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Gangs of armed Muslim migrants set up burning road blocks in Calais


War in the streets.

France sends in reinforcements: At least 150 riot police arrive in Calais after gangs of armed migrants set up blazing road blocks to stop trucks in an attempt to climb aboard and head to Britain

  • France dismantled the Jungle camp in October displacing some 8,000 migrants
  • They were dispersed around the country but there were fears they would return
  • Video footage shot from lorry shows gangs running after trucks trying to get in
  • Experts feared a surge of violence this summer as migrants returned to Calais

By Peter Allen In Calais and Gareth Davies In London For Mailonline, 13 June 2017:

Police reinforcements including at least 150 riot control officers have been drafted into Calais as UK-bound migrants set up burning roadblocks to stop lorries.

They use the motorway obstructions to get lorries heading to England to stop, so they can climb aboard and hide until reaching their destination.

The tactics have been used at least three times in as many weeks, with images shot in the early hours of June 9 showing rubble and branches piled up on the A16 in Calais.

A Polish HGV driver who regularly travels between his home country and Britain posted a video of the incident online, and it shows gangs of mainly young men running along the busy road brandishing weapons and trying to climb into lorries.

Video footage shows a burning tree lying across a motorway as men waving clubs at truck drivers

It is all part of a deteriorating security situation in the French port town which has led to 150 CRS (Republican Security Companies) new officers arriving.

‘Local forces have asked for more support, and we have responded with a new detachments of CRS,’ said an Interior Ministry source in Paris.

‘The exact number of police in the Calais area is not released publicly, but a large number of personnel are in place to maintain security.’

These include soldiers and specialist anti-terrorism teams, as well as regular National Police and gendarmes, said the Interior Ministry source.

It was in October last year that some 8,000 would-be asylum seekers were evacuated from Calais following the destruction of the so-called Jungle shanty town.

Since then everything has been done to stop them returning, with a zero tolerance approach to new settlements.

Migrants climb in the back of a lorry on the A16 highway leading to the Eurotunnel in Calais

But with temperatures reaching 25C, more migrants are arriving, and resuming their efforts to get across the Channel.

The prefecture which covers Calais estimates that some 300 are currently sleeping rough in the area, while charity groups say the figure is more like 600.

‘The barricade of June 9 was by a slip road off the motorway,’ said a prefecture spokesman.

‘Police arrived very quickly and the obstacles were withdrawn. There was no serious traffic disruption, and no arrests.’

But a police source said ‘dozens of well organised migrants’ were behind the trouble, and it was continuing night after night.

‘We had to deal with it for years before the Jungle was destroyed, and now it’s starting up again,’ said the police source.

‘As the weather gets warmer, there will be more of this.’

Charities have complained the police are trying to stop food and water hand-outs to the migrants, but in turn the police say they have to carry out Interior Ministry orders.

The situation was expected to be among subjects discussed by Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Tuesday.

Mrs May was a frequent visitor to Calais during her time as Home Secretary and has pledged to help make the ferry crossings and Channel Tunnel watertight to migrants.

There are fears that the passionately pro-EU Mr Macron will try and move border checks back to Britain as Brexit talks approach.

This could lead to camps like the Jungle springing up on the south coast of England as the French allow vast numbers of asylum seekers to travel straight to the UK.

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  • Lichen Craig

    For the life of me, I do not understand how France has allowed it to escalate to this point to begin with. What the heck is going on with their brains over there? This Calais situation with Muslims has been going on for YEARS. It has been violent for years, as passing motorists and truckers are harassed by gangs of Muslims on the highway, and local people are harassed and terrorized by migrants in makeshift camps. This is INSANITY. It is very hard to sympathize with the region, as an outsider watching this nonsense. Take a look at this:

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      Great video!

  • reyol

    Every country is taking in hordes of third worlders in contradiction to their own laws and national interests. Then the behavior of these migrants is always defended. They can do no wrong. Anything that a local might be able to do is deemed racist. It doesn’t matter what outrageous thing the migrants do. It doesn’t matter what the locals want. They keep getting more. Something like this has to be coordinated globally and across national lines in execution of a long range plan that uses elite, well connected people from every country but doesn’t have any country’s interests at heart. This coordinating body, I think, is the Bilderbergers. Every year, they meet in secret. Then new social engineering trends crop up in diverse countries simultaneously. It doesn’t spread from one country to another anymore. The innovations crop up at the same time everywhere and move forward in spite of any obstacles.

  • Halal Bacon

    drive the truck to a pig farm and open the bloody doors, oh look there is deli nearby,

    Charcuterie Davelu

    87 Blvd Lafayette
    62100 Calais
    Tel: 00 33 (0)321 34 39 64

    If you like pork, head for the Charcuterie, a pork-based deli. Just one visit will shift your perception of the pig (le cochon) in gastronomic terms forever. Now you will see it as paté, terrine, rillets, hams, dried sausages, fresh sausages, pieds de porc, andouillettes, boudins noirs and blancs.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Tell someone who cares. The french don’t, their choices made in the recent election clearly indicate the status quo being acceptable, as did the election in england. Elections have consequences, live with them.

  • VoodooDollHillary

    The French government are the biggest cowardly pussies in the world.

    The way they let these animals overrun their roads and hurt their commerce is appalling.

    Just tells the world that the French HAVE NO BALLS.

  • Michael Scharch

    Idiot charities. They’re like stray cats. if you feed them there just going to keep coming back.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      If at least they would neuter them, the charities would be accomplishing something.

      • Michael Scharch

        With all the FGM, child molestation and anal these Cretans are into I’m surprised their species continues at all. I suspect their reproductive rate has a lot to do with pollination by fly’s. However as the case may be, certainly sterilization of both genders of all ages (Just in case.) seems a viable prerequisite to refugee status. Lets see how many wish to enter then?

  • ghavila1

    Anyone found inside a truck or attempting to enter a truck should be repatriated to their country of origin immediately without trial. All invaders should be informed of this policy and it should be carried out without mercy.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Britain could put an end to this by simply refusing to allow entry to these “migrants.”

    Instant deportation and denial of all welfare benefits to anyone who enters Britain this way would end this problem. Take away the incentive and the problem will disappear.

  • Peter Joffe

    The onslaught on Europe is unrelenting and again it is Islam that is the source of all this trouble. Get rid of Islam and we will not longer have a ‘refugee’ crisis. Democracy is its own worst enemy in allowing this to happen.

    • Are you joking?

      • Peter Joffe

        No I am not joking. Winston Churchill foresaw that Islam would be the biggest threat to the world in the 21st century and so it has proved to be. Islam has to be destroyed.

        • Get rid of Islam and we will not longer have a ‘refugee’ crisis.

          Are you joking?

          Get rid of illness and there’s no need for doctors.

  • Alleged Comment

    These are WILD MEN. Look how they act even BEFORE they get to your country. Europe will be gone if they inbreed with your women.

    The spear will be permanently blunted and Europe will go backward and cause a WAR with these inbreds in control of your land.

    Your land will become dark and dirty.

  • Ichabod Crain

    “Charities have complained the police are trying to stop food and water hand-outs to the migrants.”
    There’s your problem right there. They should be charged with aiding and abetting.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    “the police say they have to carry out Interior Ministry orders.”

    That’s the key, it is a political problem, not a police problem. The police can stop such things, the politicians won’t let them. Then the police get blamed anyway, as they are convenient designated scapegoats for the politicians to use to shift blame off themselves. The public keeps falling for it, decade after decade. Part of the job of being a police officer, being the designated scapegoat for the politicians.

    “A policeman’s lot is not a happy one” as the old saying goes :)

  • Hyde

    Simple solution really. Load the trailer with as many as possible, lock the doors securely, park the truck out in the countryside and leave it sit for a week. After a week, empty the bodies at the nearest garbage dump. Rinse and repeat.

  • ties

    For you that is wondering ,,France was a country ,where now is is a small area of the evil EU empire.

  • Buster Frankenstein

    At a recent gun show there was a dealer who displayed a sign saying “WWII surplus French rifles, like new condition, never fired, only dropped once”. There is a move in Franistan to change their national flag to White.

  • Buster Frankenstein

    Trumps Migrant Ban should be extended to Franistan & Germanistan as Terrorist proliferation areas.

  • The English nationalist.

    There should be an Escort system with armed guards and a shoot to kill policy ,then round up the rest and ship them out.

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