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President Trump’s Latest Executive Order Aims To Make Companies ‘Hire American’


Trump is putting Americans first, as any President of the United States should do. That this is even controversial is an indication of how badly things have degenerated under the political and media hegemony of the left.

“Donald Trump’s Latest Executive Order Aims To Make Companies ‘Hire American,’” by Kaitlan Collins, Daily Caller, April 17, 2017:

Donald Trump will sign an executive order in hopes of favoring American workers by reforming the H-1B visa program and minimizing exceptions to the Buy American Act of 1933, which requires the federal government to favor U.S.-made products when funding projects.

The president is scheduled to sign the two-part order — Buy American and Hire American — after delivering remarks at a tool manufacturing company in Wisconsin Tuesday.

The first part of the executive order — Hire American — seeks to enforce the H-1B visa program so it “serves the national interest” by awarding visas to the most-skilled and highest-paid applicants without bypassing American workers who are qualified for those jobs.

Though Trump vowed to end the H-1B visa program as a candidate, a senior administration official said the order instructs the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Labor, the Department of Justice and State Department to propose reforms to the program to prevent fraud and abuse in the immigration system.

“For too long, rather than operating as designed and allowing only the best and brightest to come in and fill key positions, the H-1B nonimmigrant visa program has been administered in a way that harms American workers—specifically, it has led to a flood of relatively low-wage, low-skill workers in the tech sector,” the official said.

“Our goal is to ensure that U.S. workers who are just as qualified, willing and deserving to work in these fields are not ignored or otherwise unfairly disadvantaged in the H-1B process.”

“We are saying to these agencies, ‘Tell us everything you can do.’”

The official said the review could result in proposed legislation or administrative changes, like increasing applications fees for H-1B visas.

The second part of the order — Buy American — instructs the same agencies listed above to favor American-made goods and services when using taxpayer dollars on federally-funded projects, while minimizing waivers and exceptions to the Buy American law.

Meant to root out “every single Buy American loophole,” it instructs the agencies to conduct a “top-to-bottom” performance review of how they grant waivers and exceptions. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will then review those findings and submit a report to the president within 220 days.

“Buy American is the Trump Administration’s highest priority when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars,” a senior official said. “Agencies have their clear marching orders, and they will be held strictly accountable for any failure to fulfill the Buy American mission. This order directs every agency to scrupulously monitor, enforce, and comply with Buy American laws.”…

  • Ron Cole

    The roofing companies in my area hire 100% Spixikan and several are owned by Spixikans.
    It took me weeks to find a contractor who hired Americans.

    • Liatris Spicata

      One of the first questions to ask is why there are so few Americans doing what the “Spixikans” are doing. I suggest that getting rid of the “Spixikans”- a term I quite dislike, as it seems to reference an ethnic slur- will not necessarily induce Americans to do those jobs, certainly not while the welfare state exists. Reducing the number of immigrants doing many menial jobs will severely drive up costs of many goods and services and make it harder to find people to do the jobs in questions, which, by your own admission, is already difficult.

      While it certainly does not apply to all immigrants, the history of American immigration has millions of examples of people who came here seeking a better life for their children. Many of those children became very successful, even while their parents labored in menial capacities. America should not seek of cut off that dynamic, which has served the nation and the concept of liberty well. At the same time, America should make it clear you come here with no guarantee of success or support from the state (some exceptions, as for genuine political refugees).

      • wilypagan

        We are no longer a frontier. We need to take care of our own people first.

        • Liatris Spicata

          You present a false dichotomy. Moreover, it is not a legitimate function of government, in my mind, to take care of able bodied adults- native born or otherwise. Immigrants have long served as an “engine of growth”, and there is no reason to think that will end simply because “we are no longer a frontier”. Your comment is an example of a shallow kind of thinking that rests on a foundation of paper mache.

          That said, we should not admit immigrants who come here with an ideology that claims to replace what America, at her best, as long stood for. In my mind, that includes anyone whose allegiance is to a “prophet” whose idea of a good time is to rape little girls and who explicitly condoned slavery in service to his adherents.

          • wilypagan

            If it is not the legitimate function of government to take care of able bodied adults, then why does the US provide food, housing and medical care for refugees while our own citizens live in the streets? I would prefer to see the homeless problem addressed before more foreigners are admitted.

            The Anglo-Saxons, and later other Europeans, who settled this country had a work ethic which was the engine of growth. Since immigration laws were changed in the 1960s to admit more people from the “developing world”, it has been a downhill spiral.

          • Liatris Spicata

            I have to wonder if you grasp the meaning of the term “legitimate function of government”. Government today fulfills many roles that conservatives and libertarians would say are not legitimate functions of government.

            Your claim about Anglo-Saxon and other Europeans is true. (Ok, maybe the French are a outlia, ahem). Whereas, I suppose, people of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese ancestry had no work ethic. Work ethic is largely a function of culture and incentive.

    • Drew the Infidel

      Q: What did Davy Crockett say when he looked out from the Alamo and saw Santa Anna and his troops?
      A: Damn, look at all the roofers.

  • bannedquran20

    Americans first, the correct route to go Mr. President!!

  • Drew the Infidel

    It was a remarkably brilliant stroke of genius that Trump signed the Executive Order at the headquarters of tool manufacturer Snap-On, which has already absorbed the Sears Craftsman line. The tightening of the H1-B visa programs should insure there is no repeat of the travesty that occurred at Disney World in which the American workers were all fired and training up their foreign replacements was mandatory in order to receive their final paychecks.

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