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[ October 22, 2017 ]

‘Underwear bomber’ files lawsuit over prison treatment, says Muslims harassed

[ October 22, 2017 ]

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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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[ October 22, 2017 ]

In Minnesota, They’re “Kind of” Committed to the Freedom of Speech

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Memphis imam Yasir Qadhi called for killing of gays and blasphemers, to speak in London

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Italy: Muslim migrant slits non-Muslim’s throat, victim’s family warns against “racism”

[ October 22, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim preacher OK’s wife-beating, says “Beat her in a way that doesn’t turn her...

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Videos and Photos: Protest Hiring Anti-Israel CEO David Myers At Center For Jewish History

Islamic State (ISIS) burns 19 Yazidi girls to death in iron cages after they refuse sex to jihadis


Under Islam, these devout Muslim fighters are entitled to these sex slaves. This horror is not their invention, but is codified and sanctioned under Islam.

Sex slavery is sanctioned under Islam. Sex slavery and rape of the infidel is sanctioned and rewarded under Islam, the rewards of jihad. Muslim clerics all over the world confirm the right to have sex slaves. It is in the Qur’an — the word of Allah.

The brutal execution of the girls was carried out in an open area and in front of hundreds of people.

The New York Times did a lengthy piece on how the Islamic State cites Islamic theology to justify its brutal acts, explaining the Quran “condones and encourages” raping women if they are not true believers of Islam.

he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her.

When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion.

“I kept telling him it hurts — please stop,” said the girl, whose body is so small an adult could circle her waist with two hands. “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God”


Cole Bunzel, a scholar of Islamic theology at Princeton University, disagrees, pointing to the numerous references to the phrase “Those your right hand possesses” in the Quran, which for centuries has been interpreted to mean female slaves. He also points to the corpus of Islamic jurisprudence, which continues into the modern era and which he says includes detailed rules for the treatment of slaves.

“There is a great deal of scripture that sanctions slavery,” said Mr. Bunzel, the author of a research paper published by the Brookings Institution on the ideology of the Islamic State. “You can argue that it is no longer relevant and has fallen into abeyance. ISIS would argue that these institutions need to be revived, because that is what the Prophet and his companions did.”

The Islamic State consistently adheres to the shariah.

The captives were also forced to answer intimate questions, including reporting the exact date of their last menstrual cycle. They realized that the fighters were trying to determine whether they were pregnant, in keeping with a Shariah rule stating that a man cannot have intercourse with his slave if she is pregnant.

The NY Times calls it ISIS’s “extreme interpretation of Islam.” In fact, it is not; it is the literal understanding of Islam. Authentic Islam. The group has codified it, writing how-to guides and memos outlining the dos and don’ts of sexual slavery.

Young Yazidi girls and teens that the Times interviewed spoke of being raped by ISIS fighters who prayed before and after the event, viewing their behavior as an act of worship.

Child rape is explicitly condoned: “It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty, if she is fit for intercourse,” according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute of a pamphlet published on Twitter last December.

“We have indeed raided and captured the kafirahwomen and drove them like sheep by the edge of the sword.” Kafirah refers to infidels.

The history of sex slavery under Islam — look at this.

Sex slavery and rape is in accordance with Quran chapter and verse. Sex slaves are war booty. Following a victory, Muhammad would usually distribute the captives, both male and female, as slaves to his soldiers. And Muhammad is the “perfect example for Muslims.” According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war” (33:50). 4:3 and 4:24 extend this privilege to Muslim men in general. The Qur’an says that a man may have sex with his wives and with these slave girls: “The believers must (eventually) win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess, for (in their case) they are free from blame.” (Qur’an 23:1-6)

ISIS burns 19 Yazidi girls to death for refusing sex with group’s fighters

By Khaama Press – Sat Jun 10 2017 (The Religion of Peace):

The militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group have reportedly burnt at least nineteen Yazidi girls to death after they refused to remain as sex slaves with the terror group, it has been reported

According to the local activists, the incident has taken place during the recent days in the city of Mosul in Iraq.

Abdullah Al-Malla, a local media activist, has told the Kurdish news agency ARA News, that the girls were burnt alive after they refused to have sex with the fighters of the group.

“They were punished for refusing to have sex with Isis militants,” Al-Malla said.

Another eyewitness has also said that the brutal execution of the girls was carried out in an open area and in front of the hundreds of people.

The eyewitness said the girls were locked inside the cage and were set on fire in front of the public as no one could do anything for the victims.

The terror group has been attempting to eliminate the Yazidi people as part of its ethnic cleansing efforts.

According to the reports, the terror group has taken thousands of Yazidi women and girls in their custody, mainly using them as sex slaves.

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  • Eurabia Imam

    Video proof?

    • Frank Bierings

      Proof that islam is a cancer is everywhere. Terror attack after terror attack in Europe. Sicks islamic fucks.

      • Eurabia Imam

        Yes I know. It is demographically impossible to be a Polygamist without killing men and stealing women, and end result of extincting other bloodlines. Say this to someone in the West they’ll call you racist, say this in Darfur / Egypt / Turkey / Lebanon / Iran / Sudan (30 more countries) and people will burst into tears over their broken culture.

        • Frank Bierings

          Yes you know that islam is a horrible ideology. An ideology of hatred, following a so called prophet Muhamed that was a murderer an chid rapist. Never trust a muslim, NEVER! Taqiyyah is how muslims lie to you to get what they want. Never turn your back to a muslim, because they will stab you in the back. Scum of the earth, less than pigs.

          • SmithWinston6478

            FB, Exactly! There is no such thing as a moderate muslam. Only muslams maintaining a low-profiles until enough are located somewhere to start demanding insane sharia. We will regret not acting sooner. The longer we wait, the more violent the ultimate conflagration will be. Europe is learning that the hard way.

          • Budvarakbar

            And the damn government is and has been spreading them out all over the country setting up colonies

        • Budvarakbar

          Eff ’em — It’s their culture — they broke it!

      • SmithWinston6478

        Cancer is best treated with localized radiation therapy.

    • pipo

      If you look like as in your picture, please do all of us a favour and top yourself (very quick).

      • Eurabia Imam

        Wallahi I am cute like a button.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          And your beard is like having a permanently deployed bib! So handy in restaurants when slurping your turnip and donkey soup!

          • Eurabia Imam

            My hat is bretty cute too.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Are rats halal?

    • santashandler

      Why don’t you just be honest and say you condone this
      Oh wait, it’s impossible for you people to ‘be honest.’

      • Eurabia Imam

        Wallahi I honestly want to watch the video.

        • santashandler

          Sure you do. For training purposes, right?

          • Eurabia Imam

            I’m 600lbs what training?

          • santashandler

            Why don’t you go for 700 lbs.

          • Eurabia Imam

            Wallahi inshallah! Happy Ramadan1111

          • santashandler

            Dont forget to say your prayers BEFORE you fu*k your goat. You people have a bad habit of not doing that.

    • Ash

      Do you believe this and all other Islamic terrorist acts reported are fabricated? Would video footage prove anything to you? It can be claimed that the video was all an act or was edited to make it look like it happened. Did 9/11 not happen in your because you didn’t see it?

      • Eurabia Imam

        No I want to watch the video.

  • Suresh

    Islam is a plague against humanity and human race.

    And Now Muslim invaders posing as unaccompanied refugee children threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

    Its like sweden has lump of poison stuck in the throat , they cannot spit it out ………nor swallow it !

  • RCCA

    As President Trump said, we haven’t seen anything like this since the Middle Ages. Who could have imagined we’d be seeing this in our time? Our modern age when youth are taught to respect Islam and demand “safe spaces” for themselves, and turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by devout Muslims in the name of Allah.

    I’m going to say a prayer for those defiant girls.

    • Suresh

      Islam is a plague against humanity and human race.

      And Now Muslim invaders posing as unaccompanied refugee children threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

      Its like sweden has lump of poison stuck in the throat , they cannot spit it out ………nor swallow it !

      • laura ann

        Euro folks get what they deserve for allowing these barbarians to take over their countries. I can’t believe they are such idiots wanting a third world lifestyle and slavery.

        • idiots?

          No, no, no.
          You forgot the ‘all religions are equal’ shtick.

          • Trump Blue Me

            You love being pegged!

          • Lessiejorchard

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          • Ed Cox

            In the past 5 years how many have Christians murdered? Islam has murdered thousands , over 1000 in the last month alone

          • Staggering Statistics on Muslims Killing Muslims

            “Some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.”

            Arab-Israeli Fatalities Rank 49th

            By Gunnar Heinsohn and Daniel Pipes, FrontPageMagazine, October 8, 2007

            The Arab-Israeli conflict is often said, not just by extremists, to be the world’s most dangerous conflict – and, accordingly, Israel is judged the world’s most belligerent country.

            For example, British prime minister Tony Blair told the U.S. Congress in July 2003 that “Terrorism will not be defeated without peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. Here it is that the poison is incubated. Here it is that the extremist is able to confuse in the mind of a frighteningly large number of people the case for a Palestinian state and the destruction of Israel.”

            This viewpoint leads many Europeans, among others, to see Israel as the most menacing country on earth.

            But is this true? It flies in the face of the well-known pattern that liberal democracies do not aggress; plus, it assumes, wrongly, that the Arab-Israeli conflict is among the most costly in terms of lives lost.

            To place the Arab-Israeli fatalities in their proper context, one of the two co-authors, Gunnar Heinsohn, has compiled statistics to rank conflicts since 1950 by the number of human deaths incurred. Note how far down the list is the entry in bold type.

            Conflicts since 1950 with over 10,000 Fatalities*


          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Muslums killing muslums? Sounds like a great idea.

          • It’s hard wired into islam

          • SmithWinston6478

            A win-win so to speak.

          • Marine Gunner

            And your point is …?

            Are you under the impression that Muslims killing other Muslims for not being sufficiently barbaric somehow excuses them for killing non-Muslims? Do you think that barbarism among Muslims based on their religious law makes it OK or less evil when they kill Christians and Jews? NO! It merely reinforces the fact that Islam is a violent, fanatical, bloodthirsty, misogynistic, murderous, pan-global government ruled by terrorism that makes Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Gestapo and SS look like choir boys; virtual innocents. The only solution to this problem is to outlaw Islam in the civilized world and severely punish anyone caught studying, promoting, or teaching it.

          • Tim Pounds


          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I’ve heard that crap from so many atheists I can practically set my watch by it.

        • CreoleGumbo

          “Allowing” is putting it mildly. They are encouraging it.

        • emma

          No they f.g don’t. The governments are to blame, not the people, cheeky b.tch.

        • IceCube

          Dont forget usa bombed libya and killed gaddafi opening the floodgate for them to reach europe.

          • JT


          • SFTOBEY

            Obummer and Hillary the Shrew did this – at the behest of their globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” masters.

        • solange9

          Unfortunately, until the immigration ban goes into effect, we in the U.S. are doing the same. Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that this invasion is being forced on countries all over the world at this moment in time?

        • Maria

          I agree but look at the USA, aren’t the left doing the same here, inviting them in??

        • Budvarakbar

          Look around buddie — open your eyes

      • Mahou Shoujo

        sweden is stupid, it knew it was poison before it picked it up. There is nothing that can be done for those who choose to be willfully stupid.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I don’t know if I would call them so much stupid, as corrupt, craven, amoral cowards.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That too, I will hold with stupid.

      • Sgtsnuffy
        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Intensive radiation therapy is the indicated treatment for islum.

    • laura ann

      This sort of thing will be the norm once Europe falls under sharia law soon. Europeans condone anything Muslims do anyway and they keep letting them come in, over running their cities creating mayhem and crime. Soon it will be all over and young Euro females will end up sex slaves or killed, because the leaders and Euro men were too apathetic to care and many of them will be executed anyway. I’m assuming Euro folks will condone this act in Syria.

    • vs

      The factual and honest facebook post because of which priest john higgins was suspended from facebook –

      Western civilization has been under attack by islamic jihad ideology since the 7th century. The extremist and totalitarian invasions have been responsible for the deaths of millions. This is not a “religion of peace”, it is a philosophy of conquest. The crusades were an attempt to keep christians and jews safe in israel and other parts of the mideast, but the modern “intellectuals” have branded them as horrific. The spanish threw the violent jihadis out of spain. The austrians defended vienna from them. Charles martel fought them in the north of france and now we are seeing their further attempts at world conquest and domination using modern technology in their greedy attempt to subjugate anyone who does not profess and live their creed. They abuse women, kill gay people, murder, and rape children and justify it as “the will of allah”. It is not!

      In an ideal world, facebook’s and all islam defending websites’ non-muslim owners would be in prison right now.

      • ydr78
      • The Crusades were an attempt to wrest control of the ME from islam

        • Susan

          +Zaba – Islam had been murdering and raping for over 400 years and grew by convert or die and rape before the Crusaders finally stepped in. Close to a billion murdered in the name of satan. Again we are waiting until the death toll is high and the damage is horrific before we fight back?????

          • SRN99

            Every country run by islam is a failed state. Even the paper for their filthy koran is imported from infidel countries.

          • small steps:

            Restaurant Stops Serving Halal Meat In ‘Stand Against UK Becoming Sharia State’

            A tapas restaurant has outraged some customers by announcing it will no longer

            stock halal meat.

            El Molino in Hedon stated on its Facebook page halal meat will no longer be served because “before long no one will have any choice and we’ll be living in a Sharia state”.

            Some customers have been outraged by the stance, which they say is effectively telling Muslims they are not welcome at the restaurant.

            Owner of the restaurant Ben Fisher, disagrees that it is barring Muslims and says the decision was based on customers asking about the origin of the meat.


          • Mahou Shoujo

            If it is hahal, it is merely indicating, with a contemptuous sneer, that the buyer supports islamic terrorism. halal should mean “No Sale”.

          • it should

            for all the halal info anyone can use in one lifetime:

          • Nessie

            What is more concerning – been going on in Canada for a bit are public schools, even in the US, setting aside rooms and times to accommodate Muslim prayer. They are really trying to push the boundary of separation of religion and state alongside religious accommodation (rights?).

          • we have to wait for the Left to catch up…….

          • Bill Kay

            iT`S not like america to stand by and allow this to happen , somthing has definitely changed , some one or thing has taken hold of our country because what is happening now is not normal by any means , we must get tough and be smart like the man said and erase this plague from the USA .

          • R.C. Gerber

            Satan has taken hold in America. The only way we’re going to win at this game is by going back to God. Whether anybody believes it or not that is the truth. Look at our history. The times and era that America was the greatest (make America great again) was when we had a solid culture of worshiping God in our Christian churches. But, today’s society predominately doesn’t believe in God anymore and this is the result: What do you think takes the place of God in the void that is left by His absence because our modern society has kicked Him out of our infrastructure for the most part. It is American society that are the idiots here and deserve what they get.

        • SRN99

          Dont need crusades. Daesh is the best evangelist to show the evil of islam. Muslims are leaving islam by the thousands every day.

          • JT

            thousands ?? that is not nearly enough…

          • delilahdriver

            Where did you get that info? Muslims breed like flies, and they are multiplying faster than anyone else.

        • Beth Pickelsimer

          The Crusades were a violent and brutal response to the hundreds of years of barbaric Muslim conquest throughout Europe, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Christians, conversion of their churches into mosques, vastly expanding caliphate and Islamic population, diminishing Christian population and implementation of sharia law and it’s barbaric practices.

          • apparently, not violent and brutal enough…..

    • Kelly Kelly

      Maybe only in western countries are people more educated. But in muslim countries ther are babaric and uncilelised.

      • SRN99

        What do you expect from a religion whose founder was a rapist, thief and murderer? This is a cursed religion.

        • James Jones

          Mathew 7:17,18 ” A good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit ” as you have pointed out , the tree of islam cannot bear good fruit. Its core and its roots are poison and every thing it stands for will be cast out

    • wildjew

      Islamic State embraces Saudi Arabia’s interpretation of Islam. Saudi Arabia, the first country President Trump visited on his recent trip, supports Islamic State savages, al-Qaeda, etc. Saudi Arabia was behind the murderous September 11, 2001 atrocities in New York and Washington.

      • RCCA

        Actually Bin Laden and associates were/are not officially representatives of the Saudi government and wanted nothing more than to get rid of the King — which is why Saudi Arabia is so focused on eliminating ISIS, why Saudi Arabia refused to accept Syrian refugees and built a barrier between Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

        • Susan

          Most of the high jackers were Saudis and they were behind 911, make no mistake about that. ISIS had not net been created by obummer on September 11,2001.

          • Duane Jordan

            What are you yapping about? They were Saudis that were converted to radical islam in Afghanistan and other radical countries. 911 had nothing to do with Saudi Arabia beyond people that went to train in other countries. Most of the hi-jackers trained on US soil you ignorant nothing of a nobody. Are you that friggin stupid you don’t remember the Americans that left to train with Taliban?

          • wildjew

            Another ill-informed reader yapping nonsense. Good grief.

          • The only version of Islam permitted in Saudi Arabia is Wahhabism – one of the two most violent and extreme strains of Islam. Calling it “racial Islam” is redundant.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Oh really? What forms of islam don’t hold muhamMAD to be their most holey and perfect man to be admired and emulated again? Which forms of islum don’t hold the quranus and ahadith to be holey? Which strains of islum have categorically renounced/repudiated:
            1. jihad (in all its forms)
            2. rabid Jew hate
            3. persecution of the unbeliever in islum

            I can hardly wait for your reply.

          • Rita Griffin

            I am convinced Bush was in on the inside job of 911 with Saudi Arabia accepting blame as a catapult for the mass immigration of muslims for the purpose of jihad. Thermite brought the towers down, not jet fuel. The obvious rocket that hit the Pentagon, wasn’t on one of 500 camera’s filming the building 24/7? (Not to mention add on to that a impossible aircraft maneuver preformed by a flunkie student pilot?) & last… where in the hell is the pieces from the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania? Planes & people don’t vaporize into thin air, ever.

        • wildjew

          I don’t want to call you an apologist for Islam but you are in extreme denial. You are very ill-informed.

          • wildjew

            ‘…..Perhaps the most powerful indication of Saudi’s financial links with ISIS can be seen in the cache of emails leaked from the office of Hillary Clinton, who was US Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.

            The messages, published by Wikileaks, contain an unambiguous statement by her campaign chairman, John Podesta:

            “We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”

            This wasn’t the first time US officials had made this claim. In 2009, Wikileaks published diplomatic cables from the US State Department which spelt out the same concerns.

            “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,” the documents said. “While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) takes seriously the threat of terrorism within Saudi Arabia, it has been an ongoing challenge to persuade Saudi officials to treat terrorist financing emanating from Saudi Arabia as a strategic priority …

            “More needs to be done since Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaeda, the Taliban, LeT, and other terrorist groups, including Hamas, which probably raise millions of dollars annually from Saudi sources….”


          • Dutch Girl

            Following your logic, you you forget(?) that most of these terrorist were trained and armed by the US and some of their allies (UK, Germany). The US and the UK were also responsible for the downfall of the Shah (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) of Persia (Iran) Look at this short video of Iran before 1979:
   seems happy and wealthy people back then?

            What if it´s all done by design? Who are we fighting, our own governments? How about that creepy mural at Denver airport? I think its all about thinning out a overpopulated earth… If I wanted (civil)war, what better then to mix a highly oppressing and terror sowing religion that promotes to kill every infidel?

          • Susan

            Yes obummer and hitlary did create and supply ISIS etc but that does not change that islam is the problem. obummer is a muslim traitor so do not call that evil bast$#d an American. ISIS follow the koran to the letter and copy the actions of the psychopathic rapist and mass murdering false prophet to the letter. So what is your point.

          • Dutch girl

            My point is that the powers that be created a situation where there is no way out. If we gonna fight the islam we end up in (civil)war, if we do nothing we wil be terrorized and murdered by muslims either way we wil end up in (civil)war, just what the elite did plan for… how do we get out of this catch 22?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The US was responsible for the downfall of the Shah? Really? Then why was the Shah undergoing cancer treatment in the USA at the time of the Islamic Revolution? The USA never harbored the Ayatrollah Khomeni.

          • wildjew

            Are you talking Jimmy Carter (Iran) and Ronald Reagan (Afghanistan)?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            On the flip side isn’t Iran the primary sponsor of Hezbollah?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            He’s a half-wit that should be shipped off to a non-wahabi muslum state to enjoy the presumed freedoms and liberties that must exist there. Iran might be a good start for an over-educated retard like him. After all, Iran can hardly be called wahabist.

        • clearly, the problem is islam

      • Saudi Arabians are Wahhabists while the Islamic State (and the Muslim Brotherhood) are Salafists. Although they hate each other, both sects are equally brutal, violent and united in their hatred for Jews.

        See “Ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          What’s your excuse for Iran retard?
          What sect of islum has repudiated/renounced the vile, voluminous Jew hate found IN ALL THE HOLEY TEXTS OF ISLUM?
          What are you a doctor of?

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Theresa May said after the recent London attack that ‘”There is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country… We need to become far more robust in identifying it and stamping it out across the public sector and across the society.”

      But it is the West generally – including the United States, and yes – including the Trump Administration, that have also been far too sanguine.

      Candidate Trump said he would destroy ISIS “fast.” How fast, is “fast”, I wonder.

      The fact that we have allowed this atrocity, not to mention the destruction of Christian communities proceed without interruption is lamentable – to put it mildly.

      It’s very frustrating, and I still don’t see the political will that is required to extirpate ISIS, root and branch.

      • CreoleGumbo

        Neither do I Michael.

      • The Euros treat Islamic extremism as if it’s a communicable disease – but it is analogous to saying that Syrian refugees are suffering from the common cold when, in fact, they have ebola.

    • SRN99

      I have no respect for Islam. Mohammad their fake prophet is unfit to be my slave. A drop of pig oil can send any muslim to hell. What is pathetic religion.

    • Tatiana Covington

      Been better had they been given combat training and machine guns instead.

    • Lisho Bogüi

      “I’m going to say a prayer for those defiant girls.”

      Problem solve.

    • Maggat

      True hero’s.

    • Mark Wheeler

      It is a little late. Better to pray for their families and other such girls whose faith is stronger than their will to self preserve!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • SRN99

      Stupid women who does not mind their husbands screwing 72 virgins in heaven instead of them.

  • berserker

    Why is the interpretation of Islam that is closest to how Mohammed and his followers lived their life considered the most extreme? That is Islam. The extremists are the ones not following Mohammed.
    – Up is down in this world.

    • SRN99

      Because Mohammad was unfit to be a prophet. He was a thief, rapist and murderer, a follower of the devil.

      • actually, mohammad is the PERFECT profit for islam!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam, this is one of the very many reasons to destroy islam and every trace that it ever existed. American democrats and european socialists deserve the same fate of total eradication as well.

    • every trace

      repurposing well constructed buildings works

    • A precursor to doing that is to stop treating it as if it is a legitimate religion, thereby taking away Islam’s legal means to defend itself by claiming religious discrimination in countries where religious freedom is protected. In addition, Western nations should codify how Malcolm X described Islam after his pilgrimage to Mecca in April 1964:

      “Never have I witnessed such sincere hospitality and overwhelming spirit of true brotherhood as is practiced by people of all colors and races here in this ancient Holy Land…For the past week, I have been utterly speechless and spellbound by the graciousness I see displayed all around me by people of all colors.”

      In other words, Malcolm put to rest the lie that Islam has anything to do with race, color or creed and therefore, treating Muslims differently from other groups of people cannot be labeled as racial discrimination.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Today’s muslim through their lives and actions are perfect examples of how subhuman an alleged human can be. Like it says i the qur’an, muslims treat each other well, as long as they are of the same sect, otherwise they murder indiscriminately, as seen in both islamic and non islamic countries.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        “Malcolm put to rest the lie that Islam has anything to do with race, color or creed…” Do you know what a creed is? What about the rabid Jew hate found in all the holey books of islum? What about the fact Jews aren’t allowed to travel to Soddy Barbaria at all? What about the fact that no other religion besides islum may be practiced in Soddy Barbaria at all? Do you really think islum doesn’t discriminate against people of other creeds? R U on drugs?

  • Platopus

    Their’s is no religion

    • L. A. McDonough

      A religion of Satan or a so called death cult.


    Universal love (love for non-Muslims) is a sin in Islam. Consider this.
    That burning reminds of Muhammad’s burning alive of people that didn’t turn up for a prayer.
    Islamic immigration is unconscionable.
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.

  • InfidelCrusader

    Tell me again how ISIS is not really Islamic, just an aberrant perversion of the religion by people who fundamentally misunderstand Islam. ISIS is pure unadulterated Islam. ISIS is what you get whenever Muslims become well armed enough to seize power, and when that happens, the killing begins. Once they have purged the area under their control of the hated and despised infidel they will turn their guns on each other as they attempt to prove who is the most Islamic amongst them.

  • Lori

    Islam is madness and promotes Hatred and wickedness to the core, Being Tormented by Fire is horrible and yet People still want to say Islam is A peaceful Religion, No No No.

  • santashandler

    THIS…….is the face of pure, black evil. The devil himself was probably at burning of those poor girls. He knows his time is running out.

  • Spaulj67

    Allah is Satan and Mohammed was his prophet. At some point it might just be better to carpet bomb ISIS strongholds. Three types of people will be killed. Those that commit these acts, those that enable them and those that suffer horribly under the first two.

    • Trump Blue Me

      And Yahweh is an evil demon!

      • Lysy

        And you are a f’n idiot!

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          • Hardrock

            Why does your sticky beard have White Goo in it.

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          • Said the troll with no “cxck.”

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          • IzlamIsTyranny

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        • every thread needs at least one

      • Jays View

        When you read the text of the koran…you could say mohammond is a rapest…murderer…slave owner…husbad to a 9yr old. Who looks more like a demon i wonder?

        • Trump Blue Me

          Yahweh does.

          • paul

            F’ off a$$wipe. If I had the chance you’d be swamp meat in a heartbeat.

          • Midniterider

            Get in line Paul.Marines get first shot at these scumbags.You can have what’s left,if there is anything.
            Semper Fi

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          • Hardrock

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            That’s because I’m not Muslim, obviously.

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          • IzlamIsTyranny

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          • SRN99

            The koran is unfit to wipe your ass

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            You’re perfect for it!

          • santashandler

            You’re nothing but a two bit flame thrower. You’re just saying sh*t to get a rise out of people. All empty-headed comments. But, really, what else should we expect. It’s not like you people are known for anything useful. Aside from sheep fu*king and bomb making, that is.

          • Trump Blue Me

            “You people.”
            Typical racist diatribe.
            I spit on your grandmother’s grave.

          • santashandler

            Of course. That’s what you animals do.

          • Trump Blue Me

            “You people.”
            “You animals.”

            Are you Archie Bunkerberg?

          • santashandler

            Yeah that works

          • Trump Blue Me

            I thought so…

          • Trump Blue Me

            Or maybe Lipshitz?

        • Who looks more like a demon i wonder?

          Definitely a toss up with Trump Blue Me

          • Nessie

            Pud completely erased all my history from NtJP. Nuts. (I really think he is – I think he suffers from a disorder, specifically).

          • very, very very weird

            r u banned as well?

            I’ve noticed a paucity of comments there of late;
            none from me…….

          • Nessie

            I just learned you are banned. Did you know?

          • nope

          • Nessie

            Ew – I just noticed the article here. Absolutely sick!

          • just tested it
            I am banned

            Appreciate the info……

            It can only be because pud (Hi Pud!!) snoops on us and our conversations elsewhere.
            Bye pud.

          • I see Bill occasionally on Israellycool…..

          • Nessie

            I’ve tried writing to him there. He hasn’t responded.
            I’ve been chatting with a couple people off disqus. So in some ways Pud doing this has brought some of us closer.
            And I really tried hard to get that channel to grow.

          • many did try hard……

          • such is islam

          • Nessie

            The picture is not of “women” but of little girls. Either way beyond disgusting.

          • Nessie

            I’m still going through the posts on that link. On NtJP, he had this exchange and so far I don’t see it:
            Pudding on my Top Hat Mod Sarita La Cubanita • an hour ago
            I offered to un-ban Zaba but he rejected my offer calling me a N@zi & an Ar$ehole .
            • Reply•Share ›

          • yes
            saw that.

          • Nessie

            He just makes crap up.

          • apparently.

          • Nessie

            I’ve been in touch off disqus with HP. He wants you to have his e-mail. I don’t feel right posting it in public – mine is one thing. Let me know if you want his and I’ll try to find a way to get it to you. If you write to my e-mail, I’ll get it to you, but if you don’t want to – I’ll try to find another page that is quiet.

          • I see pud erased mine as well
            We never existed……

            (Hey Pud, here’s a mention of Nessie you missed.
            Better snuff it out!


            Nice job pud; I couldn’t have done better myself!!

          • Nessie

            He is sick. That was a sick post. I arrowed it up because I thought that he was going to invite HP to return. He arrowed up my post prior to that. So now I see that he didn’t like what I said and showed a picture of a gun to me. Lovely.

          • if I run into him or his sock puppets I will try to use my best sarcasm.

          • Nessie

            I’m not sure who I’d call a sock puppet. People just want to enjoy the site in which he literally has the controls.

          • sock puppets are his other screen names

          • Nessie

            Of course. I get really s l o w this late at night. Likely will turn in soon.

          • lila tov……..

          • Nessie

            Look at the symptoms with a little scroll – this is what he’s got. It’s sad actually.

          • pud does fit the bill.

            Hey pud, this you?
            Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance

          • Nessie

            I actually think it is a serious issue. I wouldn’t want to belittle him with it – but would love for him to get support.

          • i wouldn’t mention that info.
            I can use sarcasm in other ways……

          • Nessie

            I just started to look. Funny. That explains the latest exchanges on NtJP:

            Pudding on my Top Hat Mod • 24 minutes ago
            John Doe-Believer

            Hi John Doe Believer, the real flag of Palestine is the ID I use on the Bond Research Institute channel to ridicule the N@zis with
            • Reply•Share ›
            John Doe-Believer Pudding on my Top Hat • 18 minutes ago
            OK, had a closer look 👍
            Sorry, misunderstood it.
            • Reply•Share ›
            Pudding on my Top Hat Mod John Doe-Believer • 16 minutes ago
            You are Forgiven, no hard feelings .
            • Reply•Share ›

          • I love having been sentenced under ‘guilt by association’!

            And ol’ pud (hiya pud!) had this suggestion:

            trying to drive posters away from my channels.

          • Nessie

            I got drawn away from my computer and have to scoot soonish again. I will finish looking at that. I saw he said I defamed him. I did no such thing. Ridiculous!

          • We certainly did not do any defaming.
            it’s a weak ego issue perhaps

            off to my day job.

          • Nessie

            It’s the issue I mentioned. Beyond his control but maddening anyway.

          • John Doe-Believer

            What is sad about the whole story is that the haters of Israel won.
            We are divided and kill each other verbally or almost literally (banning) and the N@zies watch and laugh and win the game without having to lift a finger.
            I really don’t know why uniformity is desirable.
            God said we are living stones, not bricks.
            Unity is possible, even if we disagree on some issues.


          • Nessie

            I tried to keep it all together which got lots of up arrows, including from him and it was just to say how nice it would be if HP were allowed back.

            You can’t see the post I wrote, but this was his response.

          • Well said John.
            Thanks for your support!

            It makes me think about the division at the time of the 2nd Temple.
            Ah humans……

          • Nessie

            The problem is beyond Pudding’s ability alone. He is a victim to his own wiring. I’ll unprivitaize my account so you can see what I write. I have not been derogatory – he wants obedience. He needs support and help. I told him I am not his enemy. You can see that too.


          • Nessie

            Sure, we’ve been discussing and trying to figure out what to do, venting, and keeping it together.

            We’ve been posting on the real Jerusalem Post for years and on NtJP for months. There were signs of “possession” but I thought it was simply “pride” sort of – and now I see with a new lens.

            I appreciate what you wrote on the NtJP page. It was something like that in which Pudding started to threaten me. He isn’t about peace with one another but about obedience, admiration and fear. I it is explained somewhat in the link.

            Anyway – don’t want to drag you in the middle, you seem like a nice guy. I just saw Pudding saying things about me that weren’t true and I couldn’t stand by silently, as I couldn’t stand by silently as he was abusive to HP.

          • John Doe-Believer

            Relax, I am a jumpy guy when it comes to islamic apologetics, but I am very calm with friends – loud and plain in the tone, but never hostile.
            We do not know each other, but I know @honeyguy:disqus the honey guy for a while and since I follow him, I see all his postings automatically. So I know that he never used derogatory terms against NTJP or any other zionist for that matter. I guess that applies to you too.
            I don’t know Pudding personally and so I have no idea what is on his plate. He seems to be a zionist too.
            THAT makes to whole story sad, otherwise I would it just shrug off and move on. I am banned on a number of channels, mainly Christian channels for using words like “work” and “Torah observance”

            Nice guy??? Me?? Not really, but thanks.

          • Nessie

            Your honesty is refreshing;D
            I’m a nice guy, well, for a lady;)

            Pudding is very much a Zionist. He has many good qualities but the fatal flaw. edited out.

            Too bad about being banned on Christian channels – some are pro-Zionist. Actually, I just checked one and it disappeared. Odd.

            If you looked at the Political Islam channel link that I gave to you on that other channel, you would see our chat, and how I can sock it to an antisemite.

            I need to post less anyway, it takes away time from the 3rd draft of a novel I am writing that celebrates Israel. Battling trolls it important, especially in forums where there are silent readers. NtJP was a lovely sanctuary until its found started battling windmills.

            Nice to meet you.

          • John Doe-Believer

            Ma’am, my sincere apology, 💐💐
            How could that happen? Well, I am on my mobile and posting on the fly. Just imagine an old dude with dinner plate sized hands and trying to type with his big fat thumbs.
            Ahhh, found a good excuse!!! Scriptures states “blindness in part ….” (joking only)

            I am a Torah Observant Believer In Yeshua and have some Orthodox and Karaite friends, while other (orthodox) Jews scream and act like I stole their credit card and went on a shopping spree.
            Likewise, I have some Christian friends and a bigger number of Messianic ones, but others cut relationship, friendship, even some family members did. That’s life.

            Wanna have a peep? Hebrew Roots Learning Channel or Let’s talk about Torah are good.

            Keep me posted about your novel. I would be happy to buy a copy.

            Shalom Aleikhem

          • Nessie

            No apology necessary. You did nothing to apologize for. I’ll except the flowers though – lovely.
            I might check out the channels to say hi but really need to not find more places to hang out and get distracted. In that way – booting me off NtJP was sort of a favor – (lemonade from lemons;)

          • John Doe-Believer

            You’re welcome.

            The Christian channels, like CAC, are those I am banned from.

            Lemonade is said to be healthy 😃
            In one way or the other

            Shalom Aleikhem

          • Thanks for the kind words!

          • what happened to my and Nessie’s response?

            Disqus doodles?

          • Nessie

            I thought it disappeared. I see it in my archive, but not on the page.

          • disqus……

        • Trump Blue Me


      • Lamarr01

        There is a difference between “blue” and “blew”.
        You courageous trolls always lock your profiles.

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            Tell you what,before you go after some innocent Jewish children,drop me an e-mail and we can get together,I’ll give you a tour of the huge pig slaughterhouse not too far from me and show you some USMC hospitality we reserve for those who hurt children and innocents.
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          • IzlamIsTyranny

            It’s interesting how you never criticise muslums, islum or muhammad though isn’t it lying muslum baboon? Even when they burn a dozen girls alive for refusing to have sex w/them.

          • Trump Blue Me

            People did it not religion.
            The Israelis are pretty good at massacres too.

      • Minny-me

        Christianity=Life Everlasting

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          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Islum = Bandini Mountain.

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          • IzlamIsTyranny

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      • IzlamIsTyranny

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  • Lysy

    PUREST form of fk’n EVIL!

  • Richard

    Can anything be more brutal and barbaric? Where is the mainstream media coverage about this? Leave alone the outrage. The trouble is the most that will happen is these people will be eventually killed, humanely with bullets, instead of being tortured and burnt alive as they deserve.

  • The Yazidis are Kurdish ethnically, or so I’ve read. Why doesn’t the Peshmerga do more to help them against the Islamic State?

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      I seem to remember they get protection, if they can reach Kurdish controlled territory.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The muslum Kurds of Turkey were enthusiastic helpers in the genocide of ~2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians there.

  • Kaye

    This is not something I wrote, it was a comment I read under a story awhile back and saved it because it rang so true —

    This is how it’s done..…….

    Create “no-go” zones in the country you have successfully invaded. Those are now conquered territories.

    Begin to change the cultural mores – i.e. have the Mayor of London ban any advertisements that display women in swimsuits.

    Rape and beat women. Make them afraid to go out in public alone without a burka on.

    Execute terrorist incidents in the largely populated areas – i.e. Beirut, London, Paris. At some point the natives of the country will be too scared to come into those areas at night. Continue incidents around the country until all natives are afraid to come out at night.

    Continue to work on exterminating the culture. Destroy places of significance, from restaurants to bakery’s to legendary buildings to what newspapers can print to places of worship to art museums. This leaves the frightened populace with nothing in their country to hold on to.

    Implement Shria law.

    • Eurabia Imam

      It is demographically impossible to be a Polygamist without killing men and stealing women, and end result of extincting other bloodlines. Say this to someone in the West they’ll call you racist, say this in Darfur / Egypt / Turkey / Paris / Lebanon / Iran / Sudan (30 more countries) and people will burst into tears over their broken culture.

  • wildjew

    Subhuman savages.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I wonder what the f’ing muslums would’ve have done in ’48’, ’67’ or ’73’ if they had won those wars against Israel?

  • pM4X

    These isis animals need to be put down with extreme prejudice. Exterminated. May God have mercy upon these innocent girls.

  • Tim

    And this is what Antifa is fighting to bring to America.

    • Eurabia Imam

      Guess who funds them

      • Tim


      • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

        a jew

        • Michelle

          You are part of the problem.

          • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

            Oy vey!!!!!…

        • Oldsailor65

          A$$whole Soros was born into a Jewish family but he is not a Jew. He is a Communist.

          • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

            He’s a jew

        • Susan

          Islamic oil money and Soros.

          • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

            Soros is a jew

  • Scooby Doo

    And this is the “religion” we are told we must respect for fear of CAIR and all others who defend this demonic insane asylum! I spit on every American and human being who allows this freak show to continue to exist on planet earth!

  • Michelle

    The poorly photo-shopped images of flames over caged children damages credibility here. They wre quite brazen about burning the Jordanian pilot, so let’s have some real confirmation first. However, if true, it just reinforces my general view about muslims all being either terrorists or potential terrorists and the solution is rather obvious.

  • Johndoe

    Why hasn’t Trump wiped these savages off the map yet? Carpet bomb their cities, kill all of them.

    • Two words: “Collateral damage.”

      If we had the same mindset towards the Nazis as we have now towards our Islamic enemies, we would all be speaking German (assuming we’d still be alive, that is). Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed in the ongoing civil war in Syria and the UN has been sitting on their hands.

      But, if the IDF accidentally kills a handful of Palestinians who were being used as human shields by Hamas, the UN Security Council goes apesh*t.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        MILLIONS of non-muslims were slaughtered by muslums in the 20th century. Some 2.5 million Hindus were slaughtered by muslums in Bangladesh in the 1970’s. 2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians were slaughtered in Turkey/Armenia. Between 200k and 800k kafir was slaughtered by Indonesian muslums in E. Timor. Roughly a million kaffir were slaughtered by muslums in the Sudan to close out the 20th century. The all muslum Handshar Waffen SS division slaughtered 90% of Bosnia’s Roma and Jewish population.
        Were all the muslums involved in these slaughters Wahabi or Salafist?

    • GoFightIllini

      In time. He has to get these libtard idiots off his back first. I think Trump will start getting these savage idiots of the planet soon. Putin will need to be on board as well as China. Nobody has the right to take a human life no matter what type of religion or ideology. Unless its in defense of continuous threats from neanderthal savages.

  • Fred8512

    Pack all who believe in isslame in decommissioned cargo ships; drive it to the middle of the ocean, then sink it. Start with the isslamest in the U. S. before moving to other countries to rid themselves of that Evil.

  • Alleged Comment

    Now you know what to do when you capture these people that do this. Ask them if they have any other great ideas?

  • thushjz

    My son has a history degree. He’s told me that the crusades happened after hundreds of years of islamists invading Europe. Only then did Europeans wake up and fight off the Muslim invaders.

    • no history degree required to know this

      • thushjz

        My son has autism, and is the first in my family to get a college degree.. and I’m proud of him…

        • That’s a whole different ball game!

  • Mundus

    Can someone send this to the President and Rush and Hannity, please?

  • Ragaman

    Total war much be waged against ISIS, those who created ISIS, and those nations, institutions, and individuals [foreign and domestic] that continue to support them–as well as–their ultimate goals.

  • Keith1941

    When I watch historical docudramas, I keep thinking how much of the world has moved on from barbaric behavior. And we invite a culture into our country that has not moved on? Sure, some have moved on, but too many have not. This is insanity. For years, Michael Savage has said liberalism is a “mental disorder”. He couldn’t be more right.

  • Stephen Honig

    I only hope they had little suffering. This is why I hate all Muslims who follow the Koran.

  • GR Arnold

    How much more horrific and savage can human beings get? This is too hard to read about for even some of the most hardened people. God bless these girls in heaven.

  • dEntremont

    The cage thing has been used by Barbaric muslims for thousands of years, source and Good Read – Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, The Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800 (Early Modern History: Society and Culture) Paperback – November 4, 2004
    by R. Davis

  • Politically Accurate

    To the Demotards, pointing out this is the Islamonazi death cult of pieces in action is tantamount to “racism” (sic). It’s the Demotards and the left that are sick.

  • John Sarsfield

    And yet not a peep from the pink hats.

  • Wayne Petersen

    This is a good illustration of fake news. If our media were doing a proper investigation of this 7th century ‘cult’, they would be exposing islam for the evil it projects. All who read and defend the koran, hadith and sira are guilty of sedition as in the imposition of sharia over our Constitution. Ban islam as a political movement.

  • Beth Pickelsimer

    Were these poor girls part of the group of 40,000 Yazidis, Christian descendants, who were forced to the top of Mt. Sinjar to flee ISIS? The feeble and infirmed, too weak to make the trip were left behind, thousands slaughtered on the spot, as President Obama remained unmoved and silent as this human tragedy unfolded. Obama did not consider the Christian Yazidis for refugee status, and only after American outcry and demands for response did Obama make a national address stating that “we can be proud as Americans” and that we were rescuing them- complete propaganda. The girls who were captured were used as sex slaves, forced into conversion to Islam or killed, just like the Christian girls and boys captured by Boko Haram at their schools in Yemen, Obama’s “hashtag diplomacy,” of “bring back our girls.” Are these Yazidi girls part of the same original Yazidi group? This is the same style of horrific cage that ISIS used to burn the Jordanian pilot for a propaganda video. I am wondering if ISIS didn’t commit this horrific act back at the time of capture, but just released video now.

  • Ed Maher

    Horrible!!! Trump is doing a lot to exterminate ISIS, but has to do more, and quickly!!!

  • WheresMyReacharound?

    Consider how many generations of followers of Allah are the products of first-cousin marriages and you realize how deeply their collective psychopathy runs.

    • muzlim inbreeding: we all pay for it:


      By Nicolai Sennels:

      A tragic phenomenon which is taking a terrible toll on everyone involved.

      There is a dire phenomenon rising in Europe that is crippling entire societies and yet the continent sleeps, refusing not only to confront the destructive elephant in the room, but also to admit its very existence.

      The troubling reality being referred to is the widespread practice of Muslim inbreeding and the birth defects and social ills that it spawns.

      The tragic effect of the Left’s control of the boundaries of debate is that any discussion about vital issues such as these marks an individual as an “Islamophobe” and a “racist.”

      A person who dares to point at the pathology of inbreeding in the Muslim community is accused of whipping up hatred against Muslim people.

      But all of this could not be further from the truth. To fight against inbreeding anywhere is to defend humanity and to defend innocent babies from birth defects.

      Fighting against this Islamic practice stems from a pro-Muslim calling, since identifying destructive ideologies and practices in Islam enables the protection of the Muslim people from harm.

      • Trump Blue Me

        What horrible incest created Bibi’s Dogacious wife?
        She has more back hair than an ape!

        • say, aren’t you the resident asshole?

          • Trump Blue Me

            Suck my Schmeckle, pansy!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            You’re like a one-trick Bacha Bazi boy.

          • Trump Blue Me

            You like goat dik.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            You’re the one who can’t stop writing about penises. I’ll bet you have some latency issues don’t you Jabbar Al Jerkwad?

          • Trump Blue Me

            Thanks for swallowing my loads.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Do you call your uncle dad?

          • Trump Blue Me

            Yes my father phuqued the dog and that’s how Bibi!s wife was born.

    • Trump Blue Me

      Bibi will give you a reach around.

    • SmithWinston6478

      They’ve been inbreeding 1400 years. They are chromosome damaged imbeciles with ‘dead’ eyes.

  • Ron Bier

    Send a video of these burnings to those filthy rags, The New York Times and The Guardian in London.

  • Carol

    Muslim terrorists are of the DEVIL’S workshop. Pure demonic EVIL!!!

  • Trump Blue Me

    Yahweh is Satan.

  • Bill Boyle III

    The rape of non Muslim women is permitted in the teachings of Islam ~ Qur’an 4:24 ~ Qur’an 23:1-6 ~ Qur’an 33:50 ~ Qur’an 70:22-30 ~ Sunan Abu Dawud 21:50

  • stever777

    Radical Islam sexusalizes everything, including heaven. This religion, when following the a actual teachings of Islam, is a primitive and distorted version of Muhammad’s fantasizes about bring a prophet of the God of the Bible. He was rightly rejected by the Jews of Medina where he first learned about the Bible from their rabbis and sages. He paid them back by slaughtering the men and taking their woman and children for himself and his army.

    • ugly, for sure

  • solange9

    “Koran is not even third grade literature. You can see this man (Muhammad) seems to be not normal. In koran, there is nothing elevating. It is so full of rubbish. It is not a religious book at all. It has come out of a feverish mind and very mediocre. Muhammad’s life was just fighting, killing. On his sword, he has written, ‘My message is peace.” ~ OSHO, an Indian mystic, guru, spiritual teacher and religious scholar. After intense study of Islam and after being asked for its outstanding qualities, OSHO said he searched intently for them but regrettably had only this to report. Islam, making entire countries mentally ill for centuries. To speak the ugly truth about Islam and jihadis is not to target ALL Muslims. It is to shed light on Islamic theology. Those Muslims who sincerely and demonstrably reject violent and hateful texts, and who reject sharia should be embraced as citizens of democratic states. The problem is finding an accurate way to determine who is who.

    • 61% of the koran is about the kuffar

      • SmithWinston6478

        100% of it is irrational bs written by a brutal, merciless pedophile.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Those Muslims who sincerely and demonstrably reject violent and hateful texts, and who reject sharia should be embraced as citizens of democratic states.” Yeah, go hug a rainbow — from within the confines of any one of the 57 islamic states of the the all muslum OIC.

  • peakpower

    There are no good muslims……

  • SmithWinston6478

    These ISIS and Taliban animals are not being killed fast enough. B insane obola let them multiply too long. Thank God we have a full-grown American man in the office of the Presidency now. Please eradicate all of the evil ISIS and Taliban with predjudice, Mr. President!

    • Liberalism Has Failed

      Obama’s father and step father were both Muslims. He grew up in Muslim Jakarta Indonesia, which is where he fell in love with “The Call-To-Prayer coming from the Mosques at sunset”.

      Obama is a very curious case….
      He went out of his way to help the Ayatollahs in Iran starting in 2009. They’re Shiite Muslims.
      He also befriended The Muslim Brotherhood, which like ISIS are Sunni’s. His own words:

      “The future must not belong to those who would slander The Prophet Of Islam”.
      “The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is NOT ISLAMIC”.
      “Islam is a Great Religion Of Peace”.

  • SmithWinston6478

    The sick, irrationally macho ISIS and Taleban cowards don’t have the courage of any Yazidi girls they’ve killed. May they be tortured, killed, and saturated in pig piss.

  • Brian – Milwaukee

    Sharia is a crazy set of rules they would love to have imposed upon the United States. Then we would be in the same boat as the United Kingdom.

  • Jan

    Katie Perry needs to go show her love and get a long speech.

  • Phil McDonald

    Send ISIS jihadists to HELL.

  • Tim Pounds

    Islam needs to be eliminated and Muslims need to be removed from society. There are no such things as peaceful Muslims. It is written in the Koran that all infidels must die. It is a violent cult and needs to go. Period.

  • Mary K Brokus

    Horrible atrocities! Why is it when writers including this man brings up the Bible they compare it with islams atrocities? That was the Old Testament…… How about you all go to the New Testament and read when God sent us his only Son Jesus Christ he came to teach and spread love love love! Perhaps not enough love is being spread around in our world and it time we all stopped the hate and love our neighbor as ourselves! Just saying

  • Bagsgroove

    Any of these monsters should be executed as soon as captured

  • Scott Williams

    This is a candle light vigil Muslim style

  • Hard Little Machine

    Clearly we need to scoop up as many ISIS swarthies as we can find and ship them off to all of our sanctuary cities.

  • Lou Lou

    This is worse than the middle ages.

  • Maria

    These are the sickest of the sick, the most depraved and awful of all…God help us!

    • SmithWinston6478

      We must help ourselves.

  • Nettoyer le Marécage

    Looks to me like mostly children. What words can describe living with this heinous cult?

  • ed28

    It is time we do enough damage to theses A-holes so that they are too busy covering their butts to do something like this. They are a despicable evil committing acts no less horrible than the Holocaust!

  • Bill Smith

    It is at times like this that I pray to God that there is a heaven and hell. Because only a heaven and hell could possibly do justice to this sort of crime against humanity.

  • angrypaddy

    Couldn’t Kill Enough Of These Allah Assholes

  • Coast Daze

    The most vile and evil human traits are being unveiled in our age. It’s almost unbelievable.

  • Timmy Alassad

    What a load of bullshit. ISLAM does not allow sex slaves. At the time when Islam first began the arabs used to have female slaves who they had sex with. It was the same with the Roman and greeks. When in Islam came the idea was to free women and make them tour wife(s).

    What ISIS are doing is completely unIslamic and goes against the Quran and the Sunna. Women have the absolute right to choose and refuse marriage. Infact historically this was the first ever right given to women.

    Sadly these ISIS monsters have perverted Islam and should be put down like mad dogs.

  • john jacobs


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