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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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[ October 21, 2017 ]

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DNC Quiet on Vice Chair’s Full-Throated Defense of Pro-Sharia Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour #CancelSarsour


There will be a huge protest against this sharia supporting hatemonger on June 1, Join us – RSVP here.

People have already taken to the streets.

Video “Questions for Linda Sarsour from Assemblyman Hikind”:

“DNC Quiet on Vice Chair’s Full-Throated Defense of Anti-Israel Activist,” by Brent Scher, Washington Free Beacon, May 2, 2017:

The Democratic National Committee has yet to comment on a statement from its recently elected vice chairman that he would “respond directly, consistently, and with all heart and soul” to any criticism of anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour.

Michael Blake, a New York state assemblyman who was elected DNC vice chair in February, spoke out in defense of Sarsour amid growing concern about the taxpayer-funded City University of New York’s (CUNY) decision to invite her to deliver its commencement speech later this month. Sarsour is a leading voice in the anti-Israel movement and has been accused of anti-Semitism.

“Making it real clear,” Blake warned on Twitter. “If you keep coming after @lsarsour, we’re going to respond directly, consistently, with all heart and soul. Fall back!”

It is unclear whether Blake’s intention was to make a statement of support for Sarsour on behalf of the DNC. Blake and representatives of the DNC did not respond to numerous requests for comment.

Sarsour has emerged as a leading activist for the party in recent months despite applauding violence against the Jewish state. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) celebrated her as one of the “suffragists of our time” in Time magazine last month.

Not mentioned by Gillibrand was that weeks earlier Sarsour had shared a stage with Rasmea Odeh, a fellow anti-Israel activist and convicted terrorist who is responsible for a bombing in Israel that killed two young students. Sarsour said she was “honored to be on the stage with Rasmea.”

Also unmentioned by Gillibrand was that Sarsour once said she felt “hurt” when Iraqi war criminal Saddam Hussein was captured by the United States, that Sarsour has called children throwing rocks at Jews “the definition of courage,” or that she recently said Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a victim of female genital mutilation as a child, doesn’t deserve to be a woman and should have her vagina taken away.

Sarsour also said this year that it is impossible to be both pro-Israel and a feminist.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat who serves alongside Blake in Albany, says he thinks his party is “committing suicide” by turning a blind eye to the radicalism of figures like Sarsour.

“Linda Sarsour has a soft spot for terrorists; it’s plain and simple,” Hikind said. “Her remark recently that you can’t be a feminist if you support Israel, why isn’t everybody yelling about this? That’s outrageous.”

“The Democratic Party, to a great extent, is committing suicide,” he said. “When you don’t do the right thing in reaction to the Linda Sarsours of the world, then you are no better than Linda Sarsour.”…

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  • Inspector Clouseau

    Total and complete wogs have taken over the Democrat party. As a conservative, I wish to than the DNC for it’s on-going stupidity, racism, gender-warping and general vitriol and violence that shows what they are …. We win and will continue winning so long as the scum of the multiculti world continues to call the shots.

    • Pray Hard

      Cenk Uygur is a terrorist and a maniac. He’s part of the, if you will, “intellectual” jihad. He’s a member of the Dr. Oz, Maajid Nawaz, Reza Aslan, Zudi Jasser, et al, Club.

      • Drew the Infidel

        That Zudhi Jasser creeps me out. He pivots from having been an LCDR in the Navy to stealth jihad. Counterfeit bastard.

    • Suresh

      All Pro-jihadi have free run thanks to saudi/qatar funded admins , professors who brainwash kids.

      While conservative views are banned like this recent case

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  • Pray Hard

    Linda Sarsour is a f*cking terrorist. Why the Hell is that so difficult to see?

  • Pray Hard

    “Fall back”? F*ck you.

  • Ron Cole

    Has the D&NC unveiled its new theme/hate/song?

    May we suggest the Ʞʘmëᴚadƨ Ĵåɱë$ τåӰl∅ȑ & lurch’s great hit “Death to Amerika” or “Kill0 them pigs 0 Ira ira”?

    My Greart Grand Chirrens think ꟽëȵdӱ Davis’s ditty “Burn babty burn” is catchy.

  • DistantEarlyWarning611

    Democrats <———- Today's Nazi Party.

    • Speak the Truth

      Today’s Democratic party is composed of Communists, Nazis, and Fascists.

    • Steve

      Throw liblamic in there.

    • Ayna

      America is the trendsetter and leader on countless fields, but this new-nazi movement started in Europe, as usual.

      Greetings from Europe.

      You want to know what awaits America when these new nazi’s get the power: just look at Europe under siege of the islam.

      • DistantEarlyWarning611

        I am aware Ayna and many of us here in the States are paying close attention to this invasion you’re going through and we are sickened by it. This cult is surrounding and invading all aspects of Western Civilization today thanks to the Globalist Progressives.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If war the democrats want, and apparently they do, they will assuredly get it, then lose. Telling others to “fall back” to the forces of hatred bigotry, ignorance, social democrats and the filth of islam is an idle threat, Enough is enough. The streets will sparkle with your teeth. There will be more than genital mutilation on the streets. A feminist can only be a fool and a muslim.

  • Joe Schmoe

    He’s a typical Black Mooselimb, America and Jew hating lowlife

  • Dennis

    This article concerning comments made by a low life state assemblyman, should be received by right thinking and reasonable and responsible people as privileged free speech, while we simultaneously appreciate that his commentary is consistent with his anti-Semitism and his failure to understand that people like Linda Sarsour represent everything that a patriotic American recognizes is dangerous to our freedom loving society. Though I, for one, fear that our failure to deal with the inability of those of the Islamic persuasion to assimilate and accept what being an American is, because I believe that the promotion and preaching of their so-called superiority over everything non-Islamic, and their continuing lack of rejecting what they refer to as Jihad, is a poison that we cannot allow to metastasize, something that I am seeing happen when I observe those out there who will not allow people of different opinions the right to speak, or refuse to stand and state our pledge of allegiance and are foolishly accepting of politically correctness, when to do so is un-American, etc.. We all must understand that we are American’s first, and if we believe in any religion, or do not believe, we must place our Americanism before any belief system, and I just do not believe that those who support Islam and promote its hate of everything non-Islamic are welcome additions to this country. I believe that anyone failing to accept the “AMERICA FIRST” attitude forfeits their rights to enjoy the freedom that this society offers them, and they need to live with those who likewise are failing to accept that responsibility wherever they can find safe haven,

    • jjeffs63

      Let’s not forget a “low-life state assemblyman” became our 44th president. His words won’t matter as long as he has a (D) after his name.

  • wildjew

    Mahmoud Abbas (approx. 43:18): “Mr. President I affirm to you that we are raising our youth, our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace….”


    Abbas says Trump brings ‘hope’ for peace as US president commits to do ‘whatever necessary’

  • wildjew

    Lazlo T Son · Grosseto, Italy wrote:

    By flying the Fakistinian flag in the White House and welcoming today its terrorist, Holocaust-denying “president”, Trump undermines Israel and bolsters a terrorist entity. As far as Israel goes Trump’s presidency has been a major disappointment.

    Unlike · Reply · 2 · 35 mins

  • Liatris Spicata

    Attn. All Jews:

    This is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party!!

  • Bill

    They need not worry, 90% of Jewish voters will still go Democrat

    • Janet

      I know and I just don’t get that!

    • fits

      Unbelievable but true! As far back as WWII when the Nazis murdered 6 million of them. President Roosevelt..our Democrat President at the time, refused to rescue those in concentration camps. It wasn’t till after the War ended that Ike had that done. Yet the Jews just don’t seem to get it.

  • TrumpIsRightAgain

    Pro-sharia Jew-hater Linda Sarsour … her title has the ring of truth. And she is trying to culturally expropriate the term “never again” … for, who else … Muslims! As if they’re such a helpless minority, the whole 1.6 or so BILLION of them with their millions and millions of square miles, over 50 countries where they’re the majority, and their oil riches. And as if, like the completely unarmed Jews of Nazi Germany, they’re also doing “nothing” to earn any of the attitudes they’re engendering.

    • fits

      The so called “peaceful Muslims” say nothing about all the violence perpetrated by Muslims here and abroad. They allow them to do their dirty work because they want everyone to be fearful of them….ergo Politically Correct. California now calling a “terrorist” shooting as a “hate crime”….really? It’s a hate crime alright..a Muslim terrorist hate crime.

  • Janet

    I can’t even look at her without wanting to punch her in the face! She gets me that angry. I mean there are pictures of her making the ISIS sign and numerous statements that make it pretty clear she supports terrorism! Stupid liberals put her up on a pedestal like she’s some kind of hero and champion of women. Seriously? She thinks Sharia Law is a good thing! The Democrats become more radical everyday!

    • Speak the Truth

      Every single time she or the Dems support female oppression (in any country, of any race/religion), they are cruelly mocking the actual victims of oppression residing in those countries. Obviously, the Dems don’t have a problem with that.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Democrat suicide? Oh, please let it be done!

    • BonniePrinceCharlie


  • Drew the Infidel

    I wait with bated breath to learn the next candidate the commiecrats put on the ballot for national office. When Bernie Sanders himself declares the likes of “Lie-awatha” Warren as being too far to the left, you know they have “mechanical problems”. Anything in the neighborhood of Warren on the political spectrum is Attila the Hun territory.

    • Janet

      Lie-awatha Warren! Lol! I can’t stand her. I was calling her Pocahontas but I like your name much better. Mind if I use it?

      • Drew the Infidel

        Be my guest.

  • Speak the Truth

    “You can’t be a feminist if you support Isreal.” Last time I checked, Isreal wasn’t mutilating their females, or enclosing their females in full-body black garbage bags. These actions tell the true story regarding which countries are oppressing women.

  • peakpower

    Is this really a surprise? The dems are always defending to new lows of human degeneracy.

  • Dan Knight

    Sarsour represents the academy and Leftists – we should expect nothing less than full support for her and her views.

    Our response should be straight Alinsky – target her, apply ridicule, demonizing, and name calling – the same tactics the Leftists and the MSM use on us.

    The only difference between what Left does to us and what we should do to the Left – when we label them – we’re right.

    • Dan Knight

      And what applies to Linda Sarsour goes double for Michael Blake.

  • Fred8512

    Dick weed michael blake dnc can kiss my ass.

  • iprazhm

    Islamists have infiltrated our government, our courts, our law enforcement agencies and our schools. America is lost because it is no longer good enough to defend it’s Constitution in it’s own backyard.

    • fits

      The fear in the judicial system is rampant because of Islamic presence. These Liberal judges are now trying to stop enforcing our immigration laws because of that fear.

      • iprazhm



    Truth, justice.
    Real truth: atheism. Islamic truth: theism.
    Real justice: human rights, love, truth. Islamic justice: torture, murder of atheists, non-Muslims, homosexuants, enslavement of Africans.
    The only thing Islam seems to have cared for is man’s sexuality through compulsory incentive.
    But this can be cared better for, without compulsion.
    # Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & free the Leavenworth 10,  the Biafra-leader, the African slaves from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, Israeli soldier Azaria & so on.

  • joc22

    The Democrats are going full bore on Globalization and a one world religion. They think that once they have the one world government where the political elitist and their multinational corporations control the slave populace, they will be able to remove Islam as the predominate religion and end up with their globalist eutopia. They fail to realize the the fundamental Islam would never allow that to happen.The UN’s Agenda 21 spells it all out for any who wishes to educate themselves.

  • Steve

    The fist is the blacklamic, the terrorist chic the femlamic and the babble the liblamic. Sarsour will be subjugated to FGM in imitation of “musbarbie” if not already done.

  • fits

    Already Democrat Muslims are making sure their barbaric religion Sharia Law is going to be LAW in the States….this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Steve

    Some background on this liblamic “charles manson lookalike” femin-ass –

  • Ayna

    Sounds like he’s doing her.
    Or desperately wants to.

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