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[ November 19, 2017 ]

Fellow police made my life torture for trying to stop Muslim child rape gangs

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Report: Schools Must Teach Britain Is an ‘Immigration Nation’ to Fight Islamophobia

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Europe: Imams Warn Muslims Not to Integrate

[ November 19, 2017 ]

PA Muslim kids magazine: Muhammad ordered kids to throw rocks at Jews

[ November 19, 2017 ]

French academic: Establish an Islamic state within France to avoid civil war

[ November 19, 2017 ]

SHARIA UK: British politician Jayda Fransen ARRESTED for offending Islam, flown to Belfast, FULL VIDEO...

[ November 19, 2017 ]

‘We are going to kill you’: Villagers in Burma recount jihad violence by Rohingya Muslims

[ November 19, 2017 ]

30,000 Diversity Visas issued to people from terror-sponsoring countries since 2007

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Spain: Police shoot man ‘shouting Allahu Akbar’ near French border

[ November 18, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: Kiss Me Deadly

Italy: Newspaper editor charged with having “publicly injured the Islam religion”


Would Belpietro be prosecuted if he had written “Jewish bastards”? No, he would have been elected President of the European Union.

“Islam group plaintiff agst Belpietro,” ANSA, May 15, 2017:

(ANSA) – Milan, May 15 – A Milan judge on Monday admitted the Coordination of Islamic Associations in Milan and Monza (CAIM) group as a civil plaintiff in the trial against Marco Belpietro, who wrote a front-page news story in November 2015 titled “Islamic bastards” when he was editor of Italian newspaper Libero.

The story was in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

In the public prosecutor’s indictment Belpietro is accused of having “publicly injured the Islam religion through contempt towards those who profess it”….

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  • Ben Mizrahi

    Wwell, those Islamic bastards can sue me as well. I will show them what freedom of speech is.

    Islam e una religione de maiali, questo e liberta di parola (excuse me for my bad Italian, grammatically it is the most difficult language I have ever learned),

    • Suresh

      Its like all rights and freedom are to be given to Muslims and non-muslims do not have any rights as dhimmis ! And Left/liberal pro-jihadi loons allow it !

      Infidels do not even have right to protest against crimes committed by Muslims . If they dare try it they get harassed, jailed or killed

      • movingwaters

        The Bible warns us that there will be an end times rise in witchcraft and paganism. Witchcraft involves much more than casting spells. The practice of manipulating, deceiving, and dominating people is very much an aspect of witchcraft. It is fruit of an arrogant, cold heart. People who carry this spirit will not and cannot tolerate any dissent. Satan has them.

      • Erica Ling

        By Jove, you’ve guessed it ! What do you think the term “Islamophobia ” was re created for, back in 1991 by the Runnymede Trust ? They cannot subjugate us by open war, so they use the idiot, useful infidels to do their insidious work for them, using our “freedoms and enlightened values “. Clever .

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Islam and a pig religion, this and freedom of speech

    • disqus_KH0F5xMG8U

      Bravo, caro Ben! Tu parli la verita. Grazie per il tuo corragio. Tuo amica, Marianna Ricci-Wilson.

      • Ben Mizrahi

        Grazie mille per il tuo commento mi amico italiano.

  • melatr7

    THEY injure their own religion by their evil, crass, despicable, immoral murdering ways!

  • Halal Bacon

    anybody who worships a pedophile has rocks in their head

    • freebird

      It´s sh*t what turned under heavy pressure into rocks.

  • 00WmTell

    Why doesn’t whatever is left of the EU Reich start arresting the plebs :?
    whatever…move along.

  • Liatris Spicata

    Italy: Newspaper editor charged with having “publicly injured the Islam religion”


    My best advice is you better never go near Italy. Hoo-boy- they probably got a cell already reserved for you.

  • I thought Italy, being a birthplace of Western civilization, would be less susceptible to the same Islamophilia that is engulfing Germany and Britain. But sadly, it is not so.

    • Carmelapthomas

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  • freebird

    The war in Europe just have started and Belpietro is a victim of this war.
    Two years ago you just have heard “Islam is peace” now some editors starts to tell the truth because they relieze that the people are sick of this polit. corr. sh*t.
    The “mass-media; polit. corr. parties, church and NGO wall” have become lots of cracks now. With every month more and more of this stupid and corrupt liars lose power.
    Look at every election in Europe – Socialists, “Green parties ( Communists like Sanders ) are losing; Conservatives and (so called ) right wing parties rising up and are the strongest parties now in their countrys. Sure its not the absolute mayority but 5 years ago they have been by 17% now they have 30 – 40%.
    Look at USA what kind of fight D. Trump have to fight against this corrupt arseho*se then you know what kind of Mafia want to rule us.
    This Mafia want to tell you how to live – Examble; the “Green partie in Austria have started a campane for housewifes.
    When a man comes home from work and expect a warm meal and dont help the women to wash the dishes then this man is a “stoneage” macho. They really want to make a law that force the man to wash the dishes etc..
    O.k. they have stoped the campane it was to much.
    But against Musels with their “culture” on womans they say nothing. No, “refugees” welcome.
    FU*K anarchists, FU*K anarchists supporters – GOD bless D. Trump.

    • wilypagan

      I am a little disappointed that Trump is arming the Saudis, the head of the snake of Wahhabist global economic expansion.

      • freebird

        Sure we have to watch the Saudis what they are doing with this weapons.
        If they start to kill Iranien proxies in Yemen it was a good investment.
        It´s allways the same way – “the revolution eats their children”.
        So the Washhabists face now “Al Quida”.
        A humanity who try to make better laws then from GOD created. At the end the humanity will realize that every way away from GOD just leads to hell.
        Let´s hope we have enough time to avoid that every stupid ruler have his nuclear Bomb.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The fool of a judge should read the qur’an, then apply the law against it and those who follow it, for hate and incitement to murder.

    • Speak the Truth

      The jurors should be required to read the Quran.

  • bargogx1

    Leftist bastards.

  • movingwaters

    Kudos to Belpietro for standing firm against evil. He knew there would be a steep price to pay. The day is coming soon when no free speech will be allowed.

  • ICEvictim
    • Sgtsnuffy


  • Vette66

    I see Italy is now controlled by Sharia Law. So sad but you let the Muslims in to take over your country. This is how they are doing it – The objective of civilization jihad, also known as stealth jihad, is the same as the violent form of jihad: subjugation of Dar al-Harb (the “House of War,” or the non-Muslim world) to shariah, which would result in the non-Muslim population of humanity being subsumed under Dar al-Islam, or the House of Islam.

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