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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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Routine arrest of arguing Muslims leads Minneapolis police to huge weapons cache and bomb-making devices


It’s a blockbuster news story wrapped in nonchalant, minor-league reportage.

Two Muslims, Abdullah N. Alrifahe, 27 and Majid N. Alrifahe, 26, both of Minneapolis were arrested with a huge cache of weapons. According to police, both men gave their address as a nearby public housing building. They live in public housing, of course, on the taxpayer dime. Jizya. Both jihadis  have a criminal history. Abdullah has prior convictions for the same offense, carrying or possessing a pistol in public without a permit. He has also been convicted of receiving stolen property. Both men are listed as having numerous arrests, not only in Minnesota but also in Texas.

Who are these jihadis? Both of these jihadis have been convicted of gun related crimes before. Was he investigated? What mosque do these Muslims belong to? What were they planning on attacking? How many others are involved?

These are questions the Star Tribune didn’t think to cover or ask. The lack of coverage and actual news about this thwarted attack is deeply disturbing.

Note the supremacist ‘tude of these Muslims when approached by police.

Routine arrest leads Minneapolis police to arsenal

Minneapolis police uncovered an arsenal of guns and bomb-making devices during a routine arrest last week.

According to police, a man walked by a parked car in north Minneapolis about 5 p.m. Thursday and confronted the people inside after they threw food wrappers on the ground. They ignored him until he paused to get the car license number. The men then got out of the car and indicated they had guns, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.

The man flagged down officers, the complaint says, but the men from inside car continued to yell at him and resisted the officers’ attempts to control the situation. The men were insistent they needed to be near the car because a drone was coming to deliver a package, the complaint said. Because of the suspicious circumstances and fear for the man’s safety, the men were placed in the squad while officers searched their car.

Inside, the officers found a hand grenade, handgun, assault rifles and magazines and a large quantity of ammunition, the complaint said. They also found cellphones, computers and electronics equipment, including drone parts.

 Bomb squad personnel called to the scene noted that the large amount of ammunition and electronic devices could be used for bomb-making, the complaint said.

Abdullah N. Alrifahe, 27, of Minneapolis, was charged with a gross misdemeanor for carrying a pistol in public without a permit. In December, he was convicted of the same offense.

It could not be determined whether the FBI or another federal agency is investigating.

  • Denis

    they were merely out duck hunting! and it is their religion to kill kaffirs so you can’t prosecute them!

    • Phil McDonald

      Muslim lawyers are even arguing for legalizing honor killings.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That would be a good thing, as after one honour killing, the survivors would have to kill one of the killers to preserve their honour, so it would go, back and forth until there were fewer muslims, with luck, none.

        • pipo

          The logic is sane but practise ain’t. Indeed if they (the muzzrats) would do so there would be lesser rats around and all more the merry. The same goes where I live (Naples) to get rid of the camorra you have to kill the baby and all in between with the grandparents, too.

  • Philosophy

    Such are individual events, should be connected with cause–Islam–an organized war against war and they must be made subject for very special police and judiciary, and put under permanent observation, followed by another political action, like withdraw their citizenship and withdraw their right to earn livelihood, they are not criminal in known and ordinary sense, but criminal in sense, we need to develop special branch of science for such crime…call…..religious crime, or crime under brand name religion–Islam–Jihads…

    Really we–Civilized world know very little about such highly organized crime. They jihadi in many sense, specially in sex hihadi too. and still there are many aspect, they are at war against NATION. and their CITIZEN. … IN GENERAL SENSE WAR AGAINST CIVILIZATION.

    • Platopus

      Very well said Philosophy, this should be posted everywhere! Mind if I copy it and post elsewhere with Philosophy attribution? Yours is a solution to the real problem and can guide policy for DHS folks.

      • Philosophy

        Thanks–Platopus—for recognizing treatment, yes it is treatment of our problem–ISLAM… you can use this prescription, its my pleasure.

  • Chris Wolf

    Prohibiting muslims from littering is RACIST!
    Pigs want to feel at home living in a pig sty.

    • aebe

      Pigs tend to prefer cleanliness , unlike islamites

  • George bauer

    They’re caught with a live grenade and only charged for the pistol.
    What a great country we live in.

    • aebe

      Explosive device rates federal charges ,FBI & BATF.

      • marlene

        “It could not be determined if the FBI or another agency is investigating”…

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed. A kid who played football at a school where I was an assistant is doing time in a federal lockup for possession of IEDs and fully automatic weapons he neglected to register with ATF. If it is good enough for him, then these jackwads deserve something similar.

    • lato_sensu

      what a great country “they” live in – ours is going going going and will soon be gone

    • esther4

      That’s Minnesota for you.

  • Poppey

    It seems weak, sick old going down the pan finished dhimmi Europe has reached America, all those guns you guys are lucky to have didn’t seem to prevent this.

    Will I write American society off because of this, of course not, I know how hard it is to stop this kind of thing, but the cause is the same and so is the cure, STOP our political opponents and their allies from excusing and pandering to these people, get out there, take the heat and spread the truth, it’s disinfectant.

    • dad1927

      Its easy to stop this. clean out the mosque weapons, close them down and deport all members of it

    • Karinmjones

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    • von Stroop

      It appeares that Europe is now “the sick old man of Europe” that the Ottomans were once considered to be during WW1 era, Isn’t history interesting.

      • Poppey

        In a way you’re right, I like to think you mean the political elites and chumps that vote for them, however we do have a wonderful culture to enjoy and of course we have the Hadron Collider, Airbus, Rolls Royce etc, a century ago all the Turks had was ignorance, poo, massive cruelty and injustice, but they were a theocratic Islamic dustbin.

  • TheOtherWhiteMeat

    That’s odd, CNN and the Networks somehow missed that story,
    I’m sure they’ll cover it soon.

    • Dr. Doomsday

      After they are done snorting their coke, and ranting about Trump…

      • lato_sensu

        snort coke – we do not even drank that pop(?) it is good for getting them oil spots off your garage floor

    • Nina Bates

      lol ,,, yeah, right

    • jlenoreb

      Did not find it on WCCO either!

  • Platopus

    Waiting for a drone to deliver jihad articles of weapons? Throw the book at them!

  • Platopus

    A whole new branch of law needs to be written civil, criminal, war, and now Jihadi law. Any offense committed connected to jihad is exponentially more heinous and deserves separate prosecution authority for punishment. Federal Jurisdiction is invoked and punishment and rules of evidence and defense are separate to specificly favor the state enough to affirm conviction and attain safety.

    • marlene

      We already have a law – in our Constitution that prohibits islamist from even entering our country.

  • Solsticewitch13

    They are gearing up to start war. Waiting for a drone delivery??? I wonder exactly WHAT that delivery was.

    They need to get the truth out of these guys,, one way or another,

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Darwin Award for Terrorists: Honorable Mention :)

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    But they were secular muslums — right up until they weren’t.
    I just hope more kafir muslum apologists/sympathizers are killed/raped by muslums.

  • Hussars2016

    The tip of the Iceberg (Islamberg)

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The chopper is the fashion accessory any mujahedin would be proud to own.

  • Tobias Keith

    I’d like to go hunting with them. They won’t come back.

    • marlene


  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Is it my imagination or is the muslum man on the left using eyeliner?

    • imakymama

      Not only that, but those are the weirdest eye brows I’ve ever seen out side of a vampire movie!@ LOL

  • Geiger

    They should be strapped to a gurney with an IV line inserted. A hog should be brought in the room in plain sight, and blood should be drained from the hog. This hog blood should then be transfused into the muslim so he will spend the final stage of his life as a hog.

  • dad1927

    wait till they start shooting on the streets, Dayton will be arresting all the islamophobes who get shot..

  • usn

    I don’t understand why are they still here.

  • Buzz Di Marco

    The Minneapolis (Red) Star (Trombone) Tribune is a very liberal newspaper. Minneapolis is a sanctuary city and a very liberal city. It is, of course, a dangerous city. The police have their hands full 24/7. Keith Ellison is a Congressman serving portions of Minneapolis. The Feds weren’t called due to the sanctuary city status. None of this article surprised me. It did anger me.

    • ICEvictim

      glad I live on the east side

    • jlenoreb

      It’s the reason if I want to go from northwest Minnesota to Northfield I do not even go close to the twin cities. There are other highways and I do not have to drive 90 MPH to get there. I-94 is too dangerous at the speeds people drive!

      • bambi berkowicz

        ??? What article are YOU reading??? This story never once mentioned and dangers of driving I-94 or any other highway.

    • Balfour Maria

      Betsy Hodges is demonic.

  • Alleged Comment

    You got this funny feeling this is all a setup? I mean, they let them go (before being caught) to create another terrorist incident so you think that you need big gubmint? More ABC agencies? More XYZ phony taxes, more gun confiscation (yours, of course).

    They been playing this game since there ever was a gubmint…..

    • marlene

      Spot on – that’s exactly what they are doing. After almost every incident, we hear “We were watching them.” But they never stop them.

  • michaelofsydney

    A hand grenade! Fair dinkum. Can you buy these at Walmart? I understand one can buy guns at the shops over there, but grenades. That is full on.

    • marlene

      Steal them from the mosques.

      • Sunshine Kid

        I wish I could upvote that comment more than once!

    • Dorrie

      Grenades are illegal to own in the U.S.

    • von Stroop

      Sweet Jesus, where would he have gotten it? I guess I’m naive, but I seriously want to know.

      • michaelofsydney

        Well, that is the concern. These dudes are arming themselves and have training camps and online tutorials. With cars, bombs, grenades, guns, chemicals, petrol, knives and steel bars, what carnage would be unleashed should the call come to fully attack. In Sydney about seven M72 shoulder-fired launchers were stolen in 2006, with 5 still out there. They could bring down a jet liner. They are at war against us, but our governments still allow them to seek refuge in their barracks (mosques).

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        There are plenty of muslums in the US armed forces these days…

  • marlene

    Law abiding Americans must upgrade their choice of weapons, including grenades.

  • Drew the Infidel

    To hell with gun control. The laws already on the books are sufficient to have prevented the purchase of firearms by these ragheads because of previous gun violations. But that is the catch, the bad guys do not give a damn what the laws say. They will always have their weapons. Be safe, be trained, be alert.

    • Sunshine Kid

      And it proves that having a license is next to worthless unless you agree to abide by the law that is unconstitutional and violates the second amendment – and your rights. After all, what part of “shall not be infringed” do the lawmakers not understand?

      All have a right to defend, and NO ONE has a right to threaten.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed. They can have my guns after they pry them from my cold dead fingers. In fact, I’m off to the practice range. I’ll catch up with you after the targets are scored.

        I should point out I am a Vietnam veteran. I have never had drinking or drug problems, nightmares or flashbacks, and Oriental folks are safe around me.

        • Sunshine Kid

          Salute! I was in Vietnam as well, hospitalized in Saigon at Tan San Nhut AB. Never smoked, have never had serious alcohol problems although I did drink more in Vietnam than I did anywhere else. After all, the bars were on the base, and I was not keen to go off the base! Am healthy now with all my fingers and toes, a beautiful wife and family, retired USAF and, like you, not bothered by nightmares or flashbacks. And my wife is Oriental, and even her family loves me!

      • Drew the Infidel

        A progress report: I shot my bin Laden likeness target, available online, right between the eyes first rattle out of the box. It was dull and routine afterward.

        • Sunshine Kid

          Good. Keep up the practice. I’m not as accurate as I was in my youth, but I can still hit the targets regularly, but I get an occasional bullet off the center, but still within the zone.

    • aebe

      The passed presidunce pardoned drug dealers who also had firearms charges against them . And they are nonviolent , victimless victims of a heartless Gummit.

      Drove a truck out of Long Binh , diesel and JP4 ’70-’71

  • KeepKickingMarxists

    Just imagine how many are not getting randomly stopped by the Police……our countries are crawling with these satanic evil islamist FREAKS.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Islam loves death. They believe they will go to “Paradise” if they kill, but what they don’t expect is that their “Paradise” will be rather hot and uncomfortable. The 72 virgins? Well, who said they would be human, or that they would be sex toys?

  • durabo

    Are these two sheet-heads even US CITIZENS?

  • Leon Pollock

    The best way to handle this would have been to put the bastards back into their car handcuffed them to the steering wheel then returned the live grenade with the pin out into the back seat where they couldn’t reach it “BOOM” situation resolved !!!!!!!!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    “..huge weapons cache and bomb-making devices.. ”
    Were they arguing inside their local ‘Holy’ Mosque ?!?

  • Deserttrek

    the people and organizations that we pay to protect us are actually our enemies

  • Benny Rothman

    These two turds are part of a larger cell …probably in Minneapolis , Mn which is a Muslim Sanctuary city…I know …I live there myself…Possession of a live Hand Grenade is a Federal offense..They were given a pass by the Muslim loving Minneapolis cops and judicial system ..Let loose with a minor weapons charge ..No Fed investigation ..
    The question is do we submit to Islam or do we fight..Its time to fight…if the police will not remove this trash then we will….I say good luck to these two…because they are as good as gone…yep…Semper-Fi assholes …

    • Sage Nighthawk

      You are Right, the only GOOD muslim is a DEAD MUSLIM! You can say that you believe in America but the American muslims that know what is going on DON’T say a thing, they are just as bad as the terrorist that shoots or runs people down in cars/trucks or has a murder bomb strapped to their muslim ass. If the muslims that are already here would put America first and their cult religion second then I wouldn’t have a problem with them, BUT they keep their mouths shut and let others do the killing for them. These American muslims are the true cowards and they must die too! America is for AMERICANS ! And ONLY Americans! Did you get my email, look for the same initials.

  • ICEvictim

    the Minnecrapolis Red Star Buffoon will never print that sort of thing. They’ve been covering up for moo slimes since they were imported here. The Somalis have been a constant issue. The Red Star wants to be the NY Times of the Midwest. The Chicongo Tribune beat them to it.

  • Merchantseamen

    Ya know after a couple of vodkas here, my mind went to these “arms caches”. Storing arms and explosives. Are these localized or are they some thing pertaining to much bigger picture or….offensive?? What if this is happening in these larger enclaves of muslims sorta of like a militia? God forbid they activate at one time in many places or areas. They may be defeated but they could come in waves. I am a amateur student of military history this is not a new concept by any means. Hmmmmm?

  • ihatelibs


  • RalphCramden

    The real question is are they in the US legally and are they US citizens. If not, why are they still here after committing felonies with the guns in previous arrests?

  • Thill

    They are caught with a grenade AK’s and bomb making materials and only charged with a misdemeanor. Not to mention it’s the second time.

  • JoeyBoy

    Guns and weapons cache? How can that be… they are the religion of peace, right?

  • Balfour Maria

    MN is overrun by Muslims. What used to be a nice place to live has become gross and it is 100% due to Liberal policies. It’s only a matter of time before a terrorist event happens here. What better target than the biggest Mall in America? I wouldn’t step foot in that place.

  • 762x51FMJ

    Drone aircraft and hand grenade.. doesnt take a genius to put 2 and 2 together to make bomb delivery via drone…

  • CindyI

    I used to live in Fed Housing and the lease plainly states you can not keep weapons on the property. Plus charges of Drug manufacturing or selling, and weapon convictions barred you from being permitted to be accepted in housing.

    • Philosophy

      Islam is state within state, yet without citizen. Islam has all followers, follow what is written in Quran, to rape non-muslim girl and woman, kill those who came to protect the victim. It is only socialist that use Islam as their own personal weapon against own citizen.

      Islam and socialism are supplementary ideologies.

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