at the ballot box to re-elect them. We all have areas within large towns and cities in which “certain” people know better than to wander, lest they be victimized. We let the government ruin our education system, bus our students back and
        forth to whichever school “they” deem proper for them, dictate what and with whom they must be educated, all the time using the money that the IRS squeezes from every hard-working American. We let distant, politically-appointed judges tell us that we cannot exhibit the words of God in
        our public venues. The rural and urban areas of even the most conservative states are filled with leeches (of ALL races) who soak up taxpayers’ money while considering their Social Security Disability scam “gainful employment,” all the while boasting of “Southern pride”. Don’t say this couldn’t happen here, because it already is, albeit more subtly (like melanoma – slow-growing but just as deadly). Unless we wake up from this indolent slumber, America, as the nation envisioned and created by our forefathers, is finished.

        • Call Me Jeremiah

          I completely agree with your assessment. Which is why I have gone 180 degrees opposite of the current American popular culture. I’m unplugged from TV and from all mainstream media. I do not let that degenerate culture dictate my narrative. Perhaps the main reason I can do this is that I remain true to Christ my Lord and His Bible.
          And I have never been popular. I now realize that is a blessing. I don’t seek the approval of those around me. I don’t get stoned or drunk like so many, nor do I ogle and drool over the scantily-clad Ho’s that prance around expecting so-called ‘men’ to fall at their feet and do their every bidding – all the while becoming more & more effeminite.
          I will not go willingly off the same cliffs that all those lemmings are marching toward.

          • Pathfinder0100

            Way to go Jeremiah!!!

        • Pathfinder0100

          Damn–Damn–Damn!! That’s tellin it like it is!! I’m 85 and have seen the best (the greatest generation) and now the worst. I just don’t understand why we have let it happen?? Oh yeah, now I remember–having been told so often–I don’t like politics–I’m busy raisin’ my family–I don’ have time to go vote–etc-etc!!

          • Hardrock

            Quite true about the “too busy to vote” but those that would support the death of the nation with their vote, never seem to have a problem making it to the poles come ballot day. I think Obama was something of an exception, a lot of Patriots voted for him as well because of that message of hope and change for the better. I think it was felt he would bridge the gap in the racial divide, further unifying the country and firmly plant the message that racism in America is not part of the culture. But none of that happened, in fact it was the reverse. I don’t think enough was known about Obama going into the election when he won the White House and I think Main Stream Media kept need to know information from the voters. Later we discover his questionable past, a past that would have disqualified him as a Presidential Candidate for a significant sector of America. I think Obama fooled everyone, the cold light of day shone after he took office and the devastation began. Now with what is happening on the streets is part of his legacy in my opinion. But the voting thing, I had people tell me all the time, “I don’t vote cause it don’t matter who gets in, they are all the same.” I hope we have all learned a valuable lesson after the Obama and Hillary years.

        • Hardrock

          People have already forgotten that America was the target of the largest, most single devastating terrorist attack ever carried out on 9/11. There are many Jihad supporting organizations within the USA, all plotting to destroy America. You are so right about everything you have stated. The west for decades has been importing these invaders by the plane load every year for decades, facilitating our own demise, as they gain power, influence and authority over us. They have, as in other targeted nations, been educated by us and we have made it possible for them to occupy jobs in key positions including our politics. Aside from our spineless politicians and social services turning against us, we have the most Traitorous Main Stream Media, who have betrayed the nation. They are responsible for inciting left wing extremism, that has caused the eruption of rioting where innocent people have been hurt and much property has been damaged. The media should be made to pay for the civil unrest they have manufactured because of their lies, playing into the fanaticism of left wing crazies. Trump is just an excuse for their lawlessness, but it’s really a movement to control the world and Trump is their speed bump in the way of success. I cannot imagine America allowing a pack of savages taking control, they have risen up before and saved the day, my faith is in the American Spirit to turn the tide back and save the nation. It’s still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and it will remain that way because of the Brave. God Bless America and Donald Trump.

          • 1936benz

            You are also correct in your assessment; I believe that America CAN still survive. The Republican establishment could stop all of these nonsensical “investigations” by tomorrow morning, should they desire to do so. But they won’t. They won’t because when the American people voted for Donald Trump, they upset their (the establishment’s) apple-cart, interrupted their agenda, and the only way they can put things back into “proper order” is to have him removed from the Presidency. I don’t blame the Democrats (we know what they’re all about) – I blame those Republicans who are stubbornly refusing to fulfill the mandate voiced by the American people. Thank God for the internet; without which we would be largely silenced.

  • justmewhoelse12

    The western world still living the deadly fantasy of a “moderate Muslim” exists.

    • marlene

      True. There are only 3 kinds of muslims – active jihadists, stealth jihadists and dead ones. I prefer the latter.

      • 1936benz

        A “moderate” Muslim is the one who’s holding your feet while the “radical” beheads you.

        • marlene


    • Pathfinder0100

      Truer words were never spoken justme—-!!!

  • Tim Lobb

    The cops have sidearms. If they’d just start using them (even with rubber bullets) this insanity would all come to an abrupt stop. As it is there’s simply no consequences or negative repercussions for the brainwashed muslim immigrants to destroy whatever and whomever they want. Such behavior is called anarchy and assault in civilized countries and is dealt with seriously. To do otherwise is to invite increasingly more of the same… which is what the NWO zionists are counting on.

    • marlene

      GOD BLESS THE ZIONISTS! And curse those who ignorantly and hatefully speak against them.

  • Mrs. Chief

    Well you’re not allowed to shoot the bastards so you’re going to have more of it expect it!

    • nanza

      Wish they would. And not turn them over or release their names or bodies back to the families for their cronies to protest. They should” mysteriously” disappear into a pig sty.

      • Mrs. Chief

        Actually that will only happen when the native peoples start rising up & disappearing these criminals.

  • Deplorable/dx

    Out of 200 masked rioters total of ONE was arrested , but later on he was released with the promise and compensation ,that arresting rioters would never happen ever again.

  • Deplorable/dx

    we the Swedish are so pissed that the Visegrad fours wont take any our lovely peace loving ,friendly , highly educated, immigrants who we were welcomed with open arms and legs.

  • Fred

    The first sentence of the article says everything that needs to be said.

    Multiculturalism destroys nations and communities.

    • 1936benz

      I have been to several civil wars, all of which have been sparked by “multiculturalism.” It is a cancer that is destroying the very fabric of Western civilization, and one hundred years from now our descendants (if they survive) will be saying “what on earth were those idiots thinking…”

      • Fred

        I have numerous relatives that lived in an urban area. Everyone knew everyone on their block, parents looked after each others kids. They didn’t lock the doors to their homes.

        Everything changed once the perps and savages got there.

  • Terry B

    Trump is correct again!

    • Pathfinder0100


  • santashandler

    Gee, one hundred attackers and only one gets arrested. What, did he fall. And the Swedish government responds by increasing the number of ‘no-go zones.’ Brilliant, Sweden. In five to ten years, you’ll all be wearing dirty night shirts and looking for virginal goats, anyway

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    It’s time for the Swedish military to overthrow their corrupt government and take care of the muslums and muslum collaborators that have infiltrated/subverted/co-opted same.

  • knightsstrength

    Gutless police should have shot every one of them. Take back your country.

    People need to shove this refugee issue down the supporters of refugees

  • Jim Sandberg

    Intelligence communication has never been Europe’s best defense. Too many languages and cultures and small countries. Check in with Poland and do what is right. Think!

  • des stanley

    obviously 100’s of years of swedish tradition and culture means squat to the current uberliberals, so well deserve their ride into oblivion

  • Self-inflicted wounds. What did they expect!

  • Alleged Comment

    I see, Europe has the “Negro” problem like we do in America. How come Asia does not have this problem? Oh, that’s right, Moslems and Negroes aren’t really allowed in.

    But only ONE arrest out of a hundred??? Why did they let 99 go?

  • marlene

    The Swedish people desperately need the help of an international community.

  • Tim

    And Sweden takes in more and more of these so-called “refugees” every day. They are simply speeding up their own demise.

    Their economy will crash because people aren’t going to travel to a war zone. They will lose their government as more muslims move in, because muslim will only vote for – yep, you guessed it – muslim politicians. They will lose their daughters to muslim predators. They will lose their future because muslims will out breed them – even as they abort their own babies.

    Unless Sweden kicks all muslims out, and bars them from coming in, Sweden is doomed.

  • dad1927
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Vlad was betrayed by his own people.

  • CreoleGumbo

    Too many Swedes are too stupid to realize that they are being ethnically cleansed.

    Look at this commercial that has been publicized in Sweden:

    Check out the last segment (taken from a German commercial) on how lovely hijab is:

  • John Rogers

    Good for Swedenstan. They let the “peaceful” migrants en masse into their country. The jews, who pay taxes, will leave and the native population will be supporting the very people trying to subjugate them.

  • 1936benz

    One hundred years from now, our descendants (if they haven’t all been killed) will be saying “what in the world were they thinking? Why in the hell did they enthusiastically inject this cancer into Western civilization? They HAD to have known that Islam was poison, yet they did this anyway!”

  • Erica Ling

    The only remotely remarkable item in this article, is that their child protection services attempted to intervene in a case of purely traditional abuse of their children. What were they thinking ? Didn’t they understand in a multicultural society we have no right to force our sanctimonious concepts of human rights on others, whose culture is every bit as valid and spiritually inspired as ours. ( if not more so ) Bet heads will roll in the CPS and internal agencies, for not making this crystal clear. And they won’t be repeating that little error again !

  • Dan Knight

    Police Islamofauxbia Crazy Rays SUCKED the violence out of these peace-loving, Sharia-following Muslims …

    it’s either that or the Left is nothing but a bunch of violence-loving, hate-filled, angry Lietards who lie, lie, lie about those who are anti-violence.

    Just sayin’

  • Stephen Honig

    Every country should ban using any kind of mask that covers the face, especially at a march, protest, LGBTQ or anti anything else. exceptions would be at a parade or carnival.

  • spudmans1

    Time to put a bounty on these thugs. That will stop this liberal bullshit behavior right in its tracks. Take down 50,100, 250 of them and the rest will realize the Swedes really mean business. I wonder if they have the kahunas???

  • dad1927
  • ANC

    Europe has a culture that’s been so afraid to fight wars so they will not fight there enemies for any reason whatsoever. Islam and Russia and China know all about how to work them over.

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