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[ September 21, 2017 ]

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Michigan: America’s FIRST Muslim Majority City Council “erupts in screaming, swearing, and little else” #Hamtramck


America’s future.

The  Islamization of Hamtramck and Dearborn continues apace. This should be a warning to all of us.

At this rate, they will be bloody brawls in the House and Senate, just like we see in Muslim countries.

New Muslim Majority City Council in Michigan Warns, “Today we show the [non-Muslims] and everybody else….”

Hamtramck, Michigan is 1st American city to elect MUSLIM MAJORITY CITY COUNCIL

Residents Complain ‘Call to Prayer’ is Too Loud in 1st American City with Muslim Majority City Council

Hamtramck City Council erupts in screaming, swearing, and little else

by Michael Jackman May 12, 2017:

Congratulations, Warren: Your city council looks a lot better, relatively speaking, this Friday afternoon.

But it’s only by comparison, and courtesy of the Hamtramck City Council.

That body met for an emergency meeting today, and, depending on who’s talking, the reasons may differ. (Luckily, a series of videos — 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 — are posted online so you can draw your own conclusions.)

Essentially, a block of four councilmembers were prepared to let the city manager’s contract expire and to initiate a search for a new city manager.

It’s no secret that relations between Councilman Anam Miah and city manager Katrina Powell have been strained. But in politics, you sometimes work with people because larger things are at stake. In this case, for instance, it’s a $2 million loan from the state of Michigan lent on condition that the little city keep a city manager on staff.

Hence the importance of working with Powell, lest the city’s Receivership Transition Advisory Board — the body keeping an eye on the city in the wake of its stint under emergency management — call in the loan, which the city probably could cover, but not by a whole lot.

However, as the crowd filtered into the council chambers, it became clear that plenty of the city’s most engaged residents were opposed to letting Powell go, thereby incurring the wrath of the RTAB. (It may not look that crowded in the video, but the chambers only fill up like that when the council is discussing marijuana or the regulation of ice cream trucks.)

As the videos show, various people on Hamtramck City Council can be utterly dysfunctional — especially when Mayor Majewski is away visiting her mother.

In the end, after all that rancor, nothing binding was passed at the emergency meeting. After the block of councilmen voted unanimously to let Powell’s contract expire, the city lawyer was able to tell everybody, after much shouting, that the body needed five votes to terminate a contract.

  • Janet Foley

    I am sorry but I cannot even understand a word this man is saying. I wish they would learn how to speak English and quit going on and on and on! Sorry but these people do not understand the American way and need to leave our country and go back to the Middle East.

    • Irmahtull

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    • SmithWinston6478

      The muzzies DO understand the American way, and they want to KILL us. They believe the koran is the word of allah written by the brutal, merciless, pedophile (and self-professed prophet) muhammy. There’s no such thing as ‘moderate’ muslams; only those maintaining low profiles until sufficient numbers can violently demand sharia. The harsh, inhuman law they swear to – is NOT compatible with tolerant modern man, let alone our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Europe is proving they should NOT live among us.

      Retrogressive muslams have been inbreeding 1400 years, and are bound by ignorance, intolerance, chromosome damage, and threat of death to remain so. Their moon-god rule book commands them to convert the world back into the stone age by the sword if necessary.

      koran 2:191~ kill the disbelievers wherever we find them.
      koran 5:33~ “…[non-believers] …should be murdered, crucified, their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or they should be imprisoned.”

      “Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill
      “The precept of the koran is perpetual war against all who deny mohammed is the prophet of [their god].” ~ John Quincy Adams
      “Show me just what muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword – the faith he preached.” ~ Manuel II Palaiologos – Byzantine emperor
      “Islam was not a torch as has been claimed, but an extinguisher. Conceived in a barbarous brain for use of a barbarous people, it was, and remains incapable of adapting itself to civilization. Wherever it dominates, it has broken progress and checked the evolution of society.” ~ André Servier

      • Thomas J. Hennigan

        Islam is so crazy and unreasonable that even eating or dinking with one’s left hand is forbidden. Not to mention their hatred for dogs and music. The Ayatolah Quomeni of Iran said that “there is no fun in Islam”. They went to impose this on the rest of us.

        • SmithWinston6478

          TJ, Yep. Cavemen in pajamas inspired by the mentality of a 7th century pedophile and brutal merciless conqueror.

    • CentralCaliGal


    • dad1927

      what difference does it make whatever he says? Welcome to Morocco


    Well Pam, this is the Problem across America, and it’s continued down fall,
    Foreigners, filling city and county councils, getting rid of the Whites and Blacks, and Hiring their own, to more positions of power.

    • Suresh

      Muslims are very good at it. Look at how they voted for First “moderate” jihadi as Mayor of London and now Brits enjoy jihadi attacks and Mayor says its ok !

      And Here’s the absurd police advice to British citizens on how to react to terrorists & Trump exposes the “moderate” jihadi Mayor of London on this kind of duplicity

      As only Trump can as he is not on payroll of saudi/qatar Islamonazi paymasters like most Left/Liberal pro-muslim media/politicians are.

      • SmithWinston6478

        The muslam mayor of Londonistand told the press the terrorist attacks are figuratively ‘to be expected in a big city, and nothing to be concerned about’. Europe is learning the hard way that retrogressive primitives are not compatible living among tolerant and compassionate modern man.

    • Rocinante44

      and who let them in here?

      • trump blast

        The dumbucrat leader nobuma

      • SmithWinston6478

        I asked that exact question on a cruise boat in the Med after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Fortunately, the liberal imbecile that confronted me in the buffet line saw the look on my face and the steak knife in my hand. He dropped his plate and stomped off in a huff. Ha! The longer we wait, the more violent the ultimate resolution will be.

        Europe is learning the hard way that their preoccupation with nationalsim because of the Nazi experience no longer applies. Retrogressive muslams are bound by ignorance, intolerance, 1400 years of inbred chromosome damage, and their moon-god rulebook, to convert the world back into the stone age mercilessly by the sword if necessary. The longer we wait, the more violent the ultimate conflagration will be.

  • arturo

    It’s the “city” council in Timbuktu!

  • Deplorable B Church

    Too much more of this and the shooting is going to start. These barbarians and their savage belief system need to be driven out of this country, or this country will not survive.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It will take some very extreme action to facilitate change.

      • santashandler

        Yes. Very extreme.

  • Halal Bacon

    any chance any of them could pass a basic literacy test?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Not a chance.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        literacy is actually becoming a serious problem in California. 75% of the young males in one ethnic group don’t meet basic reading and writing standards, for example. In math it is even worse, like unable to add and subtract.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That is why they are democrats, they have no ability to learn anything more than the basics. Fo a democrat to know when to stop eating a chunk of raw vegetable, thereby not eating their fingers, is about the best they will ever achieve.

          • Rhiannon1223

            Now, that’s funny … and, in many cases, true!!!

        • santashandler

          Well, don’t worry. They’ll have a bright future as criminals. After all, the jackass gov Brown is releasing them from the state’s prisons by the thousands

          • SmithWinston6478

            You gotta wonder who’s side moonbeam brown is on. It does NOT appear to be ours.

          • santashandler

            Definitely not. You can see and hear it every time he opens his filthy mouth

        • spfg

          Send them back to the Middle East and they will fit right in!

        • SmithWinston6478

          AA, That’s funny. Lemme guess… they’re Norwegians.

  • BooBooBaby

    This is awful!
    These Muslims need to move to a Majority Muslim Country!

    • Kiki

      🤔🤔🤔 that’s EXACTLY what they’re doing…state by state…BECOMES “their country” (see how that works for them? 😉)

      And in case you’re wondering…yes, I DO have the solutions….in SIX months… they’re out…EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.

      CLUE: taqiyya, kitman, taysir, tawriya, muruna, darura….. (it’s like a gold mine…. Think Arthurs….THINK!!!)

      • spfg

        First let them either convert to another religion or become an atheist. Islam should be made illegal…..Enough is enough…

        • SmithWinston6478

          Nah. Get ’em OUT, and away from our kids.

        • Kathy Brown, Esq.

          Exactly. Perfectly legal, since 1790. Most recent law MANDATING (not allowing) presidential removal of individuals/groups advocating the overthrow of the USA-The McCarran-Walter Act (1952).

          Most important to note: “Religious tests”-or indeed any kind of test-is absolutely constitutional when it’s immigration. For example, we could decide tomorrow that we want only 100,000 red-heads to be allowed in next year.

    • santashandler

      Why should they. They destroyed where they were, now they’re branching out to destroy other nations

      • spfg

        Let them go back and destroy it a second time and a third and a …….

  • betspotter

    I cannot understand a word he says.

  • doggmaninva

    having a Muslim in American politics is the same as having a knife to your throat, and sooner or later they will use it on you…

    • spfg

      Special favors to the ones that are Muslim will only bring chaos throughout your neighborhood and elsewhere. Its like trying to balance a object with the heavy side up. Sooner or later it will tip over and come crashing down. It is designed to cause confusion and in equality throughout the local jurisdiction…

    • Mary

      just cross out American, and put in whatever country is currently still sort-of-decent to live in…. and we agree.

  • Benny Rothman

    Its called Civilization Jihad …..if you people do not get a handle on these azz holes we are done as a Nation…They ruin everything they touch..

    • Sonny Vargas

      That sounds like Dumacraps!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Typical of muslims, once they get a little bit of power, they immediacy oppress everyone that is not muslim and fight between themselves. Those voting for muslims deserve the very hell they have entered.

    • dangerousfreedom

      Because they dont understand democracy. The western idea of power – it is biblical in origins – is service, and comes from the example of Christ washing the feet of the disciples and dying for them on the cross. Those in power are actually in the greatest service to those they serve, and this was understood through the ages of Judeo-Christian and Civic philosophy. That those who are in leadership must actually lay down their will and lives for those they serve, and that leadership is in service to the people. This has been forgotten today in the post Christian era. The Eastern ideal of Mohammed is that power is strength and that a leader must be strong and ruthless. You can see that in the sayings of osama bin ladin, who studied mohammed extensively – the people will always follow the strong horse. Democracy is not the natural result of nor is it built into Islam. It springs out of Judeo-Christianity.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        islam is all “might is right” the only thing islam understands and will accept is greater brutality and inhuman savagery than it can manage.

      • Angus the Deplorable

        Because they dont understand democracy.

        That’s simply untrue. Muslims understand democracy very well which is why they despise it so much. It’s 100% the opposite of the cult of islam & sharia law.
        Islam and any sort of democracy will never peacefully coexist – nor do muslims want them to…

      • Sandy Pfaff

        Hey stupid that is NOT USA!!!!

      • Laurence of Arabia said that what inflamed the Arabs of his day was the idea of self governance. The American idea of self governance.

        Of course that all breaks down in a tribal culture. And what are the Democrats doing? Working to make America tribal.
        Seven Pillars of Wisdom – Laurence pdf

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Who cares what that muslum loving pederast thought?

      • Thomas J. Hennigan

        The only thing they understand is force, power. Of the first four successors of Mahommed called Rightly Guided Caliphs, there of them were violently killed by other Muslims. It is essentially violent.

  • Johnny Doe

    I understood the white people. Can you translate the Arabic for us ?

  • unsheepled

    He needs a translator !!

  • Fubar

    WTH? Is that Sudan or the United States? How much longer until we are officially a 3rd world country? I haven’t checked our education placement scores in a while—partly out of fear of what I’ll find. Why are they allowed to broadcast the call to prayer over loud speakers? I would drive around blasting heavy metal until they turn that crap off. Keep your “alleged” religion behind closed doors! Nobody wants to hear that crud!

  • Deplorable/dx

    I remember how the neo liberal left celebrated this PC council election.
    Great choice , they would have worked beautifully with hillary

  • Kiki

    Ya GOTTA love it….after they went through their tantrum…. they were told their vote was invalid because they didn’t have a quorum. A😂😂😂 As THEIR employer… each individual should demand they speak in english….slowly and methodically… and then 😉😉😉 toy with them….

    FACT: Dearborn MI will be designated as a pilot program to show how to REMOVE Sharia Law from U.S. Soil….

    Ask THIS 👥🕵👥 Autistic Savant how it’s done….cause ya’ll(ah) are just spinning in the hamster wheel…. including you #pamelagellar …. seriously (I luvz ya ya know), but seriously, you protested #lindasarsour and a week later… thousands gave her a standing ovation….

    And I ask… (cause again… ya know I luvz ya) what DA FCUK did it accomplish? I’m a beggin’ ya… I AM your golden ticket to ERADICATE…with TRUMP… and Milo, these vermin. 6 months is all(ah) you need… I have the #blueprint… I AM patiently…. EVER so p.a.t.i.e.n.t.l.y. waiting for your ego and pride to take a vacation and the REAL you knocking on my door and asking that I “walk the walk, talk the talk…show us the solutions you claim you’ve got”

    TEASER: HOLD a CONTEST for ideas WITHIN THE LAW, to *poof* these impacted fecal logs…. OUT OF OUR SACRED U.S. SOIL.

    Lordyyyy… LAWDY….. I keep trying…and they keep chattering banalities of botchulism. 😩😩😩

    • Majah

      So spill Kiki. How do we do it?

      • trump blast

        Hold a pig roast in the city park !!!

      • Justin St.Denis

        Don’t encourage it. Narcissists are as bad as trolls.

      • Kiki

        RICO Act… perjury is a felony on ANY US document signed… they cannot tell the truth to an infidel (us non muslims) and they habe EIX aporoved methids to lie to us… and not ONE approved word of TEUTH that they are oermitted to use withbus… hence…. perjury. Thus, nothing of what they say can be confirmed LEGALLY as being the “truth” .. we have laws…and we know how to use them.

        Cudahy, CA. – American Children First found a loophole taking tax monies from the budget. Don’t allow polygamy in ANY form, the Mormons never got that luxury… why are we “regressing… like WTF? Uh… NO MORE.

  • gfmucci

    The only thing that can explain this behavior is inbreeding.

    But I must say, up till the last 2 or 3 minutes, this meeting sounded like many of the 1,000 plus I endured as a City Planner.

  • karl59

    American rule of law means nothing to Muslims.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Babs42

    Who elected them?

  • Uhhh…where’s the rest of the video? Do I really need to break out the one stroke short of an orgasm metaphor?

  • Sandy Pfaff

    They should at least be informed to speak english.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    Hows that diversity workin for ya Michigan soon you will be overcome with thier ideology not the ideology of the USA!!!!

  • Jan

    Don’t let them get a foothold in the first place.

    • Justin St.Denis

      That horse galloped out of the barn a long time ago.

  • Eugene Kaptur

    Give the ALL machetes and may the best “chopper” win! (‘-))


    who voted them in?

    • Forrest Grump

      Well, it certainly wasn’t old white male conservatives of Polish origin who belong to the NRA.

    • SmithWinston6478

      The Polish people are the only ones in Europe who learned anything from the 2nd WW war.

  • Annie

    That loud eruption was caused by a major conflict between the four Muslim
    council members AND the public and the fifth non-Muslim councilman.

    The latter thinks the former is ignoring basic rules and the wishes of the public
    and they are frustrated and angry about it. I imagine the fact that one of the
    four speaks unintelligible, garbled English doesn’t help matters.

    I watched the videos and didn’t notice any Muslims in the audience. Imagine
    letting more and more into the country. They would wield increasing power
    in every part of government while jihadists among them made sure we submit
    to it. It’s called domination by seventh-century supremacist Islam.

  • Beverly

    Michigan now has a Muslim who is running for Governor.

    • SmithWinston6478

      Will the remaining Americans in Michigan be stupid and short-sighted enough to elect a muslam governor? Talk about shooting oneself in the foot – er ah, HEAD. This lunacy may come to another civil war. That’s what it will take to resolve the insanity, and that’s why we have the 2nd Amendment.

      “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.” ~ Patrick Henry
      “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” ~ Thomas Jefferson
      “Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
      “Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will end up plowing for those who don’t.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Wow, the noose of islum draws ever tighter.

  • Louise Mitchell

    Bla bla bla bla thats what I got out of that

  • Tom Tully

    Parts of Michigan are turning into fetid cesspools. Soom the cancerou ideology of islam will dominate the populace, and it will cease to be safe for anyone who values freedom and our American values. It’s spreading like cancer. God help us all.

  • T luck

    these people are all agents of the federal government and the deep state. they have been shipped in and are all subsidized with fiat money printed out of thin air to lower the value of your money, cancel out your vote and keep the liberal deep state elite in power over productive patriotic americans forever. this was never NEVER the idea with our immigration system until teddy kennedy decided we were too white etc. these people should be back in their former countries either working THERE to reform their societies LIKE WE DID or stay there and suffer. they will not change, they will not reform their backward culture, because they know they dont have to as long as the idiots here will print money and hand it out to them to come here and compromise our freedom. importing them is an act of sabotage, not an act of mercy. if liberals really cared about their well being they would do something about bangladesh or yemen. but they wont, because they are bullies and will beat on dumb doormat americans with their guilt trip to get their way. and its working.

    • SmithWinston6478

      T, That about nails it.

  • LQQKiesee

    These people are too stupid to understand the rules and the lack the civil discipline to follow the rules.

  • Solsticewitch13

    and they want to RUN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! SICK TO DEATH OF ISLAM!!!

  • Timothy

    Hamtramck Michigan should have never let any Muslims have a position of power. No Muslims should have any positions of power in America until they learn and live the American Way and recognize that America is a Christian Nation founded on Christian values and principles and it will always be. You cannot change that nor can Americans allow that to be changed in anyway because if you Americans do then you doom America to destruction.

  • jolyn52

    I can’t understand anything other than a few words….He just goes on and on….I guess this city will be under Islamic State.


    What language was that first man speaking??? It couldn’t have been English!!! He was incoherent.

  • AurelioJose

    Start shooting. This has to be war, the only way to stop this barbaric cult from taking over our country.

  • Kelly Reilly

    we should not have people in ANY OFFICE in this country who are not EUROPEAN and WHITE…..

  • JamesofMichigan

    A truly ham handed attempt at usurping the rights of citizens.

  • earnest.roberts

    fools keep voting for them.. get out and run for the public positions or lose them to these fools..

  • dad1927

    like the mayor detroit. The place will be robbed and violence will be coming

  • unsneakycindy




  • FyreLyon

    Hamtramck is entirely surrounded by Detroit, and it appears its politicians act no differently from Detroit’s.

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