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Former Muslims Slam Facebook for ‘Disrespecting’ Islam By Shutting Down Page


A group of former Muslims — an anonymous group — issued some scathing criticisms against Facebook after the social media site shuttered a page about Islam on the basis it violated community rules.

Several Arabic-based atheist pages were also shut down on Facebook, according to the group of anonymous former Muslims.

The group is comprised of ex-Muslim Australians.

And they say Facebook shut down the page and left thousands of its followers in the cold.

Now, they accuse Facebook of “disrespecting” Islam, the Australian reported.

From the Daily Mail (thanks to Jihad Watch):

“‘Restrictions to these platforms would be overwhelmingly damaging for ex-Muslims who are too afraid to go public with their views due to the taboo of leaving and criticising a religion,’ a spokeswoman for the group said.

“Pioneers of the ex-Muslim groups have condemned the social media giant for censoring content and filtering the type of information available to users.

“The pages exist for ex-Muslims to denounce their former religion and band together with other previous adherents of Islam.

“Anti-Islamic pages ripped from cyberspace include the Ex-Muslims of North America page – which soon resurfaced – and a page called Mufti News which parodied Muslim news.

“Several Arabic-based Atheist pages were also shut down on Facebook, the group alleges.

“Administrators of the pages have asked Facebook to reconsider its community guidelines to allow for a more diverse conversation on the Islam faith.

“However dozens of ex-Muslim groups and pages remain visible on Facebook, including the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, Ex-Muslims of Norway and Council of Ex-Muslims of New Zealand.”

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  • Suresh

    Did you know Like facebook , twitter, now even Google has joined Islamofascist gang

    To censor conservative and Anti-jihadi news to push the islamisation agenda of the Left/Liberal/jihadis funded by saudi/qataris.

    Now patriots are being hounded for speaking against jihadi criminals like in UK

    • knightsstrength

      Google is slowly falling apart as a good search engine, with less content found.

  • knightsstrength

    When will people learn to move away from Facebook, Twitter and use other

    These ex-Muslims, Atheist could probably list their sites with other sites that are anti Muslim of just join in

    Listed a few sires below that could list ex-Muslim site if asked

    Websites run by moderate & ex-Muslims

    Index of sires left side of page

    Recommended Websites


    What kind of shabby journalism is this? You are portraying the group as being pro-Islam, yet the exact quote from the Daily Mail reads ““The pages exist for ex-Muslims to denounce their former religion and band together with other previous adherents of Islam.”

    Yet you say “Now, they accuse Facebook of ‘disrespecting’ Islam, the Australian reported.” Where? How?

    Your piece makes no sense. Please review the facts and put together something that is understandable.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Be more open minded, your rather narrow approach is not indicative of an educated person.

      • CORMAC___NJ

        “Open minded”?? To what? Contradictory information in media? NO.

        I pointed out that the article says two things that are mutually exclusive. It’s not a “narrow approach,” it’s a straight-forward question. And as far as indicating an educated person, I don’t think I want to do such a thing. “Education” now means leftist indoctrination, which I am not any part of.

        Seriously, your comment is stupid.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Seriously, you are stupid, actually I would go so far as to say you have the mental agility of a democrat. Learn english… o wait a second, you are reasoning like an idiot, that would make you a muslim. My mistake, it iso hard to tell you apart from idiots.

          • CORMAC___NJ

            I am neither Muslim nor democrat. You could tell that if you look at any other posts I make. And I still don’t see any reason you don’t understand what I originally said.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Taqiyya, your comment is, as you say, “stupid”. Just because you don’t understand something does not mean others are as ignorant.

          • CORMAC___NJ

            Then YOU explain it. I’d like to hear your explanation of the inconsistency I mention.

            You’re trying to disagree with a neutral statement! I’m just trying to clarify a confusing representation of info, as an editorial comment. It has nothing to do with “agree” or “disagree.”

            Sheesh, you people just love to have conflicts, don’t you!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are the one being presumptuous, how can there be any logic or reason when you assume far more than the facts justify?

          • Deanna D

            I was wondering the same thing…. how can fb be disrespectful of that belief when the body of the article is about ex members of that belief?? Unless, by just having anti Islam pages n groups makes fb disrespectful ?
            Some groups whine about everything !!!

          • Sick and Tired in Ohio

            YOU need to learn English: Democrat (capital D); English (capital E) ; not ‘like’ but ‘as.’ ‘o’ is for poetry, ‘oh’ is for essays; Muslim (capital M); YOU seem to be the fool, Mahou!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Look stupid, capitalization denotes respect, which is why those words are not capitalized, sick and tired in ohio. There is no doubt, you are a presumptuous stodgy relic of a past that never was.

      • Sick and Tired in Ohio

        An open mind indicates an educated person? CORMAC is making a rational judgement. Are you implying that you are a superior, educated person?

        • Mr Paul Middleton

          Yes CORMAC makes a rational point. The two threads in the story conflict with one another. An ex-Muslim site that exists to DENOUNCE ISLAM is hardly likely to claim the removal of their page amounts to DISRESPECTING ISLAM! If this is what has happened, the article here should recognise the contradiction within the article as presented, and then preferably offer some explanation of how it could come about. This story’s headline is precisely why I came here, just to see how the apparent contradiction resolved itself but seeing the contradiction was unrecognised in the reporting, I am very surprised because it’s most untypical of the usual high standard of reporting on Pamela’s site. It makes me wonder if they’re trying someone on the articles desk that isn’t up to the task.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          If you have to ask, you would not understand the answer. Go figure. Open minded people are often excessively that, resulting int heir brain falling out, did that happen to ewe? How may degrees do you have?

    • Sick and Tired in Ohio

      1) Facebook shuts down a site that is anti-Muslim and is operated by former Muslims. Right? 2) Then it is claimed that the former Muslims say Facebook disrespects Islam? CORMAC is correct- the statements contradict each other.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    face book is a crock of fearful submission and grovelling compliance to islam. It is a total waste of time to look at it. The constant attempts to direct opinions and there discussion are an embarkment to civilization. face book should change its name to ass kiss book with a big “halal” trade mark on it.

    • Eileen Ross

      I wish that people would realize that facebook, and now probably all social media, is just another form of government spying. Come on folks, wake up!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Very true.

  • Neva

    I don’t respect Islam, a cult of death and hate!! You are the Devil’s pawns for the purest of evil. I hope and pray most of you get out of Islam and become human beings!

  • Jack

    Demanding respect is the true sign of an absence of respectability.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Respect is earned, not demanded.

  • Lucius Angelius

    Please do use instead of Facebook. I’m from Finland and nowadays we can’t use the word NEEKERI (Negro, black person, usually in friendly fashiont) in Facebook, as it brings instant ban of 1..3..7..14…30 days… It’s both fun and also sad. The Neekeri (black nice person) word has been use in Finland since creation of Africa, I’ve been in school in 1990, and the Alphabet book still says there N like Neekeri… In 2000 there is no negros in our alphabets… Bit scary, like Orwell 1984, yes? =)

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