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[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Berkeley Cancels Free Speech Week: Casus Belli

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Napolitano: Berkeley “Free Speech Week” to feature “controversial and noxious ideas”

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim bus driver charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old disabled girl

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Oklahoma Muslim: “I felt oppressed so I beheaded her…That’s what Allah said in the Quran”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Vanity Fair: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s Fyre-Festival Free Speech Week Is Canceled, Says Everyone but Milo”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Czech President Zeman: Islamic Refugees are a Trojan Horse Phenomenon

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Belgium: 119 Islamic Institutions Investigated for “Extremism” in 2016

[ September 22, 2017 ]

In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

Germany: Mother shopping with children THROAT SLASHED, STABBED TO DEATH for leaving Islam


Der Spiegel is reporting that a young mother had her throat slit and was stabbed to death while grocery shopping with her children for converting out of Islam.

Merkel imported millions of these devout savages. This woman’s photograph should be on posters at every Merkel campaign rally.

AFDI bus campaign refused by US cities:

Die Abendzeitung München: (translation Nash Montana – thanks to GoV)

Prien: Mother stabbed to death in front of her children!

A horrible crime shook idyllic Prien on the Chiemsee: On Saturday a 29-year-old Afghan man stabbed a 38-year-old Afghan woman. She succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.

Prien — It all happened about 6:45pm in front of the Lidl grocery store in Prien. The 38-year-old woman was about to shop for groceries with her five-year-old and eleven-year-old children, when she was attacked by the 29-year-old. In front of the children the man stabbed the woman multiple times.

Although a policeman who coincidentally just passed by couldn’t prevent the crime from occurring, he was able to detain the attacker with the help of other shoppers, despite the attacker’s massive resistance. The heavily injured woman was brought to the hospital immediately, but she succumbed to her injuries that very evening.

The woman’s two children had to watch it all. They are now in the care of a crisis intervention team and have been brought to a safe location. It is not clear yet what relationship there was — if any — between the woman and the man.

The Rosenheim police team are now investigating.

The follow-up article from was translated by Egri Nök:

“Stabbed her in the head and cut her throat”

After the brutal knife-murder in front of Supermarket: Prien is shocked

After the knife-attack in front of a grocery store in Prien, where an Afghan (29) stabbed a compatriot (38) to death, flowers and candles line the boardwalk. The small community is torn between mourning, anger and maypole festivities.

Update, May 1, 2017, 9.35 AM: At request of the office of the district attorney of Traunstein, an order was issued to place the suspect in a locked mental institution.

Prien — incredible scenes Sunday afternoon in Franziska-Hager Street in Prien: passers-by gather on the Lidl parking lot and cry. They are visibly shocked by the knife-murder on Saturday evening in the open street.

“It was incredibly shocking!”

One women from Prien was just about to go shopping and was standing at the reverse vending machine, when a commotion started in the parking lot, and the situation escalated suddenly as if out of nowhere. “I heard panicking screams like ‘He’s got a knife, he wants to kill her!’ It was terrible. A brave citizen, I don’t know if it was the policeman, tried to intervene and to save the woman. Blood was everywhere, it was incredibly shocking!” The woman from Prien looks at the boardwalk in disbelief, rearranges the flower vases that the wind had pushed over. “I will never understand that something like this could happen on the open street in broad daylight.”

A young firefighter also still can’t grasp it: “We removed the blood stains from the street in the evening,” he says, his voice faltering. He had difficulties sleeping and suffered nightmares. “If you think about how small Prien is, and even so something like that happens here, it is incredibly sad. People don’t really dare to leave their homes anymore!”

“Stabbed her in the head and cut her throat”

Friends of the firefighter witnessed the terrible scenes. According to them, the suspect was initially sitting on a bench, opposite the entrance to the grocery store. From there he attacked the woman as if out of nowhere when she was just leaving the supermarket with her two children. “He attacked her from behind, stabbed her in the head and cut her throat. Then he kept stabbing his victim as if her were in a trance. An incredible cruel, bloody deed!”

Prien on the Lake Chiemsee is torn: on the one side, mourning, despair and shock, on the other side high spirit at the maypole celebrations.

  • The five pillars of izlam.

  • Muhammad is clear about what to do with apostates: kill them. This crime is squarely on his head and all who subscribe to his religious cult. These it no such thing as a non-terrorist Muslim.

    • Liatris Spicata

      I disagree that there is “no such thing as a non-terrorist Muslim”. While the ideology of Islam is indeed steeped in terror, not all Moslems share that inclination. Reza Khalili, an apostate from Islam who risked his life to provide information about the Iranian government and author of the excellent A Time to Betray, noted that when he was growing up, he understood the militant expressions of Islam in a “figurative” way. Possibly he took in the way I take, Onward Christian Soldiers.

      Oh yeah, and by the way, the hadiths about killing the apostate are “weak hadiths”, according to some Moslems, at least when they are addressing kaffirs. How can a hadith from Bukhari, virtually the gold standard of reliable hadiths be considered weak? Well, just between you and me, ole Liatris has always been a little out of his depth when it comes to theological matters.

      You, along with many others here, fail to appreciate the attachments that some people retain for their ancestral faith and cultural moorings, even if they no longer subscribe to a particular belief system, or even if they do, as for example, practicing Catholics who use birth control.

      • There is no wiggle room in this. Islam is explicit. If you’re a Muslim then you either believe in terrorism or you don’t understand your own faith.

        As far as “weak hadiths” are concerned, I’m reminded of Jim Carrey in “Liar Liar.”

        “Your honor, I object…on the grounds that it’s devastating to my case!”

        • movingwaters

          I do understand what you are saying. Islam is explicit. There are some “cultural Muslims” who do not hold to the teaching just as there are plenty of “cultural Christians” who have never really been born again into God’s Kingdom.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Yeah and there were cultural nazis too, but you didn’t notice them standing up to hitler did you?

          • movingwaters

            As I said, I really do understand where you are coming from. I am no defender of that demonic religion. There are a few people who are Muslim by virtue of growing up in a Muslim country, but who do not share a belief in the barbaric practices of the religion, nor teach their children to do so. I guess they can’t be but so outspoken in Muslim areas because that will get you killed. In some of the worst parts of the world, like Pakistan, there have been Muslims killed for defending Christians against persecution and standing up for their rights. The percentage is small, but I can appreciate what they do. That said, I am well aware of the history of Islam. I am against the Progressive led Islamic invasion of America and the West. Anyone that read my posts would know that.

          • Pray Hard

            As long as you’re still equivocating, you ARE a “defender of that demonic religion”.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Exactly. His position is as morally retarded as defending nazism because there are some peaceful nazis.

          • movingwaters

            You clearly lack any Christian discernment at all. Islam is a demonic religion, and I have said so many times. It draws people who want permission to do evil. So I am not equivocating. When a member of that tyranny seeks to do good for a Christian, or becomes part of the harvest of former Muslim souls coming to Jesus as Lord, I do rejoice. I am not ashamed to be joyful when brainwashed people receive the light of truth. I just want to do that over there, not over here.

          • Pray Hard

            What f*cking difference does “some cultural moslems” make?

          • movingwaters

            A “cultural Muslim” would be similar to a cultural Christian I suppose; someone who identifies with the prevailing religious belief without ever really studying it, or having genuine belief. I can’t believe all you people who have seen my posts here for years, and ought to have a clue as to where I stand. I am no leftist, nor an apologist for Islam. All I said was there were a FEW Muslims who have aided Christians who were being persecuted, or spoken out against their persecution. It is not common, and frequently results in their death. I am just as much against the Islamic invasion of the West as anyone here. But if you are unaware of the fact that many Muslims are seeking God and being saved by Jesus it will not ever occur to you to pray or contribute to their receiving the true Gospel. We are in a spiritual battle even more than the physical onslaught from Satan that you are reading about every day. Our politicians will make sure this comes to your neighborhood. I would learn to pray hard, and lose the “f” bombs. In the Old Testament we see where God allowed even more wicked peoples to wreak havoc on His people Israel when they would not allow themselves to be corrected from their sin and apostasy any other way. God has been good to America, and we have turned our backs on Him. Our greatest protection, beside guns, is repentance of sin.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “Muslims who have aided Christians who were being persecuted…” Enumerate specific examples.
            BTW, I don’t give a FFF if mulums publicly denounce anything about their faith or the actions of their fellow muslums — because lying is sacralised in their damned, dumb, Jew hating death cult.

          • movingwaters

            We had a death yesterday, and I don’t have the time or desire to enumerate. The examples I speak of were made public; some very public. Kindly Google that info.

          • Kenek

            moving- you are either a moslem or a trained dhimmi and have no moral or factual defense for the atrocities committed in the name of your dirty hateful cult. go back to sharia land where you can experience the full benefits of your sick cult. you are not welcome here, you immoral satanic blasphemer.

          • movingwaters

            wrong on both counts. I am a born again Christian, a Constitutionalist, and hate not only Islam, but Communism, Fascism Progressive Secular Humanist stupidity, every fake religion, and every lie of the devil that keeps people bound to Satan and blind to the glory, the brilliance, the mercy and love of Jesus as he was so willing to suffer and die to raise our eyes to that Cross for our salvation. That is what offends some of the people here, such as yourself. The FACT that there are some Muslims who do choose to kick the devil out of their lives and be transformed by Jesus seems to bring out demons in some people here. Why? Do you just hate Jesus or do you believe that no Muslims can be saved? The Bible is very explicit that there will be people from every tribe, nation, ethnicity, etc. who will be willing to throw off their sin nature and spend an eternity in the presence of God. Muslims aren’t even the hardest people to get saved. And right now many Muslims in the ME are fleeing their demonic religion because they see ISIS play act the Quran every day. What the USA, NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Mossad meant for evil in creating ISIS, God is turning to good.

            I really wonder what is wrong with you people. You think I’m the devil because I am glad people leave Islam and totally change as people because of Christ? I don’t want them over here or in Europe. I wouldn’t be tolerating their crap. But you people that call me names are as lost as the Muslims you hate. Pitiful.

          • Kenek

            If you are saying that the enemy is islam and not moslems, then I agree. moslems who are brave enough to convert or just stop practicing islam are not moslems and are subject to the punishments promised in the koran and hadith (usually death which very popular in islam.) BTW Christianity is not the only place they go, many also become atheists. The problem is that it is impossible to be sure. the real danger is not islamic terrorism, that is obvious and easily dealt with. the real danger is having your society infiltrated by a huge percentage of “moderates” who are intent on making babies and studying the koran. any simpleton can see what happens to the host country when the islamic minority begins to vote in block. it has been happening for 1400 years.
            Churches that sponsor islamic “refugee” men of fighting age to the west for the sake of some government funding should lose their tax-free status immediately.
            I have no use for stupid governments and people who prefer to take a moslem family over a Yadizi or Christian family, even if the moslems “might convert”. Start taking moslems after ALL Yadizidis and Christiaqns are removed to safety since it is these same moslem “refugees” who rape and murder the kuffar dogs. They are well within their rights under islamic law to rape and murder non-moslems.
            don’t think for a second that the hundreds of thousands of young fighting aged men and 35 year old “boys” who are invading the west are “fleeing islam”. if you do then go have a party with them at one of the many kuffar-friendly refugee camps.
            (better not)

          • movingwaters

            I completely agree with everything you just said. We are on the same side. Left wing people accuse me of being hard right, and right wing people accuse me of being a Leftard all the time. I am no dhimmi.I do like for people to take Jesus up on what he paid for so dearly. Many of the Muslims who convert were given dreams and visions of Jesus, and heard Him. Some of them are doing great exploits in his name despite great danger. These are Christians like you don’t tend to see around here. To my knowledge, this work has been going on in Christian supported refugee camps in the ME, not in the Progressive run refugee centers in the West. They won’t even separate and protect the Christians in Europe. And you are certainly right about many Muslims also embracing atheism. I can understand that, and hope they get to hear the Gospel at some time. God bless.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Can’t prove your point eh liar? Maybe you should look up the commandment about not lying or bearing false witness.

          • movingwaters

            The person that did die yesterday was a friend of the family that I don’t believe was saved. I did not lie. and it is very hard to consider that someone you know may well be in hell for eternity. Kind of like how I feel about most of you.

            As to your insistence that I prove anything to you; who in the hell do you think you are? Are you now able to do any independent research? Someone from ISIS was saved and is now preaching the Gospel to others at the risk of his neck. I cannot remember the names of the various public figures, including politicians and human rights lawyers, who are Muslim but who were killed for standing up for the guarantees granted Christians in their own Constitutions. I am particularly thinking about Pakistan. But I do not remember their names, and don’t have time to find out. In fact, I just came to the computer to order parts. Perhaps you should consider the commandment about bearing false witness since you claim I am a liar. Some of you folks are as sick as the Muslims. You disgrace Pamela Geller’s stellar reputation for truth and honor.

      • Hardrock

        While not all Muslims are actively terrorists, a large percentage support Jihad against the west. And there are those that are terrorists, the soldiers and there are those that do support work without being identified as participants. They are people that do things like raise money, house terrorists prior to an attack, provide training or simply write letters advocating for Muslim rights. And to be true, if you’re an apostate, then you’re technically no longer of the Muslim faith and that’s why they want to kill you. And it almost seems as if you are equating violating Catholic edict involving birth control with the atrocities committed by members of the Religion of Peace. I just know one thing, Islam is the epitome of Evil, period.

        • Pray Hard

          “While not all Muslims are actively terrorists”

          How is saying that going to help you when the pressure cooker bomb goes off next to you and your family? Stop equivocating.

          • movingwaters

            I notice that you accuse everyone of equivocating with the same ferocity Democrats proclaim one to be a racist if they have the slightest difference of opinion. You act like a tyrant. I have several stacks of monthly journals from organizations that help persecuted Christians.I probably know a lot more than you. I hate Islam, but rejoice when Muslims do hear the Gospel truth, receive salvation, and dump their demons. You brand me as a pansy assed equivocator. Pray hard: You need to pray hard to get saved so you don’t end up in hell with all those Muslims and their globalist scum friends. It is possible and even easy to be prepared to take down a terrorist, politically fight the Islamic invasion of your home, and rejoice over those Muslims who do receive a sort of Saul of Tarsus change of understanding. Some of the boldest and most courageous Christians in the whole world were former Muslims who got radically saved. I applaud and support them. I bet Pamela Geller would, too. She is not at all hateful. But some of her readers act like anything less than full bore demonic hatred is equivocation. You make no distinction in your disgust between leftards inviting murder into their neighborhoods and someone like me. What is wrong with you?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            If a f’ing muslum converts to Christianity then they aren’t a muslum anymore hawse hole.

          • movingwaters

            No, potty mouth. They are called “Muslim Background Believers.” They are in great danger everyday, yet many do great and courageous exploits in the name of the Lord. While you busy yourself seeing how stupidly you can come off on the internet, they busy themselves doing Kingdom business. There are MBB’s strategically witnessing and changing their world through the Word and the work of the Holy Spirit. It appears that you are not born again. You seem entirely focused on what Satan and his stooges in world governments are doing. But you don’t have a clue what God is doing. So you cuss me because I do. You would do well to show respect for God and have some concern for your eternal destiny. The person I told you about that died yesterday: that was a total shock. That person is way younger than me, and did not know that would be her last day on earth. Sudden, massive bleeding stroke. If you don’t want to spend eternity with Soros, Obama, and Hillary + a billion Muslims, consider apologizing to God. For sure you could start with your foul mouth. This is my last comment to you. We were not on opposing sides. But I am losing respect for you the longer you talk.

          • Hardrock

            You seem to like the word equivocating, you had to use it with movingwaters. It must be a new word for you when you really don’t have a point to make but want to launch unjust criticism. You seem to be unable to determine who is on the same side as you and who isn’t. Your statement to me about the pressure cooker bomb and standing next to one when it goes off. There is nothing anyone can say that will help when that happens, you must have sat upright with pride when you threw that statement out, how bold of you, such virtue. I look forward to other nuggets of wisdom you care to bestow upon us less knowledgeable.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Not all nazis were violent, that didn’t make them good people.

      • shirley versace

        there may be moderate muslims… there is no moderate islam. It is in principle a radical, violent cult

        • Pray Hard

          “there may be moderate muslims”

          In your dreams.

          • shirley versace

            yeah… that is a fair point. I don’t trust any of them.

      • Pray Hard

        Why are you still equivocating? You don’t belong here.

      • mypat623

        We in America sometimes call ourselves “Cafeteria Catholics”. Some, (not all) pick and choose which rules we follow. Your example of birth control being one of them.

      • Jerry Dobson

        For it being such a weak hadith it’s remarkable how many Islamic countries have such harsh apostasy laws and enforce them too.

        • movingwaters

          That is certainly the truth. I wish America would stop giving aid to such as Pakistan and other monstrous nations. Our new budget funds enough of their border security to get a good start on our wall, which is not going to be funded.

    • Karalparker

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      • Pray Hard

        Didn’t I meet you in a whorehouse in Cotulla?

      • Mitzi Renee

        Would you give me $2000? I need to pay off my credit cards. Sorry I can’t work for it, my fingers are sore.


      IF ISLAM can be claimed as a ‘religion’ then so can……CRIME!!!

      • Mitzi Renee

        it’s a satanic sex/death cult that spreads like a virus.

        • EMIRCITNA

          …..among gullible damned fools!!!

    • Älter und weiser

      The fundamental problem is that Islam is a religion of violence. When a secular muslim becomes more devout, he become a threat to society. There is no reform possible. The Germans have only themselves to blame. They voted and will continue to vote for that fool. Merkel, Sie sind ein Narr. Sie haben Deutschland ermordet.

      • Bill Huff Sr.

        Ja Bestimmt. Sie ist Narr auf erste Ordnug !

  • Poppey

    The truly dangerous consequences of these attacks {apart from those for the unfortunate victims} is the response they generate in people when they read of them – a shrug of the shoulder followed by a ” so what can I do “.

    This is the situation in Egypt, Lebanon and now anywhere in a European country or even America.

    When we submit to the polite norms of civilised behaviour by letting the police / government ” deal with them ” we surrender our outrage along with our ability to do anything ourselves which is understandable because MORE force will be brought to bare upon us by the authorities than the offenders if or when WE take the law into our own hands to protect ourselves.

    It’s this ” heads they murder us and tails we keep getting hurt” that gets to me. Is there a politico anywhere who understands this is one way we lose our humanity and civilisation altogether because those who can prevent these things see reasons not to ?

    Only by comparing the crime figures for any area from 60, 70 or 80 years ago with today’s can we measure how far we’ve fallen in terms of security and quality of life, then just study who is doing what to whom and when did such people arrive. If the figures don’t generate positive changes when they show cause and effect, what will?

    • Pray Hard

      At least you’ve caught on.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “Prien is shocked” How stupid can germans get? They have incidents of muslims murdering each other, and total strangers, they keep bringing in these retarded muslims from countries known to have severe mental retardation among the population dues to multi generation inbreeding. There is evidence that western europeans are as inbred and retarded as any third world islamic sewer.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      They’re not stupid, they’re lying stupidly.

      • Kenek

        stupid means you are proud of your ignorance, yes liberals the world over are stupid. the only cure for a stupidity is death.

  • Dow Jones

    Merkill will be more despised than Mr Hitler ever was, if the German people ever wake up from this ISlam nightmare. That Europeons and Germans imagine themselves to be living in democratic countries is funny beyond belief. How can an ex STASI current NSA GESTAPO meat puppet like Merkill destroy a country without being arrested and locked up is proof that Europeons are just as enslaved as their USSAN cousins.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Isn’t it nice how the “news report” never mentions pislum or muslums once? Because a f’ing muslum is killing someone who had the courage to leave the damned, dumb, Jew hating death cult and that is the prescribed punishment for leaving islum means it must have nothing to do w/islum.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    The dummkopfs received plenty of warnings :)

  • gia

    This will continue to happen do these citizens not understand this is normal behavior for Muslims?
    The Muslim isn’t crazy he is just being Muslim it’s what they can expect to continually happen in broad daylight and in the dark, any time, any place, anywhere. As long as muslims reside in their country.
    There will be zero safety! No peace of mind .

  • skipsart

    Placed in a mental institution? Hell, He should be shot by a bikini-clad female firing squad with pig’s blood soaked bullets.

  • I’m sick and tired of this bullshit excusing of “but not all mozlems”. At this point, why should we fucking care? One thing is clear, islam is a savage, bigoted backwards ideology. If Christianity was met with same apologetic stance centuries ago, we’d still be burning and drowning witches in Europe. But Christianity reformed and while it’s still a religion, I have no problem having them around. Not so much with muslims. The worst Christian can say to an atheist is “I’ll pray for your soul”. Wow, so much violence! Things like this murder were unheard of here in Europe and now 2 years after we let in masses of these savages, they are the norm. But yes, do please tell me how islam has no part in this when you import millions of muslims of which almost none are actual refugees and majority are freeloaders who think west will hand them over everything because they are fucking brown and when it doesn’t, they resort to same behavior they have in their own countries. Which are not dumpsterfires for no reason…

    • suqsid4

      Christianity was never at fault for the deviances that misrepresented its tenets.

      But unlike Christianity, Islam aims to inflict suffering.

      • If you just compare Jesus and Mohammad, you can notice a very distinct difference. I don’t remember Jesus being a warlord who converted people into his religion through trails of corpses. And that methodology to gain islamic followers hasn’t really changed since then. It’s convert in fear from death or die. And once you join, if you leave, you’ll also die. Those are the teachings of islam. And if you deny those, then you aren’t really a muslim. But they love to make islam one and the same. They say it doesn’t represent the violence, but at the same time, it is the violence. They can’t seem to quite make a decision what it is. What’s clear is that it can’t be both. Either denounce and demand a reform or stop pretending it’s a peaceful religion. If you have to constantly say it’s a religion of peace while people kill others in the name of it, then it clearly isn’t a religion of peace. Christianity doesn’t have that problem, their behavior speaks for themselves. The crazy outliners really are just that, because no one really likes them. I’m not seeing that trend with muslims who cheer after every terrorist attack in the west and only few condemn it. It’s pretty much the reverse of how Christians behave. We’ve actually come to a point where atheist is using Christianity as an example to show how bad islam really is. That alone should make people think what all is wrong with islam…

        • suqsid4

          Well said. And atheists are indeed idiots.

          • Care to elaborate on the second part?

      • Kenek

        A person who correctly follows Christian tenants is a respectable, generous, productive kind person.

        A person who correctly follows islamic tenants is a dangerous, hateful, evil, homosexual pedophile, rapist murdering piece of vicious filth. this person emulates the “perfect” life of of the illiterate lazy fatherless necrophiliac called mohamed.

    • Pray Hard

      I’m simply amazed at the number of pansy-assed equivocators here. And, even though I think you get it to a high degree, you still brought up Christianity.

      • I’ve brought it as an example how things can change if people want the reform. Sure I’d rather see there were no religions at all. NONE. But we all know we’ll never be able to get rid of them…

  • RayG1

    Islam is the perfect religion, in the minds of it’s deluded followers. In the last 1500 years, Islam has spread only by violence and conquest. What you are seeing in Europe and many other places in the world is but a continuation of this conquest. It’s not open warfare, as in the past, but violence and intimidation is still very much a part of their methods. The murder of this woman for daring to reject Islam is a compelling example of this. If Marine Le Pen is elected as Prime Minister in France, watch the open warfare that will erupt there. Europe has strict gun control, including France, but the Muslims will be well armed. Like everywhere else, gun control just prevents good people from defending themselves. If anyone had a concealed carry gun, while watching this woman get killed by the Muslim nutcase, she might have been saved.

    • Pray Hard

      It is open warfare, we’re simply too cowardly leftist to call it out. I say “leftist” because since the 1960’s leftism has permeated EVERYTHING and we reek of it. Simply look at the number of equivocating comments on this article about Islam/moslems.

  • Pray Hard

    “I will never understand that something like this could happen on the open street in broad daylight.”

    Then, to paraphrase Pris, you’re stupid and you’ll die.

  • Pray Hard

    Pick a side, equivocators.

  • karl59

    Islamic weakness is shown by its inability to let people leave it.


    ISLAM is a VERY DANGEROUS IDEOLOGY that affects Muslims, mentally, to harm non-Muslims thus MUST be BANNED within civilized countries;….NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

  • Stephen Honig

    I’m surprised German nationalist hasn’t declared a fatwah on Merkel.

  • Metatrona


  • Москалi, геть з Криму!

    Why is Pamela saying “THROAT SLASHED, STABBED TO DEATH for leaving Islam”? It doesn’t say anywhere in the article, that the victim has “left Islam”.


    That witch Merkel has so much Blood on her hands!!! May she burn in HELL!!

  • Kenek

    “a young mother had her throat slit and was stabbed to death while grocery shopping with her children for converting out of Islam”

    so what? sharia law is the goal for liberals everywhere. This is islam, get used to it.
    Thank a liberal today.

  • Kelly Reilly

    can’t say that I care….she has kids who will wander back to this hellish place of belief….Germany for Germans….WHITE GERMANS….Muslims need to return back to their hell hole

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