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French Government Shuts Down 4Chan links of Macron Illegal Agitation at Le Pen rallies, Tax Evasion #MacronLeaks


This is bad. Really bad for Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. Stealing, cheating and inciting to violence against Le Pen.

French government just shut down 4chan links with spreadsheet of Macron offshore banking details,
and emails concerning illegal agitation at Le Pen rallies, secret alliance with EU, tax evasion etc.

It’s massive. And further proof when it comes to leftists, the enemedia carries water for the most evil and vicious cretins on the planet.


It’s indicative of how evil the left is — they impose crushing tax burdens on the working man, but they don’t pay their taxes (can you say Charles Rangel?)

This is yuuuuge, as Trump would say:

Disobedient Media: A fresh release of emails, documents and photos was dumped onto online messageboard 4chan late this morning, in the latest leak to hit Emmanuel Macron’s campaign ahead of France’s second round of presidential elections. The release purports to contain content from Macron and various staff members.

Files from the release are reported to have been sent to members at Chicago Hacking Conference THOTCON, who have verified their authenticity. Analysts who examined portions of the release say that the owners of the email accounts were practicing very poor security and appeared to have been targeted by a number of hacking methods, including spearphishing and bruteforce attacks. Staff members whose emails are contained in the leak include Quentin Lafay, Alain Torret and Pierre Person, among others. The cache of documents appears to be incredibly large and contains emails spanning back to over a decade ago. The original leaker of the emails is currently unknown.

Document publisher Wikileaks has tweeted that they are aware of the release and are working to verify its contents. They also speculated about who might benefit from the leak, as it comes too late to influence the impending French presidential election, but could be used to boost hostility towards Russia and spending on intelligence capabilities.

Rebel Media’s Washington Bureau Chief Jack Posobiec has claimed that early discoveries in the cache may show the Macron campaign and French National Police discussing means to infiltrate protest groups using militant tactics and banners, though it is unclear what the writers of the message meant by this.

MACRON BUSTED! Lied About Tax Evasion? – 4Chan /pol/ Posts Images from Macron’s Off-Shore Bank Account!

Carter May, Gateway, 4th, 2017:

French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron was accused recently of tax evasion.
Macron denied the allegations.
Now, new documents prove he lied about – almost – everything.

Two days ago, an Anon on /pol/ (the 4Chan thread notorious for unmasking Antifa, among other things) uploaded proof of Macron’s tax evasion.

Document 1.
This shows the Macron La Provicence LLC operating agreement

Operating Agreement La Providence – Macron by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Document 2.
This document shows that the banking associate Brian Hydes is located in the Cayman Islands.

THE FIRST IMAGE FROM 4CHAN: Macron is hiding income/assets in the Cayman Islands.

THE SECOND IMAGE FROM 4CHAN: The details of Macron’s financial dealings are coming soon. 

A couple days later and the “meme magic” exploded this into the mainstream in France where it became the main article on Le Monde.


Initially, there was a “snafu” regarding the images of the documents with people claiming they were photoshopped (because of some compression artifacts), and this was due to the fact that the source who leaked the documents was not a “technical guy” and he simply turned the images into a .pdf, which wrecked the images.

The media continues to repeat the the line Macron uttered: “I don’t have an account in the Bahamas,” and he’s right!  He has an account in the Cayman Islands.

NOTE: Macron denied that he was “concealing assets, hiding offshore accounts or inheritances from French authorities, even as his opponent Francois Fillion became mired in similar allegations.”


Further document analysis can be found at GotNews.

After /pol/ located the SwiftNet logs that go back months, Macron’s “web of corruption” was decoded.

Not only did /pol/ find out where his accounts were, but the extent of money he has hidden from the French government — a massive amount.

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  • berserker

    Not enough time to check veracity of these documents. I do not think these are enough to give Marine Le Pen victory.

    • International Financier

      That’s what Hitlery Rotten Crotch thought about Comey’s documents.
      These documents look very legit.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Lets see how this plays out, maybe there can be a bulk trial for french and democrat thieving politicians.

    • santashandler

      …..or just a ‘bulk’ disposal for all of them.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That would be preferable.

      • Paularboyd

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      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Time to dust off, oil and bring out the guillotines.

  • AutismusTheGreat

    You can’t beat autism when it is fully focussed. 4chan are so good at it.

  • John Matthews

    What a crook.

  • Fern

    Macron is the French version of Hillary. Not a surprise that the nation destroyers in the EU are backing this tool.

    • Mike Kevins

      Sounds exactly like her and the DNC. Especially the lax security on the internet accounts. These people act like and think that they are sooooo smart.

      • Steve

        Most people are caught up so much in the day to day affairs of living that we simply do not have time to keep up on our politicians. Some people chastise wikileaks and other leaks but if that’s what it takes to get to the bottom of things than so be it. No one argues about the need for personal security and thus larger security that runs our lives should not be an issue when run appropriately.

  • Patrick
    • Marine Le Pen 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Go Marine Le Pen, Go!

      • Москалi, геть з Криму!

        Yes, go to Russia, marry Putler and stay in Kremlin. Forever…

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          MuhamMAD was a child molesting pig and Jew hater.

  • Tatonka

    Just watch them tupid french still vote for that criminal

    • Drew the Infidel

      Maybe so, maybe no. Good point, but I would be curious to see an electoral map of France to see what or where any voting patterns might be. In the US, whatever insanity raises its ugly head in the original Thirteen Colonies repeats itself down the entire West Coast in WA, OR, and CA. It makes me wonder about the sanity of coastal dwellers enough that how they vote along the English Channel, say from Dunkirk down the coast through Calais and Normandy and on, is sure to repeat elsewhere.

  • Dean

    They probably shut it down because it was not just Macron’s agitators, but he is the government’s chosen candidate and will the French want more of the same that the majority disapproves.

  • Michelle

    Like Clinton 1, like Clinton 2, Like Obama, like Hollande, probably like merkel and the rest of the leftist muslim brown nosers wishing to push the EU version of the NWO. Come on le Pen!!

  • Drew the Infidel

    Had we here in the US not recently been put through this very rendition of skullduggery, we might be willing to laugh it off as being a mere European phenomenon. But this, right down to the very last intricate and granular details, including sabotage and Wikileaks, is educational to say the least. Educational in the sense of repetitive drill.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Almost as bad as Hillary Clinton.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    French version of Hillary Clinton.

    • RayG1


  • marlene

    Macron is France’s obama!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wonder if the C-l-i-n-t-0-0-n Foundation is nothing more than a money laundering operation for C-l-i-n-t-0-0-n Crime Family bribery income?

  • Москалi, геть з Криму!

    Along with some authentic stolen e-mails, Putler has released hundreds of fake documents, which are being spread by the Kremlin bots and trolls… Many of them commenting here…

  • Merchantseamen

    This Micron looks like a girly man. Watching the MSM in the states they are all ga-ga for Micron. They say that La Pen is a disaster. Just like Trump. If she is elected I hope she has better luck than he. I am pulling for her. I would like France to remain France. The UK? To late the Lion is gone.

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