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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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Poland Refuses Migrants: Terror Map Shows Shocking Results


What further proof does any rational person need? Back Trump’s ban. Boom.

The Eastern European nations that refuse to destroy their countries will be the only places of refuge and sanctuary for infidel refuseniks in the coming bloody wars.

It is very clear by now that the V4 countries in the EU have made the right choice by not allowing opportunistic refugees into their countries. (The Visegrad Group or V4 is the cultural and political alliance of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.) Real war refugees usually stop at the first safe nation that borders the conflict territory, and don’t travel half of the continent to the country that gives them the biggest social benefits. (read the rest)

Southern Europe is Crumbling: A Continent of Elders in Diapers

Poland Refuses Refugees… This Map Shows Epic Results

By Martin Lioll, Conservative Tribune, May 9, 2017 (thanks to Marsha):

Whenever anyone makes the argument that opening up borders to poorly vetted migrants from war-torn countries with serious terrorism problems is just inviting terrorist attacks, they’re automatically labeled as foolish — and that’s if the left is being kind.

Yet, one European country’s experience with dealing with the migrant crisis provides definitive proof of what common sense should have told us: Unchecked migration is virtually an invitation to terrorist organizations like the Islamic State group. And we have a map to prove it.

From the beginning, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party has been nearly alone in the European Union in enforcing border controls.

According to the U.K. Independent, party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski recently reaffirmed this stance in a political broadcast posted to YouTube.“After recent events connected with acts of terror, (Poland) will not accept refugees because there is no mechanism that would ensure security,” Kaczynski said, obviously referring to a spate of recent attacks in other EU countries like Sweden and Germany.

How has that policy worked out for Poland?

Here’s a map of European terrorist attacks since 2012, put together by

As you may notice, Poland has zero. Meanwhile, look at the concentration of attacks in the three largest migrant destinations in Europe — France, Germany and the U.K.

While the European Union has tried to impose a quota of 6,500 refugees on Poland — and threatened a fine of almost $275,000 for every refugee EU members turn away — it remains unclear whether the EU has the political will to follow through.

Either way, Poland is standing firm.“Such a decision would abolish the sovereignty of EU member states — of course, the weaker ones,” Kaczynski said. “We don’t agree to that, we have to oppose that, because we are — and we will be — in charge in our own country.”

That sort of stance is what makes liberals angry — perhaps because it exposes just what’s wrong with the left’s approach to the whole refugee situation.

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  • Hussars2016

    “I don’t expect you to talk Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.” – Goldfinger
    ie The European elites don’t expect to keep Europe safe. This is the intended result.
    They are mass murderers, killing for power….


    • Pathfinder0100

      Sure looks thata way!!

  • Suresh

    Left/Liberal/feminazi Loons want to bring in more of these fake
    “refugees” to do more of this in America. And they criticise Trump for taking steps to protect Americans from these jihadis !

    Dems including Obama have not only denied refugees status to
    christians from middle east who are real refugee but even have deported christians back to ISIS territory to be slaughtered by ISIS

    Not one media covered it !

  • Dr. Doomsday

    The Polish. Brunt of many stupid jokes for decades, pull a Captain Obvious move, and gee, it works.

    What a surprise.

    Meanwhile, jerkweed politicians, planetwide, are all concerned about the rights of non citizens, or terrorists.

    Stupid anti-Liberty scumbags.

    • bikerken

      If there is anything I have learned about politicians over the course of my life it is this, the one thing they will always prioritize above everything is the expansion and continuation of their own power. That goes for any party, country, sex, national origin or planet of origin.

      • Pathfinder0100

        YES!!–YES!! and YES!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Only an imbecile, socialist, german, frenchman or englishman would deny the obvious evidence that this map portraits. But the destruction of western european society is not reliant on rationale and reason, the emotional reflexes of western europe’s leaders indicted that they are either bribed or stupid, suspect both.

    • lato_sensu

      God, Judgment and the Nations
      Sep 3, 2014
      Is God interested in the nations? Yes. Does God judge nations? Yes. Can God even use pagan nations as instruments of his judgment and justice? Yes. All this is certainly clear when we read the Old Testament. But the big question is: What about today? — yes indeed, what about today? —

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Today we have free wills, if we want to be stupid, it will not be divinely prevented, we are individually responsible for out actions. If we collectively are stupid, the result will have to be dealt with.

        • Tatonka

          Not any different in Canada, we are fast spiraling down the islamic drain no matter how many Canadians are opposing it.

          • steelraptor from Saturn

            You know countries like Canada, Australia, Sweden were once the envy of the world. Then they decided they were bored, and thought suicide would be a good option. To put it another way, they embraced Liberalism.

            The majority of Canadians did not and do not oppose it since Trudeau supports it and he was democratically elected. And the Conservative Party does not oppose it neither.

        • Pathfinder0100

          l said as always!!

    • Mark Steiner

      Willingly ignorant of the obvious.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        I don’t think they are unaware of these implications, so much as they are prepared to see their citizens suffer in order that the goal of a “multi-cultural” Europe is achieved.

        They don’t however, seem to realize that this “achievement” will plunge the continent into a new dark age.

        • Orarolsen

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    • Anti_Femastasis

      Only an imbecile, socialist, german, frenchman or englishman would deny the obvious evidence that this map portraits.

      Very true. That map shows what a terrible idea it is to let women into politics. The most devastated countries are Germany (ruled by a woman and previously by leftwing Schroder who won only because of female suffrage ), France (where it’s mandatory to vote for women, so called “binomes”), UK (which is one of the most misandrist countries in the world) and Sweden (the feminist Saudi-Arabia).

      Poland, which is the only country in Europe where women are more right wing than men, is the obvious exception. Not for long, of course, because Polish women are quickly jumping onto the SJW train as can be seen by the crashed fertility rate, which is now lower than Germany’s.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Bullshitt. The problem is misogynists who are easily bribed with arab money, literally pimps who sell out entire nations.

        • Mr Paul Middleton

          Hey, hey, Mahou! ” … pimps who sell out entire nations” can be of either sex! For example, in the UK where I live, Theresa May – before becoming Prime Minister, whilst being Britain’s longest serving Home Secretary
          (6 years), presided over colossal, destructive levels of immigration.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Yes, there are some of every gender, no one is worst as they all have been bought and paid for one way or another.

          • rickyoo

            I would describe Theresa May as one of the longest serving traitors in Britain along with Cameron, Blair and Brown who have all but destroyed a once great country allowing and bending over backwards to accommodate the wishes of a cult that has no place in a western civilized society. They have come do us great harm and these imbeciles in high places are treating them as a protected species to the detriment of the indigenous population, who are now censored from criticizing this invasion and considered an enemy of the state if they dare to protest or show their patriotism.

          • Mr Paul Middleton

            Yes, Orwellian. We Brits will speak out nevertheless and the people must have their wishes carried out eventually, even if it takes longer than 2019. I will again vote UKIP even though by all accounts they will not do well, because a massive Tory majority (which they WILL get) May might see as, when it comes to it, the freedom to back off on no freedom of movement at the brink of an EU deal, to clinch a trade deal.

      • antoniathatcher

        Also, none of these leaders of children of their own. They have no investment in future generations.

    • Pathfinder0100

      Right! Both of them!

  • Jackie

    I know that German pensioners are desperatly trying to move to Poland brcause of the Muslim invaders.

    • Vlad

      I would not be surprised! Cn you give any concrete evidence, please.

    • Simba

      Was it Poland or Hungary?

  • Tim Figueredo

    Can’t wait to visit Warsaw and Budapest again.
    The only 2 countries in Europe we’ll feel safe

    • Lysy

      You will feel safe, welcomed and your dollars will stretch much further as well!

    • Duchess of Pork

      Please spread your tourist dollars among all 4 Visegrad countries. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are as safe and interesting to visit as Poland and Hungary.

  • Tim Figueredo

    Lets help Poland increase their tourism.

    • Lysy

      Already does :)

    • sodacrackers2

      I had the same thought!

  • girlofObecse

    I have seen the EU trying to force Hungary to let migrants in, and calling them out, that they build borders. “That is not Europe values”.! They were in all anger, calling the Hungarian PM liar, etc. What is Europe’s values? Chaos, terrorist attack, ? Poland, Slovenia and Hungary has new borders, and even Austria helps to patrol them!

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      Well put.

    • Pete

      I often hear talk about so called european values and mostly it doesn’t conform with what I was brought up with as a child from seventies. The new european “values” seem to be some kind of weird mix of islam, marxism and fascism. Nothing good.

    • Simba

      The European values are called Liberalism.Some dub it mental illness.

  • Melo Gardener

    I don’t use facebook, twitter or google and don’t and won’t share, but I will tell you that Poland and like minded countries have got it right; if these Islamist
    will not assimilate and treat our countries as they find it then these Muslim armies can take their sharia hell and their cult and march straight to …muslim countries they have already destroyed. Screw Islamist Terrorist and their leftist whores that ride them!

  • Drew the Infidel

    Contrary to fired Assistant AG Sally Yates’ congressional testimony, 8 US Code Section 1182 entitled “Inadmissible Aliens” has not been superseded by any law prohibiting limiting immigration to this country based on race, creed, color,or national origin. That is a take off on ’60s civil right law, which does not apply to foreigners seeking entry. She is a fired government employee, not a sitting Supreme Court Justice.

  • Simba

    Noe reports impending collapse of the Austrian Govt.due to the Vice Chancellor resigning.A fresh election could be held and the Rt.wing party is expected to gain–and that is feared.

  • Ichabod Crain

    If the EU had policies in place that properly vetted refugees and kept the opportunist economic migrants out, enforcing the external borders of Europe, the flow of refugees would be reduced to perhaps only 1 in 100 being potential candidates. Of those, they would ensure that overall such a group would be demographically balanced with proportional representation of young and old, men and women, and a mixture of religions heavily biased towards the most vulnerable: Christians and other groups fleeing the tyranny of Islam.

    If Europe had such policies, I could understand them expecting all states to share the burden in proportion. The fact is though that the EU has been and continues to be totally irresponsible, failing to enforce the external borders, failing to properly vet potential refugees, and failing to consider the demographics and degree of vulnerability of those accepted.

    Then how can they expect cooperation from their member states? These who should be able to sue the bureaucrats who are failing in their duties. Any organization, no matter how small or how big, must have a mechanism to enforce their bylaws and remove incompetent governance. EU officials throwing up their hands and saying “It’s a crises and we are doing the best we can” is not acceptable, because clearly they are not doing the best they can. In fact, “the best they can” is this policy of forcing all states to share equally in the fruits of their folly and incompetence.

    Why aren’t these dissenting nations banding together to force the EU to take action to protect the Union from these invaders, rather than simply refusing to accept them? All the billions upon billions of dollars gone to welfare payments for economic opportunists should instead be going to enforcing the borders of the EU and building a fleet of ships to enforce a naval blockade around the Mediterranean coast to turn back the vessels of smugglers.

  • peakpower

    Islam is s##t.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    Best that Eastern Europe not allow Westerners into their countries when the latter want to flee. They made their bed and now they can lie in it.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    Poles will not be pushed around.

  • reggiec

    Seeds of terrorism
    I just read another article where intelligence agencies admitted that 15% of the “Muslim refugees” in the US are under investigation for possible ties with terrorist activity.
    If you were planting a garden or you were a farmer planting a crop and you were informed that 15% of the seed you were going to use was possibly contaminated with a plant virus that would damage your crop to be harmful if consumed; would you plant those seeds dispose of them properly?

    Maybe the EU politicians should consult with their farmers and gardeners about contaminated “seeds”.

    Just asking!

  • RayG1

    So there are a few leaders out there who have enough spine to oppose the liberal madness that the rest of Europe is embracing. The Poles are using logic and truth, which the liberals despise. Logic, truth, facts, history, and common sense are always embarrassing and inconvenient for liberals. I repeat: “Liberals are a special kind of retarded!”

  • Älter und weiser

    So, for how long will Poland, Slovakia, Czech, and Hungary remain politically allied to the West? Culturally, eastern Europe is much more like Christian Russia than the neo-pagan EU/Nato.

    • shmo123

      In certain ways, you’re correct. But, central/eastern Europe, aside from ties of language with Slavic Russia (and even they are different–cyrilic alphabet versus Latin), differ greatly in regards to religious, economic, and cultural ties. Poland, for one has always looked West, and only been subject to Russian influence when forced at the point of a gun. You could certainly make the same argument for the Czech lands.

      • Älter und weiser

        Historically you are entirely correct. However, times have changed. I’m well connected to eastern europe and have recently traveled through Russia and Germany. The trends in the west are culturally abhorrent for the faithful in Poland and in Hungary and that abhorence is shared in Russia. Historically, Russians view themselves as the Slav “big brother” and Poles will have none of that. Also, there is a set of conflicts between the Poles and the Russians: Polish-Russian war 1605–1618, The control of Poland by the Russian in the 19th century and the Soviet domination of Poland in the 20th century make a reproachment difficult and of course the frictions between Catholicism and Orthodox. Even with all this, the smart move by the Russians is to back off from military conflict and instead focus on the cultural conflict between eastern europe and the west.
        Which is a more effective approach to separate a couple? 1) threatening violence against them or 2) or whispering into the ear of the weaker partner tales of unfaithfulness and untrustworthiness? The west has provided many examples of untrustworthiness to eastern europe. Remove the fear of the Russians and allegiance to the west collapses.

        • shmo123

          I think we probably agree more than we disagree, and I’ve never traveled through that part of Europe so I’ve never experienced it to the same extent you have. But the conflicts with the Russians have been so many for so many centuries, I don’t know if the chasm can ever be breached. As my Polish grandmother, who was born in the old Russian empire, used to tell my mother, “Never trust a Russian”. That wasn’t a prejudice passed down, but one born of experience from the way they were treated. I’m sure the Poles do feel some solidarity with the Russians as far as the moral collapse of the West, but it must give rise to deeply conflicting feelings knowing the sense of security NATO and the EU give. The historical untrustworthiness of the West you mention–and I agree with–must only serve to exacerbate those feelings.

          • Älter und weiser

            LOL, mom used to say “never trust a german” ;) God bless and “Sto Lat!”

  • Edward Delahoussaye

    There will be civil war in all of Europe in 5 to 10 years,the politicians have screwed the country so bad an let so many filthy Moslems into the country’s an the Moslems hate everybody.

  • Ed Heavner

    just because Macron won the election in France does not mean the EU is back on solid ground. No matter how the EU looks at the Muslim refugee problem results are still undeniable in the V4 group. The EU simply hasn’t admitted it yet. That is why England left the EU and it is still a problem the Liberals in the EU can not come to grips with. The EU does not know how to deal with the Muslim refugees they have now and are still planning on taking more. I give the EU two years at the most before it implodes on itself. By then it will be to late and the countries will no longer be recognized as what they used to be.

  • Mr Paul Middleton

    This makes for a fantastic share! Thank you Pamela Geller!

  • ties

    If I was an immigrant I would avoid Poland… Poland made themself the first to go when America and NATO starts WW3 with Russia and China….. Poland will be nothing but ashes and glass with in 10 minutes of WW3 and that is why Europe put it’s missals to catch the blunt of the first missal launch from Russia….. I now understand why they told Polish jokes the Poles are very stupid to let this happen…..

  • Praise Jesus for countries like Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, who refuse to be ruined by the idiots within the Sewer called the EU! Piss on those unelected EU Commissioners, who only enrich themselves and piss on the people of Europe! I pray the EU goes bottoms up, and that country after country start telling those jerkoff nosepickers where to stick their ignorant rulings, up their butts! Islam does not belong in Europe or the USA! It is incompatible with civilized people and their barbaric insanity has not been seen in Europe since the Dark Ages. Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and their Allah is nothing more than the Biblical Satan, thus, all the Atrocities and Perversions within that sick Cult of Death & Destruction. Liberalism, same as Islam, is the Super Highway straight into the bowels of Hell, where Allah/Satan awaits all his sinful Pigs!

  • Rat

    10/10 would like to visit Poland.

  • Goodish_Will

    This also includes attacks which were nothing to do with Muslims, fictitious attacks (The North Sea?) and non-existent terrorist attacks.
    Debunked here, just in case anyone cares about the truth, rather than fake news:

  • BenJamin Westwood

    Poland are an amazing nation welcomed in to the UK. I’m a British citizen we are fed up of Muslim migration and the troubles it brings. Wish we had a prime minister like Poland,

    Love live the homeland god bless Poland.

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