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[ September 24, 2017 ]

LIVESTREAM VIDEO: Berkeley Free Speech Rally

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News Coverage on Berkeley Free Speech March

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Photos/Video: Free Speech Rally at Berkeley #WeOvercame

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News: Milo Announces Troll Academy Tour, Publishing Pamela Geller’s ‘Fatwa’ Under Dangerous Books

[ September 24, 2017 ]

WE WILL MARCH ON BERKELEY today despite cancellation #weshallovercome

[ September 24, 2017 ]

South Africa: Muslim twins plotted jihad attacks on Jewish institutions

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Austria: 4,364 asylum applicants vanish

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim boys gang-rape 12-year-old girl in Sydney park

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

Photos/Video: Radicals for Linda Sarsour Presser NYC City Hall


The city’s most notorious demagogues, bigots and Jew-haters came out to support pro-terror BDS leader and proud antisemite Linda Sarsour. It was a small group, but very influential in hard-left radical circles, nonetheless. They mean to bully CUNY into keeping the egregious invitation by a Muslim dean to Sarsour to keynote a Commencement address.

Join us to protest this outrage on May 25th at noon. RSVP here.

May 8, 2017. NYC City Hall – 11 am. An hour of long-winded and impassioned support for the sainted, Linda Sarsour.

Fists held high and repetitious chants supporting Linda were interjected after many speeches.

BUT, it was not just about LINDA. Tamika Mallory (and another leader of the January Women’s March) both made note that a larger nation-wide campaign was coinciding with #I Stand With Linda


*Except Jews, of course.
Tamika’s speech:

Excerpts from Tamika in video:“people are trying to get Linda Sarsour killed. They won’t stop til that happens.  This idea that Linda has SAID things. Whether or not she supports Sharia. Part of her faith. But, we support Christianity that that says that GAYS should be blown Up

We don’t just stand with Linda we stand in front of Linda. Time to speak up on behalf of our sister. You can’t terrorize our sister and then call her a terrorist. ‘

A brief Flicker slide show


Since the speakers were many, I decided to grab excerpts in one video. What resonates: there is nothing Linda has said that should be criticized. She is above reproach. “If you don’t know Linda, you have no right to criticize her. She is a role model for all women. Beloved. Respected. Protected.  LOVE Trumps HATE.”

Video excerpted speakers:

CUNY appears to be holding firm on this egregious decision.

 Fox News:

A Muslim woman (LINDA SARSOUR) who has referred to “Zionist trolls” and lauded the “courage” of of rock-throwing Palestinians will deliver this year’s keynote address at the commencement ceremony of a New York City university.

Linda Sarsour is listed as a featured speaker for the June 1, 2017, graduation at CUNY’s Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy, according to the school’s website.

We are excited to announce that our inaugural commencement ceremony will feature three powerful public health and social justice leaders:

Honorary Doctor of Science
Chirlane McCray, First Lady of New York City, will receive an honorary Doctor of Science in Public Health degree in recognition of her leadership of ThriveNYC, the most comprehensive mental health plan of any city or state in the nation.

Champion of Public Health Award
Mary Bassett, Commissioner of the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, will receive the Champion of Public Health award for her transformational work addressing population health in New York City.

Keynote Address
Linda Sarsour, co-organizer of the National Women’s March and former executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, will deliver the keynote address.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, says it is “nuts” that a taxpayer-funded institution like CUNY would invite a supporter of Shariah law to speak, CBS New York reported.

“She is someone who associates with radical Islamists; supports them; shows support for them. She is someone who has said, clearly, she thinks throwing rocks at cars in Israel is a good thing,” Hikind told the station. “I mean, it’s just nuts. It makes no sense. It’s crazy to have this woman be the person who’s going to speak to the students.”

Linda Sarsour … daughter of “Palestinian” immigrants  and DARLING of the LEFT

… has said in her Tweets, referring to “Zionist trolls” and states (that ) “Nothing is creepier than Zionism.”  She SUPPORTS Violence!

Sarsour’s anti-Israel tweets include a photo of a young Palestinian boy with a rock in each hand. It is captioned: “The definition of courage. #Palestine”
CUNY. Stop this Madness. Say NO to Sarsour!

The Protest is ON. Outside the CUNY mid-town offices – Be THERE to protest terror and hate at CUNY– this will not stand.

Share widely.
Speakers include: Assemblyman Dov Hikind, 48th Assembly District
John Guandolo, Counter Terror Expert, Founder of
Lauri B. Regan, Endowment for Middle East Truth and National Women’s Committee of the Republican Jewish Coalition
David Wood, Acts 17 Apologetics

CUNY has invited a pro-terror, pro-shariia, antisemite to give the keynote commencement address. And they will not reconsider. Universities have disinvited Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, Ann Coulter, Milos, legions of conservative thinkers and voices in defense of freedom, but a vicious, pro-sharia, Jew hater they will defend to the death and that is it right there. They fear jihad. They fear Islamic supremacists. They know no harm with come to them if they smear, defame, libel or cancel us. They know we don’t destroy, maim, behead like Sarsour supporters and their violent running dogs on the left.

++ Pictures and video Property of Pamela Hall ++

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  • santashandler

    Tamika Mallory: “But, we support Christianity that that says that GAYS should be blown Up…” What a complete lie! Name one instance, Tamika, where a gay was ‘blown up’ by a Christian. But, just ignore dozens of times gays have been killed recently at the hands of their ‘merciful’ Muslim brothers. And “love trumps hate” eh? The rock throwing and calling for the deaths of Jews and Christians is just a way of showing their love, right?

  • The alliance between Western feminism and Islam must be ended at all costs, it will only be devastating to women in both societies in the long run.

    • Cyndimtaylor

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  • Fred

    Sarsour and her supporters are 21st century Nazis.

    Just like the organizations that hunted Nazis that escaped to South America, Sarsour and her supporters must be dealt with in the same manner.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Empowered Morons :)

  • Patrick

    Supporters of Linda Sasour are absolutely despicable. The left have (with the aid of the media) set our country on a doomed course. Things have gotten too far out of hand I’m afraid. Nothing short of a “new awakening” will correct our course.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Nothing less than the total destruction of islam is acceptable.

  • aebe

    Emailed cuny , ’bout all I can do from here .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.. Carry

  • BigMG

    Brought to you by the DNC, promoters of 3rd rate education and institutionalized slavery: Power Through Devastation.

  • Mack Pooh

    Why is this two legged garbage can still standing?

    I notice blacks “stand with this sarSOUR” thing. Hmmm, as I have said in the past, to nuke africa and the middle east would be a global period of R&R and victory. The DNA makeup of blacks is as about as useful as aids and the intellectual drive of blacks is at a stand still. Then there is this other cancer called islam. Not only is islam garbage, bit it is, like blacks, a DNA flawed human makeup without any value period. Islam in its entirety, must be totally and eternally destroyed. That is from birth to elder, every man, woman, and child must be eternally eradicated.

    I do know that foreign policy is to blame for islam. Yes, American foreign policy has failed regarding islam as,we have allowed it to live on. This is not about human kindness or a bleeding heart, but about the politically correct venue. This sarSOUR 8itch should not be breathing. A strong geopolitical relationship between the U.S., Russia, China, France, and Great Britain is an absolute necessity. To create a tactical and logistical strategy among the above mentioned countries, would be the eternal destruction of islam. This not about diplomatic attributes as it is about a mutual enemy who has plagued this earth with cancer, disease, and filthy DNA.

    Not a single non-muslim can go to an islamic country and even think or dream about protesting or radicalizing, in a christian judeo sense, without being stoned or killed on whatever manner not to mention wearing the colors if their country.

    If I were in charge, I would invoke the oath taken by our American Soldiers to “defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Crematoriums would be very busy…..

  • Lynn D

    Why is it that the idiots who carry signs ‘love trumps hate’ are on the side of repression and islamofascism.???
    Some cretin thought he/she was being clever by putting this sign out.. And the rest of the ninnies decided it was so good they use it all the time.. In protests they can only yell out slogans and not one of them can give a reasoned argument…I know they are known as useful idiots, but I call them credulous cretins that will buy any emotive bullshit, after all “emotions trumps intelligence”

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