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Swedish Senior Citizen Prosecuted for ‘Hate’ for Posting on Facebook She Saw Migrants Defecating in Streets, Setting Cars Ablaze


These countries are enforcing Islamic law (sharia), punishing their own people under Islam’s brutal speech laws. As I am oft quoted, “truth is the new hate speech.”

Swedish Pensioner Prosecuted for ‘Hate’ for Accusing Migrants of Torching Cars on Facebook

Breitbart, May 14, 2017:

 A 70-year-old Swedish woman in Dalarna is being prosecuted for hate speech after claiming on Facebook she saw migrants defecating in the streets and setting fire to cars.

According to the prosecution, the woman “expressed a disparaging view of refugees” on Facebook. She stands accused of having taken to the social media website in early July 2015 to make the “derogatory” post, alleging that migrants “set fire to cars, and urinate and defecate on the streets”.

Prosecutors in Sweden say the woman’s message violates the nation’s law on incitement to racial hatred (Hets mot folkgrupp, or HMF), a crime with carries a maximum penalty of four years.
Islam is not a race.
The accused admitted that she wrote the post but denied committing any criminal act. The evidence against her consists of a screenshot from Facebook, according to local media.
People took to Flashback, the net’s largest Swedish language forum, to criticise the state’s decision to prosecute the pensioner, with one poster lamenting the accused “has fallen into the clutches of the politically correct”.
A user with the screen name ‘Nospheratu’ pointed out that the original idea behind HMF was “to prevent large-scale propaganda by political parties” against demographic groups, with lawmakers “having 1930s Germany in mind” whilst passing laws. The user slammed the law for being used to “prosecute old ladies on the bus” criticising immigrants.
Another slammed Sweden for hypocrisy, accusing the nation’s media and politicians of condemning restrictions on freedom of speech and expression in other countries “while themselves engaging in the worst kinds of witch hunts of dissidents”.
Sweden’s Justice Minister Morgan Johansson cited freedom of speech when he rejected Gothenburg police chief Erik Nord’s suggestion that the country deports Islamic State-supporting migrants, after the Islamist terror attack in Stockholm last month.
“We have freedom of speech in Sweden. This means people have the right to hold repulsive opinions here,” said Johansson.
“But there are always limits… For example when it comes to hate speech,” added the minister, who called Nord’s policy suggestion “problematic”, and demanded the police chief “explain himself”.

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  • Dustwitch

    Sweden is whirling straight down the shitter. I’m so grateful we have our precious First Amendment here in The United States of America. If the left and dems had their way, everything they disagree with would be deemed ‘hate speech’ and without the First Amendment of our Constitution that would be a terrible reality.

  • TRUTH the new hate speech.

    • Suresh

      Agree. If the voters continue to vote for these Left/Liberal pro-jihadi politicians there is no hope for UK/EU.

      Left/liberal Islamonazis are handing over their countries on a platter to the jihadis.

      …… And going after patriots like in Britainistan

      • Eugene Kaptur

        With NO guns what are EU members to do when confronted with pro Muslim agendas by their own Governments? The 1st and 2nd Amendments to the United States Constitution are the ONLY things keeping the USA “somewhat” free; without the 2nd Amendment, there would be NO 1st Amendment!

        • conan_drum

          I know it is a waste of effort talking to people like you, but just tell us one jihad incident which was prevented or resisted by an American with a gun. In fact more innocent people have been murdered and maimed by your precious guns than have been saved by them.

          • Robinske2

            Garlad Texas.

          • boogimn3

            You have no data that proves your “point,” as we don’t know how many crimes were either deterred or finalized by the appearance or defensive use of a firearm.

            We do know that it is the universal M.O.of leftists that their refusal to accept common sense or actual data in the interest of pursuing suicidal altruism makes them (and I’m assuming you as well) blind and dangerously inept.

            There have been numerous “lone wolf” terrorists neutralized by police, and in Phoenix two years ago two jihadists from California were dispatched by a security guard when they sought to attack an art show event.

            Also, in San Bernardino a bloody attack at a company Christmas party in which 14 people were killed and two dozen wounded by a radical Jihadist married couple ended when they were killed by police while trying to escape. If anybody there had been armed the damaged may have been at least limited.

            One of the pair of jihadist brothers who attacked the Boston Marathon two years ago was killed by police.

            In Orlando, the massacre at a gay nightclub by a radicalized Afghani-American, which resulted in 49 deaths and many more wounded could have been either prevented or limited if anybody in the club had been armed.

            There have been hundreds of cases where people have been saved by being legally armed, including numerous home invasions, attacks in restaurants, etc.

            If it weren’t for the great work by the FBI there would have been many more jihadist attacks in the US. Last year the FBI arrested 300 terrorist operatives that had entered the country via Obama’s refugee program.

            The agency thwarted over 1,000 plots last year. They report that at least 70 of the 2,200 mosques in the US are terrorist supporting, and they are investigating plots in every state in the country. Additionally, there are 22 known muslim training enclaves scattered throughout the country where any access by outsiders is denied.

            If it were up to you leftists, it would be illegal to have locks on doors.

          • Steve

            Leftists will be the first to cry when their doors are smashed in buy a terrorist or socialist troops.

          • anAmericanByChoice

            AMEN!, brother!

          • Apothis

            An far greater waste of time listening to people like you. Your point is just plain wrong.

          • Manual Paleologos

            Actually, the opposite is true. Guns save lives. Gun ownership is at an all time high and crime continues to decline. There have been several shooting incidents this month, where private citizens, AKA The Militia, used firearms to take down the perp. Do your homework.

          • anAmericanByChoice

            I am sure you misspelled. Your name is not conan_drum, it’s conan_dumb, right? Eugene Kaptur is right, and it has nothing to do with how many jihad incidents were prevented by an American with a gun. It’s because Americans have guns that this country will not sink to the hell hole the EU and the UK are in. Have doubts? Let the future speak and history will prove it right. Want a quick confirmation? Come stomping through my home’s front door, shouting “Allahu Akbar!” with whatever weapon or even no weapon in hand, threatening me or any of my family members or friends, and I guarantee you that you will not finish saying the words before you drop dead on the spot.

          • Denis

            pamela ghellars meeting

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Tell it to the people who have successfully defended themselves w/guns, the NRA magazine documents such actions in every issue of their magazine.
            If you have no desire or will to defend yourself or your loved ones that’s your f’ing problem.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            This is assuming you have sufficient intelligence to actually use this link, then figure out how to read some of the articles. It is a waste of time dealing with people like ewe as ewe are incapable of grasping the obvious.

        • Steve

          People have to get real and make weapons out of anything around. Look on the net and in books. Watch war movies – anything that involves people having to defend themselves. Even a walking cane can fend off an attacker with a knife if somebody wants to learn to use it. Dogs can be helpful if trained properly. The mindset we’really seeing has to change that people are vulnerable simply because they do not have guns. You need the will to fight.

        • Robert Kahlcke

          The Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization knows in America, there is an armed patriot behind every blade of grass.

      • anAmericanByChoice

        Yes, “there is no hope for UK/EU” – the UK/EU are dead! Have been for a long, long time, since the EU deal was first made and socialism took over. Vigilance is a ***sine qua non*** condition for the survival of the USA. Be ready. It’s coming to where you live if it still did not arrive.

    • Marionrpinzon

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    • zahbudda

      Amen Brother…Musnt speak the truth!….George was right!

    • Ari

      A new totalitarian or Orwellian country, in which public lies replace the truth.
      A Swedish TV news presenter in the picture.

    • Liberalism is one of the greatest threats to freedom of speech today, sadly. :(

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is acceptable to read the qur’an and openly practice islam in sweden, why is the qur’an not considered hate literature and muslims hate mongers? Why are the laws written so a swede stating observable and verifiable facts is a crime, whereas arson, rape, murder , theft , assault and fraud are considered cultural eccentricities of muslims? sweden is so hopelessly mired in stupidity, it cannot be saved, even if it wanted to be.

    • tatka150

      According to the recent news all the above could apply to Germany, France, UK and US. Did I miss something?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Nope, you got the essence, it is less typing just to say western europe as they are all submitting in unison.

        • Low Zheng Yong

          Hi Mahou,

          There are still politicians such as Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Frauke Petry Who love their nations. There are also examples of political parties such as Britain first, Parti Populaire in Belgium who are aware of the dangers of Sharia.
          Here is an article from the Parti Populaire’s website

          Thank You.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Yes, there are a few genuine patriots, but there are not enough to influence public or political opinion. It is good they try, success may come, but not soon and at a very high price.

    • dad1927
      • Mahou Shoujo

        Canada needs an intervention as there are no compote people available to manage its affairs.

      • az

        The TURDeau has spoken, Canadians must be slaves to the progressive liberalism will. He will not rest until the world is saved, even if you have to suffer, die, face destruction, etc..

    • michaelofsydney

      ‘Cultural eccentricities’. Oh Mahou. From time to time, you come up with real gems! May I use that please? BTW, I went to a Mass at Parramatta Cathedral on Saturday May 13 that celebrated Our Blessed Ladies 1st apparition in Fatima 100 years ago. The Catholics and Maronite’s walked 3.8 km. Standing room only. Beautiful. Pope Francis canonized Jacinta and Francesco. The story of Fatima is to me the most significant world/heavenly event since the birth, death, resurrection and ascension into heaven of the Risen Lord.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Certainly, everything I post is available for anyone who can use it. Have fun. It would have been very moving to see the service you attended. Thank you for sharing.

      • anAmericanByChoice

        Francisco, not Francesco.

    • Stephen Honig

      I agree with you. Sweden might be the first country in Europe to default to Islam. Islam will be taking over one country at a time. It will be a global disaster without going nuclear. I always said that evil is as powerful as goodness. Goodness doesn’t always win!

      • Mike Wolff

        You are 100% correct. Sweden WILL be the first country in Europe to collapse into a Third World nightmare because it has gone the furthest down the road to insanity of poltical correctness, multiculturalism and “diversity”. Right behind them will be Britain and Canada, who are on the same road. They will be the first to reach the tipping point where any resistance will be too late.

        • NoTreading

          I think they’re in a close race there with Germany and France, after Sweden, of course.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        IN sweden, stupidity is the big winner.

        • AlgorithmicAnalyst

          You had a great line recently, something about “the other side of stupid”, I should have saved it, I am looking for it now but can’t find it :)

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Hmmm, I don’t remember it, but if I do, I will mention it.

    • John Magne Trane

      You could make an opposite koran, a narok, where the only change is that the words Christians / Jews / Infidels and what have you, have been replaced with the word: “The Moslems”, and the book would be illegal all over the world.

      Let’s try: “Kill the Moslems wherever you find them”, “The Moslems are the worst of creatures”.

      Sure sounds like hate literature, worse than Mein Kampf.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is the problem, the qur’an has passed itself of as a religious book, when it is pure hate literature directed at a specific group of people.

      • Tatiana Covington

        So go, download the whole Koran as a plaintext file, do a word search-and-replace. Easy!


    Sweden is finished……they just haven’t woken up yet, but they will and when they do—-they are in for a shock…. they stood by and did not protest and did NOT stand up to their insane govt officials and they will soon pay the ultimate price…..DOMINANCE UNDER SHARIA LAW AND THOSE FILTHY SAVAGE BACKWARD IGNORANT RAPING MUSLIMS….. that is the future of their children, too.

  • joanofark06

    Wow, this is the first I’ve heard of someone actually getting accused of “hate speech”, and might get? convicted! And in Sweden of all places! This is scary! I thought Facebook, was taking these, so called “hateful” posts down? I say it’s time to ban Facebook!!

    • rickyoo

      Being accused of hate speech in the UK has been going on for years. Many people have been arrested for daring to speak their mind in public or on social media. Britain First, a large patriotic organization that protests peacefully about the infiltration of Muslims and their culture plus the never ending additional Mosques springing up everywhere. Their leaders have been arrested numerous times for daring to confront Muslim hate preachers and a few days ago they were both arrested for daring to confront a Muslim rapist and his lawyer on the court house steps. This Muslim rapists was one of four that had repeatedly raped a sixteen year old girl who had asked a worker at a Muslim restaurant for directions, only to be bundled upstairs and gang raped. This is freedom of speech in the UK today. Disgusting!

  • David

    Having repulsive opinions is all right, but telling the truth is wrong? What the hell kind of system of law is that? I think Sweden has finally screwed itself good style

  • Poppey

    This war against ANY expression of dislike, rejection or yes even hate no matter how justified, being waged against native white people in their own countries by their own governments and police is simply outrageous, it’s completely unacceptable. Those PC fools in Sweden, too cowardly to go to Iran with bare heads and stand against the savages treatment of women and non muslims there, come home to strike down their own to make themselves feel better.

    In Britain too, we now have Tommy Robinson arrested at 4:30 in the morning, questioned and released on strict bail conditions for merely reporting and filming OUTSIDE a British court for Rebel Media where a gang rape trial is underway involving you know who. It’s the same story with Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding from Britain First, dragged from their car at a roadblock, arrested, strip searched, held, and eventually dumped on the street at 6am next day for protesting about another gang rape and CSE trial involving 19 MORE Muslims facing 170 charges.

    The police justification for such outrageous treatment – inciting racial hatred.

    So ANY show of dislike OR resistance or questioning to displays of sexual aggression BY Muslims against white young girls or women in what WAS our country is now to be crushed by violence and STASI tactics employed by police in the name of “justice and equality”.

    When these disgusting regimes in Sweden and Britain make war against decent people standing UP for our rights to be free of this kind of PC imposed racial and religiously aggravated violence from incomers leads to acts of explosive violence against those who persecute us, I for one will say, “about time too”, now you bastards know what it feels like. Rejoice.

    • Truthseeker

      The globalists are implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to lay the foundation for their long desired NWO. To find out more about it just do a search for … Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

    • Mahou Shoujo

      In essence , a significant part of the british indigenous population are no better than the muslim filth they let into the country. They aid and abet ever crime listed in the qur’an while ignoring the laws that made britain what it was, a long time ago.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        That’s true. Wellington said of his troops at Waterloo that they were some of the worst scum he ever saw (I forget the exact quote). The British used to use a system of incorporating the worst elements into the armed forces and using them up as cannon fodder.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Today, the same human waste is used as socialist voters and muslim colonist welcoming whores.

  • michaelofsydney

    As a 21 year old Australian, I spent a week camped on the pavement outside President Reagan’s White House protesting about matters nuclear. I had been kicked out of the UN after trying to set up a 2 man tent on the lawns and decided that were I to be arrested in the USA for protesting, then let it be at the White House. Only reason, (after 7 days) that I left was that I was bored…..the cops paid me no heed at all! What a wonderful privilege it was. Sadly, those days are gone. The gift of free speech really is worth fighting for and I salute America for having allowed me such freedom. 911 stopped that. Islam has all but killed freedom and whilst Sweden is one of the worst examples, I wonder what Australia and America will be like in 4 years time? My only response is that we should learn to love Jesus and pray as often as we can…ultimately unceasingly. It is hard given all the distractions, though behind them is a battle for souls.

    • John Magne Trane

      I was always struck by the insanity that those protestors never did it in Moscow… Here in Norway the KGB funded the local anti-nuke protestors, even tho the NATO forces weren’t allowed to bring nukes with them to Norwegian ports. And even tho the largest military base in the world, Murmansk, was right across the border.

      Just an aside.

      • michaelofsydney

        Hi John. Reckon had I gone to Moscow to protest, I would have lasted 7 seconds. The group I was with…the Atom Free Embassy, camped on the Australian Parliament lawns for 100 days and did hold a protest outside of the Russian Embassy, the Chinese and all the nuclear powers Groups like Greenpeace ran full size billboards decrying Reagan and others extolling Gorbachev. That is why I never gave a cent to Greenpeace. The only dictate of the Atom Free Embassy was opposition to the mining and export of Australian Uranium. I for example spoke amongst our mob of my opposition to abortion. Others were in favour of alternative views. At no stage was I told I could not discuss my views.

  • vercingetorix

    Here in Europe, the worst of all is that they do not care about whether or not those allegations made by people on the internet are true or untrue. They are not interested in that, but what counts before such courts in Europe is whether or not your “crime” has the inherent capacity to agitate people and/or to incite hatred against a specific group of people. And that of course opens many doors for abuse, and misscarriages of justice by the justice-system and the political class.
    All those hate-speech-laws should immediately be scrapped. The right to free speech is either total or it is not at all!

    • anAmericanByChoice

      “The right to free speech is either total or it is not at all!” AMEN!

  • Alleged Comment

    HUH? Doing this is an incitement to racial hatred? What right as the government to preclude an action??

    You should cite them for racial hatred for even having such thoughts! SO THEY ARE THE GUILTY PARTY! Not you!

    How dare they think SUCH THOUGHTS!!!

  • knightsstrength

    Did Facebook highlight the post. Still reckon people should dump Facebook, Twitter

  • Drew the Infidel

    Those in politics and the media who see fit to criticize a private citizen for exercising their constitutional liberties of freedom of expression need to be reminded that those are the very same liberties that allow political discourse and the media to even exist in the first place.

  • Mike E

    Political Correctness is a euphemism. This is fullfledged fascism. This is totalitarianism.


    Reminds of Hitler’s double-standard: he incited hatred against Jews as if he was a Mufti but instructed his troops to refrain from making jokes about halal-food customs of the Islamic Nazi Handzschar division led by Amin Al-Husseini who was a General in Izmir (Smyrna) in the Islamic mass-murder of non-Muslims called the Armenian genocide & later took charge of the Nazis.
    Sweden collaborated with Nazi-Germany.
    # Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free Asia Bibi, Salim Masih, the Leavenworth 10, the Biafra-leader, the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, Israeli soldier Azaria & so on.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The Grand Mufti never actually led the Handschar division of the Waffen SS in battle — he helped create it. I do believe he was involved in a plot to poison the water supply of Tel Aviv though.

  • felix1999

    Dangerous times…
    Elevating Islam is forcing the populace to SUBMIT.
    I am sorry to say this but the populace will need to go to war to fight this. The political elites have sided with Islam.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Sweden is a defeated nation.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      burka whipped and grovelling in shameful submission to islam.

  • Robinske2

    This is the fate waiting Americans if Democrats are ever successful in implementing Hate Speech laws. Our lives will be ruined simply for telling the truth or having a hateful opinion different than liberals.

  • James Stamulis

    The Swedish Government and many others in Europe are nothing but spineless cowards afraid to admit their own mistakes and attack their own people rather than send back these inbreds who belong in no civilized country! All speech is free speech and what she said had nothing hateful in it only truth!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      In islam, which sweden is now governed by, the truth, if it does not reflect in a positive way on islam and mutgonad, police beat upon him, is blasphemy. Lying is mandatory to preserve the illusion of islam being perfect and to preserve and enhance the reputation of mutgonad, police beat upon him. sweden is little different than iran in its government mandated religion.

  • durabo

    Maybe Sweden DESERVES to disappear from the First World. After all, they have lost their testicles (men are forced by law to urinate sitting down in public toilets!)

    • Low Zheng Yong
      • durabo

        Too little, too late. The “big stick” in Sweden is swung by Sharia. Two more generations, and the Swedish strain will be all but deleted by the Islamic barbarians’ birth rate.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Another plan to do a study to take a look, of no practical value in dealing with the current situation. Political hogwash for a gullible public.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Your faith in the amoral, stupid, cowardly Swedish is misplaced. At least the French fought the nazis, the Swedish folded to the nazis like a cheap suit.

  • CreoleGumbo

    Speech that offends no one needs no protection!
    Freedom of speech means exactly what it says – freedom to say whatever you want to say about whomever or whatever you want to say it.

  • az

    Does this mean that she can also defecate and torch cars? And that she must celebrate that personal achievement with a colorful facebook post?
    Will she get a medal from Merkel, by doing so?

    So many progressive liberal questions….

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    This elderly citizen needs some neo-government education with regards to ISLAM and it’s “Love Train” for our world !!

    • Surly Curmudgen

      That one should be tracked down and painfully executed.

  • Steve

    It’s like watching me one of those old Sci-Fi movies “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” except this is reality and this its “Invasion of the Mind Snatchers”. People had better vote the right people into office assuming there is time to change the course of things and they had better get their thinking straight. The enemy is within the gates.

  • Low Zheng Yong

    There is still hope for Sweden as the Swedes can vote for opposition parties such as Sweden Democratíc and Sweden Democratic Youth, the youth that broke off with the mother party Sweden Democrats until 12 September 2015.

  • Pedro Alves

    This is quite unbelievable!!! What is going on??? Is this the twilight ZONE? Europe (unfortunately I am European, but from the south so it has not quite arrived here yet) is committing SUICIDE! It is disgusting. This will no doubt, end up in a Civil War, when the majority of the Europeans – that quite understandable don’t want to continue this disastrous immigration policy – decides enough is enough and take matters in our own hands. It will get ugly. I just hope that when all is over the same people will have the courage to identify all the filthy politicians who are causing this disaster and hang them by the neck as they deserve for their crime of high treason against their own people! Oh, perhaps this is hate speech…

    • Arabella


      I know how hopeless it looks. But don’t give up. Now’s the time to act. Petitions, boycotts, letters of protest to gov officials, starting or joining an anti-jihad/anti-repression social group, spreading awareness on social media…..all these things can help turn the tide.

  • Robert Batchelor

    It wasn’t too l Iong ago I believed you could change things at the ballot box. You know, vote the bums out! In Sweden, however, it looks like their only recourse is for the citizens to take to the streets and demand a change in the same vein as the Egyptians did to throw the Muslim Brotherhood out.

    • MrLogical

      Why, oh why, do the Swedes keep voting for d**kless leaders?

  • Horace

    How is it hate to point out the truth of something that really happened?

    The people who set fires to cars are the ones that should be investigated for ‘hate’. (Not to mention destruction of property, endangering other people, possible ties to extremists!)

  • justfeddup

    The Swedes who say they don’t want to be like Germany should look into the history of the allegiance between Hitler and the Muslims, to kill the Jews.

  • NotTheMama

    So free speech is dead in Sweden. RIP Sweden.

  • tyedyed69

    Sweden had better wake up soon or it will be gone as a Western Civilization and turned into a 7th Century Muslim Caliphate. I fear it has already reached the tipping point and will be lost when I see stories like this. Sweden was a nice country before they imported hordes of savages from the 3rd world. The snake poem that President Trump read is 100% accurate in describing what is going on all over Europe.

  • frenchie mama

    her lawyer better
    1) prove that islam and being a refugee are not a “race”
    2) Show proof these things happened and thus should not have to be procecuted any more than any other witness to a crime or journalist.
    3) Counter sue for failure to provide a safe environment for its citizens, the city counsel and police department. Free of sewage and arson that may have caused illness and or bodily harm to her or her property.

    • MrLogical

      1,000.000% !

      Time to FIGHT back instead of laying down and rolling over.
      Fight the government and the Muslim invaders.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    And we want these muslim pigs in the United States. I believe they are wanted only by the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.
    God Bless America and Pamela Geller.

  • Yip Yap

    Islam and Sharia do not belong in ANY non-Muslim culture.

    How many times do they have to prove it?

  • Yip Yap


    ••• Just Six comparisons of our Constitution and Sharia Law: •••

    1) The Constitution is the supreme law of the land
    ~ US Constitution

    Allah’s word is the government…inplace of US Constitution and laws
    ~ Sharia Law

    2) The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed
    ~ US Constitution

    Non-Muslims cannot possess weapons of any kind
    ~ Sharia Law

    3) No unreasonable searches and seizures
    ~ US Constitution

    Seize land, houses and wealth of non-Muslims
    ~ Sharia Law

    4) No cruel and unusual punishments
    ~ US Constitution

    Cut off the hands of thieves
    ~ Sharia Law

    5) Congress Shall allow Freedom of Speech
    ~ US Constitution

    You shall not insult Allah or his Prophet
    ~ Sharia Law

    6) Congress Shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion
    ~ US Constitution

    Those who reject Islam must be killed
    ~ Sharia Law

    Communism, Marxism, Fascism, Socialism, BLM, the KKK, La Raza (The hispanic KKK) and Sharia Law are NOT compatible with our American system of laws, justice and freedoms.

    Sharia Law calls for the overthrow of our government, laws and Constitution.

    Sharia is anti-American, treasonous and seditious.

    WHY allow immigration or refugee status to groups and people who have sworn allegiance to Sharia Law…and want to take way our freedoms and completely erase us from the earth?

    Our Constitution doesn’t say we have to let anybody in. Why shoot ourselves?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    “Hate speech” the newspeak term under which free speech will be eliminated. It’s interesting how it’s never applied to the holey quranus or ahadith — which are chock full of antisemitic vomit.

  • Grant Woodside

    Consider the elements that define hate speech:
    *Drawing a distinction between one’s own identity group and those outside it
    *Moral comparison based on this distinction
    *Devaluation or dehumanization of other groups and the personal superiority of one’s own
    *The advocating of different standards of treatment based on identity group membership
    *A call to violence against members of other groups

    The Quran qualifies as hate speech on each count.
    Quite simply, the Quran teaches supremacy, hatred and hostility.
    Sixty-one percent of the Quran, the holiest book of Islam, is about non-muslims.
    Praise is lavished on Muslims, all others are condemned.

  • The first casualty of tyranny is always the freedom of speech. Truth is the new hate speech in Sweden. The Leftist leaders of Sweden have committed cultural suicide with the support of the foolish Swedish population. Sweden has surrendered to Islam.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Come on Sweden, just because many Vikings settled all over the world that does not mean you have run out of what makes a Viking. Stand up to the savage barbarians and make them behave or get the hell out. Find your berserker spirit and turn it loose.

  • As long as the European people continue to elect these politicians willingly, these policies will never change.

  • MrLogical

    The UK is dead.
    Belgium is dead.
    Sweden is dead.
    Germany is dead.
    France will soon be dead.

    Within a dozen years, all of Europe will be dead.

  • MrLogical

    Where are the d**kless Swedish men?
    Are there any men left in Sweden?
    It appears not.

  • MrLogical

    Time for another Crusade before it’s too late.

  • Jefe

    It is your suicide. Enjoy.

  • M.D. Roud

    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” and apparently now punishible by imprisonment! Sweden is done, put a fork in it already. Between arresting grandmas who point out the obvious and offering welfare to bloodthirsty jihadists they may as well declare it Dar al Islam, part of the emerging caliphate in Europe. The lack of shame by these people who DO NOT OWN SWEDEN, BUT WERE BORROWING IT FROM THEIR CHILDREN BEFORE THEY CALLOUSLY GAVE IT TO MURDEROUS SAVAGES, ought to be held criminally liable for every last rape, every single drop of blood shed by “refugees”. If you don’t already know look up what a “volunteer agency” is in relation to the migrant crisis. I’m sure It will nauseate you as it did me at how much money is being made at our expense. Radical islam can’t destroy us unless Social Justice Warriors allow them to. I think we should reevaluate who is the more dangerous enemy.

  • Pro Patria

    Sadly, nothing surprises me about Sweden, my neighbor, anymore:(
    8 mill Swedes and 2 mill “fidels” = App. 10 mill inhabitants in Sweden.
    It is time to make a coordinated worldwide “web-attack” against “”our own””. They are the real enemy!
    We all have to make “hate-crime” comments, on the real facts, the truth and nothing but the truth!
    Then they have to tell us the criterias of “hate-crime”; and now that they are at it; their criterias on “fake news”…
    …could this comment be a crime? Probably…

  • Steve

    Here’s a link to a book – “Invasion of the Mind Snatchers” that is about how TV in the 1950s stole the minds of the populace. Now we see that while that continues to a large degree today, that the invasion has grown beyond TV to include social networks, news papers and books with influential deception that steals and numbs today’s minds. There’s a bonus here in that the book can be downloaded free from the link.

  • melo gardener

    Oh how low the fallen have fallen and in the depths of jailing their elderly for speaking their minds…God Bless the lady and of course God curses those who call good evil and evil good and truth lies and lies truth for this is surely the epitome of evil leftist whores defaming the truth as only they can do in the courts of Sweden and the World!

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