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Prince Charles phoned US ambassador to ask for delay on Afghan invasion because he wanted to ‘honour’ Ramadan


Prince Charles is angling to be king of the Muslims. Prince Charles has attacked “anti-immigrant populism” (a rational, human response to the unprecedented wave of violence by Muslim migrants). And now we discover this.

“EXCLUSIVE The day Prince Charles tried to halt a war: How the future king phoned the US ambassador to ask for a delay on the Afghan invasion… because he wanted to ‘honour’ Ramadan,” by Sam Greenhill, Daily Mail, March 31, 2017 (thanks to Todd):

Prince Charles tried to halt the American invasion of Afghanistan to ‘honour’ Ramadan.

He made the plea to the US ambassador to London four weeks into the huge military operation launched after the 9/11 terror attacks.

The startled envoy asked the prince, ‘Sir, are you really serious?’ according to a book being serialised from today by the Daily Mail. Charles’s intervention appears to have been made behind the back of then prime minister Tony Blair.

Last night an officer who led UK forces in Afghanistan said the prince’s request was absurd. Critics described it as grossly irresponsible. Politicians in the UK are used to the prince trying to meddle in policy and his handwritten ‘black spider memos’ are legendary.

Twenty thousand American and British troops were ordered to Afghanistan by George W Bush and Mr Blair in October 2001 because the ruling Taliban had refused to give up Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Around a month into the offensive – and two weeks before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan – Charles placed an ‘urgent call’ to William Farish, Washington’s ambassador to London.

Interviewed for the new biography of Charles, Mr Farish recalled: ‘Prince Charles asked me if it would be possible to stop the invasion to honour Ramadan, and if I could convey that request to President Bush.’

The ambassador explained it would be rather difficult to halt a military invasion already in full swing, but the prince allegedly protested: ‘But Americans can do anything!’

The envoy asked: ‘Sir, are you really serious?’ and the heir to the throne replied, ‘Yes I am’….

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  • Suresh

    This dumb nutjob may not get to see UK become islamic hellhole but his children will.

    Ignorance is No bliss. These jihadis are so vicious they do not even spare Aid workers who help them

    And No, its not happening in pakistan/afganistan , its happening in America.

  • Jerry Dobson

    He even has a fool’s face.

    • Pray Hard

      Where’s Gort when you need him?

      • Craig

        No kidding. Sick him these murdering muzzies.

      • Jerry Dobson

        Klaatu barada nikto

  • Ed Heavner

    Liberal fools never cease to amaze me. Liberal fools will never realize inspite of all evidence to the contrary that Islam and western cultures can never co-exist. All Liberal fools do is to keep giving more and more of our countries away to Muslims to prove how “inclusive” they are. Muslims on the other hand will always keep taking from other countries in the name of their prophet till the Koran finally replaces our constitutions and liberties.

  • Dwight

    How sad it is to see the country that had such an important role in our own history become infiltrated by Islamic aliens at the highest levels of culture and government. Also remember that on the night she died Princess Diana was on a date with an Arab Muslim. Had she lived and possibly married Abu the Royal Family, for the first time in history, would have been linked to the Arab Muslim world.

    • Jennifer McDavies

      Most people don’t want to admit the truth about Diana. She had actually become a sand shark after her divorce from Prince Charles. Shortly before her death she was romantically involved with Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani Muslim. He was her greatest lover and she was preparing to move to Pakistan, convert to Islam, and marry Khan when he ended the affair. He said:

      If I married her, our marriage would not last for more than a year. We are culturally so different from each other. She is from Venus and I am from Mars. If it ever happened, it would be like a marriage from two different planets.

      Diana then hooked up with the next Muzard, Dodi with her two English children put off and left at home. The deadly car crash put an end to her sexual adventures into Islam.

      • Gizmo

        I felt so sorry for her two sons. Given Prince Charles’ ridiculous Muslim fantasies, I wouldn’t doubt that Diana became philo-Islamic because of him. Thank God the children were spared from their nutjob parents.

      • Craig

        Just like scandinavia, many blonde women lust after the dark men. Again, we see the lack of education in the development of these women and their ignorant subscription to sexual fantasy. Obviously, Khan was just after some white women parts, as a lark.
        When I was in the U.S. Army, seven of us had to go install some equipment in England, Greece and Sweden. Two of the seven guys were black. In both England and Sweden, they had women standing outside their hotel room door. Jungle love was strong with the dumb women.

        • Ozzie

          An English princess sneaking a Muslim into the palace through the trunk of her butler’s car. Says it all. English women in particular seem to have no connection to their own people. The dignity in the Royal Family stopped with Queen Elizabeth.

      • harbidoll

        P. Diana refused to put on/wear the hijab LOL

      • SusanDHarris

        You knew everything all along. Who woulda thunk it?

    • Fern

      Diana’s mother was very upset with her daughter sleeping with Muslim Men….

      • Janice

        Her mother was right. Sadly, she didn’t listen.

    • arnoldspriggs

      Why do think she was murdered ?

      • Dwight

        Very possible. It’s interesting to note that Tony Blair even told Diana that this doesn’t look good.

  • berserker

    I am sure the friendly Mohammedan will think of this gesture when he is busy chopping off Charles’ Kaffir head.

    • Marco

      Charles will convert in a heartbeat to save his homely head.

  • patriotusa2

    What the hell is going on with these people! Prince Charles needs to get that contraption off his head and get back to the only God there is and it isn’t Allah!

  • Commieobamie

    Prince moHOGmad demon can eat shiite on his precious Rapeadonkey.

  • JacksonPearson
  • Mahou Shoujo

    dhimmi prince charlie has decidedly got his keffiyeh wrapped far to tight as it has seriously impacted his very small and unintelligent brain’s ability to think.

  • Extirpates

    Prince Chuckles is not the sharpest pencil no matter how many times they try or where ever he goes.

    • JacksonPearson

      Chuck may be a product of inbreeding….

  • wilypagan

    If this tampon becomes king, the British people are through.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I don’t think it matters anymore…

  • Pray Hard

    The prince and moslems have one huge thing in common … inbreeding.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    OK, the guy is officially nuts. Good to have that clarified :)

  • codfilet

    “Defender of the Faith”-isn’t that one of his titles? I guess it doesn’t say which faith…

    • Marco

      He himself amended his title to Defender of faiths. With an s

      • Duchess of Pork

        And when civil war kicks off which faith will he defend?

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    The future king of Great Britain is a secret Muslim? I thought it was crazy till I did the research.

  • Jeremy Steering

    The majority of people in the UK just see him as a laughing stock, a privileged buffoon who lives in a fantasy world. He has no experience of the real, often difficult world the rest of us live in and, of course, he has never done a day’s work in his life. Because of all that, his views on Islam, as on everything else, are not taken seriously by the majority of people here. In fact, for many of us, kings and queens belong in fairy tales, and have no place in the 21st century.

    • arnoldspriggs


    • Duchess of Pork

      Does he talk to his plants in Arabic?

  • felix1999

    I can’t imagine this IDIOT being King.

    • Hardrock

      King Doofus The First “Betrayer of the Realm”

  • Craig

    Another gutless brit. Old fishface is totally worthless. He believes ALL the liberal anti-freedom socialist doctrine. Moron.

  • arnoldspriggs

    Unfortunately when HM Queen dies, Charles will take over as Charles III. William will almost certainly get his turn as William V. But I seriously doubt (revolution notwithstanding) that little George will ever be George VII.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      dhimmi prince charlie will be the first caliph of britastan, he will be disposed of in the first of an ongoing series of wars identical to those in the middle east.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        What you described is probably exactly what Chuckles is hoping for. A harem, slave girls, slave boys, except for the ban on alcoholic beverages what’s for a British monarch not to like?

  • Maranatha

    HH Dhimmi…

  • Moshe

    I write to thank Prince Charles for his multicultural wisdom as there is an important precedent for his recommendation: in 1973 the combined armies of Egypt, Syria and Iraq waited until the end of the Jewish High Holiday period (the ten Days of Awe beginning with Rosh Hashanah) to commence their invasion of Sinai, the Golan and the Holy Land.

    This is why that terrible conflict became known as the “Yom Kippur War.”

    Prince Charles was only suggesting that Western armies extend the same courtesy to the Taliban as was given so graciously by the Arab powers to Israel in 1973. It is an affirmation of the Prophet’s love and an issue of mutual respect despite differences in the outward rituals of devotion.

    The House of Windsor has much to offer to the United Kingdom — and indeed to all people of the Earth who care about the future of our endangered planet in a century of carbon-based threats.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • Maranatha

      Egypt and Syria waited only till Ramadan was over.
      Days of Awe and Rosh Hashana over lapped that year with invader’s holidays.
      Only Israel called the Yom Kippur war .
      In 2017 Ramadan will coincide with Rosh Hashana….again;.an omen ???

    • Ozzie

      The West has no connection with Islam as It does with Israel. 2000 years of Chtistianity bears witness to that fact. Islam is a death cult from the nasty desert. It and its people are alien invaders allowed in by twisted psychopaths. We’ve got our hands full here down under too.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      With due consideration you are most definitely an uninformed idiot with no grasp of reality.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It’s sarcasm. Moshe is always posting sarcastically.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          When it comes to sarcasm and irony, they are concepts that are lost on me. The result is I will take them at face value.

    • pipo

      Moshe, the only thing we consider with muzzrats like taliban, al-queda and pislamic state is the size of the nuclear bomb. That no-one has nuked mecca is already a worrying surprise. Because I will.

  • Maranatha

    “”we are going to invade you, we are going to destroy you,….but please tell us when your Gamadan ends”

  • Patrick
    • Craig

      The “moderate muslim” bought the knife.

      • Patrick

        Yes, indeed. The so-called moderates are the largest donors to Jihad.

  • Rocinante44

    when you throw Christ on the ash heap, God allows dark forces to fill the spiritual void, and islam is that force in england

    • Semur Jengkol

      you never asked WHY they threw it to ash heap at the first place ???

      • enh


  • karl59

    Prince Charles has been out of his head for quite some time now.

    • Ozzie

      He’s done his best to normalise Islam in Britain.

    • enh


  • lostlegends

    That dorkus is dumber than I thought and a traitor, too.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Ever since he and his mother had Mi5 kill Lady Diana,… he’s never been the same !!!

    • pipo

      She was killed but not by MI5 or MI6, a force much darker and dangerous. Just call them the Jews. The original name is Mistravim.

  • gia

    Too much inbreeding in the royal line ! Made English royals soft in the head.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    No fool like an old fool.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    This is CARP. The f’ing muslums of Syria AND Egypt invaded Israel during Ramadan when it coincided w/Yom Kippur. They had no problems w/the fact and were screaming Allahu Ackbar as they crossed the Suez Canal.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The royal family of Englandistan has been said to be related to muhamMAD the prophet for profit:

  • Amethyst_2012

    I pray that Queen Elizabeth outlives Charlie.

  • Amethyst_2012

    Since Charlie’s wife Camille is NOT muslim, she is ripe pickings for slaughtering by the muslims. Ever thought of that Charlie.

  • Alleged Comment

    EVEN YOU have traitors in the highest office in your land. Just as deluded and dangerous for the religion he vouches for.

    And if Prince Harry marries that foreign half negro I predict the END of this British dynasty.

  • santashandler

    Now hold on. Chuckie baby did all that for the love of a goat (apparently, one that was much more attractive than his current wife).

  • usn

    Screw prince Charles.

  • Gordon Miller

    Looks like the Prince has caught the disease.

  • HenryH

    Oh God. I have tried to be loyal to the monarchy (I am a past member of the Monarchist League), but the Queen’s long betrayal of her country (by allowing the gradual erosion of our sovereignty), her ridiculous (and dangerous) eldest son, their endless infidelities and shoddy behaviour have pushed me past the limit. Get rid of them for God’s sake.

    • Florian75

      Proud to say we Americans had the wisdom and courage to do just that 240 years ago.

  • notme123

    And he bragged about his ancestor being Vlad recently. I guess he doesn’t know his history very well because those Vlad impaled were mooslime invaders, and he learned this technique from them.

    • pipo

      “Vlad Țepeș” knew how to deal with the muzzrats and other criminals. Honourable Prince Charles is, with utter respect, a lunatic.

  • JWM

    Charlies tiny brain has jumped off it`s track.

  • sodacrackers2

    This is the guy who said if he got to come back, he would want to be a killer virus?

  • Dorrie

    Bonny Prince Charlie is BONKERS

  • andrew

    Yah sure… Give the satanic muzzroaches more time to solidify their troops and resources…Chahles is such. a BOOB … absolutely pathetic…
    Between the antics of chahles and her two muzrat boytoys, it is no wonder Diana was disposed of.

  • Duck

    There is a reason that inbreeding is frowned upon…here is one example why.

    • Dorrie

      Yep and most people know the royals have been inbreeding for centuries

  • Mary Seres

    I’m sorry but can hardly wait to see his and Camila’s head sitting on the London bridge, because that is where it will be posted along with the Queen mothers, if this man thinks that he is making friends and not enemies with the Islamic Jihadi’s. How utterly stupid can you be dear Charles. I wonder what you decision would have been had they flown those planes into Buckinham Palace, or into one of your plus castles somewhere in the country side. You are a true “nut job”, must be the advance stages of STD’s.

  • joe1429

    This is the same blind bat who dumped gorgeous Diana for … Camilla Parker Bowles!

  • jimmy

    the old dolt is senile.

  • SusanDHarris

    This is sad of course, but not surprising. Chamberlain’s art of appeasing the enemy didn’t die out with him. And it should feed right into the Alex Jones Cult putting forward the Royal family are still Nazi’s; and might even support David Icke’s theory of them being shapeshifting lizards. And most doubt he will be the future king. There is at least one New Age Christian who believes that Prince William – King William – will be the Antichrist So…carry on…

  • Uncle Jo

    Hind sight is 20/20. We all see how foolish that was.

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