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[ September 21, 2017 ]

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Devout Muslims who SHOT STATE TROOPER TO DEATH quoted Quran during killing


Graphic thanks to

Here again is another important news story getting no coverage from the enemedia. A Delaware state trooper was fatally gunned down outside of a convenience store by devout Muslims reciting quotes from the Quran, later prompting a standoff with one of two suspects, who fired at cops, police said.

A reporter for the DelawareOnline tweeted, “Scene indicates the trooper was shot multiple times. There’s a lot of blood on ground, multiple casing markers. Still huge police presence.”

Police said that one of the suspects was taken into custody at the scene and the other one fled into a residence in the Brick Mill Farm section in Middletown and is firing at police, said McQueen.

“The suspect has refused to surrender and is firing rounds at officers,” McQueen said, adding “this is a sad day for our state.”

Meanwhile, area schools were placed on lockdown.

The Appoquinimink School District posted on Facebook, “We have been notified by police that an armed individual is in the Dove Run Shopping Center. The police have set up a perimeter. As a precaution, ALL area schools have gone on lockdown.” (NYP)

Any reports of this cold-blooded killing have all references to Islam, Quran, and motive scrubbed from the reportage.

Muslim terrorist who shot and killed Delaware state trooper Cpl. Stephen Ballard,

EXCLUSIVE: State Rep. claims DSP trooper’s killer was a “budding jihadist” Muslim

Rob Petree, Delaware 1059,

Was Burgon Sealy Jr., the man who shot and killed Delaware State Police trooper Cpl. Stephen Ballard, radicalized? Delaware State Representative Steve Smyk claimed that Sealy was a practicing Muslim, and that he did in fact yell verses from the Quran during the standoff.“What I can tell you is that there are people that will immediately assume that the war cry of, the Muslim war cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ may have been said, and I don’t know that to be true. I do know that he was a ‘budding jihadist’ and that being said, how long was he a practicing Muslim, I’m not aware of,” said Rep. Smyk. “We do know that, at the scene, during this standoff he was heard siting quotes from the Quran, what those quotes were I don’t know.”

In an interview with Delaware 105.9’s Rob Petree, Rep. Smyk calls Burgon a “Budding Jihadist”


  • B17G

    Islam is a war wherever it goes.

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  • Rocinante44

    if it was white folks, say mormons, who were quoting their holy book and murdering americans on american soil on a regular basis, do you think there would be any mormons left in this country?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Strangely enough, the founder of the mormon faith, Joseph Smith, expressed his highest admiration not for a Jewish carpenter and street preacher but for a child molesting, mass murdering, lying, brigand and thief named muhamMAD.

      • Lt. Greyman, NVA


    • Phil McDonald

      Arabs are Aryan.

  • patriotusa2

    Death deserves death!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Do not negotiate or discuss anything with terrorists, shoot them on sight.

  • A jackass on this website said I should get out more since I said after the French election that the muslims now will kill all the French how about this poor officer killed by a damn Muslim you bastard

    • Dan Knight

      don’t mind the trolls – it just means you’re over the target – ;-)

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Keep Watching them,…. things may get better,….. some day,…. many, many, many decades from now

  • Benny Rothman

    Want me to take out your Muslim trash for you ….reasonable rates …plus travel expenses …
    Having Muzzie trouble ??? ….
    Condor Six …..rfid66@gmail …………………

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Who wants to bet Burgon Sealy Jr. doesn’t go by that name anymore?

  • Alleged Comment

    Looks like a negro to me, or a wannabe Moslem. Certainly not a lost slave. We freed and feed them since 1865.

    • Fred

      They should have been sent back in 1865.

      • Drew the Infidel

        That was the purpose behind the establishment of Liberia, a place to which the displaced Africans could return and very few took advantage of the offer. Go figure.

  • Drew the Infidel

    A “budding Jihadist”, he says? One drop of poison can ruin an entire cup of wine.

  • az

    A black policeman shot by a muslim. This must be very hard to swallow for the left loonies,BLM and muslim apologists/lobbies like CAIR, so they must bury these news, deeply and quickly, as fake news.

  • keylover

    Well who cares the dude is a vile pos and should have been shot on sight!!! The police are showing their tolerance and weakness when allowing these people that shoot one of their own…to live…kill the sob’s that kill police officers simple!!!

  • GR Arnold

    And the liberals wont tolerate even a temporary travel ban. Ridiculous. May the State Trooper RIP. God bless him for his service.

  • The deaf, dumb and blind who have invited and welcomed Islam into our countries are responsible for the murderous mayhem they are causing.

  • Phil McDonald

    Not possible to keep up with all the jihadists terrorism around the globe.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    RIP officer Ballard, my condolences to your family.

  • fedupwithmentalcases


  • Alfonso Bedoya

    …and for some obscure reason, the Democrats are still hell-bent on bringing thousands and thousands more Muslims into the country. They have no skills, hate Christians and are far more than likely to be tied to ISIS than non-Muslims.

    • Darryl Schaumburg

      They are running low on Hispanic recruiting as they are wising up. Muslims are the current target to grow democrats….

  • mo up in the northeast


    • Darryl Schaumburg


  • Dan Knight

    God Cpl Ballard – and his family. …

    That’s the really bad part about the Lefties’ Crime Ring – the ones they kill often are on our team.

  • gnikt

    just can’t imagine how NOT to sentence him to death!!

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