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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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Muslim Colonists Are Riding Magic Carpet of Arab Oil Money Into Europe


5.01.2017. A huge new danger for the future of Europe and the modern civilization of the West is emerging along the old Bosnian War battlegrounds in the fractured former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina: the magic carpet of Arab oil money atop of which the polygamous Arab colonists are riding into Europe. The morally decrepit conditions inside the Moslem section of Bosnia (conditions not too different from Serbian and Croatian sections of the country created by Bill Clinton at Dayton, Ohio in 1996) are severely exploited by the Gulf Arab planners and their lower middle class Arab settlers who have bribed and bought off entire government ministries, local newspapers, watchdog organizations and police precincts to enable them to bypass laws or even change laws to suit themselves and their modern Hijra mission! This has enabled them to buy enormous tracts of land, infrastructure, set up front companies and get to own construction businesses with which to build fast these glorified casabas (Arab ghettos) which are clandestine Wahabi-Arab settlements (inside large gated communities) with hundreds of reasonably wealthy homes inside. These exclusive neighborhoods populated by hard-core Arab supporters of terrorism are no-go zones for locals (including the Slavic Muslim Bosnian residents) who keep glimpsing in disbelief at the masses of foreign people wrapped up with foreign appearances and practices who arrogantly roam around as if they already own this basket case of a European country. Locals are already starting to feel like second-class citizens in their own country. The ruling Bosnian Muslim political party (SDA – facetiously named “The Party of Democratic Action”) has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Recently, requests were sent to the government to issue permits for a large Saudi-sponsored mosque built in the capital Sarajevo to be declared “a sovereign territory of Saudi Arabia” so that only Saudi laws need apply there. Furthermore, the privileged new Arab residents of Bosnia have begun to intimidate the locals and pressure the popular culture of Bosnia with its European norms to change and become sensitive to the hardcore Muslim lifestyle suitable to these Jihadi colonists. Recently they prevented some local Bosnian concerts and TV shows from occurring. And local Slavic Moslem women are quickly becoming subsidized concubines of these chauvinistic Arab settlers who already have wives in their native countries but need European household slaves as facilitators of their expansion. For now, the rusty old Yugoslav Communist mass housing apartment blocks of concrete eerily flank the King Fahd Mosque in Sarajevo as if to say that Communism ushered in Islamism out of last spite against the West.

The Bosnian Dubai: A New Settlement Is Rising Near Sarajevo For 50,000 Arabs

“We are investing 2 billion euros into Bosnia,” say the investors from Dubai, whither the local Slav imam responds with concern: “Let the Arabs come over here as tourists, but let them not meddle into our customs! We Bosnian Muslims experience Islam differently from Arabs but that doesn’t make us worse believers. We don’t need extremists here.” – writes Croatia’s paper Globus. A reporter for Globus asked for this article a local Slav Bosnian Muslim guard by the name of Damir about the ways in which he could get in touch with a Kuwaiti firm doing business in Bosnia under the name “Gulf Real Estate” which allegedly invested 25 million euros into a sprawling Arab settlement spread across 1,760,000 square feet of space of Bosnian land. Damir responded by saying that this company’s office is in the capital city’s Ilidza suburb [which was once Serb-inhabited before the Serbs were killed, expelled or forced to flee] inside a hotel called “Hollywood”. The journalist for Globus then proceeds to interview the local residents of this village-like suburb of Sarajevo that lies near the mysterious large Arab settlement built in Bosnia. “They come and ask us local residents where they can buy cheese. They seem exilerated by our climate, nature and availability of water. They say that this is paradise for them. They seem polite. Men are all wrapped up in their clothes while only eyes are visible on their humbled women. We used to fear them as radicals and terrorists, but now they seem like normal foreigners. They seek to aggressively buy land around here. They asked us to sell them our homes, livestock and farmland. However, as soon as you talk price to them they begin to haggle about price like the lowest cheapskates who must go as low as possible even though they are rich by our standards”. Her Bosnian Muslim husband Ramiz interjected by quipping “I am in fear of these Wahabis who control our Bosnian construction companies!”

The reporter for Globus next sat down for talk with a retired local journalist and diplomat, Zlatko Dizdarevic, who spent years in Arab countries and who is now one of the loudest voices against Arab investments into Bosnia and Herzegovina. “I see the time when all these efforts will materialize in citizenships and all kinds of rights for foreign Muslims who will grow in number all the time until they become political candidates in local elections and begin to change our laws from within. Many of them come here wealthy from Arab oil money and these are the most arrogant ones who impose their rules on us. They built the Grand Mosque of King Fahd in Sarajevo demanding that it be declared a piece of Saudi territory in Bosnia – like an embassy! This intimidation will force more and more the locals, like Bosnian Muslims, Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Serbs, to emigrate away from these parts. Europe today is blind and does not get it. The EU isn’t on top of what’s going on here, which is why the republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is nearing the point of no return away from the West and the European Civilization. This suits the collaborating local traitors who realize that their corrupt ways would land them in jail by the European standards of law.” Another lone voice of a dying intelligentsia here has registered a protest against this invasion: Bosnian Muslim intellectual and academician, Esad Durakovic, who warned “the Arab invasion of Bosnia and Herzegovina through which thousands of acres of land are bought is a negative phenomenon for all to see and yet everyone is silent.”

The Bosnian capital of Sarajevo was abandoned recently by Layla Cholak, a fleeing young journalist who said she escaped because of the local Arab Jihadi threats made against her after she publicly denounced the rising presence of extreme Muslim dress codes on the streets, declaring “religion should be a private affair just like sexual preference”. “In Bosnia today you get respect only by your membership in the cattle stampede, a mob belonging to a designated pen with a religious and political persuasion to boot.” – said Layla Cholak. She added that only 10 years ago it was unthinkable that there could be a theater performance canceled because of foreign Arab objections on emotional religious grounds or that students would be exempted from courseworks on Fridays due to prayers in mosques or that a completely covered up woman would be a political candidate for office!

In the first eight months of 2016 there were 30,000 citizens of Saudi Arabia visiting Bosnia. At the largest mosque in Bosnia, King Fahd Mosque, there operates a political center for Islamic Culture which teaches the Arab language for locals who expect to get a job from Arab investors. Moslem investors have pumped 428 million euros into Bosnia so far (which is still dwarfed by the European Union investments). The reporter for Globus found an Arab language brochure on the floor of his Sarajevo hotel apartment advertising the new residential community being built at Poljine Hills constructed by the Saudi ‘Al Shiddi’ group. The next morning this journalist visited the overtaken Sarajevo suburb of Ilidza to see for himself how life there is. He was culture-shocked to see it resemble an Arab district in Africa or Asia. Everywhere signs are in Arabic. Everywhere people wearing hijabs, burqas and tunics walk about. A greasy local Bosnian Moslem city official mercurially and praisefully describes the material benefits of doing business with the Arabs: “They paid us almost 400,000 euros in taxes so far and they will be consuming everything they can get their hands on from us as their suppliers.” Some other companies (run by naturalized Arabs who moved to Bosnia in the days of bygone Yugoslavia to study and marry local women) rent and lease lodgings for Arab tourists who spend hot summer months in Bosnia enjoying the milder weather.

Another Arab Muslim investment group, Buroj International, plans to built a Moslem tourist resort in Bosnia after purchasing 3,600,000 square feet of space. They plan to have “the glitter of Dubai in the mountains around Sarajevo to be called ‘Buroj Ozone.'” Investors from Dubai have already lined up for the project.
King Fahd Mosque in Sarajevo

BOSANSKI DUBAI: Niče novo naselje kod Sarajeva za 50.000 Arapa

  • Michael Copeland

    Wake up, Western Europe! Wake up!
    Take your heads out of your television shows!
    NOTICE what is happening.
    Special message for shepherds of the sheeple:
    “Wake the flock up!”

    • DVult

      Wake up! Stop fooling around on the Internet! Er, oops.

  • Suresh

    At least they are buying property and taking over using the infidels money they got by selling their overpriced oil. But thanks to fracking the oil prices have come down.

    But In sweden & rest of EU its worse as tax payers are funding the freeloaders, criminal minded jihadis who rape , assault, rob , burn down cars and demand more !

    And now Muslim invaders posing as unaccompanied refugee “children” threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

    • Mark Steiner

      Having been in and out oil for some time (not continuously though, due to price fluctuations goaded by OPEC and internationalists), one may conclude that West Texas shale oil production is a serious threat to OPEC domination of the oil market. And if the price goes above $65, North Dakota kicks in, keeping OPEC at bay even more.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I’ve read that OPEC deliberately manipulated oil prices to make sure oil shale remains noncompetitive as an alternative petroleum resource.

        • Mark Steiner

          Good point, but improved technology has worked to restore some market sanity – the only thing America lacks with shale oil is lifting costs. Permian Basin (West Texas) has lower lifting costs than the WIlliston Basin, ND, where Bakken/Three Forks production can, at $65+/barrel, shut up OPEC.

    • Kristinsguenther

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  • Mark Steiner

    From the article: …” the magic carpet of Arab oil money atop of which the polygamous Arab colonists …”

    How do you do, citizens of the world and the good ole’ USA. The same could be said since the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and the oil embargo that followed in 1974 – Arab, that is, MUSLIM money being stacked in banks for usage against us – the US – in the future, not unlike this sordid situation described here in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    Internationalists are behind this game, as they were in 1973-74. Example: George Soros. They hide in the weeds of secrecy while they send their wiling slavish armies into nations to destroy them – Western Europe, for instance. A few nations in Eastern Europe: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic – are standing up and holding out against this invasion while other morally decrepit nations fall by the wayside.

    The United States should have been energy independent from Muslim oil as early as 1974 and easily could have met or exceeded Arab/Muslim oil production in the international oil market without batting an eye – BUT – the internationalists running us AND them, had their way, and you know the rest of the story. Read about the details from Gull Island, Alaska to understand why.

    President Trump just visited Saudi Arabia, spoke to all those Muslim leaders, and this writer is here to tell you that America First was not at the top of these agendae. You will know what was sooner than later.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    When the wealthy muslims pollute europe with their presence, turning into the silty of their home countries, they will move on. Those countries welcoming arab money best invest it wisely as it can disappear as fast as it appeared, with only ignorance and poverty to testify that it was ever there.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Good business opportunity for EU ladies of the night. Could make 50,000 euros a night, or more, if they like you. But be careful, don’t let them kidnap you back to the home country, or get violent.

  • MosheAkiva

    Yes, this was the reason for Clinton to break up Yugoslavia. Same reason for the removal of Saddam Hussein and Kadhafi and the attempted removal of Assad. Anyone, who is in the way of the Saudi/Wahabi Arab conquest will be removed by our “democratic” governments in the West.
    It is our will to be destroyed and replaced, after all, this is democracy.

  • Cai

    If I remember correctly, they incarcerated Slobodan Milisovich (sorry about the spelling) for trying to quell the takeover by the mudslimes who had been given sanctuary there earlier.

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