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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Dutch JIHAD TERROR: Rock concert evacuated as bus loaded with GAS BOTTLES found near venue

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Child Slavery and the Practice of Camel Jockeying in Muslim Countries

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Boko Haram Child Bombings in Nigeria Quadruple Between 2016 and 2017

[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

1 Million Facebook Fans Can’t Be Wrong

[ August 23, 2017 ]

France: Charlie Hebdo accused of “Islamophobia” for Barcelona cartoon

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Crooks and Liars Stokes Leftist Outrage Over Pamela Geller Protesting Ban From PayPal

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Christian Teenager Who Survived Muslim Raid on Substation Faces Death Sentence — For Blasphemy

[ August 23, 2017 ]

UK lawyer: ‘Zionists should all be shot, Jewish refugees bombed — NOT disbarred

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

California: “Progressive” Women’s Group Now Building a ‘Pipeline’ for Muslim Candidates


The Democrats are going to get more Muslim candidates running because they know that that way Muslims will vote in a bloc for all their candidates, and they’ll be able to keep their corrupt hold on power. They also say they want to fight islamofauxbia, but they will discover that they will never eradicate suspicion of Islam as long as jihad terror attacks continue. And they will.

“Training Hopes to Build ‘Pipeline’ for Muslim Candidates After Trump Election,” by Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil, NBC News, April 13, 2017 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):

Karen Hinks had spent approximately a year training women of color to run for office in Orange County, California, when President Donald Trump was elected.

During her training sessions, she saw that Muslims were especially underrepresented in area politics. Now her organization is preparing to launch training sessions to provide the county’s Muslims the tools to run for local political office.

“There are no Muslim women who have ever been elected to office [in Orange County],” Hinks told NBC News. “That then led us to approach the leadership of the mosques in Orange County to say, ‘We want to do a training with Muslim Americans — what do you think the interest is going to be?’ And they were all for the idea.”

Starting April 15, Hinks’ organization, “WELead OC” and Rima Nashashibi, former vice chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, are scheduled to hold a five-week Muslim candidate training program to teach aspiring politicians — both women and men — about fundraising, field operations, social media, messaging, communications, and volunteer recruitment.

Only one Muslim presently holds elected office in Orange County — Al Jabbar, a board member of the Anaheim Unified School District — out of an estimated 500,000 Muslims living throughout Southern California, according to the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The goal, said Hinks, is to create a “pipeline” for Muslims to enter politics ahead of the 2018 and 2020 elections at a time when political engagement in the Orange County Muslim community is on the rise.

“The more Muslims we see in elected office, the more it boosts our community’s confidence, and it’s a great way to undermine those who are spreading hate and a racist agenda,” Rashad al-Dabbagh, founder and executive director of the Orange County-based Arab American Civic Council, told NBC News.”We love our allies and our partners in other communities, but if Muslims want to prosper and be seen as equals, they have to step up and make a difference themselves.”

Jabbar, the school district board member and sole Muslim elected official in Orange County, said that Muslims have increasingly become interested in running for office in recent years, but that Trump’s victory was “an extra kick.”

“With Trump getting elected, I see that even more,” he said. “Because as a community—Latinos and Muslims—we’ve been put down by this president and we want to show that we are here, working in our communities.”

But al-Dabbagh said that Islamophobia remains a big hurdle.

“We witnessed sometimes Muslim campaigns get targeted just because of their religion or ethnicity, and that they get accused of the nastiest things,” he said. “Some people don’t feel comfortable running because of how viciously they can be attacked by their opponents. Not a lot of people are willing to go through it.”

Jabbar said that religion never came up during his 2014 campaign, but Farrah Khan, a community organizer and interfaith leader who ran for Irvine City Council last year, told NBC News that she was attacked by anti-Muslim rhetoric, which may have contributed to her loss.

“There were lawn signs, street signs, out saying that I was anti-Israel,” she said. “Coming from the interfaith community, that was really appalling.”

Khan, who went through one of WELead OC’s training programs for women last year, said that she was also the subject of a negative mailer that portrayed her as an extremist.

“In a city where we have 110,000 voters, and this mailer went out to everybody and you can’t counter it, a lot of people who don’t know me might believe it,” she said.

Hinks said the upcoming Muslim candidate training program will address the issue of Islamophobia by focusing heavily on field operations and how to engage with voters one-on-one, which she said is the best way to break down the fears and stereotypes.

But Muslim political advancement will also require the help of others, said Khan….

  • Pray Hard

    I see a whole bunch of stupid, dead white women.

    • Nick25

      If we’re lucky.

    • OhioGal

      Maybe they’ll just take them as slaves.

  • Drifter12

    Let the people see them for who they really are and the Progressive movement is destroyed. They are in a death spiral and don’t even suspect…

    • shirley versace

      same as Labour in the UK – they are so deep into the muslims, the Globalists, the Gender-benders and the other non-white immigrants that ordinary Britons don’t recognise the party anymore

  • Joe Schmoe

    Progressives and feminists are such mindless morons who all drink from the divershitty is everything cesspool

    • spfg

      Absolutely…Multiculturalism is only good if those that it affects approve of its existence. Muslims can’t stand multiculturalism and are willing to die in order to change it…Where do these people come from? How did they arrive at this conclusion? Who’s dishing out this type of misinformation? They should all be deported..

      • ninetyninepct

        Who is dishing it out? Koran and mosques.

  • patriotusa2

    God save us from these deluded fools!

  • ☠️DarkSideOfTheMoon☠️

    Fighting for a religion that oppressed everything they’re for.

  • Nick25

    If this were 1975 and a novel was published with this theme no one would buy it because it’s so stupid and outlandish. The infection of liberal ideas has turned people absolutely crazy over the last 40 years. We truly are doomed.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    No known cure for “Advanced Stupid”.

    • Bill Kay

      Thats about it and there are so many of them it`s amazing they are like programed robots stupid beyond discription they are hopeless !

  • bob434

    it’s simply astonishing that the left hate this country so much that they squint their eyes in utter contempt and ram through crap like this in a blatant attempt to undermine our great nation!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The democrats are defined as the party of islam, to defeat them, a campaign of what islam and shari’a are, especially their oppression of women. Republicans have lots of time to take notice. muslim women are not allowed to have opinions they will do exactly as their husbands or some other man tells them. The qur’an and hadiths clearly states that “Sahih Bukhari (6:301) – “[Muhammad] said, ‘Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?’ They replied in the affirmative. He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her intelligence”.
    Sahih Bukhari (88:219) – “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler.”.
    When voting for a muslim woman, you are voting for her male handler, know who that is.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Sgtsnuffy


  • Mary Seres

    They should be made to wear the “burqua” and undergo “genital mutilation” and then maybe they would think twice about what they are doing? Talk about sheep going off a cliff.

  • spfg

    “The more Muslims we see in elected office, the more it boosts our community’s confidence, and it’s a great way to undermine those who are spreading hate and a racist agenda,” Rashad al-Dabbagh, founder and executive director of the Orange County-based Arab American Civic Council, told NBC News.”We love our allies and our partners in other communities, but if Muslims want to prosper and be seen as equals, they have to step up and make a difference themselves.”

    Let me tell you something Rashad. It is you that are spreading hate and fear over all others. As your numbers increase it will only get worse. California voters have no clue what is about to descend on them. The Leftists in that state all believe Islam and Christianity worship the same god but they just go about it differently because of their culture. I’ve got news for you that is a lie from the pits of hell and you will soon discover that once the cat is let out of the bag it will be too late to save California!!!

  • Ed Heavner

    The Left with their double standard definition of hate spreading. Once the scales of Office have tipped in the favor of Muslims then the Left is going to discover that Muslims have no use for them and will treat them like any other infidel. You can look around the world to see that.

  • joc22

    They’re all for electing Muslims but what are they going to say when the they can’t leave their homes without a male relative

  • Robert Kahlcke

    How would this nit wit feel if her entire family was beheaded by these muslim swine?

  • Osamas Pajamas

    ISLAMOPHOBE —- A non-Muslim who knows more about Islam than they are supposed to know.

    “Islamophobia” is a fiction and a lie — and a contradiction in terms. A “phobia” is an “unreasonable or irrational” fear. Americans have excellent reasons to get well-armed and well-ammoed against the IslamoFascist dictatorship of Barak Pixx-On-America OhBummer, his imported Kaboomistanis, and the OhBummer Wrecking Crew — and to work on deporting these America-haters.

    By the way — Islam is not a “race” — it is a “religion” — it is not “racist” to oppose Islam — and Islam is open to anyone of any race who would like to force that religion on everyone else.


    Taqiyya — Saying something that isn’t true

    Kitman — Lying by omission


    Replace the following asterisks with periods —-







    “The only position that leaves me with no cognitive dissonance is atheism. It is not a creed. Death is certain, replacing both the siren-song of Paradise and the dread of Hell. Life on this earth, with all its mystery and beauty and pain, is then to be lived far more intensely: we stumble and get up, we are sad, confident, insecure, feel loneliness and joy and love. There is nothing more; but I want nothing more.” ― Ayaan Hirsi Ali, ‘Infidel’

  • Dale Gurnsey Sr

    Does this idiot know what SHARIA LAW is, let them get their foot in the door and that is where liberal California will do you stupid moron

  • ninetyninepct

    Other than an absolutely justified fear of being run over by a truck, what the hell is “islampohobia”?

    What “race” is Islam?

  • ninetyninepct
  • Joe Schmoe

    How about a pipeline as in a sewage waste treatment discharge line into the middle of the Pacific

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