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Survey Shows Muslim Men By and Large Approve of Honor Killing Wives


A new survey of Muslims in Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco — the last, a country of so-called moderate Islamic beliefs — shows that by and large, men are OK with killing wives for honor.

Muslim men, by and large, are OK with beating their wives, raping their wives, and even killing their wives — when perceived as necessary, according to a new survey.

They’re also, by and large, OK with raping their wives and beating them, when perceived necessary.

From the National Secular Society (thanks to Jihad Watch):

“A large-scale survey of views in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Palestine has reported extensive anti-women views and widespread tolerance of domestic violence.

“The three countries and Palestine were selected to be broadly representative and ‘to reflect the diversity of the region.’ …

“The report, produced by International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) found that “The majority of Egyptian men consider it their duty to protect the honour of women and girls in their family, and nearly three-fifths agree with honour killing in some circumstances. More than 90 per cent of men saw male honour as directly contingent on their female relatives’ dress and behaviour”.

“Just 45% of Egyptian men believed there should be laws “criminalizing domestic violence, including marital rape.” And only 70% of Egyptian women agreed with this statement.

“43% of Egyptian Muslim men said they would approve of their son having multiple wives, though just 9.5% said they would approve of their daughter marrying a man who already had other wives.

“Only 6.6% of unmarried men said they “have no problem with marrying someone of a different religion”, and a tiny 2.3% of unmarried Egyptian women said the same.

“Just 39% of Egyptian men approved of women serving as leaders of political parties, though 93% said they should be able to vote.

“60% of Moroccan men said “if a woman is raped, she should marry her rapist.”

“62% of Moroccan men said “a woman should tolerate violence to keep the family together”, and 38% agreed “there are times when a woman deserves to be beaten”. Shockingly, 20% of Moroccan women agreed with this.

“The report collected anecdotes and accounts from men and women across the four countries surveyed, including many accounts of domestic violence.”

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  • concern00

    When women are considered second class citizens, little more than chattels, then honor killing is the logical outcome.

    • MTC

      I’d say women are even lower than second-class citizens in Islam.

      • concern00


  • Midnattsol

    Shockingly, 20% of Moroccan women agreed with this.

    Some abusers are good at convincing their victims that it is their own fault. Other times it is so saturated into the system that it becomes a collective status quo bias.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    A few notes on shari’a and how it pertains to women. Any women who accepts this is a severely retarded product of inbreeding, beaten or naturally stupid.
    23. A woman’s testimony in a court of law counts half of a man’s testimony, since shemight “forget.” Quran 2:282 says it in the context of business law. But the hadith (traditions) explains that
    women’s minds are deficient; classical law expands this curtailment to other areas than business.Modern Islamic nations still do this, and religious scholars still argue for it.
    24. A man may legally and irrevocably divorce his wife, outside of a court of law, by correctly pronouncing three times “you are divorced.” Quran 2:229 says
    this, and the traditions and classical law explain and confirm it. A judge in a modern Islamic country will ensure that the husband did not speak from a fit of irrational rage (anger is okay) or intoxication, for example. Then the court
    will validate the divorce, not daring to overturn it, since the Quran says so. Sometimes this homemade and irrevocable divorce produces a lot of regret in the couple and manipulation from the husband in Islam today.
    25. A wife may remarry her ex-husband if and only if she marries another man, has sex with him, and then this second man divorces her. Quran 2:230 says this, and the traditions and classical law confirm it. Supposedly, this rule is designed to prevent easy divorce (see the previous point), but it produces a lot of pain, in Muslims today.
    26. Husbands may hit their wives. Quran 4:34 says it, and the traditions and classical law confirm it. There is a sequence of steps a husband follows before he can hit her, but not surprisingly this rule creates all sorts of abuse and confusion in Islamic society today.
    27. A man may be polygamous with up to four wives. Quran 4:3 (and 33:50-52) allow this, but only if a man can take care of them. The traditions and classical law confirm it. Modern Muslims still push for this old marital arrangement even in the USA, and many Islamic nations still allow it. But some Muslims are fighting polygamy. The hadith (traditions) paints a picture of Muhammad’s household that was full of strife between the wives.
    28. A man may simply get rid of one of his “undesirable” wives. Quran 4:128 says this. The traditions say about the verse that the wife whom Muhammad wanted to get rid of was “huge” and “fat.” She gave up her turn to his favorite
    girl-bride Aisha. He kept the corpulent wife. There is heartbreak in Islam today.
    29. A mature man may marry a prepubescent girl.Quran 65:1-4, particularly verse 4, assumes, but does not command, the practice. The hadith says Aisha was six years old when she was engaged to Muhammad (he was in his fifties), and their marriage was consummated when she was nine. The hadith indicate she was prepubescent at nine. She never did bear him any children. Classical law says a father may give away his prepubescent daughter, but she also has a few rights.
    Officially many Islamic nations have raised the legal marriage age, but pockets in the Islamic world still follow this old custom. The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia okays marriage to ten-year-old girls. Work is still needed to be done for the rights of girl brides, particularly for their sexual health.
    30. A woman must wear a head covering and maybe a facial veil, according to sound traditions and authoritative classical law. Quran 24:31, 33:53 and 33:59 are not as clear about the veil as one might first think. The verses say to dress modestly, but should the head be covered or just the neckline? What about the face (except the eyes)? Thus, modern Muslims are now in a big debate over the veil. However, the traditions and classical law are clearer than the Quran: the veil over the face (except the eyes).
    Respected Quran scholars in the past interpreted verse 4:34 with impressive candor. Tabari said that it means to “admonish them, but if they refused to repent, then tie them up in their homes and beat them until they obey Allah’s commands toward you.” Qurtubi told wife-beaters to avoid breaking bones, if possible, but added that “it is not a crime if it leads to death.” (source)
    Muslim (4:1039) – “A’isha said [to Muhammad]: ‘You have made us equal to the dogs and the asses'” These are the words of Muhammad’s favorite wife, complaining of the role assigned to women under Islam.

    York MSA Female students wearing hijab and niqab, who manned the Info Booth at the Central Square of York University, handed out to students the book “Women in Islam & Refutation of some Common Misconceptions,” authored by the Saudi scholar Dr. Abdul-Rahman al-Sheha and printed by the Saudi Dawah organization Muslim World League (رابطة العالم الاسلامي). For Blogwrath’s report on the event click here.
    The following are excerpts from the book:
    “Although beating of women is generally forbidden, Islam permits the beating of wives in a restricted and limited sense only as a final solution and acceptable valid reason when all else fails… Allah deals with the case of a wife who behaves immorally towards her husband’s rights. The treatment of this extremely sensitive issue comes in gradual stages… Third and final stage: Beating without hurting, breaking a bone, leaving black or blue marks on the body, and avoiding hitting the face or especially sensitive places at any cost. The purpose of beating her is only to discipline… This treatment is proved to be very effective with two types of women… The first type: Strong willed, demanding and commandeering women… The second type: Submissive or subdued women. These women may even enjoy being beaten at times as a sign of love and concern… Beating, according to the Islamic teachings, is listed as the last and final stage of disciplining methods.”

    • JacksonPearson
      • Lauriekpadilla

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    • IzlamIsTyranny

      In islamic states who determines if a woman was beaten lightly enough by her muslum man masters? The other muslum man masters who run the courts and law enforcement?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        If she isn’t dead, the beating was not excessive.

  • wildjew

    OT: Look at this self-professed Zionist who stands with an anti-Semite. Naturally The Forward disables comments on this column so we cannot respond to the untruths.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • JacksonPearson

      Islam was spawned in hell, by Muhammad, who was evil and Satanic.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Here in the US, as in other civilized countries, we wrote the divorce law to prevent the necessity of enforcing the murder law so often.

  • Chelonia


  • Michael Copeland

    Surveys can be interesting to the West, and can provide much discussion material.
    They make no difference, however, to Islam.
    Islam is not a Trade Union, with policies influenced by a show of hands.
    Islam allows muslims no option.
    “It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision….”
    Koran 33:36, part of Islamic law.

    • Matthew Huckabey

      Good point and we’ll put. There can be no rationalization of a completely insane ideology.

  • Mike Harris

    Their problem. They can kill each other as much as they want. The more the better, I support Muslim killings including honor killings.

  • Karl

    Question: What do you call someone that follows the spiritual and moral teaching of a 50 year old documented pedophile?
    Answer: A Muslim.

    Sex and Muhammad | Religion of Peace

  • knightsstrength

    Need more females to follow Jewish slave of Muhammad who poisioned Muhammad and poisin all your husbands to stop you been slaves but give yourselves freedom

  • RayG1

    From a Muslim man’s point of view; Honor killing is a simpler solution to get rid of a wife you’re tired of than a divorce with all of the messy details that involves!

  • MTC

    Yep, even the more “liberal” and “modern” Islamic nations are still backwards and primitive in many ways.

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