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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

Trump Continues Obama DHS Policy of Engaging CAIR #DraintheSwamp #Hamas


It looks like President Trump is drowning in, not draining the swamp. Even the FBI stopped working with CAIR because of their terror ties.

CAIR is a designated terror group by the UAE. They were named unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history. CAIR leaders have been convicted of jihad-terror related crimes.

CAIR was begun as a Hamas front group to carry out the Muslim Brotherhood’s anti-American agenda.

Much, but not all of this evidence, was documented in United States v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development  et al., 3:04-cr-00240-P (N.D. Texas) (“HLF”).

The evidence shows that CAIR is a criminal terrorist organization. This conclusion is shared by the United States government. The Department of Justice named CAIR in the federal criminal trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development,[1] which concluded with multiple guilty verdicts, as an unindicted co-conspirator in a massive conspiracy to fundraise for, and otherwise pursue, the terrorist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestine Committee, a public relations and fund raising arm of Hamas in the United States.[2]  See generally HLF.[3]  Specifically, CAIR was named as one of the organizations formed by the defendants and co-conspirators to create the appearance of legality in the effort to raise funds and public support for Hamas and its jihad abroad.  As the evidence in the HLF trial demonstrated, these plans were part of the 1993 Philadelphia planning meeting carried out by Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas operatives, a meeting which the FBI secretly recorded pursuant to a lawful court order, the entire transcript of which was introduced into the record at the HLF trial.[4]  Two of the key participants at this Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas planning meeting were Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad.[5] Ahmad co-founded CAIR, along with CAIR’s executive director Awad, in 1994 soon after this meeting. Ahmad served as CAIR’s chairman of the board until 2005 and Awad still serves as CAIR’s executive director.

Further, the federal prosecutors successfully resisted every effort by CAIR to have the public designation of CAIR as an “unindicted co-conspirator” removed from the court record and concluded as follows in its brief to the court:

Indeed, CAIR’s request to strike its name from the government’s co-conspirator’s list is moot, since its conspiratorial relationship with the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) was confirmed by testimony and documentary evidence admitted at trial prior to the date CAIR even filed its brief.[6]

  1. After the convictions, CAIR and another co-conspirator filed motions to have their names stricken from the co-conspirator list.  The trial judge refused based on the fact that the evidence fully supported this co-conspirator designation.  (Filed as Doc. No. 1356 in HLF; see also Ex. B to the Declaration of John Stemberger filed in support of Defendant’s opposition to Plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment.)
  2. A key piece of evidence introduced at the HLF trial and linked to the Muslim Brotherhood-Palestine Committee-Hamas conspiracy was a “planning memo” which describes the purpose of the “legal” organizations, such as CAIR, that the Muslim Brotherhood sought to establish in the United States:

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means.  The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.[7]

  1. In addition, the FBI has publicly stated that it will have no formal or official contacts with CAIR precisely because of the evidence that linked CAIR and its senior management to Hamas and its purposes.[8] Finally, in response to a letter from Congresswoman Sue Myrick, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the U.S. Department of Justice recently wrote in relevant part: (above)

[1] See, e.g., the NEFA Foundation website which provides detailed links and context for the court documents in both the first HLF trial (ended in mistrial) and the second trial (ended in guilty verdicts) at; see, specifically, the Government’s Second Supplemental Trial Brief at p. 30 Available on line at; see also Congresswoman Sue Myrick’s official website at,22&itemid=418. (Congresswoman Myrick serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence).

[2] See government’s List of Unindicted Co-conspirators and/or Joint Venturers here:

[3] Court documents for the second trial available at:

[4] The transcript is available from the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas, website (see link in note 15 above) in 18 parts as Government Exhibits “Philly Meeting,” Nos. 1-18 and posted under the documents introduced into evidence on Sept. 29, 2008.

[5] See a true and correct copy of the Philly Meeting Summary Chart introduced into evidence at the HLF trial, attached hereto as Ex. C.  Ahmad (aka Omar Yehia) was named, along with CAIR, as an unindicted co-conspirators in the HLF trial.

[6] Government’s Memorandum in Opposition to CAIR’s Motion for Leave to File a Brief Amicus Curiae Instanter and Amicus Brief in support of the Unindicted Co-Conspirators’ First and Fifth Amendment Rights at pp. 2-3.  Available on line at:

[8] For a hypertext link to a copy of an FBI letter memorializing this formal distancing, see this article at The Investigative Project on Terror, at:

Trump Continues Obama DHS Policy of Engaging CAIR

By by John Rossomando, IPT, May 18, 2017

Donald Trump might be the president of the United States, but the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to treat the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a credible outreach partner.

Its officials participated in DHS town hall discussions in Miami and Tampa, CAIR-Florida announced Thursday.

A discussion at Miami-Dade College included Veronica Venture, the outgoing DHS acting officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, and Kareem Shora, section chief of the DHS Community Engagement Section.

Venture and Shora are both holdovers from the Obama administration.

Shora enjoys close relations with CAIR-FL, organizing multiple events with the group on DHS’s behalf. He helped organize a December training event for visiting French police officials with CAIR-FL in conjunction with the State Department.

This marks the latest example of DHS’s partnering with CAIR as a Muslim community liaison partner despite its well-documented connection to Hamas – a tie that caused the FBI to sever similar outreach in 2008. CAIR officials have worked to discourage Muslims from cooperating with the FBI.

Both Shora and CAIR oppose to President Trump’s vocal support for Israel and desire to counter Islamic terrorism.

Shora urged the U.S. to stop shipping weapons to Israel during its 2006 war with Hizballah because Lebanese civilians we “getting bombed.” As executive director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), Shora claimed in 2009 that Muslim charities fell victim to “undue scrutiny” from law enforcement in the effort to cut off funding terrorist groups. He also called the portrayal of Muslims as more “vulnerable” to terrorist recruitment an “unfortunate reality.”

The two Florida DHS programs indicate that the Trump administration has yet to change course on the Obama administration’s controversial Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program. The government has no way of telling whether these outreach programs work, the General Accountability Office (GAO) noted in an April report.

In Tampa, DHS allowed CAIR-FL Executive Director Hassan Shibly to participate in a roundtable with local law enforcement. Shibly played a key role in the December outreach event with the French police along with Shora. He also has made his share of radical statements.

He accuses FBI agents of unjustly killing a Muslim suspect who attacked them after questioning. After independent investigations found no evidence of wrongdoing, Shibly repeated the accusation and is helping the family sue the FBI.

He also opposes FBI sting operations as an “entrapment program targeting the Muslim community” and a form of tyranny that strayed away from the “great ideals of liberty, equality and justice.”

  • Mark Steiner

    Beyond the obvious threat posed by CAIR, well … the President is going to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Rome. With the exception if Israel, the only Middle East ally America has, he should stay home. He has acquired a swampy mess conceived by his enemies right here. He has no business dealing with Saudi Arabia until that nation renounces terrorism (won’t happen). If the Saudi’s want to engage the President, he should invite them to Washington – and lay down the law on the terrorism Saudi Arabia supports and funds.

    He has no business with the internationalist pope of Rome, either.

    • Nefarious420

      He has dollars to collect, it’s why they all visit our enemies and make nice.

    • Ron Cole
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    “great ideals of liberty, equality and justice.”
    The Islamic texts mention words like justice & truth but only to capture, kidnap & distort them: truth becomes theist fantasticising & justice becomes harassment, persecution, injustice, kidnapping, pederasty, rape, torture, mass-murder, enslavement, enslavement of Africans & genocide.
    Nationalism is being kidnapped to blind out the injustice going on outside of the USA in Islam-controlled states, Islamic states & semi-Islamic states, states with Islamic leadership but non-Muslim majority people.
    People, Muslim or not, might appear indifferent to implementing Islamic unjust rules, but they’re also indifferent to the fact that these unjust Islamic laws are implemented around the world where Muslims feel safe to do so. Censorship in the media is a symptom of this injustice & Islamic leadership is the cause of this moral sickness.
    We must be clear about ethics: human rights, ecology & globalism.
    # Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free Asia Bibi, Salim Masih, the Leavenworth 10, the Biafra-leader, the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, Israeli soldier Azaria & so on.

  • Nefarious420

    Trump is a business man, and goes to the highest bidder, did anyone really expect any differently?

    Trumpism is the new political policy.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The Republicans are going to have to produce results. They have been given a mandate, now use it.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    President Trump seems to be lost among his “Deep Swamp” advisers. Does he understands what is going on in the World?. I think he should know better, since he has many interest all over the world, but apparently his interest was in making money. He appointed Sect. of State Mr. Tillerson who also had innumerable dealings with the Saudi’s and all the Arab Oil barons, and he has no intention of messing up his relations with them or for Exxon-Mobil. Ted Cruz should have been the man for America, yet all the Trump lies had their desired effect. Now Trump has to deal with the establishment Republicans who hate him only a little less than they hate Ted Cruz and are placing obstacles on everything he does. Think of the Traitor McCain backstabbing a Republican President and you can deduce it from there.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “He also opposes FBI sting operations as an “entrapment program targeting the Muslim community” and a form of tyranny that strayed away from the “great ideals of liberty, equality and justice”. What a fool and apostate this hassan shibly is, like most muslims, he knows nothing about islam. “Influential Iranian Cleric Ayatollah Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi has made a speech declaring that “democracy, freedom, and human rights have no place” in Islamic theology”. Of course considering that muslims are not unlike Humpty Dumpty in “Alice in Wonderland” where it is explained ““When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things”. If you are a muslim, you can invent as many meanings for a word as is required to validate your lie. The qur’an does have a bit in common with the qur’an as both were written by questionable people under the influence of narcotics.

  • Alleged Comment

    DHS is a recent phony ABC agency. Perhaps they begged Trump they need the jobs? And one way to get fun-ding is to show something for it, that they CAIR. LOL! Sorry…..

  • Mundus

    This is, simply, inexcusable! During the campaign, it sounded as though he understood . This goes directly to our National Security.

  • Drew the Indifel

    Not so fast. President Trump is a master of negotiation and confrontation and is also an excellent judge of character. He did not get where he is by being stupid. He will give CAIR enough rope to hang themselves and then lower the boom on them.

    • Nefarious420

      How? He said he would knock CAIR/Hamas out of government and declare them a terrorist group, instead he is using these same CAIR/Hamas terrorists to form his middle east policy, and muslim America policy.

  • Gordon Miller

    This is a deep disappointment. Trump has done nothing to delegitimize these vermin. Perhaps the influence of McMaster, who includes Islam as one of the world’s three great religions, has something to do with it. Trump, himself, has praised his Muslim friends as fine people.
    Sad to say, it might take two or three more Islamic-inspired atrocities here to bring reality to the fore.

    • Nefarious420

      Might take losing all of Western Europe, and the Midwest of America to wake this country up.

  • bailintheboat

    I can’t see dealing with CAIR in anything except an unfriendly way. One of those things that goes unsaid at times because you think it’s common knowledge by now..
    Just because Christians go into prisons to visit with prisoners doesn’t mean they aren’t still prisoners. By the same account…you get my meaning?

    • Nefarious420

      If you read the art of the deal, you’ll see “Death to America ” is just Hamas/CAIR opening position, Trump will probably try to negotiate it down to extreme maiming, and call it a Huuuuuge Bigly win.

      • bailintheboat

        You may be talking about international agreements. In America we do as we wish. No deals are necessary.
        He is beyond “deals”. He is the President. It is just past skills that come in handy.

        • Nefarious420

          Cair/Hamas are still embedded in our american government, Also look at Dearborn Michigan, they already have Sharia councils, and police are scared to enter.

          If you think they are not trying to accomplish here what they are doing in Europe, you are wrong, this is all part of Hamas plans to infiltrate our government and use our own government against us.

          • bailintheboat

            We can clean them out in our country.
            We cannot just go into another country specifically and do the same thing except when it comes to terrorist threats; it’s not our country.

          • Nefarious420

            Trump went from clearing the terrorists/CAIR/Hamas out of government and draining the Obama Swamp, to using those same Obama people to form his own Pro Hamas/CAIR policy, it is looking like Trump is not the man who ran for president on protecting america from Islam, to a more George Dubya/Obama position that Islam is a religion of peace.

          • bailintheboat

            Root them out without getting “impeached”. Art of the deal.

          • Nefarious420

            He fired plenty of people without being impeached, he just flinched when it came to draining the swamp, and instead overfilled it. McMaster is an Islam Apologist, and Trump now believes that Islam is 1 of the 3 Judeo/Christian religions of Peace, and he knows good Muslims…….

            I hope everyone as optimistic as you is right, that all his double speak is some deal making trick, so far it looks like he can be taken at his word.

            He even paid out to Iran after stating they were breaking the deal and he would negotiate it before releasing any more funds or loosening sanctions, he just went ahead of lifted sanctions and released funds without so much as a conversation on the bad deal.

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