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Universities ‘WEED OUT’ Conservative Scholars, Says Report


This sums up the terrible state American universities and colleges are in today. Only one point of view is allowed — and that view includes a welcoming attitude toward jihad terror. Supporters of Hamas and Hizb’Allah are welcome on college campuses. Voices who oppose their savagery and carnage are banned. My colleagues and I are rarely invited to speak, and when we are, the blowback is deafening, even violent. And Jewish students are routinely harassed and bullied on campus by Muslims and their leftist lapdogs.

“Universities ‘Weed Out’ Right-Wing Scholars, Says Report,” by David Krayden, Daily Caller, April 14, 2017:

United States universities are obsessed with hiring politically correct professors through mandatory “diversity statements,” according to an explosive report released in March by the Oregon Association of Scholars (OAS) and reported by The College Fix.

Coming from one of the nation’s most liberal states, the scholars can argue that they know first-hand what they are writing about.

Their report focuses on how universities and colleges use “diversity statements” and their insistence that professors agree with them, as the means by which post-secondary institutions “weed out non left-wing scholars” and hire liberals.

These diversity statements are integral to liberal ideology the OAS argues, arguing that it is the doctrine of group victimization and their subsequent claims for group-based entitlements that mark diversity statements as “partisan litmus tests” to ensure ideological purity of faculty.

The association notes that it is now routine for universities to provide a diversity statement template that is like a checklist for progressive causes. These templates insist that professors will wholeheartedly agree to “keep the white students from dominating all classroom discussions,” and “reflect a commitment to queer visibility,” while advising students against the temptation to “thoughtlessly reproduce the standard white and Western model of legitimate knowledge.”

More than 20 colleges enforce a requirement that faculty demonstrate their commitment to the ideals of “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” the OAS found. However, they say this is only the tip of the political correctness iceberg as many post-secondary institutions do not directly enforce the diversity requirement but administer it through coercion and that many institutions demand adherence to diversity statements for entrance to Ph.D. programs or when applying for a university job.

The University of Oregon used a diversity statement scheme like this when it ordered that a faculty member’s teaching must “reflect the diversity of the field, including the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of its scholars and practitioners.”  The university also demands that professors exercise good faith in “incorporating issues of equity, implicit bias, and cultural understanding in new faculty searches.”

Outside of Oregon, the the 10-campus University of California has also insisted upon mandatory diversity statements from new professors to their universities, specifically asking candidates whether they considered “race, gender, economic justice or inequality” in their research.

The evidence mounts in the OAS report, as it notes the Portland State University’s Diversity Action Council distributing a list of 44 questions for measuring “cultural competencies” during the interview process. At Carnegie Mellon University, on the other hand, racial preference is outrageously present as candidates are given a minimum of assessment if they are “a member of a historically underrepresented group in their field.”…

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This academic retardation will result in many Universities loosing credibility with employers. Universities in the far east will reap the benefits by proving functional graduates who can deliver business needs. Social misfits will work in the cafeteria.

    • BrunoPBuhr

      Wack em Mahou!!! Make them cry like pinkpussyhat Submissive men at a feminist march! Lost their balls, too pathetic to try and find them!

    • Jon Sobieski

      You think the universities in China, Korea and Japan are obsessed with diversity and the evil oppression of the dominant race in their country? No way. What percentage of university graduates have one of these worthless race identity degrees? 20 percent? Who knows?

      • Lukas Lumbantobing

        Even in third world country like mine or other ASEAN countries, with tons of problems in it’s education systems, I never heard such “race identity” degrees exist. But unfortunately in case of mine (Indonesia), there are several prominent state universities who had “center of gender studies” (tend to be infested by radical feminists).

        • imwithstoopid

          If Indonesia, just how much longer will that, radical feminists, last with the latest hard liners (Islamists) starting to crack down on citizens and conformance?

          • Lukas Lumbantobing

            Both are enemy.

      • imwithstoopid

        Surly you jest.
        Their kids are coming here to learn.
        Besides, diversity at those places consists of are you Male or Female under gender on their applications.

  • Suresh

    Left/Liberals have been taking over colleges because conservatives do not even fight back ! Sue them for discrimination every step of the way ….or it will only get worse..

    Left/Liberal/feminazi “Leaders” are the Trojan horses that allow,
    enable the destruction of their countries by the vicious snakes(“Poor” Muslim Fake refugees) either due to their idealogical stupidity, ignorance or because they are paid of by saudi/OIC Lobbyists to push for BLM/islam

    Good idea to give them the Iceland police treatment . They deserve it.

    • Mark Steiner

      Conservatives have never really been welcome on college campuses for over 50 years. No one – those attending, or those paying the fees, exercised discernment to know what was being paid for – instruction, or leftists indoctrination. No one did their homework before choosing to go to school. The few who actually paid for their own education without parental pandering developed superior work principles and righteous attitudes toward dealing with people for the future. The rest? Well, they partied every weekend (sometimes every day), attending rallies outside of class time, clogged the auditoriums to hear some anti-Christ leftist indoctrination, and over time, the rest became history. This activity will not be reversed.

      If this is education, I’m out of here.

      • Lukas Lumbantobing

        Thank god in the university I attended in Indonesia there are no such thing as left wing student groups.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          That is a blessing and a very big one.

          • Lukas Lumbantobing

            On the other hand, individually I have encountered leftists/feminists/communists from my campus in facebook, and their political activities were quite dangerous unfortunately, for example I found one student who was the organizers of “Women’s March” in Jakarta on 4 March.

  • Tatonka

    Nazi Germany did the same thing in their schools and universities.

  • Dorrie

    They’ve been doing that for decades! Our schools don’t teach kids HOW to think, they teach them WHAT to think!

    • Janet

      I know and I’m dreading the day that my granddaughter starts college! It should be a wonderful part of her future. So pathetic that these libtard professors feel they have to push their political beliefs while teaching their classes. Indoctrination at it’s best!

      • Dorrie

        It’s a mistake to think everyone needs to go to college ANYWAY. Trade schools can teach a person how do make a very good living, without the indoctrination of a liberal college.

        • Janet

          I totally agree with that! It’s a shame that they stopped teaching the different trades in high school. They taught them when I was in school 100 years ago. Lol

  • Drew the Infidel

    All this was laid out in the 1962 “Port Huron Statement”, a sort of manifesto of the so-called “New Left” in the US. It was primarily authored by one Tom Hayden, ex-husband of second-rate actress Jane Fonda, a.k.a “Hanoi Hanna”. In it they advocate for seizing the universities and co-opting the Democrat Party and other institutions they deem the “loci of power”.

  • reggiec

    What we need is more colleges like Hillsdale college and Liberty University. I will wager that as the lame stream colleges get more radical to the left, more REAL institutions of higher learning will be created.

  • Colleges and universities in America are a core target of left-wing liberal Tavistock Institute indoctrination. In a deliberate attempt to control information and graduate left-wing liberal lemmings, only left-wing liberal professors and administrators are hired and only a left-wing liberal anti-Americam anti-Semitic pro-Muslim curricula is taught. The free exchange of differing ideas is no longer welcome on campus. Teaching is firmly rooted in approved political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism all in the service of destroying America from with. Why? Because America is the bulwark against the globalist elite goal of one-world government. It is not 2017 on American campuses – it is 1984.

  • notme123

    Learn a trade. Good money. Own business. Less chance of outsourcing.

    • Lukas Lumbantobing

      Some others find a job for sake of accumulating money for a future self employment venture.

  • Geppetto

    There’s a solution to this madness that begins with cutting off all tax payer supported funding for these “post secondary institutions.” Force them to compete in the free market. The next steps are far more difficult but equally necessary. In any order. Shut down the teachers unions. They’re only interests are increasing their revenue streams by increasing membership by any means necessary including financial support of politicians who respond by voting for ever more government financial “aid” to these already over bloated, “post secondary institution,” professor and administrator salaries and benefits. Second the concept of tenure must be eliminated. Indoctrinators posing as “dedicated educators” need to be fired before they ever are given the chance to achieve their covert goal of brain washing our young adults. Third, end the government sponsored student loan program designed to accommodate default. Fourth, prosecute these administrators who are demanding these anti-diversity, “diversity” statements for a blatant act of the discrimination that these intellectual pinheads profess to abhor.

    When students and their parents, family or guardians are faced with the responsibility for payment of the funds borrowed for tuition these institutions must compete for, the workings of the free market will force a considerable reduction in the cost of a college education. When some of these holier than thou, left wing progressives are publicly prosecuted, thoroughly humiliated, financially penalized and jailed for their blatant, hypocritical, two faced, illegal, anti-American behavior, their numbers will diminish.

    This is not a recent phenomena. These elitist progressives long ago realized that indoctrination, as opposed to violent protest and revolution, was a far more effective means of accomplishing their political objective of putting themselves, the so called “intellectual elites,” in control. It would best be accomplished by concentrating their efforts on the most malleable and naive among us, America’s youth. While the process of infiltrating the education system would be slow and one or more generations would be required to achieve success, it was an achievable goal and in 2017 we are seeing the fruits of that ambition coming to fruition. The so called “fake news media,” the steady, relentless drift of the Kennedy democrats to the left, the rabid, leftist, anti-everything Trump hysteria, the anti-conservative political commentary from the elites in the entertainment industry, the purported incompetence, political chicanery and unsupported allegations of illegality attributed to all people, 501c3 organizations and things conservative.

    This is akin to a civil war and all patriotic Americans, regardless of their public or political affiliations need to become aware, knowledgeable and engaged, at the very least with regard to who is teaching our children and what are they teaching them.

    • imwithstoopid

      You mean like cut of taxpayer dollars to sanctuary cities and states?
      You can see just how that’s working for trump.
      By the way I wonder how much longer the honeymoon we have with him will last…


  • RayG1

    This is not news! It has been going on for decades. It is a well known fact that Conservative professors are routinely denied tenure at all public funded colleges and universities. Straight thinking using facts, logic, history, common sense, and truth is punished in the liberal world.

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