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[ October 23, 2017 ]

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[ October 23, 2017 ]

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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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[ October 22, 2017 ]

Europe’s Next World War Begins in France

State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 Muslim Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days


Al hijrah.

We are witnessing the fall of Europe. They’ve reached a tipping point — a point of no return.

“The government continues to show a worrying powerlessness in the face of a situation that becomes more and more dramatic every day,” said Paolo Romani, president of the senators of Forza Italy.

Trump is right! back the ban!

State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 African Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days

Italy’s migrant welcome centers are in a state of “collapse” as huge waves of African migrants take advantage of the temperate climate to make the crossing from Libya to the Italian peninsula.

On Tuesday, 8,500 African migrants are reaching Italian shores aboard 14 different ships, adding to the 5,000 who arrived on Monday. The massive arrivals have led local media as well as politicians to speak of an authentic immigrant “invasion” exceeding the country’s capacity of assimilation.

Officials reported on June 15 that more than 65,000 migrants had arrived since the beginning of the year, but that was prior to the latest influx. Figures for the year now stand at 73,380 migrants into Italy, or a rise of 14.42 percent over the same period in 2016, when then-record arrivals had reached 64,133.

 The exodus from Libya to the Italian coast has continuing unabated with no visible action on the part of the Italian government or the European Union to halt it.

The illegal immigrants who reach the Libyan coast from all parts of Africa (most recently, from the West), embark in the Mediterranean on makeshift boats. The majority of these are picked up either by NGOs or humanitarian organizations or official Italian Coast Guard or naval vessels.

Despite their intention to travel up through Italy into northern Europe, the vast majority of migrants end up remaining in Italy, mostly because the northern borders with France, Switzerland and Austria are closely watched.

According to the Interior Ministry, the region that has taken in the most migrants is Lombardy (13 percent), followed by Lazio (9 percent), Campania (9 percent), Piedmont (8 percent), Veneto (8 percent), Emilia Romagna (8 percent), Tuscany (7 percent), Puglia (7 percent) and Sicily (7 percent).

“The government continues to show a worrying powerlessness in the face of a situation that becomes more and more dramatic every day,” said Paolo Romani, president of the senators of Forza Italy. Romani urged Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni to “safeguard national interests, even if necessary by blocking the access to Italian ports.”

Romani has also called on the UN Security Council to intervene, urging “shared strategies to stop the departures” from Libya, as well as a ban on NGOs whose shuttle service to Italy only serves to “aggravate the situation.”

Romani’s counterpart in the House, Forza Italia’s Renato Brunetta, has petitioned Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti to block migrant ships heading to Italy and instead to request European Union (EU) Officials to have the vessels diverted to other Mediterranean ports.

The head of Italy’s Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, expressed his exasperation in a tweet to his followers, noting that Tuesday’s arrival of 8,500 illegal immigrants onto Italian soil was “fucking enough.”

“This complicit government will do nothing,” he wrote, “so it’s up to us to use every (licit) means we can,” while adding the hashtag #stopinvasione.

Italy’s national anti-mafia and counterterrorism prosecutor, Franco Roberti, has acknowledged that this new wave of landings poses its own dangers, and constitutes “a threat to national security.”

Meanwhile, on Sunday 52 would-be West African emigrants were found dead in the desert area north of the river Niger, on the border with Libya, while 24 of their companions were rescued.

The prefect of the northern region of Bilma, Fatoumi Boudou, confirmed that a “group of about 70 people traveling from Agadez [Niger] to Libya aboard three vehicles had been abandoned in the desert without food or water” by traffickers.

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  • Eurabia Imam


    • King Rat

      Your mother was a pig.

    • James Kirk

      Slay The Saracen Pigs for The God of Israel and His Christ!

      • Ariel

        Sarcasim? WTF?

        • Jenny

          Needs a sedative.

          • pipo

            Right you are, in case I look like Eurabia Imam I would like to have so much in order not to wake up.

        • James Kirk

          Mat 10:34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” -Jesus Christ.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            But what about:

            Matthew 26:52-53 says:

            52 “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him,
            “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword. 53 Do you think I cannot call on
            my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of
            angels?” (NIV)

          • James Kirk

            ” I come here now as a Lamb, but I will return as a Lion.” – Jesus Christ

      • Eurabia Imam


        The EU got them blackmailed due to all their gay underage orgies tapes HAAAHAHAHAAHAHA Checkmate Eurocucks.

        • James Kirk

          I am NEITHER Catholic nor European, they are BOTH apostate. Here in America, Crusader Lord Trump’s Travel Ban was upheld, 4K Muzlyms fled to Canada, and 4K Somali Muzlyms were sent back Africa.Unlike Europe, We are well armed. Yeshua is The Lord!

    • GentlemanJohn.

      Kos Kesh! You’re emblematic of Planet of the Apes…

      • pipo

        In all fairness if I looked like as Eurabia Imam I would do the honourable thing and top myself.

    • Craig

      allah was the name of the male goat mohammad liked to rape.

  • King Rat

    The invasion has to be stopped. The U.S. turned back Cubans and Haitians at sea, which is what European nations should start doing immediately if it’s not already too late.

    • Kristel

      Yep, but there is one problem, we are ruled by progressife leftists who think that every illegal (Muslim) is an asset for our society. They don’t want to see the truth. That is that most of them are illiterate people who come to Europe to profit from our social benefits and live on our social security without even working one day. Believe me, they get money and a house and social welfare money , free medical care and free schooling of their children without having to work for , some even complain that they don’t get enough (free) money because they have to support their family in Africa (with our money)!Most of them are better of than our own. In getting a house or an appartment from the social service they always get priority. Nice eh, oh, and don’t forget, making our lives miserable by being a radical Muslim is one thing they are good at.

      • Craig

        Muslims…uneducated, diseased, do not work with others, rape, burn and murder. Yes, I can see the “asset” if I had about 4 hits of LSD.

        • wilypagan

          I think 4 hits of LSD might only exacerbate the horror. Imagine an endless vortex of savages with machetes…

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I wouldn’t mind imaging such a scenario as long as I have an MK-19 grenade launcher and plenty of ammo or even a battery of 105’s w/some beehive or flechette rounds or one of the quad-mount 50 caliber AA trucks.

      • CreoleGumbo

        Don’t forget the crime. It was an African who killed Meredith Kercher, the roommate of Amands Knox who was blamed for the crime and served time in Italian prison before the real murder was apprehended.

    • Steve

      Runners of refugee boats getting paid top dollar ought to be taken out but not before they reveal their bosses.

  • norman f. hernandez

    who are these human traffickers-they get the moolas and Europeans all the headaches-hmmm does the interpol or the UN{done] has any clue who these shadowy people are-it doesn’t matter any cos the liberal european govts. itself asked for it, right.

  • Martyman39

    Italy needs a Donald Trump. Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries with vast tracts of land let in any of their “brethren”?

    • Rolland

      Because Saudi Arabia didn’t invite them. Our stupid leaders did.

      • CreoleGumbo

        Good point Rolland.

      • Simba

        Saudi Arabia is actively funding these Govt.s to “integrate” them and build huge mosques.These mosques have ancient( before Islam reached Egypt,Byzantium,Persia and Uzbekistan) and magnificent designs and calligraphy.Fools think these are examples of Islamic art and architecture.Many articles are appearing in papers about Islam’s gifts to the world.Most are picked up from pre-Islamic nations but ignorants get attracted to this religion(???) and convert.If this is not intentional what is?

    • suzyshopper

      Because they want to take over ALL THE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, and install sharia law. It’s never been about then coming into a country and assimilating, it’s about DOMINATION!!!!!!

      • Jorge A Caraballo

        that’s exactly right. It’s all about domination

        • Craig

          Absolutely 100% correct.

          • Marycpalmer

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      • Suresh

        Agree. Its deliberate attempt to Push Muslims into All non-muslim countries as “refugees” to further their islamisation agenda without firing a Bullet.

        Left/liberal Loons have only enabled this due to their stupidity , ignorance or been bought off by saudi/qatar/OIC petro dollars.

        Due to soft approach to jihadis now swedish police is so overworked, outnumbered that the Police chief is begging for help from his own govt

        And the Left/liberal Loons are just as clueless or don’t seem to care for rising jihadi crimes against women and children.

        • John Carrero

          I agree with what you say except the comment ‘without firing a bullet’. Make no mistake these terrorists disguised as refugee will use whatever weapon is at their disposal to force their agenda and ideology.

          • Suresh

            why should they fire a bullet ?

            Fact is they are invading and getting paid jizya like good dhimmis are supposed to give them and women to rape , assault as they please without firing a bullet .

            Moderate muslims are quite pleased at the stupidity of the dumb kuffars,

          • Mark 2112

            there are no ‘moderate’ muslims.

          • dad1927

            the dead ones are moderate

          • Suresh

            “moderate” muslims are muslims who have not yet decided to go jihad but stand by to support jihadis by making excuses for jihadis and blaming infidels !

      • Amanda Clement Barber

        The Marxist Liberal EU / governments are facilitating this invasion, we need to kick these traitors / scum out ASAP

        • Simba

          They are doing this in all nations with their warped romantic ideas of mixing ethnicities through marriages.This is something they find profoundly sublime.It will be underestimating the Left/Liberals if we talk only about political ideology.They want to enter homes and see mongrels everywhere.

          However, the natives should have rejected this with all their might.Most natives are smug till their lives are interfered with–by which time it’s already too late.The youngsters feel proud to take around “friends” with different ethnicity–something which never happened earlier.Today,many native women are marrying them–reasons unknown.Thus,they get entrenched into the society automatically.No divorces are noticed for at least 5 years.

    • Kristel

      Because they don’t care. The official statement is that those people will cause disarray and upset the people …. In Europe we are not in disarray and upset ….

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Because muslims know how they are all criminally insane violent thieves and murderers. They pass them off to the stupid european union dupes.

    • felix1999

      They don’t want terrorists or DUMB third world people.

    • joanofark06

      “Italy needs a Donald Trump.” Well, I got 4 articles I can show you, that HE (not Congress) is allowing, STILL, thousands of muslims to come into the THIS country, the US. And why hasn’t he done a thing, about the MANY muslim training camps, in this country?? I have one in MY state, in York, SC. When is going to do something, or at least say something, about Islam being taught at every grade level all the way up to universities, in this country?
      Look, I supported him, to start with, until I saw, that he wasn’t making America great again, so go ahead, and say he needs more time, or that this travel ban is held up by the courts, cause I’ll show you, your wrong.
      Here’s just one example from June of this year:

      How Many Refugees Will US Accept This Year?

      He’s engaging with Cair, he’s made a pledge with Nato, he’s allowing and giving the CIA more power to continue on with drone strikes, he’s bombing Syria, he’s said that homosexulity marriage is “settled law” and he’s supporting this and transgenders rights, but that’s not surprising, because he’s definitely not a christian! He’s also made the single largest (110 billion) arms deal to the Saudi’s who we shouldn’t even be friends with!! And while he’s bending down to a Saudi king, to allow a pretty necklace to be placed around his neck, THIS is what THEY actually DO to necks over there!!

      Saudi Arabia: Women beheaded in street, corpses dangling from cranes

      I know, it would have been worse, if Shillary would have won, but I’m still waiting to see when Trump is going to make America great again! If ever….

      • Lawrence Lief

        Great post, Joan, and too true!

        • joanofark06

          Ty, appreciate that! I could of gone on and on, but I had to stop…my blood pressure was rising! :)

          • Lawrence Lief

            I know exactly how you feel

      • Deanna D

        Who cares about the gay marriage laws? Why does that upset you? Who are you that you get to judge and decide who 2 consenting adults love? At least they are peace loving people more so than most so called christian’s who hate and judge exactly like muslims. The only difference is muslims don’t hide their hate but openly throw them off buildings and hang them, christians hide behind their ‘loving’ god bs but you torment them and make life so horrible for them that they do it to themselves. This is why christians are called hypocrites. And, this is why you are going to lose the war with islam. Even I’m on the side of no islam but when I read negative ideology about gays it’s hard to be on the same side of the same coin.
        You might not ‘practice’ your ancient religious book… you know, the bad one with all the sick crap in it. BUT, in your hearts you still believe it and if you had the power you would turn gays and everyone you judge into salt.

        • joanofark06

          God says it’s immoral, and an abomination. If you don’t care about what God says about sinning, then satan can have free reign.

          “Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” Jude 1:7

          Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools Romans 1:22

          Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves. Romans 1:24

          For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: Romans 1:26

          Homosexuality is just one of the many things that will keep a person from the kingdom of God, but God’s forgiveness is just as available to a homosexual as it is to an adulterer, idol worshipper, murderer, thief, etc. Hope you’ll think about that!

        • Erica Ling

          Fundamental Muslims / fundamental Christians, can’t see daylight between ’em.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Fallacy of argumentation employed: false equivalence. If you really believe in this dishonest fairy tale why don’t you move to a muslum state? There are plenty to choose from…

    • Steven Fiorito

      The real question is why isn’t the Trump administration addressing this? This is ultimately a threat to our National security!

      • joanofark06

        Why isn’t Trump’s administration addressing this?? Keep waiting, cause I’m still waiting on him or his administration to address the MANY muslim training camps, that are here in the US!! One is MY state of SC!! And I’ve collected 4 articles now, one a mainstream article, saying that’s still letting in thousands of muslims!! Europe be fall first because of them, but we won’t be far behind!!

    • dad1927
    • Jeanne Marie

      Well they can’t have TRUMP LOL He’s ours………Thank you Lord!

    • katzkiner

      Italy needs a Crusade beginning at the Libyan coast.
      It is to late for Europe to avoid a very bloody conflict in their streets.
      The European people have been set up for slaughter.

    • Michelle Maynor

      Because other muslim countries consider them trash and will not allow them in their country. Start firing on their boats when they are caught in the waters of Italy and see if word doesnt spread they will be sunk and they wont come. Ship the ones there back

    • ArmyAviator

      Because, Saudi Arabia already has ALL the pedophiles, perverts and homos they can use! Saudi Arabia needs and wants productive people. Not more social parasite criminals.

  • Fred

    When I saw the picture at the beginning of the article I thought it was the yard at Attica or Sing Sing.

  • jim becks

    Have they no coast Guard? No Navy? No sense of self preservation? No balls of any kind?

    • OverIt

      Yes they have a navy. The navy picks up these men from just off the coast of Africa when their flimsy rubber boats start to disintegrate. As for the sense of self preservation – obviously not. Likewise with the (lack of) balls.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Then the navy should just motor back to the coast of Africa and drop these savages back off where they belong

        • OverIt

          YOU know that, I know that. For some reason I can’t fathom, the Europeans that also know that are doing nothing. At the very least, the navy could start doing the job of protecting the country’s borders as opposed to shipping in the invaders.

        • commonsense4sure

          They’d have to deal with a mutiny.

          • Joe Schmoe

            Just tow the rafts

    • suzyshopper

      Doesn’t seem that way does it?We’ll be next they’ll overload our welfare system and use our laws against us,and we’ll be forced to convert,be slaves, or die!!!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There is one revolting option…

        • OverIt

          And the longer this unchecked, encouraged even, invasion continues, the greater the likelihood of that option being exercised. It CANNOT continue forever. The only question is how many millions will be installed in Europe before the dam bursts.

      • StupiditySlayer

        I won’t submit. Locked and loaded here.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      They have am excellent supply of multicultural grovelling and submission to a point well beyond stupid. Southern swedes.

    • Impervious

      Australia was getting several boats a week then a new conservative government started to turn the boats back to Indonesia and there hasn’t been an illegal boat arrival for a year or two. Now both parties have adopted the policy although the labor party’s heart is not in it. They just couldn’t refute how successful it was. We still get plenty of refugees via our re-settlement program but at least the numbers are ostensibly controlled. western European countries don’t have the balls to do it.

    • itchy

      They do have navy ships but they only go in reverse…….

    • Erica Ling

      Excellent Navy and Coast Guard. But they would be rounded up and imprisoned if they suddenly took it on themselves to turn back, sink, or fire on immigrant craft. As in the USA , etc. all the armed forces, police only act on orders from the government. The government orders them to assist, rescue, support immigrants. The individual governments obey EU laws. The EU orders them to take in immigrants. Any clearer ?

      • jim becks

        Thanks for the tutorial on how armed forces function under democratic governments.
        Remind me to give you one on sarcasm.

        • Erica Ling

          Thanks for relieving my mind ! You will agree there are some innocents who make these statements / ask questions , actually expecting ship’s commanders to unilaterally declare war on immigrants. They also ask why do they take them in ? Not rhetorically. There should be some tag to indicate sarcasm, irony, etc.

  • Fern

    Set up gatling guns on the beach head. This is an invasion.

    • tatka150

      Tanks would be appropriate as well. Save the bullets

  • suzyshopper

    Are they INSANE, soon they’ll be taken over and have to abide by sharia law, lookout gays, adulterers, and women who believe in freedom?This is what diversity gets u!!!

    • Craig

      Not to mention, they will make the Vatican a mosque and the Catholics will claim THEY wanted that .

      • Mahou Shoujo

        You have no idea how much I would like to dispute that statement, but, it is a fact.

  • Granny Perkins

    Bait the waters with chum so as to attract sharks.

  • Doug

    Put Hillary, Pelosi, and Maddow naked on the beach. Best repellent ever.

    • Craig

      I just threw up in my mouth a little…………………

  • Kristel

    The real problem are the NGO’s that are playing a constant bus service from Lybia to Italy. There are voices that they are even being payed to transport the illegals. Europe should make an agreement with Lybia and give money and support to the Lybian coast guard so that they can catch the illegal boatpeople before the reach international waters. This is getting out of hand and the other European countries will have to pay for mistakes the European Union keeps on making. The NGO’s should already long ago have been procecuted for human trafic. These numbers of people crossing are the proof that the smuggelers know that the boats will be rescued. Europe is finished if this continues.

  • Jorge A Caraballo

    sorry this may sound callous but why do they continue to “save” them?? Send out ships to make them turn around and sail somewhere else. It can be done but they need a plan. now!

  • knightsstrength


    Cardinal George Pell 3rd highest in Vatican been officially charged with Child abuse. Now lets hope he does not get sick or anything.

    Other good news the telehone Microsoft calling has been broken with arrest in UK, sounds like Indians

    • Mahou Shoujo

      And how does this pertain to the followers of the pedophile, muslims, as you appear to require that information.Your hatred of Catholics is equal to or more than even muslims hate them, you are a muslim infiltrator, definitely dhimmi.

      • Joe Schmoe

        Screw the Church, they are part of this problem, not a solution

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Pissing off every one is not a good idea.

          • Joe Schmoe

            The Pope is egging these Islamo-invaders on

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is a fact.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Unfortunately that is true, of most churches.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Imagine muslum states like Pakistain, Afghanistain and Iran, where molesting little boys is entirely LEGAL. Maybe the Cardinal should consider changing faiths and relocating to someplace more suiting his perversions?

    • Nagesh Sehgal

      How does it sound like Indians…care to explain? Please don’t equate d muslims with the peace loving and hard working Hindus..In Europe,saw many pakistanis(before Sadiq khan became mayor),calling themselves South Asian or Indians, so ashamed of their nationality were they

  • Craig

    In that picture above, does ANYONE see a female muzzie? Oh, that’s right, in muzzieland, only MEN have rights.
    Democrat feminists must be so proud. (they must be because they are dead silent).

    • Mahou Shoujo

      “dead” is right.

      • Erica Ling

        Only brain dead, unfortunately.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Linda

    Europe is filled with weak people, that is why they are being eaten alive right now! The people of Europe, will soon be the “New” refugees fleeing in search of a new homeland!

    • Erica Ling

      If you are Canadian or American, don’t be too cocky. Canada especially, under Trudeau, is travelling the same road, even faster than us. America will only be safe, if Trump can push his legislation through. The left wing idiots are the same, the world over.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Countries that won’t stop, but aid and abet, this invasion of Turd World Savages don’t deserve to be called a nation

    • Erica Ling

      Isn’t this the aim of globalisation ? Abolish nationalism ?

  • Jake Stonehenge

    Thats their stupidity..why didnt they turn them away ?soros’s plan is coming to fruition..frickn itallians can never do anything right..just like in ww2.

    • Erica Ling

      The Italians are in the EU, don’t blame them. They are simply following ze orders. (Sanctions threatened if they refuse the quotas imposed on them. ) This is what the Visigrad group of Eastern European countries are disputing in the European Commission Court –end of 2017. In the meantime they have closed their borders. Good on ’em.

  • Tm.

    You have one country emptying into another. You have one continent emptying into another. There must be some empty countries somewhere, ready for the taking. In case people do not know, Italy has NO JOBS. The Italians’ kids are all over the rest of Europe working. Anyone who has relatives there knows this fact. The resources are not there. The money for healthcare, food, daily expenses, education ain’t there. The resources to support the military and the necessary police force to keep matters civilized, ain’t there. Just what the HADES are the governments over there doing?
    By the way, has the cultural impact of this exodus been thought out? Italy is not receiving assistenza from the EU, I would get out if I were them. As for this economic refugee situation, they don’t got the resources. Send everyone back. Get the military prepared, seal the borders, and send everyone back. Why? For the reasons just mentioned and more. What happens when you pile in 20,000 into a lifeboat meant for 200? It will sink and all will be lost.
    Doesn’t anyone get it, doesn’t anyone understand that what is occurring is untenable? Utter fools, what are you doing?

  • Tm.

    Question. Why have not the richest Muslim countries taken in even a single refugee in some cases? Rich countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Qatar, and I have forgotten the sixth of the big six. It appears that the Muslim countries are the ones protecting their nations by considering the resource issue. I bet there are no open borders thereabouts.

    • StupiditySlayer

      Indonesia. Because the goal of Islam is to invade and take over the world.

    • Erica Ling

      Bahrain (the GCC) Indonesia had 13,679 immigrants in 2016, all in internment camps, some stuck there for years. (where is the UN ‘s condemnation ? Too busy making up pathetic resolutions against Israel ) Indonesia is demanding Australia take in theirs. Australian officials are suspected of paying people smugglers to take illegals back to Indonesia. You couldn’t make this stuff up, could you ? Keeps me amused, but these are real human beings being treated like jetsam.

  • Tm.

    I have to blame the left for this. The left ushered in the European Union. Are any of the member countries in better condition after joining. Just what are the governments doing? Have they lost their senses over there? Their leaders seem paralyzed, unable to act or think. The people will bear a heavy cross for not voting as they should have and for not holding their so called “leaders” accountable.
    I am assuming these economic migrants are illiterate in their own nations? So just what are they going to do? What happens when there are no jobs, opportunities, and rapidly dwindling resources? Let me guess, I believe there will be a rapid and terrifying rise in crime, and in conflict. You poor disgraziate, what have you done?

  • AutismusTheGreat


  • Michelle

    In the past killing invaders has been the only successful way to survive although I can imagine what leftist history teachers pass on to their students: “he is not really trying to kill you, it is only a multicultural thing”. IMO the LEFT and its legal and educational minions are DIRECTLY responsible for the current state of the west and should be PUNISHED severely.

  • KitteeK

    Initially a problem when many stay but Italy just send the bulk of them off to Germany, France and Sweden where they prefer to go,so not their problem. They and Greece also refuse to take them back, we hear.
    Problem solved…for Italy

  • felix1999

    That is NOTHING compared to what the U,S. gets EACH month.

    “One-in-Four: Almost 600,000 legal immigrants got green cards in the six months from October 1 to the end of March. The precise number was 560,150, but that’s basically 1.1 million a year or almost 100,000 every month. That huge inflow means the nation is getting roughly one new green-card foreigner for every four American babies born during the same six-month period, oor one immigrant for every four Americans who turned 18 during those six months. So the important number is one-in-four because the nation gets one new immigrant for every four Americans who turn 18.”

    We get 100,000 a MONTH!

    More here:

    It’s horrific!

  • felix1999

    The summer has just started!

  • Ann

    I have a liberal friend so stupid that she and her brother are trying to get Italian citizenship through their ancestry to escape the collapse of American thinking that Italy is going not be better. They’re not coming here in boats, not yet at least.

  • Poor Italia…they are perhaps my favorite nation in Europe, I hope to God that they will NOT fall to darkness as others have.

  • John Carrero

    Welcome Centres. See this is the problem, they should be made aware under every circumstance that they are NOT welcome. Get rid of them, they are nothing more than vermin which is destroying Europe. Weak politicians with no backbone. Get your borders in order and make sure they can swim back to where they came from.

  • Steve

    They ought to send them straight to the vatican. They will need a lot of foot washing.

    • pipo

      Right they need a lot of feed washing and the rest, above all. In Britain there is a shampoo called “Wash and Go”, in countries like Pakistan it is called “Go and Wash”.

      • Steve

        Appropriate. Its probably why they hate dogs so much as the canines are cleaner!

        • Erica Ling

          No contest.

  • John Carrero

    Strange how you can never see women among these so called refugees. Just young men with mobile phones, to enable contact with the Caliphate and await further instructions.

    • Erica Ling

      The women and children are left to rot in camps. ( bearing in mind official sources state 4 out of every 5 immigrants are not from a war zone–Syrian ) Survival of the fittest, obviously. And then there are loads of kuffar women and children on offer. After all, the official aim IS to boost the birth rate !

    • Rocinante44

      women are equivalent to dogs to these folks…they’ll be called when needed

  • Su Ce

    I really feel like the UN should sort or work to disarm countries like France, Germany, and Italy.
    Not from regular guns and weapons for police, but really heavy artillery for war.
    The last thing we need is ISIS with nuclear subs, weapons and an airforce.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The u.n is an islamic organization, giving it access to atomic weapons is not a good idea.

      • Su Ce

        Oh right, I forgot. There is really is no safe place for them.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Detonating them over some mid eastern islamic countries would dispose of them very nicely.

  • Ian

    Merkel should be hung as a Traitor to mankind she single. Handley has done to Europe what Starlin done to. Russia.

  • wilypagan

    Why doesn’t the Italian Navy announce in countries of origin that any ships entering its territorial waters with human cargo will be blown out of the water? Blow one up. The others will stop. A country has a right to protect its borders.

  • knightsstrength

    The sooner they take over the Vatican city will the fight back begin

  • Peter Joffe

    This flood of immigrants make Noah’s flood look like a trickle. Europe is drowning in its own stupidity. It very interesting to note that as per usual most if not all the migrants are young men of Jihad age. How long before the Vatican is occupied and converted to Islam? Drowning in their own stupidity is the new age for Europe.

  • Alleged Comment

    Who the HELL is flooding the West with Megroes and Moslems??? Nobody has NEVER been able to find this out??

    Both of these people do not farm. Both cannot be gotten along with. One, because of race and the other because of religion. You will be feeding both of these people.

    How come China and Russia and Japan do not have this problem?

  • Rob H.

    Gee, maybe bombing Libya and deposing Qaddafi, with no plan to replace him, wasn’t such a brilliant idea, eh Europe?

    • Erica Ling

      Erm… Not Europe alone , but a neat attempt . Wasn’t Nato involved with US airstrikes, , along with Qatar, and the UAE, in supporting the NTC to overthrow Gaddafi ? 30 nations declared the NTC the “legitimate representatives of the Libyan state.”

  • paul

    invasion the wepeons are allready here they got to be

  • KPX-2017

    this Hijra MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  • CreoleGumbo

    This problem would be so easy to solve if someone had the b@!!$ to do it:
    1. Send the military out to sea to stop the boats from landing.
    2. Shoot to kill anyone who crosses your border by land or by sea.

    This is a war! And in a war you shoot and do anything else that you can to kill you enemy. If you are not willing to destroy your enemy you will lose.

    • Erica Ling

      But we would be contravening their human rights ! We cannot be seen to be acting like savages (ie. the invited guests.)

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        You know who else took the moral high ground WRT muslums? The Hindus and Buddhists who used to live in Afghanistain.

        • Erica Ling

          I’ve just been trounced for misreading another poster’s sarcasm. Glad I’m not the only one to misunderstand ! Agree with you. Islam cannot cohabit peaceably, IN LARGE NUMBERS. (Canute tried demonstrating something similar, long ago ) Problem with Creole Gumbo’s solution (if sarcasm not intended) is ,in order to shoot the enemy , we’d have to shoot our own first. Muslim shahid have no compunction in sheltering behind the vulnerable, and our intellectually vulnerable would probably volunteer. I suspect this is the real “moral high ground “. Civil war in Western countries is exactly what the Ayatollah ordered. And our self righteous left are obeying, look at America.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            When the Nazis took over Germany, they were still a very small minority.

          • Erica Ling

            And the parallels start— Wall Street crash, unemployment, slump, disillusionment. Imagine if the petro dollar gets dumped. And people wonder why we cosy up to Saudi and the rest of the the GCC ?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            North western Europe is doomed as is the USA, Canada, AUS and New Zealand.

  • CreoleGumbo

    Where is Pope Francis?
    I am certain he will invite them into the Vatican to trash St. Peters.

  • Political_qrm

    Notice: no women….And these vermin roam the streets of Europe attacking the female population…
    Time for the Italian people to get their act together.. or the Trevi Fountain will be used as a bathroom for these animals.. Tell the EU to pound sand…This is disgraceful…Italy: your ancestors and mine are rolling in their graves…

  • Henry

    My Italian ancestors are rolling over in their graves because of what is happening to their beautiful country. So sad, lets not let it happen to our beautiful country

  • Rog Stresman

    Not needed. Not wanted. Not welcome. Attitudes of the ordinary European have hardened and sooner or later they will have to be sent back. Kudos to countries like Macedonia and Hungary which have sealed their borders and stopped them going North. The majority know exactly where to head for from those who have already made it: the two “soft touch” countries of Europe, the last two clinging to fantasies of multiculturalism, the two with the most generous benefits and the least likely to deport them – Britain and Sweden. Remember the camps in Calais? 10,000 “migrants” and every one determined to get to Britain, and only Britain.

  • jjeffs63

    How long before St. Paul’s Cathedral becomes a mosque, like the Sofia Hagia in Turkey? Europe needs to start blowing the NGO ships out of the water.

  • Dee Lee

    Europe’s leaders still haven’t realised that mass immigration of people that hate you is a dumb idea, especially when each ‘refugee’ has the right to bring over their entire family…oh yes, and they breed.

    Each million that the EU imports in a year, effectively becomes 4-8 million five years later.

  • jerrys

    The answer to the muslim invasion process is clear. Western civilization should adopt the passages in the koran and use them against islam! We must fight fire with fire to stop the world from burning under islam. The koran tells us what to do with them. We just change infidel to muslim and clear them from the face of the earth.
    47:4 Behead and slaughter the unbelievers; take others captive
    “When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads. So it shall be; and if Allah had willed, He would have avenged Himself upon them; but that He may try some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will not send their works astray.” Islam is the most dangerous thing that the world has ever faced, Stalin and Hitler were insignificant compared to the engulfing and mendacious tentacles of Islam

  • LfJ

    Send them to the Pope’s doorstep

  • Arcturus

    Hopefully Mr. Trump’s resolute stand will give heart to European nations otherwise I feel this is the last summer of Europe. They have been invaded.

    • Erica Ling

      Surely they had their chance with Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Franke Petry, Norbert Hofer, in the recent elections, and blew it in favour of ” Enlightenment “. politics. Our conservative party sought an increased mandate for harder response to terrorism and now hangs on a thread, closely harassed by a far left party, whose very survival had been doubted 1 year ago. (aided by a gullible electorate who fell for all the pie in the sky promises made ) And all this after vicious Islamic terrorist attacks . Why would they now be inspired by a right wing POTUS who isn’t exactly making a shining success of his own policies, in the face of militant left wing opposition ? Muslims generally vote left (they aren’t stupid or turkeys ) The larger the Muslim vote, the more entrenched the left becomes. We had ALL better learn Arabic.

  • Tm.

    The political so called leaders of the West have not shown leadership capabilities. They have either not read, are uninterested, are depressed, or otherwise afflicted. What happens when hundreds of thousands, when millions translocate from one country to another? I imagine that there can be no effective vetting, but beyond that, beyond the concerns of escalating violence, dissension, and unimagineable toll on resources, one has health concerns. Have these hundreds of thousands, these millions been assessed pertaining to health? Latent issues can occur. People who read will understand about these concerns, and exactly what they are.
    Governments are not discussing these matters of extreme importance with their populace. One has to look up information for oneself, and be discerning because many sites are not telling the truth.
    Italy has a birth rate of what? Not even two children per couple. There are no jobs. No jobs. Now you have hundreds of thousands, millions, in some neighboring countries, who have descended unchecked, concerning their health, their ideals, their underlying goals, onto countries where the populace seems paralyzed by the magnitude of the problems. These migrants are largely illiterate in their own countries and come from cultures where the reproductive rate is even four to six times more than the Italians, more than the Western Europeans, because of sociological focus which is different in those foreign lands. Illiterate people, no jobs, high birth rate, diametrically opposed cultural attitudes when compared with host countries, AND that which no one is speaking about, health. At some point, that issue will be on the front burner, and the truth of the matter will be elucidated, I think.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Numbers characteristic of a full scale military invasion.

  • dad1927
  • Dorrie

    So why are they allowing them in? Send them back to their sand pit! It doesn’t take rocket science!!

  • ladywarrior

    Well, there goes my bucket list trip to Italy….for generations to come…..

  • Mark Desser

    Those 50 left behind to die in the desert, my guess is Christians.

  • C.Martel

    Ship them to US , Canada, Germany or Sweden, they want Islamic refugees…

  • chevieman62

    I wonder how much their Liberal Democrat leaders have been paid to let their country be overrun by radical followers of Islam. this isn’t migration, this is infiltration and takeover. Glad Hillary wasn’t allowed to bring in the 4 million she wanted to overrun us with.

  • Rocinante44

    if these “immigrants” had a uniform and a gun, this would be called war and an invasion, and you could blast the ships out of the water. but it you do not give them a gun and a uniform, and call them “immigrants”, then you have to show compassion? i would seize the ship and imprison any ship captain who brought a ship into italian waters without prior approval of the italian government. That would stop this overnight.

    • Dorrie

      But they DIDN’T do that, they allowed them into the country. And now it’s too late. Italy WILL fall. Along with the rest of Europe.

  • marblenecltr

    Product of UN/NWO/Globalist Benghazi plan managed by Hillary.

  • John Candor

    white genocide is a myth, right?

  • Ron rockit

    Italy like the EU turned on Israel for oil. Kissing a lot of arab butt for decades. Just how is that working out? When it comes to the EU I could care less. May they enjoy their endless supply of moslems…..

  • Barry Love

    Would not surprise me one bit if at some point the Pope himself is taken out. No need to explain why.

    • Dorrie

      That’s POSSIBLE, but from Rome, will come the “False Prophet.” So eventually, people will hear and believe what he says.

    • Erica Ling

      Francis is the best publicist they have , right now. Can’t even bring himself to condemn the genocide of Christians in Muslim lands. Shades of Pius XII.

  • RonBerg13

    Pretty soon the non-muslim populations of Europe will be coming here to escape being overwhelmed.
    The question is, by the time they do, will we also have been overwhelmed, and they will be to late.

    • Jackie Puppet

      Interesting thought. Perhaps if enough Europeans come over here, they will assimilate like their ancestors did the last couple of centuries, and America can turn back the clock in a good way..

  • Jeanne Marie

    Too bad no body is doing their HOMEWORK on Islam……this wouldn’t have happened if they did.

    • Erica Ling

      That is the problem. The intellectual / elite read the Quran, but ignore the bits which don’t gel with their lofty visions of the lamb lying down with the lion, stuff. They won’t accept reality, even when it’s raping their wives and daughters. Gatestone or Algemeiner did a piece about that stubborn disbelief. It ended with the jihadist getting really angry with the gooey liberal and shouting “if you don’t believe me when I say I’m going to kill you, I’ll kill you !”

  • Kim Dianne

    No good contacting the UN this is exactly what they want!!

  • irish7_1sg

    European leaders continue to sell out their native populations. The Liberal media is in bed with the Moslems, supporting their nefarious plans of conquest and forced conversion to Islam. Hopefully the people will catch on before full blown civil war.

  • santashandler

    52 dead refugees. No problem, they’ll send more

  • katzkiner

    These pictures do not capture the scope of the problem.
    Does anyone think this is unfortunate refugees looking for a better life amongst the infidels?
    No, these people come to conquer and take everything they can as spoils of jihad.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      A single broadside from the main guns of practically any WW2 battleship would end this party in a hurry.

  • Laird MacTavish

    Gotta turn their boats back around. Whilst they’re getting in it will never stop.
    Africa has an infinite flow of migrants, they can send this many forever because they replicate at plague levels…they could send ten times this and never deplete the reserves.
    You can’t ease the burden! THE BURDEN IS INFINITE.

  • Jim

    The U.S. needs to add Europe to the travel ban. Italy, Germany and the UK have been infiltrated by the muslim terrorist posing as immigrants. Either the European Union gets broken up or Europe will cease to exist as we have known it, it will become the next caliphate for ISIS.

  • John D. Horton

    Torpedo the smuggler boats. That will stop the invasion. Sterilize and deport all invaders.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Maybe the crimigrants can be employed usefully — on minimum wage chain gangs until they’ve accrued enough money to pay their own way back to their muslum sh!ttystans.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    And their Roman ancestors wince in disgust…

  • marlene

    These West African muslims are not from a war zone. They’re not refugees. They’re not seeking asylum. And they’re not destitute – they have 1,500 euros to pay the smugglers. There is no legitimate reason for them to be invading Italy. However, they have 1,500 euros (plus $1,000 paid by ISIS to recruit them) to pay the smugglers who transport the migrants to a position 12 miles off the coast of Libya where the smugglers pick up their human traffic in the NGO ferries. Under the pretext of “rescuing” they’ve shipped tens of thousands into Europe and over 200,000 into Italy. It’s big business. It’s a well-planned, concerted coup by the globalists involving paid NGOs, many American aid agencies such as Save The Children, Pro Activa Open Arms & SOS Mediterranean, GEORGE SOROS’ Open Society-backed foundations like Advanced Medical Frontiers & are also allegedly involved, governments, and the G7 world leaders. More migrants are being sent to Europe from Chad, Niger, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, plus even more from the Middle East.

  • Anthony Roddysil.Com

    It’s the Muslims main goal two tack over Italy mainly roman
    Islam is a evil polical cult and it spreads by the swrd

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