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[ September 24, 2017 ]

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Donald Trump Threatens to Stop Holding Press Briefings


President Donald Trump, frustrated by a biased press comprised of members who seem all too willing to attack him all the time, threatened in a Friday tweet to stop holding conferences for the media.

“Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future ‘press briefings’ and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???” he tweeted.

Again, he called out the fake news media.

And he blasted the mainstream media — the “Fake Media” — for going above and beyond the normal work day to churn out what he characterized as hit piece reports.

From the Huffington Post:

“At first, the White House claimed the president had acted on recommendations from the Justice Department and that the decision was not related to the FBI’s probe of the Trump campaign’s Kremlin ties. But just two days later, Trump admitted that he’d been considering firing Comey since before he took office and that he did make his decision partly because of the Russia investigation.”

Of course, the Huffington Post would be characterized by Trump as fake news in and of itself. All along the campaign trail, and even as Trump assumed the high office, the Huffington Post tacked on an editorial note to each and every story that mentioned Trump’s name to say, with scathing viciousness, Trump was a misogynist and sexist, possessed of other derogatory traits, as well.

The Huffington Post ultimately halted it practice — well in Trump’s White House service — but also said it reserved the right to start tacking back on the editor’s note, should the president show himself to be needful of the scolding.

So Trump’s threat?

Well, here’s a thought: he’s still got Twitter. He’ll very likely get his thoughts and words out to the American people, with or without the mainstream media.

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  • Suresh

    Trump is Right . This is not free press but a anti-American propaganda tools who lie , mislead with half truths and mutilate facts to abuse President.

    Did you know Like facebook , twitter, now even Google has joined Islamofascist gang

    To censure conservative and Anti-jihadi news to push the islamisation agenda of the Left/Liberal/jihadis funded by saudi/qataris

  • hAAngarpilot

    Mr. Trump, why do you even waste any time with the Fake News media. I think you should write them off as a bunch of worthless dolts, discontinue any conversation with them and stay focused on doing what you do best, getting things done that will make America Great again.

    • KitteeK

      Hear hear!!. They are not worth mentioning. Wish he would stop tweeting anything too.

      • Drew the Infidel

        I rather enjoy the tweets. They are his method of circumventing the media and making them irrelevant, which they simply cannot abide.

        • KitteeK

          Well your opinion, and your right to air it. I find the tweets and DT immature and very disappointing myself. But the times have changed due to social media, and maybe I being middle-aged now, haven’t caught up yet, if I ever do?

          • Drew the Infidel

            I may have you bested there. I’m retired.

          • KitteeK

            Thankfully we are all diverse! Friends Drew?

          • Drew the Infidel

            You betcha.

          • KitteeK


  • Poppey

    President Trump of all people should not lack confidence.

    I agree with the complaint, the established press hates him and his agenda so much he could walk on water and they would still complain about his display of “elitism” if he did.

    No, my motto is don’t give your enemies a weapon with which they can harm you, he should do what he says, issue statements or bulletins, they can only debate those, they’re on the back foot for once.

    When you remember who is doing the complaining and fake news stories, and then draw the link to some of those ultra hard left Universities and city councils with their Obama agenda, it pays to also remember the old saying, “when you get the flak, you know you’re over the target”.

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. I received a retweet from Rosie O’Donnell where she told Trump he did not realize the trouble he was in for firing Comey. I replied with a paraphrase of the Lizzie Borden poem: President Donald took an ax, And gave Sally forty whacks. When he saw what he had done, He gave Comey forty-one.

  • Why

    My question is simply this – Why isn’t any member of the mainstream media ever beaten up?

    • J Ian

      LOL………. very good question…….

    • santashandler

      They are protected by a ‘lower’ authority…….

  • JacksonPearson
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    • Bro. Nick

      aka – Bureaus of Dis-Information

    • Rob Porter

      The vile U.S. media now surpasses by considerable distance even the disgustingly spineless, morals-destitute, politically correct and cowardly Canadian media that says almost nothing when the disgusting prime minister restores citizenship to returning Muslim terrorists who served ISIS and other Muslim savages groups, and will grant Canadian citizenscheit to a Muslim who was part of the Islamic ‘Toronto 18’ who planned to murder thousands in Toronto, even attempt to decapitate then Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In any normal society such action regarding citizenship would be regarded as incomprehensible, utterly disgusting, and greeted with widespread outrage, but no, the silence is deafening and the insanity inevitably will continue.

      Nevertheless, for sheer vileness the U.S. media now has few if any equals. Like that of Canada, a sense of moral outrage has mostly deserted the American media and society, both societies long ago regarding it sophisticated and clever to reject the Judeo-Christian values that, faults and all, brought coherence and the common values that brought sanity. With this largely gone, the once United States has transformed into an incoherent, hate-filled and intolerant mess, liberals and leftists now just a disgusting lower form of life. Conservatives had better unite, stand strong and make sacrifices to hold the nation together while liberals and the left endeavour to destroy the nation. God only knows what they imagine would be a superior alternative.

  • Julia

    No offense, but Trump put himself in an incredibly weak position. This shows serious misjudgement. He also may, or may not be far too deeply involved with Russia. His properties certainly have recieved a lot of financial infusions of cash from oligarchs close to Putin, and that’s a matter of public record.

    • Jeff Ludwig

      Where will I find this “public record?” Cash from oligarchs? How much? When? Where? Is it affecting his ability to govern? Are you suggesting he was bribed? To do what? When? Your statement is just fluff.

      • Julia

        Those deep studies from the Financial Times. Thats not fluff.

        Now, debatably, it’s really not so bad to be allied with Russia. They’re fighting Jihadists, just like we are. The cold war rivalry is really out of date and a waste of time for both Great Powers.

        But it opens up a weakness, by which trump might be brought down. Personally, I’m not a fan of his judgement, nor his self control. Debatably we can easily soldier on without Trump. I’m liberal leaning, feminist, and I hate Jihadists, because unlike so much of the left, I’m not naive about them, and I know the lethal threat they represent. Me and the new lesbian head of the AFD probably have common politics.

        The real problem about trump is he’s probably got the LEAST personal value system and concience of the 2016 slate. Mike Pence, theocrat though he is, would probably be better, because at least he’s got a consistent values system, even though I don’t agree with parts of it. If Trump’s a Russian stooge, it’s only a matter of time until he gets brought down, as there are so many people who want to do just that. Then everyone who shares parts of his cause, but not his operational method will have to deal with the fallout… like saying Yay OK Let’s have more 3rd world male immigration..

        • Julia

          I guess my point is this. The forces of the Deep State arrayed against trump are powerful, sophisticated, experienced, very intelligent and they play for keeps. Trump should stop acting like he’s on celebrity apprentice or a reality TV show… you know.. “Go put on something pretty, you should be happy i’m pinching your #@!#, go make coffee, girl.” . These idiots seem to act like it’s 1955 and they’re the lord and master of their own fiefdom.. wait a moment.. that’s how it works half the time in the corporations they run.
          Trump needs to get a brain and get smart. Myself, I’d have hired a good law firm, and said very little. The real deal is how much you can deny, or claim is a reasonable “misunderstanding”. Trump is honestly a moron, and that, is a liability to the fight to keep the west free.

        • RalphB

          First of all the article you linked was from, of all sources, the Daily freaking Kos — and that article claimed to be based on a study that claimed to be based on research by the Financial freaking Times, the propaganda arm of the Global New World Order — i.e. all the central bank bosses and financial operators that run the Global Economy. Your article links to the Financial Times website but not to any of the purported studies that ‘prove’ Trump is compromised by some connection of some person in some part of some business deal in which one of his businesses had an interest that might possibly have had money in it from some Russian oligarch who therefore must be paying Trump to betray America for profit. Uh-huh…

          Suppose you just point me to the actual Financial Times studies — I’ll make my own judgment on how incriminating the facts are without the help of Kos & Co. C’mon give me the links!

        • Jeff Ludwig

          Thank for the reply and article. The article was interesting and your reply was more than reasonable. I appreciate both. The article details wheeling and dealing with various Russian business folks, but I don’t see how any of the items remotely infer or point to his campaign team colluding with “Russians” to impact our election. Also, of the items in the article, the most recent one mentioned was some “deal” in 2013. So, while I am aware than any billionaire is playing games that I wouldn’t play, I don’t see any likely connection with those deals contaminating his campaign. Further, the Dems have been fishing for months, and there isn’t one piece of hard evidence, not even one email with a Russian “oligarch” hinting at collusion. Nonetheless, as I said, the article made interesting reading. As far as Trump’s “immaturity” in handling some of these issues, I would agree with you. But on the other hand, he is being attacked day and night by his foes every time he burps So, he would be running to an army of lawyers if he took that “smart” response route. Wouldn’t you perhaps see there being something candid and refreshing about his not lawyering up in the face of such radical and intense criticism even though a wiser and more practical person might do so?

          • Julia

            Thanks. I appreciate that. Given enough time, I could probably dig up the Financial Times links too – but honestly, I’ve got a life outside here :)
            I guess my point is this. It’s not an unreasonable statement to say that Trump probably has some kind of Russian link – whether or not that’s impeachable material in the eyes of a Republican Congress is anyone’s guess His honesty, – and I do believe he’s actually sincere in “trying to make things better” IS refreshing – but the “Roger Alles, I’m the boss, you have to do what I say and excuse my obvious boorishness” is not – But now, he’s going on about some “tapes of comey”.. My point is this – the forces arrayed against him, the Deep State, the NWO, or even just well meaning Democrats – whatever you want to call them, play for keeps. Most of us here on the left are veterans of all the mud that got thrown at the Clintons, and also realize that some Republicans have been trying to win the Culture war (and possibly create a theocracy- although the more time passes, the more doubtful I believe that to really be) using any tactic for a long time. Or in sort, we all fiddle while Europe burns, to some very real political correctness gone absolutely crazy and lack of will to do anything about it.

            Trump needs to be careful now. REALLY careful. Or, if he can’t , find someone to be careful for him. Or, really, if he’s that corrupt, impeach him and replace him with Mike Pense, who, even though as a feminist, I don’t really like, I think is more than capable of a muscular, traditional-conservative response to the threats now facing us.

            I hope he gets through it somehow, actually, because we need a crazy, muscular madman at the helm, to make our point clear. Just – he really needs to learn to think smarter -or find someone else who can, and find the humility to tolerate that.

            Re: Daily Kos – Well, I read Brietbart, Jihadwatch, Barenakedislam, Gatestone, and Atlas among others. And I’m a leftist feminist. All news is biased and I prefer a composite opinion. Admittedly, perhaps I’m a strange breed (today – just wait until tomorrow..) but, yes, I also read the more traditional “left wing” news sources – ie slate, ect. All news is slanted, and it doesnt’ take a mysterious international conspiracy for people to simply be committed to their political positions and what is right and wrong. I prefer to think “outside the box” – and am capable, after – well, the ENDLESS rapes, just as one example, of realizing, yes, indeed islam is savage patriarchy in it’s truest form, and highly oppressive. Before Mike Pence’s little handmaid’s Dominionists, there was the Iran revolution, and Islam has merrily been doing it for 1400 years. I just “apply feminist criteria objectively – insert logical conclusion.”
            I’ve often wondered about the NWO. Either they’re very stupid has been hippies re-living the social consensus of the 1960’s endlessly (see Andrea Merkel), or.. well, they’res something diabolic and awful going on. Personally, if that is the case, I don’t subscribe to population replacement. Would that legendary illuminati-templar-mason-NWO be truly stupid enough to sabotage their power base? Or is it a case or Ordo Ap Chao- in short start enough bullshit in Europe to justify WWIII and all its horrors, using Europe’s Islamic cultists as kindling. Personally, I think *IF* they do exist it’s B) and Denver International Airport and it’s murals are almost bond-villan esque.

        • J Ian

          Mike Pence a Theocrat? Interesting. Please post the link to legislation Proposed by MikePence that violated the Establishment clause of the Constitution – (waiting)

        • Deplorable Kulak

          The article only referred to the FT. The author is from the “Daily Kos” — a total far left wing propaganda rag; I wouldn’t believe a word.
          The bankruptcy rate of Trump’s businesses is relatively low as far as entrepreneurs go.
          He owes NO money to “Russian oligarchs”. He has NO Russian investments. He did sell a multimillion dollar U.S. property to a wealthy Russian… so what?

      • Kook of the East

        Just block her or hit the down arrow on her comments.
        Just another fool.

      • J Ian

        Trump, like every Presidential Candidate, was required to file a COMPLETE FINANCIAL STATEMENT, with the election board. CASE CLOSED. GAME OVER. #MAGA

      • Deplorable Kulak

        Not fluff but shiit.

    • J Ian

      Russia? Oh Please. Not that propaganda again?? go away.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    The attacks on Trump have been non-constructive criticism. Rather there has been no end to ridicule and pouncing on his every decision as though it were a bullet from hell. It is disgraceful to see the hysterical tone taken by the media and the Democratic leadership as it mounts a daily offensive against the President. These are laughably stupido people who predicted Trump’s defeat by a landslide. Now they want us to believe their polls that he is unpopular. No. What is really apparent to all of us is the vengeful, hysterical, and intemperate character of the opposition…people who believe that saying so makes it so. Trump may make mistakes but when everything is depicted as a mistake, then all lucidity and balance disappears. Those of us who support him are forced to support everything he does, because balance becomes a mere ideal, not an everyday possibility or reality. As a teacher and writer, I have spent my life from college onward seeking logical, reasoned, balanced, and thoughtful reviews of events, and have never seen the public square as devoid of these qualities as they are today. Frankly, even Chuck Schumer’s facial expression is changing as he becomes more hardened and wicked looking every time he steps in front of a camera. His voice becomes more nasal, his eyes are not open as wide as before, and there is tension in his cheeks and on his lips. How long will this go on until the breaking point comes?

    • Mountain Trails

      Conservatives acted the same way toward Obama. Criticizing everything he said or did. Same old boring tactics on both sides. That said, I would never ever have supported preventing Fox News from asking questions.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is no point in talking to the lame stream media, they are dumb as posts when they aren’t outright lying. A website with questions and answers is good enough for the likes of the incompetent press.

    • Mountain Trails

      So you are okay with Trump only telling you what HE wants you to hear? Why? You know the way Trump exaggerates his accomplishments. So why let him and the White House completely off the hook by never letting anyone ask them a question? We do not live in a dictatorship. Even if you love Trump he and the WH should have to answer questions. He works for us, not himself.

      • so,

        Trump tells what he accomplished, or is still trying to, PLENTY of ways to verify his statements on unemployment drop, job growth, vet care, immigration reports, etc., it’s all easily found and i’ve NEVER had to tune into a lying MSM EVER to find anything unless I’m looking for a good laugh at the unhinged & truly hateful left

      • Mahou Shoujo


  • santashandler

    Trump should make it difficult for any media who does not respect the office of the President. They are all acting like little children because he won and they didn’t get their girl Hillary in office. Too bad. She lost. He’s in. Get over it. Perhaps if, before every press briefing, the administration conducted ID checks, finger printing, photo taking and other screening methods to those previously hostile media members, they might get the message that their methods are not welcome.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Though a WH press briefing has its merits in a democratic society, once the lamestream media attempts to pervert it to its own purposes, it is time to go another direction. Making the media a footnote instead of the feature attraction has merit also. Don’t forget that the daily press briefings are the #1 show on daytime TV also. The media can be painted into a corner of their own making, if and until it learns how to conduct itself.

  • Scott Fenrisúlfr

    @ POTUS – The “Press Briefing” is an out-of-date mechanism designed to promote the president’s programs and gain citizen support for those programs – today is is nothing more than “boxing match” between the MSM and WH!!

    If it were me I would transition [as fast as the programmers can get it done] from a “physical press briefing” to a cloud based WH Briefing Center – almost everyone has a smart phone and computer – Start with WH and expand as quickly as possible to having all departments of our government represented in the Briefing Center.

    Thence – as it is developed – short citizen responses can be added – like twitter restricted to 180 words – computer will delete foul language, or polls can be taken on proposed programs – and the citizens can in do course have their say, and get real time information

    MSM would be out of the political business inside of two years

  • Looks like the libtards won.

    Starting to worry about Donald. Sure, stop the press briefings. Who cares?
    Just saw a headline that Tillerson signed some kind of climate change document. Donald fires the guy investigating Russian ties. Donald has backed off somewhat on Obamacare, the wall, Muslim ban, etc. He has libtards like Ivanka and Jared in the White House. There are even rumors he may quit. It’s disappointing.

    • Mary

      Sorry you’re fake and passing on untruths

  • Cancel the press briefings. Close the briefing room. Clean out the press lounge. Scour the floors, walls, and chairs. Give back Tom Hanks’s donated $2,000 coffee maker. It turns out the press corps is composed of filthy people who won’t clean up after themselves. But, that comports with their “news” reportage.

    • freewoman

      heard that from cernovich too.

  • knightsstrength

    Shiuld not hand out any briefings, but post it in mail to the respectable newspapers without Whitehouse envelopes, just Newspapers address and from different mail boxes

  • Maranatha

    I have never seen the need of these briefings…
    Also take off CNN’s accreditation to visit federal buildings.

  • Mountain Trails

    If Trump only tweets out his accomplishments then he doesn’t have to answer to anyone over anything. He would control the message completely. That is not a good precedent for ANY politician. And certainly not in America. Obama, Clinton, Bush or Trump all work for us. I want them held accountable, not putting up a wall of pure spin between themselves and the American people.

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