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[ October 17, 2017 ]

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New German Initiative for the Balkans Exposed As Plot to Eradicate Nation States in Europe


Germany, 06.01.2017: The dark hand of the German plot to eradicate national interests across Europe is coming into focus in the Balkans. Although the new German initiative for the Western Balkans is couched in a reasonable and realistic language it is designed to serve the German political diktat backed by the carrot of EU membership (wrapped up in the convenient language of EU multilateralism). The background: Germany as the pumping heart of the European Union (EU). German officials are busy these days finding ways in which to hand down the postwar German economic prosperity experience to the coming generations of 3rd world immigrants and their descendants, who will replace the native white German population by the end of the 21st century (assuming that no disruptive event such as a world war takes place before then). The native German demographics are so dismal and youths so destitute of any family planning desires that they are devoid of even a modicum of respect for spousal obligations. Consequently, there is no modern German family to speak of, and hardly any kids to boot. Hence, the entire long-term survival of the German society in its technologically advanced state of existence hinges upon the absorption of foreigners. For this reason, Germany is putting pressure on every European country to hand over its best brains and professionals to serve the German companies, organizations, and policies. There is a giant sucking sound going on in Europe in this second decade of the 21st century whose whirling epicenter is Germany. The exploitation of the Syrian civil war for the benefit of Germany manifested itself in the recent mass influx of Syrian, Asian and African Moslems who were dumped onto the doorstep of almost every German citizen in order to break down any sentimental, cultural or traditional instincts based on native European resistance to globalization. The idea is to desensitize the citizenry of Europe and make them into passive observers of conditions all around them, detached from any ownership sense for the land they live on. Sound familiar? That is exactly the psychological method that the Nazis employed on the German citizens to facilitate the destruction of cultural life in Europe and make Holocaust possible.

The key tenet of this modern German policy of importation of fertile populations (which produce children and are glad to get any job just to stay in the EU) is a tacit policy of rapprochement with the wider Muslim world. Germany is cynically exploiting what I call “the Holocaust credit” that it holds in the Muslim world where in the popular mind Germany is singled out as ‘special Western country’ because it stood largely aloof from colonialism, opposed the imperialist powers in both world wars, supported the Muslim countries in their wars against the British, the French and the Russians – and finally, annihilated as many Jews as she could get her hands on during WW2. In the Muslim world today, Germany is positively remembered as the one country that tried to destroy the people that founded Israel. For that reason, Germany has not been a major target of any Jihadi terrorist attacks even though there are millions of Muslims (many of them radicals) inside Germany (and 9/11 attacks ringleaders were German-educated residents of Germany). And these German Muslims are by no means doves, and some of them routinely abuse in schools and on the streets the Germans that get too close to their youths in public schools. However, the German government bribes foreigners with lavish expenditures for welfare and makes them feel like stakeholders in some kind of material benefit pump. Likewise, Germany holds credit with the traditional Muslim populations of the Balkans with whom Germany used to be militarily allied in the past campaigns against the Serbs and the Greeks. Today, Germany supports Bosnian Muslim, Serbian/Montenegrin Muslim, and Albanian Muslim political pretensions, which are a source of instability that is not mentioned in the hypocritical document released by the Social Democratic Party (‘The consolidation of the European idea in the Western Balkans’). Germany deliberately prefers to overlook the rising tide of Islamists all around them and in the Balkans, because positive relations with Muslims must be maintained at all cost! A prestigious German policy research and policy establishment institute called ‘Koerber Stiftung’ in Berlin supports this approach, as well. Another German think-tank, ‘Friedrich Ebert Stiftung’ (which sponsored this policy paper) does so too. Its focus is always on the slightest sign of the phantom of nationalism in Europe but it takes no account of the rising Moslem aggression. Whenever a terrorist issue comes up for discussion in their roundtable this institute refers it to the relevant Moslem government for a solution, be it Turkey, be it Saudi Arabia, be it Iran, etc. as if to confer legitimacy. For instance, both the German government and this prestigious institute in Berlin support the Iran Nuclear Deal. Quite a lot of Moslem governments are themselves criminal, so how can they be all that helpful?

No wonder then that the German KFOR military unit was among the first to arrive in Kosovo after the defeat of Serbia in 1999. It is in this light that we must observe the 2017 “initiative for Western Balkans” that the German Social Democrat party (acting as a policy adviser for the German government) presented in the translated article below. The pragmatic part of the ideological intent of this policy proposal is to find a way to attract additional German business ventures into Serbia and Macedonia with which to facilitate the supremacy of lopsided business agreements over local concerns about national interest (a way to numb the patient and desensitize him to the pain that is coming). The mercantilist German investment policy into Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Serbia, in particular, has already devastated the productive sector of the local economy, turning the country into a passive recipient of manufactured German goods, causing an explosion of political corruption. The German approach resembles the 19th century industrial England’s one-sided trade deals aimed at advancing the English industrial sector at the expense of any local competition. The chief political aim of the new policy document is the total dissolution of political instincts in the Balkans in order to assimilate the region into an expanded EU monolith (as a front for German interests) at which point all national memories, distinctions, and traditional reflexes would be dead. German policy today is aimed at the eradication of national differences across Europe for the purpose of a single future European superstate with Germany at its epicenter.

Some shocking details are presented in this document. Germany facetiously advocates paying for and planting “independent critical media” – meaning – a local media that serves the globalist agenda, in line with CNN, Angela Merkel’s media and the George Soros policies. The paper deviously avoids the word ‘patriotism’ and instead makes ‘nationalism’ serve as a catch-all phrase for all ideas of national loyalty, as a general way to demean patriotism. No mention is made of the huge and persistent threat of Islamic aggression in the Balkans. Ominously, the policy paper also recommends the promotion of ‘revisionism of history’ in order to eradicate the memory of past crimes which are used to fuel patriotic sentiment in the Western Balkans. Is this not akin to forgetting the Holocaust in order to disarm the Zionist sentiment supporting Israeli patriotism in the Middle East? Are people of Western Balkans to be made to also forget the local German crimes in the world war in order to facilitate doing business now with the Germans? A disturbing trait in the German policy emerges, an opposition to history, emphasis on re-education camps known as EU-subsidized schools – in which textbooks will be subject to revisionist history in order to blur the lines between peoples. The author of the new textbooks will, of course, be some German bureaucrat with no name. Is this a democracy for fools under the policy gun of Germany’s renewed meddling in the Balkans?

The initiative of Germany’s SPD for a faster accession of Balkan countries to the EU

Juratovic: “it is important to change the awareness in a society”

Hutmaher: “support to the western balkans on the road to eu”

Hutmaher: “to provide a broader dialogue between the relevant actors”

Licht: “reinforce our path towards integration”

Licht: “the document represents a new moment in relations between the German parliament and our entire region”

BELGRADE – A conference was held here in which the latest German policy for the Balkans was discussed. In the document of the caucus of deputies of Social Democratic Party in the German Parliament there is a directive for the Federal Government of Germany to follow three main objectives when it comes to the accession of the Western Balkan countries to the EU:

1) to inject new momentum in the accession process, 2) to improve the economic development and 3) to strengthen democracy and civil society.

The document which was presented at the conference as “The consolidation of the European idea in the Western Balkans” it is emphatically noted that a clear perspective for accession to the Western Balkans region has disappeared over the years, and that the willingness to reform the political elites of some countries is now far weaker than it was in 2003 when all countries of the region were guaranteed the prospect of EU accession. It is alleged that since 2015 the Balkan region has faced great challenges, such as corruption, nepotism, which are to a large extent present in all societies, and unsolved interstate issues, lack of transparency of political decision-making, the feebleness of political system, difficult economic situation. “These challenges endanger the stability in the region. The social peace is threatened, ethnic conflicts would also be able to re-erupt. People in the Western Balkans are losing faith in the European future. Too many even sympathize with international terrorism. In this state, the Western Balkans is becoming the focus of refugee movement,” the document stated, noting that the international financial crisis strongly affected countries of the Western Balkans. Deputies in SPD point out that Europe has failed in the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia to prevent the Yugoslav civil wars of the nineties. “Now it backfires on us that in the years after the war we did not sufficiently strongly encourage and advocate for the development of the Western Balkans. The EU is therefore obliged to pay special attention to the Western Balkans “.

When it comes to the new momentum in the accession process, the document emphasizes the need to create more dynamic accession negotiations. “It should facilitate opening of individual regions, without weakening the existing conditions for accession,” the document further states. “It should be added, to bring back to life the accession process with countries in the region, and this goal must requires a clear political signal. In addition, candidates for accession to the EU face special obstacles and require our help in finding pragmatic solutions”, the document says, and as an example the document referred to the relationship between Belgrade and Pristina and the dispute between Macedonia and Greece over its name.

The document states that it is important to encourage regional political cooperation. “We expect the strengthening of interregional relations, the governments and parliaments in the region. Quality constructive relations between Serbia and Albania play an important role in solving the issues of the southern part of the Western Balkans. We want to strengthen our own capabilities in order to understand and solve problems,” the document goes on to say. Also, it is stated that it is necessary to support the reformist forces in the countries of the Western Balkans to include partners in the EU. In this context, it particularly highlights initiatives such as Berlin Process and plan Steinmeier-Hamond for BiH (Bosnia).

When it comes to economic development, it is necessary to lead the fight against corruption, conclude concrete measures to build infrastructure, encourage investment, encourage regional economic cooperation, innovation. The document states that economic development should serve the people and that it is necessary to build modern, professional educational institutions, in order to create better perspective for youths. It is alleged that such a model could serve the German model of dual professional skills education. It also points out that the EU should remain a major trading partner of the Western Balkans. Speaking of the third order to strengthen democracy and civil society, MPs of the SPD in the Bundestag emphasize the importance of democratic change, encouraging civil-social forces, and the fight against nationalism. “A growing nationalism is a problem throughout Europe. The secessionist wars of the past provide a fertile ground for nationalism in the Western Balkans”. “On the one hand, we need a European strategy to combat nationalism, on the other hand, the Western Balkans can act against nationalism if we advocate there for the strengthening of democratic forces with an independent critical media, and for the process of revisionism of history”, the document says. The text brazenly speaks of the recommendation that the successor states of Yugoslavia should be required to jointly re-write their history books and revise the past so this change can be recorded in future school textbooks. It also points to the importance of encouraging cultural cooperation and encouraging the construction of the Office for Regional Cooperation of youth.

The conference was opened by the director of the Belgrade office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Heinz Albert Hutmaher and President of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, Sonja Licht. Licht pointed out that the document, which was drawn up and adopted by the SDP, represents a new moment in relations between the Parliament of Germany and our entire region. She reminded everyone that the Thessaloniki Declaration of 2003 is mainly coming from foreign countries in the region, although it was a summit of the European Union. ” “Certainly this huge migration from the Middle East into the EU again reminded Europe and the world that the Balkan region is still at a crossroads and that it is part of the problem, but can and must be a part of solution to the problem,” said Licht. By presenting the document, the German SDP begins a new round of talks with the countries of Western Balkan that can and must listen and be better on the way to the EU. “The first part of the analysis that is sharp, clear and helpful, speaks to what we need to do more seriously, more responsibly towards yourself, to really strenghen our path towards integration into the only community after which we really strive and we belong with and without which the region would not be the same as today,” said Licht.

According to Herr Hutmaher’s words, the way to Europe for him and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation will not be complete if it is left only to the national governments and parliaments, but it must include media professionals, civil society elites … “This is the kind of inclusive approach. Our mission is to facilitate and enable wider dialogue between the relevant actors in Serbia and Europe and with this kind of debate we want to improve mutual understanding,” said Hutmaher. “As noted, this is the way to a common solution for all the challenges that are before us, challenges that can cause new instability in the region and the EU.”

“The title of this gathering in Belgrade and the title of the latest SPD policy initiative document is the same for a reason, namely, to underline the political commitment of Germany and the German Social Democrats in supporting the Western Balkan countries towards the EU and to lend a helping hand on how to improve and enhance the economic development and democracy,” explained Hutmaher.

At the meeting the deputy of Bundestag, Josip Juratović, said that to change the consciousness of society in the Balkans is most important. “This is a special challenge for the Western Balkans region – to change society and its mentality,” said Juratovic. “Balkan nations still can not distance themselves from the road to homogeneous nations as the correct one. The collective interests of nations only leads to destruction, and to build trust it is necessary to destroy the past.” “Investors are not interested in history. They need a stable society in a system and the broader market, the rule of law and an educated workforce,” he concluded.

Among the speakers were representatives of state institutions, such as the chief of the team for Serbia’s EU accession, Tanja Miscevic, civil society organizations, and analysts from Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Croatia. Participating at the meeting were delegates of the German Bundestag from the ranks of the SPD Metin Hakverdi, Commissioner for Equality Brankica Jankovic, director of the Albanian Media Institute Remzi Lani, former Montenegrin Minister for European Integration Gordana Djurovic and others. The conference was followed by numerous ambassadors including the German Ambassador to Serbia, Aksel Ditman.

new German policy directive presented at the meeting in Belgrade

Inicijativa SPD Nemačke za brže pristupanje Balkana EU

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  • Vivienne

    This is a scary article I recommend members whose countries are part of the EU should read this. Sadly I’m in an EU country though I hold a British passport.

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    • Len Miskulin

      This is a scary site as well where truth is not welcome and comments depicting it are removed, just like b/bart. Lot of misinformation in this article but pointing to the (widely available) truth s out of the question. Tribe must be protected at all cost.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        So you’re disappointed that blame the Jews posts are banned? You can always go to Stormfront or any muslum site where your blame the Jews meme will be accepted w/open arms by closed minds.


    The reason for the decline in German demographics might be also caused by the German language.
    Establishing English as official language could better their life.
    #Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, the Biafra-leader, the Leavenworth 10, Israeli soldier Azaria, Salim Masih & so on.

    • Drifter12

      They need to establish a higher birthrate if they are going to survive and that is not happening…into the caliphate and the rest of Europe with them. They are already planning their own demise, based on a chimera of an imagined German hegemony. End of days…

  • Drifter12

    The epicenter will be the new caliphate–welcome to the new Middle-east…

  • t

    Every society that has given equal status to women, has had its fertility rate fall below replacement level. As a result, the folks in these societies are being steadily replaced by those who did not give equal status to women – Muslims, latinos, africans et al. As an example, see this – Whites already ‘visible minorities’ in two of Canada’s three largest cities. This is not a prediction. It has already happened.

    Even as it is happening right in front of them, these insane societies fail to understand that – By giving women equal status, they went against evolution, and thus now, evolution is going against them. Had it been evolutionarily correct to grant equal status to women, we would be witnessing the precise opposite – The societies that gave women equal status would be growing, and replacing those that did not give equal status to women.

    Western societies made a catastrophic mistake, and now they are still making another one, by being arrogant and refusing to admit that they too are humans, and thus fallible, and hence, their mentality of women having equal status, could be wrong.

    It breaks my heart to say this, but it seems like white westerners will never admit this, and never be able to undo female equality, and as a result, will be replaced.

    • emma

      Cheeky bastard. Women are not to blame for any of it. Complete twat and complete load of bollocks.

      • utj56

        Emotional bastard. Could not refute anything, so resorts to personal attacks. Your kind deserve a slap right across the face.

        Now bugger off and come back when you can logically refute anything.


        • emma

          Shut your mouth. I was not replying to you. T is talking bollocks just like you. Now f. off you little, that is if you have one. How disappointing you are. I bet many women have said that. Sad little creep.

          • utj56

            Could not refute it, could you? See this guys? Such are these intellectually dishonest bastards.

            Now shoo.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Refuting your idiocy is pointless, now FO back to your muslum sh!ttystan.

          • utj56

            Could not refute it, could you? See this guys? Such are these intellectually dishonest bastards.Now shoo.

            now FO back to your muslum sh!ttystan.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Yeah it’s freedom that’s the problem. Freedom for women. Why don’t you FO to some islamic sh!ttystan and see how well it’s worked out for them? After all, ANY muslum sh!ttystan should be your idea of paradise right Mahmoud?

      • utj56

        Troll fkwit, have the balls to logically refute it?

        Yeah it’s freedom that’s the problem. Freedom for women. Why don’t you FO to some islamic sh!ttystan and see how well it’s worked out for them? After all, ANY muslum sh!ttystan should be your idea of paradise right Mahmoud?

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          If you and your muslum circle jerk partner don’t like freedom for women then why don’t you move to an islamic sh!ttystan? Equal rights for women are nothing but a rumor in muslum states Mehmet Al Pederast.

          • utj56

            Freedom and equality are 2 different things, brain-dead retard. Equal status for women is the reason why we have below replacement level fertility, and are being replaced in our own nations by muslims and others.

            I know being a sack of sht muslim bastard, you would love nothing more than whites being replaced. Your kind should be beaten senseless for subverting the west.

            Now go polish allah’s knob, inbred muslim. Shoo.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            There are plenty of muslum white vermin in Chechnya, Turkey and Albania, why don’t you go munch a carton of cigarettes and go join them Mehmet?

          • utj56

            Could not refute it, could you? See this guys? Such are these intellectually dishonest bastards.Now shoo.

            Now FO back to your muslum sh!ttystan.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            If you don’t have equal rights to someone else retard then how are you free? It’s called discrimination and it’s SOP in the muslum world.

          • utj56

            Retard, I said equal status. Were you dropped on the head as a child? By the way, how’s that “no discriminashunnnnnnnn” working out for you? Try to even think about discrimination against a muslim, and you will find yourself in prison. You gotta love the “no discriminashuunnnnn” and retards like you that support it.

  • shirley versace

    This article is off by a country mile –

    the policies that the author is attempting to describe, (and in doing so is misattributing them to the “German” people who politically don’t actually have a voice), are best summarised as the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan.

    The plan of Globalist elites to annihilate the nations and diversity of Europe and replace them with a beige mongrelised people and a Globalist Islam-lite monoculture on the model of the Caliphate in Spain of the 8th -15th Century.

    This is the Globalist plan for a Global Finance Caliphate. The peoples of the world are to be deracinated, de-natured and thus rendered powerless (identity-less)…as passive consumers in a new world order.

    • Truth is the last refuge

      Another grand conspiracy with Jews pulling the strings behind the scenes? You’re either a moslem troll or a butt kisser of David Duke.

      • Von Hauer

        When people don’t understand the nature of some phenomenon they tend to grasp at conspiracies.

        The price for reversing Germany’s demographic decline is the further Islamization of Germany under the guise of multiculturalism.

        This is about money. Pure and simple. The 1.5 million Third World migrants welcomed into Germany by Frau Merkel was not done for humanitarian reasons. It was done at the behest of various business leaders whom the political class are eager to serve. These business leaders are overwhelmingly non-Jewish, but of course there are Jews among them. Soros comes to mind.

        To maintain the West’s economic status an enormous influx of migrants (tax payers) are required since the native Europeans no longer wish to have children. So they must be replaced from the teeming masses of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

        • Inmate of Diversityland

          Yes, I agree, and the European people, their culture, and civilization are destroyed as a byproduct.

        • Simba

          You have mentioned that the native Europeans no longer wish to have children.Can you explain why this suicidal tendency,despite us granting them their freedom to choose what they want. Aren’t they afraid of Islamization of their nation 40 years down the line?

          I have witnessed many German,Swiss and Austrian women with Turks and Middle Eastern men since a couple of years.Are these Muslim men going to agree with this desire of their European spouses to not have children? Mind well,this phenomenon was quite ubiquitous, and not some isolated incident.It’s another matter what attracts these pretty locals to these men .I almost felt that the European women far outnumber their men and so are now choosing the M.E.s and Turks( although Turks have been German citizens for quite some time). I doubt these men were chosen for their riches.The European women didn’t appear frivolous either.

          Many German and Russian women travel to Turkey and marry Turks.That further reinforces my doubt.Your comments(in details if need be) will be appreciated.

        • Len Miskulin

          And if you believe that than you got a lot to learn.
          How do you turn illiterate, unemployable, unwilling invaders into a tax payers?
          All they want is freebies.
          Grow up and smell the s**t.

          • Tatiana Covington

            You assume that people will be all that necessary in the 22nd Century.

      • b.macintosh

        You’re probably paid to post absurdist denials by the uber wealthy that back this grotesque plan. We’re seeing it happen right before our eyes so you are wrong.

        • Guessed Worker

          Not too many fans of David Duke around here in case you haven’t noticed. The “Kalergi Plan” is a big hit on Stormfront and other such sites. The old blood libel against the Jews and so on.

    • conan_drum

      A country mile? whatever that may be, you are out of touch with reality by at least as much in claiming such a nonsensical conspiracy theory

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Another tower of Babel is being built, it will collapse on itself as it gets bigger, and becomes totally uncontrollable. To maintain the degree of oppressive control will require a massive military force, which will require a general, who will develop political aspirations as power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Without internal checks and balances, the whole concept is a futile as the e.u.

    • G P

      I certainly hope so Mahou, but everything is so depressing at the moment.

  • Tatonka

    I see another world war exploding in the near future.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    A muslum democracy isn’t.

    • utj56

      Yes, but you really are a retard.

      • rh2

        “Troll fkwit, have the balls to logically refute it?” Your own words right back at you, Retard. Now piss off and stop bothering the grownups. Soros needs you somewhere else to post more of your gibberish!

        • utj56

          “Troll fkwit, have the balls to logically refute it?” Your own words right back at you, Retard. Now piss off and stop bothering the grownups. Soros needs you somewhere else to post more of your gibberish!

        • Sigh

          You are being really stupid, rh2. IzlamIsTyranny is a known troll, who trolls everyone whom he does not agree with, and uses a muslim name for that person to manipulate the readers.

          That person he just trolled below, is retaliating, and IzlamIsTyranny was the initial attacker. It does not take much to understand the position, I believe. It is all in english, is it not? Don’t be on the level of a dumb leftist. We are better than that.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            It looks like the muslums and/or their collaborators are tired of trying to dox me and instead are engaging in character assassination. I’m flattered.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I’m laughing on the outside but crying on the inside.
        BTW, muhamMAD, the prophet 4 profit? He was a child molesting thief, brigand, mass murderer, Jew hater and liar.

        • utj56

          I’m laughing on the outside but crying on the inside.

          BTW, muhamMAD, the prophet 4 profit? He was a child molesting thief, brigand, mass murderer, Jew hater and li

  • conan_drum

    I read recently in a book by an eminent historian that in the dying days of the Nazi regime some leading Nazis were fantasising about doing a deal with the Western allies, in which they envisaged a new unified Europe with Germany as its pre-eminent country. Obviously at the time they were completely out touch with reality. But looking at the situation in EU today that is more or less what we have.

    • Duchess of Pork

      Otherwise known as the Bilderberger initiative. Note that some people think it, together with the C-K plan, are nonsensical conspiracy theories.

  • Alleged Comment

    Wow! Sounds like Germany is in a MESS and will start WW III like they started WW I and WW II. Hold on to your hats, this is COMING FAST.

    As you know a famous preacher said Germany would rise again and ATTACK America, it is NOT Russia. This is beginning to make sense. With a Balkanized Germany society soon to come. I assure you it will NOT be a civil society.

    Israel should give back the German subs they bought. Buy American ones, and it is a shame the destiny of Germany is being determined by a few dozen morons.

    • Hoppla

      They were freebies just like all the other many things. Jews don’t pay they get paid. And tell me how Germany is going to start WW III ???? Germany is still occupied by us the French and the Brits. only Russia moved out of Germany. Europe is our Puppet on the string and so is Frau Ferkel. [ Merkel ]

      • Alleged Comment

        Balkanized Germany.

  • Steve

    Interesting how German leaders are nurturing their new submissive role with the enemy in perhaps a subtle way to return to the days when nazis and muslimists kept close quarters dealing out death to the Jewish.

  • Richard Harris

    Germany started WW1 (and invaded nations before WW1), WW2 and may start WW3…or at least another War in Europe. It seems like it doesn’t matter if Germany is run by Right-wingers or Left-Wingers. Germany seems to love causing trouble in Europe. Germany always has been and always will be….the WRECKING BALL of Europe.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Troublemaking is Germany’s DNA.

    • Hoppla

      Richard read some good history books you got your education in history from Hollywood movies I assume.

  • joc22

    Germany has always thought it’s self as the rightful ruler of the Europe, they are now making strides to accomplish this goal. The Brits have woken up, the French nearly did but chose a pretty boy with huge commitments to Germany and SDP. Germany tried to extend itself into the productive heartland of the Ukraine but met with strong resistance that they were not expecting, Stalingrad redo. When they tried to take away Russia’s port in the Crimea, that pushed Russia into the game.Germany knows it can never win anything against Russia, so they employed NATO to help.
    President Trump is a real pain in the Germany SPD and George Soros butt, that’s why SDP and the Democrats are going after him with both barrels. These globalist Nazis will stop at nothing to bring the North America under their control even assassination

  • Dennis Schaaf

    The Balkan countries may not go along with this grand design and the stupid germans might not be aware that the rag heads believe they are superior.
    It’s about time for another nice, little war in Europe.

  • RayG1

    The Germans believe that they can retain control of most things in the long run, without worrying about the actual number of genetic Germans. That’s not how Islam works!


    My sympathy to the demise of the German race. Hitler must be turning in his grave.

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