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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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Canada: Muslim opens fire on car full of women, outside nightclub


Ramadan righteousness.

Shot fired into car full of women outside nightclub nets multiple charges for Calgary man

Suspect fled after opening fire, followed closely by a tactical unit officer who happened to be nearby

CBC News, Jun 26, 2017 (thanks to Mark):

Calgary police arrested and charged a 32-year-old Calgary man with a shooting early on Sunday morning. Calgary police arrested and charged a 32-year-old Calgary man with a shooting early on Sunday morning. (David Bell/CBC)

A Calgary man has been charged following a shooting early on Sunday morning.

The incident took place in the 1100 block of 10th Avenue S.W. around 1 a.m. Four women left a nightclub, got into a nearby car and ended up in a verbal confrontation with man who was standing with a group of people in the parking lot, according to police.

That man allegedly opened fire on the car before fleeing.

The bullet entered the car and lodged in the front passenger seat, police said. No one was injured.

The fleeing suspect was followed by an on-duty Calgary police tactical unit member who happened to be in the area.

“The officer followed the accused from the scene and was able to challenge the suspect a short distance away,” said police in a news release. “The man was taken into custody without further incident.”

Police said they found a handgun near where the suspect, identified as Mohamed A-Kadir Abukar, was arrested.

The 32-year-old has been charged with one count each of:

  • Discharge of a firearm with intent.
  • Discharge of a firearm.
  • Recklessness.
  • Possession of a weapon for dangerous purpose.
  • Possession of a restricted firearm with ammunition.

Abukar has also been charged with four counts of breach of prohibition order for possession of firearms.

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  • suzyshopper

    Well Canada expect more of the same!!

  • Allen Johnsen

    How about attempted murder?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      He didn’t try very hard, very feeble attempt, he must go out and try again, with an admonition from the court to put some effort into his next attempt.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        Good thing they are such bad shots. Not all muslims are bad shots, but a lot of them are. Could be magical thinking, just point the gun and shoot, thinking it has some magical effect. Lawrence wrote some about that in WW1, how he would get artillery even though he knew it wouldn’t hit anything, as the noise raised the morale of his troops.

        Some of the primitives think of guns as magic sticks, point and shoot with a bang, no concept of aiming, the laws of physics, etc.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Heard from some soldiers involved in various military activities that included muslims. They have no concept of using the sights on a gun, they shoot as much as possible, chanting to alla to guide their bullets.

  • Suresh

    o Boy ! Feminazis can get on everyones Nerve including the poor Jihadi !

    He probably was planning a jihadi attack and No-gun Rule did not get in his way to possess one !

    He will soon be released with a rap on his wrist so he can do his religious duty to kill some infidels.

    when Left/Liberals Fail to learn from history of jihad and
    believe every Lie they are sold then they deserve what they get.

    Like Now in sweden Muslim invaders posing as unaccompanied “refugee children” threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

    And the cowardly Left/Liberal / feminazis are clueless how to stop this menace from destroying their nations !

  • Dano50

    This story must be a lie because we have strict gun control laws in Canada and everybody knows Canadian crooks and nuts, unlike American crooks and nuts, obey the laws.

    Probably didn’t even have anything to do with Islam either.

    • Dano50

      And do I REALLY have to put (sarc) after this?

      • arturo

        You will need to, there are “liberals” reading your posts.

        • Hussars2016

          So sad, so true.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          liberals are having some one read the posts to them as they are illiterate. The big words get skipped over because they have no idea what they mean.

      • Teresa Scott Bolen

        Sadly, I have Liberal family and acquaintances who will think this man is unfairly targeted. We live in a terrorist world now.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          “Unfairly targeted” I wonder if they would think differently if they had been targeted by him w/real live bullets.

        • wilypagan

          You need a Canadian Trump instead of that silly communist Muslim lovin’ boy Trudeau.

        • Annielgill

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        • summergirl27

          Due to the liberals, who can’t receive the truth…..This is what happens when the people fall away from the word of God…..It’s all in the bible; which is everyone’s story, which they should be reading…..There was the beginning, and there is an end; repent it is near…..

      • Hussars2016

        Not for me.

        • SHOTGUN285

          Aloha snackbar!

      • gia

        Wow ! islamaphobic I’m turning you in ! The hotline will take care of people like you!
        Love, muhummad snakabars.

        • Pray Hard

          Please, tun me in. I want Tina Trudeau to come and get me.

          • gia


        • dad1927
          • gia

            Exactly.. sad all the deception has pretty young women inviting death and destruction to their door step.

          • StoneAge

            Seriously, there’s a hotline? The law is nuts in and of itself… Have they handed out uniforms and armbands to the outh yet?

          • jaybird

            Amazing stupidity!

        • Dano50

          Truth be told, free room and board in prison’s probably the only way I’ll ever recoup any of my tax dollars.

          My bod’s at the point it could used front of the line repairs for a well-spent youth anyway.

          I remember a doc several years ago, listing the top five countries to be in prison, and the worst five.

          Canada was NOT in the worst 5, and if you wanted to do something like become a master chef, they freaking flew in all the ingredients for what ever meal you wanted to prepare for your classes.

          As in fresh lobster, whatever.

          I think an honestly ambitious person could really abuse the Canadian penal system to better themselves.

          • Sainte Jeanne d’Arc

            Dont’ fool yourself about Canadian prisons. While they may not be in the top 5 worst, reserved for 3rd world hellhole countries (the very ones we are letting in to take over), you’d be surprised. Ernst Zundel was thrown in the Canuck clink on bogus charges of publishing fake news, and actually held on a trumped up “security certificate” where they had no charges at all, for 15 full months, before the kangaroo court even started. He started off in American jail, then when he finally beat our Supreme Court on appeal, many years later, and N. America got fed up w/ trying to hang him for something, but couldn’t make it stick, they extradicted him off to Germany where they have actual Holocaust Denial laws (hard to fathom, but they really do the fascist fucks). He said that the worst and hardest jail time he did of all 3 countries was Canada by a long shot.

          • Dano50

            Guess it depends on what your crime is.

            Embezzling, bank fraud and the like, you get the country club style prison.

            But since they’re trying to make examples of “Islamphobia,” I’m sure any convicted of such will get our version of Devil’s Island.

          • Brock Bronson

            Uh what’s a holocaust? Never happened

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Why don’t you and your friends and family try huffing some Xyklon B sometime? It will clear up your halitosis and adult acne while leaving you feeling fresh and revitalized at the same time!

      • sodacrackers2

        No, but you forgot that officials have no idea what the motive could have been.

      • Suresh

        Yes, you need to put (sarc) because you are parroting the talking points the demented Left/liberal/jihadis use to cover up.

        Canada is following path of Sweden and result is there for all to see.

        In Left/liberal Loon run sweden, Police chief is pleading for help as they are outnumbered by jihadis running amok

        • Dano50

          Wish I could disagree with you.

          Saw that piece on Sweden too.

        • Brock Bronson

          Saw 5 hagies in basspro in calgary buying an odd amount of ammo and rifles . It even made my dog agitated. The funniest part was none of thier pal certificates had any pictures on them . That is very scary so I called to enquire and guess what. If you are Muslim you don’t have to put your picture on your licence or even your drivers licence. We are officially invaded

          • Suresh

            why don’t you report to DHS and state this is serious security breach. Alert Trump via twitter ,check with local police if they are not left/liberal loons they will take note and report to your local Reps.

            Don’t just keep quite. quite often these policies are continuing from obama days and most folks above do not have a clue.

        • jaybird

          Now we need a northern border wall!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!

      • dad1927
      • Diana


    • Kalambong Kalambong

      Mohamed A-Kadir Abukar

      That is a CHRISTIAN name !!

      • Hussars2016

        Allahu Abukar ! is another version.

        • C.Martel

          It is Allah snack bar… lol

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Or “All is fubar”.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL, Mohamed was Jesus’ Hebrew name.

        • Andrew

          It’s Yeshua. Mohamed is not mentioned at all in the Bible.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            It was sarcasm, sorry.

        • wilypagan

          You crack me up.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            At least someone got it.

        • squishee

          Wrong. It is “Joshuah”; for as the angel said to his foster father-“he shall save his people from their sins.” Andrew is correct.

          • Joel Dubs

            Wrong its Yeshua. Joshua is the English translation and everything else is just a version of the Hebrew name.

          • squishee

            There is no “Y” in Hebrew.

          • Brenda Johnson

            Pronounced Yashuah and god is Yaweh..

      • laxykid


    • Wayne Gracie

      are you clueless? or an idiot?

      • felix1999

        Maybe he was being sarcastic
        NO ONE could be THAT dumb.

        • Ray_Sears

          WANNA BET ?

          • Dano50

            Please refer to above the “Refer to above please.”

            And since this whole string is pretty short, checking right from the beginning should make my position quite clear.

        • Dano50

          Refer to above, please

      • plumberskid

        He’s not the clueless one here. Just saying…

      • Dano50

        You’re going to have to state your position before I know how to respond.

        If you’re conservative, then please read the whole string. I DID write: “And do I REALLY have to put (sarc) after this?”

        If you’re a liberal, then NOTHING posted on these sites is ever going to convince you.

        The only thing that might, is if you go live in a in a Muslim country for a year or so, ON YOUR OWN and under NO SPECIAL PROTECTION by any locals.

        I DID spent that much time in Muslim countries, and returning home in 2002 was when I began telling people about what the culture was REALLY like.

    • felix1999

      It had everything to do with Islam.
      Women are not allowed to be unescorted and certainly not at a bar with drinking.

    • Keith1941

      Dano, does this mean when I travel to your beautiful country again, I can bring my pistol for protection? Had to leave it home the last time.

      • Dano50

        Sadly, not a hope in H.

        They will let you bring a hand gun if you’re going to a competition shoot, but God help you otherwise. And that pistols better be encased in cement between shoots and during travel time.

        Americans come up here to hunt all the time, so rifles aren’t that bad, but if you’re coming to Canada with any type of handgun, safest bet is to be as paranoid as one of Kim Jung’s generals.

        A few years ago I followed the case of an American who had brought his hand gun up without papers. If I remember right, he hadn’t intended to come to Canada, but was on a border state when his buddies simply decided on a day trip detour into Canada.

        He TOLD Customs and Immigration officers, “Look. I have the hand gun. Before we go any further, is this okay or not? If not, we’ll just go home.” and the bas***ds arrested him on the spot.

        They could have said, “We appreciate your honesty but you can’t do that. Go back and this “never” happened.”

        Things are going to get worse under Trudope, and as final warning, Trudope HATES Americans. Just like his Daddy did.

        Don’t expect ANY breaks from the Canadian government if you don’t have your i’s dotted, your t’s crossed, and just to be safe, your i’s crossed and your t’s dotted.

        • wilypagan

          Sounds like we need to organize numerous Canadian/US gun club cultural exchanges – British descendants only invited.

          • Dano50

            Funny thing is, is that we DO have a Canadian version of your 2nd Amendment.

            We based our laws for freedom on the same reasons Americans did, only our law on the matter isn’t quite as clearly stated as America’s.

            But it basically states we are allowed to keep ANY weapons necessary to protect home and country.

            I’ve been shooting since I was 5 and sadly have to admit even I didn’t know about the laws.

            But then we’ve four or five decades of anti gun brainwashing through, and I’m only in my mid 50’s.

            Unless you dig for the law, no Canadian really believes we have the right to bear arms.

            Ezra Levant on dug the stuff up a few years ago.

            And while you’re at it, you might want to look briefly into the “High River Gun Grab” where police illegally broke homes during a flood, seizing all guns.

            The cops said they were “randomly” checking homes for survivors or injured, but they were proven to be out and out lying, as “random” searching would have taken MONTHS to cover those particular homes.

            They HAD to have used a gun registry, and what’s worse yet, the long gun registry was declared illegal, and was SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN DESTROYED years ago.

            Fight gun control fang tooth and nail, cause High River is proof of what can happen when things go wonky.

          • Bob Rock

            Yes Danno, how much freedom do we really have? Not too much I suspect. And Trudeau is chipping away at what little we have left.

        • Keith1941

          Thanks for the info. We have a friend in Edmonton who feels like you. We just got rid of a president who hates America and “True” Americans. When it appeared that Obama and Trudeau got along, it was all I needed to know.

          We’re senior citizens…I remember or trailer getting a “thorough” inspection when we crossed the border into British Columbia…wondered if all Americans got the “special treatment.”

          Hope to visit your country next Summer. We thoroughly enjoyed the people on our last trip.

          • Dano50

            Glad to help.

            And don’t know if you knew but, some of Odumba’s campaign team came up here and advised Trudope’s team.

            The liberals seem hyped up on Russia “influencing” your election.

            Pretty blantant pot calling the kettle black.

    • bob

      Canadian being key word..these people are not

    • sharaanne

      this is very true it did happen

    • normie

      Are you serious? Did someone have to die before you would believe this

      • Dano50


        Read, everything.

        I was being sarcastic.

        And even WROTE: “Do I have REALLY have to write (sarc) after this?”

    • DistantEarlyWarning611

      Really? I just saw a picture of Trudeau wearing socks with quotes from the Quran on them. Do you really want to go down this road?

      • Dano50

        DEW, PLEASE!

        Please, please, please, please, please!

        I’m begging you. And everybody else, please!

        Read my initial comment at least, and go through the whole doggone thing, cause this thread is not that long.


        I spent a couple years sailing from Australia to the U.S. actually LIVING in Muslim countries for MONTHS. I know EXACTLY how the culture behaves.

        The ONLY Muslim country I sailed into, and WASN’T attacked by pirates, was Turkey, and I’m betting that’s because Israel kept good tabs on those waters.

        And here are a couple videos some friends and I made.

        How about spreading them for me? Everybody I’ve shown them to laughed their butts off, and then said, “Been nice knowin’ ya.” but it’s been proven youtube censors such, at least blocking their promotion.

        And If you know anybody interested in colaberating on other such projects, pass this to them.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL. I’m surprised the lieberal didn’t attempt at some sort of discussion about shared values.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      When firearms are outlawed, only outlaws will have firearms.
      I used to know a convicted felon (no friend of mine) who had a firearm — he got his wife to buy it. I had a friend who had a 12 year old gangbanger point a loaded, .25 caliber automatic at him.
      Gun laws only work against the law abiding.

      • Dano50

        Don’t need to convince me.

    • dad1927

      The point is, “Look What YOU MADE him do”. Bill M-103 should be used to jail you for even noticing this!
      Trudeau went to all the big mosques to get voted in!

    • Brock Bronson

      YUUP he was shouting god is great and yelling that the women were sluts I was a block away and heard it all. Apparently he got turned down by a female and was going to rape her until her friends stepped in and took her to thier car to go home

      • Dano50

        Got my doubts THAT will ever make the news.

        Just heard Canadian Press this morning on the radio, about the Canadian Muslim nut who stabbed the cop at Flint, Michigan airport while screaming “Allahu akbar.” and there was NOT ONE MENTION of him being Muslim, or screaming “Allah yada.”

    • LB

      It’ s not a lie. It was on CBC-Calgary news. Look it up.

      • Dano50


        I might be wrong but, am I being trolled here?

        Cause at some point I’m just going to have to quit answering these with, “Read, that the comment was SARCASM.”

    • Elmerfudd

      What brand of Kool-Aid are you drinking, Criminals don’t follow laws.

    • extvwatcher

      what are you some kind of troll? Its obvious what happened here! And this is NOT THE FIRST night club shooting in Calgary! Somalian Muslims pulled the last (known) one off, FYI!!

    • disqus_UpOP6aAPLh

      Really nice play on words, but oh so right.

  • arturo

    Happy Ramadan Canada!!!! Allahu Fubar!!

  • Deplorable Kulak

    “We may never know the motive…”

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The motive is that the perpetrator is a muslim, that is all the treason muslims require to go criminally insane for anything at any time.

      • Shiela Shales

        because they know they will get away with it,, Sorry officer,, I did not know i was not supposed to fire a gun at people

        • spfg

          That’s right…In the koran it is sanctioned against all infidels including women leaving a nightclub at 1:00 AM and getting into a car while arguing with a believing sanctimonious Muslim…

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed. Situational insanity, how convenient.

    • santashandler

      Um, pure evil, perhaps?

    • eMan14

      Oh but we do know the motive. They’ll just never tell us or admit it.

    • marlene

      It’s in the koran.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      U should be working in politics or law enforcement or the enemedia.

  • stephen

    Puss cop should have shot him dead. No Islamic pigs live after attacking people because they ain’t filthy Muslim pigs.

    • spfg

      Guaranteed he will do it again if not more severe the next time….

    • Shuali

      AGREE! The pace of this sort of Muslim crap will pick up gradually.
      If they come to kill, then shoot to kill!

  • stephen

    If extinction of Islam is the end result of muslim attacks…then the pussies will stop. Kill more of them in return.

  • karl59

    Civilization must act together against evil before that evil consumes everything
    good and decent in its path.

  • santashandler

    “Police said they found a handgun near where the suspect, identified as Mohamed A-Kadir Abukar, was arrested.” Gee, he couldn’t possibly be……a muslim. Could he? I’m sure he was probably having a “sexual emergency” of some sort and was just searching for help. That’s all. All the Canadian muslim organizations will rush to his defense and claim that this, again, is ‘islamophobia’ and will get plenty of air time to drown out what he did to those women.

    Interesting how, in Canada, someone can fire a gun into an occupied vehicle and NOT be charged with attempted murder.

    This is the net result of a gun-free society. Only the bad guys have them and use them.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      If this criminal was not a muslim, he would be looking at some serious jail time for merely owning an unregistered hand gun and using it illegally. Attempted murder would be the least of his worries. However, as a muslim, in a city with a muslim mayor, there will be islamic intervention, with the entire event buried in the burka of time.

      • santashandler

        Oh, muslim mayor. I’m sure the shooter will be out in time for tomorrow’s call to prayer.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Very likely.

        • Dano50

          I’m not taking any bets against.

        • Dano50

          Oh and another thing.

          The mayor of Calgary is GAY!

          Once his “Useful Idiot” days are over, how he freaking expects to survive in a Muslim world I don’t know.

          • santashandler

            Good point.

    • He was from the stone age

      Must have used a muzzle loader hand gun. Only fired one shot and no one was hurt.

      • plumberskid

        Must be a liberal. None of them can hit the broad side of a barn. Look at that whack job who tried to take out a group of Republican lawmakers playing softball in Virginia last week. Fired over 60 shots from 2 different weapons and only hit 4 people out of 25+. And 2 of the victims were running at him to stop him, or he would have hit less…(smh)

    • eMan14

      Where was his hockey stick? If he used that he would walk free.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        If anyone there had a hockey stick, and used it, there would be a fatality consisting on one muslim

  • subotaibahadur

    These are the people that the Canadians WANT to come to Canada. They welcome them. They get what they deserve.

    Subotai Bahadur

  • Dave Mc

    This means he’s now made the ‘known to authorities’ list. Cue the sound of a ticking bomb.

    • santashandler

      Ten bucks says he was ‘already known.’

  • Andrew

    But Justin says, “Diversity is our strength”. More like the decimation of Canada.

    • spfg

      I would hope he could expand a bit on that verse because if he did he would be speechless…

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Canada is a fully apartheid nation, with very separate and distinct soft laws for indigenous people and muslims, harsh punitive laws for those from any Christian civilized country . Persons born in Canada who are not of a favoured cult of the liberal party are treated harshly in the various courts, especially human rights commission star chambers.

      • Bob Rock

        Yes, Christian White Canadians are quickly becoming the persecuted minority.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The PC friendly face of the thought police in Canadastan.

  • Shiela Shales

    Bet those girls are Islamophobic FFS,, and that poor man is just a victim (sarc)

  • jtns

    didn’t trudeau jr solve canada’s jihadi problem by wearing muslim themed socks at a homosexual parade and chanting “pride mubarak?”

    • Absolutely! …and with matching panties…..

    • eMan14

      I’ve been avoiding watching anything PM Selfie does. What he wearing his pussy hat?

  • malik imam

    Dear canadians stay keeping your argument about what and who and cause untill one day maybe after 10 years , your question will be how we let this happen , radical muslims have only one agenda around the world and in all countries which is invading by numbers and using terrorism to force countries to take their demands and even stop freedom of speech and accusing them by any way of terrorism , they are not peaceful loving people , their believes told them not to do peace or love only except if they are weak , and their minds programed to follow and obey radical and racist leaders whatever they have from education or western culture , the upper hand to radical leaders in anyway , that is a fact and history happened in my country before and it is being repeated in your country , but obviously no one need to read the history

  • Eugene Kaptur

    OMG, surely they will slap his hands severely, especially for the “Mortal” crime of possessing a “forbidden” handgun!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Probably get a reprimand for allowing an unbelieving female to live.

  • gia

    Leave a bacon sandwich in front of a mosque and get charged with a hate crime assault and harassment . a lengthy jail sentence definately be the result. Shoot a gun at people and get a minor slap on wrist and few months probation. Then Have an entire community blaming islamaohobia for the muzzies actions!

    Which of these two objects would be considered dangerous?
    If your a proper Muslim the one on the left is !
    https ://

    • Midniterider

      Answer,Silver Bullet Gun Oil.
      13% PORK GREASE…………… just for allah,oh yeah and mohammed snakbars homies too.
      Semper Fi
      On the SPLC “Hatewatch” list and PROUD of it.

      • gia


      • gia

        Interesting website ….

        • Midniterider

          It’s currently undergoing updating and making some changes.Orders will be taken again shortly.Had this one since 2006 up and running.
          I belong on their list,I HATE TERRORIST MURDERERS and have NO qualms about saying so to ANYBODY.
          Semper Fi

          • gia

            I saw that. I feel the same I don’t care who knows I hate muzzie scum bags ! I refuse to accept Islam as having any place in the civilized world.

          • Midniterider

            They do have a place,6 ft under buried in a smithfield products pig skin and gutz.

            Semper Fi
            I made pigs fly on the wings of death

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Talk about the heart attack special.

      • gia

        Lol..I know right? I like bacon but that’s overboard !

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Now, in Calgary that has been replaced by goat burger on Khubz Arabee bun. With special islamic fatwa sauce

      • gia

        Let’s not forget yummy goat bacon , burgers wouldn’t be complete withoutl

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Nothing starts the day like fried goat. Puts a muhadajeen in the mood for jihad.

          • gia

            Mahou , don’t forget your warm camel pea/juice need your vitamin c !

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Personally I prefer Japanese oranges for vitamin c. If it is recommended by muslims, it is not accepted by anyone with a functional brain.

          • gia

            Sounds sensible. Lol…

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            That’s vitamin P, not C.

          • gia

            Thanks for correcting me, I always aim to be correct but sometimes I need help .

  • felix1999

    Mohamed A-Kadir Abukar, was arrested.
    Anyone surprised?

    • plumberskid

      Sounds like a nice Presbyterian name to me.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The surprise will be how lightly he gets off, if he goes to court at all.

  • Redigo Gubernatio

    Canada, Sweden, France, UK and Germany desires to live in fear and submission to Islamism. So let them have it while we enjoy a Muslim ban. Sorry travel ban

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Yeah I’ll bet Mohamed has only been a “Calgary man” for a couple of years at most.

  • JUSTsss

    Another Rama-dama-ding-dong has finally past. Can we finally start exporting these people back to wherever ?

  • Peter Joffe

    Pity he was not shot on sight. But Canada being a haven for Jihadists it would be unlikely. This is what you get when a Muslim becomes your president. Ask the USA as they had 8 years of a white house Jihadist. With a name like Mohammad the criminal is a Muslim and should never have been allowed into Canada. Thank you Mr President Justin Trudeau, you have allowed a Canada hater to join you to destroy a once great country.

  • Drew the Infidel

    A happier ending to this story would be if the women fired back, necessitating a visit from the coroner instead of an arrest. The bad guys always seem to have their weapons so it is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. Be safe, be trained, be alert.

  • thinkwell

    Give the perp a full-body pig’s blood transfusion and then after his dies painfully, donate his body to medical science for dissection (islam requires burial within one day).

  • Alleged Comment

    “Calgary man” with a MOSLEM name. How quaint.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Calgary has a muslim mayor, camels have replaced cows in the mild west, which is now the middle east.

  • JWM

    Any body see this on the MSM, anywhere?

  • doggmaninva

    When confronted by police officer he gave up….as usal…a coward…

  • doggmaninva

    Canadians put their safety and welfare in the hands of civil servents many years ago. See what a good job their doing. Police officer happen to be in area and caught him…….after he finished shooting…..but how did Muhammad get a gun since Canadians are trying to make it where only the elite can own guns like any other socialist/communist country.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. If some one wants to buy any gun, there are retailers in bar parking lots that will facilitate them.

  • C.Martel

    Bringing Islam to our country is like having a rotting corpses in your house, the smell always gets worse and the maggots keeps multiplying ….

  • Isn’t this nation which is going to make anything deemed “offensive” to Islam illegal? Sigh…Canada needs to open its eyes.

    • Dirt Doctor

      Oh, our eyes are open wide – keeping things in ‘sight’!

  • Ayna

    And these are only the high-profile incidents that reaches the news in Trudeau’s ideal islamo-Christian society.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Normally anything that reflects badly on muslims or islam is scrubbed from the Canadian lame stream media. Very unusual this story ever saw the light of day.

      • Ayna

        This is common practice by liberals in western based societies all over the world…

  • Fred

    Execute the savage!

  • wendi macaulay

    Let’s thank Prime Moron Justafuk for his contribution to Canada in the form of ‘cultural enrichment’.

  • iia3ezu

    Muslims are always trouble. Keep them on a tight leash.

    • Dirt Doctor

      Ya, a rope collar leash! …with short rope & a high place.

  • Christine Demetroff

    Did Not the PM say he will keep Canadians safe ,, Another lie I guess ,,,,

    • Bob Rock

      He meant new Canadians ie “Immigrants”

  • Madmotorman™ ® The Mad Hatter

    Notice no attempted murder charges. Hmm shooting a gun and someone and missing is not attempted murder, that is unless you shoot it at a police officer.

  • Dirt Doctor

    Just wait till the “cowboys” of southern Alberta hear about this – NOTE TO future Allah snack-bars – they will be out to get you now!!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Calgary? Giggle, city of camel boys.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • Steven

      I do not trust any of these jokers, even the children are suspect.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The name alone suggests the reason he had the firearm and why he fired at women: Mohamed A-Kadir Abuka

    Let’s see: Muslim name means he was probably muslim; the name hidden until the very end of the story, which is a possible attempt by the media to bury the fact that he was a muslim.

    MOTIVE: Women told him to get out of the way, and women do not tell a muslim man anything – they are supposed to be subservient dogs. As a muslim, he had the right to deal with the situation as he felt justified.

    In other words, the media doesn’t want the muslim to be identified as a muslim.

  • marycat485

    How about “Attempted Murder?”

    • Annielgill

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  • Apothis

    A “Calgary man” named Mohamed. Now what is wrong with that statement? Everything.

  • Denis

    why not attempted murder?

  • Won’t be long now when the “tolerant” culture will start in-tolerating the hosting country like Sweden. Unlike in the US, that guy would have been capped and be sent to the city morgue.

  • poortaxpayerwindsor

    good chance 3 of 4 of them women in the car support more savages being brought into Canada
    no more tears for fools

  • bob


  • Henry Hawk

    what happens when goat poking pedophiles don’t get their daily dose of goat butt

  • widebody

    Left out attempted murder charge…why?

  • Charlene Crouse

    DEPORT HIM!!! It’s starting in Canada and to date 40,000 were let in.

  • Catholic Commander

    I self identify as an entity dwelling in the land currently called “canada”, and i heard nothing of this in the approved truth source of the “CBC -canadian broadcasting company”…so it’s a lie

  • bemebpme

    Is Recklessness Canadian for Attempted Murder?

  • Richard Abbott

    Typical bigoted xenophobia to paint an
    entire community with a violent act of one violent individual. When a white male hooligan commits an act of violence these same hypocritical bigots would attribute the act to the individual but not to their entire ‘white’ community. This is tribalism at its worst. It is all too easy

  • Fredroe

    Well, Trudeau is begging for Muslims to come to Canada. Bet he and his family are secure, though.

  • laxykid

    The liberal way to solve their criminal Muslim terrorist problem is to bring more Muslims into Canada!…SMH..(Sarcasm Intended)

  • Solsticewitch13

    Canada is turning into a sharia third world shithole.

  • Pray Hard

    The day is fast approaching when these officers will rue the day they didn’t shoot these vermin in the head when they had the chance.

    • gia

      I love it when people use the word rue.. I don’t thinks it’s used enough these days .

  • Pray Hard

    Tina Trudeau’s dystopian islamoparadise …

  • Kris

    They are not putting an attempted murder charge or terrorism because that would mean a long jail time and they don’t want their replacements for us to be in jail.

    • Dirt Doctor

      Mite be a good deal then, Albertans love a good hunt!

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Canada has very strict gun control laws so it is impossible for criminals to get firearms and use them illegally in Canada.

    And this guy was on probation for firearms offences and, since Canada’s judicial system is so effective, it is unlikely, actually unthinkable, that he would commit another offence in Canada involving firearms.

    And although the offender’s name sounds Muslim, this couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Islam. To think otherwise would be counter to the M-103 motion on Islamophobia recently passed in the Canadian House of Commons.

  • sfcmac

    You’ll note that terrorism is not among the charges, although that was probably the main reason he attacked.

  • NME666

    damn Mennonites

  • dad1927

    3500 more welfare cases just came in from the US:
    With their skills, its for life, and their kids, too. Enjoy seeing them in their NEW SUV’s with 16 kids while you take the bus!

  • miss_msry

    Trudeau is a political slut like his parents.

  • Rob Fuller

    what HORRIBLE reporting. if his name was David would the headline be ‘Jew opens fire’? small minds live in fear and always need a larger boogy-man. thank god for Trudeau, there is already one Trump too many in the world

  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Tm.

    I would say that firing a shot into a car is attempted murder. What type of man would use his force against women in such a manner? Shooting into a car? Not enough info to determine exactly what occurred, but do hope that there will be some investigation, there in Canada.
    Make no mistake, that such actions as these, have long-lasting and indelible effects on the psyche of a populace. In the long term, or perhaps even the short term, people will change how they live. They, whom we elected to protect, to serve, to assure our rights, have failed us.

  • sirtravelsalot

    Another fine upstanding Muzzrat

  • The Deplorable sickandtired

    So, when are we going to acknowledge that muslims are dangerous ?

  • Brian M Halstead

    Well we should get that man a safe space some coloring crayons a stress relieving dog after all Muslim people are peaceful people they only want to cut your head off it’s in their quran oh dear we insult the great Muhammad pedophile

  • hardrockminer

    No permanent residency for any refugee of Muslim immigrant. They need to prove over say….30 years that they are not ignorant degenerates.

  • dad1927
  • antoniathatcher

    how about the charge of intent to murder?

  • Gerry Bourque


  • Dirt Doctor

    Hope the bastard meets Mr CowDude – the one with a .44 mag.

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