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WATCH: South Dakota Muslim Brandishes Guns & Assault Weapons at Christian Conference, “Be f**king terrified” “Be f**king afraid”


In America, there is now a separate set of laws for Muslims and non-Muslims. Sharia in America. If a non-Muslim was armed to the teeth obscenely threatening Muslims with massive firepower at a mosque in their parking lot, he would be arrested, his face smeared across every newspaper and nightly news program across the country. This Muslim was not arrested or questioned.

Holding a Quran, Ehab Jabar is brandishing serious firepower while threatening the women and children at Christian conference. “Be afraid” or “be terrified.”

Brandon Howe, one of the conference organizers, called me with this story.


One of our off duty police officers approached this man that was holding a Koran, filming our event and wearing a T-shirt that said he was a Muslim. The officer asked the man to stop filming as we had announced at the beginning of the conference that no audio or video recording would be permitted. Upon being approached, the man announced immediately that he was leaving. The officer asked him if he had a concealed weapon on his person to which he said he did. The man also told the officer he was live streaming on Facebook. When the officer asked his name he told the officer “John Smith, the Muslim John Smith.”

The Muslim man then proceeded out to his car in the parking lot where he filmed two more Facebook live videos. He was clearly angry and discussed that Shahram and I were promoting books. He seemed very upset with the resources he saw on our resource tables. He then began showing the camera 3 pistols, two assault weapons, and what appeared to be an extended magazine. With the brandishing of each weapon to the camera he said “be afraid” or “be terrified.” In fact, he said “be terrified” twice. Now how is that not a terroristic threat? Please remember, he is in the parking lot of our Christian conference that is being attended by some 500 men, women and children. The attendees included a state representative and a state senator.

Muslim Not Arrested For Showing 3 Pistols & 2 Assault Weapons in Threatening Video From Parking Lot of A Worldview Weekend

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  • Bob Katt

    South Dakota is a shall issue carry state. He was probably outgunned anyway.

    • D’Artagnan the Deplorable

      That in no way excuses the threats and proximity. I am appalled that the FBI does not have this thug in custody!

      • santashandler

        Well……..he needs to kill someone first. He has rights, you know.

        • spfg

          Once when they leave their country of Saudi Arabia they need to leave their conquering intolerant religion behind them as well. It never ceases to amaze me how many ordinary Americans think that Islam is just another religion and try to make peace with it and whitewash it just like any other world wide religion no matter what they’ve heard. They cannot fathom the thought that our government is soooo naive to think that these people are willing to kill others and die in the process to achieve their totalitarian ideology over us. And worse then that be rewarded as the highest honor by their god in doing so. This perverse religion i/e totalitarian dominant lifestyle is so wicked that it cannot be allowed to even exist in this country without being considered a threat….Period!!! It needs to be dealt with even more harshly than how they deal with us in order to defeat it…

    • Frederikahere

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • Should there have been an arrest? Yes. The crimes that that man committed were failing to comply with a lawful order to leave (he trespassed by virtue of being there), but not anything actually related to terrorism. If making a terroristic threat is actually charged, it’s going to be on very shaky legal grounds as both Brandenburg v. Ohio and Elonis v. US will be invoked. It’s best to just try for trespassing.

    • Craig

      Always taking the anti-American side, eh, POS amoral? Keep sucking for socialism.

  • Len Miskulin

    Welcome to your future, shape of things to come thanks to your treacherous PTB.

  • Zulu

    I am not scared. Not scared at all. In fact I am eager to have the grace of God and some luck to bump into him or any of his buddies in a like scenario. I have been very successful in their back yard and have no reason at all to think any different in my back yard. The only hinderence would be from the hoards of guys like myself racing to beat me to it. This I ain’t Germany.

    • Terry Butler

      Or any female just Itching to Prevent him from getting his 72 Virgins ?? Bada Boom

      • Phil McDonald

        72 yo Virgin. You have a gross miss-translation.

        • Isabellathecrusader

          That’s 72 Virginians. ; )

        • Apolloone

          The original Arabic words were “One 72 year old virgin” per Muslim male, Virgin what? it could have meant a 72 year old Virgin goat.

          • Phil McDonald

            Got it… species are not stated.

    • Elfie Marshall

      I am sure you know that the Germans can not have guns. They use pepper spray only. Law enforcement has guns, thank God.

  • Rodney C.

    Instead of wasting all his money on weaponry, his money would have been better spent on fixing his NASTY teeth!

  • Beth

    Yes, the man’s an idiot. Could he potentially be dangerous? Absolutely. However, he’s NOT guilty of making any terroristic threats. He did not, at anytime during the posted video, threaten anyone. He held up a lot of guns and ammo, but he never threatened to use them. He simply said, “be scared.” That’s not terrorism. Depending on SD law, he could be guilty of violating carry laws, etc., but not terrorism. Yes, he should be on the FBI’s watch list, but he hasn’t done anything terroristic as yet.

    • Constitutionalist56

      The charge is “Terroristic Threats” not direct action, just being threatening which this moslem actually did do. He needs to be arrested for the felony charge as he is guilty!

      • Beth

        He didn’t threaten anyone, at any time. He said “be scared.” That’s not a threat under the law. Depending on SD law, he COULD be guilty of brandishing a weapon(s), but he didn’t threaten anyone, directly or indirectly. He stopped filming in the conference when told to do so and he said he was leaving; which he did.

        • Constitutionalist56

          No he said “be terrified” and so he broke the law by brandishing weapons and telling people to be terrified. Try reading the law before posting a defense of a criminal. AND he did not leave the premises when asked to, he went to his car in the parking lot and continued to stream malarkey on Facebook. He’s guilty as sin and you know it “Beth”.

          • Craig

            Political correctness has taken over for common sense. These morons, like Beth, will not even defend themselves. Cowardice is taking over the world.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Beth, you are pissing into the wind.

        • KD

          What part of ‘Terroristic Threats’ do you not understand?

    • ServosT

      He said be terrified while holding up several weapons. He did this while parked at an event which he disliked/hated.

      Sounds like a threat to me. I won’t be shocked if this moslem makes good on his threat.

    • mikethedeplorable

      He’s a Muslim, Thats enough for me.

    • Craig

      “be scared” is an implied threat of violence due to his showing the firearms. It IS terrorism or terroristic threats. If he walked up to you, held a knife up and said “be scared”, I guess, well I hope, you would take the inference.

  • John Belknap

    What the hell is this ass hat doing driving around with so many firearms in his vehicle? Looks like he might be planning something in my opinion.

    • slimleroy

      Probably was. Only the off duty cops may have made him think twice. Maybe.

    • Bill Kay

      Ya think ? these police should be fired and the authorties that are complicite in allowing this should be prosucuted and delt with severly , this is Treason !

  • ⭐️ Orphan

    Why wasn’t hs arrested by the FBI? WHY? This is anarchy.

    • Eevie

      anarchy is being smart and wise enough to govern yourself. No, this is not anarchy but anarchy is what they will get from we the people if they keep screwing us over. Enough is damn enough.

      • Elfie Marshall

        I am not tryng to be funny but do you remember the French revolution?

    • Frederikahere

      This is complete failure to do one’s duty.

      • ⭐️ Orphan

        Its more than that. This is coming from the highest levels of the federal government.

        • Frederikahere

          I think it’s coming from Sacramento and Bay Area traitors in govt positions.

        • Mark Maltaverne

          Barry the Muslim traitor is thankfully no longer part of our government. So your statement may have been true before Jan.20 but is now nothing but pure BS unless you are referring to the obama supporters still in office.

          • Isabellathecrusader

            Of which there are many. A friend of mine was part of the Trump transition team and he says everyone is wondering why Trump will not get rid of said Obama holdovers. Something stinks, as usual, in the halls of “justice”.

          • Elfie Marshall

            Could it be that no proper replacements have been found? It takes time to re-staff, especially with the back ground check that is required. I once heard that the Trump team has to fill 4500 positions. I could qualify for one but at the age of 78 ???????

          • slimleroy

            The ousting out of these people seems to be underway. It’s going to take a bit but they are getting rid of them. Lots of weasels in there.

  • Inmate of Diversityland

    The police shluld have rolled that fat bastard. Get your @ss back to the desert Abu. You MFers don’t belong here! Yeah, I use racial profiling, and I carry. Anytime I see one of those desert peasants near a large gathering of people my radar goes off. One wrong move in my presence, Abu, and your a dead man.

  • Crusader

    Time for the new crusades. We have GOT TO GET THESE FREAKS OUT OF OUR COUNTRIES!

    • mikethedeplorable

      I have figured ammo into our budget, I feel it is going to come down to patriotic Americans to take our Country back from this Scum.

      • Von Hauer

        Same here. We get rid of frau Merkel, and the games will begin.


          Liberty is eternal, the game is never ending.

          • Tony Carr

            If we succumb to sharia “which seems likely lately” you will find that ‘Liberty” and “Democracy” will become meaningless , irrelevant concepts. Liberty is some thing that we must continue to fight for. Peace, freedom and democracy, logic and reason and truth will not come spontaneously ,These ideals will not just happen they must be fought for. With the current wave of Islamism, opposing democracy and freedom,,,, I’m all for a preemptive strike against Asaad , and turkey

        • Mahou Shoujo

          germany will never get rid of merkel, german voters are mindless sheep at the best of times.

          • LadyLoneStar

            America’s got it’s fair share of “mindless sheep” but we refer to them as “useful idiots”.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            True, not sure what their use is, maybe as mindless consumers?

          • selena

            they’ve been renamed as supervised morons.

          • LadyLoneStar

            LMAO….good one!

          • Jerry Dobson

            Germans have become so cowed by their Nazi past, so riddled with guilt and self-loathing that death by cultural suicide was inevitable. Even their conservatives are leftists.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            germans are typified by a profound lack of intelligence and foresight, they are resting on their laurels, that will change quickly, as is seen by germany today.

          • Jerry Dobson

            After world war 2, and the Nazi atrocities, after the total destruction and splitting of their country, there was no room for love of country or culture. A country that loathes its culture will not protect it. We see this in every western country that has been infested with Saul Alinsky leftist mindset. That regressive leftist mindset took hold in Germany and longtime ago. That is why Germany’s “conservatives” make America’s democrats look like the party of Stalin.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Germans not only produce world-class automobiles, but MBT’s and world-class submarines (that utilize fuel cells as their power source and can fire nuclear capable cruise missiles while submerged). Some other G5 countries can’t seem to do so. Perhaps these other countries are smarter but just too cheap or lazy to do so.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Pffffth, germany produces low class automobiles that are over hyped, suitable only to be exported to islamic countries where there is no mechanical aptitude in the population whatsoever ever. So what if they have military strength? It will all be under islamic control if it isn’t already.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “It will all be under islamic control if it isn’t already”. This is exactly what makes a muslum takeover of Germany and Fwance and the UK problematic (especially the latter two countries because they have nuclear weapons).

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That does not appear to be of any concern to the rest of the world, once muslims have control of a nuclear arsenal, they will use it. The only thing that can be done is have a massive response ready. The complete destruction of any country that shoots first is assured in any event. As islam is a death cult, that is not a deterrent.

          • Smerfman

            Yeah well look what we elected! Mindless Americans!

          • kdou

            No we called for a Hail Mary from mindless American’s and working better then you think

          • Smerfman

            What,,speak English!

          • KentPerry


          • Smerfman

            Your silly!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            You’re stupid.

          • Craig

            The moron up checks his own posts. Spelling is bedeviling him. Third grade English must have been very tough on him.

          • Craig

            Still checking your own posts and still making spelling mistakes. That is why you like socialism: you are stupid,as evidenced by your bad grammar, sentence construction and spelling…little kid.
            Keep sucking for socialism, libtard.

          • Smerfman

            Your not very bright are ya,,LOL 😜

          • Craig

            STILL checking your own posts. WHAT A TOTAL DOUCHE NOZZLE you are.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Stupid comment considering hillary was the alternative, how dumb are you?

          • Smerfman

            Not as dumb as someone who believes in pizza gate and all the other propaganda bullcrap! You goofballs will believe anything except the truth!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Any time you have the truth, show it. You democrats are suckers, all day, every day.

          • Smerfman

            You obviously could careless for truth, you just want to hear whatever reinforces you ignorance,, I bet you listen to hannity and Limbaugh also,,goofball!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You sound like more of a fool when you presume anything, it demonstrated you are an idiot.

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • IzlamIsTyranny

            LOL, a slung saxophone! Is that supposed to be Monica Lewinsky? I think she has much better taste in men now than she ever did back then.

          • Generalpatern

            Looks like she still got it in her hand

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Craig

            Hey, little kid. Your teacher needs to check your spelling and grammar.
            Third grade English must have been really hard on you.

          • KentPerry

            Ha ha ha you haven’t been watching the latest on C-SPAN regarding that issue then have ya, Jughead. 90 people arrested so far ALL Democrats. Trey Gowdy is blowing that thing wide open. Doesn’t matter to us, you don’t believe it. Hell it doesn’t matter what YOU SNOWFLAKES THINK ABOUT US AT ALL. Oh and WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT THE TRUTH, HOSS?

            HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !! WHAT A DUFUS !!

            WHAT A JERK

            WHAT A MORON


          • Smerfman

            Lol,,Good Grief, does mental illness run in your family!

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Bob Parenteau

            It certainly runs in yours Smerflake.

          • Craig

            Evidently it does in yours. Keep sucking for socialism, libturd little kid.
            Remind your teacher to check your spelling and grammar.
            Third grade must have been SO hard on you.

          • Brenda Turner

            Have to agree KentPerry. You got it all in there. Good job. They are morons.

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            You talk a lot but produce NOTHING but name-calling.

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            This video goes with the other one. I show this one because delusional dumocraps try hard to convince folks that the parties somehow switched. :)

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Craig

            WHAT A DOUCHE! You check your OWN stupid posts!
            Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..oh, Man! You are such a wimpy little douche nozzle.
            Keep sucking for socialism, moron.

          • World Peace

            SO much nicer to block the user call smerfman…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Personally I like to give them a platform to display their ignorance for all readers to see.

          • World Peace

            I tire of that form of ignorance frankly. It’s becoming a plague

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The more of it that is seen, the more ridiculed and despised it gets.

          • World Peace

            Agreed, and the more people will stand up against it

          • World Peace

            But that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t block these fools after repetitive ignorance is posted

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is what the “block” feature is all about, many use it.

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Smerfman

            Maybe you should be talking to our law enforcement agency’s about this,, obviously they are to stupid to figure out Clintons crime sprees!

          • Craig

            What are you, 12 or 13? Is your idiot teacher helping you? If so, your teacher needs to check your spelling and grammar, POS.
            Keep sucking for socialism, libturd.
            You check your own posts? What a weiner!

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Smerfman

            Does she lie as much as this,,and this is only a few of his lies!

            White House press secretary Sean Spicer falsely claimed the crowd on the National Mall was “largest audience to ever witness an inauguration.” (Jan. 21)

            Trump falsely claimed that the crowd for his swearing-in stretched down the National Mall to the Washington Monument and totaled more than 1 million people. (Jan. 21)

            As Trump fondly recalled his Inauguration Day, he said it stopped raining “immediately” when he began his speech. A light rain continued to fall throughout the address. (Jan. 21)

            During his speech at CIA headquarters, Trump claimed the media made up his feud with the agency. In fact, he started it by comparing the intelligence community to “Nazi Germany.” (Jan. 21)

            During his speech at CIA headquarters, Trump repeated the claim that he “didn’t want to go into Iraq.” He told Howard Stern in 2002 that he supported the Iraq War. (Jan. 21)

            During his speech at CIA headquarters, Trump said he had the “all-time record in the history of Time Magazine. … I’ve been on it for 15 times this year.” Trump had been featured on the magazine a total of 11 times. (Jan. 21)

            Trump claimed that his inauguration drew 11 million more viewers than Barack Obama’s in 2013. It didn’t, and viewership for Obama’s first inauguration, in 2009, was even higher. (Jan. 22)

            Spicer said during his first press briefing that there has been a “dramatic expansion of the federal workforce in recent years.” This is false. (Jan. 23)

            While pushing back against the notion of a rift between the CIA and Trump, Spicer claimed the president had received a “five-minute standing ovation” at the agency’s headquarters. He did not. The attendees were also never asked to sit down. (Jan. 23)

            Spicer claimed that “tens of millions of people” watched the inauguration online. In fact, about 4.6 million did. (Jan. 23)

            Trump told CBN News that 84 percent Cuban-Americans voted for him. It’s not clear where Trump got that number. According to the Pew Research Center, 54 percent of Cuban-Americans in Florida voted for him. (Jan. 23)

            While meeting with congressional leaders, Trump repeated a debunked claim that he only lost the national popular vote because of widespread voter fraud. (Jan. 24)

            In remarks with business leaders at the White House, Trump said, “I’m a very big person when it comes to the environment. I have received awards on the environment.” There is no evidence that Trump has received such awards. (Jan. 24)

            In signing an executive memo ordering the construction of the Keystone pipeline, Trump said the project would create 28,000 construction jobs. According to The Washington Post Fact Checker, the pipeline would create an estimated 16,000 jobs, most of which are not construction jobs. (Jan. 25)

            Spicer said in a press briefing that Trump received more electoral votes than any Republican since Ronald Reagan. George H.W. Bush won 426 electoral votes in 1988, more than Trump’s 304. (Jan. 24)

            In remarks he gave at the Homeland Security Department, Trump said Immigration and Customs Enforcement and border patrol agents “unanimously endorsed me for president.” That’s not true. (Jan. 25)

            Spicer said during a press briefing that a draft executive order on CIA prisons was not a “White House document.” Citing three administration officials, The New York Times reported that the White House had circulated the draft order among national security staff members. (Jan. 25)

            In an interview with ABC, Trump again claimed he “had the biggest audience in the history of inaugural speeches.” False. (Jan. 25)

            Trump claimed during an interview with ABC that the applause he received at CIA headquarters “was the biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl.” It wasn’t even a standing ovation. (Jan. 25)

            In an interview with ABC, Trump attacked the Affordable Care Act and said there are “millions of people that now aren’t insured anymore.” Twenty million people have gained health coverage because of the law so far. The estimated 2 million people who did not qualify under the law received waivers that kept the plans going until the end of 2017. (Jan. 25)

            At the GOP retreat in Philadelphia, Trump claimed he and the president of Mexico “agreed” to cancel their scheduled meeting. Enrique Peña Nieto said he had decided to cancel it. (Jan. 26)

            At the GOP retreat in Philadelphia, Trump said the national homicide rate was “horribly increasing.” It is down significantly. (Jan. 26)

            On Twitter, Trump repeated his false claim that 3 million votes were illegal during the election. (Jan. 27)

            In an interview on “Good Morning America,” Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway said Tiffany Trump, the president’s daughter, had told her she was “not registered to vote in two states.” A local election official confirmed to NBC News twice that the younger Trump indeed was. (Jan. 27)

            Trump said he predicted the so-called “Brexit” when he was in Scotland the day before the vote. He was actually there the day after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. (Jan. 27)

            Trump claimed The New York Times lost subscribers “because their readers even like me.” The Times experienced a sharp uptick in subscribers after Election Day. (Jan. 27)

            Trump claimed two people were fatally shot in Chicago during Obama’s last speech as president. That didn’t happen. (Jan. 27)

            Trump claimed that under previous administrations, “if you were a Muslim you could come in, but if you were a Christian, it was almost impossible.” In fact, almost as many Christian refugees were admitted to the U.S. as Muslim refugees in fiscal year 2016. (Jan. 27)

            Trump defended the swiftness of his immigration order on the grounds that terrorists would have rushed into the country if he had given the world a week’s notice. Even if terrorists wanted to infiltrate the refugee program or the visa program, they would have had to wait months or even years while being vetted to get into the country. (Jan. 30)

            The White House maintained that Trump’s immigration order did not apply to green card holders and that was “the guidance from the beginning.” Initially, the White House said the order did include green card holders. (Jan. 30)

            Trump said his immigration order was “similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months.” Obama’s policy slowed resettlement of refugees from Iraq, but did not keep them from entering the country. Moreover, it flagged the seven countries included in Trump’s order as places the U.S. considered dangerous to visit. (Jan. 30)

            Spicer said that “by and large,” Trump has been “praised” for his statement commemorating the Holocaust. Every major Jewish organization, including the Republican Jewish Coalition, criticized it for omitting any specific references to the Jewish people or anti-Semitism. (Jan. 30)

            A Trump administration official called the implementation of Trump’s travel ban a “massive success story.” Not true ― young children, elderly people and U.S. green card holders were detained for hours. Some were deported upon landing in the U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) even criticized the rollout as “confusing.” (Jan. 30)

            Spicer equated White House adviser Steve Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council Principals Committee with Obama adviser David Axelrod attending meetings pertaining to foreign policy. Axelrod, however, never sat on the Principals Committee. (Jan. 30)

            Spicer said people would have “flooded” into the country with advance notice of Trump’s immigration order. Not true. (Jan. 30)

            Spicer insisted that only 109 travelers were detained because of Trump’s immigration order. More than 1,000 legal permanent residents had to get waivers before entering the U.S. An estimated 90,000 people in total were affected by the ban. (Jan. 30)

            Trump tweeted the false claim that “only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning.” (Jan. 30)

            Trump took credit for cutting $600 million from the F-35 program. But Lockheed Martin already had planned for the cost reductions for the next generation fighter plane. (Jan. 31)

            Trump accused China of manipulating its currency by playing “the money market. They play the devaluation market, and we sit there like a bunch of dummies.” According to The Washington Post, the United States is no longer being hurt by China’s currency manipulation, and China is no longer devaluing its currency. (Jan. 31)

            In defending the GOP’s blockade of Merrick Garland, Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Spicer said no president had ever nominated a justice “so late” in his term. It previously happened three times. (Jan. 31)

            Spicer repeatedly insisted during a press conference that Trump’s executive order on immigration was “not a ban.” During a Q&A event the night before, however, Spicer himself referred to the order as a “ban.” So did the president. (Jan. 31)

            White House officials denied reports that Trump told Peña Nieto that U.S. forces would handle the “bad hombres down there” if the Mexican authorities don’t. It confirmed the conversation the next day, maintaining the remark was meant to be “lighthearted.” (Jan. 31)

            Trump claimed that Delta, protesters and the tears of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) were to blame for the problems over his travel ban. In fact, his administration was widely considered to blame for problems associated with its rollout. (Jan. 31)

            Trump said the Obama administration “agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia.” The deal actually involved 1,250 refugees. (Feb. 1)

            Trump said the U.S. “has the most generous immigration system in the world.” Not really. (Feb. 2)

            Trump said the U.S. was giving Iran $150 billion for “nothing” under the Iranian nuclear deal. The money was already Iran’s to begin with, and the deal blocks Iran from building a nuclear bomb. (Feb. 2)

            Spicer called a U.S. raid in Yemen “very, very well thought out and executed effort” and described it as a “successful operation by all standards.” U.S. military officials told Reuters the operation was approved “without sufficient intelligence, ground support, or adequate backup preparations.” (Feb. 2)

            Spicer said that Iran had attacked a U.S. naval vessel, as part of his argument defending the administration’s bellicose announcement that Iran is “on notice.” In fact, a suspected Houthi rebel ship attacked a Saudi vessel. (Feb. 2)

            In his meeting with union leaders at the White House, Trump claimed he won union households. He actually only won white union households. (Feb. 2)

            Conway cited the “Bowling Green massacre” to defend Trump’s travel ban. It never happened. (Feb. 3)

            Conway said citing the nonexistent “Bowling Green massacre” to defend Trump’s immigration order was an accidental “slip.” But she had mentioned it twice prior to that interview. (Feb. 3)

            Trump approvingly shared a story on his official Facebook page which claimed that Kuwait issued a visa ban for five Muslim-majority countries. Kuwait issued a statement categorically denying it. (Feb. 3)

            Trump claimed people are “pouring in” after his immigration order was temporarily suspended. Travelers and refugees cannot simply rush into the U.S. without extensive and lengthy vetting. (Feb. 5)

            After a judge halted his immigration ban, Trump claimed that “anyone, even with bad intentions, can now come into the U.S.” Not true. (Feb. 5)

            Spicer said nationwide protests of Trump are not like protests the tea party held, and called them “a very paid AstroTurf-type movement.” Although Democrats have capitalized on the backlash against Trump by organizing, the massive rallies across dozens of cities across the country ― which in some cases have been spontaneous ― suggests they are part of an organic phenomenon. (Feb. 6)

            During an interview with Fox News before the Super Bowl, Trump repeated his debunked claim of widespread voter fraud during the presidential election. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Republican and Democratic state officials have said so, as have Trump’s own campaign attorneys. (Feb. 6)

            During an interview with Fox News before the Super Bowl, Trump repeated his false claim that he has “been against the war in Iraq from the beginning.” (Feb. 6)

            Conway said she would not appear on CNN’s “State of the Union” because of “family” reasons. CNN, however, said the White House offered Conway as an alternative to Vice President Mike Pence and that the network had “passed” because of concerns about her “credibility.” (Feb. 6)

            Spicer claimed CNN “retracted” its explanation of why it declined to take Conway for a Sunday show appearance. CNN said it never did so. (Feb. 6)

            Trump cited attacks in Boston, Paris, Orlando, Florida, and Nice, France, as examples of terrorism the media has not covered adequately. “In many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it,” he said at CENTCOM. Those attacks garnered wall-to-wall television coverage, as well as thousands of news articles in print and online. (Feb. 6)

            The White House released a more expansive list of terrorist attacks it believed “did not receive adequate attention from Western media sources.” Again, the list includes attacks that were widely covered by the media. (Feb. 6)

            Trump said sanctuary cities “breed crime.” FBI data indicates that crime in sanctuary cities is generally lower than in nonsanctuary cities. (Feb. 6)

            Trump claimed The New York Times was “forced to apologize to its subscribers for the poor reporting it did on my election win.” The paper has not issued such an apology. (Feb. 6)

            Trump claimed the murder rate is the highest it’s been in 47 years. The murder rate rose 10.8 percent across the United States in 2015, but it’s far lower than it was 30 to 40 years ago. (Feb. 7)

            Spicer explained that the delay in repealing Obamacare was a result of the White House wanting to work with Congress. Unlike during the Obama administration, he asserted, the legislature ― not the White House ― was taking the lead on health care. Various congressional committees worked on drafting multiple versions of the bill that would become the Affordable Care Act ― a lengthy process that took over a year. (Feb. 7)

            Trump accused Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) of misrepresenting “what Judge Neil Gorsuch told him” in response to the president’s attacks against the judiciary. Gorsuch called Trump’s tweets attacking federal judges “demoralizing.” A spokesman for Gorsuch confirmed the judge’s remarks. (Feb. 9)

            Trump has repeatedly said he doesn’t watch CNN. But he had to in order to see and offer and opinion on the network’s interview with Blumenthal. (Feb. 9)

            Former national security adviser Michael Flynn has said that phone calls he made to Russia prior to Trump’s inauguration were not related to sanctions. According to a Washington Post report, however, Flynn held private discussions with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, before Trump took office, suggesting that sanctions against Moscow would be eased by the incoming administration. (Feb. 9)

            Trump took credit for Ford’s decision not to open an auto factory in Mexico and instead expand its Michigan plant. The company said Trump was not responsible for its decision. (Feb. 9)

            Trump told a room full of politicians that “thousands” of “illegal” voters had been driven into New Hampshire to cast ballots. There is no evidence of such a claim. (Feb. 11)

            During an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” White House senior policy aide Stephen Miller falsely said the “issue of busing voters into New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics.” Again, not true. (Feb. 11)

            Miller cited the “astonishing” statistic that 14 percent of noncitizens are registered to vote. The study the stat is based on has been highly contested. (Feb. 11)

            Trump said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was “cut off” on CNN for “using the term fake news the describe the network.” The senator was joking and he was not cut off. (Feb. 12)

            Trump accused the media of refusing to report on “big crowds of enthusiastic supporters lining the road” in Florida. There were a few supporters, but they were vastly outnumbered by hundreds of protesters. (Feb. 12)

            White House officials told reporters that Flynn decided on his own to resign. However, Spicer said during a press briefing that the president asked Flynn to resign. (Feb. 13)

            Trump denied in a January interview that he or anyone on his campaign had any contact with Russia prior to the election. However, The New York Times and CNN both reported that Trump campaign officials and associates “had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials” before Nov. 8. (Feb. 15)

            Spicer denied in a daily briefing that anyone on the Trump campaign had had any contact with Russian officials. (Feb. 15)

            Trump complained he “inherited a mess” upon being elected to office. The stock market is experiencing record highs, the economy is stable and growing, and unemployment is low. (Feb. 16)

            Trump disputed the notion that his administration is experiencing turmoil, telling reporters it is working like a “fine-tuned machine.” His poorly executed travel ban has been suspended by the courts, a Cabinet nominee was forced to withdraw his nomination, and Trump’s national security adviser resigned after less than four weeks on the job. (Feb. 16)

            Trump said his 306 Electoral College votes was the biggest electoral votes victory since Ronald Reagan. He actually received 304 electoral votes. Moreover, Obama got 332 votes in 2012. (Feb. 16)

            Trump said his first weeks in office “represented an unprecedented month of action.” Obama accomplished much more during his first weeks in office. (Feb. 16)

            Defending himself from charges of hypocrisy on the matter of leaks ― which he frequently celebrated when they pertained to his campaign opposition but now denounces ― Trump said that WikiLeaks does not publicize “classified information.” It does, often anonymously. (Feb. 16)

            Trump repeated his claim that Hillary Clinton gave 20 percent of American uranium to the Russians in a deal during her tenure as secretary of state. Not true. (Feb. 16)

            Trump said drugs are “becoming cheaper than a candy bar.” They are not. (Feb. 16)

            Trump said his administration had a “very smooth rollout of the travel ban.” His immigration caused chaos at the nation’s airports and has been suspended by the courts. (Feb. 16)

            Trump said the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is in “chaos” and “turmoil.” It is not. (Feb. 16)

            Flynn lied to FBI investigators in a Jan. 24 interview about whether he discussed sanctions with Russian officials prior to Trump’s inauguration, according to The Washington Post. (Feb. 16)

            Trump falsely suggested at a Florida rally that Sweden had suffered a terror attack the night before his speech. It had not, and Trump was likely referring to a Fox News segment on crime in Sweden. (Feb. 18)

            During his Florida rally, Trump repeated his false claim that the United States has already let in thousands of people who “there was no way to vet.” Refugees undergo the most rigorous vetting process of any immigrants admitted to the United States, often waiting upwards of two years to be cleared for entry. (Feb. 18)

            White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said in a “Fox News Sunday” interview that Trump “has accomplished more in the first 30 days than people can remember.” Obama accomplished much more during his first weeks in office. (Feb. 19)

            Trump said during his campaign that he would only play golf with heads of state and business leaders, not friends and celebrities like Obama did. Trump has golfed with world leaders like Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Most recently, however, he hit the links with golf pro Rory McIlroy, International Sports Management’s Nick Mullen and his friend Rich Levine. (Feb. 19)

            A White House spokesperson told reporters that Trump only played a “couple” of holes at his golf resort in Florida. A day later, as reports came out saying the president had played 18 holes with Mcllroy, the White House admitted he played “longer.” (Feb. 19)

            Trump said the media is “trying to say large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!” Sweden’s crime rate has fallen in recent years, and experts there do not think its immigration policies are linked to crime. (Feb. 20)

            Spicer said Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) asked for a meeting with Trump at the White House. John Weaver, a former campaign aide of the governor, said the president asked for the meeting. (Feb. 21)

            Vice President Mike Pence called Obamacare a “job killer.” Overall, job growth has been steady since it was signed into law. And the number of unwilling part-time jobs has also gone down, contrary to GOP claims. (Feb. 22)

            Trump claimed that he negotiated $1 billion in savings to develop two new Boeing Co. jets to serve as the next Air Force One. The Air Force can’t account for that number. (Feb. 22)

            During a meeting with the nation’s CEOs at the White House, Trump claimed his new economic adviser Gary Cohn “paid $200 million in tax” to take a job at the White House. Cohn didn’t have to pay taxes, he had to sell more than $200 million of Goldman Sachs stock. (Feb. 23)

            Trump claimed there were “six blocks” worth of people waiting to get into the Conservative Political Action Conference to see him. People filled only three overflow rooms. (Feb. 24)

            At CPAC, Trump said that Obamacare covers “very few people.” Nearly 20 million people have gotten health insurance under the law. (Feb. 24)

            At CPAC, Trump said companies like Intel were making business investments in the United States because of his election. The company planned their new investments before the election. (Feb. 24)

          • Craig

            Copied straight from Mother Jones. You are so stupid, you can’t even make your own posts.
            Keep sucking for socialism, POS.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            voting for yourself looks stupid.

          • Smerfman

            Trump voted for himself ya know! Is he stupid?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Prove it.

          • Smerfman

            Prove he didn’t,, why your at it prove Obama wire tapped the orange turd!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Not worth the bother, you have proven you are an idiot.

          • Smerfman

            Better to be an idiot than an orange turd worshipper!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You definitely are an idiot.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Says the idiot.

          • psychosally

            congrats you win stupidest comment award for today

          • World Peace

            if you truly want The more people who block him, the less significant he becomes

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Craig

            Keep sucking for socialism, libturd.

          • dad1927

            obama is out, buddy

          • dad1927

            they want to commit suicide

        • IzlamIsTyranny


      • Rob Porter

        You are right, police, FBI, CIA and Homeland Security are failing America. You need to quietly and secretly form vigilantes and then ‘take out’ Muslim such as this one. If the authorities won’t, then decent citizens need to. Create terror in their hearts.
        I consider this case the way things should go. A few years ago in Johannesburg, two armed black men walked into a bar in the suburb, Greenside. One began pistol whipping white patrons, so a patron took out his pistol and put a bullet through each assailant’s head, killing both instantly. Police were called, but, remaining patrons said, no one knew who the shooter was. ‘Never saw the man before’ patrons laughingly told police.

      • KD

        Guys like this should really discuss their plans with Admiral Yamamoto. He has some insight.

    • Von Hauer

      We have ways of dealing with this vermin.

      • pipo

        You are right and they will not like it. First Genaedige Dame Merkel has to go.

        • Rob Porter

          Forget Merkel, North America has a serious problem – as this article points out – and we need to begin dealing with the problem HERE. This Muslim needs to be taken out as a an example to others – and to the spineless, treacherous authorities who wouldn’t arrest this scumbag.

          • LadyLoneStar

            Where are the guys that “disappear” people all the time? Those are the tactics we need to use.

            I think the gators are hungry down in the bayou….they will never find the bodies!

          • EMIRCITNA

            CONTACT Bill & Hillary Clinton for …referrals!

          • Generalpatern

            So gators would eat even this, wow, we dont have any in UK, pity.

          • Apolloone

            Not only do we have a very serious problem it’s a growing problem, I was warning people back in the year 2000, the inroads they’ve made since then is astonishing, they have key positions in the government, universities the courts, this wouldn’t be bad but every one I’ve researched are using their positions to further Islam, teachers and professors telling students that Jesus isn’t their savior, Imagine if Christian teachers told Muslim students that allah is a moon god. the amazing thing to me is all the fools in America that are helping them, Islam’s number one goal is to force their hellish religion on the whole world, by the sword if they must just as they’re trying now as from the days of the Maniac Muhammad..

          • Rob Porter

            I’m amazed by the gullibility and stupidity of people who get sucked into a belief system so obviously vile and hate-filled as Islam. I think that children and young people who were never taught about God and Christian values must be so empty inside that they are easily taken it by such garbage. They seem to know nothing, their ignorance an enemy. I mean, how can anyone with brains get sucked into believing in a miserable, illiterate warlord who mass murdered, robbed and raped? How the devil would anyone believe a story about the angel Gabriel visiting an illiterate man and reciting to him the Qur’an that he, an illiterate man, supposedly recorded. How? Then the Qur’an appeared 240 years after Mohammad died in 632AD. As Christopher Hitchens so bluntly said, “It’s all bullshit”.

          • spfg

            I am following this story quite closely and the state AG said they’ve had over 200 complaints. Not bad considering the number of people in this state that may have watched the video. Most people are not aware I’m sure otherwise it would be higher guaranteed. The phone # to complain is 605-978-5545 and talk to Nate…

    • old broad

      You do know the communist/socialist democrats are encouraging and backing these sub human lice don ‘t you ???????

      • slimleroy

        And they can be dealt with accordingly. The muslim’s are the lefts supposed army, since leftist’s are too pussy and undertrained to do it themselves. I really don’t want violence but at some point mistaking our restraint for weakness is going to have dire consequences for them.

      • Apolloone

        If they weren’t the Vermin like the one in question here wouldn’t get away with threats, this is just one instance, this is going on all over America it’s just being covered up. I began warning people about this threat in the year 2000 look at the inroads Muslims have made in this country, with the many well funded alphabet Muslim organizations in America they will continue until they’re dominate, of course there are many “Useful Idiots” that are aiding and abetting, especially in the Marxist universities

        • old broad

          I could not agree more ! Their excuse they are highly educated and we are all stupid and uneducated ! Anyone with a ounce of common sense don’t give away their rights let alone to people who brag they hate this country and intend to destroy it !

          • Apolloone

            After almost fourteen hundred years of continually committing atrocities on innocent men women and even children you’d think the world would get what theses Vermin are all about, every country they have taken over they’ve made them into Hell-Holes, Iran was once a great country an ally, the city Beirut, Lebanon was once called the Paris of the Middle East. Muslim birthrates alone in America 8-2 and with millions more coming it’s a scary thought for our children. The many political well funded Muslim alphabet organizations should be watched carefully because they all have one goal, to subvert the Constitution and when their numbers are high enough they will replace it with Sharia Law, they don’t even have to be the majority to do this, they weren’t the majority when they took Iran, I knew people that fled from there, even the so-called moderate Muslims will take the side of the ones that are openly maniacal when they must choose. When our generation is gone is when they will have little opposition.

    • snj

      Just please remember one thing –

      When it comes to muslims – Only defense = Defeatism.

      If merely defending yourself from muslims was enough, then we would not have been in the mess we are today. Our ancestors have successfully defended themselves from muslims hundreds of times in the past. And here is the really disturbing part – All the lands where our ancestors defended themselves from muslims, are now muslim lands.

      Like I said, when it comes to muslims, merely defense is defeat. We must do to muslims, exactly what they are doing to non-muslims. This is the ONLY way. Period.

      • KentPerry

        Muslims, the only segment of the world’s population in the history of the world that makes ethnic cleansing or a genocide, look like a very practical solution in dealing with them. In fact,, I would say it is not only the best way,,

        but the ONLY way, we will ever stop their bullshit

    • ArmyHouah95

      When should we get started? I am on board.

    • wpjokari

      “You know what the sad thing is? I’m a republican,” he said. “I’m a republican for one reason: the Second Amendment.”

      there you go, shares no commonalities with our culture, is a fake/phony American-dead weight, parasite, enemy within. He is obviously willing to threaten, fight and kill “fellow” Americans to promote and secure his foreign values, islam in the USA to the detriment of all else, our culture, our Constitution, our way of life, our People(s). Why is islam in South Dakota? These are shill voter bloc bodies for the DNC to overcome the electoral college trump card against the more populous urban DNC voter. Muslims breed like rats and is the only chance for DNC to overcome the disparity as liberals die off not having kids. Recipe for future disaster, future war.

  • Christian Assassin

    That punk should be anally raped in the South Dakota penitentiary. I conceal carry too, Abu. Watching you…..

  • Neil Peterson

    I was at the conference. Nothing but *truth* was spoken; absolute truth. This guy was obviously threatened by truth. I’m glad lots of cops were there, and I’m quite certain there were plenty of “good guys” who were packing heat. He wouldn’t have gotten more than a couple of shots out before he would have gone down.

    • Frederikahere

      Ah, I wish we had more people like you guys here in CA.

      • Frederic Freeload

        Unless you have a government job or you are a freeloader immigrant … you should leave ASAP…

        • Frederikahere

          I am neither.
          Just hate being yet another chicken$#!% “Conservative” who runs away from the fight.

        • aebe

          Modoc and Lassen counties are good , if you stay away from Susanville and Alturas .

      • Neil Peterson

        I think the “good guys” like me would probably go to jail in CA because my words of truth often offend liberal snowflakes. And it would appear CA doesn’t like good guys having guns, either.

        • santashandler

          There are a few places left in CA that do

        • Elfie Marshall

          I lived in California for 48 years and believe me they have a lot of good guys and women and they have guns but they do not talk about it.

        • Frederikahere

          So far, there has been street violence such as the Berkeley Brown Shirts against conservatives and Trump supporters. But to my knowledge Milo nor other conservative speakers have been jailed for use of free speech. This does not mean the BBS and like minded govt officials won’t stop trying.
          I do use my free speech rights often. I just make sure I have my running shoes on and at least a 15 ft lead.

    • mtmla

      He would go to the brothel of 72 virgins and boys as beautiful as pearls…..They love those boys….

      • Elfie Marshall

        I understand about this 72 virgins story but I read that this is a translation mistake and it should have meant 72 white doves.

        • mtmla

          An Iman said it’s a mistaken translation, it’s 72 RAISINS!!!!! Believe it or not!
          I hope the perv likes raisins… on the other hand, if he doesn’t like women, he can get the boys. Check on youtube THE DANCING BOYS OF AFGHANISTAN what the pious muslim males do for fun…

          • Elfie

            I don’t know what to say. If it should mean raisins why is it that the Imam is not educating the people of Muslim faith? Why would anyone like to die for raisins?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Boy buggery is legal and commonplace across Afghanistain, Pakistain and Iran. It makes anything that ever went on in the Catholic Church look like a Sunday school picnic.

    • KD

      The Midwest is NOT a place for a nut like that to try something stupid. The next dumbest place would be the South; they share many of the same values – America First.

      • Elfie Marshall


    • KD

      You guys were dam’n lucky he didn’t decide to go ‘boom’.

  • FreeAgent

    The event organizers name is Brannon Howse. FYI, Not Brandon Howe.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    muslims will only get away with that sort of threatening behaviour for a while, one of them will get lucky and be the very first martyr for the cause for being stupid in a public place in America.

  • Dustin John

    Why did nobody shoot him? People are being made into sheep so when the real thing comes along they die without a fight.

    • mtmla

      Remember SAN BERNARDINO… 14 people killed like sheep…..

      • Elfie Marshall

        I lived 5 miles from that place. I left California and never looked back. The place was very nice years ago but not now any longer.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          You’re not kidding the Golden State is looking more like the Leaden State every day.

        • Craig

          I left La Mirada in 1963. Only come back to visit relatives and go to Disneyland.

  • Eevie

    Vigilante might be the only law and justice left.

    • Frederikahere

      Sad, but coming soon.

    • Gizmo

      Apparently, we need a Star Chamber.

      • Elfie Marshall

        Scotty beam me up…LOL

    • NoTreading

      No kidding.

  • rrkeng

    This is insane……..I sure hope we got people looking at every move he makes! He is about to crack!

  • Margo

    If this threat had been done against POTUS this man would be in jail. What is the difference between POTUS and We the People? Nothing! We are supposed to be the same, treated the same way. In this country no one is superior to the rest of us!!! So why isn’t he in jail?????

    • Craig

      18 USC 871 was passed in 1917 to protect the socialist anti-American democrat Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had re-established segregation and signed the income tax to keep American citizens from climbing the ladder to success. Typical POS democrat.

  • Lee Sargeant

    and why didn’t the cops arrest that guy? He had way more weapons in that vehicle than he needed. And what he did was threaten violence – that is a crime.

    • Ray_Sears

      Excuse me, but one NEVER has to many guns or enough AMMO !

  • Alicia Summers

    Islam has been at war with Christianity since it’s inception…The Koran allows and encourages the harassment, persecution and murder of Christians. Muhammad who is THE role model for every Muslim mass tortured, mass murdered, mass raped, kept slaves and had sex with at least one child. What can one expect from such a role model? Muhammad even said: “I have been made victorious with terror.” The Hadith, collected by Bukhari (4.52.220)

    The take over by Islam…civilisation jihad and a form of ethnic cleansing….London…423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches…Research by the eminent Gatestone Institute…

    • Craig


    • Elfie Marshall

      This is so true what you are posting. I read they can have sex with 6 year olds and can marry 2 year olds. When I read this I got sick.

  • Bill

    Since what this man did was a felony (multiple felonies to be exact), why is it that the off duty Officer did not arrest him, why is it that an attendee at this seminar did not make a Citizens Arrest and why is it that a number of attendees have not filed any lawsuits?

    I have a much simpler solution and if I was in attendance I would have taken care of this man immediately. But all in love of course.

  • WTHisgoingon

    Maybe a white man armed to the teeth should make the same video verbatim outside a Mosque. Would LOVE to see the difference.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Every law enforcement agency would be there, the perpetrator would be shot immediately.

      • Craig


      • Bill Kay

        And thats what should happen in all cases of this nature , its time to get serious with this menace to the world !

    • Bob Parenteau

      If someone puts bacon on a mosque’ door handles, there is an all out manhunt for the person that did it. That’s the difference. PCism is going to get our country overthrown.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    What is the American Attorney General doing? Under the o’bimbo administration an unknown person puts bacon on a mosque doorknob, which gets the undivided attention of the then Attorney General, with laws being changed and threats of draconian enforcement. Today, a muslim threatens women and children with guns in public, the police department are reluctant to place charges. Perhaps it is time for the duly elected Republicans to get off their asses and earn their rather large tax free salary.

  • Pathfinder0100

    This does not say much for city police, city government, highway patrol or the State of S. Dakota does it?? So sorry to see what has happened to America. I’m 85 and there was a time when he would have gotten his head blown off!!

    • Craig

      I am 65 and I remember when a murder was a very rare thing. The influx of illegal aliens, muslims and the push for a communist America (following the communist manifesto) has eroded the common sense that made the U.S. the pinnacle of freedom in the world.
      Carry concealed, always.

    • Elfie Marshall

      I am 78 and will be soon 79 and every day I wonder what happen to the good old days. I would not mind trading my 19 inch color TV for my old black and white Zenith TV and only 5 TV channels to stop all this. LOL

  • Itsjusme

    NOT AFRAID! Just waiting. Calmly waiting. Your move.

  • DancerTiffy

    The videos don’t work.
    Anyways—I wish I was in a position to say that our man Trump will take care of this personally, but sadly, there will be no Trump coming to the rescue.
    This pig will walk with no repercussions. I’m assuming.
    WE need to arm ourselves people and start shooting. The police are no longer protecting us. They have been absorbed into the BORG.

    • Craig

      The United States was founded upon the idea that people are responsible for their own defense and that they should support and assist the police and military. Instead, we see Americans whine and complain when a jackass will not leave a plane and demand ‘gun bans’ because some drug dealer shot his competition. Cowardice is a powerful clamp on people’s common sense.

      • Elfie Marshall

        Well said and so true.

  • Patriotliz

    Pamela, Why not hold a conference and invite Taneeza Islam and other pro-Muslim speakers (aka, Taqiyya propagandists) to debate w/ Sharam, Robert Spencer, et. al.? I would pay to watch that by live streaming. Call it an “open dialogue” between 2 opposing world views. With the Islamists attending, it may (but, not absolutely eliminate) the chances of being killed by Mohammadeans.

  • pipo

    Be scared? Just shoot the muzzrat. Just kill them all the muzzrats. And more M.O.A.B on Isis.
    Basically kill the muzzrat.

  • brenrod

    What is the name of this Muslim terrorist and the name of the corrupt local prosecutor who refused charges? Soros is funding elections of corrupt local DA’s nationwide to obstruct our civil rights in this same manner. Where is Sessions, Lynch would deal with a black civil rights violation right away!

  • Phil McDonald

    I know Pastor Shahram. God’s divine protection is upon him and his family. He speaks the truth in love.

  • Newtemplar

    “…and highlighted how Islamic Centers, Neo-Marxists, Neo-Evangelicals, The
    Vatican and globalists are working together to subvert our immigration
    laws and transform America.” The Vatican? Gobshite.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Have you listened to the current Pope lately? He’s all for islamic immigration.

  • David

    Thats islam!

  • Craig

    So? Push it, goat raper and see how it turns out.
    allah is the name of the male goat muhammad liked to rape.

    Facebook, the enabler for islamist terrorists in America.

  • meqmac

    I agree that this man should have been arrested, charged and put on trial, then jailed form several years. But it disturbs me greatly, given the context of a Christian conference, that so many comments here are deeply unChristrian. No, you do not take a gun and shoot somone out of hand just because you feel thtreatenedf by him. It is dfor the police or FBI to arrest, charge, and prosecute him, not for citizens carrying guns. Your own threats to Muslims in general are as illegal as his threats to terrorize others. If you don’t like US and state law in this regard and have no confidence in legitimate authority, then you should go elsewhere. And please not the UK, where we have very little gun crime because few perople have guns and almost no-one carried a pistol or a concealed weapon. You will never defeat Islamic terrorism or radicalism by acting as vigilantes, because every time you kill an innocent Muslim by mistake or in anger, you will strengthen claims to Islamophobia.

    • mtmla

      Go tell this to the Copts in Egypt, the Greeks, or other Christians that have been massacred or almost exterminated by the hordes of Islam. How about the black Christians or followers of other religions in Africa? Do you know that when the Christian Spanish king/queen Fernan de Aragon and Isabel de Castilla took Granada from the muslim invaders after about 600 yrs of muslim occupation there was NOT A SINGLE CHRISTIAN LEFT in Andalusia( southern Spain)??? They were murdered, forced to convert or expelled. This is Islam for you. Tolerance and rule of law do not faze or apply to them. Apparently our government and the EU government are not concerned in protecting the citizens. Look at Europe. People proudly do not carry guns. Even the police in some place do not carry guns, but the muslims do: machine guns, machetes, meat cleavers, cars and big trucks. It’s predicted Europe is going to be Eurabia thanks to the traitor politicians and the oppressed citizenry that have become zombies and are not allowed to protect themselves, they are even punished when the say the reality of their predicament. Islam is a violent cult that wants to dominate the entire world -Dar-al Harb, and make it into an islamic caliphate, Dar-al Islam.Then there’ll be peace when we are all killed, enslaved or convert to this satanic cult of death and violence.

    • Antarctic_Ice

      These Islamic terrorists usually only attack in gun-free zones. Remember the massacre at the Fort Hood Army base: The US gun lobby report the Muslim army officer opened fire in the gun-free zone on that base.

      • Craig

        You keep saying “gun lobby”, so for me, you are a troll leftist.

    • Craig

      Britainistan produces some really cowardly sheep. There is no such thing a s an ‘innocent muslim’.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Conversely, every muslim that murders an innocent non muslim weakens civilization and strengthens islam. Do tell us about the peace and law abiding united caliphate/kingdom, with direct reference to the rotherham years of muslims sexually abusing thousands of underage girls, with the compliance and coverup of many municipal and government agencies, the police, school boards and civic administration. Do elaborate on the success you are having now, when any muslim can complain about something and have the cowardly British lion grovel in submission to the muslim rat. There is no commandment in Christianity that says to be stupid and allow yourself to be murdered.

  • Cody

    I got something for this Muslim POS. The time for the second Crusades is near.

  • why why why are we even tolerating filthy scum who want to kill us,bring it on pig. As long as fucking religions exist so will no mercy enough is enough.

    • Craig

      Same reason we tolerate invading reconquista mexicans ( who want to violently take back half of the U.S.) and MS-13 scum. Democrats want their votes.
      Democrats are attempting to create a voter base so large no one can vote against them. That is why they love the illegals they put on welfare…the votes.
      Remember, rat obama said “undocumented migrants, go ahead and vote. No one is coming after you” just before the election.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Let Muslims into your country, such things are bound to happen.

  • mtmla

    I can’t believe this creep was not arrested!! This is no longer Obama’s America….What is the police waiting for? Another San Bernardino or Paris massacre? This is a total disgrace!

  • Waimanalodayz1

    Hey Pamela Geller You delete My message F**K YOU

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Wonder why? You seem so well spoken and reasonable.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Allahu Ackbar!

  • Lydia Church

    I have one message for that guy:

    I don’t care if he is threatening me personally.
    I’m ready for heaven, thanks!
    He should be afraid, because once he’s wiped out, he’s hell bound.

  • Phil McDonald

    2 reasons this SOB wasn’t arrested. 1 – He is part of some law enforcement agency. 2 – He is an informant for some federal law enforcement agency. See if you can I’D him and then request a FOIA.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Interesting take. Maybe his actions were to give him street cred. w/other muslums?

  • Hook

    Fat Boy would only pick on unarmed women and children. He wouldn’t have the balls to even the odds.

    His shirt says he is an American. No he’s not, just a filthy Muslim invader.

  • santashandler

    This is a direct and immediate threat to all who attended those conferences. Even a second grader could see that. Perhaps the Christian folks who are threatened should all arm themselves against what is most certainly a coming terrorist event being planned by this idiot and his fellow travelers.

    • Craig

      A very good idea, but the media, schools and churches have molded people into sheep. The very idea of protecting ones self is considered bizarre and those that do are ostracized and ridiculed. Defend you and yours, let the sheep die.

      • santashandler

        Any POS who makes videos, in a church parking lot, threatening with guns, should be “relocated” to the Southwestern desert.

      • Elfie Marshall

        I may be thinking out of the box due to my age. I have discovered that people become sheep’s when they are over the head in debt and they are beholden to those they owe money too. They can’t move or change jobs they don’t like just to mention two. I hope that you get my drift.

        I have to sign off I hear thunder once that is very close.

      • Bob Parenteau

        The Pope is in bed with the moslimes. How many Catholics would follow the word of the socialist muzzie loving pope and get themselves murdered?


    Looks like a front man running a litmus test.
    Where does he work, what car was he driving?
    I’d think just as gratifying would be to randomly mail everyone who lives within a mile of him, and show them this news article and video.

    People are much more emboldened when they’re playing the activist role, far from home. Wouldn’t it be funny if we could like get his welfare cut off?

    It’s a world view thing at this point. I’m not afraid now, but probably should have been I guess. Same for everyone else here, we’re not afraid and are growing in strength and numbers every time this sort of islamo intimidation happens.

    We’ve got a normal moderate muslim on our hands. I’d bet he was most upset by learning that a radical former islamist turned christian was in the midst. To normal moderate muslims, the reformers are the radicals.

  • Jan Morrissy

    I hate this man

  • Bert Mc

    Hunt him now before he kills someone! He made the threat already!

  • NonYa Biz

    Anyone know his home address?

  • NonYa Biz
  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Title 18
    § 2706. Terroristic threats.
    (a) Offense defined.–A person commits the crime of
    terroristic threats if the person communicates, either directly
    or indirectly, a threat to:
    (1) commit any crime of violence with intent to
    terrorize another;
    (2) cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly or
    facility of public transportation; or
    (3) otherwise cause serious public inconvenience, or
    cause terror or serious public inconvenience with reckless
    disregard of the risk of causing such terror or

  • karl59

    America’s elected officials who will not do their jobs need to be voted out!!!!!!!!!!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • Antarctic_Ice

      Gun lobby says he opened fire in the ‘gun-free’ zone on that base.

      • Craig

        By the term “gun lobby”, it is easily to see another leftist limp dik troglodyte.
        ESAD, troll.

      • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

        Technically that’s correct.
        The only armed personnel on an installation is Military Police, Intelligence staffers at their respective worksite and Infantry guards posted to protect ammunition depots.
        Hollywood, Brady Center and SPLC may spread half truths and lies, but there are still far too many that know the truth.

  • jimmy

    obviously cops are out of the equation and patriotic Americans will have to rise up and take matters into their own hands to flush Allah’s feces down the toilet an get it out of our country.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Once again authorities baffled, confused and puzzled,…. as to the WHY ?!?!?

  • Merchantseamen

    First off….what idiot carries all these weapons at once?? If he has a valid CCW then he has most likley violated its mandate. If nothing else he should lose the permit. It depends on SD CCW laws. Now if he brandished those weapons in the parking lot and the public witnessed it then that is trouble. In VA you don’t brandish you go to jail. The actions and language he is using in the video he is clearly tamping down his emotions with success. What happens next time tho.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Don’t fear,… I’m sure the FBI with their $45 BILLION annual budget is plenty capable of watching him,…. like the Fort Hood shooter,…. like the Orlando Nightclub shooter,…. like the San Bernardino shooters,…. like the Chattanooga shooter,…. like the Boston bombers, and on, and on …….. watching and watching and watching …..

    • Florian75

      Rats. Not wolves.

      • michaelofsydney

        Dogs. Lone dogs

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Dung beetles.

      • Darko Darryl Alan Birdsall-Koš

        They are cowards! If they have a problem with us and want to attack us, then let the bastards have one-on-one arm to arm combat with a U.S. Marine – no weapons permitted! And watch our Marine will tear the fucker to shreads.

  • No Fear

    Special superdickhead powers are required to operate two automatic weapons and multiple handguns all at the same time. Wow, I am terrified that this guy might actually attempt to drive more than one car at once. He may even attempt to operate two bodies with half a brain.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • Craig

      Political correctness keeps them blind.

  • L.h.

    I just heard about this today on VCY America, Crosstalk radio show from Wisconsin. They have sounded the alarm for some years now about the Muslim threat. I have followed Usama Dakdok faithfully as he also speaks about Sharia and the Muslim Plan to take over the West. Check out his website

  • FlameonMe

    I sent an email to the South Dakota AG here:

  • Tony Carr

    the new breed of beardless muslim or just another “convert” with mental health issues?? dangerous either way.

  • jeff B

    so its ok for the oath keepers touring assault weapons to synagogs though,

    • Craig

      Keep sucking for socialism, POS.

  • Grayfox#1William Mullins

    The Person or persons that protected him and refused to Arrest and prosecute is at fault,they are the ones that need arrested, anytime a Person Branishes a Weapon in Public,is at fault. No Exceptions,and did anyone check his Weapons to see if they was legally bought by him,and if he was allowed to own or be in possession of a Weapon,Dereliction of Duty happened here,from some Police.This should be checked into.

  • Jay Dillon

    This man should have the s**t beaten out of him and his weapons taken from him immediately, whether by the police or by citizens’ arrest. DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED THAT THE POLICE WILL DO THEIR JOB. We know from experience in the USA today that the police DO NOT do their jobs in some cases. In this situation you MUST act and neutralize this threat immediately. You may not get a second chance, and people (innocent people) WILL DIE.

  • Having read the whole thing, I am now more depressed. Perhaps, things will become very bad before they become good.

  • Steve

    Vigilantes will arise when a corrupt system fails.

  • bob434

    funny how the nation went into full investigation mode hunting down and capturing a white man who issued threats and got ahold of guns, but when a muslim man does- meh- they could care less-

  • Bill

    How about it AG Sessions, what say you? Homeland Security?

  • Bill

    When the s@#t starts hitting the fan, these Mohammdites and their Marxist Progressive Comrades will be united together

  • vercingetorix

    I went many times to SD for holidays, i never saw a muslim there. But that was before Obama and Clinton…….

    • KD

      The universities have been importing them, all in the name of diversity.

  • Alleged Comment

    Sounds like a FF operation for something. Maybe to confiscate all American weapons? Especially when they named the location. That’s white country.

    Today I saw a foreigner in my State yacking away in a foreign language on most likely his obama phony. They are just importing them here like drugs.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Every time the authorities ignore threats from Muslim extremist,…. AMERICANS DIE !!!
    WHY ?!?!?!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Those poor, unarmed Marines were nothing but target practice for this muslum POS. RIP.

  • GR Arnold

    Another one that does not realize just exactly how expendable he really is. All these savages seem to share equally in this same ignorance.

  • Elizabeth Rahn

    What a total load of bovine excrement.

  • Julie Jansen

    Father God, if the body is not praying for Ehab Jabar’s salvation, please forgive us! I lift him up to You in the name of Jesus! I choose to claim this man’s full salvation and pray FOR him. Just as the body prayed for a terrorist named Saul who because of those prayers, You were able to intervene in his acts of terrorism and save him, change his name to Paul and inspire him to write most of the New Testament, I pray for this man to have a road to Damascus experience too! Father I call Ehab loosed from mind blinding spirits so he has an ear to hear the truth so he may be set free! I call Ehab saved, walking out his salvation filled with, formed in and led by the Holy Ghost! Satan! I call your assignment on Ehab finished in the name of Jesus! You will cease and desist in your maneuvers against the work of Jesus in Ehab! Father I thank You that You will bring people of faith into agreement with this prayer for this man do he can be delivered from hate and anger and live in your live and peace. It is your desire that Ehab enter into Your rest, peace that passes understanding and joy unspeakable and full of glory! Hallelujah! I thank You Father that You woo us unto you. I thank you that Your Word says that You love Ehab so much that You gave your only begotten Son to die for his sin! This truth gives us hope. I Prsise You Father for Ehab’s salvation. Now I choose the faith of Abraham and call those things that be not as though they are and praise You for Ehab’s salvation. Should I personally meet Ehab, I will speak to him and see him as saved no matter what my ears hear or eyes see.


    HAD THIS happened within the state of Florida, this mental case would have been involuntarily incarcerated for a 72 hour mental evaluation under Florida’s Baker Act law. ~ Other states need to have similar laws to protect the public from potentially dangerous people!

  • WMD

    I would imagine the average South Dakotan would see him with those weapons and say, “Is that all ya got?”

    • spfg

      In most cases you are right!! I’m one of them however I need ot stock up this year as I’m getting behind on my arsenal. These Muzzrats from Saudi Arabia have no business pushing their perverted ideology on us South Dakotans…It is a damn shame that whomever is responsible for this that I hope they burn in eternal hell fire for the harm they are causing in our neighborhoods and the cities they live in…Don’t they have some kind of clue on the damage they are causing on society just to earn some monetary kickback for bringing them in…Whose is paying these dirty rotten fools for importing them???Are they really that clueless???May God help us all if they are…

  • spfg

    As more muslims come into this country you will see this hitting closer and closer to your own backyard if you haven’t already. This is hitting very close to my own backyard!!! Something needs to be done to get this very unstable potential terrorist off of the streets. I can just see it now with him committing a type of Fort Hood style murder. It will only be a matter of time before it happens..

  • Jake_Arr

    This cockroach needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and have his guns inserted into him piece by piece.

  • Halal Bacon

    i think that guy owes my goat alimony, what lady-bell saw in that basterd I will never know…

  • Pantalones

    The news said he was Mexican wtf?

  • Mazzif Fizzam

    And then a POS goes off in Fresno…maybe this video inspired him?

  • Jay

    Muslim guy with a gun. Scary. Terrorist.
    White Christian guy with a gun. Patriot, Good American.

    • Craig

      Muslim man making terroristic threats gets a pass.
      White man making terroristic threats gets SWAT up his butt and jail.

      Welcome to rat obama’s new PC America.

  • kdou

    more peacefulness in South Dakota

    • spfg

      That worthless scum is in my backyard. I live in South Dakota. I will complain to the main detective supervisor. I guess it probably didn’t help matters that the speaker was an Iranian and the terrorist was from Saudi Arabia. He might have hated him even more if he would have stayed a Shiite Muslim…Who knows

      • Craig

        Dan did complain and cops said they are doing nothing. Muzzies get special treatment.

        • spfg

          It was all over on the local radio stations yesterday saying the video was causing quite a stir. They even had the terrorist himself go on and say his intention was not to threatened Jews and Christians. Yea, right what a load of crap. He works at the local Morries restaurant in town here. A high end restaurant that serves great food. The cops need to keep a very close eye on this guy. I hope he gets ran out of town, sent back to Saudi Arabia or gets accidentally taken out. Either way he won’t last long around here.

  • Rebecca Gee

    Get them ALL out of our country!!!!!!!!!

  • Olsoljer

    Just a matter of time before the party starts.

    • Craig

      I am with you there.

  • Annie

    One of the reasons why this fat Muslim pig is trying to terrify Americans into
    silence is because of what is proscribed in Sharia Law – Slander/Blasphemy.

    But not as Americans would define that under our laws but as Sharia defines
    it: anything that may offend a Muslim, even if it is true.

    That is a definite part of Islamic doctrine and this slovenly thug and Muslim
    Radical reality believes it. There would be many more like him among
    refugees let into America from Muslim terrorist countries. The more Islam
    is a presence here, the more this Ku Klux Klan type of thinking will prevail.

  • Mr. Privilege

    Time for an American Crusade.

  • Steve Mauch

    Lock & Load bitches.
    This is our country, not theirs.
    They’re lucky enough to be guests here but I guess they don’t appreciate it so they need to go.

  • Bruce Cunningham

    He is a sand flea threatening white Christians, that is ok in modern America. Black lives matter. Antifa, and the muslim brotherhood are all supported by local government, and police. If he was a white Christian doing this at a Muslim gathering, he would for sure be arrested, and his face would be all over the news.

  • ChristianMan

    What? Does he think we do’t carry and would shoot back? What a moron

  • Sgtsnuffy


  • Dan Knight

    “When I called the Sioux Falls Police Department to file a formal complaint and obtain a case number, I was discouraged from doing so. The officer informed me that the local prosecutor or state prosector (sic) was not going to charge this Muslim man with anything and he was not going to go over their head and file my complaint. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. I believe my civil right was being denied so as not to upset the political chain of command? It took over 24 hours before I was allowed to file a formal complaint that was taken by a higher ranking officer.”
    Brannon, Brannon, Brannon … buddy I’m sorry but THAT IS NORMAL. Why do you think the cops are sittin’ in their cars? Cops have better things to do than get suspended, investigated, and fired for – and I might add – risking losing their pensions.

    Yeah, if that guy had a few Nastie tats, and a pedigree from the Waspyist trailer park, he’d be in chains doing a nickel yesterday, but … if he was arrested as he is – his defense attorney would have the jury thinking he was framed by the evil Christian cops. The defense would just drop the victim card while the media smeared the judge as a racist pig unless or until he dropped the case.

    Welcome to the real world.

    • Dan Knight

      And after he gets off, this criminal’s legal team would sue – putting Brannon “on trial” with a civil suit – and award the wannabe “Achmed the dead terrorist” treble damages and attorney fees for the his emotional distress…

      • Dan Knight

        That is the “standard for the forgotten Americans that pay the taxes …”

  • Terry

    If this had taken place in Dearborn Michigan the mussies would have called their army out which they have on call 24/7 in case any crap like this goes on around their centers –and they can throw stones and bags of goat manure on Christians who stand withing 50ft of their hellhole propaganda centers and are poo pood by the local paid for police…They have the money and we have the eternal Jesus Christ flame, which they are working so hard to convince the people of US that they somehow have a place in the United States—+++ Do not do business with the mulsimes their agenda is to take the US money from hard working people with lies and more lies—and are very creative but stupid

  • KimJungILLest

    Would have thought everyone who visits this site would be ecstatic and supportive of this video. What happened to all the 2nd amendment/pro gun talk? This guy is a hero. He is standing up for his beliefs and exercising his right to bear arms…is he not?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      No, as a matter of fact he is not.

      • KimJungILLest

        How is that?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Bearing arms is one thing, threatening people with them, quite another. An uncontrolled firearm muzzle is a threat.

          • KimJungILLest

            Article is written by a minister I believe? Most ministers I have known prob would not spend so much of their time and resources to try and have someone incarcerated but instead continue to profess their love for all people and ask that the guy above can help him/her out. Btw I don’t know many ministers who have direct contact info with FBI agents and law enforcement personnel but good for him.

  • nisan5702


  • Christopher Day

    he’s an open carry activist. Read the shirt. He’s not telling people to be afraid, he’s saying it with a very distinct sarcastic voice. Like I am American. I am muslim. I open carry. Be afraid…if you want to…you don’t have to be.

  • salty2012

    “Be afraid” or “be terrified.”
    Same thing back you cowardly bastard!

  • Phil McDonald

    The Jihadi punk has been arrested…

  • selena

    i don’t understand this but am not informed on south dakota’s gun laws.
    this guy was brandishing weapons etc and no one shot him ?
    then this was a TEST RUN for the future.
    Texas had their test run and they became winners of the sidewalk art competition.
    stay safe out there.

  • JoanieBaloney

    This man should be arrested for threatening Christians. If he isn’t then we need to bring a lawsuit against him, his mosque, the local police that won’t arrest him. Apparently, our pols and police have been ordered to just let the Muslims have their way without any negative pushback from Americans. This will not end peacefully in the future.

    This is a prime example of where our government should be taking a stand against Islam in such a way that they wouldn’t dare escalate to the point of this man’s behavior. But no, ….the US is standing back like the world did when Theo Van Gogh got his head cut off and nothing was done. Allowing sharia law to creep into our banking system as well as elsewhere. Sheeple behavior is going to bury us.

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