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[ January 22, 2018 ]

Germany: Iranian Spy Network Targeted Jewish Institutions for Strikes

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Muslim Migrant ‘Didn’t Understand’ It Was Illegal to Have Sex with Minors

[ January 22, 2018 ]

UK: War Hero of embassy seige HOMELESS, while terrorist lives taxpayers’ expense in a London...

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Democrats cave to American outrage, government is back open #SchumerShutdown #epicfail

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Pence in Knesset: “U.S. will open embassy in Jerusalem next year” Gd Bless @realDonaldTrump ❤︎...

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Muslim stalks, threatens to kidnap Christian woman, authorities look the other way in Pakistan

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Turkey: 90,000 mosques pray Qur’anic “conquest” prayers calling on Muslims to be “ruthless against unbelievers”

[ January 22, 2018 ]

7 out of 10 Belgians say they are living through the “Muslim conquest of their...

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Muslim teens roam streets with rifles as violence engulfs Sweden

[ January 22, 2018 ]

Faked slashed hijab beats slashed face

ISIS Video Features American, Canadian, British, Russian, Belgian Muslim Fighters Urging Muslims To Carry Out Attacks In West, Shows Landmarks In NYC, DC, Baltimore, Las Vegas


Today’s moderate Muslim is tomorrow’s jihadi. The Islamic State is calling the ummah (worldwide Muslim community) to jihad according the Islamic texts and teachings.

A vast proportion of ISIS recruits are “far from being uneducated or illiterate,” a World Bank has found in a study of why people join terrorist groups. The report says some of the recruits tend to be even better educated than their average countrymen. It is not surprising. The Caliph himself has a PhD in Islamic theology.

Herein lies further proof that the lie that Islamic apologists and Muslim supremacists advance is propaganda. Here again, reality flies in the face of the bogus narrative of Islamic supremacists and the leftist lapdogs on their payroll, that jihad is caused by illiteracy and poverty. We are clubbed to death with the lie (literally). But it is often just the opposite. Well-educated and affluent, the jihadis shows that the catalyst for jihad is a move towards the faith of Islam. Religiosity is the catalyst.

–Abdelhamid Abaaoud was the mastermind behind the Paris jihad attacks — he was once a student at one of Brussels’s most prestigious high schools.
—Six students from one of nation’s top elite British schools linked to jihad slaughter.
–Private school student Mehdi Hassan died fighting for the Islamic State.
–British Surgeon flees UK to join Taliban.
45 Muslim doctors who plotted Islamic terror raids in the US.
–Elite private school student Amira Karroum died fighting for the Islamic State.
—Jihadi John revealed as computing graduate from Queen’s Park, London — University educated Londoner Mohammed Emwazi.
–DOZENS of university profs and high school teachers held for inciting jihad terrorism.
—3 doctors and a nurse arrested for jihad terror bombing.
—Doctor’s son arrested in imminent bomb plot.
—Doctor joins ISIS medical team in “jihad” against the west: “I wish I’d come sooner.”
–Bin Laden’s former doctor leading jihadists in the Sinai.
Muslim doctor from Flint, Michigan now working for the Islamic State.
—Muslim, student at York University, calls for genocide on website called “Filthy Jewish Terrorists”
–Muslim Doctor goes on trial on Islamic terror charges.
— Doctoral student Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser plotted train derailment and the poisoning the air or water, resulting in the deaths of up to 100,000 people.

There’s more, much more, but you get the picture.

It has been shown time and time again — whether it was the Muslim doctors who tried to blow up the Glasgow airport; or the wealthy, educated diplomat’s son who attempted to bomb a plane right out of the sky over Detroit on Christmas day; or the group of 45 Muslim doctors who plotted Islamic terror raids in the US; or the rich, well-educated Osama bin Laden; or the 19 9/11 hijackers. Jihad has nothing to do with wealth or education. It is a religion, a totalitarian and supremacist belief system.

One Muslima who joined the jihad, Aqsa Mahmood, grew up in an affluent neighborhood and attended a prestigious private school. The Time Square bomber was the son of an affluent banker and diplomat.

The jihadist who led the mass beheading of Christians on a beach in Libya was an American Muslim. Thousands of Muslims from Europe, North America, Australia, etc. are flocking to the Middle East to wage jihad. They grew up in the West. They went to good schools and came from affluent homes. Some stay in their own countries and aid and abet the jihad — like the business executive in India who also happened to run the most influential Twitter account followed by the Islamic State. Foreign jihadis, beheaders, rapists and slaughterers in the cause of Islam.

At the risk of repeating myself for the past ten years, this war is ideological. It’s religious and political, because Islam is political. Nationality, race, sex, ethnicity, borders, hair color, shoe size, and shirt color are irrelevant. The common thread is Islam — authentic Islam.


ISIS Video Features American, Canadian, British, Russian, Belgian Fighters Urging Muslims To Carry Out Attacks In West, Shows Landmarks In NYC, DC, Baltimore, Las Vegas

By MEMRI, May 18, 2017:

he following report is now a complimentary offering from MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM). For JTTM subscription information, click here.

On May 17, 2017, the media office of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Ninawa province, Iraq released a video titled “We Will Surely Guide Them To Our Ways.” The video featured fighters from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Russia, and Belgium repeatedly calling on Muslims living in the West to carry out attacks there. The video features footage and still images of U.S. cities, landmarks and institutions, including Times Square, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), Washington D.C., and Las Vegas, as well as financial institutions like Bank of America and PNC Bank. Also in the video, the fighters commended the perpetrators of attacks carried out in the West, including Omar Mateen and Anis Amri, of the Orlando night club shooting and the Berlin Christmas market attacks, respectively.

In addition, the video, which was posted on multiple ISIS-affiliated Telegram channels and Twitter accounts as well as on the ISIS-affiliated online jihadi forum Shumoukh Al-Islam, highlighted ISIS’s weapons manufacturing capabilities, and revealed several technological developments in that regard, including an explosive-laden drone and a high-yield RPG.


Two of the fighters featured in the video, Abu Maliha Al-Kanadi (“the Canadian”) and Abu Zakaria Al-Britani, carried out martyrdom operations against Iraqi military vehicles.

Abu Maliha Al-Kanadi

Before carrying out his martyrdom operation, Al-Kanadi addressed “the brothers who believe in Allah,” saying: “I am too much excited. I don’t know what to say but I am going to meet my master who ordered me to do what I am supposed to do. We all must wake up to fight for the cause of Allah. Without jihad, without jihad, without jihad, there is no Islam.”

Abu Zakaria Al-Britani sitting in his suicide vehicle en route to target

Another fighter, an American named Abu Hamza Al-Amriki, lashed out at the U.S., accusing it of “carrying the banner of the cross in waging war against Muslims,” of supporting Iran in spreading its religion (the Shi’a) in Muslim countries, and of destroying cities and killing Muslim women and children. Addressing “the monotheists” living in the U.S., Al-Amriki urges them to attack non-Muslims there, saying: “Are you incapable of stabbing a Kafir [infidel] with a knife, throwing him off a building, or running him over with a car? Liberate yourself from hellfire by killing a kafir [infidel]… So show resolve and place your trust in Allah and He will pave the way for you.”

Abu Hamza Al-Amriki

Al-Amriki also highlights ISIS’s weapons manufacturing capabilities, introducing an anti-tank rocket launcher that ISIS manufactured from scratch, and mocks the Iraqi soldiers for their inability to distinguish ISIS-made from U.S.-made rocket launchers when encountering them in the field. Pointing to an ISIS-made rocket launcher, Al-Amriki says: “What we have here the rafidah say is projectile launchers are weapons which America provided to the Islamic State. This demonstrates their stupidity, foolishness of the Rafidah. This weapon is a pride of the Islamic State. To Allah belongs all praise.  And this weapon, here, is ghamina [booty], which was taken from the rafidah’s personnel, to whom America gave support and weapons… for the soldiers of the Islamic State [were able] to produce weapons with which they can fight the enemies of Allah, including this anti-tank rocket launcher. It was made and completed from scratch, and to Allah belongs all praise. And this is due to the need for weapons in battle that can destroy the armor of the rafidah and the Americans.” He added that ISIS produces anti-tank rocket launchers and thermobaric launchers, as well as “other types,” whose effect, he said, will be left “for the enemy of Allah to discover for themselves.”

ISIS RPG manufacturing facility

Abu Jihad Al-Rusi

Another fighter featured in the video, a Russian named Abu Jihad, also emphasized ISIS’s weapons manufacturing capabilities, saying that the group produces SPG-9 anti-Russian armored tanks and RPG-7 for U.S Humvees. He addresses Muslims living among the “polytheists” and urges them to “turn their security into terror.”

A fighter from Belgium named Abu Dujanah Al-Bajiki stresses that ISIS has managed to develop an anti-aircraft weapon that can be controlled remotely in order to target American and French aircraft, as well as IEDs delivered to their targets via remote-controlled robots.

Abu Dujanah Al-Baljiki highlighting ISIS’s remote-control anti-aircraft weapon

Abu Dujanah also praises the perpetrators of attacks in Paris and Brussels, and calls upon Muslims to carry out more attacks. Below are excerpts from Abu Dujanah’s message:

“The Iraqi forces, with their American Abrams tanks and their Russian tanks, are attempting to advance, under cover of Crusader air support, on the areas controlled by the mujahideen. One of the coalition members is France, which violently supports them with artillery. Yet Allah has provided the mujahideen with the means to counter this. By the grace of Allah, the mujahideen have acquired many Strela anti-aircraft missiles. They have also developed a remote-controlled anti-aircraft system, in order to target American and French aircraft with precision. They have also developed a remote-controlled bomb carrier, which advances toward its targets, in order to blow them up along with their crews, who are trying to advance on Muslim territory.

“Allah be praised, these weapons were manufactured despite the violence of the battle, and the throttling siege laid by these Crusaders and their minions, who will enter the ground battle, which will be fierce. Just as Allah has provided the mujahideen with these weapons, He has provided the operations that have made these states of disbelief tremble – like the Paris operation on November 13, the operation carried out by our brother Coulibaly, the operation of our brother in Brussels, Abballa Larossi, and the others, may Allah accept them. They have exported the war into the heart of France and Belgium, and have avenged the blood spilled by France and Belgium in Iraq and Syria.”

The video features several other calls for attacks in the West by non-Western suicide bombers. One of them, Abu Youssof Al-Masalawi, addresses Muslims living in the West, saying: “Oh brothers, if you couldn’t manage to come to the land of the Caliphate, the heads of unbelief are in front of you in your countries. I call on you by the name of Allah to have your swords dripping [with the] blood of the infidel before night time. Rest assured that any drop of blood spilled there would ease the pressure on us here.” Another suicide bomber, Abu Omar, addresses “the brothers” who couldn’t make it to the Caliphate and urges them to kill the infidel everywhere, saying that jihad is a religious obligation.

Other technological advancements shown in the video include a remote-controlled airplane packed with explosives, and a newly developed high-yield explosive that ISIS is seen using in one suicide mission.

An Explosive-laden remote-controlled drone used by ISIS

The video ends with scenes pf Western cities and institutions, including New York, Las Vegas, Baltimore, and Washington D.C., and Bank of America and PNC bank, coupled with segments from a previously released speech by ISIS spokesman Abu Al-Hassan Al-Muhajir in which he urged “truthful” Muslims in the U.S., Russia, and Europe to carry out attacks against Western interests using large double-wheeled load-bearing trucks to target festivals, parades, outdoor markets, and rallies.

The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Times Square

Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore

Bank of America building in Washington, DC

PNC Bank on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 


Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • BigGaySteve

    Hey Moslems I am here at WALL STREET drawing pictures of MOOHAMAD and lighting cigars with pages from the koran. I bet you can’t get past my security.

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  • Mike Wolff

    IS has a media office?? It’s being allowed to post videos, online magazines, content to Twitter and Facebook and other social media for the whole world to see?? Clearly the technology is there to block ALL its communications. Forget any national or local jurisdiction in the countries it comes from, the West should just block it all the second it appears. Period.

    • tatka150

      You are right. But they block immediately anything not PC. It’s one way street unfortunately. The road to hell

      • Mike Wolff

        The road to Hell… you got it it one. Is it too late to turn back? For multiculturalism-obsessed countries like Sweden, Britain and Canada it probably is.

  • wildjew

    ZOA Deeply Disappointed That Pres. Trump Isn’t Moving U.S. Embassy to Israel’s Capital

    This Rewards Terror Threats, Promotes Myth that Jerusalem is Holy to Muslims, Harms Trumps Credibility

    ‘…..According to the Bloomberg report, Trump has decided to defer moving the U.S. embassy to avoid provoking the Palestinian Arabs. This sends a message of weakness. Policy should never be determined by terrorist threats. Otherwise we will have more terrorism and more threats. And this harms the effort to destroy radical Islamic terrorism and ISIS.

    During his 2016 AIPAC speech, then-candidate Trump acknowledged that standing with Israel would increase the prospects for peace, and affirmed that he would move the embassy, saying:
    “When I become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one. Thank you. And when I say something, I mean it, I mean it. . . . [W]hen the United States stands with Israel, the chances of peace really rise and rises exponentially. That’s what will happen when Donald Trump is president of the United States. We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.”

    Failing to move the U.S. embassy also propagates another Arab propaganda myth, that peace would result if Israel agreed to divide Jerusalem.

    The Trump campaign’s policy platform also unconditionally reaffirmed:

    “The U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state and Mr. Trump’s Administration will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.” (“Joint Statement from Jason Dov Greenblatt and David Friedman, Co-Chairmen of the Israel Advisory Committee to Donald J. Trump,” – Compendium of Positions Confirmed with Donald Trump – Nov. 2, 2016.)

  • bm

    Are muslims different?

    Muslims + USA = Conflict
    Muslims + Russia = Conflict
    Muslims + China = Conflict
    Muslims + India = Conflict
    Muslims + East Timor = Conflict
    Muslims + Thailand = Conflict
    Muslims + Bangladesh = Conflict
    Muslims + Myanmar = Conflict
    Muslims + Israel = Conflict
    Muslims + Indonesia = Conflict
    Muslims + Philippines = Conflict
    Muslims + Nigeria = Conflict
    Muslims + Malaysia = Conflict
    Muslims + England = Conflict
    Muslims + Norway = Conflict
    Muslims + Ethiopia = Conflict
    Muslims + Germany = Conflict
    Muslims + Sweden = Conflict
    Muslims + Burundi = Conflict
    Muslims + Congo = Conflict
    Muslims + Ethiopia = Conflict
    Muslims + Eritrea = Conflict
    Muslims + Burkina Faso = Conflict
    Muslims + Cameroon = Conflict
    Muslims + Denmark = Conflict
    Muslims + Netherlands = Conflict
    Muslims + France = Conflict
    Muslims + Chad = Conflict
    Muslims + Austria = Conflict
    Muslims + Spain = Conflict
    Muslims + Australia = Conflict
    Muslims + Belgium = Conflict
    Muslims + Lebanon = Conflict


    Non-muslims + Christians = Peace
    Muslims + Christians = Conflict
    Non-muslims + Jews = Peace
    Muslims + Jews = Conflict
    Non-muslims + Buddhists = Peace
    Muslims + Buddhists = Conflict
    Non-muslims + Hindus = Peace
    Muslims + Hindus = Conflict
    Non-muslims + Sikhs = Peace
    Muslims + Sikhs = Conflict
    Non-muslims + Atheists = Peace
    Muslims + Atheists = Conflict


    Paris attacks – Muslims
    Madrid train bombings – Muslims
    Tel Aviv bus station massacre – Muslims
    Nice stabbing attack – Muslim
    Copenhagen shootings – Muslim
    Bombings in London – Muslims
    Zamboanga City bombings – Muslims
    Jewish meuseum shooting in belgium – Muslim
    France police station stabbing – Muslim
    Beslan school hostage crisis – Muslims
    Zvornik police station terrorist attack – Muslim
    Porte de Vincennes hostage crisis – Muslims
    2011 Delhi bombing – Muslim
    Eilat bakery bombing – Muslims
    Saint-Quentin-Fallavier attack – Muslim
    Thalys train attack – Muslim
    2004 Moscow Metro bombing – Muslims
    September 11 attacks – Muslims
    2015 Chattanooga shootings – Muslims
    Gombe bombings – Muslims
    Gujba college massacre – Muslims
    2015 Sousse attack – Muslims
    2007 Basilan beheading – Muslims
    Shootings at Parliament Hill – Muslim
    Endeavour Hills stabbings – Muslim
    2006 Doda massacre – Muslims
    Westgate shopping mall attack – Muslims
    2013 La Defense attack – Muslim
    Shuvat Rachel shooting – Muslim
    2014 China stabbings – Muslim
    Abuja bombing – Muslims
    Sydney hostage crisis – Muslim
    2006 Mumbai train bombings – Muslims
    Bukidnon bus bombing – Muslims
    Little Rock office shooting – Muslims
    Murder of Theo van Gogh – Muslim
    5 attacks in and around Paris – Muslims
    10 bombs in Mahabodhi Temple – Muslims
    Christmas Day bombings – Muslims
    Kampala attacks – Muslims
    Tiananmen Square vehicle terrorism – Muslim
    Knife and bomb attacks in China – Muslims
    Varanasi bombing – Muslims
    2012 Burgas bus bombing – Muslims
    Serial blasts in Mumbai – Muslims
    Frankfurt Airport shooting – Muslims
    Tentena market bombings – Muslims
    Moscow Metro bombings – Muslims
    Paris police station attack – Muslim
    Brussels bombings – Muslim
    Dimona suicide bombing – Muslim
    2011 Mogadishu bombing – Muslims
    Kedumim bombing – Muslims
    2005 bombings in London – Muslims
    Beledweyne bombing – Muslims
    Benghazi attack – Muslims
    2008 attacks on Christians – Muslims
    Makhachkala attack – Muslims
    Palm Sunday attacks – Muslims
    Fort Hood shooting – Muslim
    2010 Kampala attacks – Muslims
    Stockholm bombing – Muslims
    Pune bombing – Muslims
    Domodedovo Airport bombing – Muslims
    2011 Frankfurt Airport shooting – Muslims
    2016 Ohio State University attack – Muslim
    Yagur Junction bombing – Muslims
    Blasts in Zamboanga City – Muslims
    Haifa bus 16 suicide bombing – Muslims
    Nice attack – Muslims
    Boston Marathon bombings – Muslims
    Ahmedabad bombings – Muslims
    Glasgow International Airport attack
    Germany train attack – Muslim
    Ansbach bombing – Muslims
    2014 Dijon attack – Muslim
    Fort Hood shooting – Muslim
    Normandy church attack – Muslim
    Berlin attacks – Muslim
    Westminster attack – Muslim
    Multiple suicide bombings in Chad – Muslims
    2015 Baga massacre – Muslims
    Stockholm attack – Muslim
    Mombasa attacks – Muslims


    Al Qaida Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Boko Haram Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Osbat Al Ansar Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Fatah Al Islam Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Lashkar-e-Taiba group Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Karama Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Ummah Parties in the Gulf Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Ansar Al Sharia Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Harkat-ul-Mujahideen Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Islamic State Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Mujahideen Youth Movement Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Cordoba Foundation in Britain Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Dukhtaran-e-Millat Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Jamaat Ul-Furquan Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Islamic Relief Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Almoravids Battalion Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Taliban Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Muslim Brotherhood Organisation Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Ansar Al Deen Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Abu Thar Al Ghafari Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Islamic Group Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Islah Society Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Haqqani network Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Tawhid Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Ansar Jerusalem Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Tawhid and Faith Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Ajnad Misr Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Islamic Combatant Group Terrorist organization – Muslim
    East Turkistan movement Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Green Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Hizbul Mujahideen Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Mujahidin Indonesia Timur Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Mujahideen Shura Council Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Aknaf Bait Al Maqdis Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Majlis ul-Shura Mujahideen Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al-Firqat un-Naajiyah Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al-Quds Army Terrorist organization – Muslim
    UAE Jihad cells Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Houthi Movement Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Jaish-e-Mohammed Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Talha Bin Obaidullah Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Saudi Hezbollah Al Hejaz Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Indian Mujahideen Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Hezbollah in GCC countries Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Sarim Al Battar Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Chechen Mujahideen Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Abdullah Ibn Mubarak Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Qaida Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Syrian Martyrs Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Badr Organisation Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Abu Sayyaf Group Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Abu Omar Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Asaib Ahl Al Haq Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Ahrar Shammar Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Hezbollah Brigades Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Sariyat Al Jabal Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Abu Fadl Abbas Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Shahba Brigade in Syria Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Youm Al Maoud Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Qaqa Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Omar Bin Yasser Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Sufian Al Thawri Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Iraqi Ansar Al Islam Group Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Ibad Al Rahman Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Nusra Front Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Omar Ibn Al Khattab Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Ahrar Al Sham Movement Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Shaima Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Army of Islam Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Al Haq Brigade Terrorist organization – Muslim
    Abdullah Azzam Brigades Terrorist organization – Muslim

    I believe this answers the question.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Their main targets seem to be Sanctuary Cities.

    • felix1999

      Nah, that’s where their RECRUITS live.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The Caliph himself has a PhD in Islamic theology. Anyone one else want a few?

  • Their loyalty to their religion always seems to supersede that to their adopted home and society, sadly enough.

  • Alleged Comment

    Everybody is being used like a stooge. From taxpayers to terrorist. It isn’t going to end well, for you, that is; – the stooge.

  • felix1999

    Do it in D.C. and take out the politicians when TRUMP is out of the country.

  • felix1999

    IT doesn’t matter what their educational background is.
    It is their RELIGION that generates this insane passion to murder unbelievers and the mythical belief they will be able to have endless virgins to torment in eternity.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Now you see why I carry a loaded weapon with me everywhere I go. Gun control is purely a political ax some have to grind which, in essence, is people control and is pointless, especially in the US with a population of over 300 million. The muzzies will find other ways to conduct murder and mayhem. Like the old American Express ads, “Don’t leave home without it”.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Don’t worry America,… we’re WATCHING THEM,….and WATCHING,… and WATCHING !!

  • Philosophy

    ‘Today’s moderate Muslim is tomorrow’s jihadi’

    Taslima Nasarin–Bangladeshi Writer, refuse to divide Muslim as moderate and radical. She is ex-Muslim and now pro-Hindu. She has witness brutality of Muslim against Hindu and that cause her to leave Islam. Her vision of Islam is more straightforward then known politician.

    There is no difference of today’s Islam and Islam at the time of its foundation, that is Islam of 8th century. Quran is unchangeable book. Islam is INTENTIONAL WAR against civilized world.

    Jews were highly civilized, they are traders and banker and scientist and philosopher, hence became first target of Islam, next came Hindu and then…Western….an example of civilization. Civilization is knowledge base life style of an Individual. We are individualist. They are collectivist. We are objectivist they are subjectivity. We are lover they are hater….. They are in reversal.

    They are success in achieving their aim, not because of their strength but generosity of civilian people.
    It is already late, they have achieved what is needed to destroy civilization. But what ever their achievements, their ideas and beliefs are without intelligence. they depend upon our weakness of mind and intention. Their idea lack knowledge. They live blind emotion; of hatred. only.

    What we need to do ?

    We should know that ‘knowledge’ is our power and they are enemy of knowledge. We should integrate our knowledge and unite to destroy ‘Islam’ there is no point now in counting events, as how many join as IS militant.

    We can withdraw their citizen, we can withdraw their right to earn lively hood….we must stop trading with them and and we should be victorious. We are nation, they are just gang up, gang of followers. We must not give them chance to earn and or collect money. As money is tool of civilized world. They are without money. First thing, do not allow Mosque and their Imam to preach Islam in your land. Do not allow them to meet in Mosque. As mosque is their war house.

  • Mack Pooh

    Too many armchair experts and know-it-alls.

    Fact: there are no moderate muslims. There are no liberal muslims (however, there are liberal muslim puppets in American government). There are no conservative muslims.

    Islam must be destroyed in its entirety. From birth to elder, they must be eternally exterminated. All men, women, and children must go. Period!! No bleeding heart or second guessing.

    Fact: befriending a muslim is the worst nightmare one can have. They lie, they manipulate curcumstance, and they portray a mutual friendship.

    This is a detrimental falsehood. As an eyewitness to a “FRIENDLY Shiite” shooting two U.S. Soldiers in the back, they cannot be trusted. There is a movement, supported by the likes of John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, to allow muslims who served along side American and allied Soldiers, to be allowed to enter the U.S.

    There is no use, on a global scale, for islam or its muslim constituents. Unless they stay put in their own region, they must be exterminated, completely. No matter the country, stop appeasing “the right and human thing to do”. Most importantly, stop being the bleeding heart christian as yiu are thee target of islam……

    • rickyoo

      Brilliant comment! Extermination is the only answer. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. They all read a book of lies and praise a disgusting murdering pedophile. However western some appear to be, when push comes to shove their allegiance will always be to their make believe POS somewhere in the sky having been brainwashed from birth.

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