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[ November 20, 2017 ]

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Lawyer Argues Female Genital Mutilation Is An Islamic Religious Right


The lawyers for the Michigan FGM doctors charged with performing the barbaric procedures on young Muslim girls are saying these Muslim doctors are not guilty and are being persecuted because of their religion.

Under Islamic law (sharia), they are not guilty. Under Western law, they are monsters.

 One of the girls told FBI investigators that she screamed out in pain during the procedure, while another young girl said she couldn’t walk for a few days after having her clitoris mutilated.

The doctors claimed they didn’t cut the clitorises, but nicked them instead. It’s a distinction without difference. Perhaps they are taking this tack because the American Academy proposed a resolution to sanction a “ritual [clitoral] nick” back in 2010. As I warned at the time, and we see now how right I was, such a resolution would give Islamic misogyny the seal of approval by the American Academy of Pediatrics, no less. The sanction of clitordectomies, the sanction and norming of evil. We defeated that proposal, but female genital mutilation continued apace because of the increase in Muslim immigration.

These prosecutions against female genital mutilation doctors are long overdue.

Jumana Fakhruddin was the first person arrested in America for female genital mutilation on April 13, 2017.

FGM fact sheet:

 The number of women and girls at risk for female genital mutilation (FGM) in the United States has more than doubled in the past 10 years. More than half a million women and girls in the U.S. are at risk of undergoing FGM in the U.S. or abroad, or have already undergone the procedure, including 166,173 under the age of 18, according to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB).

Dissemblers and deceivers claim that FGM is cultural phenomenon, not religious. FGM is an Islamic cultural phenomenon. FGM is found only within and adjacent to Muslim communities. (source: Gerry Mackie, “Ending Footbinding and Infibulation: A Convention Account,” American Sociological Review).

Unlike male circumcision, female genital mutilation has no health benefits for girls and women.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) involves partial or total removal of the clitoris, causing injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

Femal genital mutilation procedure has no health benefits for girls and women. It removes all possibility of sexual pleasure. It is the worst kind of misogyny.

Procedures can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later cysts, infections, as well as complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths.

 More than 200 million girls and women alive today have been cut in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where FGM is concentrated

FGM is mostly carried out on young girls between infancy and age 15.

FGM is a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

Lawyer Argues Female Genital Mutilation Is A Religious Right

By Amber Randall, Daily Caller, May 22, 2017:

Lawyers defending the Michigan doctors charged with female genital mutilation in April plan to argue that the practice is a religious right in the upcoming trial.

Defense lawyers will try to show that the doctors did not actually cut the young girls’ vagina, but nicked them instead, reports the Independent.

“Will jurors have an initial bias on what happened here? They probably will. But most jurors will really want to do what’s right,” Mary Chartier, a defense lawyer for one of the Michigan doctors, explained. “I think we can convince 12 people that they did not violate the law. They just didn’t commit the crime.”

Two Detroit, Mich. doctors and one of their wives were charged with conspiracy, female genital mutilation and aiding and abetting. The young girls they mutilated now have scarring on their clitorises and minor labias, court documents maintain. (RELATED: Husband And Wife Arrested For Performing Female Genital Mutilation At Detroit-Area Clinic)

 One of the girls told FBI investigators that she screamed out in pain during the procedure, while another young girl said she couldn’t walk for a few days after having her clitoris mutilated.

The lawyers will also try to show the jury that the defendants are being persecuted because of their religion.

“We know there is female genital mutilation. No one is saying it doesn’t exist. But what we’re saying is this procedure does not qualify as FGM,” Chartier went on. “And even if it did, it would be exempt because it would violate their First Amendment rights. They believe that if they do not engage in this then they are not actively practicing their religion.”

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  • NotTheMama

    Paving the way for infidel beheadings being a ‘right’ also.

  • Noel Cuta

    The logic of the lawyer for Female Genital Mutilation is similar to the argument that applies to Islamic Sharia law of killing infidels (Christians, Jews, non-Muslims) is a religious right and therefore it should be legalized in USA.

    • Michael Buley

      allow one, and the beheadings will follow. Legal, don’t you know? It’s their bullshit ‘religion’ …

    • dad1927

      ..and it will be if we allow democrats in office again. The Perez lunatic and Keith muslim ellison is second in the DNC now

  • Ego

    “FGM is an Islamic religious right”
    If you take Islamic religious rights—enshrined in the sharia—as your guiding principle, they also include misogyny, jihad, killing your offspring, killing or submitting non-Muslims, killing gays, collecting jizya, etc. All of this and more is condoned or even prescribed by sharia, the book of Islamic law (a.k.a. “Reliance of the Traveller”).
    It all ultimately boils down to this: does the US enforce the law of the land, or will it step by step bow to the corroding effect of creeping sharia.
    This case will be a first, and will serve as a precedent for all future “religious rights” litigation. If Islam wins this first step, its further wins are only a question of time.

    • fab feringhee

      don’t leave out slavery.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      There are muslum “medical studies” already trying to prove the healthful benefits of FGM.

      • Ego

        Oh yes, Muslim scientists…
        The Earth is flat:

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          LOL, the sun is only twice the diameter of the moon, the bigger question is where do you find a muddy pool big enough for the sun to set into (as the holey quranus reveals)?

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    • dad1927
    • mztore

      This is exactly what they want through out the whole world, Just ask any mudslime. They don’t belong here, and you can call me whatever you like, but if they don’t want to live under our Constitution, get the he11 out.

  • Devolutionist

    Mutilate the doctors faces like cut the nose off isnt that another slamy so called rituals

  • Ron Cole

    Disclaimer: I know two men who are lawyers who have lead an Honorable, patriotic and Christian life.

    Shakespeare’s exact line ”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” was stated by Dick the Butcher in ”Henry VI,” Part II, act IV, Scene II, Line 73. Dick the Butcher was a follower of the rebel Jack Cade, who thought that if he disturbed law and order, he could become king.

    Hmm. Sound familiar?

    The leftist wacko jobs all have one thing in common – they destest God, hate the Law, Law Enforcement, and our Grand Warriors.

  • Victoria Martin

    If they allow this, then they will have to allow child sacrifice to Satan for his worshipers.

  • G P

    If it’s their right to perform FGM then it’s the right of America to charge, and deport the scum

  • brock marks

    also throwing gay people off buildings is their religious right too

  • Pray Hard

    So is murder, slaughter, bombing, stabbing, acid throwing, beheading, burning alive, rape, pedophilia, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. ad nauseum. Bastards.

  • Pray Hard

    Go for it, moleskins! You’re signing your own death warrants.

  • Poppey

    This court case goes right to the heart of the issue in America, does a persons “religious right” to.practice their religion, supersede civil and criminal secular law intended to protect people from crimes of murder or disfigurement whether such things are done in the name of “religious observance” or not?

    I would venture to suggest that the constitution was not drawn up with mass Muslim immigration in mind, the question for all Americans is this, do you want your standards to prevail or do you intend to allow yourselves to be impaled on a 240 year old document for ever because nobody has the courage to modify it to meet the challenge.

    What an opportunity presents itself now, an open door to outlaw all the tenets of Islamic orthodoxy which offend western laws and cultures Muslims insist on bringing into our societies.

  • Halal Bacon

    here is the proof, er I mean evidence they will be using, its just a flesh wound,

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Stupid argument, if the precedent is set allowing any, in this case specifically islam, to have its cult rituals and superstitions replace the Constitution and law, the only result is anarchy. If a muslim is allowed every “right” in the qur’an, then the Ten Commandments are re-written as “Thou Shalt’s” which is the way islam is. The problem is that islam does not allow the same rights for non muslims, an apartheid system of insane proportions would be created, which would result it murder, rape, robbery, all forms of violence plus mutilation, crucifixions, beheadings and stoning, among other islamic “rights” . As there is not a functioning islamic nation of earth that can be used as an example of a functional society, with all possible contempt and disrespect, islam must be destroyed completely.

    • Tamara Hussey Jewer

      Ah, but if it DOES pass, we can start our own religion to rid the world of these people…and they’d have to let us get away with it! —Wait, I believe Sihks originated out of the “need” to kill Muslims for their protection…we need to import more of those!!!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Absolutely, Sikhs are a very noble people. They exist to benefit society by keeping it safe from those who would destroy it.

        • Tamara Hussey Jewer


      • Michael Buley

        I like the idea of a new religion that honors killing Muslims. It would be our right, as well.

        the hell that we’ve descended into …

        • gungadin

          PLEASE let me know where I can SIGN UP !!…..I’ll bring the necessary working “tools”…..a 12 ga , a .357, and a .380…

          • Michael Buley

            just called self-defense. religious right or whatever term we want to use. they’re out to kill me and everyone who’s not one of them? okay. lines are drawn. now we go find THEM.

            the old ‘live and let live’ concept simply does not apply to Islam. It’s so simple and crystal clear, most cannot fathom that people actually live by it: kill all infidels. until they are ALL gone. and per the Koran, the fact that we exist, means to Muslims that are at war with them. Living as a non-Muslim, is an act of war. so in their ‘logic,’ as you will — it’s actually very interesting how they can and do justify anything they do — they are, and have always been, being attacked, warred against, by those who are non-Muslims.

        • Vishwajith Nelundeniya

          exactly if the right of sharia is to kill infidels then the right of infidels will be to defend it thus kill in return

        • mztore

          The only word you mis-used is would….try substituting Should instead. I like your idea very much is you make that one change…. :0)

      • CreoleGumbo

        Good point Tamara.

      • Vishwajith Nelundeniya

        Yes must salute Sheikhs

    • dad1927

      they have the right to exterminate us too..

    • Vishwajith Nelundeniya

      shall forget any law under whatever it is painful barbaric horrific and aginst the nature and humanity so why we need any law to argue on this matter……

  • Jerry Dobson

    This is all a result of the biggest liberal lie ever perpetrated on the human race that, “all cultures are equal”. It’s the very foundation of evil political correctness. Sane people know some cultures are vile and despicable.

  • berserker

    Was Sati a religious right as well?

    Those evil British put a stop to it.

  • armynse

    How about letting a woman decide her fate when she is 21 yrs of age and in a Muslim country. NOT IN THE USA now or ever. This is brutal. We even give medication to male babies that are circumcised. NOTE only foreskin removed NOT the entire appendices. IN FGM the entire CLITORIS, hood and labia are removed. NO PLEASURE, infection and some females cannot even have a vaginal birth due to all the damage at a young age also many die from bleeding out. Never heard of a male infant bleeding out from a circumcision. So don’t even compare the two!

  • Eric

    Sharia law is not observed in non muslim nations it is not compatable with the western judical system. There is no where in the Koran that I can find where it says you have to preform FGM on your wemon. Its a disgusting torturous practice aimed at keeping wemon submissive and in their supposed place. Sexual intercourse is for men to enjoy (Only) and for their wemon to endure, that is not what God intended. Lock these sickos up and lose the key

  • Albert Von Speers
    • Mahou Shoujo

      Do come in, I have a special tea just for guests like you.

  • fab feringhee

    muslim cultural enrichment.

  • Tamara Hussey Jewer

    Well, if it were my religion to rid the world of FGM followers by throwing them overboard in the middle of the ocean, could I get these lawyers to defend my religious freedom? ;)

  • Tamara Hussey Jewer

    Btw, islam is evil. When are we going to get that through to judges and lawyers thick, expensive heads!!!

    • dad1927

      they are loyal to obola

  • InfidelCrusader

    Regardless of the religion they practice no one has a right to mutilate a female’s genitals.

  • Michael Buley

    Sure, it’s a right — in Islamic countries! Do it all you want — THERE! Get the hell out of America, and any civilized nation, and practice your barbarism in your dictatorships in the Middle East!

    Islam is a very fake religion — it worships Allah, the moon god — aka Satan! It’s a cult more vile and evil than Naziism, with a history of every violence imagined, and unimagined, for 1400 years.

    Sharia law is a system of LAW, that better not be allowed here!

  • Mike Harris

    In America baby boys are mutilated on a larger scale. Before you criticize Islam you should fix American practices.


      Indeed. If ablating male foreskin is allowed then ablating female foreskin should be allowed, too.

      Let’s also not forget that male circumcision is a far worse procedure because the male foreskin is the MAIN erogenous zone of men, whereas female foreskin is pretty nerve-free. Some argue that even cutting off the whole clitoris is a lesser mutilation than cutting off the male foreskin.

      • Robert Batchelor

        That’s just a stupid statement trying to compare the two. One is mutilation and the other is for cleanliness.

        • Dorrie

          Yep, but look how many upvotes that evil post received. I flagged it. It’s SICK SICK SICK!

        • MGTOWER

          >One is mutilation and the other is for cleanliness.

      • joc22

        Are you two guys just that F—ed up as to not understand the difference between the two. Lord love of God are you guys seriously this stupid. No wonder Islam is growing

      • Mike Pope

        2 Things that appear painstakingly obvious (1) these 2 are either Muslim Supporters & Liberals
        (2) Mentally Challenged & should be banned from Voting

      • Drew the Infidel

        And where did you receive your medical degree that you know so much about the structure of the genital nervous systems of both sexes? Wait, don’t tell me, you watch those MASH reruns every night.

        • Dorrie

          It appears we have 2 brain dead moslem supporters on this thread, but how did they get so many up votes for their supreme ignorance?!

      • CindyLouTerror

        The blatant ignorance (of MGTower and Mike Harris) of the male genitalia, the female genitalia and the procedure of circumcision is “painfully” obvious. Only the Hebrew or Jewish religion requires male circumcision as a mark in the flesh of males of the Covenant that the Hebrews made with Almighty G-d at the time of the patriarch Abraham. The foreskin is not a sexual organ, it covers the glans penis which is the biological equivalent to the clitoris. Originally explained by non-Jews to be for health reasons and cleanliness, it has been found that this is not the case. No one but Jews, who want to, are obliged religiously to circumcise their 8 day old male children to renew the Holy Covenant with G-d. Unlike the “medical procedures” a well trained Orthodox male Jew called a Mohel, does the ritual in the presence of the parents, grandparents, and the infant is given a cloth soaked in wine to suck on to numb any pain. Studies prove that when done by a Mohel, there are no disfigurements or errors or harm to the male child which the medical profession cannot claim. In fact, removal of the foreskin desensitizes the glans penis and permits the male to prolong his sexual joining with the female, to be as one flesh, and increase her pleasure.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I don’t know if a pederast like you has noticed but a vagina isn’t a penis.

      • Dorrie

        How in the heck did that idiot get so many up votes?! Please flag it!

        • Duchess of Pork

          They are a misogynist group which follow and upvote each others postings on multiple sites, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit. Same old postings, same old upvoters.

    • robscottw

      You are a viscous animal.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Has anyone bothered to inform that MI lawyer that the US is NOT a pisslamic country?

  • bannedquran20

    U.S. or sharia law???? stay tune….

  • Annie

    Certain religious practices must be against our law. Human sacrifice, for
    example, goes without saying. But what about an established religious cult
    that allows sexual molestation of children in their rituals. And what about a
    religion like Islam that cuts and mutilates children as part of their beliefs?
    Cutting and mutilating children is against our law.

    Once a religion breaks established American law, it is no longer entitled to
    insist it has the right to do so under the first amendment.

    Religious freedom for all – within the law.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The point of the lawyer is that Sharia law trumps US law. He is WRONG.

  • dad1927
  • whoselineisitanyway


  • Fred Alexander

    Qur’an 8:12 – I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels, strike off their heads, etc. etc. Is that a religious right?

  • David Square

    There is a very good reason for male circumcision. A group of Winnipeg researchers proved that male circumcision in Africa reduced the spread of the AIDS virus by up to 90 per cent. the reason: the virus propagates in the warm, moist area underneath the foreskin. As a result, during intercourse, uncircumcised males infect their partners with a larger dose of the AIDS virus, guaranteeing the passage of the disease from host to victim.

  • Dorrie

    If moslems are going to mutilate little girls, they should ALSO castrate the boys at birth.

    • robscottw

      But Islam is about making women suffer, not men.

      • Dorrie

        Agreed, but OTHERS should do the castrating. Then NOBODY suffers because of Islam!

  • PBD

    The problem with this type of argument is it stems from Sharia Law which is not recognized in America. Any judge that does not uphold the laws of America needs to step down or asked to step down.

    • Dorrie

      I agree! But such has not been the case. More than 50 cases in U.S. courts have been ruled on the side of Sharia in the past 6 years!

  • maddaddyssa

    FTA: “Unlike male circumcision, female genital mutilation has no health benefits for girls and women.” Let’s see if CAIR can pay off Bill Nye the false science guy and Dr. Oz
    to enough to dispute this and extoll the health benefits of FGM, with
    the blessings of the feminazis.

    • Hammertime

      Defending child abuse eh?
      I bet you voted for Trump.

      • Dorrie

        What are you yammering about?! That post was CLEARLY in opposition of just what you accused them off! Go take your meds! Or better yet, use that hammer to pound some sense into yourself!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Dr. Oz’s 1st name is Mehmet — a Turkish transliteration of Muhammad.

      • Dorrie

        I never knew that, THANKS! Now the guy makes sense why he pushes everything that isn’t American!

  • Hammertime

    The last time Americans tried to ban child genital mutilation they were called antisemites. Screw religion, no Jew, Muslim or Christian has a right to hack away at a child’s genitals.

    • Dorrie

      Yes, and yet you castigated the person below this reply, for just THAT! Go take your meds, you don’t know WHICH way you’re bent!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Islam is not a religion, just get this out of everyone’s head. This cult is no different than Jim Jones.

    • robscottw

      FAR WORSE than Jones.

      Jones didn’t threaten to kill you if you didn’t join.

  • blbc

    Under ANY law, these people are monsters!

  • Merchantseamen

    These lawyers and their firms must offer up their daughter(s) for this procedure. They are so gung ho about it, practice what you preach you sick fucks. Please excuse my language. If any of the Medical communities or organizations condone these actions then they should have their charters revoked as well as anyone who signs such a “paper” have their licenses revoked. “Do no harm”.

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