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[ October 17, 2017 ]

Closing arguments set in Pamela Geller beheading plot trial

[ October 17, 2017 ]

If everything is generic non-Islamic “terrorism,” how do we talk about violent Islamic jihad?

[ October 17, 2017 ]

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[ October 17, 2017 ]

Great Britain: MI5 Security Chief warns of ‘intense’ terror threat, Islamic ‘terror attacks are hatched...

[ October 17, 2017 ]

Steve Bannon: Pamela Geller “one of the top world experts in radical Islam and Shariah...

[ October 17, 2017 ]

The Duplicity of Moderate Muslims

[ October 17, 2017 ]

“Moderate” Algerian Journalist: ‘Our Dispute With The Jews Is A Religious One’

[ October 17, 2017 ]

GRAPHIC Video: Muslim teen who deliberately mowed down sidewalk pedestrians GUILTY — vehicular jihad in...

[ October 17, 2017 ]

More victimhood propaganda: Muslim claims his wife won’t leave home alone because of “Trump’s anti-Muslim...

[ October 17, 2017 ]

Jihad in Togo: Several dead after imam who called for violence and murder arrested, victims...



“We are on the path that leads to the rule of Islam worldwide.” This is accordance with the Quran and Hadith. They are fully armed, equipped and financially enriched to pursue their savage and totalitarian goals thanks, in large part, to President Obama.

MEMRI, June 19, 2017:

In recent statements and speeches, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commanders have emphasized that the Islamic Revolution in Iran is only the first stage on the path to the spread of the rule of Shi’ite Islam in the Middle East and worldwide, and that the mission of advancing the Islamic Revolution to these heights falls to the IRGC commanders.

The commanders reiterated the argument that the U.S., the leader of the “world of arrogance,” opposes Islam, and thus also Iran, which is, they say, the standard-bearer of the Revolution and its global vision. The U.S., they added, is acting to sabotage the plan to institute Islam worldwide, and is doing so by infiltrating the circles of decision-makers in Iran in order to impregnate them with Western cultural values and spark internal disputes among the Muslims. This is aimed at changing the direction of the Revolution and diverting it from its path. However, the robustness of the Revolution remains, they said, thanks to Iranian Supreme Leader ‘Ali Khamenei and the IRGC.

The following are translations of recent statements by senior IRGC commanders on this matter:

IRGC Commander Ja’fari: “We Are On The Path That Leads To The Rule Of Islam Worldwide”

On March 11, 2017, IRGC commander Ali Ja’fari said of the worldwide Islamic regime: “The history of Iran is replete with agreement on the Rule of the Jurisprudent [velayat ] which has [already] crossed Iran’s borders, and the united Islamic nation is being formed… We are on the path that leads to the rule of Islam worldwide.”

On March 15, 2017, Ja’fari added on the same subject: “The Islamic Revolution is aimed at creating an infrastructure of the religion of God on earth, and it will wait for no man on its path advancement. All [Iranian] officials must adapt to the accelerated progress of the Revolution.

“The Islamic Revolution is now in its third stage – that is, [the stage] of assembling the Islamic government, and with God’s help it will pass this stage successfully despite the ups and downs that constantly occur.

“As IRGC commander, and as one of the commanders during the era of the Sacred Defense [i.e. the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war], I believe that today the young people’s yearning to unconditionally defend the Revolution has expanded greatly relative to the era of the Sacred Defense. Their repeated requests to play a role alongside the defenders of the holy places indicate this.

“The religious seminaries and the IRGC bear the joint mission to advance and deepen the Islamic Revolution. This is God’s promise for the salvation of humanity, and we are charged with it. The senior revolutionary clerics and the IRGC will without a doubt actualize God’s promises, while implementing a comprehensive plan of the Islamic Revolution for shaping the picture of the Islamic world.

“Our internal spiritual and material potential for creating [such a global regime], and the robustness of the [Iranian] regime, which constitutes the main nucleus of this plan, are expanding in might. According to the words of [Ayatollah Ruhollah] Khomeini, if the revolution and the regime stop on the path, this will cause damage to Islam.”

On April 30, 2017, at a teachers’ conference, Ja’fari said: “Some [people] have a flawed perception of the Islamic Revolution, for they think that its aim was only to defeat the regime of the Shah and to establish the Islamic regime [in Iran]. [But] if we look at the words of the Imam [Khomeini], we will discover a correspondence between the Islamic Revolution and the spread of the religion of Islam. In order to build the Islamic regime, there is no other path but to advance the Islamic Revolution… As the Imam said: If this Islamic regime is defeated, Islam is defeated.

“The framework of our activity is the Islamic Revolution, and first we must know what its aims are… The external dimension of the Revolution is based on the principle of Islam [as] derived from the lesson of the Ashura. This is in effect the principle of enmity towards evil and enmity towards the arrogance [the West, led by the U.S.]. This is actualized by means of the Islamic awakening against evil, and it is waged in the best possible way thanks to the Leader [Khamenei], who is its standard-bearer.”

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  • Fred

    Iran should have been leveled in 1979.

    • Beverleywhowell

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      • Laird MacTavish

        Guess who doesn’t give a rusty fig about your spammy bullsh it? Yep!, none of us here!

    • marlene

      It’s not too late…

  • Suresh

    Politicians, bureaucrats and media are on payroll of Muslim Lobbyists to further their agenda.

    Like Dems selling out American interests for thousands thrown their way by iranian Lobbyists to support nuke deal

  • Ari

    The secret is out. They want to rule us and the whole world. But we will fight for our freedom.
    An Al Jazeera TV news presenter in the picture.

  • The Sunnis and Shi’tes are two sides of the same outdated coin.

    • Laird MacTavish

      or a double edged rusty sword, with a sunny edge and shite edge.
      🎶 on the sunni side of the street🎵
      I understand Iran is 99% Shitee!

  • Michael Buley

    so here we have Iran, which declared war on the U.S. long ago, and the rest of the world for that matter. they are moving long nicely toward their goal … and what happens? ….. nothing.

    Here’s your #1 enemy, avowed, definite, taking action … and we do … nothing.

    Is there such a thing as defensive strikes? and pre-emptive strikes? in a big way?

    I don’t get the flat out ‘nothing’ response. I mean, I get it on a one world government plan level. All working according to plan. I don’t get it if we, in America, have any leaders who have identified the threat, and take action in response to it.

    Those leaders include President Trump. I love many things he has done. I am very concerned over his inaction against Islam.

    There are lots of distractions going on — climate, taxes, investigations, etc. All those will be matters of no concern at all if Islam wins. And Islam intends to win.

  • DistantEarlyWarning611
  • Drew the Infidel

    Good luck with that over-inflated fantasy and arrogant sense of self-importance. Getting everyone united under a common bond of fear and in agreement in religious matters is impossible. Besides, the main difference between us Methodists and other Protestants is that we will at least speak to each other in the liquor store.

  • Russell Camel Wattie

    When will the western leaders finally pay attention to clear cut, outright declarations of war?
    The Middle East are taught to war from birth, they are taught hatred and loathing of western values. And so many of them live in poverty that it must be remembered that when a man has nothing to lose, is when he will fight the hardest.

  • marlene

    Islam will lose in the end – may it come sooner than later.

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