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Fighter jets SCRAMBLED to ESCORT Hawaii-bound plane as MUSLIM tries to BREAK INTO COCKPIT


The suspect has been identified as Anil Uskandil. Nothing is being said about his motive, of course, and the news reports are saying he was drunk or “mental.” That a drunk “mental” Muslim would try to break open the cockpit door doesn’t seem to strike anyone as significant. And so the jihad against the U.S. goes on, with only one side fully aware that it is even being fought.

“EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Fighter Jets Escort American Plane After Someone Tried To Break Into Cockpit,” by Thomas Phippen, Daily Caller, May 19, 2017 (thanks to Todd):

Two American fighter jets escorted an American Airlines flight to Honolulu Friday after a passenger tried to break into the cockpit in midair.

An off-duty Honolulu police officer subdued a “Turkish” man after he tried to open the door to the cockpit on American Airlines Flight 31 bound for Honolulu, Hawaii, according to Hawaii News Now.

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Ethan Barton, who was three rows behind first class, described a strange scene: A person wrapped in a blanket shuffled forward, passing within a foot of Barton, he told TheDCNF. At the entrance to first class, a flight attendant waved her arms and instructed the person that he was not allowed into the first-class cabin. She asked for help, and on her second appeal a passenger stood up to walk the blanketed person back, seemingly with little resistance.

Out of sight of TheDCNF’s Barton, however, the blanketed passenger allegedly tried to open a door. The pilot announced that because of a small loss in pressure, the plane would be forced to land in Honolulu at a low altitude. Police and FBI agents came aboard and took the passenger from the plane after landing.

Fellow passengers told TheDCNF’s Barton that the suspect had been pacing in a strange way before the flight left Los Angeles, and upon boarding the plane had sat in the front row of first class, before being told to move further back. One passenger described the suspect as “mental,” and an FBI agent told TheDCNF she thinks the suspect is “a Turkish person.”

The suspect at one point had been loitering near the plane’s restroom carrying a laptop, a government official told NBC news.

U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) scrambled two F-22 Raptors from the Hawaii Air National Guard “in response to a reported disturbance” on the flight and escorted the plane to the airport, Dave Benham, spokesman for PACOM, told The Daily Caller News Foundation….

“Plane forced to land after ‘Turkish man tries to break into cockpit mid-flight,'” by Harry Walker, Express, May 20, 2017:

PASSENGERS were left terrified aboard an American Airlines flight to Honolulu after a man tried to break into the cockpit of the plane.

FBI detain passenger who tried to ‘break into cockpit’ mid-flight

Crew members, an off-duty Honolulu police officer and a number of passengers worked together to restrain the man, who was eventually subdued.

According to reports, he breached security at Los Angeles International Airport, but was allowed to board the plane on Friday after security checked him.

It is currently unclear what the “breach” was.

On the flight the man, believed to be Turkish, is said to have been waiting to use the bathroom near the cockpit when a flight attendant asked him to sit down.

The man reportedly had a laptop with him, and appeared to try the cockpit door before he was subdued.

The flight landed at 10.30pm BST (11.35am Hawaii local time), escorted by two military jets, and the man was detained….

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  • John Howard

    He’s from Turkey. Breached airport security. Had a laptop, which have been banned on flights from Turkey. Allowed to continue boarding. Good old, TSA. I guess he was within the 3 oz limit on shampoo otherwise they’d have raised a red flag.

    • Tim

      They were too busy strip searching some grandmother.

      • skipsart

        Or a two year old in a stroller.

    • Speak the Truth

      Maybe he was a TSA employee.

      • Drew the Infidel

        TSA = Thousands Standing Around

        • lato_sensu

          Terrorist supporting Americans

    • Bee Judy

      He`s from Turkey. The article doesn`t say the flight originated from Turkey, it originated from LA. Are laptops banned on domestic flights now?

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Luckily the authorities were WATCHING,.. WATCHING him purchase ticket,.. WATCHING him board,.. WATCHING him walkabout the aircraft,… WATCHING him head towards cockpit,… WATCHING,.. WATCHING,….

    • nineleven

      One would think that the nations and governments of the world, having had 1600 years of WATCHING Islam, that they would learn correctly by now how to deal with this death cult. Its like there is some kind of venom or paralysis drugging agent that they inject into the culture… Come on everyone, wake up!

    • lato_sensu

      is this liken to playing ‘peek- a – boo’ — hide and seek even??

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    We have NO idea what the ‘test run’ was here. The craziness was clearly a cover to ascertain reaction to one of the ‘seemingly random’ actions of this Jihadi agent.

    • Crazy like a fox as they used to say!

    • santashandler

      Yes. Nobody should be fooled by some bumbling dude, shuffling up and down the aisle. The drunk routine is used a lot. He was gathering Intel. But, they already let him go the first time (at LAX, after he tried to go through a secure door), so why wouldnt they do it again. He needs to be dealt with immediately. But, that won’t happen

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Strip search American grannies and make them take their shoes off, but allow drunken Turkish mental cases to board, even after breaking into restricted areas. So much for LAX security. Wouldn’t want to be accused of profiling.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Time to get sky marshals on every flight, with the ability to kill potential terrorist hijackers in a way not jeprodisring the aircraft or other passengers.

  • karl59

    The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience,
    and the brute by instinct——-Marcus T. Cicero

    • Speak the Truth

      “Wise men learn from their own mistakes; brilliant men learn from the mistakes of others.”——-author unknown.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Maybe the Turkish muslum monkey was just having a sexual emergency and none of the stews were willing to lend a hand or anything else to solve it.

  • BooBooBaby

    That’s frightening!

  • Drew the Infidel

    Why this jackwad was even allowed to board the flight is a mystery. Before that plane even left LA International, he had been arrested on a trespassing charge but was released to continue his trip. If someone cannot conduct themselves properly on the ground, why let them board? If something goes wrong at 36,000 feet, you can’t just pull over to the next friendly cloud and check it out.

  • Flying to Hawaii where a judge shut down Trump’s order to stop Muslims from certain countries. Didn’t this judge say that the Muslims have the religious freedom granted under our Constitution and wouldn’t that have covered the Muslim trying to enter the cockpit? Why wasn’t the door locked?


      IF WE HAD seriously intelligent people in Congress they would declare Islam as a NON-RELIGION due to its barbaric teachings, thus removing any U.S. Constitutional protection under the freedom of religion clause!!!

  • william carr

    This a very confused ‘report’ He tried to open a door? It is implied it was the cockpit door. The cockpit is before First class, which he was prevented from entering. So how did he try to open the cockpit door which is nowadays impossible
    anyway. Loss of pressure implies he tried to open an exit door. There would be no loss of pressure if the cockpit door was opened anyway. Was there no Air Marshall on the plane?

    • Christian Abel

      You can’t pull an exit door, not with pressure.

  • Christian Abel

    Friday 21 April 2017 was day of a presidential election debate and of the Champs Élysées attack by someone who tried to kill police officers several times, should have been in jail, was instead on probation, broke the term of his probation…

    François Fillon (moderate right candidate) said during debate “another attack is ongoing”. The mainstream medias said he made this up. Actually, some man, who identity was not published (AFAIK) tried to take the gun of a soldier on a metro station entrance – much like the attempted Louvre attack. But the guy was “drunk” so apparently it wasn’t worth mentioning.

    The medias kept quite about that other attack, mentioning it only to dismiss François Fillon as someone who made stuff up.

    François Fillon then lost.

  • Oracle9

    The terrorist should be made to pay for the costs incurred by his actions as a first consequence..

    Fuel costs alone for the fighter scramble is many tens of thousands. The fusl cost of taking the airliner from the flight levels to landing and back up again is at least $30,000.

  • Paul Stuart

    Now they will label these udiots mentally unstable instead of a Islamic terrorist. How this meet even was able to board the plane leaves questions.

  • David Stephenson

    Following Islamic jihad is a mental disorder…hummmm. Who knew?

  • Rocinante44

    the democrat-muslim media instantly labelled him “turkish” but nowhere called him a muslim. and they wonder why no one believes their drivel anymore

  • Merchantseamen

    He should have been escorted from the plane in a body bag. the passengers and crew members who wanted to join in should have finished him. Not murder…killed as in self defense. If they did not finish him they should have taken his eyesight and knee caps never to see or walk again. No quarter given. This goes for anyone who will attempt to bring an aircraft down.

  • Burgess Krell ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The passengers should beat him to death for interfering with their trip.

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