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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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Ramadan Bomb-a-thon: ISIS Threatens Las Vegas Strip on New Video “Credible Threat”


An ISIS propaganda video that threatens that targets the Las Vegas strip is causing authorities enough concern that they sent out warning notices to hotels on the famous Strip.

Cue up the CAIR propaganda and dawah. Don’t even think of counter terrorism actions, you islamophobes!

‘Credible’ Islamic State propaganda video features short clip of Las Vegas Strip

By Rachel Crosby Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vega Journal, May 23, 2017:

A legitimate Islamic State group propaganda video posted on social media last week features brief footage of the Las Vegas Strip while calling for lone-wolf terrorist attacks, and Las Vegas police are treating it as a credible threat.

The video is about 44 minutes long, which is unusual because Islamic State group propaganda videos are often much shorter, according to a representative with SITE Intelligence Group, a nongovernmental counterterrorism organization.

Similar, shorter Islamic State group propaganda videos are posted daily, the representative said.

Las Vegas footage

The video featuring the Las Vegas Strip was posted last Wednesday on Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging service, the representative said. It showcases the Islamic State group’s newly developed weapons, and its final scene has a series of shots, including the Las Vegas Strip and New York’s Times Square, while a narrator calls for general lone-wolf attacks in America, Europe and Russia.

The short clip of the Strip was determined to be 2015 footage, but Las Vegas police and their federal partners are taking the video seriously, Metropolitan Police Department Capt. Christopher Darcy, who heads the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center, said Tuesday.

“I think anytime somebody goes on the internet and makes a threat that they’re going to conduct a lone-wolf or any type of attack, it’s our responsibility to view it as a credible threat,” Darcy said. “It would be irresponsible not to take any threat as credible, especially when made by a group such as ISIS, who has in fact carried out attacks in the past.”

Stepping up Memorial Day security

Following this week’s Manchester bombings, and looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, Las Vegas police are stepping up patrols and surveillance on the Strip, downtown and at local community events in an effort to make the valley a “hardened target.”

“Las Vegas continues to be an event destination — one of the world’s greatest event destinations,” Darcy said. “We have to continue to maintain safety and (create) new ways to ensure the safety of the folks that are attending these events.”

Darcy also encouraged the public to report anything suspicious.

“I’d rather respond to 1,000 nothings than miss the one something that’s going to lead to us stopping an attack here in our valley,” he said.

Las Vegas Review-Journal writer Blake Apgar contributed to this report. Contact Rachel Crosby at or 702-387-5290. Follow @rachelacrosby on Twitter.

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  • #BanSharia yesterday!

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    The usual rhetoric from terrorist “experts” with 20/20 hindsight. If you know something, act on it, do not pretend to be “Nostradamus” of the intelligence world with vague predictions and sooth sayings about the future, then solemnly pontificating “told you so” after the fact. Put up or shut up.

    • billdeserthills

      Doesn’t take a genius to see what is going on all over the world– wherever ‘refugees’ are accepted trouble follows

    • Eileen Kuch

      There was NO ISIS connection to last night’s mass shootings in Las Vegas, the MSM’s talking heads even admitted to that fact, something they rarely do. The lone gunman happened to be a 64-year-old retiree who owned lots of assault rifles and rounds of ammunition and had no criminal record .. However, his late father was a different story .. He robbed banks and served time in prison. He did, however, escape and was on the lam for a decade before being recaptured. The father was also a psychopath.
      The investigation into the motives behind the mass shootings is still ongoing and will be for some time; thus, drawing conjectures won’t help any.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The fact that isis has endorsed his actions and possibly pretend he acted on their instructions is bad enough. His crime fits the isis pattern, actions are indicative of motives. The lame stream media’s opinion is a crock of fecal material, as it has frequently been proven in the past.

  • karl59

    Hungry people get crazy!

    • crabcake

      So evil people get crazy, too.

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  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Perfect place for using facial recognition technology to identify terrorists.

  • Dee Lee

    I’m so glad that none of the Jihad happening around the world has anything to do Islam.

    • Cee Cee


  • Dee Lee

    As long as our glorious leaders promote a Fortress Fruitcake attitude towards Jihad, we are doomed.

    Westerners fear waking up to reality as that risks having to notice the elephants dancing on the coffee table; and so they pretend everything’s just fine, even though the consequences of their cowardice will doom the next generation and beyond.

  • billdeserthills

    Las Vegas ain’t scared of no filthy scum muslim, go ahead and prove it scum

  • Drew the Infidel

    It will be interesting to watch and see if and which of the casinos makes book and fixes odds on how quickly the Metro police shoot the jihadis dead with lethal ammo.

  • Padraigin Eagle

    Setting up the stage, staging the set: Tell-Lie-Vision, on the way to Scamdalay, shooting craps and blackjacks, here be the facts, the standard fare divide and fool hoax, crisis actors, stage prop primary factors, what utter jokes, ’tis all a charade. hidden hand paid and parlayed, rigged reality, such banality, if you can’t see it by now, Sandy Crook, Lube Job, Boston No-bombing, Newclown, London Bridge is falling down, then ye surely are wide asheep, please wake up, surveillance nation upon all the stations, lying lame stream media presstitute creations, fear porn would have ye shorn, the psyop deserves well salted popcorn, whilst Boobtube continues to delete all the videos exposing the perfidy, par for the course, truth shan’t be allowed to set you free, Orwell doth decree!

  • Kim Kong

    ALLAH AKBAR . .Doesn’t take a genius to see what is going on all over the world– wherever ‘refugees’ are accepted trouble follows.. MULTICULTURALISM DONT WORK…NEVER WILL. THATS WHY WE HAVE PROBLEMS…

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