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Georgetown Muslim convert professor Jonathan Brown openly rallies for ‘religious discrimination’ against Jews


The radicalization of our nation’s colleges and universities continues apace. Hard-left, antisemitic propaganda has now been institutionalized in academia. The ugliest rhetoric is sanctioned under the guise of “free speech,” while courageous voices for freedom are blacklisted. My colleagues and I are banned from speaking, for the most part. And in the rare instance where we are invited, violent and vicious pandemonium ensues. Robert Spencer’s talk at the University at Buffalo, Milo at Berkeley or mine at Brooklyn College best demonstrate what we face. And yet, Linda Sarsour, a pro-jihad terror activist and vicious anti-Semite is invited to give the keynote commencement address at CUNY (which we are protesting on May 25th here).

Professor Jonathan Brown is a notorious Jew-hater with a long history of anti-Semitic agitation. His wife is the daughter of Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami al-Arian. Brown converted to Islam as a student at Georgetown in 2010. He later married the daughter of Al-Arian, the former professor at the University of South Florida who was found guilty of providing material support to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terror group.

“Georgetown professor Jonathan Brown openly rallies for ‘religious discrimination’ against Jews,” Canary Mission, May 18, 2017:

Jonathan Brown [Jonathan A.C. Brown] has demonized Israeli Jews and Judaism. He  has implied that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict could be solved if only “Jews in Israel” were told that “they are not allowed to take stuff that doesn’t belong to them.”

In February of 2017, Brown found himself embroiled in controversy after he was accused of supporting non-consensual sex and slavery in early Islam. The incident is detailed later in this profile.

Brown has endorsed the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement’s attacks on Israel, made under the guise of support for “human rights.”

Brown is a tenured Associate Professor of Islamic Civilization at Georgetown University (Georgetown). He is the Alwaleed bin Talal Chair of Islamic Civilization in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service (SFS). Brown is also the Director of the Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim Christian Understanding (CMCU) within the SFS. The CMCU is known for its links to the Saudi government.

Brown is son-in-law to Sami Al-Arian, a former University of South Florida (USF) professor, who was revealed in 2006 to be a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a specially designated terrorist organization. The United States government deported Al-Arian to Turkey in 2015. Brown’s wife is Al-Jazeera senior producer Laila Al-Arian.

Demonizing Israeli Jews

On February 26, 2015  — at a multi-denominational symposium hosted by the Policy Studies Organization (PSO) titled: “Religious Politics in the Middle East: The Religious Dimension of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict — Brown said: “The problem is that the Israeli political creature, the Israeli political establishment, has not told Jews in Israel that they are not allowed to take stuff that doesn’t belong to them and that is, I think, a fundamental problem… If you can tell people that your religious belief does not give you the right to take the possessions of someone else. Ok? Then If that were established, I think that would completely change, you know, the reality 180 degrees.”

Promoting Faith-Based Segregation

On February 26, 2015, at the above-mentioned symposium, Brown suggested that Americans would have to overcome their “allergy to the idea of religious discrimination” if they wanted to envisage a realistic end to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Brown went on to say and that even within the context of a totally secular democratic state, it would be “absolutely disastrous” for Palestinian Muslims or Palestinian Christians if “a Jew’s allowed” to go into the holy places of other religions “and just start praying there.” Brown said that we “need to accept that” Jerusalem might have to become a “very divided city under some kind of international or … external control.”

Later, Brown highlighted the Palestinian’s perception of being “encroached upon” by Israeli Jews and posited that a “clear notion of stable boundaries and separations”  would lead to a “cosmopolitan atmosphere” and help in “building trust.”

Earlier in the symposium, Brown said “I don’t want to say that this isn’t a religious issue, because I think it very clearly is — especially from the Jewish and the Christian perspective — But I think, actually, from the Arab/Muslim perspective not so much.”

Brown argued that even “if you could just erase religion from the minds of Palestinians, they would still have all the problems that they have now” and “the problem would still not be resolved.” Brown also posited that the willingness of fundamental Islamists to fight alongside secular Arabs against Israel showed that the fundamentals of the conflict were not religious.

Brown later posited: I think the religion is the superstructure and the unresolved issues of control and disenfranchisement and land and power and and rights — these are the real issues.”

Presenting BDS as a Muslim Duty

On November 4, 2016, in a podcast titledDiffused Congruence: The American Muslim Experience,” Brown insinuated that Muslims have a religious responsibility to promote BDS. After listing the various religious, cultural and professional affiliations of some people who support BDS — and singling out some Jews, in particular — Brown went on to say: “Who’s the ones who are going against BDS and undermining it now? It’s the young Muslims. Think about that disgrace.” (7:20).

Brown made his comments in the context of slamming a Jewish-Muslim dialogue project known as the Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI,) which was founded by Imam Abdullah Antepli, the first Muslim chaplain at Duke University. MLI is an educational program for Muslim Americans to “understand why Jews believe what they believe, how Jews see their history, why Jews are so attached to this contested strip of land (Israel) — and thus to better engage with American Jews.” According to Antepli, “MLI aims to put mainstream North American Jewry in conversation with their Muslim counterparts.”

Brown said he had no problem with young Muslims “dialoguing” with Jews or Zionists “anywhere.” However, he said that since the organizers “insisted” that the program be held in Israel, it “should reveal what the actual purpose is… to break the boycott in going there.”

Demanding Israel Surrender “Power”

In the same podcast, after arguing that religious segregation is a necessary prerequisite to trust building, Brown argued the basis for the Arab-Israeli conflict is really a political one, caused by an imbalance of power and resources.

Brown argued that if one group has “armed power… resources and international power” and another group does not, then “until that imbalance is rectified, in some way, there’s not going to be a solution.” Brown said you “can’t have peaceful relations or solving an age-old conflict unless the party that is in power surrenders that – until you have some kind of equitable distribution.”

In his closing remarks, Brown responded to a request for his solution to the psychological-religious divide between the parties. Brown hypothesized that “theoretically for an Islamist” such as “someone in Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)” will assert that his religious goals might be to “establish an Islamic state here” and “have Sharia Law” and to “drive all the Jews into the sea.”

  • Michael Gerardi

    Jonathan Brown is a traitor who deserves the fate of all traitors. He is a Satanist who deserves a long, hot, painful eternity with his master. And Georgetown University needs to be PURGED. It’s time for the Vatican to come down on this allegedly Catholic university like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

    • Speak the Truth

      As I recall, a couple years ago, LEOs at Georgetown University received a report that a person(s) had witnessed a flame or fire visible through a window of a mens’ dorm room. Investigation of the dorm room revealed a chemical lab, explosive substances, bomb-making supplies, weapons, etc. The suspects were arrested, but they probably were released shortly thereafter.

      This whole dorm/area could have exploded into flames at any second. The fact is, parents have no way of knowing if the college administration is REALLY ensuring their child’s safety, or risking their child’s life.

    • tatka150

      and as far as Vatican gets involved in it, Pop will insist to “build the bridges, not the walls”, and will kiss everybody’s feet. It’ll definitely help

      • felix1999

        The Poop will side with Muslims as he ALWAYS does.

      • kiss everyone’s feet and then right up to the guillotine.


    • felix1999

      The Vatican LOVES Muslims over Catholics. Where have YOU been?

      • Carmelapthomas

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    • Kathy Brown, Esq.

      Hmm…”allegedly Catholic university”.

      I wrote this recently:

  • Mrs. Chief

    Georgetown & other Catholic universities in the US are CINO!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Any Catholic that supports islam is bound for the most dismal part of hell. islam is clearly denounced along with other lies. Perhaps a few of these alleged “catholics” would do well to read up on the matter.

      • tatka150

        I don’t care in what part of hell he’ll be placed. In fact he is in hell already if converted to muzrat. The problem is that these perverts, anti-semites, criminally insane pricks are allowed to “teach” our kids and we pay for their “education” top bucks. This is a huge problem in “academia”. The brainwashing in colleges and even at schools is overwhelming. Leftists poison our kid’s minds without any repercussion. So no matter how hard the conservative trying to defend the common sense, law and the order, we’ll eventually will get the new generation of the brainwashed ignorant morons, accepting the socialist/fascist ideology as a new normal. It should be stopped before is too late on the top level. It’s a have speech and hate crime. Fire all these “professors” without the permission to teach. Stop all the financial help to these colleges. Potential college teachers should have the good screening before they start to indoctrinate our kids. Many other thoughts to come.

        • tatka150

          The fight for the young generations minds and souls has been the one of the first goals of all of the socialists and fascists. Comsomol (Communist Union of Youth) in the former USSR, Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth – in Germany. They even had Waffen SS division of Hitlerjugend.These young people were religiously devoted to the criminal power and were ready to everything. Even being the brain-dead commies realized that they need the new resources for their gangs. So they were trying to raise the same thugs as they are themselves in order to use the for the future battles. It’s just a tip of the iceberg for the unspeakable crime of poisoning our children.

      • Karinmjones

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        • Mahou Shoujo

          Are you openly a presbyterian?

  • Fred

    Brown should be executed for treason.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “allergy to the idea of religious discrimination” if they wanted to envisage a realistic end to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians”. Looks stupid, no one is interested in the fate of the palestinians, if they all rot into the ground they are standing on, no one will care. On the other hand the total disgust and loathing of islam is a very good idea, it would be enshrined in law.

  • pipo

    And this guy is a professor? A hit squad should follow him and shoot him in his empty brain, with phd of course.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Those “Alwaleed bin Talal Chairs” are made of solid gold. Sold! To the highest bidder – one Georgetown ‘professor’.

  • Hook

    Looks like a real Nancy Boy. Never known a day’s work in his life.
    Hate to see the outcome if he was saying the same about Muslim neanderthals.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Creepy looking guy.

  • Mark Goldberg

    Later, Brown highlighted the Palestinian’s perception of being “encroached upon” by Israeli Jews and posited that a “clear notion of stable boundaries and separations” would lead to a “cosmopolitan atmosphere” and help in “building trust.”

    It’s the height of chutzpah, to argue like this. This is a muslim, who’s belief in the dar al harb, versus the dar al Islam is the definition of the entirety of the world being encroached upon by Islam. The whole world’s ‘others’
    are so ‘encroached upon and the self perception disorder of Islam is so very obvious in the ‘professors’ explanation and reasoning. Whenever non muslims have any advantage, they always argue for equality and enforcing that ‘equality’ by taking away from ‘others’. One thing, do not give ‘power’ to him, lest you wish to be
    forced into dhimmi status. His bigotry oozes off him like an ugly sweat.

  • Mark Goldberg

    “…our religious belief does not give you the right to take the possessions of someone else. Ok? Then If that were established, I think that would completely change, you know, the reality 180 degrees.”

    He’s speaking about Jews here. How’s that for projection. The ideology of muslims is exactly that. The right to take possession of all others. Brown is a liar, and a projector of all that he pretends to oppose. He is endeavoring to take over Israel because he believes Israel has no right to any of that land. He thinks muslims do. He doesn’t say exactly that, because he’s only speaking in the western terms of projecting the ‘victimhood’ of arabs, muslims, and cursing Jews for having the right to the land. He’s just a Jihadist, and of course, that is the problem. He believes that all should vacate all rule to muslims. But he’s just a muslim, and he’s not but able to do nothing else.

  • Lancelot Blackeburne

    Georgetown is supposedly a Catholic university run by Jesuits.

    I’m Catholic and I find it appalling that Catholic universities are supporting this kind of thing. Georgetown isn’t the only one. DePaul and Marquette come to mind, among others.

    The Church really needs to get a handle on this and put a stop to it.

    • KitteeK

      I am former Catholic, now non-denominational, so my sympathies. I unfortunately saw all this coming a long time ago and I don’t see any changes likely to happen soon. Not with Francis in charge.
      But not only RCC has been infected. All mainstream denominations seem to have been infiltrated by a ‘progressive’ ( Communist) pro-Islam agenda.

  • Steve

    Some solution – slow boil until evaporation. This guy has the look of the brainwashed. I want to see background checks on these guys to see what they were put through before they came to their conclusions.

  • felix1999

    Why is this being allowed?
    This is a CIVIL RIGHTS case.
    He is discriminating against another RELIGION!
    Hello, Jeff Sessions –

  • Mal M

    The ignorance of Professor Jonathan Brown speaks for itself. Who would like to hear anything for him in the university? What’s really happened is that the Saudis and the Qataris are funding Universities around the world and setting the teaching programs and buying influence by petrodollars.

  • Philosophy

    There is no freedom of speech and freedom of knowledge for enemy. It is not our duty to give them weapon to declare war against us on our land without our money. If so then it is our stupidity.

    They are stupid but we can be leader of stupidity if they are allowed to use our land. Nation is product of Civilization, means product of Citizen of Nation. They have no right over Nation as they are not with citizen by their conviction. To believe in Islam is declaration of war against Nation, against Citizen, against civilization. No matter who they are in private life, doctor or compounder

  • Rocinante44

    georgetown has been bought with saudi oil money and is essentially a muslim-run school. remember, this is the place where obola had the cross of Christ covered with a sheet when he spoke there early during his reign of terror so no one would see a cross behind him on TV, and the school gladly complied. i think most things in DC, including both political parties, are owned by muslim oil money, money which we gave them for their oil.

  • Steve

    In all honesty the impression I get looking at this person and others like him, for example sarsour and choudary, remind me of pictures of the nazis having parties smiling and dancing at the concentration camps as millions died. One of the messages conveyed about the people who committed the atrocities was that they appeared to be people just like you and me. And that is what we are seeing with muslamists – one minute smiling jovially in photo ops, the next beheading like terrorizing monsters in photo ops. Rationalizing is a key concept when discussing muslamists. They are indeed the split minded.

  • Poppey

    Put on demonstrations at his home, leaflet all his neighbors, draw and poster him as the unreformed Nazi and Jihadist in waiting he plainly is, these are the people who need hounding from public life and office.

    When fewer people go to Georgetown University they’ll feel it, 16 years after 9/11, can you afford not to?

  • Tatiana Covington

    It is an objective fact, that one’s beliefs confer no rights and no powers upon oneself, nor yet impose any obligations and compromises on others, not one of whom has any business giving a sweet damn what one thinks or feels, or, for that matter, even *if* one is even conscious. So you believe something…

    SO WHAT? Nobody cares or has any reason to care. Fend for yourself!

    About 40 years ago, there were those who disliked and threatened me. So I had them jailed. To me this was no more than putting down a rabid dog, since I am not obliged to care what others think and feel, or even if they think and feel. For all I knew at the time, they were just malfing protoplasmic robots.

  • He may look like a choir boy but Jonathan Brown is an Islamist married to the daughter of a jihadist. Jonathan Brown is not a professor – he is a propagandist on the Islamic payroll at Georgetown University. Georgetown is funded with Arab oil money and its curriculums and hiring practices reflect a seismic shift toward Islamic revisionist teachings, Islamic anti-Semitic beliefs, and indoctrination toward Islamic values and away from Judeo-Christian values. Arab oil money has not only purchased influence from corrupt Washington politicians, it has bought chairs at our universities and has infiltrated every core institution in America. Jonathan Brown is part of the stealth jihad that has infiltrated America courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama. The threat posed to American democracy by Islamists propagandizing America’s future leaders is significant. Brown is part of the coordinated effort to bring down America from within through academic jihad.

  • Merchantseamen

    “tenured Associate Professor” How is an Assocaite Professor tenured??? With my experience and I could be an associate professor nothing especial there. So this guys pulls down 100 grand a year for doing nothing. Dayuuuuum. i bust my ass in 2 jobs supporting him.

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