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Public pool gets Muslim swim, installs swim screen for Muslim women in Australia


There are are thousands of Islamic centers across the country — sharia swim belongs there, not in our public pools. Further, why is there no Jewish swim, Hindu swim, Bahai swim, Christian swim, Buddhist swim? Why does Islam gave special status above all others? Yes, Islam is a supremacist ideology that calls for special status, but why do Western countries submit? Why are taxpayers forced to fund this?

An Auburn public pool has installed privacy curtains and introduced a two-hour women-only swim period on Sundays, so that Muslim women can swim without being seen by other pool users.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Belgravia Leisure, which operates the council-run pool, says the curtain was installed to overcome cultural barriers and encourage Muslim women to use the pool. Previously, Muslim women would buy expensive modesty swim-suits, arrive at the earliest or latest hours to swim, or not swim at all, so the addition of the curtain allows them to participate and feel comfortable in a way they couldn’t previously.

Notice how the media loves these submission to Islam stories.

Auburn pool gets swim screen for Muslim women

Courier Mail,

The curtain can be pulled around the exterior of the pool to provide privacy for female swimmers. Jonathan Jamsek booking co-ordinator, Brittany Owens.

General manager Anthony McIntosh said it was a move to make the pool accessible for all cultural groups.

“There was a lot of research done prior to construction and we identified that they were user groups that we wanted to accommodate,” he said.

“Traditionally that core population group that would use the pool with the blinds closed would have to come after hours or at the earliest or latest possible times.

“Having the blinds means they can use it in the middle of the day and still have full access.”

Traditionally, women wearing the hijab have had to fork out for modesty swimsuits or not swim at all but the privacy of the new pool means they can be comfortable in a female-only setting.

Similar facilities have attracted controversy at other council pools within Sydney and interstate but the operator is within its rights to section off the pool under the anti-discrimination act.

Section 126 states that exemptions to the act can be granted in order: “to provide people of a particular race with equal or improved access to facilities, services or opportunities to meet their special needs”.

Auburn Council general manager Malcolm Ryan supports the move.

“There was a very high demand for female-only classes at the aquatic centre before redevelopment to cater for the differing modesty requirements,” he said.

“These classes were very popular but due to the centre only having one pool before redevelopment, the high demand wasn’t being met.

“With the installation of curtains at the program pool, the Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre is inclusive to the whole community at all times and can cater to any requirement, without it impacting on the rest of the centre.”

The program pool is one of three pools at the complex and is used for rehabilitation or swim classes as well, with the curtain drawn only during prescribed women’s swimming times.

“It is fairly common in the industry to have these types of spaces but they are usually blocked off with black plastic on a window,” Mr McIntosh said.

“We have made conscious effort to make it more open and light.”

Local women are thrilled at the new feature and hope it will encourage more to dive in.

A keen swimmer at Auburn pool when she was younger, Yusra Metwally founded women’s swimming group Swim Sisters last year in a bid to keep young Muslim women in the sport.

“There has been so much discussion about what women can wear in the pool and so many have turned away from swimming for that reason,” she said.

“Having that option just means that there are more opportunities to get women swimming and more women in the pool who may have had barriers to enter a pool under ordinary circumstances.”

While modesty suits, commonly known as ‘burkinis’ are becoming more and more regular, the private space means women can wear whatever they are most comfortable with.

“I was one of those women who didn’t like swimming in a burkini and for a long time I didn’t swim because of it,” she said.

“I remember when I was younger I was told by a lifeguard that my clothes weren’t appropriate for the pool — you feel like you are being policed and that you stand out.“Some women are worried that what they wear in the pool can expose them to questions, comments or stares.”

Ladies-only memberships are available at the pool, with lessons in water safety offered every week alongside women’s swimming sessions every Sunday afternoon.

Fatima Mossavi, 13, from Old Guildford was one of the first to use the pool in her lessons with the Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association (AAHYA) and she is already excited to share her skills with her five older sisters.

“I have been swimming since I was seven but not all my sisters can — this is good for us because they want to swim in private and now they don’t have to wear anything special,” she said.

The Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre offers ladies only swimming every Sunday from 3pm to 5pm at the program pool.

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  • Nefarious420

    I guess from starting out as a penal colony, they are looking to return to their roots and become one again, one for terrorists.

  • Suresh

    Muslim have special rights because non-muslims don’t challenge this form of segregation and muslim appeasement.

    Left/liberal Islamonazis are handing over their countries on a platter to the jihadis. …… And going after patriots like in Britainstan

    They are either ignorant , brainwashed or just corrupt crooks like
    most politicians and media who are paid by saudi/qatar/OIC to shill for Islam.

  • Hook

    “PRIVACY curtains have been installed at a new public pool in Auburn so
    Muslim women can swim without being seen by other pool users”
    Who’d want to look at them???
    They’ve got as much sex appeal as a twisted sand shoe or a burnt thong.
    It’s so their male fellow country men and followers of their twisted faith aren’t tempted to rape them on the spot.
    I’ve heard of love at first sight, but with them it’s rape at first sight.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      muslim males have no self control, fools in progressive positions will cater to them because they are cowards.

  • Philosophy

    The real reason and reality of their life is this….

    They are most stupid minded people in entire human race, by believing ghost like entity which is not entity, and believing that ghost like entity has issued them command as how to live and that command is so high, in fact it is barbarous in nature, now they are all to all enslave to that command, their enslavement is tide like a chain, they have their net work of slavery.

    In comparison we the civilized are free, we live up to our knowledge and not up to anybody’s stupid order and command. It is now our turn to forbid them from our land, as they have no land. They have no nation, as they all are followers only and not citizen.

    They–the followers are corruptions for civilization.

    They treat woman like material possession, they are not free so their woman too.

    For us mind and body are in unity, for them their mind and body are at constant war. Before they corrupt us all we must withdraw their citizenship granted by mistake. They are not citizen as they claim they do not believe in man made law that is civilization. They are not for this earth, then not as a citizen of our nation too.

    • Bob Mac

      You have to get rid of the traitors who brought them in. Aussies will pay the price. Powerful people you dare not criticize are
      behind the scenes, playing out their age-old war on Christians by making
      Muslims their agents.

  • Poppey

    For me, this theme of pandering to the supremacist demands of muslims living in non Islamic societies they chose to move to is storing up trouble for the future, thin end of fat wedges comes to mind.

    I understand what their uniform of head bag and full covering means, such clothes represent a threat to every other woman not wearing this garb. Acid attack and violent assault are used as discouragement to genuine free choice by muslim and non muslim women. The claim “it’s just a piece of cloth” is as phony as “it’s my choice”. It’s as harmless as a Clan hood and cloak. Both signify the political beliefs of the wearer but one is more deadly than the other.

    In my view, in Western societies such women should be made to feel excluded because of what they wear,armed female terrorists at the Beslan school massacre wore such coverings where over 300 Christian Russian children were murdered. People should remember who regards themselves as the superior and whose “holy” book demands compliance on pain of death with the demand to “draw their cloaks over them lest they be molested”..

    • Karinmjones

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    • Rob Porter

      Australia, it is now evident, through the action of it spineless politicians is deteriorating into a sharia compliant and gutless country. The miserable Muslim minority is dictating the terms and these pathetic morons permit it. What kind of pitiful democracy is Australia, but just watch Canada follow the trend. Talk about insanity!

    • Steve

      I agree with you about the long-term price that will come to be paid by us by pandering and how women who are not muslamist are being secluded by this garb. Too bad the feminists overall don’t have any “balls” so to speak. The only thing I would differ with you on is that the muslamist garb is just as deadly for what it represents as a political statement for supporting terrorism committed in the name of their culture. While the klan garb is representative of its legacy of violence and death as well, many less deaths were committed by them in totality over the years than under the muslamists. I suppose my point is that while the comparison about political dress is on target, there are some enemies more deadlier than others.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Australia grovels and submits to islam at every opportunity. Checked the kangaroo’s pouch, no more balls there than in an australian male scrotum.

    • KitteeK

      Yes so true! All because arghh oh no a female muslim not being able to swim! And when they want, the end!! ( we might have to swim early or late because we are working otherwise, but no problem our choices and responsibility!)
      No personal responsibility for Muslims in non-muslim countries. They want their religion as ‘ above everything’ ( apart from …giggle giving up swimming!) They demand it yet never willing to make concessions for their beliefs.
      WE have to !
      Insanity rules in the West

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Non muslims have got to learn how to say no, and a few other phrases to accompany it.

  • Bob Mac

    They should assimilate, and they are missing a perfect opportunity to encourage it. Aussies will pay the price. Powerful people they dare not criticize are behind the scenes, playing out their age-old war on Christians by making Muslims their agents.

  • Hussars2016

    Appeasement to barbarians.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Islamic apartheid in action.
    In Canadastan, Ms. Geller reported the story of a public apartment building (i.e. funded by Canadian tax dollars) and run by “moderate” Amahdiyya muslums. The only problem? The apartment building wouldn’t allow non-muslims to live there.

  • santashandler

    Oh, they want swim screens so they can make their bombs in peace.

  • santashandler

    “Belgravia Leisure, which operates the refurbished council-run facility which was opened in March, says the curtain was installed to overcome cultural barriers…..” Really? That’s what they are selling. So……install a barrier to overcome another barrier. YEEEEAAHHH, right.

  • karl59

    The fox changes his skin but not his habits.——Suetonius (69AD-c140)

  • OverIt

    How about the ‘new users’ learn not to be ashamed of their bodies and start making an effort to fit in with the culture they or their parents CHOSE to move to?

    Jokes. Just saw a flying pig.

  • KitteeK

    What ? Now they are in a ‘ safe space’ muslims swimming females don’t need to wear anything? Can pretend not to be muslims for awhile, even Islam-free..under er…the ‘right conditions’?
    Does this mean they can finally show off their new trendy swimsuit, or oh oh pink sexy bikini? No male workers around of course on a Sunday either!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Does anyone remember the 2012 (or was it 2014?) Olympic games when muslums refused to swim in the same pool against Israeli athletes?

    • NickandLynds

      …and they weren’t missed by anyone.

  • NickandLynds

    Why must taxpayer money be spent to encourage these women to swim? If they aren’t comfortable using the pool as it is offered to the public, then they don’t need to use it.

    • Because Muslims pay taxes too! They pay income tax, the Goods and Services Tax, the Petrol Excise tax, rates to the Auburn Council and every other damn tax we’re ALL forced to pay. It’s only 2 hours on Sunday. That’s just 2 hours out of the 84 hours the pool is open in summer…. and 2 hours out of the 56 it’s open in winter. Don’t be such a dick mate. It’s hardly the end of the world!!

  • AutismusTheGreat

    I ask the Auburn Council to build one large curtain right around Auburn so non muslims do not have to see all the muslims living there. It’s only fair.

    Note: I lived in Auburn from 1959 to 1966. That gives me some perspective on the history of the town.

    • Logic PrObe

      It’s stuffed now.

  • Alleged Comment

    Isn’t this a MOSLEM problem? Not yours. It seems to only bother Moslem men. It should be THERE problem not yours!

  • michaelofsydney

    Auburn is a big Muslim area in Sydney. It is a bit of a distance away from Bankstown…the other big Muslim area. That’s OK though because their are government buses that connect the two areas. The number of the bus is 911

  • Dorrie


  • Apothis

    They look ridiculous.

  • Steve

    First let me say that from what I have seen these muslamist women that are so vain and pushing their demonic sharia onto us do not appear to me to be that much to look at much less create any fantasies. Then I’ll add their culture in general is not that athletic compared to ours and it’s quite a bit over the top for them to think they have something that is just so appealing to hide with their creepy veils that men just cannot wait to get their hands on it – such as vaginas with female genital mutilation and bodies scarred by beatings. Besides they don’t need to cover up since they have nothing to fear. All their men are out raping infidel goats, women, and babies.

  • InfidelCrusader

    This shining example of multicultural inclusivity is in fact a step towards making this recreational facility exclusively for the use of Muslims. At some point in the future the argument will be put forward by the Muslim community that the only way the Muslim women/girls that wish to use the pool can maintain their Islamic purity is to restrict anyone but a Muslim from using the pool. Heaven forbid that a filthy infidel or even worse a Jew contaminate the water prior to a Muslim entering into it.

  • Lauren Janell

    muslims can just build swimming pools at these Islamic centers and they can swim for as long as they want. We non-muslims don’t owe them anything. They need to get off their high horse or camel

    • Philosophy

      Now begin with this realization, followers of Quran are not and never meant to be citizen. As to be citizen of any nation is not permissible in Quran. Then why citizen should allow Muslim in their Nation?

      If you follow one wrong, then series of wrong will follow you, without your consent.

  • joe1429

    Who WANTS to look at the swimming umbrellas anyway????

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