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John Podesta Received $35 Million From Russia While Advising Clinton And Obama


Where are the indictments? Where are the shrieking harpies on the left calling for heads to roll?

John Podesta Received $35 Million From Russia While Advising Clinton And Obama

By Hary Hibbs, GOP Daily, May 19, 2017:

John Podesta, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 national campaign chairman, may have violated federal law by failing to disclose the receipt of 75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company when he joined the Obama White House in 2014.

The outlet also states that Podesta appears to be linked to a $35 million transaction between a Kremlin-funded company and a company he sat on the board of.

Making these claims is none other than Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer – the author of “Clinton Cash.”

Speaking on Fox & Friends this morning, Schweizer said the following:

In 2011, John Podesta joins the board of this very small energy company called Joule Energy based out of Massachusetts. About two months after he joins the board of a Russian entity called Rusnano, puts a billion rubles which is about 35-million-dollars into John Podesta’s company.

Now, what is Rusnano? It’s not a private company. It is directly funded by the Kremlin. In fact, the Russian science minister called Rusnano Putin’s child.

So, you have the Russian government investing in one John Podesta’s business in 2011, while he is an advisor to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

It gets deeper.

Schweizer went on to point out that Podesta went to the White House in 2013 “to be a special counselor to Barack Obama.”

He said:

That requires that you have financial disclosures every year. In his financial disclosure form in 2013, [Podesta] not only fails to disclose these 75,000 shares of stock that he has in Joule Energy which is funded in part by the Russian government.

He also fails to disclose that he is on one of the three corporate boards that this entity has. It’s got this very complex ownership structure.

He discloses he is on the company in Massachusetts, that he is on the board of a company in the Netherlands, but he fails to disclose that he is also on the executive order of the holding company.

That’s a clear violation of the disclosure rules that needs to be looked at.


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  • Chris Wolf

    The enormous weight of the gross hypocrisy of the Democrats and the media is at critical mass.
    On FNC today some babbling boob name Richard Fowler defended the deep state and its enemy collaborators thusly: “You might not like their reporting, but their reporting is their reporting.”
    That just about sums up your credibility, Dick.

    • santashandler

      Yep. total nonsense

    • Realist

      That Richard character is a demon rat fool.

  • Chris Wolf

    Unimaginable that the Mueller investigation doesn’t start pulling this and various other threads of Clintondom and obamaism.

    • Put Schumer in jail

      Sadly, he won’t. Chuck Schumer (D, NY) is the reason Mueller was appointed as special counsel to investigate Trump. His investigation will be narrowly confined to any Trump/Russia collusion.
      Mr Schumer did not care who the special counsel was. His motive was to give the appearance to the publuc that Trump is being criminally investigated. That was his goal. He is pursuing anything ANYTHING to impede the president from implementing his policies.

      • Chris Wolf

        I knew someone would say that. And I’m not saying you’re wrong insofar as your specific point.
        But we need to depend on and pray for Divine Providence. Please recall the 2016 election.

      • katzkiner

        Oh, more joy.
        Comey was considered Meuller’s protégé at the FBI. .
        They were close friends.
        What could go wrong here?

      • tatka150

        Shmuck Shumer has to be investigated himself for the sedition and sabotage of the President. What kind of the “Resistance” against the legally elected President of USA are they talking about? Hitlary, ovomit, walker, schumer , podesta should be investigated for the sedition and persecuted. Shame on the mute GOP and Congress! Swamp is blooming. Where is “drain”?

  • Poor little Jebito

    Oh yes. Yesiree. The rats in the media have NO interest in spreading this out to the masses. Most people have no clue as to just how powerful the media is at influencing government policies, election outcomes, making and breakung the politicians they don’t like. They have truly become political operatives in every sense of the word. They give us the news to fit their views.

    • tatka150

      Goebbels’s propaganda in a full speed

  • Jenny

    This is the kind of fighting back the GOP should have been doing all along. Get these stories out anyway they can. Where the hell has McConnell, Graham, and Ryan been?

    • Sgtsnuffy


      • santashandler

        McCain must have taken one too many blows to the head as a POW

      • joc22

        The reason we don’t hear about this is because the MSM, most of the GOP and nearly all of DNC are complacent with the new leader of the 4 Reich George Soros

    • Mark Steiner

      Snoozing while they prepare for re-election.

      • Ron Cole

        All that concerns that crime syndicate is retaining its obscene
        perks, kick backs, bribes, cock&tail orgies, hiding their toy
        (boys, girls, and toy-its) and perpetuating their terms of rape and plunder.

        Disclaimer: We exempt the top twenty on the CR list.

  • Chris Wolf

    Remember the 2016 Election.
    Remember it always.
    Remember how you felt watching the map of the United States turn RED in victory.
    Remember how we came together as Americans to save our country the way only Americans can, peacefully, Constitutionally, by the power of our each individual vote. And how we threw off a junta of criminals, turncoats and fools who greedily, opportunistically took the bait of an evil snake who had slithered into our government when we weren’t looking. And the one courageous, hopeful guy who, like others in our History of the English Speaking Peoples before him, rose to the occasion to unite us in a promise to put our interests and our future first, like every sane, sober, sentient man and woman everywhere wants for themselves and for the United States of America.
    It takes time and not everything will be what we want or seem to be what we want.
    If we humble ourselves, and pray, and seek His face…
    He can heal our land.

    • Mark Steiner

      Also: Jeremiah 18:7-8.

    • SurvivalJane


    • TD

      Chris Wolf: We also need to remember that this is a COUP (on the part of the Democrats).
      The Democrats are engaged in a COUP de tat in order to overturn the Election of 2016 and destroy the constitution.

      It’s time to fight back to preserve all the hard work of 2016… Please spread the word: No COUP!

      • TD

        Ways to fight back against the Democrat COUP.
        1.)Trump supporters first need to know that this is a COUP against the President by the Democrats and spread the word to wake up the base. You must use the word COUP.

        2.)Trump supporters need to call for COUNTER-Investigations into Hillary and John Podesta and Mr. Obama, especially involving the sale of uranium to the Russians.

        3.)call for investigations into muslim groups that are FAKE-Moderates like CAIR, MSAs, The Palestinian movement, BDS, and Muslim Brotherhood.

        3.)Put former marines, police officers, and bikers in your crowd when you go out to protest (this is to offset any violent liberal counter-protesters who want to silence you).

        4.)Vote them out and throw them out whereever you can.

  • overboosted ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    The real Russian connections belong to Obama and the Hillary camp. Where was/is the media outrage?

  • Glen Benjamin

    Where is the GOP and press on this. How about mueller investigating, huma, Hillary and pedesta. I hear crickets.

  • Glen Benjamin

    All this coming out makes Dems and press look bad. Which not only helps Donald but like Desrshowitz said, it may blow back on the Democrats.

    • Mark Steiner

      Maybe, but Dershowitz voted for Hillary.

      • Ron Cole

        Alan did vote for %hrillest/huma/soros but he is full of surprises.
        I keep hoping Alan will convert to the Light.

  • Rashida Khan

    Mccain is another nut job. Arizona keeps sending this senile imbecile to the senate to stink up the place with his emissions.

  • santashandler

    Only $35 mil? Gee, he got screwed out of the deal. But, not to worry, folks. There’s a new Sheriff in town. He goes by the name of Muller. He’s got all the right equipment for the “investigative” job at hand; shovels, picks, heavy duty earth moving machinery. You know, all the things needed to bury stuff to never see the light of day. And to ensure tbose like Podesta get more than a paltry $35 mil next time around.

    • Tom Gilbert

      Yep, Mueller’s a good buddy of Comey and probably taught him all he knew about how NOT to find incriminating evidence like Comey did in Whitewater investigation, Clinton Foundation, Clinton emails, Clinton security breaches, etc. Dep AG Rosenstein is NO friend of truth and I believe is just another lapdog self-serving bureaucrat that our government is full of who will do anything to cover his ass and make the liberals happy. Trump is not making good conservative, Constitution-loving personnel picks in some cases. Mayhaps he is being ill-advised………or there are not too many true patriots to choose from………or I am being too rigid in my defense of my country that I love dearly.

      • santashandler

        Sounds about right

  • charlie

    Well, that certainly is interesting. Killery’s campaign chairman has the ties to Russia. isn’t that funny? And he didn’t disclose all that money!!!! My, my. Don’t think we’ll be seeing this in the news.

  • Mark Steiner

    Sorry, this will go nowhere until the “good” people in government, start doing the right thing. Enforce the law. No exceptions. No “bygones be bygones”.

    • marlene

      There aren’t enough “good” people in government to fill President Trump’s cabinet!

      • Mark Steiner

        When the fact you have presented has been investigated (it never will) – never a truer statement one can make.

    • Ron Cole

      The across the isle oft referred to is a myth.
      That line is so blurred as to be meaningless.

      Disclaimer: We exempt the top twenty on the CR list.

  • katzkiner

    People die, billions disappear regularly, but that democrat crime machine never misses a payday.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Pot, meet kettle. In that new book, “Shattered”, about how Hillary was defeated in the 2016 election, the authors working first-hand inside that campaign, noted that the “Russian collusion” line of bull as an excuse for her loss was dreamed up by the commiecrats in the first 24 hours afterward.

  • Alleged Comment

    HOW come the MSM didn’t investigate this? Everyday they are becoming more and more just an arm of the radical leftist, communist and the Demoncrap party. But ahh, I repeat myself.

  • Tonya Parnell

    No more Communist and Mud slime Dem o rats

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Some of the animals are more equal than others. George Orwell, your table is ready.

  • Mundus

    The entire accusation against Trump, etc. about Russian ties are a straight diversion from the Clintons, Podesta, Ben Rhodes, Huma, Mills, and Rice and the entire sordid, insubordinate team and the Clinton Foundation activities during and after her tenure as Secretary in Russia . Soros , having been kicked out of Russia along with all of his groups, I am sure, is in this pile. These are whom to investigate. Bezos and those in the establishments who have made destroying Trump an open goal must be prosecuted. This all goes way past Freedom of Speech. Mueller, I believe, is tasked to investigate Clinton’s emails in the Congressional statement establishing the Special Prosecutor.

    • Craig

      HOPEFULLY, some of this will come out under Mueller.


    I could give a crap about Hillary, Obama, or any Democrat. What I do care about is getting that uneducated, incompetent, sexist buffoon out of that office. He is unstable, acts erraticly and worries more about himself than his country. More importantly he’s totally untrustworthy. At least with Pence we could all sleep better at night. He’s educated, knowledgeable of how the government works, and won’t be an embarrassment to the US. He wants to reprogram the gays and is against abortion rights…but those battles can be fought separately. I don’t see him being such a buddy to old Putin too. I’ve never seen him be disrespectful to women and I think he can make our Allies trust us again. More importantly I don’t see him putting his own interests above the welfare of the US. I just wish Trump would step down. He’s already said he didn’t think the job would be that hard and he misses his old life. I’m tired of paying for his trips down to Florida every weekend and pays for his sons to run off to Dubai for family business. Please Pence….the far lesser of the 2 evils.

    Truthfully I think you wouldn’t see such a divide in this country.

    With all the upheaval Trump’s office is in and he’s causing problems with the Republicans in the House & Senate in possibly loosing their seat. Wouldn’t you all prefer Pence at this point?

    • michaelofsydney

      Not me. Is this the current default position of the left? Get Trump out whatever way possible. The world needs Trump to actually have a fair dinkum go at stopping the rise of Islam and the homosexual/pro abortion agenda of the US…. CULTURE OF DEATH as I call it. Of his presidency so far, the magic moment was Trump watching on approvingly as his wife led the Lord’s Prayer in Florida. Let him do the job he was voted in to do

    • tryingtopickaname

      Blah blah blah blah blah BLAH blah blah. You made sure you included every inane and outright stupid DNC/media meme you’ve ever heard. ‘Uneducated’, sweetheart? You, most likely, but Trump…Fordham and Wharton.

      • marlene

        She’s a foreign TROLL

  • Robert Batchelor

    I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again, “whatever the Democrats are accusing Republicans of doing, means the Democrats are the actual perpetrators. “

  • joc22

    That’s funny I didn’t hear Chris Matthews belching out his bile over this story, Where is Rachel Maddow screeching venomous words at the injustice of this money being received. I guess they’re to busy making up fake news about Trump.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Sheila Tucker

    Very interesting! Maybe the Russians used that undisclosed fact to get his emails. Of course, Rich the young man who took the rap for the hacking was murdered on the streets of DC–so we will never know. Where was Sally Yates to run to the Hillary campaign and tell her about possible black mail by the Russians.

  • jerrys

    The left democrats are projecting the crimes of the obama administration on President Trump.
    I learned that Tom Ashbrook a presenter on NPR has amassed a net worth of $95. Million Treason has paid well during the obama reign.

  • jerrys

    Comey is a Comedy!!!! A very dark comedy. All high government officials and judges should be investigated to see how they profited by inside stock and option tips for making favorable decisions regarding islam.

  • Crystal Waters

    It seems to be standard operating procedures for the left elite to accuse the right of everything they themselves are guilty of in order to muddy the waters.
    D.C’s swamp is huge.

  • Merchantseamen

    Low life. Snakes aren’t that low, at least they have a purpose in this world.

  • Mary Seres

    Hope they nail the SOB.

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