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Double Murder Suspect Gets 364-Day Sentence, as Judge Saves Him From Deportation


Talk about a travesty of justice. A double murder suspect, Bampumim Teixeira, was given a 364-day sentence by Judge Lisa Grant. Why so little?

So Teixeira, a green card holder, wouldn’t be deported.

Immigrant Charged With Killing Two Boston Doctors Sentenced To 364 Days, One Short Of Deportation

Daily Caller, May 10, 2017:

An immigrant charged Monday with the grisly murder of two Boston doctors reportedly had years earlier burglarized the same bank on two separate occasions and received 364 in jail days as a result — a sentence just one day short of legally justifying his deportation.

Suspect Bampumim Teixeira entered his not guilty pleas from the comfort of his hospital bed.


But true.

Why wasn’t the suspect deported?

Suspect Bampumim Teixeira is accused of murdering two doctors, pictured above — Richard Field, 49, and Lina Bolanos, 38.

Here’s the take, from the Daily Mail:

A man accused of killing two engaged doctors in their home and writing a ‘message of revenge’ on their wall has been charged before a judge at his hospital bedside.

“Bampumim Teixeira, 30, was charged with two counts of murder as it emerged he used to work as a security guard at the luxury complex where his victims lived.

“He got access to their $1.9million (£1.5million) apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, and allegedly slit their throats before trying to steal a bag of jewelry, police say.

“Dr Richard Field, 49, and Dr Lina Bolanos, 38, were murdered after Teixeira, who is originally from West Africa, burst into their penthouse on Friday evening, police say.

“Teixeira, who was shot in the hand, abdomen and leg in a shootout with police, entered two not guilty pleas from his hospital bed at Tufts Medical Center.
“Judge Michael Bolden ordered Teixeira to be held without bail and court-appointed defense attorney Steve Sack did not argue for bail. His next court date is June 8.

“Teixeira is originally from Guinea Bissau and immigrated to America with his aunt at an early age, according to the Boston Globe.

“Dr Field was born in Hammersmith, West London, and graduated from the University of Sheffield’s Medical School in 1999. He lived in Broomhill during his time in the city.”

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  • hosquatch

    Did I miss something? Where is the evidence supporting the claim in the headline?

    • ron44

      wondering the same..


      The headlines are referring to the previous crimes he did robbing a bank, that was what was the meaning of the headlines. I read it in another blog from yesterday. Of course true to form with the current crop of so called journalist, they write for sensationalism rather than putting all the facts in an article. Very poor reporting and writing.!!…..

  • Bob Trahan

    I don’t believe this crap. This has got to be fake news. No judge has that type of power.

    • MaireBee

      It’s BOSTON, my friend. Believe it.

      • Bob Trahan

        Thank you MaireBee.

    • Mos Def

      yeah they do in the States. A judge can sentence how they feel at any given time…….and nothing we can do about it, either, except to try to impeach the judge.

      • Infedel48


      • Bob Trahan

        I really didn’t know this. I wonder what our laws mean to these idiots. Thank you for the information. Sounds like someone needs to talk to this judge behind the barn.

      • M.D. Blake

        Right, and there seems to be no will to even try to impeach any of these big swinging d,,,, I mean judges. Headline is so misleading, the “sentencing” & the murders have NOTHING to do with one another. I rather doubt the judge for the murders is the same as the bank robbery judge. Terribly written article.

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    Time to hold those protecting this Vermin responsible. Let them face the same charges and pay the same price as the one who did it!

  • Andrew Zimmerman
    • MaireBee

      You can leave out the unnecessary foul language and still make your point, thank you.

      • Halal Bacon

        political fucking correctness is where this came from in the first place duh!

        • Erica Ling

          There’s a difference between P.C. inanity, justifiable expletives and gratuitous name calling, which is usually due to laziness / lack of knowledge.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That is the fucking problem, appearance is more important than the message. This stupid donkey dance of whitewashing everything is only the realm of the lame stream media.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        If you don’t like, it, ignore it.

    • Erica Ling

      Nowhere in the Mail article is Pamela Geller’s headline justified. 1) The murders were committed on Friday 5th.? He can hardly have been tried and convicted, never mind SENTENCED for that crime in 4 days. 2) The previous bank heists , 2014 and 2016 involved threats, with no gun in evidence ? for which he served 9 months. This is the only site I found which corroborates Judge Lisa Grant’s motive for 364 day sentence–for armed robbery. He had a green card. Note she also gave a rapist bail—- to commit another rape. NOTE. I provided all this data without one expletive . You should try it sometime. Good luck to Mr. Trump, in getting rid of illegals and green card violators.

  • Michael Gann

    I am guessing the extension to his green card, if there is one, is to keep him here for trial…but I dont know what is going on with this,, and most of the posts are all over the place concerning info…

    • Erica Ling

      Every paper I’ve read on this , needs an interpreter ! They jump from the doctors to the perp., then back. One wrote a sentence which sounded like the doctors shot the perp., then stated they were bound and dead. Sloppy. The 364 days referred to Judge Lisa Grant’s “humanity “after his two bank heists in 2014 and 2016, to prevent him losing his green card. Aint she a darling liberal ( expletive deleted.) ? Much admired —

      • Esme

        There are 2 Judges named Lisa Grant, you are referring to the incorrect one, Einstein.

        • Erica Ling
        • Erica Ling

          Can you explain your unique method for differentiating the one from the other ? Both were Derval Patrick appointees. 2014. Lisa Anne, was in private practice, Mass. U. grad, Suffolk U Law School, works out of B.M.C. Lisa Ann ? 50, man. director Commission for Public Council Services since 2012, Boston College Law School, works out of Dorchester Div. Boston M.C. Please enlighten me.

  • lajaw

    They gave him only 364 days in jail for two armed robberies, to avoid him losing his green card and be deported. Now, when found guilty of murder, he must swing from the gallows.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Why does a criminal need a green card to commit robbery and murder?

      • Wayne Buchholz

        It’s like having a get out jail free card, if he was a citizen they would have given him live or at least 30 yrs. This is where we need to have more control, Judges should not be able to write new laws from the bench or twist the laws that we on the books now to fit their political views! In my opinion Judges like this one should be disbarred and put in jail for braking their oath of office and using their office to cover up crimes………..

        • Mahou Shoujo


  • pelermon

    What planet is this on ???

    • InterNette

      The New World order, liberal running rampant planet.

  • MaireBee

    He was recently released from PRISON and employed as a SECURITY GUARD???? So happy I don’t live in lib Boston! They are NUTS..

    • Speak the Truth

      If the articles I read are correct, he has a history of committing TWO bank robberies.

      What is now obvious: If he had received an appropriate sentence for his first bank robbery, followed by deportation, the second bank robbery and double-murder would never have occurred.

      If he had received an appropriate sentence for his second bank robbery, followed by deportation, the two doctors would still be alive.

      Lesson learned: Our judges are playing games with our safety/lives.

      • Steve E

        We used to hang bank robbers. What the hell happened to that? Lets get back to punishing those that tread on others in our society. Get a rope!

      • Nelson

        Bank robbery is a federal crime, so Obama’s DOJ was asleep at the wheel as well for not prosecuting this P.O.S. and getting him out of the country.

        • Laverne Davis

          They weren’t asleep at the wheel. That would indicate that they weren’t aware. They were VERY aware. Our destruction is their goal.

          • Sebastian

            Ridiculous. More like the USA’s destruction is just oh well collateral damage to Trump if it increases his bank account.

          • Laverne Davis

            Oh, please.

        • felix1999

          Obama recurited CRIMINALS to come here and REJECTED Christians. Remember that German homeschooling family he wanted DEPROTED because Germany banned homeschooling ? They weren’t on the dole. They had money but because they were Christians, Obama wanted them out. They got lucky. The conservative Press reported it and it became awkward to be so obvious for the deportation.

      • Juanita

        Charge the judge!

    • sally

      He robbed a bank in 2014 and wasn’t caught. Robbed the same bank in 2016 and was caught and confessed to both. He worked as a security guard between the two robberies and once arrested, was terminated from his job. Went to prison for just under a year and got out last month.

  • Juan Doroteo Carrio

    Boston…another city run by Democrats for 60 years

    • Ron Cole

      Give Ďem∅-fëcålƨ the Garden of Eden and five years and you will get a filthy garbage dump with running fecal matter.

  • Floridian

    Liberals are America’s worst enemies, bar none. Pieces of trash like Bampumim Teixeira are in this country only thanks to liberals letting them in.

    • Dave Quilty

      The judge Lisa A Grant as reported on WRKO Boston by Jeff Khuner, sentenced him to 364 days as 365 would have triggered Green Card deportations proceedings. So the judge deliberately set a lighter sentence to avoid deportation.

      • Floridian

        Liberals are obscene.

        • Catherinemsherburne

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      • Dorrie

        Activist judges are EXACTLY what America needs to get rid of! When they can’t rule on the side of America, instead of terrorists and/or illegals, it’s time for them to GO!

  • Infedel48

    The judge can’t sentence him until he is tried and no he WONT be deported you think you can commit murder here and get a paid ticket back to your jungle ?
    He’ll be in prison the rest of his life if he doesn’t get death.

    • Nelson

      No “death” in liberal Massachusetts … unfortunately.

    • Susan Briggs

      They were talking about his previous conviction for Bank Robbery.

    • Erica Ling

      Or judged mentally ill.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    An IV push of 50 cc of KCl would save the taxpayers a heII of a lot of money.

    Ditto for “judge” Lisa Grant.

    • KimWilde

      10cc’s of oxygen into his IV will do the job cheaper.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Nice if they held his trial in Arkansas.

  • Nelson

    If this guy is being held without bail and next court appearance is June 8th, how could he already have been sentenced to 364 days; unless the article refers to a previous conviction?!? Story is not well written.

    • Susan Briggs

      Previously committed 2 bank robberies.

  • john

    everyday more lawlessness is growing, led by the immoral left corrupt government officials and judges.

  • I think it’s only a matter of time before fed up citizens begin carrying out swift vigilante street justice. You can’t expect law-abiding citizens to put up with this kind of injustice forever. Something’s gotta give…

  • crackerhack

    Who’s paying for his million dollar medical care. Ding ding ding!…. You guessed it. WE ARE!

  • Susan Briggs

    Citizens of the US need a recourse. If our elected officials promote “Sanctuary Cities” they need to be held accountable for death and destruction caused by those that are given Sanctuary. The officials are taking responsibility for them and their actions. They should be sued.

  • Laverne Davis

    No matter who says so….that is not a judge. She obviously is incapable of doing her job.

    • Erica Ling

      The luvvies love her, obviously. I’ve linked her colleagues’ praise further down.

  • Noel

    I wonder what hospital he is in?

    • sally

      Tufts medical center in Boston

  • DancerTiffy

    Perhaps somebody in prison can give him the proper punishment: Death.

  • santashandler

    Wonder how judge Lisa Grant feels now. She should be disbarred and charged with aiding in his crimes.

  • j. shulman

    Pamela, if he were deported, he would no longer be prosecutable for the murder offenses.

  • Laurence X. Odhner

    The disgusting judge in this case should be disbarred immediately. By and large, judges are failed lawyers who couldn’t make it in private practice. Nevertheless, the title “judge” goes right to their heads, and they act as demigods.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Two useful hard to replace members of society were murdered by a worthless visible minority, who’s only contribution to society will be making it a better place when he dies.

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      That’s the problem, saw a lot of it in my old city. Many of the rare, productive, good people killed, by the worst, useless and irredeemable. The ratio of good to bad is very fragile as it is, allowing such killings to go on could crush civilization.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is time to start killing them first. Not the ideal solution, but on the short term, an admirably practical one.

        • Dorrie

          It IS ideal! And that’s because it saves the state the money to put them on trial, then support them in prison for years!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There is no value in trying to rehabilitate muslim terrorists, they are, for all practical purposes, lobotomized.

  • ianleech

    Poorly written and confusing headline. Structure people, structure!

  • ianleech

    Luckily for Bampumim his case was heard by a recent Deval Patrick appointed judge named Lisa A. Grant. Judge Grant is woefully under-qualified for her position. She has spent her entire career as a criminal defense attorney which means she’s almost always going to side with the criminals. Before being appointed she was serving as the managing director at the Committee for Public Counsel Services. In other words, she helped out asshole criminals like Bampumim at the expense of the taxpayers.

    • Esme

      There are 2 Judges named Lisa Grant, you are referring to the incorrect one, cuntknuckle.

      • sally

        No – Lisa Ann Grant out of Dorchester court. Ian leech is correct!!!!

    • sally

      I found a court record on Judge Lisa A. Grant where there was a jury trial. The man was found not guilty of B&E, but was found guilty of “possessing burglarious instruments” (a crowbar). She sentenced him to 2 and a half years, and ordered him to serve 1 year, and the rest be suspended. So possession of a crowbar is worthy of a year in prison – vs. – two counts of bank robbery is worth 1 day less than a year. She needs to be removed from the bench!!!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    If they are arrested for anything that threatens public safety, they should be subject to deportation.

  • chuckabunch

    Are there any mechanisms for recalling judges? This one needs to be relieved of her post severely!

  • chuckabunch

    Too bad they weren’t relatives of the said judge………….

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    A story of two immigrants. An English doctor who was a top anesthesiologist, loved by both his patients and staff and responsible for protecting and saving lives. A subnormal savage from the nightmare so-called ‘country’ of Guinea-Bissau who TWICE tried to hold up banks and got a slap on the wrist and permission to murder perfect strangers for no reason whatsoever.

    • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

      Oh yes, and just found out that he is a MUSLIM.

  • NickFortune

    I think the judge should serve part of his sentence.

  • TRex

    Is it possible that the judge took one of a few necessary steps towards the more appropriate punishment? Maybe this first step is intended to keep him in the USA for the next 364 days because a 365 day + sentence would immediately qualify him for a free-walk deportation. Second step might include further trial, charges and a prosecution resulting in a much more severe penalty that does not qualify for deportation.
    I don’t know MA law so knowledgeable input will be appreciated.

    If Judge Lisa Hunt’s sentence is the max penalty this guy can get under MA law then she should lose her job for not getting rid of him via deportation.

    364 days might look like a good risk reward ratio for any immigrant thief who wants “make a killing” by targeting wealthy victims.

    • sally

      The article is poorly written and doesn’t accurately tell the story. He robbed a bank in 2014 and wasn’t caught. He robbed the same bank again in 2016 and was caught, and confessed to both. He was here on a green card, which if he was convicted of a crime that put him in prison for a year or longer, it would allow ICE to detain and deport him upon release from prison. Judge Lisa Ann Grant decided to sentence him to 364 days in prison. This would not subject him to ICE scrutiny under Obama’s directives back a year ago. Judge Grant has a history of siding with criminals and giving leniency. She’s a former defense lawyer. Her leniency also includes rapists whom have re-offended. She needs to be removed from the bench!!

      • TRex

        Thank you for the clarification Sally. I do wish the articles on this site were deeper in depth.
        How do citizens get rid of a judge at her level? Must they just vote for a replacement at the next election! Anyone ?

        • Dorrie

          She might be an appointed judge, rather than an elected one. If so, there might not be a way to get rid of her. And America’s problems have mostly come from ACTIVIST JUDGES, legislating from the bench, rather than upholding the law!

          • TRex

            Thank You Dorrie . Maybe Jay Sekulow team can take this on.

    • Lynn D

      Does MA have the death penalty???

  • ButchforTrump

    Liberals are the worst enemy America has and this trashy judge was probably dating the killer

  • Cosmic Mastermind

    Not so fast, do we want him deported or sent to prison for murder? If he is deported than there is a distinct possibility that he will either be (a) immediately set free, or (b) killed in custody – and he hasn’t been found guilty yet.

  • Michelle

    he should be executed..end of story as trash like he is, do not deserve to live

  • Paddy O’Connor

    Sad.Sad Sad. As a young Irishman I worked in the George ,Hammersmith Broadway in the early 60’s where undoubtedly the victim of this terrible crime may have been a customer or a passerby. Now his productive life snuffed out by a useless Mohammadan rat.
    RIP. Sad.Sad.Sad.

  • rebaaron

    Why doesn’t the prosecutor appeal the light sentence?

  • felix1999

    DEPORT him. He shouldn’t even be here.

  • Sherylon Forbes

    They need to fire the f…… judge another illegal and another scum bag getting away with murder hope he drps dead

  • stan


  • Alleged Comment

    This is about the second time I hear a Negro security guard go crazy and destroy beautiful innocent lives. The first one a negro raped this beautiful young girl when she went to use the bathroom after hours in an office building.

    • Ichabod Crain

      You know what? You try so hard to insert that word “negro” into every comment, I think you are a negro who despises himself.

      • Alleged Comment

        I am sooo GLAD you caught on. What I am really trying to do is point out THEIR racism and everyone once in awhile a guy like you catches on.

        Although, in an obtuse manner.


    One bullet, a mere 35 cent expenditure , and the cost of care and justice would be served. Convert him to worm food and feed the weeds!

  • James Stamulis

    It id this kind of crap that caused me to leave Boston where i was born and raised. If this POS had killed my family member that judge would need 24 hour protection for i would make her pay dearly!

  • william carr

    He is held awaiting trial there is not way he will get off with a light sentence after murdering two people

  • Patriot Girl

    Huh! Boston it figures.. its become a hot bed of radical Muslim savages.. they’re everywhere.. and we have a republican governor who is really a demoncrap.. he hasn’t put the brakes on any sanctuary towns or cities and is allowing the importation of thousands of these African Muslims into my great state.. first invasion of 30 years illiterate Latinos now illiterate murderous Muslims.. it’s clear what they want to do.. this case is just so sickening but on par with how these 70 percent IQ geniuses think.. rape rob murder.. disgusting!

  • Patriot Girl

    Ps my property taxes went up 800$ last year to help fund these scumbags! Ain’t it great?!?

  • Pyro

    I’m having a difficult time understanding this. The suspect was merely arraigned, from his hospital bed. There’s been no trial, so I’m a wee bit confused as to how the judge could “sentence” him, especially since his plea was not guilty

    • robscottw

      Its in the Daily Mail story –

      Teixeira had previously been convicted of two counts of larceny, for passing notes demanding money from the same bank in 2014 and 2016.
      In June 2016, he visited Citizens Bank in Boston dressed in a white shirt, black Fedora hat and sunglasses.
      He slipped a note to a female teller requesting she hand him the money or he’d ‘shoot you and everybody here now.’
      The woman handed him $212 (£164) in cash and a dye pack of money, the value of which she did not know.
      He was arrested a month later after police tracked him by monitoring his Transit Charlie Card which led them to another building where he once worked for Palladion Services.
      There, a doorman told them that he called himself JJ and that he no longer worked for the company.
      Teixeira pleaded guilty to both counts last year and agreed to be jailed without the possibility of parole, serving nine months in jail before he was released in April

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • Albert Von Speers

    Murder the middleclass and sanctify the black killers!! Sounds like a great plot

  • Mack Pooh

    Blacks. Obama. AIDS. Muslims. Illegals. Islam. Reid. Blm. Clinton. Toilet bowl residue. Kerry. Lynch. Pelosi. Traitors. Holder. Manning. Hollywood. CAIR. Athletes – college and pro. Susan Rice. Lavant. Al qaeda. ISIS. Liberal democrats. Congressional black caucus. ACLU. Garbage cans. Berghdahl. Cancer………..


    • Dorrie

      NO difference. At the end, it all spells D E A T H for them and those who trail after them!

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